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We've said it before, and we'll say it again: will never go out of style. But why settle for when your wedding day should be an event that is uniquely yours? After all, you've customized every aspect of your day, starting with and ending with . And yet when it comes to the wedding cake, couples often forgo personality in favor of tradition.

Whether you just aren't a fan of or are obsessed with a specific sweet treat, your wedding dessert is the perfect opportunity to share your tastes with your guests. Select a confection that , or at the very least, is something you'll actually look forward to eating at the end of the night.

Love donuts? Consider a huge stack of assorted artisanal flavors, so guests can pick and choose from your favorites! Did you dunk cookies in milk every day after school for your entire life? We found a clever stacked Oreo cookie cake you'll love. As a bonus, many of these alternative options are when compared to a classic cake. Plus, they can be displayed at all night long since they don't have to be formally cut or served.

Ready to consider a creative twist on the traditional wedding dessert? Then check out 49 of our favorite alternatives to the classic wedding cake!

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Pictured Above: A two-tiered ice cream cake, created by Ample Hills Creamery, topped with a just married sign.