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This event is chip timed.  All timing chips will be available at packet pick up.  It is the participant’s responsibility to return their timing chips and to pay any fees for any unreturned timing chips.

The event will start rain, snow or shine. The event could be delayed due to lightning or other severe weather. Above Schedule is weather dependent

Headphones are prohibited from all inline events.

It is the participant’s responsibility to make sure that they do not impair their ability to hear and detect present or potential hazards and dangers.

Helmets are required for all inline skating events and must be worn at all times you are wearing your skates throughout the weekend.

Roller Skates/Quads are allowed in this event.

No Ski poles or pushing sticks or similar are allowed in all inline events

Spectators should view the course map for suggested spectator spots and road closures.

Phone: 224-757-5425

Office hours: M – F from 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. CST
We may not be in the office on Mondays or Fridays due to being on-site for events.