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EverestThe Expedition Trip Notes provide detailed information and background for the Adventure Consultants Everest Expedition.

You can view the trip notes online by clicking the image or download a pdf by clicking the following link:

Everest Expedition Trip Notes


Everest is not the place to be with an organisation that is ‘learning the ropes’, there is too much at stake for that. Adventure Consultants expedition staff, along with the operations and logistics team at the head office in New Zealand, provide the highest level of backup and support to the climbing team in order to maximise your chances of success. This is coupled with a very strong expedition guiding team and Sherpa contingent, who, you will come to see, are second-to-none in the industry.


With technology constantly evolving, Adventure Consultants have kept abreast of all the new techniques and equipment advancements - encompassing the latest in weather forecasting facilities, equipment innovations and communications system.

Guy Cotter

The 2019 expedition is being organised by Guy Cotter, director of Adventure Consultants and a veteran of 26 years of Everest expedition guiding and organisation.

Caroline Blaikie cropped

Caroline has worked in Nepal as part of our operations and logistics team on a regular basis since 2009. She is the AC Operations Manager and plays an integral part in the planning and operation of our Everest Expeditions each year. 

Our Guides

Our international guiding staff are the best in the industry. You will find the Adventure Consultants mountain guides companionable and strong expedition leaders with considerable abilities and a willingness to see you achieve your goals. The number of guides is determined by the team size but the normal ratio of guides to members is 1:4.

 Expedition Guides

Rob Smith Web Profile

Rob started climbing in 1989 and has been guiding since 2000. He divides his time between guiding during the summer Antarctic seasons and the greater ranges of the Himalaya. Originally from Omagh, Northern Ireland Rob is now based in Fort William, Scotland. He has guided for Adventure Consultants for a number of years and his notable guided ascents include Everest, Vinson Massif, Cho Oyu and Elbrus amongst many others.

Mike Roberts cropped

Mike Roberts has been guiding for nearly 30 years and during his career has climbed many of the world’s highest mountains including 9 ascents of Everest including back to back ascents of Everest and Lhotse.

He has also managed to fit in 14 seasons mountain and ski guiding in the Southern Alps of New Zealand, 18 seasons in Antarctica as a Field Leader / Guide to the USA and NZ Antarctic Programs, SAR Leader for the Joint Antarctic Search and Rescue team, has worked as a Professional Ski Patroller / Avalanche Forecaster and is a qualified Physiotherapist. Mike is also a fully qualified IFMGA Mountain & Ski Guide.

Lydia BradeyLydia Bradey

Lydia was the first woman to ascend Mt Everest without oxygen in 1988 and after years of personal climbing is now mountain guiding with Adventure Consultants. She has since summitted Everest with AC four more times (2008, 2013, 2016 and 2018). As well as being a qualified IFMGA Guide she is also a qualified physiotherapist.

Ang Dorjee Ev09 web

Summiting Everest initially with Adventure Consultants in 1992, Ang Dorjee has moved on to achieve 19 summits of Everest and 28 ascents of 8000m peaks! His skills as a climber are legendary. Frequently we consult his mountain acumen to ensure the smooth operation of an expedition. 


Our group of climbing Sherpas is enthusiastic, motivated and regarded as the strongest and most cohesive group of Sherpas on Mt Everest. They have dozens of Everest summits between them.

Da Jangbu everest 2014 photos

Da Jangbu Sherpa, our Expedition and Climbing Sirdar, has summitted Everest an impressive 13 times and brings with him considerable knowledge and experience. As a consequence of his leadership, we have a legendary group of Climbing Sherpas who operate in a harmonious atmosphere of cooperation and commitment to the expedition.

Base Camp Support Team

Anthea Fisher portrait by Mark Ayre

Anthea is a dedicated outdoors professional with her roles taking her to some of the furthest, coldest corners of the globe. She works as a field guide and in management logistics for the Australian Antarctic Division and now as Everest Base Camp Manager for AC in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018. She also assists at the AC office with expedition logistics and has led treks to Everest Base Camp.

Sophie Wallace

Sophie works for AC in the capacity of our Medical Advisor, as well as our Expedition Doctor at Everest Base Camp in 2014, 2017 and 2018. She is an experienced emergency physician, currently based at the Royal Perth Hospital in Australia. Originally from the United Kingdom, Sophie has a passion for the outdoors and has trekked, travelled, dived and worked in remote high altitude locations around the world.

James PerryJames Perry, Base Camp Chef

James is a talented chef who has amassed an extensive amount of experience in the food industry around the world - from Antarctica to Belgium, Bermuda, and New Zealand. James career includes catering, establishing and running successful restaurants, consulting and teaching. We are excited to have James joining the Base Camp team and leading our talented Sherpa kitchen staff catering to our climbing teams, expedition staff and visiting trekking teams.


Head Office Support Team

Running successful journeys and expeditions is more about experience, knowledge and strategic management than any other factors. As an organisation, we place a substantial amount of time and resources into ensuring our trips are well planned and supported. You can be assured that the AC staff will provide you with friendly advice and knowledgeable support throughout the planning stages of your trip and we will be there to provide backup while the trip is running.

Amelia Crofut-BrittinghamAmelia Crofut-Brittingham, Client Liaison

Amelia has been with Adventure Consultants since October 2017 in the role of Client Liaison for European and Himalayan Operations. Having spent many years working in the ski industry, Amelia brings a wealth of experience to her role.

AC Team 2016 Landscape


Your Health

Adventure Consultants provides a dedicated doctor for the whole team. Most other teams use a generic medical provider whilst our doctor is there primarily for you and your teammates. The doctor will monitor your overall health throughout the expedition and our medical equipment and provisions are there to provide for your healthcare needs.

Ample resources will be on call to support each and every climber, not just the first team or fittest members. Remember, this is an expedition led by guides who have already climbed Everest and whose job it is to look after your interests. This should not be confused with a "professionally led" expedition where often you may be buying a place in a team with fewer support services and led by climbers who are attempting the summit primarily for themselves. There are also “Sherpa led” expeditions where you are placed in the hands of a Sherpa for the climb. This can seem alluring, especially when some expedition operators will encourage you to join so they can fill their available spaces but too often these are expeditions with over 20 members! The Sherpas are not trained in medical techniques and are often reluctant to act effectively in situations requiring urgency. This is where the skills and experience of your western guide become invaluable. Too often expedition members learn about the deficiencies of their guides/operators when things begin to go wrong and that is usually too late.

Level of Experience Required

There is no definite measure for assessing the required skill level to climb Everest. We prefer to discuss this on an individual basis. However, there are some broad guidelines that can be applied from the outset.

A successful team member will have been visiting the mountains for at least five seasons and made ascents of peaks up to 18-20,000 ft (5,500 - 6,000 metres). It is quite common for members to have previously climbed Mount McKinley in Alaska, Aconcagua in South America and various Mexican volcanoes as training for Everest.

Prospective climbers should be familiar with crevasse rescue and glacier travel techniques and have a good overall standard of fitness. Climbers will ideally have a broad set of climbing skills from basic rock climbing to advanced cramponing on snow and ice and strong rope skills such as rappelling and rope ascending.

Age itself is no barrier. To date, we have succeeded on Everest with members aged from 25 to 66 years of age.

A fierce determination and a burning desire to climb the mountain are essential prerequisites for this expedition. The guides and other expedition staff will provide the leadership, tactics and overall decision-making required during the climb but you will still have to physically put one foot in front of the other to make it to the top and back.

We recommend that prospective members undertake another expedition with us before attempting Everest. Your ability to reach Everest’s summit may be dictated by your understanding of how your body responds to very high altitude and ascending other, less demanding, peaks at high altitude will increase your confidence and enhance your judgement during your summit day on Everest. For example, Cho Oyu from Tibet is an excellent venue to learn about the problems of extreme high altitude, without the time or the financial commitment that Everest requires.

Preparing for Your Trip

The South Col route on Everest is not an especially technically difficult climb - nor is it the "Yak Route" which some non-Everest climbers have termed it. However, it is imperative that expedition members are well versed in the latest techniques and have experience in the high mountain environment.

What the photographs do not show are the difficulties of operating at these extreme altitudes. It is a physically demanding ascent, requiring enormous determination and stamina. An expedition to Everest is not a place for those who will give up when the going gets uncomfortable or strenuous. Days can be up to 15 hours long and although we have lightened the loads you personally carry by having enough Sherpa support to carry your equipment, the days are still arduous and taxing, especially over the 7-9 weeks of the expedition.

The outcome of the expedition will be determined by three broad groups of factors. The first is environmental (weather and snow conditions, etc). The second is the logistical approach taken by the expedition leaders and the strategies employed to embark on a summit bid. The third is your own preparation in the years prior to the expedition and how you perform whilst the expedition is underway. We can help design a that will both physically and mentally prepare you for the climb but you need to commit the time and energy to ensure you attain the correct conditioning. Read our AC Blog article for more information on how to physically prepare for your expedition.

We know that the success of an expedition is determined by factors that are planned well in advance of the outset of the actual climbing. During our 24 previous seasons on Everest, we have observed many other groups attempting to climb the mountain. Many try to emulate our strategies without committing to the level of resources that we provide.

Every step of the way, our office staff will be there to answer your questions. If they can’t, they will be happy to put you in touch with one of our Senior International Guides who will have first-hand knowledge of the climb.

We recognise that no amount of finely tuned organisation will guarantee anyone the summit of Everest. However, we do believe that our experience, combined with your enthusiasm and determination, will provide you with the best possible chance of standing on top of the world. Our track record on Everest is unmatched with 313 summits to date!


Our expeditions are renowned for the quality of the food and the expertise of our cooks. AC will import western food for the expedition and supplement this with Nepalese products. Don't be surprised to see sushi, roast duck or fresh salmon on our menus! Snacks and hot and cold drinks are available around the clock to ensure that you maintain the strength required for the summit bid.

Our Base Camp menus are planned by Western-trained cooks and our busy kitchen is overseen by Head Chef Chhongba who has worked with AC for over 20 years. At Camp 2 we have a dedicated team of mountain cooks who produce a mind-boggling array of culinary delights at 6400m.

Hygiene is paramount to an expeditions success and we ensure a high level of food safety throughout the expedition.

Clothing & Equipment

Expedition members will be sent a list detailing all necessary clothing and equipment to be individually provided, contained within a set of Expedition Reference notes with all the details for the trip. These notes provide extensive information on everything from suggestions of what type of camera to bring, to training advice for your expedition preparation.

Base Camp Facilities

The Adventure Consultants facilities are hailed as the best appointed and most comfortable in base camp. We recognise that the more comfortable and better rested you are during your rest at base camp, the better you will perform on the mountain. While climbers on every other expedition are crawling in and out of a tiny mountain sleeping tent and enduring more hardship than is necessary in base camp, team members with Adventure Consultants are living in virtual luxury.

On our our expedition you enjoy a very high standard of expedition accommodation featuring a ‘walk-in’ tent with bright LED lighting, a carpeted floor, a chair and a comfortable cot bed; essentially a hotel room in base camp!

Meal times are a pleasure in our heated dining tent that is insulated and fully carpeted. Here you get to enjoy our meals that are famous for the quality that feature fresh local foods and specialist imported products prepared by our trained chefs. Outside of mealtimes we have a lounge area where you can watch movies projected onto our full sized screen or lounge around on one of the couches to read or have a catch-up with team mates.