Закрыть ... [X]

jlo_buttJ.Lo performs in 1999 and 2018. Scott Gries/Kevin Winter/Getty Images

  • turned 49 years old on July 24.
  • You'd never know it from the bikini photo she posted on .
  • Fans have commented that she seems to be "aging backwards."

Jennifer Lopez has the same energy, spunk, skin, and butt . Frankly, it defies logic. Even the "Booty" singer herself admitted .

Although she recently told Emmy magazine that she keeps the "pace" of a 25-year-old, believe it or not, Lopez turned 49 years old yesterday. She documented the milestone by posting a photo on Instagram, in which the bikini-clad icon is accompanied by , and surrounded by champagne bottles.

Naturally, fans were quick to praise (and stare in awe at) her youthful glow.

"What the hell JLo don't you age??" one person commented.

"No human looks like this at 49," another wrote.

Now, while it's reasonable to assume that Lopez is either a witch or an alien, there are actual reasons why she seems to be "aging backwards."

In addition to her , she works out like a fiend. In fact, She keeps her routine fun by bringing her along to gym sessions, exercising outdoors, and incorporating activities that she loves, like dancing.

Additionally, the starlet prioritizes . Most importantly, Lopez works hard and stays positive.

"She gives so much and she's not one of these performers who think they're just entitled to a good body and is jumping for all kinds of quick fixes," Lopez's trainer, Tracey Anderson, told Women's Wear Daily. "She's very aware of finding her own formula and what works for her along the way."

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