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1. Simply pick out your panel style.

2. Calculate the square footage.

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It's just that simple!



NEW PRODUCT! Stacked Stone Panels
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Superior Rock Solutions™ Interlocking Stacked Stone Panels. Even easier to install!


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Four Simple Steps!

Superior Rock Solutions™ panels are simple and easy to install. Your labor costs have just gotten smaller!!!

Step 1 - Set panels in place.

Step 2 - Bolt panels in place.

Step 3 - Join panels together.

Step 4 - Stain panels.

End High Labor Costs!

Just think about this – a project for your clients that does not take weeks to complete. No more worrying about unsupervised employees spending too much time on site.

Create a Masterpiece!

Create an indoor masterpiece using Superior Rock Solutions panels.

Perfect for your residential or commercial client.



From Industry Leaders and Faux Rock Pioneers!

Superior Rock Solutions™ has developed a .

For more than 30 years, Synthetic Rock Solutions™ has been leading the way in testing, developing and researching faux rock products and designs. It manufactures the most realistic synthetic rock in the industry. and see for yourself!

Superior Rock Solutions™ manufactures limestone panels, brick panels, and river rock panels.

You will think they are real and so will your clients!

Satisfy All of Your Customers!

Design and install the most attractive limestone, brick and river rock projects for your clients. them any color that your clients' desire. You will have satisfied customers.

Decrease Problems!

Superior Rock Solutions™ products decrease water infiltration problems with substantially fewer seams.

Unlimited Potential and FREE Quotes!

  • - Spec and complete any project with our synthetic rock panels.
  • - Create a water feature complete with waterfalls.
  • - Install overlays to completely renew building look.
  • - Install a .
  • - Create outcroppings for your garden.
  • - Fabricate bubbler rocks.
  • - Create a .
  • - Install a well house/pump house.


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