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Hello! I am based out of Salt Lake City, Utah where I live with my husband Logan, our beautiful babies Scarlett & Bennett, and our dogs Bobbi & Redford. I love taking advantage of the mountains in my backyard be it hiking, skiing, running, or simply sitting to enjoy it. I love good wine and food, time with family and friends, reading, interior design, sketching, and photographing what inspires me personally.   Though life moves at the speed of light, I try to slow down as often as I can and really soak in what's important, what's beautiful, and what's meaningful.

I have a love for art in all mediums, but photography is my profession. I founded my wedding and portrait business in 2006, and have since developed my image style into something that speaks true to my heart. I concentrate on creating a whole story with a compilation of soft, clean, timeless, and honest photographs that will never date themselves or prove to be 'trendy'. I am a hybrid photographer, meaning I capture my work in both digital and film formats. Natural light is of choice for most of my photography - I love the beautiful skin tones, the romantic feel, and softness that result in the right light.
Weddings are my primary focus, but I really enjoy
photographing families, babies, maternity, and boudoir.

Thank you so much for your interest in booking me to photograph you! Here is a little bit about each of the services I offer:

Weddings: These are my primary focus. I shoot weddings locally here in Utah, as well as anywhere in the world that they may take me. I have photographed most all religions and cultures, and love being such a huge part of a families big day. I approach weddings with great detail in mind. It's my goal for every one of my wedding clients to be completely taken back by their photographs and the way I tell the story of their special wedding day. 
I offer set packages as well as customization for the perfect fit. Packages begin at 00. Please inquire for full pricing and information. 

Family: I adore documenting families! At this time I only offer immediate/small family sessions (no large extended family). These sessions can either be outdoor on location, or indoor in home or studio for a more lifestyle approach. Starting at 0. 

Maternity: One of my favorite things to photograph, hands down. I love making a soon-to-be mother feel her best and most beautiful. I suggest wearing sheer or flowy fabrics, showing as much skin as you are comfortable with, and embracing your natural beauty. Starting at 0.

Boudoir: A common add-on to a wedding package, but not to be forgotten on its own. I take a very artistic approach to these sessions, often on black and white film, and strive for them to be understated, classy, and beautiful. Boudoir can be photographed at your home, or on location of choosing. Starting at 0, with packages including a book available. 

Please inquire for full pricing info
and custom quotes including traveling

I began photographing weddings in 2006, and started including families and other portrait sessions in 2008. 

Most often you will find me with more than one camera body attached to me. I am a hybrid photograher, meaning I use both medium format and 35mm film as well as digital camera bodies. Curretnly my favorite setup is my Contax 645, Canon EOS 1V, and my Mark III. You can also expect to see me lugging around small amounts of lighting equipment to highlight your reception and details after dark. 

As soon as you set a date and feel good about your connection with me! Photography is generally one of the first thing a bride books, so it's smart to reserve your date as soon as you possibly can. 

For weddings I require a 1/3 non-refundable deposit as well as signed contract to reserve your date. Portrait sessions require a 0 non-refundable deposit to reserve your postition on my calendar. 

There is some confusion about how film images are delivered. Yes, once upon a time you might receive an envelope with cut film negatives, but that time has long passed. I send my film off to a lab who processes my film into high resolution JPEG files. I then do all editing and matching with my digital files for a seamless look. 
Once editing is complete, each client receives a USB with all images curated within. 

I could get up on my soapbox here and go on and on! I am a hybrid photographer, meaning I use both film and digital gear. But why film? Because its king. I photograph most of my portrait, detail, and naturally lit parts of a wedding day on film because it simply gives me the exact look I want for my clients that digital just cannot reach. I choose to have a much larger overhead (film and it's processing is expensive) than that of an exclusive digital photographer becasue I simply feel that it is WORTH IT. Without getting too techy about the process, I'll explain a few things that film gives me and my cleints that makes my work what it is: 

-Real life feeling. There is something about a film capture that makes the viewer feel like they were in that moment right there. The color, the way film compresses a background into a painting-like feel, the soft edge on a subject... 

-Highlight retention. A skilled film photographer will be able to use film to retain highlight and detail in an image that digital simply will never achieve. For example, keeping gorgeous, luminous light on my bride's face all while keeping the intricate lace detail in her dress and the clouds in the sky. 

-A timeless feeling. Film will always feel timeless and is (usually) not subjected to the trendy editing or filter processes that most digital work undergoes. Its so beautiful. 

-Color. This is the absolute top reason I shoot film. The manner in which film creates deep blacks, creamy skin tones, and blends from color to color is unmatched.

Now, with all of that said, thats not to say that digital doesn't have it's place! I also use digital gear during my wedding days. Usually blended in with my film work, and mostly after the sun has set when digital (in my opinion) has more strengths than film in low light situations. This is why I shoot both mediums, and why I've found that mixing the two creates the look I want to achieve for my cleints. 

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