Looking for ideas for a bachelorette party? Check out our 101 bachelorette party ideas. At least one of these bachelorette party themes will be perfect for your bachelorette party!

Bachelorette Party Favors

1."Naughty" Bachelorette Party

Traditionally the #1 theme for Bachelorette Parties has always been the embarrassing (and hilarious) pecker filled naughty theme bachelorette party! A favorite for decades this wild bachelorette party theme will make the Bride blush and her besties roar with laughter. This may be the easiest theme to shop for, as the traditional favorite, pecker shaped items in shades of hot pink are everywhere! From dicky shaped straws (which magically turn a regular drink into an silly display of pre-wedding fun) to a headband covered in bright pink peckers (that will embarrass even the boldest of Brides) there is something magical in the tradition, that has made millions of Brides stick with the tried and true.

2. Host a Lingerie Shower Bachelorette Party

Lingerie Shower Ideas
Send the Bride into married life with a whole new lingerie wardrobe! Both she and the groom will thank you! Have every guest bring a cute piece of lingerie for the Bride to be. You can even turn it into a game: Have the Bride guess who gave her each piece! It doesn't have to be all serious though, throw in a couple gag gifts for the Wedding night into the mix - like edible undies or a "positions" book. Serve a signature cocktail with a cute "lingerie" name and some party snacks that keep with the theme. Don't forget purchase a funny bedroom favor for each guest to take home (like fuzzy handcuffs).

Gettin Hitched Country Western Bachelorette3. "Gettin' Hitched" Western Theme
Whether the Bride a Southern girl or just Country Western at heart, this country western theme bachelorette party will have her kicking up her heels and whooping with joy! Start with a venue like a saloon, rodeo, or honkey-tonk. Add some cute country western bachelorette outfits, like a Western Bride hat with veil, or a Getting Hitched Tank top. Decorate with western them decorations, and tableware (pink bandanna is always cute). Pass out cold ones in boot shaped koozies that say "Bride's Posse" & "She's Getting Married y'all" on the side.

4. Glow Bachelorette Party Glow in the Dark Bachelorette Party
Light up the night with a fun glow bachelorette party! Use a blacklight and neon markers to create fun custom tattoos on the bachelorettes, and dress them in pink glow bangle bracelets, and pink glow glasses too! Give the Bride some light up accessories, like a flashing wedding ring and Bride to be button! Glowing pecker pops make great party favors. Put a glowing pecker pop in each martini glass for a fun glowing bachelorette cocktail that is pinterest-worthy.

Team Bride Ideas5. Bachelor/Bachelorette "Olympics"Compete with the Bachelor Party for a fun coed event or break the bachelorette into 2 groups and have them compete against each other in this fun Olympic themed Bachelorette event! Dress in fun "Team Bride" and "Team Groom" shirts. Create fun events that are Wedding themed and outrageous for the Bride's friends to compete in.

6. Gold BacheloretteTurn your Bachelorette night into a glittering gold color-themed event! Decorate with gold balloons that spell out "I Do" with gold fringed curtains and able covers. Wear an adorable gold headband that says "I DO" and get matching "I Do Crew" headbands as a party favor for all of your besties!

7. Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt
Host a classic Bachelorette scavenger hunt full of outrageous tasks. Divide into teams, and take pics of each task you complete, then share all of your pictures with each other at the end of the night. Award cute prizes to the fastest team, team who completed most tasks, and the most creative picture. Print our FUN & for a big savings on the party budget!

Vegas Bachelorette Party Ideas8. Casino Night Bachelorette PartyWhether you are attend a casino or hosting one at home, get dolled up and get ready to play your favorite ! If heading to the casino - have the Bride wear something cute, that shows you are celebrating like this or a . Have fun prizes (like this ) ladies can pick from when cashing their chips in (a fun momento of your night together). Make it even more wild by hiring some hot guys to be the card dealers and bartenders for the night--shirts optional!

9. Bachelorette Brunch
Who says a bachelorette party has to be at night? Meet at your favorite brunch place for good food, unlimited mimosas, and fun conversation. Call ahead to make a reservation for a large table or back area so you're guaranteed to get in at a reasonable time! Don't want to go out? Host brunch at your place! Make waffles, bacon, fruit salad, and have an omelette station set up. Be sure to add some flair to the drinks with these or the (little guys that hang off the side of your glass!).

10. "Sex and the City" ThemeBride To Be SashManolos and Cosmos, oh my! Channel your inner Sex and the City character by dressing in designer clothes, going shopping, drinking cosmos, and sharing juicy details about your love lives! Start the party with cocktails at a posh spot & add Stiletto decorations like this , and these fun ! After a big night out on the town, return home to marathon your favorite SatC episodes and chat about if you're more of a Samantha or a Carrie.

11. "The Hangover" Theme
Have a wild Vegas-themed party complete with tigers and fun punchlines! Follow the path of the popular movie with your own wolf pack by visiting the locations they show in the movie, and take pictures at each place. Just make sure you have "Hangover kits" ( filled with aspirin, tums, a water bottle, , , , etc.) ready for the next morning!

12. Barbie Theme
If the bride loves Barbie, use it as your theme! Have everyone dress up like a Barbie (stilettos and these ), using as party favors to add to the girlishness! Decorate with classic barbie logos, dressed up barbie dolls and feminine pink glitter details. Kick up the fun by playing (he looks better than a naked Ken doll!) and share stories of your Barbie-playing days!

Bride Wine Glass
13. "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend"
Whether you love Marilyn Monroe or your shiny new ring, theme your party around diamonds! Decorate with these dramatic and sprinkle on the tables. Play "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" in the background or cue up out Final Fling Playlist. Get a for the bride and get all of the party attendees so they can be dressed according to theme!

14. Bachelorette Glamping
Love camping? Go "glamping," a more glamorous version of camping! Search for a glamping campground near you, then pack your coziest clothes, s'mores supplies, and a fun drink, and start prepping your best fireside ghost story! Be sure to bring a for playing around the campfire. Campsites can get downright chilly at night, so get the girls cozy to keep them warm (they can also we use the day of the Wedding at the spa)!

15. Tropical ThemeBachelorette Pool FloatGo somewhere tropical (or at least pretend you're somewhere tropical) with a themed party! Decorate the area with tiki torches, bright colors, and delicious tropical food. For a pop of color choose these ! The would be perfect for the bride to be while her bridal party rocks the . Throw this adorable over your bikini while lounging at the pool. Check out some that are sure to please your guests all night long!

16. Martini Theme
Work on your mixology with a martini themed party! Get dressed up in your best cocktail dress and try a variety of martini styles, whether it's the basic gin or vodka martini, or a more fun and fruity appletini. Decorate the space with a and a sassy to match. Treat yourself to yummy desert and bake some cookies with a martini shaped cookie cutter. Each guest can go home with a hot pink or glossy black .

17. Animal Print Theme
Have a "wild" party by incorporating animal print! Before you go wild out on the town, enjoy some snacks and drink at home using the sexy , , and . Plan on staying at home throughout the night? No problem. The are a definite way to make things exciting and interesting. Make sure to thank your guests for coming with a fun . And of course no bachelorette party is complete without or .

18. Vegas!
What better place to celebrate your bachelorette party than in Las Vegas! The most classic of all Bachelorette Party Destinations. There's no reason you can't have just as much fun in the hotel room before hitting the strip, as you will running around Vegas. Decorate your hotel room with a , and . Sip on some drinks using a hilarious while you play some fun bachelorette party games such as or a classic game of blackjack using these . Don't forget to let everyone know why you're there, snag one of these

19. "Something Blue" Theme
Focus on bridal traditions with a "something blue" theme! If the bride wears blue on her wedding day, it will help bring luck. It may work for the bachelorette party as well! The perfect outfit for the bride would include a blue veil, , and a . We can't forget about the bridal party though! Get the girls these adorable . You could even provide some fun blue beads for the party goers!

20. Bridal White
There is nothing more traditional and sophisticated than an all-white theme to honor the bride. First things first, this is a must-have! Have her dressed in white while everyone else dresses in a contrasting color so she stands out! Get her a to complete the outfit.

21. Photo Shoot
Hire a photographer to take gorgeous photos of all of you. Before the photographer arrives, hit up a salon for blowouts, give each other makeovers, and get dressed in your best outfit! Scout out a couple of fun locations where you can use this . If you don't want to shoot outside, set up a cute backdrop in your own home! You can use a and place this adorable in front of it. Voila!

22. Retro
Make the bride nostalgic with a retro theme! Think back to what was popular when she was in Junior High and High School, and make the party focused on it. Include some of her favorite foods from back then, embarrassing pictures, put together a retro music playlist, and play the most popular movies from the time. In order to completely capture the feeling, hang this and some . Instead of Pin the Tail on the Donkey, spice things up with this adult version, . It'll be a blast from the past!

23. Playboy Bunny Theme
Get sexy with a Playboy Bunny theme. Match a leotards with a pair of sexy , bunny ears and flaunt around town! Or stay at home and have a "Playboy Party" to make actual Playboy Parties jealous. If you do decide to leave the house, its essential that you let everyone know the occasion. With a , you'll be sure to turn heads. If the bride has a sense of humor, have her dress up as Hugh Hefner, bathrobe and all, while everyone else wears the ears!

24. Bachelorette Slumber Party
Get cozy and enjoy a night with your best girlfriends! Stay up all night eating junk food, gossiping, and playing your old favorite slumber party games like MASH and Mad Libs (Check out the - SO FUN!)! Help the bride-to-be stand out by getting her a cute to wear and a fun to put all of her overnight gear in! Grab a set of hilarious and take some pics that will help you always remember this amazing night with your Besties!

25. Disco Theme
When you think of disco, you think of glitter! Get glittery and prepare to dance! Top the tables with silver confetti, , and ! . Start the party by helping each other with Disco-worthy hair and makeup while watching Saturday Night Fever. Then to go along with your bell bottom jeans, pin in a flirty . Then head to a a Disco theme night at a nearby club and dance the night away!

26. 1980's
Tease up your hair and break out your neon! These would be the perfect drink accessories. Get dressed in your 80's best and go dancing at an 80's theme night (or make your own with a playlist of 80's songs!). Make sure your party looks uniform and purchase these for everyone (get all the same color or chose from turquoise, pink, and lime!). The night wouldn't be complete without and . Return home to watch some 80's classics or pose for some Glamour Shots.

27. Masquerade
Make things mysterious by wearing sexy masks! Life's a little more fun when no one knows who you are. Your group will stand out at bars and clubs, but no one will know your true identity! The bride would look stunning in this while the rest of her party chooses from this In order to make the night even more anonymous, give each guest a where they can choose their identity for the night. Things are bound to get interesting!

28. Cooking Party
If you love to cook, make it the central focus of your party! Grab your girls and attend a cooking class or even hold an Iron Chef style cooking competition! Buy some or Pasta, both are sure to provide some giggles! After dinner, move onto desert and pick from multiple cookie cutters such as a a , or even a . But make sure the bride is cooking in style and get her a to wear!

29. Princess Theme
If the bride has always wanted to be a princess, let today be her day! Buy this extremely affordable and hand them out as each guest arrives. Instruct everyone to either wear cute dresses or dress as their favorite princess. It only seems fitting to get the bride the gorgeous . If you want everyone to match, how about this fun and !

30. Nautical Theme
Get naughty with a nautical theme! Spend a day by the water with your closest friends. Custom design can coolers to keep everybody's drinks looking flashy! The would be perfect for the theme, as your crew embarks on the water. The bride also needs a large to haul all of her goodies around. So rent a boat, or go out for a nice seafood dinner followed by a pub crawl. It's perfect for any bride getting married near water!

31. Go Bowling
Bowling: Fun shoes, beer and bar food, and tons of laughter. Just because bowling is made out to be not so glamorous, doesn't mean your party can't be! Cover the tables in , and use . Take along a or to make a night out bowling even more fun with your best girlfriends! Some bowling alleys also have special nights where they turn down the lights and bring in a DJ. Check with the locations near you, they aren't going to know what hit them!

32. Girls vs. Boys Game Night
Planning a co-ed bachelorette and bachelor party? Split the groups up, boys v. girls, and get ready to compete! Play a mix of board games, video games, trivia games, and silly wedding games. This is exactly what you will need. Other hilarious games not included in that set are and Of course you will need to have some food and drinks on hand to munch on, use silly freezer ice cubes to keep the drinks cold!

33. Go To a Piano Bar
Piano bars are Bachelorette Party Central! Many offer special treatment (like a raunchy serenade) for the bachelorette. This option is good for rides that want to include their mother/mother-in-law in on their party. Keep things classy by wearing all black or all white with a contrasting sash, like this custom Some cute party favor ideas would be these fun and the classy . Check with your local piano bar for special nights and bachelorette party packages available.

34. Wine Tasting
Host a wine tasting in your home (have everyone bring their favorite bottle and a food pairing for it), or go to a wine tasting or two near you! The new are perfect for this theme. Choose from Maid of Honor, I do Crew, Future Mrs., or Bridesmaid. We also have two beautiful options to make sure that the bride drinks in style; the and the . Just make sure you have a designated driver for the way back home, whether it's a groomsman or you go all out and hire a limo!

35. Rent a Limo
Who says you need a destination? Have your party in the limo while it takes you wherever you'd like. Bring champagne and feel like a star as you drive around your town. Usually glassware would be provided, but if not these are adorable. To ensure you ride in style, we recommend this and this official Bachelorette Vehicle Sign. But make sure to check with your limo company first. Check out these for your bachelorette party!

36. Go Paint balling
The perfect bachelorette party idea for a bride to be who is really a tomb boy at heart. Go to a thrift store and find the most ridiculous old bridesmaid and wedding dresses you can, then wear them paint balling! You'll want to have a photographer there to take pics of the ridiculousness. Just make sure you leave enough time before the wedding for bruises to heal. Show up looking fierce rocking a . This is also a fantastic idea for a coed bachelor/bachelorette party.

37. Visit a Strip Club
If you're the wild type, celebrate your bachelorette party at a strip club! Buy the bride-to-be a lap dance and make sure everyone's decked out in naughty attire! Before heading out, have a few drinks at home using these hilarious .Things are definitely going to get dirty so don't be caught without the ! Check out these to make your night even more memorable. Just make sure the bride is up for the activity, you don't want her getting in trouble with her fiance right before the wedding! Once you get the OK, sit back and enjoy the view!

38. Visit a Museum
Go a bit classier by visiting a museum for your bachelorette party. Look for fun traveling exhibits in your area, or set up a private guided tour for your group. Pick one that peaks the interest of you and your party the most. Art? Science? Museum of Flight? Whatever it may be, snag one of these adorable to write down thoughts and memories throughout the day. Since museums tend to be a day-long activity, you'll need to bring along a lot of things. Store them in a large ! End the night with a long dinner talking about your favorite pieces and dissecting what it means about you.

39. Run a Marathon
If the bride is athletic, sign her up for a marathon or fun run! The type of run will determine what you all should wear. If it is a mud run, these are perfect to show your girly side while army crawling through the mud! We definitely recommend getting some to keep you warmed up before the race! These are perfect for everyone in your group and not only will you look great while running, you will have fun souvenirs after the event! Make sure to reward yourselves and go out for a carb-filled dinner and some fun drinks after!

40. Attend a Drag Show
Drag Shows are also popular bachelorette party spots, and for good reason! They'll keep you entertained and laughing throughout the night. If it's clear you're there for a bachelorette party, they'll probably bring attention to you as well! In order to make it obvious, show up in this - how fun!! Many shows serve cocktails, apps, or dinner during the event. The night is going to fly by so we recommend keeping this right by your side to write down all the hilarious moments that, trust me, ARE going to happen! Check in with the drag show nearest you for more info!

41. Attend a Workout Class
Stay fit for the wedding by attending a workout class together! Ask the bride what her favorite work out is, or if there's one she's always wanted to try. Barre and Zumba are popular choices, but don't be afraid to go a bit more wild (see Bachelorette Idea 41 below!). Once you figure out the perfect class, make sure your party sweats in style. These are super lightweight and provide plenty of room for you to work out freely. Another suggestion is to call and ask if they offer private sessions for the activity you've chosen. That way no one's embarrassed and you'll get the private attention you want!

42. Learn How to Pole Dance
Pole Fitness is sexy, fun, and a genuine work out! Anyone (seriously, anyone! Even your grandma!) can pole dance and everyone will have a great time doing it! Many pole studios offer bachelorette party packages that include hour long private classes. Some classes will let you bring fun props like this ! Don't push yourself too far, have fun with it, and embrace your sexiness!

43. Bachelorette Spa Day
Attend a spa and pamper yourself with spa services like massages and facials! You'll look and feel refreshed and relaxed for the wedding. Continue the spa-like feeling with goody bags for each party attendee filled with . This is a great Bachelorette party option if you want family members to attend. Be sure to call out you Bridal Party with these pretty . Give the Bride a or a so she stands out too!

44. Poolside Party
Put on your cutest bikinis, get some fun sunglasses, and party by the pool! Pick up some pool-friendly plastic cups like these so that there is no chance of broken glass! Can coolers are also a must. Find one that matches your theme, how about the ? Don't forget to take some time out of the day to jump in! There are dozens of games to play in the pool such as good old fashioned Marco Polo, sharks and minnows, or even basketball. Bring along this , for the perfect slip over your swim suit at the end of the day.

45. Play Truth or Dare
This kids' game is even more fun with your best girlfriends! Ask more grown-up or wedding-related truths and dares than you used to ask as a kid. Planning on celebrating at a bar? The possibilities for dares are endless! Incorporate talking to the guys there or asking for specific drinks. Still not sure what to ask? Bring along this and to keep the night rolling. Make sure everyone is sworn to secrecy because after all, what happens at the bachelorette party, stays at the bachelorette party. (Just like this says!)

46. Sing Karaoke
Whether it's at a bar, in your home, or in a private Karaoke booth, Karaoke is a popular Bachelorette Party activity! (Whether or not you can actually sing!) Serenade the bride with her favorite nostalgic songs, and incorporate some classic .

47. Fondue Night
Another popular Bachelorette Party activity, attending a fondue restaurant encourages everyone to get close (and allows you to indulge on cheese and chocolate!). Don't have a fondue place near you? Make your own fondue and ask everyone to bring something fun to dip! To dip in cheese we recommend bread, apples, potatoes, vegetables, and chicken. To dip in chocolate we recommend pound cake, brownies, fruit, marshmallows, and pretzels. These sparkly can double as toothpicks to pick up your food. These are the perfect tableware for your messy, but delicious, night!

48. Host a Tea Party
For a classier affair, host a tea party with a variety of teas, desserts, and mini sandwiches. Have everyone wear their tea party best, and dress up the tables to look extra fancy. We think these would be perfect for the occasion. For a pop of color, add a few of these around the room and table tops. You can incorporate champagne or tea cocktails with the party, or keep it strictly tea and flavored water for non-drinkers! Take a few breaks throughout the day and try a few of these to get the bridal party more familiar with one another!

49. Get Your Fortune Told
Find out what's in store for the lucky couple (and who will be the next to get married) by visiting a fortune teller! Take turns getting your fortune told, and then go out for dinner to share your results. Continue the night with other fortune telling tools like Ouija Boards, Cootie Catchers, and MASH! In case you don't believe in the actuality of your fortune, here's a for back up.

50. Attend a Comedy Club
Comedy Clubs are popular places for a bachelorette party and many of them will give a shout out to the bachelorette if you give them advance notice. You should definitely start your night off by watching one of these hilarious . Then make your way to a local comedy club for a night of fun. Give each guest a for your stronger drinks in to keep things interesting! Some comedy clubs can be a bit vulgar, so make sure that everyone is prepared for the content!

51. Play Tourist
Play tourist in your own hometown by going to all of the popular tourist spots you may normally ignore or taking a fun tour of your neighborhood or closest major city. Take lots of pics and buy cheesy souvenirs! You wouldn't be tourists if you didn't all wear matching clothes, though. Gear up in , or maybe even ? Whatever you do, and wherever you go, be sure to snap a group pic and put it in this awesome .

52. Attend a Concert
Is the bride's favorite band coming to town? Get dressed up and attend the concert! Bonus points if you can sneak backstage and meet them in person! (Maybe our will help! Put the last name of your favorite member of the band on it. You'll be sure to stand out!)

53. Road Trip!
Create a great song list, pack some snacks, grab a map, and hit the road! Stop at whatever weird tourist traps you can find along the way and take tons of pics! As a souvenir for the bride, pick up a paper map at a gas station and keep track of everywhere you go with quick notes on the map. Give it to her at the end of the trip!

54. Kentucky Derby Theme
Get out your big hats and make some mint juleps! Whether you like horse races, the south, or just an excuse to get dressed up, a Kentucky Derby theme makes for a fun party. Get yourself a cute sundress and begin perfecting your Southern accent!

55. LBD Night
Have every girl wear her favorite LBD (Little Black Dress). They'll feel more confident, comfortable, and gorgeous than other outfits you may put them in (and that'll come in handy when meeting guys at the club!) The Bride can stand out among the black dresses by wearing a cute over hers!

56. Go To a Shooting Range
Take out all of that wedding planning aggression at the shooting range! Schedule a private session and learn gun safety and basic techniques. Then, challenge each other and see who's the best shot! Keep your targets as souvenirs of your new skill!

57. Movie Marathon
Whether the theme is "Wedding Movies," "Favorite Chick Flicks," or "Hottest Hotties" a movie marathon with a lot of popcorn and wine is always a good time! Let your guests know what movies you're watching ahead of time, so they can come dressed up as their favorite character. Or announce a theme and let each girl bring her favorite film

58. Take a Dinner Cruise
Feel like you're getting away without spending too much time or money with a dinner cruise! They usually only last a couple hours and include food, drinks, dancing, and a great time with your girls. Go above and beyond by getting all of your friends or adopting a nautical theme!

59. Go Dancing
It's social, you get to get dressed up, and it's technically exercise: Go dancing! Pick a type of dance and take a private class before going out to try your new moves, or just club hop throughout the night. Make sure you're dressed to impress! Our and are a fun outfit to wear!

60. Pub Crawl
Go on a pub crawl and see how many free drinks the bachelorette can get throughout the night! Make sure you stand out with matching and bring a fun game with you! You'll be chatting guys up and asking them to buy you drinks before you know it!

61. Makeover Night
Have your friends bring over all of their makeup and hair supplies and give each other makeovers! Take "Before" and "After" pics and make sure to take a couple extra that can serve as new, gorgeous profile pictures! Get our cute for the wedding party as a fun favor they can use to keep their wedding day makeup in.

62. Game Night
Whether you prefer board games or video games, have a classic game night! Have everyone bring their favorite game, and get playing! (We recommend fun, nostalgic ones like Girl Talk, Mall Madness, and Pretty Pretty Princess.) Make sure you have prizes for the winners!

63. Paint Pottery
Many towns have studios that let you pick out a piece of pottery to paint. It's tons of fun and everyone gets a homemade piece to take home! Call ahead to reserve a space for your group. Some studios will let you bring in your own snacks and drinks as well. We recommend a nice cheese and cracker spread with some wine!

64. Craft Night
Get all of your craftiest friends together for a night of DIY projects. Create a cute item for your phone or a fun fashion project. Or have them work on something you need for the wedding! (How about bouquets, or a fun piece of jewelry or hair accessory for the wedding party to wear?) Just make sure you have extra supplies on hand for mistakes!

65. Private Shopping Night
Some boutiques will keep their store open in the evening for a private event for just you and your friends! Call ahead to inquire and schedule an evening. Some will even let you provide champagne or some snacks during the event! Team up with the other attendees to buy the bride something special she can wear on her honeymoon.

66. Fifty Shades of Grey Theme
Everyone's favorite book can be a great bachelorette party theme! Decorate the area in various shades of gray, and take turns reading steamy excerpts aloud from the book. Get the bride related gifts that'll make her blush.

67. Honeymoon Theme
Get the bride ready for her honeymoon by having the party's theme be based on location she'll be going! For instance, is she heading to Paris? Have a French-themed soiree with accents of red, white, and blue. Is she going camping? Go for a wilderness vibe! Make sure to get her plenty of goodies (and outfits) she can use on her honeymoon!

68. Rent a Boat
Rent a boat for the day and party in style! Nothing like a yacht, your girlfriends, and some bubbly...Just make sure you have a designated driver for when the rest of you want to have a couple drinks! Have a hot guy friend? Have him wait at the front of the boat and "" each girl as she arrives and gets on the boat.

69. Lady Gaga Theme
Get all your little monsters together and get ready to party the night away! Dress up in your wildest outfits and makeup, or make your own versions of Gaga's most famous costumes. You'll stand out for sure (and the costumes will make for some great pictures!).

70. Old Hollywood Theme
Get glamorous! Wear your nicest ballgowns and put your hair in finger waves. Enjoy champagne and fancy appetizers while listening to Jazz. Bonus points if you get a red carpet, a live band, and some fake paparazzi!
71. Costume Party
It doesn't have to be Halloween for you to wear costumes! You'll stand out (and feel a bit more wild) dressed up as something you're not. Pick a specific costume for all of the girls to wear and put the bride in a different one, or pick a theme like "TV Show characters," "Famous Brides," or "What You Wanted To Be When You Grew Up."
72. Wiggin' Out
Get a for every party attendee and enjoy celebrating in a wild disguise! Incorporate the wig into a "Blondes Have More Fun" party theme or go for outrageous colors that would never be found in nature. You'll have so much fun being someone a bit different for a night!
73. Sweet or Spicy
The bachelorette's a little sweet and a little spicy, and so is her party! Have sweet and spicy foods (try incorporating spicy peppers into desserts!), drinks, activities (like a sweet and spicy version of Truth or Dare), and gifts. Have each girl come to the party with a "sweet" fact and a "spicy" fact about the bride and share them throughout the night!
74. Real Housewives...
Dress up as the real housewives of YOUR county, or dress up as your favorite characters from the show! Make it feel even more real by going around town in a limo and hiring a friend to take photos/video of you all. Just try to avoid the cat fights...
75. Disney Bound!
Visit Disneyland or Disney World and party with Mickey! Get matching ears or shirts and take pics with all of your favorite Disney Princes! Schedule a nice dinner in the park and make sure you stick around for the fireworks!
76. Mall Madness
Hit up your local mall and hold a wild scavenger hunt that involves the bachelorette buying ridiculous items from the various stores! Award the team with the most done in the fastest time with a gift certificate to the mall. End the night at a restaurant or bar near the mall.
77. Hold a Roast
Have everyone prepare their favorite story about the bachelorette! Have the bachelorette sit in front of everyone and take turns presenting your stories and jokes about the bride. Just make sure you end the stories with nice comments about her!
78. Burlesque Night
Dress in corsets, , and , and strut your stuff all night! Attend a burlesque show, have a burlesque performer teach you some new moves, or just rent the movie "Burlesque" and then show off your own burlesque style at a club.
79. All That Jazz
Hold your party at a jazz club! Get dressed up and enjoy a nice night of sipping cocktails and listening to smooth jazz. Our are a great way to show off your Bachelorette status while staying classy.
80. Hit The Slopes
Visit a ski resort for the weekend! You'll get exercise, bond with your friends, and get a chance to be cozy and relax before the big day! After hitting the slopes during the day, warm up over some wine and conversation, and then get changed for a dressy dinner at the resort.
81. Old Flames
Have a bonfire for things belonging to old loves and crushes. Have every attendee bring pictures or souvenirs from old relationships (or ones reminding them of past relationships of the bride). As they burn their item, they can tell a story about the person. You can even hold a reading of embarrassing notes or poetry written in your pre-teen and teenage days! This is a cathartic way to end the dating days and move on to the future relationship of the bride and groom!
82. Before You're Married...
Does the bride have a list of things she wanted to do before she got married? Hobbies that her fiance doesn't love as much as she does? Do as much of them as you can! Just check the items first--all of the party attendees might not want to go skydiving!
83. The Good Samaritan
You don't have to get drunk or be wild at your bachelorette party! Instead, find an organization you support, and spend the day volunteering with your bridesmaids. Clean up a park, mentor some kids, serve at a soup kitchen, or go shopping for a shelter!
84. Pin-Up Party
Dress like old-school pin-up girls (corsets, vintage clothing, pearls) and hire a photographer to take great photos of everyone. Create prints for the girls to sign, and separate smaller prints to give to your significant others!
85. Country Clubbing
Forget dance clubs, spend the day at the country club! Go golfing, grab a nice long lunch, and hang out by the pool. Don't forget your khakis, polos, and pearls! Just make sure the girls don't get too crazy--be respectable while in the club!
86. Pull a Prank
Get together with your friends and pull a great prank on the guys and their bachelor party! This is great if their party is on the same day as theirs. Looking for ideas? Dress up in wigs and sunglasses and flirt with them, see if they recognize you! Or if the bride has keys to the groom's car, you can leave surprises inside of it!
87. Murder Mystery Dinner
It may sound somber, but it's a lot of fun! Attend an interactive Murder Mystery Dinner in your hometown or use an at-home-kit to do your own! You'll get to dress up and play a character. YOU may even be the killer or solve the murder!
88. College Night
Go back to your college pub favorites, or stay at home with beer pong, cheap drinks, and pizza. Wear the colors of your alma mater! Not near your college? Take over a campus near you and hit all of the nearby bars. The drinks are usually cheap and the vibe is fun!
89. Be Adventurous
Try something you've always wanted to do but never have: Bungie jumping or skydiving, maybe? Just make sure all of the party goers actually want to participate! Hold a "You Did It!" celebratory party once you're safely back on the ground.
90. Spice Girls Theme
Have everyone come dressed as their favorite spice girl (or in their 90's pastel-and-platform-sandal best) and party the night away listening to Spice Girl classics! Hit up a British pub to start the night, take tons of pics, and then come back home to watch Spice World and sing along to their hits.
91. Take a Hike
Get out and enjoy nature with a beautiful hike with your girls! Make a special trail mix full of the bachelorette's favorite things, and take a group picture at your destination. End the day with a long, delicious dinner at sunset on a patio.
92. Hangout Online
Can't meet up in person? Have each lady prepare their favorite drink and an embarrassing story about the bride, and party online through a Google Hangout or Skype Call! Want to give the bachelorette gifts? Ship them to her house in advance and have her open them during the call.
93. Alice in Wonderland Theme
Go a little naughty and a bit fantastical with an Alice in Wonderland theme! Find a cute guy to wear bunny ears and lead you on a pub crawl. Planning on staying in? Make sure you have cups labeled "Drink Me," beautiful cookies, and tea!
94. A Day at The Beach
Go to the nearest beach and spend the day there! Play a round of beach volleyball, splash around, go to a beachside bar, and work on your tan. Put together little party favors in sand pails that include sunglasses, a cute water bottle, sunscreen, and more.
95. Up. Up, and Away!
Take a hot air balloon or helicopter ride to get a good view of your town! You'll feel larger than life up there. After the ride, have dinner or drinks at the highest building available nearest to you. You'll love looking down on the city and reminiscing about your day with your friends!
96. One Crazy Knight
Go for a medieval theme! Attend a medieval themed restaurant or show, or attend a renaissance fair. It's most likely a big departure from your average day, but hey: turkey legs, mead, corsets, and hot knights. What's not to love? End the night with some fun medieval movies like The Princess Bride and A Knight's Tale.
97. Food Crawl
Forget a pub crawl, go on a "food crawl!" Visit your favorite restaurants and order an appetizer or two to share at each location. Or go to an area that food trucks frequent and try something from each truck! Let each girl pick her favorite item, and then get together and share them all "family style,"
98. "Breakfast at Tiffany's"
Tiffany's and Audrey Hepburn, how can you go wrong? Dress in black and Tiffany blue and start the day with a delicious breakfast, a stop at the famous jewelry store, then do a small Audrey-inspired photo shoot, and end the day with cocktails. Don't forget your big glasses and tiaras!
99. Advice for the Bride
Quiz married women in the bride's life and have them give marriage advice for the bride. Read them aloud during the party and have the bride guess who said what. Then have all of the girls at the party share their advice (whether or not they're already married)!
100. Fiesta Night
Host a Fiesta complete with Mexican food, margaritas, fun music, sombreros, and a "naughty" shaped pinata! Or go to a Mexican restuarant with a bar and have the whole party there! Bonus points if it's a bar with a DJ or Karaoke machine!
101. Paint the Town Red
Have a red-hot theme with red foods, red drinks, red lipstick, and a sizzling red dress for the bachelorette! The other girls can wear black to let the bachelorette stand out. (But of course, it never hurts to accessorize everyone with red boas!)

102. "The Great Gatsby" Theme
Don your best 20's attire and let the champagne flow! Party like you're at the biggest social event of the season. The "Great Gatsby" soundtrack is a great thing to have playing in the background. Invite some friends over early to help each other get ready. Have , feathers, and instructions for fingerwaves on hand! Give as party favors to all of your guests to add the ambiance!