Secret Signs That You Are Being Bullied

How to Recognize a Dangerous Bully


  1. There are two types of bullies who are dangerous.1) The bully who taunts and hurts others openly, and 2) The bully who enlists adults to bully others on their behalf. Learning to recognize these two types of bullies will help you avoid suffering at their hands.
  2. Learn to recognize an openly aggressive bully.This kind of bully often taunts others loudly and pushes/shoves/kicks in order to get and keep your attention. The danger of this type of bully is fairly obvious. Being taunted with insults can cause temporarily hurt feelings, but the addition of aggressive physical contact takes this type of bully into the dangerous category. These bullies are attracted to those who are popular around them (not often weak or diminutive) and they tend to pursue them openly, despite the presence of adults or physically stronger children. They are difficult to manage and are often a regular presence in detention rooms around the school for their uncontrollable behaviour.
  3. Avoid the taunting and touching bully by walking with your head and eyes up.Make eye-contact brief but meaningful as you pass by them, and greet them as if you are giving a friend a "shout-out" (keeping your voice up and cheerful sounding).
  4. Focus on where you're going, when around a taunting and touching bully.Wave at them with your arm held high in the air if they shout out to you, and laugh and shake your head as you walk away.
    • Treat shoving/kicking/pushing as aggression initiated and stay solid on your feet as you shove them back. Sending a taunting and touching bully reeling into a crowd creates plenty of disruption for you to make an artful escape, and will give you the extra moment lead you'll want to let an adult know about the altercation.
  5. If you've followed the step above and find yourself being approached by the taunting and touching bully a second time, tell him/her loudly not to "make you hurt them".Give them the impression that you have a mean streak that has yet to be seen, but that you're willing to offer him a personal demonstration if he continues to show interest.
  6. If he/she takes you up on your offer, make as big a scene as you can:Raise your voice as loud as you can, throw books or items you are carrying to the floor with as much force as you can and begin yelling promises to damage him/her permanently if they do not leave you alone.
  7. Bait the bully for as long as you can before actually coming to blows to give adults time to arrive and secure him or her.Once the bully is subdued, quietly tell him/her you'll remember them, smile, and walk away. Repeat this as often as necessary.
  8. Learn to recognize a manipulative bully.This kind of bully taunts others quietly and seeks out adults to enlist their support in bullying you. They are typically unpopular, are physically weaker than their peers, and tend to be known as tattle-tales by other classmates. These quiet bullies lie to unsuspecting adults (as well as physically stronger peers) and manipulate their sympathies to exact revenge against those classmates who dare to not like them. They have a distorted sense of self worth that makes them feel entitled to the respect and friendship of everyone with whom they come into contact.
    • The danger in dealing with this type of bully is harder to quantify. These bullies are not concerned with hurting others physically or mentally, directly (they are aware that their lack of strength, stature, and sharp wit put them at an extreme disadvantage when trying to intimidate their peers). Their goal is to use others to carry out their intimidation and bullying.
  9. Understand how manipulative bullies operate.When crossed, because they tend to enlist the support of powerful adults, the quiet bully can indirectly cause others physical harm (corporal punishment administered by school authorities and/or parents) as well as harm to their enemies' future (via notations added to school files, falsely labelling a student as a "bully", which may be used to evaluate their college/employment applications later in life.).
  10. To avoid the bully who enlists adults to bully others on their behalf, you must take care to treat all fellow students respectfully; voice your complaints about a manipulative bully's behaviour to a wide range of adults (not just your parents); and observe which adults he or she has attempted to enlist against you and seek out adults who have greater authority.
  11. If the bully make false accusations against you to a teacher, go to a teacher who has greater seniority and tell them what is happening.After you've done that, go to the school counsellor and explain what is happening to you, and express your fear that this little bully will convince the teacher that you are doing things you haven't done.
  12. Establish the facts with a few other teachers and/or school administrators so that if the teachers who believe the bully should begin to treat you differently, you can immediately turn to those with whom you've confided your concerns and enlist their help as you fight back.
  13. Get your parents involved early on and have them document your complaints against the manipulative bully and the teachers who appear to believe the bully's stories.Should you wind up in trouble, you'll need your parents to argue any addition to your school records made by these teachers under the direction of the bully.

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How to Recognize a Dangerous Bully
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