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This is the fifth in a series of posts on DIY wedding photo ideas – in celebration of wedding season and my one-year wedding anniversary!

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As part of the reception’s entertainment, my husband and I put together a DVD on our Mac using iMovie of photos and videos to show our guests after dinner. With programs like iMovie, it’s very easy to put together polished video to show your guests. Don’t have iMovie? If you can bring your laptop to your event, you could use Flickr or Picasa, select your photos and put it in slideshow mode. Easy! Our DJ had a white screen and laptop as part of his setup and we made sure to get him the DVD days before the wedding to make sure it would play on his equipment.

Ready to make your own wedding slideshow?

Photo Book Girl’s Top 10 Wedding Slideshow Tips

  • Select photos of you and your families – from baby photos to current ones, photos of you as a couple and throw some in of the wedding party or close friends.
  • Be sure to add not only your cute baby photos but add some of those awkward pre-teen and teen shots – those always get a lot of laughs and the point is to entertain your guests.
  • Select a few medium-paced to fast-paced songs. Even though you may have a favorite slow song you want to use, keep in mind though it may be meaningful, it may also lull your guests to sleep, especially since they’ve just eaten a full meal!
  • Keep the flow of photos consistent with the pace of the song you have selected. As a rule of thumb, 2 to 3 seconds per photo is plenty. If there’s a particular photo you want to emphasize more, hold it for an additional second. I also recommend holding a photo for a second or two longer if it’s of a large group. Your eyes need a bit longer to take in a photo the more people that are in the picture.
  • Keep it concise, try to limit the show to 5 to 7 minutes (which is about the length of two songs).
  • If you have video clips, and have the software to include them in your slideshow, those can be a fun addition.
  • If you use transitions, limit yourself to one or two types – like a slide, wipe or fade. Some transitions can get kind of crazy and dizzying and using too many types will look disjointed.
  • Make more than one copy or backup of your slideshow and test it out on the actual equipment you will be using before the wedding day to reduce chances of “technical difficulties”.
  • If you’re too busy with wedding preparations, or not comfortable doing this yourself, enlist a knowledgeable friend or family member to help and send them a link to this post!
  • If you are more comfortable with the computer, get as creative as you want – grab some friends, write up a storyline and shoot a music video!

A Second Slideshow?

We ended up having lots of photos that didn’t make it into the main presentation, so we decided to have TWO slideshows!  Now, I know that may sound a bit crazy, but keep in mind you are reading a blog written by me – Photo Book Girl!  The primary slideshow as mentioned earlier, we called the “wedding video” since it incorporated video clips and ran about 5 minutes. We played the wedding video after dinner right after the “Dude of Honor” toast. (We had a non-traditional wedding without a formal wedding party, and I asked my brother to give the toast traditionally made by the Maid of Honor. I would joke and call him my Maid of Honor, which he then took upon himself to change to the more fitting – “Dude of Honor”…)

So, as for the second slideshow, we actually brought our 32” LCD TV screen from home, set it on the guest book/wedding gift table and had the slideshow loop, so it would cycle through the photos for the entire evening in the cocktail area. It was very easy to do because we didn’t intend for it to have any music – it was supposed to be a purely visual display. During the cocktail hour and throughout the night whenever our guests went to get a drink at the bar, they could take a peek at the slideshow.  The focus of these photos was not on us, but rather on our guests and family. For a sense of nostalgia we included wedding photos of our parents and relatives and even photos we took with our guests at their weddings. The point of this was to make our guests feel part of our event and to show them our appreciation. If you’re not insane like me and don’t want to lug an LCD and DVD player to your reception, why not get one of those cool digital frames? It’s the same concept. Just load your photos into the frame and set it on shuffle!

Same Day Edit

Another more recent trend is to have a same day edit of your wedding video shown at the reception. This is where your wedding videographer makes a quick edit of the ceremony footage and video taken earlier in the day such as during the wedding party photo shoot and creates a short 3 to 4 minute “trailer”. Not all wedding videographers offer this option, and if you had your reception immediately after the ceremony like we did, you may not have enough time to have that done, but it’s definitely a very neat idea that builds excitement for the final wedding video.

So, there you have it – wedding slideshow and wedding video tips revealed.  While many of our guests said they enjoyed our slideshow and video, the one item on our reception program that got the most compliments is still to come!  Stay tuned!

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