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Christian Mingle ReviewOur Christian Mingle Review Bottom Line:

  • GOOD: Security, personal control, mobile options
  • BAD: Lower number of profiles
  • TAKEAWAY: eharmony is still our favorite, but Christian Mingle is a contender because of the Christian filters.
Jump to a section: We’re committed to being a comprehensive resource for finding the , but sometimes we have a difficult time finding the words to describe our feelings about a particular dating website. That’s kinda how we felt writing our Christian Mingle review. The truth is: We don’t love it, and we don’t hate it. It’s just…okay. It doesn’t trump eharmony, in our opinion. (Read our  or our most popular article: .)

When we ranked Christian Mingle on our , we had to give it 3 stars because when we looked at the data and how it compares in important categories next to other sites, well, it stacks up rather nicely. But that’s clinical data. We can’t factor our emotions into clinical data. And it’s our feelings about  that leave us a little underwhelmed.

Think we’re being a little harsh about our feelings? See the text on the homepage screenshot below. Can we just leave 1 Corinthians 13 out of it? It makes us roll our eyes and shudder…

Bottom line, when compared with other sites, Christian Mingle has a lot of what online dating customers are looking for, so we can’t rate it low just because we don’t have warm, fuzzy feelings towards it. Here are the pros and cons of Christian Mingle, in our opinion:

Christian Mingle Review :: Pros

  • When we , one of the issues we had was the inability to take charge of your own matches. What eharmony lacks in control, Christian Mingle certainly allows for. You are able to conduct searches for everything from people who are currently online to distance to how closely you match their preferences to who is new to the site. Christian Mingle recommends matches to you each day, but they also give you access to their entire database so you can make your own choices.
  • is one of the more reasonable sites when it comes to pricing. A six-month membership can run you around /month, while a one-month membership will put you back around . That’s the price of one nice dinner out on the town if you don’t enjoy your one-month membership. Not bad, if you’re not strapped for cash. It’s a cheaper option than one month on or .
  • Christian Mingle is heavily touting their growing number of subscribers, and for a metropolitan area like Dallas/Fort Worth, the number of profiles available to us—even when we change our search options multiple times to test it out—is less than eharmony or Match. Most Christian Mingle searches result in hundreds of profiles whereas the other two sites result in thousands.
  • You can see how recently a person logged into the site. This is an excellent option since one of our biggest complaints about eharmony is our inability to weed out old profiles for inactive members.
  • Christian Mingle recently went through a re-design that included a much needed new logo and branding. The site now includes larger text and pictures and has an updated feel. We were also pleased to see the removal of inconsequential online dating features like the prayer wall, birthday searches, and the chat room when they redesigned the site. One glance at the list of prayer requests on the prayer wall used to leave us wondering if we needed to tell our accountability partners before we clicked any further. It was sketchy, and it didn’t help us to love the site.  It used to feel as if Spark Networks created a site for the online Christian dating stereotype. Take guys + girls + add some chat features + articles about Jesus + and a dash of sending smiles to each other, top it off with a Jesus fish, and voila! A Christian dating site. But +1 to them for eliminating the superfluous details that made the site clunky. Now it rivals eharmony for ease of use but for a few (relatively large) exceptions. (See below.)

Christian Mingle Review :: Cons

  • While better than it used to be, Christian Mingle’s re-design is still incredibly problematic. The site is just not user friendly. Once you set up a search and are given (hopefully) hundreds of profiles to peruse, there is no way to hold your place in the search. Translation: If you scroll through 54 profiles without clicking on one, but you get to Profile #55 and decide to click on that person’s profile for more info, when you return to all of the profiles in the search, it will take you back to the very beginning and you’ll have to scroll through those first 54 profiles again. While 54 profiles is annoying, if you were to make it through 150 or 250 profiles, it becomes downright maddening. The search process is just one continuous refreshing scroll instead of divided by pages of 10 or 20, so we eventually just gave up. Since you are paying money to peruse the database, we think this endless scrolling feature is a huge deterrent and not user friendly at all.
  • While it’s great that Christian Mingle has a mobile app, the search feature on there is no better than the desktop version. The app continually proved to be glitchy, and the endless scrolling would just abruptly end for no reason at times. Because we could see the results of the search on the desktop version, we could tell that the app was cutting off a large portion of the search results often.
  • We’ve also heard a lot of complaints about their auto-renewal system when your contract is up. If you don’t cancel your subscription before the deadline, it will auto-renew and there’s no refunding that amount. We understand those complaints, for sure, but we think it’s important to note that’s not just a Christian Mingle issue. Most of the online dating sites do the same thing, so in all fairness, we wanted to point it out.
  • Christian Mingle is owned by Spark Networks, a corporation with many other online dating sites including non-Christian ones. Like we mentioned on our  article, we’re not reviewing sites that are exclusively owned by Christian companies; we’re just reviewing the sites that many Christians use to find like-minded believers. However, if you find that off-putting, then we wanted to mention it so you could be informed.

Christian Mingle Review :: How Much Does It Cost?

If you’ve spent much time on SingleRoots at all, you’ll notice that we let you know of any online dating discounts or deals that we find out about. The thing is, we never get any discounts for Christian Mingle. We get plenty of them for eharmony or Match, but Christian Mingle online dating deals are as elusive as the chupacabra.

When we were conducting our Christian Mingle review update, though, we set up a new account. In doing so, we learned that Christian Mingle offers discounts around holidays to new users sometimes. The discount depends on how many months you sign up for.

We don’t have any guarantees that they’ll give you a discount around a holiday; we’re just saying we’ve seen it happen before. For instance, in the one we saw, a one-month membership didn’t incur a discount; it was still the typical price of .99. However, the typical 3-month membership price of .99/month was reduced to .99/month. A 6-month membership of .99/month was reduced to .99/month. It’s important to note that anytime you purchase more than one month, you’ll be billed in one payment. That can be a big deal to people on a limited income, but it’s also something that is done on most online dating sites, so Christian Mingle isn’t different.

Best Christian Mingle Deals We Know of Right Now:


Christian Mingle Review :: How It Compares to Other Sites

When making an informed decision, one of the things you probably want to know is how one site stacks up against the others—especially how a fairly big site like Christian Mingle compares both to other big sites like eharmony and Match, but also how it compares to another reputable Christian site like Christian Cafe. Here’s what we’ve got:

eharmony vs. Christian Mingle

Christian Mingle vs. Match.com

Christian Mingle vs. Christian Cafe

Christian Mingle Review :: People We Know Who Have Met Their Spouses on Christian Mingle

While our research shows that more Christian singles have found matches and marriage on eharmony than any of the other sites, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to find marriage on a site like Christian Mingle. In fact, we personally know people who have. Here’s one of their stories:

Christian Mingle Review :: Our Recommendation

Despite our emotional disconnect, we still admit when compared to other online dating sites, definitely ranks well. Who needs to be emotionally tied to an online dating site anyway? It’s just the vehicle to help you find the person you want to be all emotional about. And, truth be told, Christian Mingle could be a very viable vehicle to get you to him or her. (Check out about meeting on Christian Mingle.)

Use this special link to . It’ll open in a new window and you can keep this one open, too. We’ll walk you through the Christian Mingle account set up process, including some of our Pro Tips.

Christian Mingle Review :: How to Set Up an Account

[Editor’s Note: While this video below explains how to set up a Christian Mingle account before the re-design, many of the set-up elements remain unchanged, so it’ll still give you a good idea of what to expect when you create your Christian Mingle account.]

You’ll need an email address to . Go ahead and get your credit card out, too. If people start smiling at you or messaging you, you know you’re going to want to be able to communicate with them.

Trust us. We’ve tried to set up accounts and not pay, but curiosity really does kill the cat—or at least our wallet.

For a quick explanation of a Christian Mingle account set up, check out our video below. Or, keep scrolling for a more detailed approach.

Basic Information
The good news about the Christian Mingle profile set up process is that the majority of it is multiple choice. You’ll answer a lot of basic questions about yourself: height, body type, eye color, hair color, ethnicity, etc.

You’ll also answer questions about the church you were raised in (Scroll down because there are 23 denominational options.) and how often you attend.

Match.com makes you choose your screen name at the beginning, but Christian Mingle waits until you’re well into the set-up process before they ask you for your screen name.

Figuring out your screen name can be the longest part of your set-up process. Don’t stress too much about it; you’ll see a lot of crazy match names. But definitely take a minute and consider a name that best represents who you are.

Once you figure out your user name, you’ll have 3 options: Upload a photo, set your match preferences, or subscribe.

Go ahead and click on “Subscribe Now” to as a first-time member. It’s good to know how much money it will cost you to become a member—that way you won’t get too excited about it if you can’t afford it.

[Pro Tip: If you want to look at subscription prices but not purchase anything yet, it will seem like you can’t get back into the site without paying. That’s not the case. Just click on the “Browse with Limited Access” link at the top right and it will take you to the home page so you can browse matches and add to your profile.]

After you check for discounts, fill out your match preferences so that you’re able to tell the system which matches are the best fits for you. You can narrow it down in the areas of age, location, body style, education, church activity, smoking, drinking, etc.

Christian Mingle Review Match Preferences

Introduce Yourself
When you go back to the home page, you’ll be free to start browsing, so you’d think you’re done. But if you think about it, you haven’t really set up your profile yet. A few multiple choice questions are hardly enough. You haven’t even uploaded a profile pic yet or filled out the short answer questions like who you are and what you’re looking for.

You’ll be tempted to rush through this section and get on with searching for matches, but keep in mind this section requires an approval process from Christian Mingle and that approval process can take up to 24 hours, as do any of your profile photos. So when you go scrolling through the search engine and look at a really awesome profile of a match, all they’ll see is a mostly blank photo for you until your words and pics are approved. So you’ll want to fill this out as soon as possible and with as much detail as possible. It’s a first impression–and you know what they say about first impressions…

[Pro Tip: There are 6 questions you can fill out for your profile. No one says you have to do one or all of them, although it’s a good idea to answer at least a couple of them. Since many of your other answers on your profile are multiple choice answers, it’s good to let your matches hear your voice through your words. That said, don’t feel like you have to write actual essays for each of them. The answer to “My favorite Bible passage and why” doesn’t require a theological dissertation. A simple verse and sentence or two explanation will suffice.]

Don’t skip out on the “Match Preferences” section at the bottom of your profile. While everyone may not read it, it does help weed out some matches that you may not be interested in. Plus it gives you one more opportunity to stress to your prospective matches that dating someone who is a devoted follower of Jesus Christ is super important to you.

Import Your Profile Pictures
Just like and , you can connect your account with your Facebook account and import photos you’ve been tagged in there. For those of you who lack good photos of your own but don’t want to have to ask a friend to help you out, this is a good option. Like the text in your profile, all photos must go through the Christian Mingle approval process, so they won’t appear immediately.

[Pro Tip: When selecting your photos, limit your selfies and group pics to 1 or 2 of each. Too many selfies make you look narcissistic; too many group pics make it look like you’ve got something to hide. Be sure and include at least one picture that shows who you are from head to toe, unobstructed.]

Show Them the Money
You can only do so much on Christian Mingle without paying them for a membership. In fact, you can’t communicate with other people until you pay. Well, you can send them a smile, but we don’t think that counts as actual communication.

So pay them the money and then you’re all set.

Christian Mingle Review :: How to Close Your Christian Mingle Account When You’ve Found the Love of Your Life

At some point you’re going to need to close your . We’re hoping that’s because you’ve fallen in love and don’t need their services anymore. But that’s not the case for everyone; some people just decide to take a break from online dating. Either way—if you’re in love or in need of a break—you’ll need to close your account.

Here’s how you take care of that:

For starters, you should know that Christian Mingle doesn’t give partial refunds. So if you’ve paid for 6 months, then your membership will run out when those 6 months are up. You can close your account before the 6 months are up, but Christian Mingle won’t be paying you back for any unused portion of your membership. That’s pretty much the same across the board with the online dating sites.

[Pro Tip: Before you move forward and close your account, go in and delete your profile pictures. This is a good idea since you won’t have access to your account any longer. It’s never a good idea to walk away from your photos on any website.]

After you’ve logged in, click on “Your Account” at the top of the home page. It drops down under your profile avatar at the top right. On the Account page, under the “Membership Management” tab, you’ll find a “Remove Profile” button. It’s not hidden, but it’s not highlighted either, so you might have to look for it.

Once you click on “Remove Profile,” Christian Mingle will ask you a question about why you’re leaving. You have to answer it in order to close your account.

[Pro Tip: Unlike in their database for up to a year, Christian Mingle ditches it promptly. So that means if you click the “Rejoin” button, you’ll have to walk through the set-up process all over again. If you think there’s even a remote chance that you might want to rejoin in the future, copy and paste your profile answers into a document you can save on your computer so that you won’t have to start from scratch in the future.]

Christian Mingle Deals & Discounts

Here are the Christian Mingle deals we know of at the moment:


Do you agree with our Christian Mingle Review? What are your thoughts? How does it compare to other dating sites? Share them with us in the comment section!


Note: SingleRoots is not affiliated with Christian Mingle. This is a review of their website. We will exercise our right to moderate the comments if they are vulgar, disrespectful, or trolling. Keep it classy, kids.

Christian Mingle

At-a-Glance Christian Mingle




Membership Size


Ease of Use


Christian Filters


Mobile App



  • Includes denomination filters
  • Control your own searches
  • Fairly large membership base


  • Search options on the site are not user friendly
  • Mobile app is not user friendly
  • Feels like it's created for the Christian stereotype

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