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“Time is Money” and we know the importance of time for a successful business. That’s why we deliver our work in 24 hours with exceptional quality.

The increasing number of technologies has meant that the businesses have more ways than ever to amplify the impact of their content. That’s why we use latest softwares like Wilcom, APS Eithos, Tajima DGML by Pulse, Wings XP to give up to date and quality service to our valuable customers.

Professional Staff

With a team of highly skilled digitizers, embroiderers and graphic designers from the world’s finest digitizing industry and an experience of around 15 years in digital art work, we are continually satisfying our clients by delivering perfection in all aspects of their digitizing need.

Quality is our asset and we are serving our clients with our un-matched quality. We justify our prices by delivering extraordinary and fanatically machine friendly artwork.

Premium Quality

Reasonable Price

Fastest Turnaround

Easy Ordering System

Starting any business is a challenge for everyone. On the other hand, it does not matter how old you are at that particular stage, it is always a challenge to

13 june 2017

Everything is embossed with logos from a cell phone to your shoes.The tiny symbols are actually the complete definition of the company. The

Embroidery digitizing is very important part of the technical world. As we all know, Computer is a necessary machine. In every field, people

If you are making a plan to offer embroidery digitizing services as a business advisor, you have to get familiar with all the necessities of Machine Embroidery. Moving on to the final step in creating custom embroidery designs is to place the digitized embroidery file on the design card and then load