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How to Study Using a Game Method

Three Methods:

Studying can be a daunting task but if you prepare for an assessment using a more exciting technique such as playing a game, you will study with ease and enjoyment. The best way to approach using a game method to study, is to gather all the necessary materials, pull out all of the pertinent information from those materials and review them. You can begin playing the game once you have organized and read over all the information. Studying using a game method will surely be more fun than studying in a conventional way and you are likely to retain the information better because you won’t feel like you are studying.


Playing the Concentration Game

  1. Create game pieces.Make small cards using paper or something sturdier such as cardstock. Cut small squares out and be sure to make each piece the same size. Since this is a memory game, it is important that each card looks the same so you are unable to differentiate one card from the next.
  2. Write out information on game pieces.Work in pairs when writing out your review information on these cards. Write down a vocabulary word on the first card in the pair and its definition on the second. Continue writing on your cards until each review item has been covered.
    • This game words best when reviewing things like definitions, spelling, examples, etc.
  3. Organize your cards.Flip over all your cards so that the writing is underneath. Place your cards face down and organize them into rows and columns until every game piece is situated.
  4. Flip over one card.Begin the game by choosing just one card to turn over. Read the definition or vocabulary word and choose one more card to turn over. If you flipped over the correct card, you should have a pair in which both cards are a match.
    • When first starting out, this game is sheer luck, but after a few tries you will be able to remember where each card lies and can do your best to find its correct match.
  5. Set aside pairs.When you have found two cards that are a match, set that pair aside so that your game board becomes smaller. Continue playing until every card has been turned over and you have created matches for each game piece. When you are finished playing, you can simply shuffle your cards and redistribute them to create your game board and play again.

Playing With Cards

  1. Obtain a deck of cards.The first thing you need to do is get an entire deck of cards. Be sure you aren’t missing any because it will affect how you play the game.
  2. Create a list of review items.Using your study materials, create a list of items you want to review. This list must be numbered and can be anything from definitions to vocabulary.
  3. Pull out face cards from your deck.You want to eliminate any face cards from your deck because the only cards needed are those with numbers. You may set the face cards aside until you have finished playing.
    • An alternative to pulling out face cards is using them to play the game. Treat these cards like wild cards and whenever you draw one you can choose to review any item from your list that you wish to review.
  4. Shuffle your cards.It is very important to shuffle your deck. By doing this, you will ensure that each review item gets chosen by mixing up the numbers within the deck.
  5. Draw cards.Place your cards in a pile after shuffling them and draw the first card off the top. You may set aside all the cards you have already drawn.
  6. Review information corresponding to the number on each card.Look at the number on the card you drew and find the corresponding number on your list of review items. Review the information for that particular number. Continue to draw cards and review the information corresponding to those cards until you have gone through the entire deck.

Playing a Guessing Game

  1. Create a list of questions.Before generating a list of game questions, you must first go through all of your study materials and review critical information. While reviewing, form questions and produce a list.
  2. Cut small pieces of paper.Once your list is created you are ready to craft several pieces of small paper. These pieces of paper will serve as the main game pieces.
    • Use card stock or heavy-duty paper for sturdy game pieces.
    • Use sticky notes as another option to quickly create piece.
  3. Number papers.You created your main game pieces so now you must number them according to how many questions you developed.
  4. Put papers in container.Place all of your numbered game pieces into the container and be careful not to forget any.
    • Be sure to shake the container once you’ve put all your game pieces inside to ensure the pieces are mixed sufficiently.
  5. Draw paper from container.Keep your list of questions next to you as you pull pieces out of the container. Choose randomly from the container and read the number on the piece of paper.
  6. Answer corresponding questions.Find the number on your question list that corresponds to the number on your game piece and read that question.
  7. Set aside used pieces.After answering each question, put the used game pieces aside so as not to repeat any.
    • If you are unable to recall the correct answers to any questions you can make two piles designating one for challenging questions and one for easy questions.
    • When you play the game for again, you can just put the challenging questions inside the container and spend less time reviewing the questions you already know.
  8. Repeat steps until container is empty.Continue draw the papers from the container until you’ve used them all.
    • To play again, simply fill up the container and start over.

Community Q&A

  • Question
    How can we turn a lazy person into a hardworking person?
    Suprabath Kondapally
    Community Answer
    Hardworking isn't sitting in front of books for hours and hours and studying, it means that if you read for one hour don't increase the time, increase the concentration on studies. And most importantly, take a break now and then so you don't overwork your brain.
  • Question
    How do I get up early during the exams?
    wikiHow Contributor
    Community Answer
    Set your alarm earlier and earlier each day so your body can gradually adjust.
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  • You can play any of these games with others by forming a study group.
  • If you find that you cannot answer a lot of the questions, you may need to go back and review the information before playing the game.

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