What do I bring??

Bring 3-4 sets of clothes, including shoes, belts, jewellery and accessories. One of these outfits should include long sleeves and pants or jeans. Avoid loose to baggy clothing as this does not photograph well. You can also bring along your favourite outfit for individual portraits.

For group photos, bring matching, plain clothes to ensure the best photographs. Patterns and logos are distracting and don’t photograph well.

For plus size clients it’s a good idea to keep to long sleeves and darker coloured clothing. Choose necklines that are flattering, i.e. v-necks.

How long will the shoot take??

Allow between 3-4 hours for the shoot. Approximately one hour each for make-up and preparation, the shoot, and review.

How should I prepare??

Come with freshly washed hair with no product in it. This makes styling easier and your hair will look glossier under lights.

Please have no make-up on, including mascara, but moisturiser is fine. Make sure your cut, colour, waxing or any other personal grooming requirements are done prior to your appointment. Finger and toe nails should be either freshly painted or all traces of nail polish removed.

What sort of packages are available and how much does it cost??

Our prices start from 0 for basic prints and go to over ,000 for mounted framed portraits. The final package is fully customisable, so there is something to suit everyone’s budget. We also offer various payment plans to help you spread the cost over time, and we accept all major credit cards.

Do we get digital copies of the shots??

Digital copies are available with some packages.

How do we customise the shoot??

When you make your booking with us take the opportunity to discuss your vision for the shoot. This allows both the photographer and you time to prepare and achieve your perfect photos.

If you have seen any particular shots in magazines that you would like us to recreate for you, please bring them along with the appropriate clothing and accessories and our photographers will help you create the desired look.

How long will it take to get my photos??

It will take approximately 4-8 weeks from the end of your viewing for your final portraits to be ready for collection.

Who will be taking the photos??

Meet the staff of the Brisbane Exclusive Photography studio here.