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Our digital photo editing company declares a special approach to every photographer we work with. We understand the important role of photo retouching in photography business success and do our best to help you improve your shooting skills and marketing activities while we are retouching your photos.

During the years of work we have build our reputation of one of the best photo editing companies and all our efforts focus on doing the most professional photo editing work for you. That’s why we work on your photos until the retouched result is accepted by you and you are 100% happy with it.

Photographers often ask us where is our photo editing company located and is it possible to work if they are not in USA. We are online photo editing service that means there are no limits and borders and we can work with photographers from any country if they outsource photo retouching. We position ourselves as a photo retouching services provider in New York, USA, and we work with photographers from any US state, Canada, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, France, Belgium, Spain, Australia, China, New Zealand. Can’t see your country in this list? Contact us and let’s start our partnership expanding geography of our clients.

Photo retouching services in USAWe retouch for USA customers


USA is our primary business area. We have built successful collaboration with hundreds of professional and beginner photographers from West to East. Main cities are covered: New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Houston, Boston, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Denver, Miami, Seattle, San Diego, and photographers from smaller towns also have highly appreciated our photo retouching services.

You can read reviews and testimonials from our USA clients, many of them are posted on our Facebook page by real photographers who have used our photo editing services.

Photo retouching services in CanadaCanadian customers recommend our photo retouching services


Canada is the second destination and we work with Canadian photographers remotely with great success, as you can see from the testimonial below.

We have online support on our website (look at the bottom right corner) we you can chat with English or French speaking manager to ask question or discuss details of your photo retouching order.

If you are a Canadian photographer from Ottawa, Vancouver, Quebec or Montreal, or live in British Columbia, Manitoba, Alberta. We can list there all Canadian provinces, but let’s say - no matter where exactly you live in Canada - just try our service to get all benefits of outsourced photo editing workflow.


Upload a couple of images for more accurate prices and some examples of the style you are looking for. You can also mark out the areas which are needed to be fixed just for better understanding. You can upload the raw files as well as the files of the other formats. Leave us the detailed instructions and give your e-mail address and our photo retouching assistants will get in touch with you within one hour.

Photo retouching service review by Kevin Burroughs from Southampton, UK, who rates Fix The Photo 10/10

photo retouching service review by Kevin, UKphoto retouching service review by Kevin, UK

Photo retouching service review by John from Washington, USA, who shares his opinion about retouching prices by FixThePhoto


3.5 professional photo editing Family Photo Editing Service

As for me and my experience, digital retouching services occupy only 60% of the entire process that always be must completed to get fascinating result. If your vocation is photographing and you have made it to be your profesiional occupation, the fact that shooting takes all time and energy must be familiar to you. From this statement we may conclude that a person is not eager to do anything else, for instance to get involved in image retouching. Additionally, you don`t have spare time to pay attention to all details concerning this procedure or, on the contrary, you are not allowed to do professional photo editing quickly, because outcomes will considerably lose in quality. Still, I was sure that this challenge will be done by me.


I promised one customer to return his pictures in time, after it I had another client, whom I also promised. Consequently, that turned out to be a closed circle of broken promises. Soon I became fed up with all this. The most brilliant decision that came to mind was to google an online Photoshop editing service. Still I soon realized that retouching price of -50 per one hour was too much for my pocket. However, I was not eager to surrender so quickly. Eventually I found FixThePhoto’s professional retouchers. This photo editing service amazed me greatly. Only per 1 retouched photo, at first I didn`t believe that was true, because their quality also impressed me. Retouching your photos became easier. Moreover, there was one thing that made me choose this photo retouching company. For every customer can order High End photo editing. In comparison it takes me from 3 hours to do this type of wonderful retouching. Now I co-work with them on permanent base. Eventually I have no delays and happy clients` faces are pleasing reality for me.

Photoshop services example - BeforePhotoshop services example - AfterPhotoshop techniques used in this photo


Photo retouching services review by Regina, Boston who considers our photo editing service to be a brilliant solution for demanding perfectionists

5.0 professional photo editing Commercial Photography Retouch Service

Usually I don’t write photo retouching service reviews but this is an exception. I`m confident, that everyone must be involved in such things that will be the most successful and beneficial for him/her.  Having connections with photography and retouching photos industry, professional photographers must take pictures and editors must enhance them. These occupations cannot be mixed. Being just a hobby-like beginner, I have a demand to improve my skills and style. That requires considerable amounts of time that could be devoted to mastering Photoshop. Unfortunately, Photoshop remains sophisticated for me.

Close co-working with online photo editing service - FixThePhoto can be named as the first professional step in my, I hope, successful career. I want to express my gratitude to this service for undisputed following my style and through attention to details.

Photo editing service review by Michael Gauthier from Ottawa, Canada, who is very pleased with our digital retouching work

3.7 professional photo editing Professional Retoucher Anna Davis

Photo editing service review by Michael from Ottawa, Canada



Photo retouching services review by Kate from Austin, who is amazed by professionalism of specialists from unsurpassed FixThePhoto

4.0 professional photo editing Portrait Photo Enhancement Services

professional photo editingSome years before, I was a frequent user of automatic image retouching service. That seemed to be quite simple and effortless, fast and cheap. But as soon as I discovered the world of photo industry, I began to understand that this type of cooperation did not suit me at all. In order to become sure for good and all, I started comparing my works with photos made by other professional photographers. Results were quite shocking for me. My quality conceded. So, I found a recommended by friends freelance photo retouchers, but this co-working also did not satisfy me, that was rather slow and brought few benefits. After it, my choice was professional photo editing service - FixThePhoto. To make sure in their professionalism, I gave them one simple testing order with photo correction and then another one that was a little bit more difficult. I have been successfully working with them for half a year. No failure can be remembered by me. Retouching is quite wonderful. No hidden stones concerning pricing, no delays concerning returning photo outcomes. This touch up service can be recommended.

Photo enhancement service review by Richard, who tries to compare FixThePhoto to freelances he worked with

4.2 professional photo editing Photo Edit Service

I have never attempted to do retouching on my own, having trusted this laborious procedure to freelancers. But this cooperation brings too many disadvantages. Communication is almost impossible and deadlines are, as a rule, broken. Who can reconcile with it? So I came to the conclusion that co-working with retouching service was inevitable for me for the sake of my future career. At first I was quite skeptical about photo editing service FixThePhoto, but being offered a free trial I was able to estimate their quality. Results were satisfactory. So, with little fear I sent one paid order. The result overcame my expectances. They have never ignored my deadlines and sometime I even can be presented with improved images before discussed time. Their photo retouching prices are so friendly that there are no changes concerning my standard package for customers. Undisputedly this wonderful photo editing service is commended by me.

Photo editing service review by Peter from Seattle, USA, who appreciates experience and skills of specialists from FixThePhoto

4.5 professional photo editing Retouch Company

Many years ago I somehow managed to combine occupation of a photographer and retoucher without any further assistance. I tried to do it on the satisfactory level and my customers did not have claims. I was confident that it would remain without photo enhancement forever. But one case made me change my opinion. Once I was asked to provide an unusual photo editing. Actually that was more digital manipulation than ordinary photo retouching services. I had to change almost everything: clothing, backdrop and other little details. I didn`t have a wish and opportunity to refuse that particular order. Thus, I was forced to spend several long days in front of my computer trying to learn at least something that would be helpful in Lightroom or even the more complicated Photoshop. But still my result was too weak, awkward and clumsy to be shown to the client. Fortunately I came across retouching examples by this photo editing service and became totally impressed. Exactly that I promised to do for my customer. Price list was the second pleasant impression. So, do not read, become their customer.

Photo retouching services review by Blair DeVereaux Robinson‎ from Atlanta, Georgia, USA, who recommends Fix The Photo to his friend, a photographer too.

4.7 professional photo editing Image Retouching

Photo retouching services review by Blair DeVereaux Robinson‎ from Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Photo editing service review by Julie Austin Photography, Best Pet Photographer 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015, from Snohomish, WA, USA

4.8 professional photo editing Photo Touch Up Service

Photo editing services review by Julie Austin Photography from Snohomish, WA, USA


Review by Sandra, London, UK, Who believes that FixThePhoto is undoubtedly the best in retouching work

4.9 professional photo editing Best Retouching Service

I am working mother of two. My profession is a photographer. As you can understand, every second is planned in my working day in order not to make a complete mass out from it. During my career I had an opportunity to collaborate with numerous kinds of photo editing companies, but every time I felt that something uncatchable was wrong. Maybe price or turnaround. Now I cannot give an answer. When I was advised to try this photo editing service, this feeling left me. Full satisfaction.

Photo enhancement services review from Gordon, a popular kid photographer, from Sidney, Australia, who emphasize on the fact that FixThePhoto is outstanding

4.0 professional photo editing Professional Photo Edit

My dear specialists from FixThePhoto, I am eager to express my deep gratitude to you for your quick turnaround and wonderful quality of photo editing. My clients are in raptures with your outcomes, especially with digital drawings. From my side, I am impressed by low pricing and quick results. Your photo editing service is awesome.

Cristiano from Chicago, USA, nude photo maker’s photo editing service review , where he claims that this firm which offers editing service is unparalleled

5.0 professional photo editing Best Retouching Studio

Nude photos are quite demanding. Due to amounts of orderings, I don`t have hours for edit. From this year I have been using FixThePhoto. They lure people because they are quick, secure and totally affordable. A golden combination to my mind. And everything is provided without losing in quality of digital photographing. Thanks!


Our 2019's desires:

Fix The Photo editing company plans to create several separate online photo editing services for professional photographers already inside the nearest future.

Wedding Photo-Retouching Service

Website became released in april, 2019

Weddings retouching is a picture-retouching service on line for the expert and professional photographers who're specialised in weddings and who want to simplify their pos production process. We provide the following grades of photo retouching services

Image culling. It will be carried out by the qualified retouchers who will maintain the clients’ feedback and instructions;

Colour correction. Here the temperature, color stability, contrast  in addition to exposition will be adjusted. Of course the editors may not forget about shadows and highlights enhancement. The photographer’s style will be followed.

Artistic enhancing. This level of image retouching will permit you to ask us to eliminate the  blemishes, some stray hair and small objects. It also includes the skin airbrushing and teeth enamel whitening, the color  correction is included here as well as the photo cropping and straightening.

The next retouching level is advanced modifying which meets the body correction, portrait retouching, wrinkles, braces as well as eyeglass glare elimination, and cleaning and touching up of the background.

Album degree includes the marriage image albums creating with the layered psd output.

Nude Photo Editing Service

This website was opened in may, 2019

Nude Retouching is the online photo enhancement  for boudoir photographers from the whole planet. We will name ourselves professionals in erotic and nude photo editing.

There won't be any problem for our retouchers to do the excellent photo retouching and skin modifying and save the naturalness of the images and skin texture. Using our image editing service  the clients can get the professional coloration correction of the photograph, tooth whitening, remove red eyes effect and light flares.

Our photo retouchers who work at FixThePhoto are fantastically-certified in portrait retouching in addition to the whole frame enhancement. With our help it is viable to slim the body, to cast off fats, to enlarge breasts, to correct of double chin, to make stomachs flat and your legs will look better.

We've done this photography retouching service particularly for boudoir photographers to guard their photograph privacy.  A 100 % safery can be guaranteed with our photo retouching services and you may be assured that your pictures won't ever be shown up anywhere.

Product Photo Editing Service

We'd love to start it in January 2019

This site will be the place where the product pro-photographers will be able to find professional photo editing solutions for their projects.  Full service photo retouching will include: clipping-path, colour correction, ghostmodelling, manipulations, etc. As an international professional picture editing service, we are cooperating with more than 1000 clients from advertising and marketing agencies, on-line shops as well as with massive quantity of professional photographers from all over the world. We assure that with our help you will get the professional great photo editing services and reliable fees with as well as the fast-delivery time – especially in case of bulk orders.

This photo touch up service will include the editing out of background, a natural drop shadows adding, mirror effect creating, etc.

Amongst other photo editing companies we offer low costs but the exquisite service, speedy turnaround time, on line order monitoring possibility, and nearly 24/7 customer support.



High-End Photo-Retouching Service

Service was launched in november, 2019

The High-End Beauty Retouching is the service for pro-photographers simplest who specialize  in business, editorial photography. We offer professional photo editing services  for any kind of advertising agencies as well as the private business clients.

This Photoshop service will help our clients to be ahead of all competitors as well as stay abreast of all novelties and trends. Having got many years of hands-on practice our professional retouchers and digital artists  may create a masterpiece from any shot.

Photo Manipulation Service

The site will be opened in december, 2019

We will provide our clients with fashion photo manipulation service as well as beauty/advertising or marketing photos enhancement. This kind of professional photo editing services is widely used when photographers can't take pictures and post them without any modifation because it was technically too difficult or there was no possibility to shoot on vicinity or in studio. We can create completely implausible and fact-defying photographs, at the same time with the help of the high-professional retouching they will look almost real.

The online retouching service manipulates real objects  and situations to offer funny photos or to change surroundings of model or item. Our retouchers can work with different file formats; we are using brand new image manipulation software to provide high first-class results.

The photo manipulation services will include high-end retouching, photo restorations, changing digital shots into art work, sketches or cartoons.

Online Photoshop Tutorials

Might be on line in 2019

We do want to share our skills in professional photo editing so we are going to create a web service that will be a helpful hand in professional photographic retouching. On line photoshop tutorials are classes that allow you to find some ideas about photo retouching and post-processing.

Our youtube videos will provide training for everybody: newbie, intermediate and superior photographers. In those video tutorials you'll learn the way to  use photo editing software, tools and how to work with layers. We'll teach you how to shift  your fashion, editorial and portrait photographs to the pro high stage. Our lessons'll show methods of photo editing, posing requirements, as well as plenty of retouching techniques to run a hit fashion and beauty photography business.

For a reliable fee you may find post-processing classes in HD, exclusive  materials, access to files, on PC, cell phones, tablets as well as guarantee that all the clients are satisfied. We are obsessed about learning something new every day and we try to be sure that each of our professional retouching classes is  organized by means of content material  which conducive learning and easy to refer. You'll.