September 2018 - Grandpa's Pumpkin Farm has E X P A N D E D!

Picture ​Attractions include:
  • Barrel Train Rides
  • Corn Pool
  • Farm Animals
  • Corn Maze
  • Pumpkin Slingshots
  • Barn and Silo Playground
  • Pumpkin Cannon
  • Pumpkin Bowling
  • Hand Pump Duck Races
  • Large Slide
  • Mini Ziplines. 
  • ​and Much Much more. 
​​Visit us at our .

August 2018 - Congratulations on 25th Anniversary
Hough & Zaccone Investment Management celebrate their 25th Anniversary!

August 2018 - Shelby County Historical Museum Ambassador visit
See a few photos in .

Picture 2018 Iowa Beyond BOW - Women, Wine & Water
Important Registration Information - Please Read
Join us for a wonderful weekend on the water in Shelby County! The workshop will start at 7pm on Friday, August 24th, please make sure to eat dinner before registration. 

We hope you'll join us for the full weekend, but if you're only able to join for a day, we've created registration options for all. Full registration includes instruction in all sessions, program materials, use of demonstration equipment, and breakfast and lunch on Saturday and Sunday. The workshop is being held at Shelby County Conservation Nishna Bend Recreation Area and Prairie Rose State Park in Harlan, IA.

Full weekend registration -
Friday only - wine tasting & wind chimes -
Saturday only - kayaking trip & gourmet S'mores -
Sunday only - kayak fishing & Dutch Oven cooking -
Friday & Saturday - wine tasting, wind chimes & kayaking trip -
Saturday & Sunday - kayaking, kayak fishing and Dutch Oven cooking -

Please visit Iowa Dept. of Natural Resources for more information and .


July 2018 - Harlan Dental breaks ground!
Ground Breaking Ceremony, Monday, July 2, for our Chamber member Harlan Dental.
Thanks to Caitlin Yamada with the Harlan Newspapers (another Chamber member) for taking the group picture.


June 2018 - Camblin celebrates 100 years
     Camblin Plumbing and Heating was started in 1918 by Lou Camblin, a local boy who had lived here all his life. He borrowed 0 from his mother to start Camblin’s as he saw a need for plumbing service and repair. As the company grew, his son Wayne Camblin came home from Simpson College in 1928 to help with the business. As the years past, the business continued to grow and in 1966 Bob Camblin joined in the company as a third generation after a stint in the U. S. Navy.
      Camblin Plumbing and Heating continued to grow and in 1997 was split into 2 companies. Camblin Mechanical was formed to continue the big mechanical projects like schools and hospitals, and Camblin Plumbing and Heating continued as a residential and light commercial plumbing and heating service provider.
     The things that keep Camblin Plumbing and Heating and Camblin Mechanical a success after 100 years include a loyal customer base, a tradition of quality service and installation, our location between Omaha and Des Moines and the fact that the area schools have given us some very hard working and knowledgeable employees over the years.

June 2018 - A windfall for Iowa ... proposal has been submitted to state officials.
MidAmerican Energy plan to expand wind energy would be a win for Iowa, consumers.

Though the project has yet to be approved by state officials, an Iowa-based utility on Wednesday submitted plans for a massive wind turbine project that would be the nation’s first investor-owned electric utility to generate 100 percent of its customer demand from wind energy. Des Moines-based MidAmerican Energy wants to build a 2 million wind farm that would generate 591 megawatts of power, enough electricity to power 2.4 million homes—all without adding additional pollutants to an already-polluted atmosphere.

MidAmerican CEO Adam Wright said that if the Iowa Utilities Board approves the project, the farm would be completed by 2020, before federal tax breaks helping such projects are phased out.

Environmentally-conscious technology companies including Microsoft, Apple, Google and Facebook have built several data centers and other facilities in Iowa in recent years, all citing the state’s wind energy advantage.

In addition to the obvious economic development advantages offered to the state by wind energy, the financial advantages offered to MidAmerican customers are substantial. Wright noted that wind energy allows MidAmerican Energy to offer rates 37 percent lower than the national average because it doesn’t have to buy fuel like coal or natural gas. The proposal also carries good news for those concerned about the environment. When the proposed project is completed, MidAmerican’s carbon output would be 65 percent less than it was 15 years ago, he said.

Wright said about 51 percent of the company’s electricity came from wind in 2017, with the remaining production coming from coal, natural gas, nuclear and some purchased energy. By 2020, wind should account for more than 90 percent and is expected to reach 100 percent with the completion of the proposed wind project late that year. “For us, the time is right to keep moving forward while the landscape is favorable to do so,” Wright said.

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June 2018 - Old Mill Razed


Photo by Caitlin Yamada

Picture HARLAN-- A large piece of Shelby County history was torn down Friday, June 15. Starting around 8:30 a.m. the building was destroyed section by section. The owner, Dave Martin, who grew up in the house directly to the west of the building, said it has been used for storage for his construction company. When the railroad stopped using exchange Street and mills were moving to Kansas the Old Mill was shut down. Over the years it became a hazard but key pieces of this historic site have been saved.   “It was getting in pretty bad repair,” Martin said, “we’ll eventually put a new shop out there.” Before the building was torn down, the cornerstones, dated 1898 were removed. 
(Photo by Ed Hendley)

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Picture June 2018 Father's Day tradition - 73rd Annual Harlan flight breakfast Sunday
HARLAN -- This Father’s Day, the Harlan Aviation 8-ball Club is hosting the 73rd annual Flight Breakfast at the airport.
From 7:30-11 a.m. pancakes, eggs, and bacon, and drinks such as coffee, juice and milk will be offered. People who fly in will get free breakfast.
Randy Pash, the Aviation 8-Ball Club president, said they have always done the free breakfast for anyone in the plane because it is a way to encourage people to fly in and attend.
Afterwords, attendees can check out classic cars, antique tractors and vintage motorcycles.
Around 575 individuals attended the breakfast last year. The night before, Saturday, June 16, plane rides were available. Between 4:30 p.m. and dusk a pilot will fly individuals in their plane for .  Over 130 flights were given.
“It’s amazing how many people have their first airplane ride at this event. Years later I’ve had people come up and say ‘you know you gave my my first airplane ride,’” Pash said.
The breakfast was started by a group of charter members that wanted to bring people together. “We had charter members of 8-Ball Aviation Club that fl ew and hung around the airport [that] thought it would be a great idea to invite other pilots to fl y in for a weekend type event and they would do the breakfast,” Pash said.
“It was an original idea with that group and it has kind of caught on throughout the country.” 

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Picture June 2018 - Big grant for Shelby County Trails Board received
REGIONAL -- The Shelby County Trails Board's application for the Wellmark Foundation's Large Matching Assets to Community Health (MATCH) 0,000 Grant has been approved.
These funds will be used along with other funds to build a Ballpark to Ballpark trail along Highway 191 in western Shelby County. This Portsmouth to Panama trail will be a multi-use concrete trail that features covered bridges and public art.
The contingency to this grant is that the funds have to be matched 100 percent by the trails board, Trails group receives 0,000 grant; closer to goal which has been busy in recent years fund-raising for the project.
Bob Mortenson, president of the trails board, said they have until August 24 to match the funds and they are currently two thirds of the way there.
Mortenson said the good things about these funds is it is a "cash up front" grant, therefore, none of the funds have to be reimbursed.
Various fund-raisers throughout the rest of the summer will hopefully make up the rest of these funds, he said.
The Shelby County Trails recently hosted the Tour de Tivoli at Tivoli Fest in Elk Horn as a first fund-raiser of the summer. The funds from that event go towards the trails "war vault" and will be used for future projects. They also plan to have a fund-raising event with a band and food on July 22 in Panama at either the ball field or the church hall, depending on weather.
For future projects, they hope to create trails that connect to Harrison and Pottawattamie Counties' along with parts of Crawford County.
Last year, Shelby County agreed to serve as the fiscal sponsor for grants received by the Shelby County Trails Committee.
"A journey of a thousand miles starts by putting one foot forward. When you're talking about a 10 foot chunk of concrete, that foot costs you about 50 bucks. So were hoping to find people who are willing to put that one foot forward," Mortenson said.
​Donations can be sent to Shelby County Trails, c/o Shelby County Conservation, 516 Maple Road, Harlan, IA 51537.
Also being proposed is a One Foot Forward campaign, where donors could purchase for a 10-foot wide, five-inch deep by one foot long trail section. Stay tuned for more details.

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May 2018 - Wagner "Officer-in-Charge" in Kosovo training

Two weeks in May leading international coalition in Eagle 6 exercise
          See video from Kosovo at                  

Picture HARLAN - Colonel Justin Wagner was the Officer in Charge of a 53-person Iowa National Guard team and 35-member Military Police active duty Army Team from European Command in a two week training exercise in Kosovo, geared toward building relationships and improving long-term security in the region.
Wagner, who also serves as superintendent of the Harlan Community Schools, served as the lead evaluator of the Kosovo Security Forces for the Eagle 6 exercise in early May. It’s the sixth iteration of the annual Eagle 6 exercise, but only the second year of participation by the Iowa National Guard.
The exercise included eight international partner countries, Emergency Management Agency, Kosovo forces and other institutional Kosovo agencies.
“This is a special and historic year for this exercise as it is the first time the Kosovo Security Force has hosted an exercise of this size and scope with military specialty teams from eight total countries,” Wagner said. “As international partners, we are honored to play a role in helping develop, execute and evaluate this year’s exercise.
“Participating in this exercise is an incredible opportunity for us as international partners to train our forces in a combined, joint and global environment, something we don’t always get the opportunity to do, especially with a focus on disaster response.”

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May 2018 - Home fiber install next up for utilities
HARLAN -- Installation of the Harlan Municipal Utility’s telecommunications fiber inside the home will begin in late summer following acceptance of a bid for the work by the HMU board.
MP Nexlevel, PC was awarded the internal install work at 5 bid per install. The company was active in the earlier Phase 1 of the project with installation of lines across town and up to the home.
Bids ranged from 5 to 5 per install.
The actual installations will be done by a two man crew and single truck with the goal of doing 5-6 installs per day (25 per week). Installations will begin no earlier than July 17.
Customers must be home during the daytime install, as the work is done inside the house, taking the line from previous outside location into the home or service facility. HMU has said they will try and schedule one after-hours install daily and possible Saturday installs for those unable to be home during regular daytime hours.
It is hoped the final in-ground fiber work on Phase 2 is done by August 1 and all in-home installs will be done by April, 2019.

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Picture May 2018 - Ribbon cutting held for Peek-a-Boutique
HARLAN – The Shelby County Chamber of Commerce and Industry Ambassadors recently celebrated the Ribbon Cutting for Peek-a-Boutique Fashion and Gifts located in downtown Harlan. They offer new and "preloved" items. They are located at 1007 7th St. inside Body Shop Salon-Fitness. The new business is operated by Cindy March and Traci Schuning. (Photo by Al Hazelton)

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Picture May 2018 - In Earling, the nation’s only - Hybrid Corn Pioneers Museum
EARLING – The Hybrid Corn Pioneers Museum, 2040 Ironwood Road, gives you a step back in time to see how early corn producers started their trade. It is the only museum of its type in the U.S. featuring hundreds of displays and educational opportunities to learn more about early agriculture. The museum has rare wooden corn planters, corn shellers, all types of corn related machinery and items from the 1840s to the 1950s.

​Hundreds of cloth seed corn sacks and signs line the walls and rafters of the large museum. You’ll see an 1860’s wooden 2-row corn planter built by the inventor of the corn planter and the earliest known cyclinder corn sheller from 1848. See why Shelby Co. was the Corn Capital of Iowa from the 1920’s to the 1960s.

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May 2018 - Beware IRS scams
REGIONAL -- The Harlan Police Department and the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office have received numerous calls regarding phone calls claiming to be from the Internal Revenue Service. Caller says that money is owed to the IRS and that they can be arrested if a call is not returned and/or money sent.

These are scam calls. The IRS will never contact anyone by phone regarding their tax status.

Ignore these calls. Do not call them back or give out any personal information. If a voicemail has been left with you, simply delete the message.

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Picture May 2018 - Diggin' in the dirt
HARLAN -- Work officially has begun on the development project in south Harlan, soon to be home to the new, larger Bomgaars store, the Buck Snort Restaurant and Harlan Dental.

Local utility crews began digging a trench to lower the utilities in the berm along Highway 59. The lines are being buried lower so the berm can be taken down to level. An access road will then be constructed to the new business location just south of the Settle Inn Motel. The entire project could take a year.

The City of Harlan’s costs for the project are estimated at roughly 6,000, and will include a new access road off of Highway 59 for the development, as well as some grading and storm sewer work off of the highway and off of Ridgeway Drive from the north. Easements are being developed from local property owners for the storm sewer on the north end of the project.

Besides the city’s portion, the city council has signed off on performance agreements with the Harlan Municipal Utilities for not more than 0,000, and Farmers Mutual Cooperative Telephone Company/Iowa Communications Network for up to ,000 to lower the utilities in the berm along Highway 59 so that berm can be leveled. The city is paying the entities for their costs to drill those utility lines deeper so the berm can be lowered.

Harlan City Administrator Gene Gettys, Jr. said lowering the berm will allow for better site distance along that corridor.

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Picture April 20148 - IWCC’s Leinen honored with Roueche Excellence Award
HARLAN -- Shayla Leinen, nursing instructor at the Shelby County Center of Iowa Western Community College, was recently awarded the John and Suanne Roueche Excellence Award at the League of Innovations Conference on March 21 in National Harbor, MD.

The League of Innovation is a consortium of nearly 500 community colleges and technical schools worldwide. This award is in recognition of outstanding contributions to teaching, leadership, and learning.

“I am honored to represent Iowa Western Community College as a 2017 John and Suanne Roueche Excellence Award recipient. I was able to learn a lot in a short amount of time at this conference. I look forward to incorporating these new strategies in my nursing students’ coursework and building on the networking relationships started with other community college instructors. This was an amazing experience and I am forever grateful for the nomination,” said Leinen.

While at the conference Shayla attended numerous breakout sessions on essential topics for community colleges. These sessions covered topics such as diversity, information technology, leadership, student success strategies, and research. 

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Picture April 2018 - Museum of Danish America celebrates 35th Anniversary
ELK HORN - Members of the founding committee to establish the museum in 1983 were part of the more than 130 participants at the anniversary kick-off event on Monday. Denmark’s ambassador to the U.S., Lars G. Lose, had his trip delayed due to illness, but planned to be in Elk Horn and Kimballton on Wednesday afternoon followed by a trip to Omaha on Thursday. Elk Horn beat out Minneapolis / St. Paul for the Museum’s location.
Speakers at the event included: Rasmus Thøgersen, executive director; John Mark Nielsen, executive director emeritus; Lisa Riggs, founding member; Lynette Rasmussen, former board member and Danish Honorary Consul and Lowell Kramme, former board member and former Danish Honorary Consul. Nielsen, Rasmussen and Kramme have also been named to Denmark’s The Order of the Dannebrog. 

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Picture April 2018 - Shelby County Historical Society receives donation
HARLAN -- A vintage oxen plow recently was donated to the Shelby County Historical Museum and will be on display for visitors to see. The plow was originally brought to Shelby County back in 1875 from Illinois by Michael Petsche. Making the plow unique is that it has a 30-inch bottom, much larger than typical for that time period. It’s expected that the plow is from the mid 1870s, and Petsche held on to it until 1940 when the farm was sold to the Ron Jensen family, who has had the plow until recently.

The plow sat in a barn on the Jensen farm three miles northwest of Harlan, and Jensen decided to donate the plow to the museum. With the help of local historian Ronald Chamberlain, Jensen and museum executive director Nate Buman (above L to R) put the plow in its final  resting place. Chamberlain is the greatgrandson of Michael Petsche. (Photo by Kim Wegener.

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April 2018 - Shelby County Farm Bureau celebrates 100 Anniversery
HARLAN - The Shelby County Farm Bureau gathered on Mon., March 19 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of their organization at their 100th annual meeting at Veteran’s Memorial Auditorium.

More than 285 members enjoyed a catered dinner by Portsmouth’s Street Market which was followed by a brief annual meeting and
presentation of their annual Shelby County Farm Bureau distinguished service to agriculture award.

This year’s recipient was the Harlan Newspapers staff for their efforts to promote agriculture throughout greater Shelby County utilizing annual themed ag sections throughout the year and promotion of the good news of Shelby County.

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April 2018 - Scammers Using Better Business Bureau Name to Collect Dues
March, 27, 2018 - Better Business Bureau (BBB) serving Nebraska, South Dakota, The Kansas Plains and Southwest Iowa has received reports from BBB Accredited Businesses that have been contacted by scam artists posing as employees of the Better Business Bureau.

“Scammers are falsely using the Better Business Bureau name to try to collect ‘unpaid’ dues from BBB Accredited Businesses,” said Jim Hegarty, BBB president and CEO. “We urge people to double-check with their local BBB if they are contacted by phone or email regarding the payment of their dues.”

Guest Editorial - BBB of Nebraska, South Dakota, Kansas Plains and Southwest Iowa.

“Although your BBB often calls businesses for a variety of reasons, businesses need to be aware that any representatives from the BBB would clearly identify themselves and leave a working phone number,” Hegarty said. “If you receive a call from anyone representing the BBB
and are unsure as to their authenticity, we urge you not to disclose any information and to contact your local BBB at 800-649-6814 immediately.”

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Picture April 2018 - Danish Inn Restaurant comes tumbling down
ELK HORN -- Demolition crews tore down the Danish Inn building in Elk Horn last month, paving the way for a new project in the works that could include a new restaurant on the site. In 2015 the Danish Inn closed, and in August, 2017, Mike and Lou Howard of Elk Horn purchased the property with hopes of restoration. Due to years of sitting empty and costs of restoration, it was determined the best option would be to take the building down and rebuild. Plans moving forward may also include the possible utilization of a building just to the west of the former Danish Inn for the restaurant as well. Details of that plan are being discussed, and final decisions will be announced soon. Regardless, demolition of the old building will allow for a large parking lot with space for tour buses and RVs at the new restaurant location. (Photo courtesy of Danish Village News)

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Picture March 2018 - ​Red’s the color of new Harlan street signs
HARLAN -- The City of Harlan has begun its new project to replace all of the street signs in town. The two-three year project began with these new red signs being put up in the southeast quadrant of town.

New Iowa Department of Transportation regulations require certain sizes of signs, letters on signs and reflectivity, and the city is making the changes to follow those regulations. Costs for this year’s portion of the project is ,202.90, and will be paid from proceeds reaped from the Road Use Tax Fund, not local property tax dollars. Additional portions of the project will be similar in costs. City officials said they budget for street sign replacements and repair each year with Road Use Tax monies. The choice to go with red signs instead of green was a decision made to make the signs more easily readable and identifiable, officials said..

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Picture March 2018 - Van Baale, Kloewer selected as 2018 Shelby County Mothers of Year

COUNTY -- The Shelby County Mother’s Association has selected Tami Kloewer as the 2018 Shelby County Mother of the Year and Kristen Van Baale as the 2018 Shelby County Young Mother of the Year.

Van Baale was also chosen at the Iowa Mother of the Year on the state level. Kloewer was honored as a Merit Mother on the state level. They will be honored at the state mother’s association annual meeting on April 7 in Ankeny. The women have also been invited to attend the American Mother’s National Convention in April in Washington, D.C.

Kristen works from home and Matt is co-owner and operator of Kirkman Farms dairy. Kristen has served on various committees for Harlan Community over the past several years including Shelby County Mother’s Assoc. honorees also awarded state honors Little League, City Parks & Recreation Board and the Athletic Booster Club. She also volunteers at the elementary school and teaches faith formation at St. Michael’s Catholic Church.

Tami and Rob have owned and operated Secret Serenity in downtown Harlan for the past 10 years. Her gratitude and thanksgiving to this community is valued and cherished. Tami said she accepts this mother of the year award on behalf of all mothers of Shelby County. “We all live different lives on the outside but in our hearts we are all the same. We are trying to be the best mom to our children that we possibly can. We accept it isn’t easy and at times impossible. But undoubtedly worth it,” said Tami.

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Picture March 2018 - Shelby County State Bank once again is a Top Workplace in Iowa

​For the 3rd year in a row the Des Moines Register has listed SCSB as a Top Workplace placing 10th.

What makes a company one of Iowa's Top Workplaces? 
"There is support, not only from the team I work for but the organization as a whole, to be the best I can be." 

"It feels like a big family where everyone is greatly appreciated and highly valued." 
"I work with may invested individuals who also care about their role and what we do."  

That's how some Iowa workers finished the sentence, "I love my job because ..." in surveys conducted for the Des Moines Register's Top Workplaces employer recognition program in 2017.

With a new year upon us, we're once again looking for Iowa's Top Workplaces — those places where co-workers are family, where your bosses challenge and support you and care about your health and growth.
But we need your help to find these exceptional employers.

The Register's 2018 nominations were due Feb. 16. For next year:

Any Iowa organization — business, nonprofit or government — with 35 or more employees is eligible to participate. And it's free. 
So, why participate? Consider the benefits: 
Encourage workplace pride. Give your colleagues a morale boost with something to celebrate. And give your employer credit for creating someplace special to call work. 
Boost recruiting. Attract and retain the best talent. Employees want to work at companies recognized as leaders that operate by a strong set of values. 
Raise your profile. The Top Workplaces logo on company materials and websites helps spread the word about your company's successful work environment. 
Public recognition. Winners are featured in the . 

March 2018 - Shelby County welcomes Keysight Technologies

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March 2018 - Shelby County has clean audit.

HARLAN – Shelby County is in a good financial position heading forward and had no instances of non-compliance or internal control deficiencies, according to an audit report presented last week by Gronewold, Bell, Kyhnn & Co., PC.

Auditor Chris Nelson told the Shelby County Board of Supervisors Tuesday, March 13 that the county has a clean audit for the year ended June 30, 2017.

“Overall you have a good financial position, and improved from the prior year,” Nelson said. “The audit went very well. We did not actually identify anything that we felt required included to be written in your audited financial statements.

“We did not identify any internal control deficiencies or instances of non-compliance.”

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March 2018 - Harlan Plaza development soon

HARLAN – Shelby County residents will soon see some development work at the Harlan Plaza area in south Harlan as final plans have been approved and bids set to be let in early April on initial dirt and road work.

Within a year the south corridor into town will see the likes of the Buck Snort Restaurant and a new, larger Bomgaars facility, as well as a proposed new dental office located in the Harlan Plaza near the Settle Inn motel.

The Harlan City Council last week approved the final plans, specifications and cost opinion for the Harlan Plaza Infrastructure Project, as presented by Dave Sturm, engineer with Snyder & Associates who has worked on the project.

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February 2018 - Monogram Loves Kids Foundation now accepting grant applications

Registered 501(c)3 public organizations interested in applying for these grants, which will range from 0 to ,000, should visit /values/mlkf to access the application form. All applications must be mailed in to the address listed on the application by Thursday, May 31, 2018 at 5PM CST. All applicants must be located within 100 miles of Monogram Prepared Meats, located at 1231 870th Street, Harlan, IA 51537.

Picture February 2018 - Iowa rated #1

This week U.S. News & World Report’s Annual Best States Ranking placed Iowa in the #1 spot, the best state in the nation, based on a number of factors, including infrastructure, Health Care, and Education. This report comes on the heels of numerous reports from a variety of organizations in the last six months, placing Iowa at or near the top in nearly every category measured. Hard working Iowans with strong values, and efficient government operated on sound budget principles and common-sense standards have combined to make Iowa the envy of the nation.

To review legislation, go to and type in the bill number (HF2343 for example) in the Bills Block in the left-hand corner. 
(Excerpt from Representative 's weekly newsletter.)

Picture  in the country in , which evaluates all 50 states across a range of criteria. This is the second year U.S. News has ranked states. 

According to this year's report, the rankings show how each of the 50 U.S. states perform in 77 metrics across eight categories. Those categories include health care, education, economy, infrastructure, crime and fiscal stability, among others. 

Results from the eight categories were based on the average of two years' worth of data from an annual McKinsey & Company survey that asked more than 30,000 people nationwide to prioritize each subject in their state.
(Courtesy USA Today)

February 2018 - Myrtue named top 100 Critical Access Hospital

HARLAN -- Myrtue Medical Center was recently named one of the Top 100 Critical Access Hospitals in the United States by The Chartis Center for Rural Health.

“This achievement is very gratifying and validates our daily commitment to providing the best healthcare possible to our community, while maintaining an efficient and effective facility. I am especially proud of being a seven year recipient of this award,” said Barry Jacobsen, CEO Myrtue Medical Center. 

The Top 100 Critical Access Hospitals play a key role in providing a safety net to communities across America – and the INDEX measures these facilities across eight pillars of hospital strength: Inpatient Share Ranking, Outpatient Share Ranking, Cost, Charge, Quality, Outcomes, Patient Perspective, and Financial Stability. 

Myrtue Medical Center scored in the top 100 of Critical Access Hospitals on the iVantage Health Analytics’ Hospital Strength INDEX®. The INDEX is the industry’s most comprehensive and objective assessment of rural provider performance and its results are the basis for many of rural healthcare’s most prominent awards, advocacy efforts and legislative initiatives. The list of the Top 100 Critical Access Hospitals can be found at .

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February 2018 - Organic Farmers of the Year

HARLAN -- The Rosmanns of Rosmann Family Farms, Harlan, were honored Thursday, Feb. 22 as the 2018 Organic Farmers of the Year at the annual MOSES Organic Farming Conference in La Crosse, WI. This prestigious award recognizes Midwest farmers for outstanding land management, innovative farming practices, and the outreach they do to teach others how organic farming works. Fellow farmers nominate candidates, and the winner is chosen by the board of the Midwest Organic & Sustainable Education Service (MOSES). MOSES organizes the annual conference, the country’s largest event focused on organic and sustainable farming practices. This is the 16th year for the award.

 Year award is a project of MOSES, which is a nonprofit organization that promotes organic and sustainable agriculture by providing farmers with education, resources, and practical advice. For more information, see .

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Picture February 2018 - Foodies prepare for road trippin' across Iowa

REGIONAL – Shelby Countians who love to eat have a new experience to try this year, starting locally at home by heading to downtown Harlan to Milk & Honey.

The Iowa Tourism Office has launched a new promotion called 99 Counties, 99 Restaurants, for travelers who love to eat where the locals eat. The Iowa Tourism Office is making it easier for visitors to find those restaurants with the launch of 99 Counties, 99 Restaurants.

​The list includes one restaurant from every county and covers a wide range of dining options and specialty dishes. The Shelby County pick is Milk & Honey, a community-minded restaurant that serves high quality, locally sourced foods, including many organic and vegetarian options.

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February 2018 - Blue Zones program enters next phase

HARLAN -- In 2012, Harlan was named one of the initial Blue Zones Project demonstration communities in Iowa. The city received assistance from experts to develop and implement a blueprint for making permanent environmental, social and policy changes that transition people into healthier behaviors that can lead to longer, happier lives. Harlan successfully achieved Blue Zones Community Certification in 2015.

​Specific projects that helped achieve certification include: the Pioneer Park trail and lighting project, improved walkability with added sidewalks throughout Harlan, a concerted effort to expand community gardens in town, and healthy lifestyle initiatives within the school, restaurants, grocery stores and other organizations.

Moving forward, the newly named Shelby County Wellness Alliance will focus on improving the health, wellness and quality of life for Shelby County residents with the support of the Healthy HometownSM Powered by Wellmark initiative.

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Picture February 2018 -  Harlan recognized at Healthiest State Initiative awards ceremony

HARLAN -- Harlan wasn’t awarded, but was recognized as a finalist in Iowa’s Healthiest State Initiative (HSI) during the inaugural HSI awards held Thursday, Feb. 15 in Des Moines.

The Harlan contingent on hand to be recognized included front L to R -- city administrator Gene Gettys, Jr., mayor Mike Kolbe, and HMU CEO Ken Weber. Back L to R -- Jeff Branstetter, community volunteer, Shelby County Chamber of Commerce and Industry Executive Director Todd Valline, Karen Buman, Myrtue Medical Center Chief Nursing Executive, and Jani Sorfonden, Myrtue Community Wellness Coordinator.

Winners were awarded in a number of categories including individual, school, workplace and hometown. Harlan was among six finalists for the hometown award.

​Excerpt Copyright © 2018 The Tribune 02/23/2018

February 2018 - Chamber 2018 Annual Awards Banquet

Approximately 175 people turned out Friday night, Feb. 16 for the annual Shelby County Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s awards
banquet, paying tribute to the volunteers and businesses that make Shelby County special every year.

Christensen, graphic design manager at the Harlan Newspapers, was among nine individuals nominated for the community’s top award, and was honored for her years of service to Shelby County – serving on various boards, committees and groups, and spearheading the annual October Harvest Fest celebration each year.

2017 Shelby County Volunteer/Citizen of the Year -  Lori Christensen

2017 Non-Profit Business of the Year - Shelby County Community Outreach

2017 Business of the Year – Harlan Newspapers

2017 New Business of the Year – Shelby County Physical Therapy

Please visit our of the event.

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February 2018 - Smitty Bee Honey featured in Netflix documentary

DEFIANCE -- Smitty Bee Honey, Defiance, has a featured role in the first episode of the Netflix series Rotten, a documentary on the food supply chain airing now on Netflix.

Camera crews spent a day filming at the Defiance location, and Smitty Bee Honey is featured in the first episode, Lawyers, Guns and Honey, of the six-episode series. Both owner Doug Schmitz and general manager Tony Schmitz appear in the film.

The docuseries travels deep into the heart of the food supply chain to reveal unsavory truths and expose hidden forces that shape what we eat. The first episode says “With demand for honey soaring just as bees are dying off in record numbers, hidden additives, hive thefts and other shady tactics are on the rise.” 

Doug and Tony Schmitz are featured, as the business has been deeply impacted by unfair trading and “funny honey.” The documentary exposes the fraud that lies within the honey industry, both internationally and in the U.S.

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January 2018 - Schools receive annual Iowa School Report Card.

REGIONAL – The Iowa Department of Education released its Iowa School Report Card this month, with area schools rating from high-performing to needs improvement on the new system’s scale.

Among the area schools, none were categorized in the exceptional category. Two were listed as high-performing including Harlan Community Middle School, Tri-Center High School and Exira/Elk Horn-Kimballton High School.

A number were listed in the commendable category including Harlan Community High School, Harlan Community Intermediate School,
Tri-Center Middle School and IKM-Manning Middle School.

HCS Superintendent of Schools Justin Wagner said administration and staff are happy to see positive results from the Iowa School Report
Card for Harlan Community, especially in the areas of academics.

“The results were very good,” he said. There are always ways to improve, but overall the report card showed the district is doing things right, he said.

“On the academic side we’re in a good spot,” he said. Kudos goes to principals and staff as there are lots of celebrations for all buildings. The middle school listed as high-performing is a great celebration, he said. 

Harlan Community was above the state average in most categories as well, he said.

To find out how all schools in Iowa are rated, head to the website .

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Picture December 2017 - Elk Horn’s Hjelle honored for two terms on Myrtue Medical Center board of trustees

HARLAN - Outgoing two-time Myrtue Medical Center chairman of the board, Allan Hjelle, (left) was honored at the December board meeting with a plaque presented by CEO Barry Jacobsen honoring Hjelle for his nearl 25 years serving on the board as well as having served two terms as chairman (2008-2009 and 2016-2017).

Hjelle turns over his chairmanship to Harlanite Jim Zimmerman in January.

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December 2017 -  Shelby County grant program

COUNTY -- Gross, Chair of the Shelby County Community Foundation, announced that approximately 7,000 in grant funds are available for Shelby County nonprofit organizations and that applications are due no later than February 1, 2018.

Detailed application procedures, fact sheets, and a link to the application form can be obtained online beginning December 15 at . Applications will only be accepted through the online system. Contact any board member for additional information. Please contact Dennis Nissen at 800.794.3458 or or Denise Cardos at with grant application-specific questions.

All completed applications will be considered at the March board meeting with notification of results in early April.
Only organizations providing charitable services in Shelby County are eligible.

They must be able to demonstrate broad community/county support and be an IRS approved 501(c)3 Public Charity. Requests for operational operational funds will not be considered.

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Picture December 2017 - Shelby County Courthouse is 125 Years Old!

The Shelby County Courthouse is 125 years old this year, and local historian Ron Chamberlain brought a cake celebrating the birthday to the county supervisors’ meeting Tuesday. Chamberlain, left, said the courthouse where it stands today was built in 1892.

Eighty boxcar loads of stone were brought in from Ohio, and 1,000 wagon loads of brick were used in the construction of the courthouse, he said. A parade including local American Legion groups and up to 50-60 entries was held to celebrate the efforts, which culminated with a baseball game featuring Legion members vs. VFW members at the only baseball field in Harlan at the county fairgrounds.

​Above, Chamberlain presents the cake to the supervisors. Shown is supervisor Roger Schmitz.

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December 2017 - Bomgaars to build larger facility in Shelby County.

COUNTY - Bomgaars plans to build a new, larger facility in Harlan, on the south edge of town south of Settle Inn and adjacent to the proposed Buck Snort Restaurant in the Harlan Plaza subdivision.

Shelby County Chamber of Commerce and Industry Executive Director Todd Valline said hopes are construction will begin next spring and be completed by early 2019.

“Bomgaars will be building a facility there that will be twice the size of the facility they currently have here in Harlan,” Valline explained.
“It will be a great addition for the county and the city. It’s great to have Bomgaars doubling the size of their facility here in Shelby County.

“It shows their commitment to our community, and that they see the growth opportunities for them here.”

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Picture December 2017 - Keith Bauer turns 80 December 15th


Come by Bauer's Shoes located at:
1102 6th St Harlan, Iowa 51537
Hours 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM

(712) 755-5844

(712) 755-5844

Picture December 2017 - Open House to honor Verda Larsen's 90th birthday

HARLAN -- Verda Larsen of Harlan will celebrate her 90th birthday on December 23. An open house in her honor is planned for December 23 from 1-3 p.m. at Westridge Apartments in Harlan.

Cards will also reach her if sent to 2004 Garfield Ave. Apt. 110, Harlan, IA 51537. Her family includes Phil and Genene Larsen, Fontana, CA; Marie and Warren Madsen, Newton; Scott and Jeanine Larsen, Harlan; grandchildren and greatgrandchildren.

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December 2017 - ​SCSB Raises ,700 for STEM Program

Shelby County State Bank recently unveiled the CYCLONE FAN CARD, a free debit card featuring the Harlan Community Cyclones logo. For every Cyclone Fan Card that was ordered during the two-month introductory period. SCSB made a donation to the Harlan Community School District's STEM () program. With the support of SCSB customers who ordered the Fan Cards, the bank was able to present the school with a check for ,700.

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SCSB Staff: Kevin Campbell, Janet Buman, Stefanie Kramer, Mathew Freund and Ann Schwieso. HCSD: Superintendent Justin Wagner

December 2017 - Holt, Shultz honored with Gold Star for Leadership

REGIONAL -- Iowa Rep. Steve Holt, Denison, and Iowa Sen. Jason Schultz, Schleswig, are the recipients of the Iowa State Sheriffs’ and Deputies’ Association (ISSDA) Gold Star Award for excellence in leadership on public safety and law enforcement issues in Iowa.

The awards are given to up to five individuals each year who, through their public service, demonstrate genuine dedication to supporting the goals and ideals of ISSDA’s mission, to serve and protect the people of Iowa.

As recipients, each received a plaque. The awards were presented Tuesday, Dec. 5 at the annual winter school banquet in Des Moines.

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Picture December 2017 - 2017 Fire Prevention Week Poster contest winners

COUNTY -- Congratulations to this year’s Fire Prevention Week poster contest winners. First-place winners move on to state to be judged in January, and first, second and third places in each grade level will be displayed at the state fair in 2018.

All winners were from Shelby County Catholic School. Right, third grade winners L to R include Joseph Gross, first; Suzy Kenkel, third; and Kasey Christensen, second. Bottom, left L to R are fourth-grade winners and include Lilly Bissen, third; Jake Wageman, second; and Paige Sonderman, first. Bottom right L to R are fifth-grade winners Katie Namanny, first; Jaylee Schmitz, second; and Lauren Gaul, third. (Photos contributed)

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November 2017 - Myrtue Home Health honored with prestigious recognition again!

Harlan - Myrtue Medical Center Shelby County Home Health Department has been named a 2017 HHCAHPS Honors recipient by HEALTHCAREfirst, HHCAHPS Honors is a prestigious award recognizing Myrtue Medical Center Home Health for continuously providing the highest quality of care as measured from the patient’s point of view.

The HHCAHPS Honors program honors Myrtue Medical Center Home Health who is dedicated to providing high quality of care in a patient-centered approach. 

HHCAHPS Honors acknowledges the highest performing agencies using survey results from more than 1,200 partnering home health agencies. HHCAHPS Honors recipients include those agencies scoring above the HEALTHCAREfirst National Average on at least 85 percent of the evaluated questions.

“We are excited being named a 2017 HHCAHPS Honors recipient for the third year in a row. It demonstrates continued commitment to the quality home health care services Myrtue provides to our community,” said Dr. Brian Anderson.

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November 2017  - Last chance to adopt a family for the Holidays

REGIONAL – The number of needy individuals and families this holiday season continues to grow, and the annual holiday adoption program is in full swing with many generous donations to help those needy this year. Administration of the adoption program is being handled by West Central Community Action (WCCA), and the Harlan Newspapers remains actively involved in promoting and publicizing the adoptions. Applications for families wishing to be adopted will be accepted now until December 1. 

Call WCCA, Dena Williams at 755-5602. 
Excerpt Copyright © 2017 The Tribune 11/28/2017
A list of family needs and ages was posted in the Tribune on page 2.

November 2017 - Non-profits awarded grant monies

COUNTY -- A total of ,200 in grants have been awarded to Shelby County nonprofit agencies by the Shelby County Community Foundation, it was announced this week. With these grants, the foundation has distributed nearly .4 million in grants and scholarships during the last 20 years.

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November 2017 - Shelby County Trails Committee seeks project funding

COUNTY – Shelby County has agreed to serve as the fiscal sponsor for grants received by the Shelby County Trails Committee, should it be fortunate to receive the grant monies the committee is applying for during the next few months. The county’s board of supervisors unanimously approved the request by the committee for the county to serve as fiscal sponsor – specifically acting as a pass through for funding received and paying bills associated with any trails project in the future.

Bob Mortensen, president of the trails committee, said the committee is submitting a grant application to the Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) that if approved would bring in up to 0,000 for trails projects in Shelby County. In addition, the committee will be submitting grant funding requests in the future to the federal and state recreation grant funds, as well as local funding agencies such as the Iowa West Foundation. To date the committee through fundraisers and donations has raised roughly ,000 toward trails development in the county. The monies could be used as matching funds for any grants received in the future. “This is an ongoing effort,” Mortensen said. “Nationwide the average is five-eight years to get fundraising done and a trail project started. We actually are ahead of schedule.” The committee is in its third year of fundraising with such efforts as the annual Dad’s Waffle Breakfast and silent auction.

Initial plans are to raise upwards of million for the county’s first project, an off-road trail from Portsmouth to Panama along the Highway 191 right-of-way in western Shelby County. There’s a lot of bicycle traffic on that stretch of roadway already, and the trail would be highly utilized if constructed, Mortensen said. That trail also could link up with trails coming out of Pottawattamie and Harrison Counties, and possibly could link up with Iowa’s Lewis and Clark bike route from Hamburg in southern Iowa north to Sioux City. It’s 209 miles, and signage is being installed next year. A Shelby County trail could be a link to that effort, Mortensen said. Hopes are to get ​something started soon, even if it’s just demonstration trail sections leading in and out of each town, he added. Panama Transfer has offered to provide trailers to use as waterway crossings along the route, and also is providing an up to ,000 donation match for funds raised by the end of this year. Mortensen said the committee is looking at lighting considerations inside the trailers, and is talking with local artists to possibly paint murals on the sides of the trailers depicting Shelby County scenes.

Persons wishing to donate to the trails effort can send a check to:
Shelby County Trails Committee
c/o Shelby County Conservation
Director Nick Preston, treausuer
516 Maple Rd, Harlan, IA 51537

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November 2017 - Shelby County Physical Therapy, Inc. opens in Harlan

Harlan - Jeremy Arkfeld, MSPT, COMT has opened Shelby County Physical Therapy, Inc., and is treating patients in the newly remodeled office space at 2305 Chatburn Ave. in Harlan (SW corner of Hwys 59 & 44). Services include outpatient physical therapy for all orthopedic post-op care, as well as care for acute orthopedic injuries without surgery. This includes therapy for chronic neck and back pain, balance disorders and more. Arkfeld will see patients Monday through Friday, and appointments may be made by calling 712-733- 8750.

Arkfeld earned his Master of Science in Physical Therapy from North Georgia College and State University. He was most recently owner/therapist at Lanier Therapy in Motion for 12 years, with four locations in Georgia, and prior to that worked with chronic spine pain patients at Specialty Clinics of Georgia for 2 years. He and is family now reside in Harlan. 

Of particular importance to Arkfeld is working with veterans, having himself served six years in active Army and the National Guard. “I’ll be treating veterans through the VA, and have a vested interest in getting them better due to knowing what many of them have gone through.”

“The opportunity to help my father on the farm near Defiance and a wonderful quality of life for my family are the primary reasons we decided to move back to Iowa,” he said. “I decided to open my own practice given the flexibility of arranging my schedule, to be able to help my father on the farm during those crucial times of the year that require a flexibility that another employer would not be able to  accommodate,” he added.


HARLAN – Jeremy Arkfeld and his family have relocated back to the area, opening Shelby County Physical Therapy, Inc. in Harlan. Pictured are daughters Micah, 4 and Charlij, 5. In back are Jeremy holding his son, Dirk, 2 1/2 and wife Esther. (Photo submitted)

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November 2017 - Holiday Adoption Program begins

Needy families will get some help from generous donors this holiday season as part of the annual Adopt-A-Family Christmas program in Shelby County. The Christmas season is just around the corner and a few families already are signed up for adoption.

Since the program was first started 60 years ago by the Harlan Newspapers, more than 4,100 low-resource families in need of assistance have had a merrier holiday season. In 2016, more than 100 families were adopted.

Administration of the Adopt-A-Family is being handled by West Central Community Action. In the past, the Adopt-A-Family program has helped to spread holiday cheer to a number of families that might not have much at this time of the year.

Dena Matthews, WCCA Outreach Worker and Family Development Specialist, is helping to administer the program for the Outreach Center this year. She said this program is especially designed to help families who are facing financial hardships and are unable to afford a Christmas dinner or new toys and warm clothing for their children. 

Applications for families wishing to be adopted will be accepted now until December 1.

Children 18 and under, along with elderly ages 65+, who are at or below 175% poverty level (or LIHEAP eligible) may apply. For those donating, they can deliver gifts to WCCA’s Outreach Office on the designated drop-off day, Thursday, Dec. 14. Families will be called when their gifts are ready for pick-up on Friday, Dec. 15 only.

If these dates don’t work, special arrangements can be made by calling 755-5602. Beginning today, and each week in the Harlan Newspapers, adoptees will be listed by number. Donors will then choose by number which family or individual they wish to adopt.

Individuals wishing to make cash contributions instead of adopting a family are asked to bring cash or a check to the WCCA Outreach office at 1018 6th St., Harlan, Ia. 51537. These contributions are pooled together and used for families/individuals and are recorded in the newspaper as anonymous.

The adoption program is encouraging businesses and groups to adopt a family (or multiple families) rather than sponsor a toy drive. Following is the first list of the holiday season. Listed are those needing adoption:

Adoption List
1) Male - 5 mos.
2) Female - 18, male - 13
3) Male - 18, female - 5, female - 4
4) Male - 17
5) Female - 16, male - 13
6) Female - 14, male - 11
7) Male - 10, male - 8
8) Male - 65
9) Female - 73
10) Male - 76, female - 10, male - 6, male - 3
11) Female - 5, female - 4
12) Female - 8, male -4
13) Female - 9, female - 8

 For more information contact The Tribune at 755-3111 or WCCA at 755-5602.

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Picture November 2017 - Elk Horn wins Tourism award.

The World Æbleskiver Major League Eating Contest in Elk Horn was the recipient of a tourism award during the Iowa Tourism Conference held recently.

Accepting the award was Lisa Riggs, manager, Danish Windmill, from Director of Tourism Shawna Lode (right) and President of Travel Federation of Iowa Andy Milam (left).

The Iowa Tourism Office and the Travel Federation of Iowa presented 27 awards recognizing excellence in the tourism industry at a ceremony in Sioux City during the 2017 Iowa Tourism Conference last month.

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October 2017 - Vietnam War Commemorative book available

Attention in-country and Vietnam era veterans, if you were active duty military between February 28, 1961 and May 7, 1975, and you would like a copy of the Vietnam War 50th Commemorative book, bring in your DD214 and pick up a copy at the Shelby County Veterans Affairs Office, at the Shelby County Courthouse in Harlan.

Picture October 2017 - ​Kolbe receives SWIPCO recognition

HARLAN – Southwest Iowa Planning Council Executive Director John McCurdy, right, presented a plaque of appreciation to past Board Chairperson Mike Kolbe, Harlan. Kolbe served on the SWIPCO Board for 10 years, the past two as Chairperson. The SWIPCO mission is to promote regional cooperation as well as to serve the counties and cities within it’s region with community and economic development activities to improve the quality of life for all of southwest Iowa. Among other programs, SWIPCO operates the Southwest Iowa Transit Agency (SWITA). SWIPCO is headquartered in Atlantic, and serves the counties of Shelby, Cass, Pottawattamie, Harrison, Mills, Montgomery, Fremont and Page. (Photo by Becky Morenz)

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Picture October 2017 - Walsh-Rosmann featured in Women and the Land book ... Book signing at Milk & Honey Oct. 28

HARLAN – Ellen Walsh-Rosmann, owner of Farm Table Delivery and Milk & Honey Restaurant in Harlan, is featured in a new book about Iowa women in agriculture.

The author and photographer of the book will be selling and signing copies during Harvest Fest, Saturday, Oct. 28 from 10 a.m.-noon at Milk & Honey in downtown Harlan.

Women and the Land takes a look at more than 25 women who are impacting Iowa’s farmland. Some of them have inherited rural property and are managing the agricultural practices from afar. Some are working the land directly, providing food to the heartland. Some are working in tandem with their husbands, fathers, sisters and daughters.

Many of them grew up on a farm, left the land to get an education, and left the state to follow their passions, only to find that their deepest passion is really the land, have returned to it. Each of the women is affecting the land in her own unique and feminine way.

Walsh-Rosmann’s piece chronicles her upbringing always wanting to work with agriculture to her successful ventures in western Iowa, including the development of Community Support Agriculture.

Women and the Land is available for sale via the publisher’s website: . Follow along with the Facebook page as well. The book is written by Barb Hall with photography by Kathryn Gamble.

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October 2017 - Harvest Fest committee prepares for October 28 event

Members of the Harlan Harvest Fest committee met October 4 for their regular planning meeting. They have been meeting regularly since August.

The week leading up to the event Harlan Municipal Utilities Channel 14 will sponsor the medallion hunt. Clues are released October 23-27. A pumpkin decorating contest for K-5 HCS and SCCS will be held for a second year.

The theme this year is “Under the Sea”. Complete details can be found in the Harlan Tribune, through various websites and Facebook pages including KNOD FM, Shelby County Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Harlan Harvest Fest and area businesses.

This is the 16th year for the free event which kicks off with a 10 a.m. parade followed by kids’ games, face painting, a costume contest for people and pets, wagon rides, cookie decorating, and scary stories. Free hot dogs and beverage are offered as long as the supply lasts. The movie is “The Lego Batman Movie” and is shown on multiple cinemas at the Harlan Theatre.

The event closes with trick-or-treating at designated downtown businesses. In addition there’s a little something for the adults - a Street Market around the square and a Spook Daze Craft Fair at the CG Therkildsen Activity Center.

New this year is a coloring contest for six age groups through adults and a book signing for Women and the Land hosted by Milk & Honey.

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October 2017 - HyVee full-time Service Award Employees

(from left) Jerry Baumgardner- 20 Years; Jill Good- 10 Years; Tim Thompson- 10 Years; Kelly Keane- 20 Years; Carol Erb- 20 Years; (not pictured)- Chuck McCormick- 10 Years. Please congratulate these awesome employees on their milestone service awards!

October 2017 - Panama celebrates 135th year anniversary on October 2nd.

October 2017 - Farmers Trust and Savings Bank celebrates 125th anniversary


Staff pictured around the table from left are: McKenzie Bieker, Jeana Gross, Jay Frederick (behind), Todd Langenfeld, Roger Kenkel, Jessica Nielsen and Becky Miller.

Picture The history of many Iowa banks began with a group of committed local investors who knew for their town to grow it would need stronger financial support and the leaders of Earling took that to heart and began a new bank.
It’s first bank was chartered in 1892 as the German Savings Bank, and its actual origin dates back three years before that when J. Carl Heese and a group of local investors started a private bank known as the Bank of Earling.

In 1918 the name of the bank was changed to Farmers Trust & Savings Bank to better reflect their community and their customers. The bank remains in the control of the Heese family with Todd Langenfeld, great-grandson, being the principal owner, President and CEO.

On October 6, 2017 it will have completed its 125th year of financial service making it the oldest locally owned financial institution in Shelby County.

Today, Farmers Trust & Savings Bank, remains headquartered in Earling and is a 19-employee, million bank with branches in Harlan and Woodbine. The bank just launched a new mobile banking APP available at

Excerpt Copyright © 2017 The Tribune 09/29/2017 Special Edition

October 2017 - Harlan FFA wins Southwest Iowa FFA district soil judging contest

HARLAN – Nine students from the Harlan FFA Chapter competed in the Southwest Iowa District FFA Soil Judging Competition on September 26. The competition is conducted annually by Iowa Western Community College. The district team consisting of Miguel Mena, McKenna Boardman, Andrew Schehcinger and Allyssa Obrecht placed 1st out of 22 teams, qualifying them for the Iowa State FFA Soil Judging Competition on October 7. Miguel Mena was the overall individual champion soil judger. The soil pits were located at the Iowa State University Armstrong Research Farm in Lewis, IA.  (Photo submitted)

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PicturePaula Wallace October 2017 Panama native garners Nebraska Children’s Book of the Year award

OMAHA - Panama native and well-known Omaha artist and author Paula Wallace won the 2017 Nebraska Children’s Book of the Year for her book, Choose Your Days. The honor was given by The Nebraska Center for The Book, Lincoln, NE. She is the daughter of George and Maxine Schwery, Panama.

Wallace finished 35 paintings before she figured out the story behind “Choose Your Days,” a book she’s been working on since 2012 according to an article in the Omaha World Herald. 

Wallace, who works out of a studio in the Hot Shops Art Center in north downtown,
said the idea for the story began when a close friend of hers had a friend die of cancer. Wallace wanted to express condolences for her friend’s loss, but found herself at a loss over how to do it right.

People kept connecting with Wallace’s story, about a girl called Corky, named after a woman Wallace considered a second mother. As a child, Old Bear, another character in the story, gives Corky the keys to all her days, a list of things to do and a list of things to dream.

She grows, and as her days grow short, she returns to Old Bear to ask for more days. Old Bear reminds her that she holds the keys to all her days - whatever they might be. 

Available on Amazon or at her Omaha store she has also authored The Bee and the Acorn and The Way it Feels Sometimes.

Copyright © 2017 The Tribune 10/03/2017​​

Picture October 2017 - Scheve recognized as top insurance agent in 2017

HARLAN -- Brent Scheve, of The Agency Insurance in Harlan, IA, was recently named a Group Benefi ts, Ltd. (GBL) 2017 Top Health Insurance Agent of the Year based on his work in the group health insurance market. The honor was announced during GBL’s Annual Convention on August 31.

Group Benefi ts, Ltd.’s Agent Recognition Program honors agents who rank among the best in customer service, sales, and performance. Those recognized are chosen from the 2,500 independent insurance agents GBL serves throughout the Midwest. 

​“Brent sets himself apart with his focus on quality and his dedication to his clients. At GBL, we value agents who are intelligent, resourceful, kind, and who have a passion for helping their clients receive the best service possible,” said GBL President and CEO, Brian Hewitt. “Brent has worked with us for a number of years now and I’ve been privileged to see those characteristics in him. We are incredibly proud of his accomplishment.”

Scheve has been at The Agency since 2010 and specializes in individual and group health insurance, as well as Medicare supplement and life insurance. He strives to ensure that each of his clients receives the best service for their unique set of needs.

Excerpt Copyright © 2017 The Tribune 10/03/2017​​

Picture October 2017 - Pexton Health Mart finalist for McKesson’s 2017 Pharmacy of the Year

HARLAN - Pexton Health Mart Pharmacy of Harlan was named one of 65 finalists from a field of 5,000 for the 2017 Pharmacy of the Year award, presented by McKesson Corporation.

Pexton Health Mart Pharmacy, an independent pharmacy owned by pharmacists Rick and Tina Dotzler, provides healthcare services including free delivery, vaccinations, medicine synchronization and diabetic shoe fitting. The pharmacy has been a fixture of Harlan since 1883 and moved to their current location in the Chatburn Plaza in 2005.

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September 2017 - BIKAPALOOZA 2017 Scavenger Hunt/Adventure ride on October 10th

Scavenger hunt/adventure ride along Highway 191, from Persia to Panama (11 short miles), AT LEAST TWO person teams will pick up items and complete obstacles along the way to raise money for the Shelby County Trail system.

Ride starts at 10 AM October 7th - from plan B bar in Persia to Byrd's Bar & Grill in Panama.  Cost is per person , includes a T-shirt.

Call Leslie at 712.579.0563, Craig at 712.677.0470 or Katie at 712.579.0398 for more info.

BIKAPALOOZA 2017 Registration File Size: 123 kb File Type: pdf September 2017 - Shelby County barns featured in this weekend’s statewide barn tour

There’s a tour this weekend focusing on an important part of Iowa’s history. It’s the 17th annual statewide barn tour, sponsored by the Iowa Barn Foundation, which provides grants to help preserve these rural landmarks. “The tour showcases barns we have saved,” said Roxanne Mehlisch, spokeswoman.

Two Shelby County barns are featured in this weekend’s tour (Sept 23rd and 24th). They are:

  • Wooster barn — 2435 2100th St., Manning. To arrive there from Irwin, take the highway east for five miles; turn north on gravel road for one mile and turn east for about three-fourths of a mile. From Manning, go seven miles south on Airport Road on the west side of town. Turn west for slightly more than a mile and-a-half. The barn was built in 1896 and is still used in the Wooster family farming operation.
  • Heflin barn — 837 Orange Road, Harlan. From the intersection of U.S. Highway 59 and Iowa Highway 44, go four miles east on Highway 44 to Orange Road. Then go slightly more than one mile south. The farm is on the east side of the road. It’s the area’s last remaining barn of its style and has been used by four generations of the Heflin family.

 from The Daily Nonpareil 9/23/2017 September 2017 - Muxfeldt elected HCS board president

HARLAN -- Lonnie Muxfeldt has been named president of the HCS Board of Education for the 2017-18 school year.

Board members voted unanimously Monday, Sept. 18 to have Muzfeldt remain as president this year after serving as board president this past year.

Amy Rueschenberg was appointed vice president, also on unanimous vote. Muxfeldt, Rueschenberg, Al Hazelton and new board member
Jessica Anderson all took the oath of office Monday after being elected to the board in the school election earlier this month. 

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September 2017 - Older adults have the power to prevent a fall

Myrtue Medical Center Rehab Services celebrates National Falls Prevention Awareness Day by supporting a ready, steady, and balanced lifestyle

Myrtue Medical Center (MMC) Rehab Services, along with the National Council on Aging (NCOA) and its Falls Free® Coalition, is celebrating the 10th annual Falls Prevention Awareness Day by helping support ready, steady, and balanced lifestyles. In honor of this day, Myrtue Medical Center Rehab Services is offering a free Falls Prevention Assessment on Friday, September 22 from 7:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. for seniors in the community at the Petersen Family Wellness Center. It will be a 70-minute, comprehensive fall risk assessment including strength, balance, and gait evaluations and fall prevention suggestions. You can call 712-755-4342 to schedule your appointment.

Registration deadline is September 15, 2017.

Picture September 2017 - Harlan Fire Department receives donation

Central Iowa Regional Board of REALTORS® donated 0 recently to the Harlan Fire Department. The donation will help with updating and maintaining the department’s fire equipment.

This donation is a joint effort between the local council and the REALTOR ® Foundation of Iowa.  Every year the Iowa REALTOR ® Foundation contributes thousands of dollars to affordable housing programs, scholarships for bright, young Iowans and promotes other programs Iowa an attractive place to live.

Presenting the donation to Fire Chief Roger Bissen, center, are Vickie Errett, Terry Knapp Real Estate; Randy Ouren, Ouren Real Estate; Terry Knapp, Terry Knapp Real Estate; and Judy Knapp, Terry Knapp Real Estate. (Photo submitted)

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September 2017 - Harlan FFA Sends feed to Texas

Harlan FFA along with other Southwest Iowa FFA chapters have raised nearly ,000 to go toward the making and shipping of 12 tons of feed to Texas. This feed will be sent to Texas FFA and 4-H emebers and their livestock that were displaced during Hurricane Harvey.

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Harlan FFA students with part of the shipment of feed being sent to Texas.

September 2017 - Construction begins on Hansen House memory care unit

Harlan - The Hansen House broke ground this month on the memory care portion of the development at 703 Street in Harlan. Their model is about a group of folks coming together and sharing services in a large household. They emphasize gathering together for meals and activities, while providing private units, bathrooms, and showers for personal time.

Statistically, market analysis shows the need for 55 additional units in the area. This first phase will cover some of that need. As soon as these units fill, Hansen House will begin developing the plans for a second phase. The positioning of the layout in the Northwest corner of the property allows them to connect the buildings in the future, without much disruption.

Along with a better quality of life for their residents, Hansen House is helping to create great jobs for others in the community.
The owners anticipate being ready for occupancy in the summer of 2018. As there will be only 18 units, interested parties may reserve a
space with a small refundable deposit. Tours are now available at Hansen House’s sister household in Council Bluffs. For more information,
call 712-242-5734 or visit their .

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​September 2017 - 41st Annivarsary! Greenridge Steam & Engine Antique Show

September 2017 - FREE Household Hazardous Waste Cleanup Crew Event for Shelby County Residents

Sponsored by the Shelby County Area Solid Waste Agency
Sh. Co. Secondary Roads Dept., 1411 Industrial Parkway, Harlan, Iowa

Questions? Call the engineer’s office at 712-755-5954

August 2017 - Douglas County reports first confirmed human case of West Nile virus in 2017

BH News Service

Douglas County health officials reported Friday that the county has had its first confirmed human case of West Nile virus for 2017.

The infected person is a woman under 40 years old, the Douglas County Health Department said in a press release. She was not hospitalized for the infection and is recovering, officials said.

“With confirmation that West Nile virus is in the community, everyone needs to follow the recommendations for protecting yourself from mosquito bites,” said Adi Pour, the county’s health director.

The case brings to nine the number of people in the state who have tested positive for the virus this year, the Nebraska Department of Health & Human Services said.

The West Nile virus also has been found in the blood of nine blood donors in 2017, state health officials said. In 2016, 95 West Nile cases and one West Nile-related death were reported.

Iowa officials reported the state’s first human case of West Nile virus in July. A man in western Iowa between ages 41 and 60 tested positive for the virus. 

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Picture August 2017 - Community Chest accepting applications for funding

COUNTY -- Non-profit agencies within Shelby County will have until the end of August to complete applications for funding from Shelby County Community Chest. Funds from the SCCCO website are made possible by the generosity of local donors to the SCCC annual fund drive which will be taking place this fall.  Shelby County Community Chest accumulates and then disburses the funds from this campaign to local non-profits for a single year.

The deadline for agencies to apply online at SCCO  is August 31. Janet Buman, chairperson of Shelby County Community Chest, said “We encourage all agencies, including those who have and those who have not applied in the past, to complete an application this year.”  Shelby County Community Chest is an organization that grants funds to agencies who serve local residents through health, education or social services or those who may have a community betterment project they would like to complete.  “Our goal is to provide the necessary funding to help complete the missions of our local non-profit agencies,” said Buman. 

​Please contact Janet Buman at 712-235-7320 or with application specific questions or for additional information. 

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July 2017 - Rosmann featured in special farm supplement to The Daily Nonpareil
Rosmann Family Farms focuses on organic farming

Organic farming has been the seed to success for Rosmann Family Farms of rural Harlan. It’s been a practice for decades, according to Ron Rosmann.

We quit using pesticides in 1983,” he said. “It’s been successful, though it requires diligence, skill sets that you develop over time and experience. We’re trying to control pests by using biological principles, not chemical principles.”

Rosmann is adept at using these principles, since he has a degree in biology from Iowa State University. That was in 1973, after which he immediately got into farming.

Rosmann Family Farms, a business owned and operated by Ron and Maria Rosmann and sons, is located four miles northwest of Harlan in Shelby County. They farm 700 acres, all of which is certified organic. Crops include corn, oats, soybeans, barley, popcorn, turnips, pasture and hay.

“We think it’s a better way to farm,” Ron said. As a part of organic farming, Rosmann has long been involved with diversity and crop rotation. In fact, there are 40 fields in that 700-acre spread featuring various rotations. “We’re planting 30 different species of grain,” Ron said.

Over the years, a number of small businesses have grown from the farm operation. For example, Ron and Maria started a farm store several years ago.

Their son, Daniel, and his wife, Ellen, own Harlan’s Milk and Honey, a breakfast and lunch farm-to-table restaurant. Ellen also owns Farm Table Procurement and Delivery Service, which delivers fresh produce to grocery stores. Their son, David, and his wife live in Avoca and farm with his parents, while Mark works in the foreign agriculture service of the USDA. 

See photo below - Copyright © 2017   from The Daily Nonpareil 7/28/2017


The Rosmann family of Harlan: David, Daniel, Ron and Maria stand near farm equipment in their field.

July 2017 - Sonderman designs top poster at state

EARLING -- Hannah Sonderman of Earling won first place in the state for the 5th grade division in the Iowa Firefighters Association Fire Prevention Poster Program.

Her winning poster will be displayed at the 2017 Iowa State Fair in Des Moines in August. She is the daughter of Clint and Keri Sonderman, Earling.

With Hannah is Harlan Fire Chief Roger Bissen.

Her poster advanced to state after she was the fifth grade winner in the poster contest sponsored by the Harlan Fire Department. Hannah will be a 6th grade student at Shelby County Catholic School this fall. (Photo contributed)

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July 2017 - Inland Sea – Harlan LLC announces anchor investment

HARLAN - Inland Sea – Harlan LLC announced Reicks View Farms of Lawler, IA, has made an anchor investment in the planned state-ofthe-art recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) salmon production facility.

“We are pleased and honored to have Reicks View Farms ( ) as the lead investor for this project. Dale Reicks and his family are experts in protein production with a keen appreciation for technology, sustainability, and diversity in agriculture,” said Kevin Kimle, CEO of Inland Sea – Harlan LLC.

“The Inland Sea project combines the best, most advanced technology for aquaculture available with Iowa’s distinct advantages for protein production,” commented Dale Reicks, owner of Reicks View Farms. “I went to Europe and viewed the production technology myself and believe in the system, the people of Inland Sea, and the benefits of producing salmon in the Midwest.”

According to their website, Reicks View Farms is a fifth generation family farm in Northeast Iowa that prides itself on being a family farm raising corn and high quality pork. Reicks View Farms was founded by Dale and Laura Reicks in 1977 near the small town of Jerico. 

The Reicks View Farms investment brings Inland Sea – Harlan LLC closer to their equity capital goal though investment opportunities are still available for accredited investors. A 506(c) private placement offering will finance a portion of the construction and operating costs for the proposed RAS facility. The balance of the project financing is expected to be funded with senior debt financing. Inland Sea has executed a salmon purchase agreement with one of the largest fish distributors in the U.S. for all anticipated production.

The facility, as proposed, will have a two-acre footprint in Harlan chosen due to its readily available, low cost utilities and water, and excellent access to highway, interstate, and air transportation. Inland Sea – Harlan LLC is projected to have total project costs of million.

Construction is anticipated to begin in late 2017 or early 2018. The proposed facility will include a technologically advanced, highly automated recirculating grow-out tank system designed to capture economies of scale and worldclass biosecurity. 

When fully operational, Inland Sea – Harlan expects to produce and harvest approximately 5.3 million pounds annually.

The company believes inland salmon production represents a significant opportunity because of its broad market appeal and supply constraints in both wild-catch and seaside aquaculture.

Per capita, salmon consumption in the U.S. is second behind shrimp as the most consumed seafood and has the most upside potential. The primary sources of salmon consumed in the U.S. are Norway, Scotland, and Chile with most salmon consumed in the Midwest coming from approximately 4,500 to 6,500 miles away.

Inland Sea – Harlan believes there is a global need to increase and shift salmon production to scalable, sustainable methods like those proposed by the company.

An accredited investor must have a net worth of at least million dollars, excluding the value of one’s primary residence, or have income at least 0,000 each year for the last two years (or 0,000 combined income if married) and have the expectation to make the same amount this year.

See for full disclaimers and information. 

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Picture July 2017 - Shelby native Dohrmann honored ... Six shots, six wounds, he wouldn’t leave the battlefield

By Jacey Goetzman, News Reporter

REGIONAL -- After being shot in enemy fire three times, the first thing Glenn Dohrmann remembered was waiting in a 50-foot-long line to be taken into the Norwegian Mass Unit for operation.

Dohrmann, a Shelby native, had been hit by three bullets from a machine gun being operated by a Chinese soldier. The man was fighting in the Korean War.

When a nurse came along to ask how he was doing, he had only one thing on his mind. “Could you write a short note to my wife and tell her that I’m OK?” Dohrmann asked.

His final battle was an attempt to take a hill. It lasted two weeks.

“It was so tough, and so mean, and so bad, that the regiment lost [more than] 100 men in those two weeks,” Dohrmann said. “In those 14 days… You [lost] men right and left.” On the 15th day, they took the hill. But not before Dohrmann and his men paid the price.

On the way uphill, Dohrmann was wounded by his first bullet from a machine gun. It was a flesh wound. Knowing he could still move his arms, Dohrmann decided to stay in battle, though he knew it was his ticket out.

“I could have left the battle right there, and you know what? You just can’t do it in those conditions,” Dohrmann said. “After being in combat for eight months, and seeing all that stuff…”

Instead, Dohrmann decided to stay and do what he could risking life and limb. He patched up his men and helped them to continue fighting. It was the second shot which immobilized him.

“My head hit my arm... I had a lot of fractures on that humerus. I had six vertebrate broken in my neck,” Dohrmann said. “My neck was broken on that fall, and I was knocked unconscious. Minutes later, I came to… not knowing where I was.”
Dohrmann did what he could to get back into position, but a third shot found him. “The enemy got me in my left arm and took out two inches of my humerus at the shoulder joint,” Dohrmann said. Six bullet holes. Six wounds. Honored Dohrmann was recently awarded the Lance P. Sijan Award for his actions in the Korean War and demonstration of the highest qualities of leadership in both his career and his life.

The Lance P. Sijan Award is named after an Air Force captain and fighter pilot who died while he was a Prisoner Of War (POW) in Vietnam. After being shot down in November 1967, he evaded the North Vietnamese for six weeks. Sijan was awarded the Medal of Honor posthumously.

Dohrmann has also been a recipient of the Purple Heart, Silver Star and various other awards for his service in the Korean War. Ten years ago, he was nominated for the Medal of Honor, but he didn’t have enough surviving witnesses to corroborate.

To this day, Dohrmann remembers the nurse coming up with paper and a pencil to deliver his message. 

The note was then put into an envelope and mailed to his wife. It arrived before the telegram did, alerting his wife that he was still alive in a time where the telegram meant two things: injuries or death.

Dohrmann spent the next nine months recovering in the hospital. In a war where, according to Dohrmann, rifle platoon leaders lasted four months, Dohrmann lasted eight.

In total, Dohrmann served in the army for a total of eight and a half years, and then an additional 15 1/2 years in the Army Reserves. He retired as a major.

Now, Dohrmann spends his days up in Cedarburg, Wisconsin with his wife of nearly 50 years.

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Picture July 2017 - ISU Pasture Clinic

The Southwest Iowa Pasture Clinics will address a wide variety of pasture management topics for producers who are looking for ways to optimize livestock and forage production practices and weed management strategies.

Thursday, July 27th, 5pm-6pm Meal and Car Pool, Shelby County Extension Office, 905 6th St, Harlan. 6:30-8:pm Presentation to be held at the Schwarte's Farm, 1505 2200 St Defiance.

The clinic will be hosted by ISU Extension field specialists with topics related to beef cattle, forage, and watering systems. The program will be 2-3 hours with a meal included.

​Each clinic will be interactive and include a resource guide.

RSVP to Shelby County Extension office: 715.755.3104


July 2017 - Harlan Fire Department Hydrant Parties!

Saturday July 29th and August 5th, 1 pm - 2 pm @ Gary Scull Dr Harlan west of 7th & Dye St. Free popsicles. Sponsored by Harlan Fire Dept, Do it Best, City of Harlan and Hy-Vee. 

July 2017 - Nominations for Iowa Family Physician of the Year due August 28th

The Iowa Academy of Family Physicians (IAFP) is seeking nominations for the 2017 Family Physician of the Year. The deadline is Aug. 28. Each year,the IAFP names a doctor “Family Physician of the Year” on the basis of outstanding service to patients and community and devotion to family medicine. The Family Physician of Year will be honored during the IAFP’s Annual Installation and Awards Banquet on Nov. 3 in Des Moines. To nominate someone, send a letter to the Iowa Academy describing why your family physician should receive the award. Nomination letters should be mailed to the Iowa Academy of Family Physicians, 100 E. Grand Ave., Suite 240, Des Moines, IA 50309 or emailed to .  

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July 2017 - Chamber of Commerce  Impersonator Scam

Please note: We have been advised that individuals are calling businesses from a (712) 986-7015 phone number stating they represent the Shelby County Chamber of Commerce & Industry. These calls are not coming from our office. This is similar to the same occurrence back in September of 2016 when calls from the same number were circulating in the area. Please ignore these calls and do not provide them any information regarding your business or operations. Thank you.

Picture July 2017 - Fun Run 00 donation to Concerned, Inc.

HARLAN -- The late James Buwalda always offered great support of Concerned Inc. in Harlan and their clients. Buwalda was also one of the original group organizers of Roar Into Harlan Bike Night. On top of the summertime monthly bike night on the square, Mike and Pat Wohlhutter organize the Roar Into Harlan Poker Run. This year the event was on June 17, and was held in memory of Buwalda. The proceeds from the run as well as extra donations after the run were tallied up and donated to Concerned Inc. in Buwalda’s name.

Supporting Concerned Inc. and Roar Into Harlan Bike Night were both things that he took pride in. This year the James Buwalda Memorial Roar Into Harlan Fun Run yielded a ,000 donation to Concerned Inc. Above, Mike and Pat Wohlhutter presenting the donation check to Erin Hudson from Concerned Inc. Also in the back row is Todd Valine with the Shelby County Chamber of Commerce and Industry. In the front row is Concerned Client Brian and Concerned staffer Shilo Bladt. (Photo contributed)

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July 2017 - Memory Care project back on track.
representing Hansen House, met with the Harlan Personnel and Finance Committee this week to apprise city officials of the status of the project.

The City of Harlan signed off on an agreement that will provide forgivable loan dollars to the project. Although the project didn’t get off the ground in 2016, the agreement is still in place and the project is slated for construction this fall.
The forgivable loan with five percent interest from the agreement date in exchange for the creation of 14.5 full-time equivalent jobs to be in place by June 1, 2019. The jobs will have to be maintained through June 1, 2022.

McCarty has said the memory care unit will be for residents with Alzheimer’s or dementia. The housing unit, potentially called the Hansen House of Harlan, will offer residents assisted living while providing 24 hour supervision. The facility will house people in stages 4, 5 and 6 on global deterioration of the disease.

McCarty has said the building will be comprised of 18 units that could house up to 20 tenants. Only couples would share a unit.

The building is proposed to be 15,478 square feet with a property value of .94 million. Hopes are that if the building becomes occupied to capacity within the first three years, a second assisted living facility will be constructed adjacent to the current building. 

Hansen House has purchased five lots in the Dye St. subdivision in north Harlan, specifically lots 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19. The housing unit would employ about 18 people, up to 14 of whom would be full time. McCarty is the co-owner of the Hansen House in Council Bluffs, which
opened in October 2012. The housing unit in Harlan is modeled after that facility. 

“It looks like a good plan,” said councilman Dave Miller of the architect’s proposal. “It’s going to be a very nice fit for the neighborhood.”

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Picture July 2017 - Kirkman hosts quasquicentennial celebration

By Jacey Goetzman, News Reporter

REGIONAL -- Kirkman celebrated its 125th birthday – otherwise known as a quasquicentennial – on Saturday, July 8.
The celebration consisted of a car, tractor and motorcycle show. Sloppy joes, hot dogs and water were served. The centennial’s tapes and memorabilia were also shown in the Centennial Building. Later, the time capsule was opened.

The celebration is something to “give a little spark back to the town,” Kirkman resident Matt Nielsen said.

Kirkman was named in honor of Marshall Monroe Kirkman, an officer of the Chicago Northwestern Railroad Company. The town was incorporated in 1892 after the railroad laid the foundation for the town.

Kirkman’s population was at its peak in 1898 when the population was 300. Nowadays, there are much less people around. According
to the United States Census Bureau’s 2016 population estimates, there were 62 residents. Once noted for its Fourth of July celebrations, which began as early as 1885, Kirkman faced a destructive fire in October 1921 that would ruin five store buildings and their contents. The residents had “strong suspicions that the fire was set to cover the theft of four valuable guns which had been on display in the window of the hardware store,” although nothing was ever discovered. After the fire, Kirkman was said to have never recovered from the loss.

“My grandpa always used to tell me the town would be bigger than Denison if it hadn’t burned down,” Nielsen said. 

Nowadays, the town is said to be easygoing and quiet. “It’s about as close as living to the country you can get but still live in a community,” Nielsen said. “Everyone is friendly. If you need help, they’ll help ya.” 

​Nielsen hopes that the event will bring some life back into the town and get more events going.

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Picture June 2017 - Father's Day 72nd Annual Flight Breakfast at Harlan Airport


HARLAN –  As Randy Pash grips the steering wheel hundreds of feet above ground, he observes the land reaching for the horizon in front of him.  “I just love being up in the air and having control of the airplane,” Pash said. “[I love] looking at the earth from a different perspective. It is really a great experience.” ... “I was one of the guys that got drawn into the vortex,” Pash said. 

Growing up around planes, it was fate when Pash fell in love with flying in high school. He earned his pilot’s license as a sophomore in college. Now living in Harlan, the 8-Ball Aviation Club was destiny for Pash.

 Harlan’s Aviation 8-ball Club is hosting its 72nd annual Father’s Day Breakfast on Sunday, June 18 at the airport. 

The breakfast will be from 7:30-11 a.m. on Sunday. It will have pancakes, eggs, bacon and drinks such as coffee, juice and milk available. The breakfast is free for those families who fly in.

“We’ve always maintained [that] everybody in the plane took the chance to get there, and we reward them with a free breakfast,” said Aviation 8-ball Club’s President Randy Pash.

Plane rides will also be available on Saturday, June 17 from 4:30 p.m. until dusk at the airport. For , a pilot will take people into their plane. The plane rides can be a first for many people who have never flown before.

“Sometimes [when] we’ll take off... It’s not uncommon [to hear] one of the younger kids in the back go, ‘Look, mommy, it’s a hot-wheel city!’” Pash said.

Flying people in the plane for their first time can be meaningful for both the passenger and the pilot. 

“Giving people that first experience in an airplane has been a special thing for me through the years,” Pash said. 

At the breakfast, there will be a display of classic cars, antique tractors and vintage motorcycles. 

“We had some interest from people, and thought, ‘You know... There’s already people here checking out airplanes. It would be kind of nice to have some classic car displays as well,’” Pash said.

According to Pash, it helps round out the event.

The event provides a way for families to get out and have some fun on Father’s Day.

“We have it on Father’s Day because our families will allow us to go out to the airport then,” Pash joked.

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Picture June 2017 - Leinen receives IWCC Daisy Faculty Award

COUNTY -- Shayla Leinen, nursing instructor at the Shelby County Center of Iowa Western Community College, was recently awarded the Daisy Faculty Award in the nursing dept. 

The Daisy award is presented to show appreciation to the nursing faculty for the commitment and inspirational influence they provide to their students.

Comments from those who nominated Leinen for the award include: “She is an awesome role model for us,” “Shayla is a tough teacher but she makes sure she sets us up to succeed,” and “She appears to take a great sense of pride in not only teaching us the technical skills we need as nurses, but equally emphasizes the ethical and moral foundation that will make us successful.”

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Picture June 2017 - Berndt named Family Support Professional of the Year

HARLAN - At the 2017 Child Abuse Prevention and Family Support Conference on May 1, 2017, Myrtue Medical Center’s Karla Berndt was recognized as the “Family Support Professional of the Year”.

This award is a way to recognize and honor the hard work of the dedicated family support professionals in Iowa. Karla was selected from all nominees and received her award at the conference with her family and co-worker, Rhonda Anderson, in attendance to help celebrate this honor with her.

“Karla has an unassuming, gentle way of approaching families who are referred to Myrtue’s Learning for Life program. Karla is able to broach difficult subjects through her vast experience working with families in a variety of settings" ... “I feel very lucky to have her knowledge, skills, and abilities at work in our Learning for Life Program and I know the families she works with would agree.” said Lori Hoch, Director of Myrtue Medical Center Public Health. “I feel very lucky to have her knowledge.

​Excerpts ​Copyright © 2017 The Tribune 6/06/2017

June 2017 - Myrtue Medical Hospice named 2017 Hospice Honors Recipient

HARLAN -- Myrtue Medical Center Hospice – Shelby County Community Health Department has been named a 2017 Hospice Honors recipient by Deyta Analytics. Hospice Honors is a prestigious program that recognizes hospices providing the highest level of quality as measured from the caregiver’s point of view. 

“We are humbled to be named a Hospice Honors recipient for the second straight year. It shows the commitment over time that Myrtue Hospice has to our clients and their family. We will continue to work hard to exceed client expectations,” said Dr. Timothy Brelje, Hospice Medical Director. 

Award recipients were identified by evaluating performance on a set of 24 quality indicator measures.

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June 2017 - ​Avoid the SCAMptons: Online booking scams are on the rise

Arriving at your dream summer vacation destination without a lodging reservation would be a real nightmare. Scammers make this nightmare a reality for vacationgoers who seek out travel sites to quickly, easily and cheaply book hotels and vacation rentals online. 

These scammers create mock lodging websites by creating slick sites or by copying legitimate popular sites and claiming to be them. 

Consumers who think they’re booking stays through these fake sites find out the hard way that their money has departed while they’re left behind. 

According to a 2015 estimate by the American Hotel & Lodging Association, consumers fall victim to 15 million fake booking scams every year, costing them .3 billion annually. A fraudulent site that tricks you into sending money or providing personal financial information is called a phishing scam. 

See avoiding  for more information

​Excerpt - Copyright © 2017 The Daily Nonpareil 6/2/2017

June 2017 - Summer program to provide students free meals.

HARLAN – The , administered by the USDA and managed by the Iowa Department of Education, will provide free meals to all students 18 years and younger in Harlan this summer beginning this week.

The program ensures that low income children continue to receive nutritious meals when school is not in session.

This summer, the USDA plans to serve more than 200 million free meals to children 18 years and under at approved SFSP sites and one of those sites will be in Harlan starting June 1.

The Harlan site will be considered an open site which operates in low-income areas where at least half of the children come from families with incomes at or below 185 percent of the Federal poverty level, making them eligible for free and reduced-price school meals.

The Harlan site is Hy-Vee, 2003 Chatburn Avenue, 712.755.2154.  Meals are served outside at the picnic tables, Monday-Friday from 11 am-1 pm.

Meals are served free to any child at the open site and the locations from which meals can be served is limited within Harlan.

There are limited areas within Shelby County which qualify as an open site and where the Harlan Hy-Vee is located is one of those sites.
Starting June 1, the USDA in conjunction with the Iowa Department of Education, the Harlan Community School District and the City of Harlan will partner with our local Harlan Hy-Vee food store to provide free lunch meals, Monday-Friday starting on June 1 and ending on Aug. 18. These meals will be free to all students who are 18 years or younger.

Excerpt - Copyright © 2017 The Tribune 5/30/2017

Picture May 2017 - HMU receives APPA RP3 Recertification

HMU receives Recertification Award  May 7th at the American Public Power Association Engineering & Operations Technical Conference. What this recertifies is the dedication of your Harlan Municipal Utilities to providing you, our customers, with the absolute most reliable and safe utility services available.

The RP3 certification is good for three years and recognizes public power utilities that demonstrate proficiency in four key disciplines: electric service reliability, safety, workforce development and system improvement. Criteria include sound business practices and a utility-wide commitment to safe and reliable delivery of electricity. HMU achieved our original award in 2014.

To qualify, programs are needed to cover everything from First Aid and CPR to our Lineman Apprenticeship program and include such other activities as safe operation of chain saws, backhoes and forklifts. Basically, providing all necessary training in support of our efforts toward ensuring not only Public Safety but the health and safety of our valued employees.

May 2017 - Be Wary of Scams

Atlantic police are warning residents of the Cass County community that a man saying he’s from Illinois has been calling claiming to sell advertisements for a community magazine.

Those calls, however, should only be made by the chamber of commerce, and police say that no personal or bank information should be shared over the phone.

Similarly, we warned readers in December that newspapers across the Midwest were victims of a scam where people call to impersonate representatives of local papers seeking credit card information for subscription starts and renewals.

Readers should be aware of these potential scams.

Subscription calls for The Nonpareil should be coming from 712 or 402 area codes. If you’re ever in doubt, feel free to call The Nonpareil at 712-328-1811. Our business hours are weekdays between 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

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Picture May 2017 - Harlan Summer Student Transportation

Unlimited Summer Pass or per ride each way.

SWITA provides rides to sports practices, piano lessons, vacation bible schools, band lessons, the library, swimming pool, grandma’s house, a friend’s house, or just about anywhere within or near the city limits of Harlan. Register TODAY!!!

Starting Wednesday, May 24- Tuesday, Aug. 22 Monday- Friday 8:00 am-5:00 pm Rides are scheduled on a first come first serve basis. Call ahead for the best availability.

2017 Sponsors, we are able to offer this amazing rate. Harlan Area Businesses - Shopko and Shelby County State Bank

Southwest Iowa Transit Agency
1501 SW 7th Street, Atlantic 
712-243-2518 or 712-243-8065

Every Participant Must Pre-Register - please call SWITA. Rides for the Summer Fun Bus run are within 2 miles of the Harlan city limits, unless approved.

May 2017 - Salem Lutheran Homes receives grants

ELK HORN – Aureon, the new name for the INS Family of companies, is a business solutions provider who connects possibilities to productivity by providing unique and scalable business support services for organizations- small and large. Aureon provides quality charity grants to Iowa communities. Aureon created the grant program in 1993 to increase service and support for rural independent telecommunications companies and the communities they serve like Marne Elk Horn Telephone Company. Aureon granted 0 to Salem Lutheran Homes and Marne Elk Horn Telephone Company matched their grant of 0. These grants are going towards new health grade TVs for resident rooms. Pictured (left to right) are Jill Madsen - METC, Natasha Urinko - Salem’s Administrator, Katrina Parker - Salem’s
Resource Development Director, and J.D. Siebert- Aureon. (Photo submitted)

​​Copyright © 2017 The Tribune 5/23/2017

Picture May 2017 - Model Railroad Display open in Harlan

The Nishna Valley Model RailRoad Society once again has it’s display open to the public the first and third Saturdays of each month. Located in the Shelby Co. Fairgrounds, Harlan, the 20 scale miles of HO scale track features trains running through rural, mountainous and town settings. Admission is free, with donations welcome. 

In addition to the regular Saturday hours, the building will be open Thursday through Sunday during the Shelby Co. Fair, and by appointment. Call 712-235-7245 or visit for more information.

Picture May 2017 - Unsuspecting Iowans fall prey to cyberattacks

Stephanie Woodruff, Madison Wilson & Alex Kirkpatrick - IOWAWATCH

INDIANOLA — Instances in which Iowans’ identity was stolen jumped a whopping 30 percent, from 56 out of every 100,000 Iowans in 2014 to 73 just a year later. Most of the thefts happened via the internet. The growth in Iowa mirrors what is happening nationwide. Thefts in the digital world are on the rise as the crime evolves with technology. Yet many people making legitimate purchases online still have a false sense of security about their private financial information.

A specialized website for fighting dentity theft, , states that your identity can be stolen when you swipe your debit or credit card at a gas pump and don’t realize a reader, which is a device made to steal card information that looks like part of the pump, is stealing your personal financial information. Or, thieves can steal your personal information when you order something online, even though you thought doing so was safe. 

See full article &

Simpson College’s Ashley Smith, Hunter Hillygus, Erich Bogner and Clayton Bowers contributed to this report. This story was produced for Iowa Center for Public Affairs Journalism’s, a nonprofit, online news website dedicated to collaborating with Iowa news organizations to produce explanatory and investigative work. 
Excerpts ​Copyright © 2017 The Daily Nonpareil 5/10/2017

May 2017 - 4,562.81 granted to Shelby County nonprofit agencies

“The Shelby County Community Foundation is one of nine counties that are collectively known as the Community Foundations of Southwest Iowa and meets or exceeds the Standards for Community Foundations as established by the Council on Foundations in Washington DC.

The Shelby County Community Foundation invests and administers these funds and distributes grants to deserving, qualified nonprofit
organizations. “This has grown from an annual event to twice a year, with one grant cycle in the spring and another in the fall,” said Gross.
Board members of the Shelby County Community Foundation are: Chair, Gene Gross of Defiance; Vice Chair, Allan Hjelle of Elk Horn; Secretary/Treasurer, Pat Gawley of Irwin; Todd Argotsinger of Harlan; Jim Chipman of Harlan; and Jim Zimmerman of Harlan.

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Picture May 2017 - Another Pro-Life sign erected in Shelby County near Portsmouth

COUNTY — This Pro-Life billboard was erected along Highway 44 about 1 1/4 miles east of Portsmouth recently. The sign is being  sponsored by the Catholic Daughters of the Americas, Ct.St. Maria Goretti, #2498, Portsmouth. Helping with the construction of the billboard were members of the Portsmouth Council of the Knights of Columbus and members of the Gaylen Smith family. 

Pictured from L to R are David Smith, Terry Kohles, Jeff Schechinger, Jim Crawford, Gaylen Smith, Phil Reisz and Jerry Sondag.

(Photo submitted)

​The first sign in Shelby was erected in September 2015 near Panama.

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April 2017 - New Harlan city ordinance to affect on-street parking to meet International Fire Code

As a step to follow the City Council’s actions in October 2016 to meet the 2012 IFC (International Fire Code) requirements regarding street width, fire lanes, and ensuring clear paths on city streets for emergency response and city vehicles, the following update to parking regulations in the City of Harlan is being considered.

Harlan Ordinance 2017-05 Parking Regulations No Parking (text) File Size: 108 kb File Type: pdf Harlan Parking 2017-05 (graphic) File Size: 311 kb File Type: pdf April 2017 - Vietnam Veterans recognized May 7

Iowa has declared May 7 as a day to recognize Vietnam veterans. Gov. Terry Branstad has signed a proclamation announcing the recognition

April 2017 - The Lounge to celebrate 25th Anniversary May 5-6

Remember 1992? Miley Cyrus was born, tennis pro Arthur Ashe was named Sports Illustrated’s Sportsperson of the Year and the Washington Redskins won the Super Bowl. Another notable event occurred right here in Harlan when Don and Marian Kaufman purchased Harold’s Club from Ray McLaughlin, and opened The Lounge May 23, 1992.

Many changes and faces have shaped The Lounge since 1992, with a major remodel in 2006, and over 200 different employees serving guests the last 25 years. The Lounge has also made an impact in Shelby County by hosting many benefits for local charities. The current day Lounge features karaoke, music videos, a wide variety of spirits and mixed drinks, and 25 beer selections.

The Lounge will be celebrating its milestone with a special Anniversary Celebration Fri. & Sat., May 5-6. The Kaufman’s will be rolling back prices to 1992, holding a ‘90s costume party, playing ‘90s music videos and offering a free nacho bar on Friday. Arch Stone Pizza will be
available for purchase Saturday. Frozen Slushies will also be introduced as part of the two-day celebration.

The Lounge is located at 1005 Chatburn Ave. in Harlan.

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Picture April 2017 - Harlan again receives Tree City USA award

Des Moines - ​The City of Harlan was recently honored with the 2016 Tree City USA Award at the 27th Annual Community Forestry Awards Luncheon in Des Moines. The award was presented by the Arbor Day Foundation and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources Forestry Bureau, April 6 at the Forte Banquet & Conference Center.

     “The Tree City USA award is a symbol for communities who have made a commitment to the management of public trees,” says state forester Paul Tauke. “The City of Harlan has provided an outstanding example for other Iowa communities by enhancing our forest resources and demonstrating the great value of trees in providing multiple benefits for future generations”

     Harlan was one of 80 Iowa communities to qualify for Tree City USA status. To receive the award, a city must, at a minimum, have either a city forester or an active city tree board; have a tree ordinance; spend at least per capita annually for its community forestry program; and have a tree planting and maintenance plan.

Harlan has been a Tree City USA for 33 years. Westphalia has been in the program for 25 years. To learn more, go to the .

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April 2017 - IWL Baseball celebrating 70th anniversary

Portsmouth - On Sunday, July 30, the weekend of the annual Portsmouth St. Mary’s Parish Picnic, the Iowa Western League (IWL) baseball championship game will be held in Portsmouth for the 50th consecutive year.

     As part of the championship celebration, a 70th anniversary reunion is planned at the ballpark, and will continue at the parish ball during the picnic dinner. All former and present players and fans are welcome.

     Just like in Iowa, baseball throughout the nation had flourished from the late 1800s to the 1940. But in 1943, 1944, and 1945, there were no organized baseball teams in Western Iowa due to World War II and the enlistment of young men.

     Then, in the spring of 1947, Father Duran from Westphalia with the help of a young Barney Zimmerman, sent letters to different towns in Western Iowa encouraging the possible formation of an organized baseball league. In May 1947, the Iowa Western Amateur Baseball league was formed. Over the years, the league has included 22 towns from six Iowa counties.

     As many as 16 teams played in the league in one year, and participation dropped as low as six teams during the Vietnam War era (1965). After 70 consecutive years of baseball, Portsmouth is the only team that has participated in the league every year. For more information about this summer’s anniversary event, contact Ron Chamberlain at 712-755-7012.

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April 2017 - Walking School Bus begins on April 28th

It's time once again for the Walking School Bus! This semester’s Walking School Bus will begin on Friday April 28 at the Pine Street Shelter at Pioneer Park.

Parents are asked to drop their children off between 7:20 a.m. and 7:30 a.m. Water, fruit and granola bars will be provided to all
participants. Adult chaperones will walk with the children to school.

The dates of the Walking School Bus are:

  • Friday, April 28th
  • Friday, May 5th
  • Friday, May 12th

In case of inclement weather and cancellation of the Walking School Bus, listen to KNOD or check the 

For more information, please call Jani Sorfonden a7 712-755-4598.

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April 2017 - Fareway's Grand ReOpening


Photo courtesy Alan Mores - The Tribune

The Shelby County Chamber of Commerce & Industry along with Fareway hosted a community open house on Tues., April 18 celebrating the extensive remodeling which
has occurred at the store since last summer.

Attending the event were numerous Fareway Corporate officers including its COO Fred Greiner, who had helped stock the Harlan store for its July 1979 grand opening, CEO Reynolds Cramer and original assistant manager and recently retired from the Fareway Corporate offices Dan Greiner.
Also honored was 22-year employee Jan Wunder who had worked for the Harlan Fareway store when it opened and current employee Patty Stein who started shortly after the store opened and has worked at the Harlan store for 35 years.

Manager Mike Maass said, “The store is brighter, has an incredible array of new items and our 168 feet of stand-up freezers improved  customer product visibility,” he said.

Included in the remodeling: organic/health food section, 100’s of new products, an expanded produce and vegetable area, a new aisle for manager’s specials, gluten free and organic products sections. Also new amenities include: new tile floors, lighting, heating and cooling system, inventory storage, coolers, bathrooms, and offices.

The meat department and the cold beer, wine and liquor more than doubled in space. Meat market manager, Kevin Pitkin, said the new 40' meat case and a 28' prepared meats area have gone over very well with their customers.

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April 2017 - Bookworm to host chat Friday April 21, 2017, now carries Shelby County author's book.

OMAHA — Three best-selling authors are having a chat Friday at The Bookworm. At 6 p.m. at the shop at 90th Street and West Center Road, Rainbow Rowell will visit with Curtis Sittenfeld and Margaret Stohl.

In addition to the special event, an Iowa author’s book is now on sale at the store. Mark Matthiessen’s novel “Shelby’s Creek” is now on sale at The Bookworm. He was born and raised and still lives on the family farm in Shelby County. In Matthiessen’s book, a young man leaves his Iowa farm to work for the Office of Strategic Services, a U.S. wartime intelligence service in World War II, and assist the French resistance in subversion, sabotage and assassination.

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April 2017 - Award winners from Council Bluffs to perform at Danish American Museum

Piano students from southwest Iowa, Omaha and central Iowa received the Victor Borge Legacy Award. They will perform this weekend at the museum, located at 2212 Washington St. in Elk Horn. Named in honor of the beloved comedian and musician, the sixth-annual awards are designed to encourage young pianists, according to a release. 

Kate Doolittle, a high school sophomore from Council Bluffs, was a first place winner, receiving a ,000 cash prize. Other first-place finishers were Ben Franco, a senior from Omaha, and Tylar Meistar, a freshman from Mitchellville. Moriah Heilsen, a freshman from Council Bluffs, was a second-place winner, receiving a 0 cash prize. Other second-place finishers were Shannon Hire, a senior from Omaha, and Tony Song II, a fourth-grader from Windsor Heights

The winners will perform at the Museum of Danish America on Borge’s first piano, which he gave to the museum. Recitals will be held Saturday and Sunday at 2 p.m., and they will be followed by a reception. Both Council Bluffs students — Doolittle and Heilesen — will perform Sunday afternoon, along with Franco. The other three — Meister, Song and Hire — will perform Saturday afternoon.  See our calendar.

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Photo courtesy of Lori Christensen - The Tribune

April 2017 - Chamber Ambassadors visit Harlan Library

HARLAN – The Shelby County Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors visited the Harlan Community Library and the staff to celebrate Library week, April 9-15. The visit was an opportunity to find out what new things are going on in the library and the changes coming up to our Summer Library program.
Photo by Lori Christensen)

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Picture April 2017 - Portsmouth Park gets new equipment

New playground equipment was recently installed at the Portsmouth city park. The project received financial backing with grants from Southwest Iowa Foundation, Monogram Foods and a donation from Shelby County State Bank.
(Photo contributed) 

Picture April 2017 - Lawson named one of 100 Great Iowa Nurses.

Harlan - Myrtue Medical Center's Oncology nurse, Deb Lawson RN, of Harlan, was selected as one of "The 100 Great Iowa Nurses".

Nurses selected for this honor represent many sectors of health care, including hospitals, long-term care facilities, and school and office nurses. These nurses are selected based on there concern for humanity, their contribution to the community and to the nursing profession, their leadership, and mentoring.

Larson and 99 other nurses will be honored during “The 100 Great Iowa Nurses” program May 7 at the Iowa Events Center – Grand Ballroom in Des Moines. The 13th annual celebration is a preclude to National Nurses Week.

Portions from Copyright © 2017 The Harlan Tribune 4/11/2017

Picture April 2017 - Pash recognized by KH1 Solutions for Excellence

Harlan - Randy Pash of Harlan was recently recognized by KH1 Solutions with the 2016 Partners in Excellence Grow your Business and Diamond Level Achievement Awards.

These awards acknowledge the expertise and sales experience Pash uses to find the right product to fit the individual needs of his clients. KH1 presented the awards to the top 10 percent and 5 percent of their agents based on their 2016 sales production and retention at a dinner reception held in early March.

Pash shares the same philosophy as KH1 by focusing on the needs of his clients by providing the right product at the right price to deliver unsurpassed confidence and peace of mind to his clients.

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Picture April 2017 - Shelby County Farm Bureau donates to Food Pantry

Farm Bureau Members were encouraged to bring nonperishable items to the annual meeting on March 20, for the local food pantry. Farm Bureau Board of Directors then matched all contributions with a monetary donation.

Pictured is Farm Bureau Board member, Chris Evans, presenting a check for 0 to Dena Matthews of West Central Community Action. (Photo submitted)

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March 2017 - Shelby County Trails efforts continue, garner ,750 donation from Panama Transfer

PANAMA - An up to ,000 matching grant from the regional trucking firm, Panama Transfer, netted the exploratory Shelby County Trails Committee an additional ,750 donation following the group’s fund-raising efforts.

The monies go toward grant-matching opportunities, route exploration and feasibility studies, followed by construction of a multi-use trails once plans have been developed.

One of their most recent events was in March where they hosted an all-you-can-eat Belgian Waffle breakfast and a silent auction.

The organization’s focus is to generate interest in building walking/bike/equestrian trails throughout Shelby County to connect our communities with each other as well as surrounding counties.

Their next meeting will be held Monday, April 24 at 6:30 p.m. at the Shelby County Chamber meeting room.

For more information about the Shelby County Trails non-profit or to make a donation please contact .​

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March 2017 - Gas pump skimmer found in Harlan

HARLAN -- The Harlan Police Department reported Monday, March 27 that a gas pump skimmer was identified at a location in Harlan recently.

The department is warning citizens that if they pay for gasoline at the pump, they should watch their bank accounts or bills to identify fraudulent activity. The skimmer has since been dismantled so it is safe to keep utilizing the station for gasoline services, officials said. The station where the skimmer was located was not identified by police.

“If you pay at the pump, watch for any fraudulent activity on your credit or debit card, such as purchases that you didn’t make or locations that you haven’t visited,” officials said.

One local banking institution said they handled a number of fraudulent transactions on 12 customers’ accounts on Monday. The customers were reimbursed for lost monies, and their cards were inactivated and will be replaced.


Picture March 2017 - CDS Donates to Harlan Police

HARLAN -- CDS Global recently gave a donation of ,000 to help the Harlan Police Department purchase ballistic helmets for the officers. These helmets will be used by the officers as personal protection on high-risk calls.

Pictured L-R are Tim Pedersen, Frank Clark, Kris Pope and Denise Barnes. (Photo contributed)

Copyright © 2017 The Harlan Tribune 3/16/2017

March 2017 - Restaurant receives phony bills
HARLAN -- The Shelby County Chamber of Commerce and Industry reports that a local restaurant received three counterfeit
bills on Saturday, March 4.

All 3 bills displayed the same serial number --

Local businesses are advised to watch for more phony bills and report to authorities.

Copyright © 2017 The Harlan Tribune 3/09/2017

February 2017 - What your Chamber accomplished in 2016

2016 was a great and exciting year for the Shelby County Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Shelby County overall.  With the support of community organizations throughout the County, we achieved major goals and started many new projects that will continue through this year - Here are some highlights:

  • The new Welcome signs at the south entrance to the county
  • The on-going prospect of In Land Sea bringing a salmon production facility to the county
  • Continued development of additional assisted living and memory care offerings in Shelby County
  • Putting the final plans in place for the Community Development Block Grant Downtown Façade program that will enhance the Harlan Downtown Square
  • The beginnings of a new Farmers Market in the area and our well attended Holiday Markets in support of the community Blue Zones efforts
  • Initial plans to commercially develop a new area along Highway 59 that will host a new location for a popular regional restaurant and additional businesses
  • Early plans for additional housing development in the G.H. Christensen sub-division
  • Hosting multiple federal and state representatives to discuss with them the issues facing our county today including Senator Joni Ernst, Congressman Steve King, Governor Terry Branstad, Lt. Governor Kim Reynolds, and representatives of the Iowa Cultural Affairs and Iowa Economic Development Departments.  
We would like to offer special recognition to the City of Harlan and staff, the Harlan Industrial Foundation, the Shelby County Supervisors and the staff of Shelby County, the staff and Board of Harlan Municipal Utilities, the Harlan Tribune, KNOD Radio, the City of Shelby, the City of Elk Horn, the leaders and staff of Myrtue Medical Center, the Better Elk Horn Committee and Danish Villages Economic Development group, the Shelby County Trails Committee, and Iowa Western Community College for their collaboration and support.  These organizations, along with many other businesses and individuals allow us to strive to meet our mission every day of creating a climate of opportunity for business growth, economic development, and a high standard of living throughout Shelby County.   ​ February 2017 - CEO Imposter Scam Returns
As happened last year, cybercriminals forged emails from the CEO of a company requesting sensitive W-2 employee information to gain access to employee names, SSNs, and income to file fraudulent tax returns to the IRS. 

This week, the IRS has already received new notifications that the email scam is making its way across the nation for a second time and is urging company payroll officials to double check any executive-level or unusual requests for lists of W-2 Forms or SSNs.

Another variation of this scam targets school districts by replacing CEO with "Superintendent".

BBB suggests the following to avoid becoming a victim of spoofed phishing emails:
 - Pick up the phone and confirm that the request is legitimate. Use a phone number that you know to be correct (not a
   unrecognized number in an email).
 - Examine the email address closely for slight variations such as an extra letter that are common in mimicked email addresses.
 - Tag the email as SPAM.
 - Report the email to your Internet Service Provider, and notify your co-workers so others don’t fall for it.
 - Notify your BBB at 800.649.6814 and report scams, schemes, con-games and rip-offs on BBB’s ScamTracker at

February 2017 - ​Please Note: A fraudulent cashier's check was recently presented at a local financial institution.  The check was drawn on The Heritage Bank, Hinesville GA.  The check number presented was 013424386 in the amount of ,250.

February 2017 - Latest phone scam tries to trick you into saying 'yes'
If you get a call from a stranger asking, "Can you hear me?" hang up the phone.  That's what the Better Business Bureau is advising consumers who might become victims of the latest scam it says is circulating the country.

The con aims to get victims to say the word "yes" so scammers can record it.  The affirmative response then is used by the fraudster to authorize unwanted charges - whether it's to a credit card, a cable or phone account or subscriptions.  When you try to deny these new charges the scammer can counter that they have you consent on a recorded line.

​To file a scam report with the BBB Scam Tracker go to or call 800.649.6814.

January 2017 - Schools receive annual Iowa School Report Card
Area schools see commendable, acceptable ratings, by state system. 
REGIONAL – The Iowa Department of Education released its Iowa School Report Card this month, with area schools rating from  commendable to acceptable on the new system’s scale.

Iowa’s schools are rated on certain educational measures, including math and reading proficiency, college and career ready growth and
readiness, how many students are improving academically each year, efforts to close achievement gaps, graduation rates, attendance and
staff retention.

Schools are then given a rating of exceptional, high-performing, commendable, acceptable, needs improvement, or priority. 

The new school report card meets a legislative requirement and aligns with the Iowa Department of Education’s efforts to provide Iowa residents with meaningful statistics regarding their schools. School ratings represent a combination of scores on the individual measures. 

The data comes from multiple sources including assessment results, and from individual schools’ reporting of data to the Iowa Department
of Education.

Among the area schools, none were categorized in the exceptional category, or listed as high performing. A number were listed in the commendable category including AHSTW Elementary School, Tri-Center Middle School, Harlan Intermediate School and Harlan Community High School. 

Harlan Community Middle School was listed in the acceptable range, as were AHSTW High School, Exira/Elk Horn-Kimballton Middle School, IKM-Manning High School and Middle School, and Tri-Center High School and Elementary School.

To find out how all schools in Iowa are rated, head to the .

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Picture January 2017 - Wagner promoted to Colonel
HARLAN – Harlan Community High School basketball players, students, faculty, guests and community residents recognized the 380th anniversary of the National Guard during its Hawkeye Ten basketball conference match-up against the Red Oak Tigers Friday, Jan. 20 at the HCHS gymnasium.

Basketball fans were treated to an Iowa Army and Air National Guard color guard immediately prior to the girls’ game, recognition of  military veterans, and a special presentation to the school district by the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR) by Brig. Gen. Steve Warnstadt, Deputy Commanding General for Operations, Iowa Army National Guard.

Wagner serves as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Iowa Air National Guard. A traditional, Citizen-Airman, Wagner serves as the J-1, or director of joint manpower and Fighter Wing’s Airman of the Quarter (1997), Outstanding Contributor in his Squadron Officer School Class (2006), and the 185th Air Refueling Wing’s Field Grade Officer of the Year (2014).

Wagner earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education from Briar Cliff University in Sioux City (1996), a Master of Arts degree in School District Administration from Wayne State College in Wayne, NE (2001), and an Education Specialist Degree from the University of South Dakota in Vermilion, SD (2009). Wagner also graduated from the Air Force’s Squadron Officer School (2006), Air Command and Staff College (2012), and Air War College (2014). 

Among his military awards and decorations are the Meritorious Service Medal, Joint Service Commendation Medal, Air Force Commendation Medal, Army Commendation Medal, Joint Service Achievement Medal, Air Force Achievement Medal, Joint Meritorious Unit Award (one  device), Air Force Outstanding Unit Award (two devices), Air Reserve Forces Meritorious Service Medal (one device), National Defense Service
Medal (one device), Afghanistan Campaign Medal, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, Humanitarian Service Medal, Nuclear Deterrence
Operations Service Medal, Air Force Expeditionary Service Ribbon (with Gold Border), and the Air Force Longevity Service Award (five devices).

Exceprts from ​​​Copyright © 2017 The Harlan Tribune 1/24/2017

January 2017 - AHSTW receives ,800 DuPont grant
AVOCA -- The AHSTW (Avoca, Hancock, Shelby, Tennant, Walnut) Agriculture Department has announced that DuPont Pioneer has donated ,800 toward the implementation of the Curriculum for Agricultural Science Education (CASE) as part of the DuPont Pioneer sponsorship program. Curriculum for Agricultural Science Education, CASE, curricular materials provide a high level of educational experiences to students to enhance the rigor and relevance of agriculture, food, and natural resources (AFNR) subject matter.

“The CASE curriculum allows students to see the purpose of their learning and makes students responsible for their own learning through multiple labs and activities. This curriculum forces our students to use higher order thinking and they really enjoy learning through the CASE course(s),” says Jennifer Arkfeld, AHSTW Agriculture Instructor.

The AHSTW district first began offering agriculture classes as part of their electives during the 2014-2015 school year. Currently the  program reaches approximately 60 students through courses such as Junior High Exploratory, Agronomy, Plant Science, Welding, Animal Science, Introduction to Agriculture, and Agriculture Business. Students enjoy hands on activities as well as real world application of material while exploring possible careers in the field of agriculture, food, and natural resources.

Pioneer makes contributions to community-based organizations on behalf of the business and employees. Consideration for outreach grants is given to communities where Pioneer sales representatives, DuPont Pioneer employees and customers live and work and that support quality-of-life initiatives to create an improved, sustainable lifestyle for people worldwide.

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January 2017 - Kenkel takes over as Shelby County Supervisors Chairman
COUNTY – Steve Kenkel has been named chairman of the Shelby County Board of Supervisors this year, and will preside over a board that is
currently working diligently to prepare next year’s budget.

Kenkel is joined on the board by supervisors Charlie Parkhurst and Roger Schmitz. Kenkel was unanimously elected chairman while Charlie Parkhurst was unanimously elected vice-chairman of the 2017 board.

Besides tackling the budget this month, the board at its official organizational meeting earlier this month made a number of appointments
and re-appointments. All deputy county officials were re-named to their positions.

Copyright © 2017 The Harlan Tribune 1/17/2017

January 2017 - Small Business Job Creation Incentive Approved!
COUNTY – Shelby County has approved a new job creation incentive plan is hoped to help small businesses in the county grow and prosper
in the future.
The county’s board of supervisors has voted unanimously to approve the plan, targeted to small and entrepreneurial businesses (businesses
with 10 employees or less at time of application) in Shelby County.
“The purpose of this plan is to encourage/support new and existing businesses in Shelby County in their efforts to expand their workforce,”
said supervisor chairman Roger Schmitz.
Most of the job incentive plans statewide and nationwide are tied to large companies that bring in hundreds of jobs, officials said. While
the county continues to attempt to attract large firms to the area, expansion of small business in Shelby County also is becoming a priority.
Interested businesses will complete an application for the program, which will indicate the number of planned jobs to be created. The program will be limited to a maximum of 25 jobs created within each fiscal year. Highlights of the incentive include:
 - Shelby County is establishing a ,000 annual budget. Upon demand, the county agrees to pay a company ,000 per new full-time
job created and maintained for a period of two years. If those full-time employees have been residents of Shelby County for one year or more, the county agrees to pay the company ,000 per new full-time job created and maintained for two years.
 - To qualify, all newly created jobs must be maintained for two years and increase the company’s current number of employees at time of application.
 - Documentation of employee count and residency will be required upon payment demand. Once documentation been provided and approved, the monies will be released.
Todd Valline, Shelby County Chamber of Commerce and Industry Executive Director, said he hopes the plan will be popular, and there is another incentive program being developed that addresses companies that create more than 25 jobs in a year.
“We’re going to work on something for 25 and over as well,” he said.
The job incentive plan went into effect January 1.

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Picture December 2016 - Renee Hansen named new Harlan Deputy City Clerk
HARLAN - Renee Hansen, Harlan, was named the new Deputy City Clerk of Harlan replacing the retiring Pam Meurer who has been with the City for more than 27 years.

Hansen recently was in sales and marketing with ThinkSpaceIT computer firm in Harlan. Prior to that sales position in January this year she was employed in the Shelby County Auditor's office from  2009 to 2016 serving in a wide variety of capacities including: real estate, GIS, payroll, social media, assistant Election Commissioner and as assistant to the Auditor. She was the owner of Hansen Brothers Coffee from 2001 to 2009 and was a realtor in Ohio with Switzer Real Estate in 1996 and 1997.

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December 2016 - Get on the Express Party Bus!
Chamber member Gary Dozler of Express Lube & Tire LLC is offering a new service called Express Charter. If you missed the Holiday then you missed a great time on December 20th!  (Check out our for all activities in Shelby County). The Party Bus has full conveniences, seats 40, and is economically priced.  Use for birthday parties, tours, sight seeing ... you name it! To reserve or for more information call 712.235.6128.

Picture December 2016 - Reynolds set to become Iowa's first female governor
With the Trump transition team confirming that Gov. Terry Branstad has accepted President-elect Donald Trump’s offer to serve as ambassador to China, Iowa is on track to have its first female governor in its 178-year history as a territory and a state.

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December 2016 - Deadline for Adoption requests is December 9th.
Please contact Dena Matthews now at 712.755.5602.  The third adoption list of the Christmas season has been released this week, and a number of needy families have been added who could use some help this holiday season.

​Applications for families wishing to be adopted will be accepted now until this Friday, December 9. Children 18 and under, along with elderly ages 65+, who are at or below 175% poverty level (or LIHEAP eligible) may apply. For those donating, they can deliver gifts to WCCA’s Outreach Office on Wednesday,

December 21 between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. All gifts should be marked with the family application number, individual ID, gender and age.
Families will be called when their gifts are ready for pick-up on Thursday, December 22 and Friday, December 23. If these dates don’t work, special arrangements can be made by calling 755-5602. Continuing today, and each week in the Harlan Newspapers, adoptees will be listed by number. Donors will then choose by number which family or individual they wish to adopt.

December 2016 - ,434 in Shelby County NPO Grants awarded
Shelby County non-profit agencies were awarded grants from the Shelby County Community Foundation last week in a ceremony held on the courthouse steps in downtown Harlan.

Gene Gross, chairman of the foundation, said ,734 in total was awarded to a number of local non-profit agencies. With these grants, the foundation has distributed nearly .1 million in grants and scholarships over the last 19 years.

Reciprients included City of Elk Horn, City of Harlan, City of Irwin, City of Portsmouth, Concerned, Inc., Country Care Center Corporation, Iowa Community Kitchen, Irwin Fire and Rescue, Kirkman Centennial Committee, Shelby County Community Outreach, Shelby County Conservation Board, Time for Tots, and West Central Community Action.

​CONGRATS to all!

November 2016 -  Chamber Member named National Provider's Top 25 Icons list
HARLAN - The chairman and chief executive officer of Monogram Foods, the parent company of Monogram Prepared Meats in Harlan, has been named to the prestigious National Provisioner’s Top 25 Icons list, which honors the most influential leaders in the nation’s processed meat industry.

Karl Schledwitz was honored as one of the nation’s leaders in the meat processing industry because of Monogram’s rapid growth, said Andy Hanacek, editor of The National Provsioner. “Karl was an easy decision based on Monogram Foods’ skyrocketing growth and success,” said Hanacek. “Karl is the definition of an icon in that he is very visible, approachable and a powerful force in forwarding the industry.”
Monogram Prepared Meats was the company’s fifth plant acquisition in 2013. “Our team members in Harlan are extremely hard working and dependable,” said Schledwitz. “This award belongs to our Harlan team members for their leadership and commitment to make us a best-in-class company.”

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November 2016 -  Chamber Member named to HMU board
HARLAN -- Connie Wees, a relative newcomer to Harlan, has garnered Harlan Mayor Kate Kohorst’s appointment to the Harlan Municipal Utility Board of Trustees, effective Nov. 20.

Wees, the branch manager at Bank of the West, will replace Mary Johnson, whose six-year term is up Nov. 20. Kohorst, at the announcement
at Harlan’s recent city council meeting, said Wees used all of HMU’s utility offerings and would be a great addition to the board.

​​​Excerpt from The Harlan Tribune 11/22/2016

November 2016 - Harlan receives Healthy Hometown Founder Award
DES MOINES -- Harlan was presented a Healthy Hometowns powered by Wellmark award at the Iowa Healthiest State Initiative Bringing it Home conference on Nov. 1. The award recognizes Harlan for their dedication and accomplishments toward meaningful health improvement initiatives in their community.

“The Healthy Hometown Founder award celebrates the achievements made in Harlan,” said Jami Haberl, Iowa Healthiest State Initiative executive director. “Harlan has been a model for other Iowa communities and is an encouraging example of what can be done when the citizens of a community join together to truly transform their environment.”

The Healthy Hometown program is available to all Iowa communities ready to take steps to make the healthy choice the easy choice and improve the overall well-being of their communities.

There are three ways communities or organizations can get started. The first is an online self-assessment tool for communities to review where they are at today and how they can connect with existing resources to make enhancements.  Two additional options will be available in 2017.   Visit the Healthy Hometown for more information.

​​Excerpt from The Harlan Tribune 11/15/2016

November 2016 - Harlan's Christmas City

November 2016 - Veterans Auditorium marks 50th anniversary
Harlan's Veterans Memorial Auditorium will host an open house Saturday November 12th from 5 pm to 7 pm. 

November 2016 - HMU receives water fluoridation award
The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP) awarded Harlan Municipal Utilities with a Water Fluoridation Quality Award for 2015. The award is presented by the Iowa Department of Public Health with it's appreciation for HMU's continued commitment to public health through this process.

November 2016 - Todd Langenfield of Earling is Banker of the Year
Washington, D.C. —The Independent Community Bankers of America® (ICBA) announced that Todd Langenfeld, president and CEO at Farmers Trust & Savings Bank, Earling, is the central region winner of the association’s 2016 National Community Banker of the Year award. This annual award recognizes the exceptional work and commitment of individual community bankers and their dedication to local communities.

“We are pleased to honor and recognize Todd Langenfeld as the central region winner of ICBA’s Community Banker of the Year award,” said ICBA Chairman Rebeca Romero Rainey, CEO of Centinel Bank, Taos, N.M. “His passion, drive and commitment to his community are an  inspiration to the bank’s employees and exemplify the spirit of community banks nationwide.”

Excerpt from The Harlan Tribune 10/25/2016


November 2016 - Rusty's 70th Anniversary - Congratulations!
Paul Henry Rust Jr. started up the shoe repair business on November 1, 1946 with the help of a loan from his brother Norbert, Carroll, Iowa.

Paul grew up in the Carroll area and after opening the Shoe Repair in Harlan, he would often go down to the Victoria Train Station and catch the train to Carroll on Saturday nights to visit his parents and siblings.  Roger took over the business in the early 1970’s and Paul continued to help out until he passed away in 1996,  just before the 50th Anniversary celebration.  Three out of the four boys went into the shoe repair business.  Roger, in Harlan.  Bob, in LeMars, IA.  Mike in Storm Lake, IA


October 2016 - Shelby County Historical Museum  goes Digital
Nate Buman, manager of the Shelby County Historical Museum, shows off the TouchIT Technologies 55-inch touch screen that helps museum visitors search digitized collections of newspapers and other documents, along with photos. Over the past three years, the Shelby County Historical Society has worked to catalog, digitize and preserve its collection of around 100,000 artifacts. Oct. 27, 2016


October 2016 - How the county and city were named
A sign outside the town of Shelby welcomes motorists to Shelby County, with the Shelby Cemetary in the background. Both the town and the county are named after Gen. Isaac Shelby, who fought in both the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812, served in the state legislatures in Virginia and North Carolina and was the first and fifth governor of Kentucky. Oct. 27, 2016

October 2016 - WCCA's Annual Holiday Adoption program - Apply 10/31/16 to 12/09/16
West Central Community Action is accepting applications by December 9th from 8 am to 4:30 pm.

This program is especially designed to help families who are facing financial hardships and are unable to afford a Christmas dinner or new toys and warm clothing for their children. The Shelby County holiday adoption program hopes to address the needs of low-income households, children and families during the holidays and winter season

WCCA has been partnering with the Harlan Tribune for several years to get the word out about the Annual Holiday Adoption Program. Once we get a list of families, the newspaper office will run a list in their weekly papers so that community members can then “adopt” a family from the list.

We will accept applications for adoption until December 9th this year. Families must be at or below 175 % poverty level to qualify (or be approved for LIHEAP energy assistance program) and only children 18 and under or elderly 65 and older qualify.
Gift givers, please drop off gifts on December 21st between 8 am - 1 pm and 2 pm - 4:30 pm.  All gifts should be marked with the family application #, indiviual ID, gender and age. 

Adoptees can pick up the gifts from Dec 22-23 Between 8 am - 1 pm and 2 pm - 4:30 pm.  Families will be called when their gifts are ready for pick-up.

For more information, call Dena at 712.755.5206

2016 WCCA Christmas Adoption Application File Size: 110 kb File Type: rtf October 2016 - Owl release Monday at Prairie Rose
HARLAN -- An owl release and hike will take place at Prairie Rose State Park on Monday, Oct. 24 at 6:15 p.m. at the north shelter house (the
one by the north boat ramp).

It will begin with a very short 2/3-mile hike and then release two rehabilitated Great Horned Owls back to the wild. The event is free and the public is encouraged to attend.

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October 2016 - Keast, HCS fundraiser nets ,410
HARLAN -- Keast Auto Center, Harlan Community Schools and members of the local community raised ,410 for HCHS at a recent test drive event, as part of Ford Motor Company’s Drive 4 UR School program.

More than 200 area residents test drove a Ford vehicle at the August 20 event. Ford donated for each test drive, with funds going toward various high school student activities.

“I am more than thrilled that so many people from the local community turned out to support Harlan Community Schools, and I’ve never been more proud to be a Ford dealer. Participants had the chance to take a fun, casual drive in one of our vehicles, while lending our  students and community a much-needed helping hand,” said Steve Keast, Dealer, Keast Auto Center.

Added Mitch Osborn, HCHS Activities Director, “With all of the cutbacks in school budgets, finding creative ways to fund-raise is imperative. The money from Ford will make a difference to our students and it says a lot about who they are as a company. The money raised on Aug. 20 will help our athletic programs, student council, poms and our jazz department.”

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PictureShelby County State Bank employees Stef Kramer, Kevin Campbell and Janet Buman receiving their Top Iowa Workplace award on September 15 in Des Moines. October 2016 - SCSB places 4th in Top Workplaces Iowa Small Business Category
HARLAN - Shelby County State Bank has been awarded a 2016 Top Workplaces honor by the Des Moines Register. The bank placed 4th overall in the Top Small Companies category from entrants throughout
the state of Iowa.

The Top Workplaces lists are based solely on the results of an employee feedback survey administered by WorkplaceDynamics LLC, a leading research firm that specializes in organizational health and workplace
improvement. Several aspects of workplace culture were measured, including alignment, execution, and connection.

The pillars of service and support play out within the bank as well, where CEO Kevin Campbell said employees and leadership work to maintain a sense of family. Employees have each other’s backs, he said, and if someone needs time off to care for a family member, they know they’ll be covered.

“In every business and every relationship, you want to have some level of loyalty...That’s very important. When you consider that topic, loyalty, it can’t be one way. The employers can’t expect the employee to be loyal and just serve, serve, serve without having a little love in return,” Campbell said. 

“This group, they just rally around things and want to make a difference. It’s just the people they are,” Campbell said.

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Inland Sea awarded ,000 from Iowa Farm Bureau Fed.
HARLAN - Inland Sea, a Harlan-based company that intends to farm Atlantic salmon, has earned ,000
for making it to the semi-final round of the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation’s (IFBF) Renew Rural Iowa program.

​Vying for a total prize pool of 5,000 in startup funds, Inland Sea is one of the companies who pitched
business ideas to a team of judges, who have expertise in business development and agribusiness.

The IFBF Challenge saw the potential in Inland Sea. When fully operational, the proposed facility will produce
5.3 million pounds of salmon per year.

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Panama Transfer’s Schmitz completed IMTA leadership class
HARLAN - Josh Schmitz, Panama Transfer, was recently recognized at the Iowa Motor Truck Association’s
annual Management Conference for participating in, and completing, the 2016 Leadership Class program.

The IMTA leadership program has been in place for over 20 years and is the longest running leadership
program within the trucking association network in the nation. Participants had the opportunity to focus on
their professional development by being exposed to legislative processes, public speaking, and meeting key
industry leaders, as well as Governor Branstad.

As a member of the leadership class, Schmitz has taken time off from work during the last year to participate
in various leadership sessions held at the IMTA headquarters. These sessions were set up with presenters
from the industry and panelists from their membership.

“Our leadership class participants are the up and coming individuals in this industry. We are pleased that
Josh was able to provide leadership and insight to our organization through this program and we look forward
to the continued support and involvement of Josh,” said Brenda Neville, president of Iowa Motor Truck Assoc.

​Since 1942, the Iowa Motor Truck Association has been the respected and reliable voice of Iowa’s trucking
industry. Serving more than 700 member companies throughout Iowa, IMTA.

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Walnut Communications, METC merger complete
REGIONAL -- Marne and Elk Horn Telephone Company and Walnut Communications, who announced
their plan to merge in July, have completed the transaction, according to General Manager Janell Hansen.

“We have finalized the paperwork, made the necessary filings and have received the necessary approvals from the FCC, so now we continue on with the best part of the merger – the people, which include all our employees and all our customers,” stated Hansen.

While this merger keeps the brands for both companies, it still allows the company the opportunity to share staff resources, reduce combined operating expenses, and provide customers with the excellent products and services they deserve, according to Hansen.

“Transitions take time to do well and we plan to do this right. I formed a transition team in July and they have been meeting to do all the things you’d expect. Together, we’re continuing to learn about each other’s processes, procedures, vendor relationships and technology platforms. Soon we can decide on how to use our combined resources to best serve customers and make plans for the future,” said Hansen.

“We have great people and we plan to use our collective expertise to benefit customers.”

Both Marne Elk Horn and Walnut Communications have served customers in western Iowa for more than 100 years. Today, each company provides Internet, digital TV, and voice services to residential and business customers in the areas they serve.
The companies serve customers in Avoca, Brayton, Elk Horn, Exira, Kimballton, Marne, Minden, Neola, Persia, Shelby, Underwood and Walnut with Internet, TV and phone. They are in several cellular partnerships in western Iowa, and serve Atlantic with wireless Internet.

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Four candidates on Nov. 8 ballot for extension council
COUNTY -- Voters have the opportunity to elect members of the Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Shelby County Council from a slate of four candidates at the Nov. 8 general election.

“The council members elected this year will be involved in bringing educational opportunities to Shelby County for the next four years,” Mary Taggs, Extension Educator said. ISU Extension and Outreach educational programming is a cooperative effort involving local citizens,
Iowa State University and the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Extension council members are elected at large and all voters in the county are eligible to vote for four candidates.
Candidates on this year’s ballot include:

Kathy Fara of Irwin. Kathy is interested in serving as an Extension Council Member because the Shelby County Extension office is very active with offering youth programs and she wants to be involved with educating children. Fara says she would like to make a difference for Iowans in the future by keeping citizens informed with current rural Iowa issues and keeping in mind the needs of our communities.

Julie Klein of Harlan. Julie states that she has has benefited and utilized many of the Extension resources over the years and has faith in the accuracy and research that goes into the programs provided through ISUEO. After serving one term on the Extension council, Klein realizes the importance of utilizing the funds and resources to the best of our ability. Klein believes in the development of our youth and thinks 4-H and some of the other programs help to make a difference for Iowans future. She also feels that the agriculture industry is a large part of our heritage and current livelihood here in Shelby County.

Michele Monson of Irwin. Michele would like to serve as an Extension Council member because she thinks that ISUEO has many valuable resources and programs to benefit the community. She wants to help bring these valuable resources to the residents of Shelby County. Monson would like to help make a difference for Iowans by promoting participation in valuable programs put forth in Shelby County, such as Ricochet (teen leadership program), babysitting classes with CPR and 1st Aid instruction, pesticide applicator classes, agronomy classes, just to name a few.

Sheila Rihner of Shelby. Sheila is a 2nd term City councilwoman for the city of Shelby. She is familiar with how tax dollars and spending has  to be justified to the citizens of our town, county and state. She knows how to budget, read and prepare financial statements, fundraise
and volunteer. Sheila wants to make a difference for Iowans by her experiences with fundraising and volunteerism, she can work to bring fresh ideas through our youth. Rihner says it is important to think forward to bring our talent to their hometowns through incentives
and competition.

Extension council members whose terms expire this year are Scott Burchett, Harlan; Rowly Burton, Irwin; Julie Klein, Harlan; and Michele Monson, Irwin. Carryover council members whose terms continue through the end of 2018 are: Elaine Baughman, Kirkman; Renee Hansen, Harlan; Lorie Knudsen, Jacksonville; and Ellen Walsh Rosmann, Harlan. 

Successful candidates will take office in January 2017. Extension council members make policy, programming and budget decisions for ISU Extension and Outreach in Shelby County. Elected council members and offices in every county uniquely position ISU Extension and Outreach to move the state forward. Last year more than 1 million people directly benefited from ISU Extension and Outreach programs.
These programs help citizens solve critical issues affecting their lives. ISU Extension and Outreach and county extension councils together are building a strong Iowa.

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Picture October 2016 - Monogram Foods doles out ,000 for Harlan area projects
The Monogram Loves Kids Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Monogram Foods, announced Harlan-area winners for its 2016 Foundation grants. Monogram Foods, which has a location in Harlan, doled out a total of ,000 – in grants ranging from ,000 to ,000 – through its foundation to five area entities, according to a release. Grants were awarded to the City of Dunlap, Harlan Parks Department, Harlan Community Library, Crawford County Hunger Fighters and St. Rose of Lima Catholic School in Denison.
  • Dunlap will rebuild and resurface a public basketball court.
  • The Harlan Parks Department will replace and upgrade the scoreboard on the softball diamond at J.J. Jensen Park.
  • The Harlan Community Library will purchase computers for a new children’s computer lab.
  • Crawford County Hunger Fighters will purchase meals for under-resourced school children to take home on the weekends because there are no school meals available on weekends.
  • St. Rose of Lima Catholic School will purchase a mobile Chromebook cart for students’ use in classrooms for access and exposure to the latest computer technology. Funds for the grants are raised at the Foundation’s annual gala, Meat Me in Memphis, which will be held this year on Oct. 27 in Memphis, Tennessee.

Copyright © 2016 The Daily Nonpareil Assistant News Editor Mike Brownlee can be reached at (712) 325-5732 or by email at September 2016 - Shelby County Women's Conference (SCWC) Scholarship Program
SCWC is offering scholarship(s) for non-traditional students. An undetermined amount will be awarded to winners selected by
the Women's Conference Committee. Please submit your application by January 31st, 2017 to:

Shelby County Women's Conference
c/o Pam Rust
1901 Hawkeye Ave.
Suite #102
Harlan, IA 51537

​ Funds will be awarded by April 1st. 

scwc_scholarship_app.pdf File Size: 108 kb File Type: pdf September 2016 - Portsmouth native Jen Davidson wins Skydiving World Championships
CHICAGO, IL -- Portsmouth native Jen Davidson won gold in female 4-way formation skydiving at the 2016 World Parachuting Championships this month at Skydive Chicago. This marks the first time the United States brought home the world championship title in this event. 

The world championships drew more than 700 skydivers from 38 countries vying for the title of world champion in five different skydiving disciplines.

Jen is the daughter of Randy and Ronda Schaben of Portsmouth, a 2004 graduate of Harlan Community High School and a 2007 graduate of the University of Iowa. Her husband, Matt Davidson, also won a gold medal in 8-way formation skydiving at the same event.
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September 2016 - Thøgersen named new museum director
ELK HORN -- After a comprehensive search that started in the spring of 2015, the board of directors and staff of the Museum of Danish America are announcing the selection of Rasmus Thøgersen as its new executive director.

Thøgersen (pronounced too-er-sen) is from Hellerup, the suburb north of Copenhagen in Denmark. He is presently the director of the Morton-James Public Library in Nebraska City, NE, and completed his bachelor’s degree from The Royal School of Library and Information Science at the University of Copenhagen. He holds a joint master’s degree from the Universities of Oslo, Parma and Tallinn.

Thøgersen will begin his work at the museum on December 1, ahead of the planned retirement of current director Dr. John Mark Nielsen, who has led the museum in the position since 2003. The pair will work together over a two-month period of transition.
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Picture September 2016 - Schultz receives 2016 Award for Conservative Achievement 
REGIONAL - Iowa Sen. Jason Schultz (R-Schleswig) is a recipient of the 2016 Award for Conservative Achievement from the American Conservative Union.

 I am honored my constituents elected me to represent them and be their voice at the Capitol, and am proud to receive this award from the American Conservative Union for my work in the Legislature,” Schultz said. “As we work to move our great state forward, I will continue to
stand for conservative principles in the Iowa Senate.”

The ACU released its 2016 scorecard after researching a range of bills to reflect a member’s adherence to conservative economic, social or cultural principles. Legislators who scored above 80 percent in each state received the awards.​

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Picture September 2016 - Jacobsen recognized as top critical access hospital CEO
Mr. Jacobsen was appointed CEO of Myrtue Medical Center in 2009 after dedicating more than a decade to the hospital. Prior to his current role as hospital CEO, he served as Myrtue’s CFO for 11 years.

“This recognition is really a reflection on all of our staff, doctors, nurses, trustees and auxiliary. Their dedication and commitment to quality patient care, satisfaction, and safety provide our community with exceptional healthcare service,” Jacobsen said. “I am grateful to be a part
of this team and all the tremendous work being performed at Myrtue Medical Center.” 

This is the second year Becker’s Hospital Review has published a version of this list. Jacobsen has been on the list both years. He is one of five Iowa hospital leaders named to the list.

“This recognition is very deserving for Barry and his leadership of Myrtue Medical Center,” said Allan Hjelle, Myrtue Medical Center’s Board of Trustee Chair. “We are extremely pleased with Barry’s administration of the hospital and his ability to lead a highly-trained, caring and talented healthcare team. He is a dedicated leader who is committed to quality healthcare for our community.”

​To learn more and see the complete list of the top “50 Critical Access Hospital CEOs to Know” from .

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Picture September 2016 - Kohost becomes Harlan's new Mayor
Kate Kohorst is the new mayor of Harlan. Officials swore Kohorst into the post Tuesday. She replaces Gene Gettys, who left office to become the new city administrator in Harlan. The term expires in January of 2017. “I’m excited about it,” said Kohorst, who’s practiced probate and real estate law in the Shelby County town since 1981. A Harlan native – she grew up on a farm outside town and graduated from Harlan Community High School – Kohorst said she’s ready to work with Gettys, the City Council and the citizens of Harlan to continue moving the town forward.

According to city officials, Kohorst was chosen after an application process. The position was posted in the local newspaper, with citizens asked to submit something about their interest in writing.

“Gene Gettys was a terrific mayor. When he was offered the city administrator position, I knew things in Harlan would continue to be great. He’s very forward-thinking and works very hard. Those are big shoes to fill,” she said. “We have a terrific city council right now. Everyone is really involved. That’ll make this job really easy.” 

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September 2016 - Portsmouth Fire Department Awarded Grants
PORTSMOUTH -- The Portsmouth Fire Department is the recipient of six new SCBA (self-contained breathing apparatus) received recently. Fire Chief Bill Slaven applied for three grants and received ,000 from the Shelby County Community Foundation to purchase the equipment, for the Portsmouth Volunteer Fire Department. Presently, the fire department has 12 SCBA units that range in age from 15-30 years. The department needed to replace at least eight units to support two groups of four firefighters to enter a burning structure. New SCBA units will benefit the firefighters being more dependable, lighter weight and more efficient.

Each new unit cost approximately ,350. The department is supported by 24 active community volunteers and has 31 past volunteers in the community. The new breathing apparatus are much lighter and will provide efficient oxygen utilization and extend time fighters are available to assist prople and their prperty in the community, surrounding communities and surrounding counties.

Pictured L to R are: Chad Reinig, Chuck Leinen, Bill Slaven, Mike Jurgenson, Craig Rau and Mike Schneider. (Photo contributed)​

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Picture September 2016 - Lt. Gov. Visits Panama Transfer 
Iowa Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds will be in Panama Wednesday, Sept. 21 to visit and tour Panama Transfer.

The event is part of the lieutenant governor’s 99 county tour throughout the state.

September 2016 - Happy 50th Anniversary Iowa Western Community College

September 2016 - Happy 45th Anniversary Concerned, Inc.

August 2016 - Iowa startup company to potentially turn salmon into cash crop
An Ames, Iowa-based firm has plans to develop a salmon production facility in Harlan, bringing 10-15 jobs to the community and producing upwards of 5.3 million pounds of fish annually in its two-acre production plant in the industrial park south of town. Shelby County Chamber of Commerce & Industry Executive Director confirmed this week that Inland Sea hopes to be up & running by spring 2017.

 The company is seeking investors with a net worth of at least million, or an income of 0,000 for each of the past two years, or a 0,000 combined income, if married. Minimum investment is ,000 with additional investor units sold in ,000 increments.


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Picture August 2016 - Taxi Service is available in Harlan by SWITA

60 Years & Up is only .75 one way
Under 60 years is only .25 one way

Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Wheelchair accessible.

Child safety belts available.


August 2016 - Getty's Jr. hired as new Harlan City Administrator
HARLAN – Gene Gettys, Jr. will be the next Harlan city administrator after accepting an offer of employment from the Harlan City Council Friday, Aug. 19.
Gettys currently serves as Harlan mayor, and works at Shelby County State Bank as a financial officer and business development officer.
City officials said contract details currently are being developed, including salary and benefits, and will be released upon finalization.
Gettys’ first day on the job also has yet to be determined.
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Picture August 2016 - Welcome to Shelby County
The new "Welcome to Shelby County" sign is up at the south Hwy 59 location (bottom of the hill from Avoca)!

Area schools' graduation rates among the highest.


August 2016 - Ribbon Cutting Event 
Aug 14th at JayCee Park (swimming pool), 2102 9th Street, 5:30 p.m. for the new playground equipment. Popsicles will be handed out. Courtesy of Hy-Vee. Listen to KNOD 105.3 for weather-related details.


August 2016 - Harlan Fire Department Hydrant Parties!
Saturday August 13th 1 pm - 2 pm @ Gary Scull Dr Harlan west of 7th & Dye St. Free popsicles. Sponsored by Harlan Fire Dept, Do it Best, City of Harlan and Hy-Vee. 

August 2016 - Bauer's Shoes 90th Anniversary - 08/04/2016
Here are some from Bauer's 90th celebration. We would like to thank the Shelby County Cattlemen for cooking the great hamburgers, Shelby County Nicaragua Partners for serving all the food, Jeronimos for having extra seating, Fareway and Hy-Vee. We also would like to thank Marty Burchett and Alan Mores for arranging the wide anniversary event. Jenney and Chris Kelley and Kelly Donlin-Polson for the extra hands. We also would like to thank everyone who came to share their congratulations to Keith Bauer and the store. We thank you for your long time business and support. Thank you all.

August 2016 Shelby County Chamber of Commerce & Industry elects new officers
COUNTY -- Dave Tyrrel will take over the reigns of the chamber following elections at their annual meeting July 19.
Moving up from vice-president, Tyrrel takes over for Brent Scheve who remains on the board as immediate past president.
Shawn Brown was elected vice-president and president elect while Kevin Campbell takes on treasurer duties.

Janelle Hansen and Brown are new members to the board replacing Terry Knapp & EJ Leinen.
Other board members include: Steve Kenkel, Tracee Gettys and Denny Siemers.

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July 2016 - Chamber of Commerce marks 70th Anniversary
Shelby County Chamber of Commerce an Industry marked 70 years on July 20th. About a decade ago the local chamber expanded into the greater area group called Shelby County Chamber of Commerce. In addition, a little over 2 years ago, the area Chamber merged with Shelby County DevelopSource, an economic development arm for the countrywide area, and reorganized as the Shelby County Chamber of Commerce & Industry. They also moved into new quarters at the city-owned building at 1901 Hawkeye Ave. in the Harlan Industrial Park co-located with Iowa Western Community College.

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July 2016 - Shelby County Chamber of Commerce an Industry
Harlan Municipal Utilities of the Director, Todd Valline of the Chamber's 2015-2016 fiscal year.

July 2016 - In Step With Harlan
​Come to Harlan and Celebrate Bauer's Shoes 90th Anniversary.
They have a ton of shoes on sale!
Come join Kieth and friends for a cookout on August 4th from 4 to 7:30 at 1102 6th St.
The City will close down Court St between 5th & 6th St from 3 to 7:30 for the event.


July 2016 - Earn Hallmark Gold Crown Rewards in Harlan now!
Market Street Gifts is now part of the program where you can earn points and use your reward dollars.  And now, just for joining, you can save off your purchase of or more. Look for the coupon in your welcome email once you’ve .

June 2016 - Iowa ranked #9 as Best State for Business
CNBC ranked Iowa #9 overall in its 2016 list of the Best States for Business. Within those rankings, Iowa placed in the top 10 in both cost of doing business (#2) and quality of life (#9).

June 2016 - ThinkSpace IT Ambassador Visit


HARLAN –– The Shelby County Chamber of Commerce and Industry Ambassadors recently held a visitation at ThinkSpace
IT, 919 7th Street in Harlan. ThinkSpace IT offers managed IT services including infrastructure management, including backup
solutions, phone systems and more.

June 2016 - ThinkSpace IT ranked among top managed service providers
HARLAN - ThinkSpace IT, Harlan, ranks among the world’s most progressive 501 Managed Service Providers
(MSPs), according to Penton Technology’s ninth-annual MSP 501 list and study.
The top companies include organizations from around the world, and from diverse technology and business
backgrounds. “We are truly honored to be included in this list among so many other hard working and innovative
MSPs,” said Jessa Erickson, CEO, ThinkSpace IT.
The list is based on data collected by MSPmentor and its partner, Clarity Channel Advisors. It recognizes
top service providers based on metrics including recurring revenue, growth and other factors.

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Picture June 2016 - Relay for life raises 3,000
HARLAN -- Shelby County Relay for Life had a successful event Friday, June 3 in downtown Harlan, raising more than 3,000 for Cancer research.  A number of walkers at the event carry the banner during a survivor’s walk. (Photo by Sarah Muller)

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June 2016 - Shelby County Election results - (asterisk = winners)
Republican Party
Board of Supervisors
  • Loren R. Christensen – 310
  • Steve Kenkel – 540
  • Charles Parkhurst – 478
County Auditor
  • Mark L. Maxwell – 580
County Sheriff
  • Neil Gross – 668
Democratic Party
Board of Supervisors
  • No Candidates
County Auditor
  • Marsha J. Carter – 163
County Sheriff
  • No Candidate
May 2016 -Shelby County Board of Supervisors Candidates' Forum
HARLAN -- Approximately 25 people turned out Monday, May 23 for the Shelby County Chamber of Commerce and Industrysponsored candidates’ forum at Harlan Community High School. Answering questions on everything from the budget to economic development were Republican supervisor candidates Charlie Parkhurst, Steve Kenkel and Loren Christensen (l to r). The three will vie for two open board seats in the June 7 primary election. Watch the Harlan Newspapers next week for a feature story highlighting the candidates’ views on a variety of topics pertinent to the Shelby County Supervisor role. Parkhurst, from Harlan, and Kenkel, from Earling, are incumbents while Christensen, from Elk Horn, is a newcomer seeking office.

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May 2016 - New Study Links Leisure-Time Physical Activity to Reduced Risk for 13 Types of CancerTies between moderate-to-vigorous physical activity and cancer prevention may be much stronger than previously thought: according to a new large-scale study, physically active individuals drop their risk of developing 13 different types of cancer by as much as 20%, including risk reduction for 3 of the 4 most-commonly diagnosed cancers worldwide. Additionally, that preventive tie isn't significantly lessened by a higher Body Mass Index (BMI) or smoking.

May 2016 - Huff 'N' Puffers Schedule
05/29 8AM - Tour de Tivoli, Elk Horn IA - Ride starts at 9 AM. registration fee includes: T-shirt, sag, refreshment stops, meal voucher, and chances to win a prize. (26 or 50 mile loops)

06/08 6:15 PM - Harlan ride to Westphalia. Meet at Pioneer Park in Harlan. Refreshments and Tacos at The Klubhouse.

06/19 7:30 AM - Harlan ride to Airport "Father's Day Ride". Leave Pioneer Park Shelter (or your Home).  Meet at the Harlan Airport around 9:30 AM for the annual "Father's Day Breakfast".

06/27 6:00 PM - Harlan ride to Kirkman. Meet at Pioneer Park in Harlan. Refresh at the Pub in Kirkman. It's 40 cent wing night ... YUMMY.

07/17 7:30 PM - Harlan ride to Prairie Rose. Meet at Pioneer Park in Harlan. Meet at the park around 9: AM for our annual Club Breakfast.  Meet at the Shelter house on TOP of the HILL west of the Park Rangers station. Bring your appetites for delicious food & drinks.

Contact Dan Schumacher, Tour Director, at 712.579.4015 for more information or for additional rides outside of Shelby County. 


May 2016 - Your Shelby County Chamber of Commerce & Industry is now a Blue Zones Worksite®!
With less than a man-month of effort and very little cost your Chamber of Commerce is a designated Blue Zones Worksite® effective May 17, 2016.  In doing so, we have created a template by which a business can easily become designated. Come by and check it out ... especially our indoor herb garden!

May 2016 - Chamber to host candidates' forum
    HARLAN --
The Shelby County Chamber of Commerce and Industry will host a candidates’ forum on Monday, May 23 at 6 p.m. at the Harlan Community High School auditorium.
    On hand will be candidates for Shelby County supervisor -- Steve Kenkel, Charlie Parkhurst and Loren Christensen. All are running on the Republican ticket in the June primary, and only two will move on to the general election in November to fill two open seats.
    Kenkel and Parkhurst are the incumbents.
    Also up for election this year is incumbent Marsha Carter, Democrat, who is being challenged by newcomer Mark Maxwell, Republican. Those two will participate in a forum tentatively planned for October prior to the November general election. Both already will move on from the June primary.
    Neil Gross is a Republican candidate for sheriff and is running unopposed. He is vying for the position currently held by Mark Hervey who has announced his retirement.
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Picture May 2016 - Did You Know?
Four of our Chamber Members are rated 2015's ! And, some are multiple year Workplace winners!  
  • Conductix Wampfler
  • Edward Jones
  • Farm Credit Services of America
  • Shelby County State Bank
To nominate your company for 2016 visit the May 2016 - Myrtue Medical named among top 20 critical access hospitals
For the second year in a row, Myrtue Medical Center has been named one of the 20 highest-ranked Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs) in the country by National Rural Health Association, as scored by iVantage Health Analytics.

“We are honored to be rated in the top 2% of Critical Access Hospitals in the nation and receiving this award two years in a row. Being named a Top 20 Critical Access Hospital means our community can count on us to deliver the quality services they need now and in the future.” said Barry Jacobsen, CEO of Myrtue Medical Center.

Picture May 2016 - Ambassador Visit at the Harlan Library
Amanda Brewer of Denison began her duties as the new director of the Harlan Community Library on April 18.  

“I would like to bring the best practices that have worked in my previous jobs and incorporate them here also. I love the creativity aspect of the library job. I think there are a lot more things we can improve upon especially with the
adult programs at the library,” said Brewer.

​​Since 2002 she has worked as an executive director working with people with disabilities and seniors at WESCO in Denison and ECHO Plus in Spirit Lake. She most recently was the executive director at Swan Place, an assisted
living facility in Carroll.
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May 2016 - Iowa rated top t.
By managing editor for Erin Moriarty-Siler.

Picture May 2016 - The American Legion's "memorial rock" 1 year later
The 16-ton 'rock' was donated by Performance Grading and delivered from the quarry in Logan to Harlan May 14, 2015. 

Using a crane to lift the rock off the huge flatbed truck, the rock was placed with the “flat side” facing the flag pole in the open area just west of the Legion facility at 7th Street and Chatburn Avenue.

I was driving home last week from the Chamber and noticed that the Legion was adding a message to their Memorial Rock ...

Picture May 2016 - Shelby County Trails BIKE / WALK / RUN
The Shelby County Trails Committee will be gathering to bike / walk / run at numerous venues throughout the county in 2016. We invite you to join us to show your support and desire for trails in Shelby County. In the process you’ll get some exercise, good company, the opportunity to sample some refreshments and to learn what needs to be done to make a trail system in our county a reality. Here is the information for our first gathering, please feel free to come early and to stay late:

Date: Thursday, May 26 Time: 6:00 PM Where: Panama, Iowa
Starts: Pauley’s Pub Ends: Norma Jean’s
Final Destination: Bent Rim Fermentation Project (Intersection of Main Street & Highway 191 in Panama)

Runners and Walkers will travel south along Highway 191. Each individual will decide when to turn around and return to Panama.

Bikers will ride south on Highway 191 to Portsmouth. Those riders who want to experience hills will continue to Westphalia via Highway 44, Highway M16 and Highway F32. From Westphalia, riders will return to Panama via Highway F32. Riders who want to stick to the flat roads will return to Panama from Portsmouth on Highway 191.

​For additional information, please contact  or .



May 2016 - Nishnabotna Valley REC honored with Award
 HARLAN -- Nishnabotna Valley Rural Electric Cooperative was recently honored with the Economic Development Impact Award by the Iowa Area Development Group (IADG), for outstanding commitment, contribution, and participation in business development projects and local community initiatives.
Nishnabotna Valley Rural Electric Cooperative (REC) has been instrumental in numerous development projects and initiatives in western Iowa for many years. In recognition of their leadership and support, Nishnabotna Valley REC was presented with an Impact Award for project development. A recent example of their work includes partnering with the USDA REDLG program and providing technical assistance to support an expansion of Monogram Prepared Meats in rural Shelby County. This company expansion included the addition of a production line and the creation of 24 new jobs to the area.
​From left: Don Applegate, Tom Pattee (NVREC Director); Rand Fisher (IADG), NVREC CEO Carmen Hosack, Darrell Stamp, Gene Kenkel, Bryan Greve, and Dale Christiansen (NVREC Directors).
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Monogram Loves Kids Foundation Grant Logo

 April 2016 – HARLAN -- The Monogram Loves Kids Foundation will award 0,000 to charitable organizations that sponsor programs benefiting children and their families in the eight regional areas in which Monogram does business, including Harlan. There is a total of ,000 in grant funds available for charities in the Harlan area, officials said. Charitable organizations interested in applying for these grants, which will range from 0 to ,000, should visit to access the . All applications must be mailed in to the address listed on the application, the Monogram Foods Support Center, by July 29, 2016.

April 2016 - Blue Zones Walking School Bus starts Friday April 29th
Harlan --  It’s time once again for the Walking School Bus. 
   This semester’s bus will begin on Friday, April 29 at the Pine Street shelter house at Pioneer Park. Parents are asked to drop their children
off between 7:20-7:30 a.m.
   The Harlan Community Marching Band will help kick off this year’s Walking School Bus. Water, fruit and granola bars will be provided to all participants, and adult chaperones will walk with the children to school.
   For cancellation in case of inclement weather, check the Blue Zones - Harlan Facebook page at www.facebook. com/HarlanBlueZones, or listen to KNOD radio.
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April 2016 - Chamber of Commerce Members Help Each Other
Shopko Foundation donates to Iowa Community Kitchen
HARLAN -- Manager Chase Sorensen presents Iowa Community Kitchen President Vicki Kuhn with a grant check through the Shopko Foundation Gives Back program, to support the efforts of ICK to improve community health and well-being.
The Shopko Foundation provides donations to support the health of customers, teammates and communities. To achieve its vision, the Shopko Foundation supports community projects. (Photo by Al Hazelton)
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April 2016 - Heroes Of The Heartland
DES MOINES – Harlan’s Barb Jorgensen was honored recently by the American Red Cross for her efforts in alerting a neighbor to a fire in their home last December.
    Jorgensen was one of six individuals recognized by the Red Cross of Central Iowa as 2016 Heroes of the Heartland at ceremonies held Friday, April 8.  They were honored as outstanding citizens who have demonstrated courage, compassion and unselfish character in the eyes of their neighbors and communities.
    On December 28, 2015, Jorgensen went outside to shovel snow when she noticed thick black smoke pouring from her neighbor, Theo Behrens’, front window in north Harlan.  Jorgensen ran to the side of the house, where she knew the bedrooms were located, because she knew that she couldn’t go to the front door.
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April 2016 - Harlan man loses ,500 in scam
HARLAN -- A Harlan man recently lost ,500 in a phone scam that has been preying on the elderly. Harlan Police report that the man was called and requested to send ,000. The call allegedly was from the Department of the Treasury, and requested the funds or a warrant would be issued for his arrest. The man sent ,500 of the ,000 before figuring out it might be a scam. In addition, several older females have been called by an individual requesting money, saying their grandsons were in trouble and needed the funds to get out of jail. Law enforcement is reminding residents to be leery of any such calls, and to contact authorities if you have any questions. Don’t give out any personal information, and don’t send money if contacted in this way.
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Picture of signs alerting residents of fire danger.

April 2016 - Signs in place alerting residents of fire danger
HARLAN -- Shelby County Emergency Management and the Harlan Fire Department recently placed this new sign in Harlan to alert the public of the current fire danger rating. The sign is located across from Hy-Vee near Sorensen Equipment and the Cenex gas station. Similar signs have been placed in communities throughout Shelby County. Harlan Fire Chief Roger Bissen said this sign is in a place where traffic is at its highest in Harlan, achieving maximum visibility for those traveling in town. The fire danger rating system was developed to let residents know when it is and isn’t safe to burn in the county. High winds and dry conditions are of concern this time of year, officials said. (Photo by Alan Mores)
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April 2016 - ?
Consider this: Every minute of every day, staggering amounts of data are being generated as consumers connect to, search for, watch, create, download, and shop for content.
Making sense of what all this data means is critical for the success of your company or brand.
Over 1,572,877 GB of global IP data is transferred, FaceBook users like more than 4.1 million posts, Twitter users tweet more than 347,000 times, Amazon does 3,436 in sales, Pandora streams 31,773 hours of music, Skype has 370,000+ minutes of voice calls on, LinkedIn gets 100+ new accounts and much much more. Intel has a good graphic with references to sources.

April 2016 - Gas pump skimming in SW Iowa
Council Bluffs, Shenandoah & Red Oak have issued a warning about gas pump skimming. Skimming is where a device has been installed in the pump's card reader that records your security information allowing the thief to use your information. These devices are almost impossible to detect. Ask your gas vendor when was the last time the pumps were checked. The safest way to use your card is to pay inside. 

April 2016 - BBB and National Cyber Security Alliance Urge Digital Spring Cleaning
The Better Business Bureau and the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) are encouraging consumers to make digital devices an additional target of their spring cleaning activities. All digital device users can get a fresh start with their online life by keeping their machines clean, purging their online files, enhancing security features and ensuring that their online reputations shine. “Seasonal changes always have an impact on our lives whether it’s the biannual changing of our clocks or swapping our skis for a baseball glove. It has also become the time to declutter and start anew,” said Michael Kaiser, NCSA’s executive director. 

“Our lives have become increasingly connected and, with multiple devices, we accumulate digital clutter that needs attention. That’s why
we’re adding a new spin on spring cleaning that can help you be more secure online, protect valuable, personal information and avoid identity theft.”  By investing a little time each week and performing a series of simple chores, you can dramatically strengthen your security posture. In addition, your digital life will  be more manageable and you  will have peace of mind that you are helping protect your family and the extended online community while enjoying the Internet with greater confidence.” 
This handy four-week checklist from NCSA can be used to help determine what to undertake first. Parents are urged to get the entire family involved as some duties may be better for adults to handle and others are perfectly suited for children.
Week 1: Keep Clean Machines - free from malware and infections.   Also, keep all critical software current: Having all software current is one of the best security measures you can take. This includes security software, web browsers, document readers, operating systems and any other software you use regularly.
Week 2: Make Sure You’re Secure. Secure your router: Make sure your router has a strong password and does not broadcast who you are through its name. Use longer passwords and those that combine capital and lowercase letters with numbers and symbols to provide better protection. Have separate passwords at least for key accounts like email, banking and social networking helps to thwart cyber-criminals. Write it down and keep it safe.
Week 3: Digital File Purge and Protection. Tend to your digital records, PCs, phones and any device with storage just as you do for paper files. Clean up your email: Save only those emails you really need. Your inbox is likely stuffed with lots of outdated materials. Delete or archive what you don’t need and be sure to empty your deleted mail folders.
Week 4: Clean Up Your Online Reputation. Own your online presence: Review the privacy and security settings on websites you use to be sure that they remain set to your comfort level for sharing. It’s OK to limit with whom you share information. Clean up your social media presence: Delete old photos and comments that are embarrassing or no longer represent who you are.  Review your personal information and update it where needed. For more consumer tips on digital safety, check out the National Cyber Security Alliance at .

Businesses can do a cyber safety check-up with BBB’s “5 Steps to Better Business Cybersecurity” at .

Picture of Harlan Fire Department receiving Fire Department of the Year from Iowa Fire Association.

April 2016 - IFA Honors Harlan Fire Department
HARLAN – The Harlan Fire Department has been named Fire Department of the Year by the Iowa Fire Association (IFA).    The presentation of a plaque in the department’s honor was made at the Harlan City Council meeting this week.    Nominated by Atlantic Fire Chief Mark McNees, the Harlan department  was honored for being well respected, well trained and a great example of Iowa’s fire service. Harlan Mayor Gene Gettys (left) and City Councilman Mike Kolbe (right) with fire department representative Bruce Blum. (Photo by Kim Wegener).

March 2016 - Similar to the BBB warning of a CEO scam earlier this month this one hits Mattel for million in China
WENZHOU, China (AP) – The email seemed unremarkable: a routine request by Mattel Inc.’s chief executive for a new vendor payment to China. It was well-timed, arriving on Thursday, April 30, during a tumultuous period for the Los-Angeles based maker of Barbie dolls. Barbie was bombing, particularly overseas, and the CEO, Christopher Sinclair, had officially taken over only that month. Mattel had fired his predecessor.
The finance executive who got the note was naturally eager to please her new boss. She double-checked protocol. Fund transfers required approval from two high-ranking managers. She qualified and so did the CEO, according to a person familiar with the investigation who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak about the matter. He declined to reveal the finance executive’s name. Satisfied, the executive wired over million to the Bank of Wenzhou, in China. Hours later, she mentioned the payment to Sinclair. But he hadn’t made any such request. 
See the Daily Nonpariel for the .

March 2016 - Myrtue PT recognized with 2016 Clinical Site of Excellence Award

Picture of Myrtue Medical Center's Physical Therapy receiving 2016 Clinical Site of Excellence award from Creighton University. HARLAN – Myrtue Medical Center’s Physicial Therapy Department announced its recognition of exceptional support and participation in the clinical education of Creighton University Doctor of Physical Therapy students. Myrtue Medical Center, Physical Therapy, has been selected as a recipient of the 2016 Clinical Site of Excellence Award.

“Our entire staff is committed to providing an outstanding experience for all students, coming from several universities. Students are impressed with the breadth and expertise offered not only in our rehab department but throughout Myrtue Medical Center,” commented Steve Finn, Director of Rehabilitation Department.

The Clinical Site of Excellence Award is designed to recognize truly exemplary sites with which Creighton University has a clinical affiliation. Criteria for selection include: excellence in clinical teaching, ongoing dedication to clinical instructor education and practice, and positive student evaluation of clinical learning experiences. Creighton University Department of Physicial Therapy has more than 400 clinical affiliations.

Myrtue Medical Center, Physical Therapy, is one of two sites that have been selected to receive the Site of Excellence Award for 2016
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March 2016 - Police, businesses keep their eyes out for fake bills
Almost every week, officers with the Council Bluffs Police Department file away another failed attempt at counterfeiting into evidence. And if someone asks them who’s to thank for getting the fake money out of circulation, officers will say – clerks and cashiers. So far in 2016, there have been 46 cases of someone trying to use counterfeit money to purchase an item. 

According to, the U.S. Treasury has gone to great lengths to stop counterfeiters. The bill now includes color-shifting ink, portrait watermarks, security thread, raised printing and microprinting. Even with all of the added security features, Council Bluffs Police Sgt. Chad Meyers said it’s the bill’s texture that normally gets counterfeiters caught. 

​While it’s still early in 2016, Council Bluffs remains on track to have more than 230 counterfeit cases this year, which would be the most since 2013, when there were 285. In 2014 (175 cases) and 2015 (119) the numbers dropped significantly.

To determine counterfeit money check .

March 2016 - mikeroweWORKS Foundation’s Work Ethic Scholarship Program
Announcing another pile of free money available for an education to learn a skilled trade.  This program rewards people with a passion to get trained for a skill that is in demand.
The program officially opened on March 15, 2016, and they’re accepting applications until May 15, 2016. Anyone with a pulse, and a desire to get trained for a job that actually exists, is officially invited to apply.
As with any program, there are some hoops to jump through.  The full list of requirements can be found at , but here are a few other hoops you will need to jump through that set them apart from other programs at the .

March 2016 - Myrtue Medical Center Receives Grand Prize in Healthcare Safety

Picture of Mrytue Medical Centure receiving the 2016 Iowa Healthcare Collaborative (IHC) Patient Safety award.

The 2016 Iowa Healthcare Collaborative (IHC) Patient Safety Awards were recently announced and will be featured at the statewide Patient Safety Conference.
    This award is presented to healthcare providers and/or healthcare organizations who have demonstrated outstanding leadership and achievement in patient safety. The Patient Safety Award aims to raise the standard of healthcare in Iowa by promoting a culture of continuous improvement in quality, safety, and value.
    This award honors patient safety champions that support the following initiatives: improve patient safety; reduce the risk of harm; and keep patients at the center of care.
    The passionate team developed a multi-angle approach to safety. Interventions ranged from simple changes, such as updating labeling on medications to Tallman lettering, to more involved changes, like a new high-alert medications monitoring system integrated into electronic documentation. Myrtue Medical Center amended the medication administration policy by requiring documentation of practitioners’ notification date and time in the medical record; a tubing misconnection prevention labeling system; and reevaluation of “rights,” which were posted on the floors. Through these outstanding interventions and implementation by healthcare providers, the number of medication errors reaching patients were reduced by 84 percent in eight months from November 14, 2014, to July 15, 2015.
    “We’re very proud of the work being done in Iowa,” said Dr. Tom Evans, President and CEO of IHC. “Patient safety is about eliminating unintended consequences of medical care. This award allows us to highlight some of the best efforts in our state as we work toward our vision of delivering the most effective and efficient healthcare in the nation.”
    Pictured receiving the award from a representative are L to R -- Ann Buman, Jenny Lefeber, Karen Buman, Amy Goetzinger, and Nancy Gau. (Photo contributed)
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HARLAN -- On March 11, 2016 the Harlan Lions Club presented the Veterans Memorial Auditorium the Iowa Lions Foundation - Warren
Coleman Honorary Award. The Harlan Lions Club Mobile Food Pantry site has been hosted by the auditorium for the past three years and the award is given in appreciation of their efforts and concerns for the welfare of those in need. The Coleman award is the highest eecognition given by the Foundation for organizations that support humanitarian efforts in conjunction with Lionism in the state of Iowa. Verne Nelson and Christine Petersen from the Harlan Lions Club presented the award to Veterans Memorial Auditorium Commission President Mickey Williams.
Pictured from left to right: Commission Member Robert Mahoney, City Council Liaison Dave Pedersen, Lions Club Members Christine Petersen and Verne Nelson, Commission President Mickey Williams, Auditorium Assistant Manager Kelli Miller, Auditorium Manager Tim Miller, Commission Members Chuck Buhman and Gene Cavenaugh. Commission Member not pictured Tom Walker. (Photo contributed)
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March 2016 - DES MOINES -- Members of the Girl Scout Junior and Cadette Troop 350 from Harlan toured the historic office of Secretary of State Paul Pate at the Iowa state capitol on March 15.

Picture of Girl Scout Junior & Cadette Troop 350 from Harlan AT Secretary of State Paul Pate's capital office.

They were provided an informational tour of the office by Secretary Paul Pate’s staff, which
included examining the original handwritten Iowa Constitution, exploring the capitol’s three-story
vault and learning about the rich architectural history of the Iowa Secretary of State’s capitol
From left: Amanda Riley, service unit leader; Nicole Stephens, Raven Spahn, Megan
Klein, Mackenzie Livingston, Madison Horn, Catherine Pethoud, Melody Stephens, leader; Sophie
Thomas, Kaylee Tanuis, Shannon Pethoud, leader; Nathalia Magana, Haley Briggs and Jaedyn Robinson. “Iowa has one of the most impressive state capitols in the country,” said Secretary Pate. “It is a historical treasure all Iowans should visit.” The secretary’s capitol office is open for public tours weekdays from 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., separate from or in conjunction with a state capitol tour. Visit for more information. (Photo contributed)

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March 2016 -  Iowa Workforce Development (IWD) identifies employee needs
IWD listed Region 13 workforce needs, which includes Shelby County, in priority order as:
  1. Nursing and Residential Care Facilities
  2. Ambulatory Health Care Services
  3. Self Employed Workers
  4. Educational Services
  5. Administrative and Support Services
  6. Accommodation
  7. Social Assistance
  8. Hospitals
  9. Specialty Trade Contractors
  10. Food manufacturing 

A survey sent to 500 businesses in Southwest Iowa and Omaha Nebraska resulted in the following:
  • A lack of job related experience was the most commonly identified (59.3%) shortfall followed by  insufficient interpersonal/communication skills (38.7%). Technical (36%) and production jobs (34.7%) are the hardest to fill.
  • The top 3 deficits in incumbent workers are  poor work ethic (i.e., poor attendance and punctuality at 64.0%), a lack of acceptable workplace behavior (37.3%), and insufficient interpersonal/communication skills (31.3% ).
  • A lack of digital (computer) literacy was the most often cited (18.9%) specific work skill needed by incumbent workers. 
The plan includes soft skills requirements as well. Comments are accepted through April 10th on the regional plan at Picture of Harlan receiving the 2015 Concrete Paving Awards for the Blue Zones Pioneer Park project. March 2016 - Blue Zones Pioneer Park Project receives Award.
ALTOONA - On January 28, the 2015 Concrete Paving Awards were presented at the Iowa Concrete Paving Association’s 52nd annual Concrete Paving Workshop.
In determining the winners of Iowa’s most prestigious paving awards, the association and Iowa Dept. of Transportation jointly evaluated nominees on smoothness, quality control, general appearance and workmanship, contractor management, safety, and project complexity.
Receiving the awards in the Recreational Trails Category for Harlan’s Pioneer Park project were L to R -- a representative from contractor Howrey Construction, Inc., Rockwell City; Joseph Rueschenberg, Sundquist Engineering, P.C.; and Harlan City Administrator Terry Cox. Also honored was Stowe Red-E-Mix, Harlan.

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March 2016 - ELM CREST receives 4-STAR Quality rating from
American Baptist Homes of the Midwest (ABHM), parent company of Elm Crest Senior Living Community, congratulates Elm Crest’s Health Center on being awarded a 4-Star rating by the Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services ( The 4-Star rating is awarded only after a community is considered overall above average considering staffing levels, quality measures and health inspection. Tim O’Brien, ABHM’s V.P. of Quality Services, states “achieving this level of excellence clearly illustrates Elm Crest’s dedication and commitment to delivering superior service to residents in the Harlan area.”

March 2016 - This weeks .

March 2016 - BBB warns businesses of a new phishing attack
The Better Business Bureau serving southwest Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota and the Kansas plains is warning businesses that there has been a rising wave of a specialized form of phishing attacks known as “CEO Fraud.”
The latest version appears as an “Urgent Request for W-2 Forms” from the CEO of the company, and it is sent to someone in the business’s accounting or human resources department.

March 2016 - Shelby County Scholarship Deadline is March 31st
The Shelby County Community Foundation Board reminds students that the application deadline for a number of scholarships is March 31st.  Scholarship applications are available from the High School guidance counselor.

March 2016 - Exira/EHK Seniors: Scholarship Application Deadline Is March 31st
The Audubon County Community Foundation reminds students that the deadline for submitting applications for the Exira Lions Club/Harold and Beverly Ann Godwin Endowed Scholarship is March 31st. Scholarship applications are available from the school guidance counselor.

March 2016 - Southwest Iowa Scholarship Application deadline is March 31st
The Community Foundations of Southwest Iowa remind students that the application deadline for the Caughell (caw-hill)-Isaac Endowed Scholarship and the Ryan Nash Endowed Memorial Scholarship is March 31st.  Scholarship applications are available from the school guidance counselor.

March 2016 - Monogram Prepared Meats plan expansion.
Monogram prepared Meats has announced expansion plans in Harlan that Includes million in new equipment, new transportation efforts and wage increases designed to attract additional employees needed at the plant. Monogram Foods is one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of company-owned and licensed brands, co-packed and private label value-added processed meats and appetizers.  They are a division of Monogram Foods located in Harlan.  The million dollars will primarily be spent on starting a new line.   Four million is for the new line and then they are adding an additional .7 million in equipment and a new slicer for the bacon.  Of course the additional bacon processing line will require additional employees and the company is hiring now.  Monogram has also added a transportation system.   The company currently is running busses to Denison and picking up employees for each of its two shifts at the plant.  The company also has announced a series of wage increases for general production team members as part of the plant’s expansion plan.  Hourly pay for entry level workers has been raised from to per hour with benefits.  Interested job candidates can stop by the plant at 1231 870th St in Harlan any day from 8 to 5 or visit their website at .
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Picture of the Friends of the Stone Arch Trail's flower mound renovation project under the Agricultural Symbol Sculpture.

February 2016 - Friends of Stone Arch Trail
Friends of Stone Arch Trail completed one major project in 2015, renovation of the flower mound under the Agri-Symbol Sculpture.  Plants in this mound had become unsightly and overrun with undesirable plants that were hard to manage.  The friends group decided it needed a fresh start with a new look and design that made the flower mound easier to maintain.  Tremel Nursery, under the direction of Friends Group members, was contracted to come up with a design of a large planter to replace the earthen mound.  Installed this past summer, the new planter features a decorative stone wall surrounding a soil mound covered with river rock.  Several new annual plants were added along with a drip irrigation system.  The new stone planter was built at a comfortable sitting height and offers park visitors excellent photographic opportunities.  A river rock bed surrounding the new flowering plants, in addition to the drip irrigation system, makes the maintenance much easier for volunteers.  It was a welcome beatification for the Agri-Symbol Park.​

February 2016 - SCCCI Presents Awards
HARLAN - The Shelby County Historical Society and Beauty N the Beast were award winners at the Shelby County Chamber of Commerce and Industry's annual awards banquet held last Friday in Harlan. The Historical Society was honored as non-profit of the year, while Beauty N the Beast was honored as business of the year and new business of the year. The two joined Stan Jens, who was named citizen/volunteer  of the year, as award recipients at the event, held at the C.G. Therkildsen Center. The citizen/volunteer of the year and non-profit of the year award nominees were submitted by Shelby County residents. Jens and the historical society were both overwhelming nominees for the award. The new business of the year and business of the year awards were voted on by chamber members through a survey. Beauty N the Beast received 84 percent of the 169 votes cast for new business of the year, and 78 percent of the 170 votes cast for business of the year. 

Picture of Elk Horn's Mayor Stan Jens and his wiffe Michelle receiving the 2015 Shelby County Citizen/Volunteer of the year award.Photo courtesy of the Harlan Tribune - Lori Christensen February 2016 - Jens honored as Citizen/Volunteer of the Year
HARLAN – Elk Horn’s Stan Jens was honored as the Shelby County Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s citizen of the year Friday night, Feb. 19 at the group’s annual banquet.
Approximately 100 turned out Friday to honor Jens, the mayor of Elk Horn, and other award winners at the event. The Shelby County Historical Society and Museum was named non-profit of the year, and Beauty N the Beast took awards for new business of the year and business of the year. (see Friday’s NA for details about those award winners)
Those nominating Jens for citizen of the year pointed to his community service, having served as mayor of Elk Horn for a number of years. “He has been a great leader for the community, promoting Elk Horn everywhere he goes,” they said.

Jens participated in the Elk Horn documentary filmed here by a Denmark crew back in 2013. “He traveled to Denmark for the premier of the movie, and took every opportunity to promote Elk Horn, including working with a school class to develop an international relationship with the class, trading information about Elk Horn and Denmark,” nominators said. Nominators also point to Jens’ efforts to get young people involved in Elk Horn, and have pride in the community. young people moved back to the community, Jens is credited getting them excited about with events and being committees for Tivoli Fest, Julefest and other fundraisers. 

Jens volunteers for those local fundraisers, and has been instrumental in helping the city improve its infrastructure including building a new fire station, making improvements to the library, and developing a plan for a new fitness center in the old fire station, which is currently
under renovation.

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Picture of Beauty N' the Beast receiving the both 2015 Shelby County new business of the year and business of the year.Photo by Lori Christensen

Beauty N the Beast 
In 2015, Don and Amy Buboltz opened their new place of business, Beauty N the Beast, in Harlan. Anyone who walks into Beauty N the Beast for the first time immediately recognizes that this is not your standard pet groomer. When you walk through the door, you enter a creation of unique atmosphere, beyond imagination customer service, and a true gem of Shelby County. In addition to full spa treatment and grooming salon options for the family pet, Beauty N the Beast offers multiple retail choices of hand crafted jewelry, stained-glass creations, essential oils, the latest edition of aquatic fish supplies, and so much more. And it's all set in one of the most unique retail environments in the state of Iowa for young and old alike. Beauty N the Beast hosts events as well, setting up a unique and magical Haunted House experience as part of the Harvest Festival, partici- pating on community boards, etc. "We are truly blessed to have them join us in Shelby County¼.and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts for all they have done and all they will do for the Shelby County community," said Todd Valline, SCCCI executive director.
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PicturePhoto by Lori Christensen

Historical Society
The Shelby County Historical Society has shown a resurgent in recent years, retaining a wide collection ranging from prehistoric, to items from the first settlers back in the mid 1800s. There are two historical cabins on the property from the 1850s that give visitors a detailed look and appreciation for the life of an Iowa pioneer. Recently, the museum completed construction of a storage and preservation facility allowing the group to care for historical artifacts in a controlled environment. The society also is in the process of digitizing county newspapers dating back to the 1870s, and it houses the genealogy research center that provides visitors an environment with more than 2,500 historical books. The board of directors consistently updates and catalogs the museum, and highlights the importance of history through newspaper articles, newsletters, social media, individual visits, school tours and free programs, culminating with the annual Log Cabin Day each June. Accepting the award on behalf of the Shelby County Historical Society are L to R -- Nate Buman, manager; board secretary Kathy Goede and board president Jeff Buman.
The Shelby County Historical Society was recently named one of the top 10 historical villages in Iowa.
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February 2016 - Don't Worry Be Happy!
Harlan residents are among the happiest in the state, according to a new study published this year, and based on the community’s economy, crime factors and even weather according to . Using FBI crime data, the government census, Bureau of Labor Statistics,
Sperling’s Best Places, and Twitter, the website looked at the state’s 50 largest cities. Among the criteria used were percentage of residents with a college degree, average commute time, employment rates, cost of living, crime, sunny days, percentage of married couples and percentage of homeowners. 

Officials with the website crunched the numbers on the best and worst states to live in America, and Iowa was second, right behind Nebraska. Harlan ranked sixth overall in Iowa.

Picture of Angela Jacobson-Stein receiving the 2015 honor of February 2016 - Stein recognized for work at Iowa Farm Bureau mtg.
REGIONAL - Four agents who signed the most new members during Farm Bureau’s annual membership drive were recognized during the Iowa Farm Bureau’s annual meeting at the Community Choice Credit Union Convention Center in Des Moines Dec. 2, 2015. Among those was Angela Stein of Shelby County, who received the honor of “agent topper.” She is seen here receiving her award from Farm Bureau President Craig Hill (right) and Joe Johnson.

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February 2016 - Enhance Iowa website helps connect job-seekers to training
A million investment in Iowa’s workforce by the U.S. Department of Labor has a lot of ripple effects for those seeking jobs in the state through Iowa’s community colleges. Among the latest developments from the Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training grant is a new website for , which shows pathways for Iowans to become connected to in-demand career fields. “It’s an innovative plan developed by Iowa’s community colleges to train thousands of workers in high-demand industries that are in need of skilled employees,” according to a press release. Enhance Iowa focuses on education and training tailored to jobs, fields and careers that are in high demand, pay well and have jobs near where Iowans live. The release described it as “a win for individuals, families, businesses and communities.” At , job-seekers – whether they are unemployed, underemployed, veterans or anyone else – can explore those job-demand jobs in their area, find training opportunities at a nearby community college and pursue those new opportunities.

Picture January 2016 - Harlan Municipal Utilities marked its 125th anniversary.

This week is special in itself, as January 20, 2016 marks the 125th anniversary of what would later become the Harlan Municipal Utilities (HMU). On that date in 1891, Harlan residents voted to establish city owned light plant and water works.

The history of municipal electric and water service in Harlan is a long and interesting one,” said Doug Hammer, Director of Marketing and Stakeholder Relations for HMU."

January 2016 - The Iowa Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program

Eligible women in Iowa have access to the  Program.
You may enroll for services if you:

  • Are between the ages 40-64 years of age;
  • Are 65 years old or older and have not enrolled in Medicare Part B;
  • Under 40 years old and have a breast lump or other signs of breast cancer; and
  • Meet the certain income guidelines 
Visit Iowa Department of Public Health's for complete information.
January 2016 - Shelby County Chamber of Commerce & Industry Award Banquet on February 19th, 2016

​Come one - come all for an evening of food, fun, entertainment, and recognition of some of Shelby County's finest.

Cocktails and the silent auction start at 5:30 PM, dinner will be served at 6:00 PM, entertainment at 7:00 PM, and awards at 8:00 PM.

This year, the event will feature live entertainment.  Comedian Jeff Caudill has been in over a dozen TV commercials and most recently was on NBC's Television Series Chicago PD.  Jeff has a Top Rated Comedy Album available on iTunes and Amazon.  He has been featured in comedy clubs, theatres, nightclubs, casinos, resorts, corporation events, foundation events, competitions, and festivals across the country for the past 10 years.

Check out  for some teasers! 

More to come ...

January 2016 - Our Historical Museum made In Iowa list.
It’s not very often that you get to experience what life was like over 150 years ago, but here in Iowa, we are lucky enough to have several historical villages where life at the time of the first settlers has been preserved and recreated for our enjoyment. Next time you feel like taking a trip into the past, check out one of these 10 historical villages in Iowa.

January 2016 - Worth repeating! - Social scene, retirement activities among the best, surveys say
HARLAN – Considering an Iowa retirement soon? Already live in Harlan? Well, you’re in luck…according to some “experts,” this is the place to be in your senior years if you live in Iowa.  Eleventh in the country ... 1st in the state. Read the full Harlan Tribune article:

Harlan News Front Page Jan 12 2016 File Size: 1250 kb File Type: pdf Harlan News Continued Jan 12 2016 File Size: 643 kb File Type: pdf

January 2016 - Shelby County Community Foundation announced approximately 8,000 in grant funds are available for local nonprofit organizations and that applications are due no later than February 1, 2016.  Applications will only be accepted . For any questions contact Dennis Nissen () at 800 794-3458 or Denise Cardos ().

December 2015 - 
Vibrant small towns and idyllic views of rural Iowa define the Western Skies Scenic Byway, stretching 142-miles-long through Harrison, Shelby, Audubon and Guthrie counties in west-central Iowa.

“One big part of the uniqueness of this area is its heritage in innovative agriculture,” said Brenda Windmuller, project coordinator at Golden Hills Resource Conservation and Development, who coordinates the Western Skies Scenic Byway. “The roots run really deep here.”

Local foods featured are by , , and . 

December 2015 - WCCA's Annual Christmas Adoption program has grown to 146 families
West Central Community Action is accepting gifts by December 21st from 8 am to 4:30 pm. Adoptees can pick up the gifts from Dec 21-23.  Families will be called when their gifts are ready for pick-up.

December 2015 - Fiscal Year 2016 Legislative Coffee
Representative Steve Holt (R) & Senator Jason Schultz (R) conducted a pre-session legislative coffee at Harlan's Milk & Honey restaurant to discuss upcoming session topics.  Rep. Holt presented the State Budget Update ... "Built in spending increases are going to be far more than what the revenue is." "This is bad; it's going in the wrong direction." Schultz said. Though Iowa's economy is slowing we have been in worse shape in the past and recovered. Sen. Schultz and Rep. Holt both pointed out that while other costs have increased, such as Medicaid, it is clear that State Aid for schools has been protected by the legislature. The challenge this year will be to produce a balanced and sustainable state budget.

State Budget Update File Size: 612 kb File Type: pdf

Other topics discussed included the consumables tax, smaller/smarter government, planned parenthood, ObamaCare & reform entitlement.
Legislative Coffees are held every every 3rd Saturday of the month and are open to the general public so please join us. Watch the Chamber's events calendar for the location.

November 2015 -  Harlan, Iowa rated #11 in the US for a fun place to retire!
 See for details. But, what this really shouts out is we are #1 in Iowa! 

Picture of Variety Distributors, Inc receiving an Energy Efficiency from Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities (IAMU). November 2015 -  VDI receives state award for Energy Efficiency 
Variety Distributors, INC (VDI) of Harlan received an award from the Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities (IAMU) for energy efficiency measures taken over the last year. 
Nominated by Harlan Municipal Utilities (HMU) for an extensive lighting retrofit project, VDI was one of five recipients of an award presented at the annual IAMU Energy Conference held November 4th and 5th in Des Moines. 

In early 2015, VDI completed a complete facility lighting retrofit replacing 799 T-12 florescent bulbs with LED strip lighting. The retrofit saved about 20,000 watts and about 62,500 kWh annually. “Lighting retrofits, especially of this size and scope, go right to the bottom line of the business by decreasing energy, and therefore, operating cost.” Stated Doug Hammer, Director of Marketing and Stakeholder Relations at HMU. “When you compare VDIs electric use before and after the retrofit, you can see the decrease. The retrofit really made a difference.” 

VDI is a full line merchandise distributor serving over 1,000 independent retailers nationwide via a 200,000+ square foot warehouse and administrative facility in Harlan, Iowa.   

​Pictured Left to Right accepting the award for VDI: Don Lantz, General Manager, VDI; Brett Anderson, Customer Service Manager; VDI and Doug Hammer, Director of Marketing, HMU. 

October 2015 - Norman Jean's Wins International Beer Festival Appetizer Contest
PANAMA -  Norma Jean's First Place Winners of the Appetizer Competition at the Chamber's Inaugural International Beer Festival 2015. Congratulations Ladies. Excellent Job!
From left to right: Todd Valline from the Chamber and from Norma Jeans is Norma Jean, Denise Assmann, Jean Croghan, Susy Wingert, and Breanna Croghan. 

A big thanks to all the other participants: Milk & Honey, Sandwich Bowl, Potter House Bed & Breakfast, Jeronimo's, and Village Café.

September 2015 - Monogram Loves Kids Foundation makes donations
HARLAN -- Monogram Loves Kids Foundation, the fundraising arm of Monogram Foods, has announced the winners for 2015 foundation grants. The total amount awarded is 5,000 with individual grants ranging from ,000 to ,000.

Local awards went to:
 - Crawford County Hunger Fighter - ,500
 - AYSO Region 750 - ,500
 - Harlan Parks - ,500
 - Harlan Little League - ,500
 - Harlan Community School District - ,000
 - Iowa Community Kitchen - ,000

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September 2015 - City of Harlan seeks grant for outdoor movie screen
HARLAN -- Public support is needed through resident voting for a project that, if funded, will pay for a movie screen that can be utilized in the community. The Movie in the Park project is a team effort between the city and Harlan Community Schools. The groups are seeking a ,900 grant from The Wellmark Foundation, to purchase a movie screen that would allow for the playing of movies at Pioneer Park or within the schools. In August, City officials said public support is needed to be successful in the grant process. Residents are being asked to for the Harlan project online through October 7. 
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Picture of Shelby County Community Outreach receiving a ,500 from the Modern Woodmen of America Camp #8258 in support of the matching funds for their food booth at the Shelby County - county fair.

COUNTY -- Modern Woodmen of America (MWA) Camp #8258 recently teamed with Shelby County Community Outreach (SCCO) to raise funds for the local, non-profit, faith based organization.  A matching funds project was made possible during SCCO’s food booth at the 2015 Shelby County Fair.  The project offers Modern Woodmen camp members the chance to show their support of this community cause.  Modern Woodmen matched ,500 of the money raised at the food booth.  Through these types of fund raising projects, MWA is able to contribute more than ,800,000 to community needs nationwide each year. Modern Woodmen of America officials said they are pleased to have partnered with the Shelby County Community Outreach in this worthy cause.  Funds will be used toward repair or replacement of equipment. Pictured are (l-r) Modern Woodmen Financial Representative Larry Haas, SCCO Office Manager Marian Greer-Stokes, and SCCO Executive Director Ron French.  (Photo contributed) 
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Picture of the City of Harlan receipt of the Shining Bright Award from the Southwest Iowa Planning Council’s (SWIPCO) 40th anniversary celebration.

September 2015 - Harlan presented with SWIPCO’s Shining Bright Award at 40th anniversary event
HARLAN -- The City of Harlan was presented with the Shining Bright Award from the Southwest Iowa Planning Council’s (SWIPCO) 40th anniversary celebration held in Harlan Thursday, Sept. 17. The award is presented for community development efforts:  housing stock assessment and improvements, assisting businesses in building improvements, and updating the city’s comprehensive plan. Pictured with the award are L to R -- Mike Kolbe, SWIPCO Policy Council Chairperson and Harlan City Councilperson; John McCurdy, executive director, SWIPCO; Harlan Mayor Gene Gettys, Jr.; Harlan City Administrator Terry Cox; and Terry Arentson, SWIPCO Policy Councilmember.  
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September 2015 - Chamber Members named Top Iowa Workplace
Shelby County State Bank and Conductix-Wampler have been awarded the 2015 Top Workplaces honor by the Des Moines Register. SCSB placed 10th overall in the Top Small Companies category throughout the state of Iowa. Conductix-Wampfler ranked 72 out of the top 150 companies who were recognized in the end. This recognition comes straight from feedback received by their employees.

“This award is important to us because we pride ourselves on our family, service, and community work culture,” said Kevin Campbell, SCSB President & CEO.

“It was truly an honor to be recognized as a Top Workplace and even more rewarding knowing our people take pride in being part of this organization” said Lon Miller, CEO of Conductix-Wampfler when he was notified about the award recognition. 

September 2015 - County gets first Pro-life sign SHELBY COUNTY 
Shelby County gets it’s first Pro-life sign located two miles south of Panama.  It was erected by the Knights of Columbus Council 1741 on Sunday September 6, 2015.  This project was in planning for several years and came together when a local contractor donated the lumber, a Carroll County pro-life group donated the sign, and members of the Council donated the labor keeping the cost minimal.  The sign is located two miles south of Panama.  Members pictured Left to right are:  Zach Wingert, Jeremy Kruse, Glen Wingert, Jerry Keane, Paul Zimmerman, Paul Wingert, Larry Klein, and Stephen Zimmerman. (Photo contributed - Harlan Tribune 9/18/15) 
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September 2015 - HMU warns community about Water Line Insurance
Some Harlan Municipal Utilities customers are receiving a letter offering insurance on water service lines. Customers are calling HMU with questions about the letter.

In some communities, the homeowner is responsible for the water service line. In Harlan, the homeowner is not responsible for the water service line. 

The HMU owns and is responsible for the entire water service line before the water meter. If there would be a leak or damage to the water line, HMU would be responsible for the repair or replacement of the water line. Typically, HMU would cover all expenses for the replacement or repair of a water service line and not the homeowner.

HMU customers are responsible for water lines after the meter. If you have any questions regarding insurance coverage of water lines after the meter, we encourage you to talk with your insurance agent.

If you have any questions regarding your water service or metering, please call HMU art 755-5182.

Picture of a silouette of a cyclist. September 2015 - Iowa communities vie for
Harlan applies for seventh time. Todd Valline, director of the Shelby County Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said the city applies every year.

“It’s a fantastic event. It really helps us introduce Shelby County to people from all over not just the state but the world,” Valline said.

“It’s an economic boost every year we host it. We wish we could every year.”

Picture of chamber member Fox Legal Support Service's Ambassador visit.

August 2015 - Chamber ambassadors visit Fox Legal Support Service, LLC
The Shelby County Chamber of Commerce and Industry Ambassadors recently held a visit to welcome Ken Fox of Fox Legal Support Service, LLC. The new business is located at 1120 Morningview Drive, Harlan, west of Vet’s Auditorium. They are licensed, insured and bonded private investigators in the State of Iowa and also offer process service, document retrieval and courier services for legal documents.
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August 2015 - Jammin' Jonny Klein
Knicely Done: 100 year old Harmonica player from Harlan Iowa  Friday nights at the Corn Crib in Shelby, IA.

August 2015 - Chamber numbers grow by 177%
Shelby County Chamber of Commerce & Industry grows from 45 to 124 and revenues grew 132% to 2,150.  Chamber Executive Director Todd Valline said actual revenue was 9.5% over the fiscal year 2014-2015 projections while operating expenses were 9.3% under projections. 

Picture of Shelby County Community Chest logo. August 2015 - Non-Profit groups encouraged to apply for Community Chest funding
is accepting applications until August 31, 2015. Janet Buman, Chairperson of SCCC, said, "We encourage all agencies, including those who have and those who have not applied in the past, to complete an application this year."

Only agencies providing services to the area residents and communities of Shelby County are eligible. Please call Janet Buman at 712-235-7320 or send email to

Get Adobe Reader July 2015 - In this issue of the Museum of Danish America
  • A special t-shirt offer
  • Tour and a Tasting
  • Lawn Party
  • Purple Martin Watch
  • Interns, Danebod, and a Danish Festival
  • An Evening of Nordic Flavors in Omaha
  • Spirits of the North in Des Moines
  • Massachusetts Food Festival
  • New Videos
  • Exhibits

July 2015 - American Picker visits during Roll into Harlan!

Picture of Earling Amphitheater Dedication in July 2015.

July 2015 Earling Amphitheater Dedicated!

June 2015 - Beauty N' the Beasts' very own Pancho was seen at a dog show recently by a Yú representative and was asked to use her as a "cover girl"!

June 2015 - FarmTable Delivery & Procurement places in top 5 of DREAM BIG grow here business grant contest. Ellen Walsh-Rosmann was also awarded ,000, which she says she plans to build a certified processing kitchen.

May 2015  - Harlan's American Legion gets own "memorial rock".  16-ton 'rock' was donated by Performance Grading and delivered from the quarry in Logan to Harlan May, 14. The Legion hope's the school's art classes will do a memorial on the face.

Using a crane to lift the rock off the huge flatbed truck, the rock was placed with the “flat side” facing the flag pole in the open area just west of the Legion facility at 7th Street and Chatburn Avenue.

Picture of Elk Horn's new community welcome sign. May 2015 - New sign welcomes visitors to Elk Horn.
The new sign sits on the south side of town depicting Elk Horn's main attractions:  The Museum of Danish America and the Danish Windmill.

The sign, recently completed in spring of 2015, features Elk Horn’s main attractions: the Museum of Danish America and the Danish Windmill.

Farm Table Delivery & Procurement Logo FarmTable Delivery opens warehouse
April 2015 - The business, which connects local farmers to local markets, restaurants and more will now be opening their first warehouse space in the Shelby County Entrepreneurial and Technology Center.   Ellen Walsh-Rosmann, of Harlan, is manager and co-owner with her husband Daniel of FarmTable Delivery. 

A 6,000-square-foot space has given FarmTable a place for storage, but that’s just the start, Walsh-Rosmann said.  “Within 18 months, we hope to have a variety of resources here for farmers,” she said. Equipment for washing and cleaning produce, packaging supplies, a loading dock, kitchen, a walk-in freezer and more are in the works. These resources are helpful to small farmers, she said. Infrastructure, such as a packaging shed, is high risk for people who may be farming only a single acre. Farmers will be able to rent these utilities if they don’t have access to them normally.

“We connect with farmers and help them distribute to grocery stores, schools, restaurants and more,” she said.

For more information on farmTable Delivery, go to .

Monogram Loves Kids Foundation Grant Logo

 April 2015 – The Monogram Loves Kids Foundation will  award 0,000 to charitable organizations that sponsor programs benefiting children in the six regional areas in which Monogram does business, including Memphis, TN, Martinsville, VA, Chandler, MN, Bristol, IN, Schulenburg, TX and Harlan, IA.   Grants will range from ,000 to ,000 and all must be mailed in to the address listed on the application, the Monogram Foods Support Center, by June 30, 2015.