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Ever wonder how woulda lived if he never got tossed behind bars for dog fighting??

Thanks to Jamaal Anderson ... no need for imagination anymore -- 'cause the ex-Falcons star is selling the mansion that was built for the QB!!

The crib's out in Loganville, GA ... and Vick was having it done so he could live out his Falcon-playing days near the ATL. But, he never got to move into it 'cause of his prison sentence.

The QB's loss turned out to be Anderson's gain ... 'cause the ex-NFL DE has been in the 7 bed, 7.5 bathroom PALACE for the last 4 years -- but is set to part ways with it in a move to downsize.

We're told the pad -- repped by Angel Knight of -- is on 4 ACRES, has 2 (!!) full kitchens, its own elevator AND A HAIR SALON!!!

Yeah, Vick and his MILLION contract weren't playin' around.

Sooo ... what's Jamaal getting for the place now?? We're told asking price is ,689,000 -- and a buyer's all set to snatch it off the market this week.

dancing in the foyer coming in 3 ... 2 ...

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 is getting a feel for his new surroundings, tearing up the streets of his new neighborhood on his skateboard. 

The Biebs busted out his deck for a Friday afternoon skate sesh and kickflipped his way through Toluca Lake ... making sure all his neighbors know there's a new kid on the block.

Check out the threads ... looks like Justin's a big fan of Utah Jazz star . The Jazz open their season Wednesday, and we're guessing Justin can't wait to see what Donovan has in store for an encore. 

We broke the story ... Justin and new wife are in the San Fernando Valley for nearly 0k per month.

Nothing like ripping through the streets to get a bearing on things. 



This is NOT a figment of Truman Burbank's imagination ... the house where  filmed "The Truman Show" was smack in the path of Hurricane Michael's 155 mph winds, but somehow dodged disaster.

Exteriors for the 1998 flick were shot at this home in Seaside, FL and, despite the approaching category 4 storm, the owners tell us they did very little to protect the house. They trusted the fact it's sitting on a solid foundation, and hoped for the best. However, the town was under mandatory evacuation, so they got out of harm's way ... not knowing if the home would make it.

Truth is, the odds weren't in their favor when Michael made landfall. As a barometer, Panama city -- just 35 miles west of Seaside -- was decimated.

As it turns out, the hurricane ended up skirting Seaside ... and the only real damage suffered at the house was limited to some branches coming down.

The owners know they got super lucky this time around.

BTW, the house is usually empty, except for visiting family members from time to time. The owners don't rent it out, and they've left it unchanged since 'Truman' was shot there. 


Even  and 's Midas touch has a limit -- their old Bel-Air crib, which they sold for a whopping profit, has been sold again ... but this time at a staggering multi-million dollar loss.

You'll recall the Wests first bought the property in 2013 for million. Enter Ukrainian billionaire Marina Acton in 2017, who plunked down .8 mil. Sweet deal for Kanye and Kim and, at the time, the ever in the Bel-Air Crest community.

You'll recall, they'd taken the house down to the studs and rebuilt it as a modern, minimalist home.

Acton wasn't there long ... about 7 months later she put the 10,000 square foot crib  because she's pregnant and needs more space. Well, we confirmed she finally unloaded it for million -- aka a loss of at least .8 million. Ouch.

Don't cry for Acton though ... she's worth more than .6 billion. Drop in the bucket.



 has commitment issues ... when it comes to buying a crib in L.A. 'cause we've learned he's chosen the renter's life, at least for now.

Sources tell TMZ ... Justin just signed a lease to rent a nearly 6,000 square foot crib in the San Fernando Valley, and it wasn't cheap -- he'll shell out nearly 0k per month.

We're told Justin's sorta kinda stuck between a rock and a hard place -- he doesn't wanna live in a ritzy hotel anymore, but he's not exactly ready to plunk down a ton of cash to buy a place in L.A. 

We're told Justin wanted to have a steady place to live when he's in Tinseltown with his new wife () . As far as the crib goes ... the 4 bedroom, 7 bathroom Mediterranean-style house is newly renovated and it features lake-front views.

Justin and lake views ... it's kinda .



The web of celeb burglaries just got a little more tangled -- one of the 4 people arrested for hitting 's crib had also been busted for a  home invasion where shots were fired.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... 19-year-old Jshawne Daniels was nabbed by cops after hitting Keef's crib in the San Fernando Valley on Sept. 23. As we first reported, one round was fired , and a third got away.

We're told Daniels runs with the same crew that hit  on . Days after the Keef incident, cops say different members of that same crew  and Rams star .

We broke the story ... the 4 suspects  had a list of a dozen more stars they were targeting ... including , and .


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and his famous family are saying goodbye to their legendary Bev Hills compound -- selling the place for MILLION!!!!

David and bought the 13,000 square foot estate back in 2007 -- right around the time David signed a 0 MILLION contract with the L.A. Galaxy soccer team. 

At the time they bought the home, the asking price was million. 

Now, with David bringing an MLS team to Florida -- Inter Miami Football Club -- it appears the family just ain't using the West Coast palace like they used to. 

David and Victoria's kids went to school in Los Angeles during their time on the West Coast -- but now they spend their time mostly in London. 

The Bev Hills mansion is insane -- 6 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, a library, pool and has iron gates in the front of the property to keep out the riff raff, . 

As for the buyer, no word yet -- but whoever it is ... RICH. 



's home has been doubling as a drug den ... but apparently without her knowledge.

We broke the story ... Cher's Malibu mansion was last Thursday and they executed a search warrant, which led to the arrest of Donovan Ruiz, the 23-year-old son of one of her assistants, who lives at her residence.

According to that search warrant -- obtained by TMZ -- cops found a plethora of narcotics and drug paraphernalia both on Ruiz and in his room ... along with boxes of .22 caliber bullets.

Cops searched Ruiz's pants and allegedly found 1.3 grams of fentanyl powder, a Xanax pill, an unknown white pill, tin foil and a pink straw with brown residue.

Ruiz's room was then searched, where cops say they found 16 yellow pills marked "215," 2 pink pills marked "K40," 3 Suboxone strips, 4 fentanyl patches, 2 boxes of .22 caliber ammunition and a Gucci box containing burnt foil and a straw.

The ammo is interesting because as we reported, cops called in paramedics during the search ... anticipating things might turn violent. 

According to the docs, cops had reason to believe Ruiz was selling narcotics and sold heroin to a Ventura County resident in September who overdosed and died ... which is why they got the search warrant.

Ruiz was arrested on a felony charge for supplying narcotics to someone who dies.

Cher is on tour and was not home at the time of the arrest.


Breaking News

The LAPD says the suspects who have been raiding the homes of celebrities in L.A. had a list of a dozen more stars they were targeting including , and . 

... and cops say the suspects had already obtained the addresses of their famous targets. 

As we previously reported, cops had arrested one of the suspects the homes of , , and L.A. Rams star ... but now, officials say they've arrested 3 more people. 

Of the 4 people in custody ... 2 of them are 19-year-old men, one is an 18-year-old man and the other is a 34-year-old woman. 

The female suspect is the MOTHER of one of the teenage men, according to LAPD Capt. Lillian Carranza

And, that's not all ... cops believe there are more people involved in the burglaries and investigators are currently on the hunt to catch them too. 

In total, cops say the burglary crew has already hit more than 24 homes -- with at least 12 more rich and famous targets in their sights. 

The key to solving the case ... cops say Robert Woods' neighbor made the initial call to report and when they found the first suspect, the found items connected to the other high profile cases. 

In total, cops say the group stole more than MILLION in property -- including ,000 cash, watches, purses and a vehicle. Cops say one of the suspects also had a firearm.

Cops are asking the public to help strengthen their case against the suspects by identifying the stolen objects and giving information about the suspects and other possible crimes. 

Story developing ... 



There's a massive police response to and 's Brentwood neighborhood ... all for a suspicious guy residents feared was about to break into homes ... TMZ has learned.

Multiple patrol cars raced to the streets around Miranda and Evan's mansion Tuesday afternoon. Law enforcement sources tell us a resident called cops after a man was spotted knocking on several doors in the hood. 

We're told cops arrived and suspected the guy was under the influence, and also discovered he has outstanding warrants. He allegedly resisted arrest, and that's why cops immediately called for backup.

Miranda and the Snapchat co-founder in 2016 ... about a year before in their backyard.

The suspect who caused all this ruckus has been taken into custody. 

Crisis averted.



Jason Ritter's the latest celeb to get hit by a burglar, and this one was especially horrifying ... for his fiancee.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Jason's fiancee, , was home alone last weekend in their Hollywood Hills crib when she heard some noise in the back of the house. We're told she thought it was Jason coming home, but then realized the back door window had been broken ... and it became very clear what had just happened -- a break-in.

Our sources say the burglar walked in through the door after breaking the window, but was apparently scared away after hearing Melanie, who then called 911.

Cops showed up, but the perp was gone by the time they arrived. LAPD's now investigating the attempted burglary. Jason -- son of the late John Ritter -- is just the latest celeb to be . 's crib  a few days later in the same neighborhood.



L.A. Rams wide receiver had a GREAT night on Thursday -- until he got home ... and saw his home had been broken into while he was playing the Vikings, TMZ Sports has learned. 

Woods caught 5 passes for 101 yards and a TD in the Rams victory over Minnesota at the Coliseum in L.A. Clearly, somebody knew he would be out of the house (the game was nationally televised) and burglarized Robert's San Fernando Valley pad.  

We're told when Woods returned to his home after the game, he called police -- but since no alarm was set, it's unclear exactly when the burglary took place. It appears the intruder entered through a back window. Sources say cops and Woods are trying to put together a list of what was taken. 

The situation appears to be similar to -- who also lives in the Valley. His home while he was playing a game at Dodger Stadium earlier this month. 

Woods is from Los Angeles -- he went to high school in Gardena and played college ball at USC. 

Story developing ... 


's crib is becoming a regular route for cops, who rushed there for a break-in late Tuesday night -- the second time someone illegally entered the home this year.

Police responded to RiRi's Hollywood Hills home after an alarm went off around 10:30 PM PT. Neighbors told police they saw as many as 3 suspects fleeing in a silver vehicle after the alarm was triggered.

LAPD swarmed to her house -- and we're told it's unclear if they made off with any loot -- but police say Rihanna was not home at the time.

This is the second break-in and the third time police have responded to her home in force this year.

Her house was burglarized in May, when a man had spent the night. He allegedly told cops he was with the singer. The suspect with felony stalking and burglary shortly after.

And, you'll recall ... cops also raced to the house just last month after her alarm was .

Looks like her alarm system got it right this time around. Time to , Ri?