17 Oct

There’s no place like home when it comes to family photos. For this young family of four it proved the perfect setting for this year’s session. The kids were relaxed and comfortable and free to be themselves in their own space. Don’t get us wrong– we’ve photographed them before in the studio and the photos were great– there’s just something extra special about photos at home. We moved from room to room to capture all the fun and ended up capturing a variety of shots of the boys both individually and together.  We ended our session outdoors with a gorgeous family portrait.  Each image is more adorable then the next so narrowing down these photos was no easy task.  In the end the family went with a collection of digital images and an album to commemorate their family photo session.  Give us a call to schedule your family photo session today…216.229.PICS (7427).

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11 Oct

Working with seniors is so much fun and when you get a great day and a cool girl it’s even better! Check out these exquisite images that are both beautiful and engaging. So much shines through in the photos. She’s both pensive and playful and it shows!  Her outfit choices reflect her personality and style and we’re loving the variety of colors, poses, and backgrounds.  These photos and many others will be featured in a custom album created to highlight this special milestone year.  To add even more depth to these images some of them will be presented in black and white while others will be full color.  We love creating one-of-a-kind memories for our clients.

For more information on our senior photography offerings please contact us at 216.229.PICS (7427).

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9 Oct

Building a business where clients are more like friends is something we’re proud of. Getting to know you and your family is special and we genuinely love being a part of your family milestones, events and memories. We’ve been photographing the family featured here for several years and it’s been so fun to watch them change and grow. This year they welcomed a new addition to the family and we were lucky enough to photograph her as a newborn and again for their outdoor family photo session.  Every year they update their family photos and order holiday cards, prints and a special large canvas piece for their wall.  Whether or not they realize it now they have a beautiful collection of heirloom quality photos to pass on to generations to come.  When it comes to the investment of time and money what could be better than the gift of lasting memories?  We’d love to work with your family to do the same.  Please call us to schedule a family photo session for your family today…216.229.PICS (7427).

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5 Oct

Warm fall days are such a pleasure and when we get to spend it with a gorgeous senior they’re even more fun!  Check out these stunning images of this smart, spunky girl from our recent outdoor senior photo session.  There are so many stunning images that it’s hard to pick a favorite!  That’s probably why the family ended up purchasing our FAVOR-8 Collection which includes digital images and matching prints to share and display. When our clients are happy with their finished images and products it’s so rewarding!  It makes the long days we put in during busy season so worth it!  We love taking pictures and we’re loving these fall days so we hope to see you on our calendar soon!  Don’t wait!  Our calendar is filling up and with holidays are right around the corner we want to get you in!  Give us a call to grab a spot…216.229.PICS (7427).

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1 Oct

Family photography is always amazing but there’s something extra special about large family photos that include different generations. We get such joy out of watching the different relationships and bonds between people and capturing it through our lense is both exciting and rewarding. We recently got to do a session with long-time clients who brought along extended family for this year’s shoot. We got a variety of shots, each more beautiful than the next. Photographing different generations and groupings of family members really differentiated this session from their past shoots where the focus was all on their immediate family. Here you can see the special bond between grandparents and grandchildren and the beauty and wisdom of the all female and all male generational photos. Lucky for this group they all live in town and get to see other often. Whether that’s the case for your family or you have an occasion coming up where you’ll all be together family photos are always a good idea!  We’re already booking up for Thanksgiving weekend but we have a few spots available.  If you’d like to get on the calendar for family photos please call our studio at 216.229.PICS (7427).

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