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How to Eat in Las Vegas on the Cheap

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There are certainly plenty of ways to eat in Las Vegas on the cheap, but many offer substandard quality. With a little planning beforehand and research once you arrive, there are ways to find good food to eat in Las Vegas on the cheap. Make sure to check the various casino and restaurant websites for more up-to-date pricing.


Preparing to Go to Vegas

  1. Book a hotel that has a fridge or a microwave.A hotel room that features a refrigerator and microwave can get you through the day or stop late-night hunger pains.
    • However, you won't find a hotel with a microwave or fridge on the strip for this reason. Try searching for hotels off the beaten path that are more likely to have common appliances.
  2. Pick a hotel that has cheap dining options.Many hotels incorporate delis, fast food restaurants and other inexpensive options but make sure to check before you book a room.
    • Research potential hotels online through their own websites and through the reviews of others who have stayed there.
    • Avoid room service if possible as the prices are usually much higher than what the food is really worth.
  3. Join a Hotel Gaming Reward Program.These programs reward you for continually gambling at the same location, so make sure to sign up with one before you begin.
    • Specific casinos will have their own reward programs, so investigate their websites. If they have a reward program there will be a form there that you can fill out to become a member.
    • After you get your reward card (usually through the post), present it to dealers and slot machines before you lay down a wager so that you can gather points to use later on.
    • Offers can include discount coupons for casino restaurants or passes for the buffet.
  4. Use the MyVegas app for substantial deals.MyVegas is an app that can potentially save you hundreds of dollars in the long run if you're careful. The app rewards 'loyalty points' that can be redeemed for real world discounts.
    • Download the app onto your phone, then link your Facebook account to it. You will receive approximately 250,000 in-app 'coins' which can be spent on freebies.
    • The app will allow you to gamble those coins in digital slot machines, but you don't need to. During your visit you can redeems these free coins on 3 freebies of your choice.
    • If possible, try and use the free codes that can be found on the MyVegas Facebook page to keep the in-app 'coins' high.
  5. Look for coupons online before leaving for Vegas.Search sites such as Groupon thoroughly before leaving for Vegas. They may have some deals that will dramatically decrease the price of meals.
    • Go to the Groupon website () and type in 'Las Vegas' in the search bar at the top of the page. You will be presented with a list of different redeemable coupons. If you make an account with Groupon, you can use these coupons on your visit.
    • Check independent websites such as Vegas 4 Locals () for a list of free coupons that can be easily printed off in advance of your trip.

Cutting Costs in Vegas

  1. Eat at a buffet if you prefer one large meal a day.Although most buffets on the strip are lavish affairs costing more than , a few affordable buffets can be found on the strip and elsewhere.
    • Station Casino's Feast Buffet is .99 for breakfast, .49 for lunch and anywhere from .99 to .99 for dinner.
    • Green Valley Ranch and Red Rock Resort Feast Buffets range anywhere from to .
  2. Attend a buffet during transitional periods.If you attend a buffet for the breakfast price and then eat slowly you can wait for the breakfast foods to be carted out and the lunch food to replace them, effectively meaning you paid breakfast prices for the lunch menu.
  3. Venture off the strip for cheaper restaurants.Many of the casino restaurants will have greatly inflated prices. Don't be afraid to venture out of the strip to find bargains on food just as filling as that you'd get in the casino.
    • Salvadoreño Restaurante sells pork pupusas for just .75.
    • At Tacos El Gordo you can get a filling meal for anything between to .
    • Unwind with a basil and tomato soup for .95 at the Nordstrom Marketplace Café.
  4. Ask for off-menu specials for secret bargains.Off-menu specials are a common way for Vegas pros to cut down on prices on long weekends. Search online and keep your ear to the ground for any off-menu specials that can save you a few dollars.
    • For example, Ellis Island is known for its .95 steak special that includes a 10-ounce steak, salad, baked potato, vegetable, bread and glass of beer or soda.
    • Sometimes if you play the slots at Ellis Island you can get a voucher to reduce the price to .99.
  5. Attend more expensive restaurants on weekdays.The prices at most restaurants fluctuate based on which events are currently taking place. Therefore, it's best to research before you leave for Vegas to see if any events are scheduled while you'll be there.
    • If you find yourself in Vegas during a large event, try to avoid restaurants on the strip at all costs. They may hike up the prices to take advantage of the excitement.
    • Going to restaurants during the offseason, like in July and August, will keep the prices low.
  6. Split larger portions if you're in a group.Buying individual meals can easily rack up a bigger bill than sharing portions. If you're in a group, try and find a spot that will deal out large portions that you can split the bill on.

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How to Eat in Las Vegas on the Cheap
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