Jeri Ryan is really only known for her role as the reformed Borg fembot Seven of Nine in Star Trek: Voyager. Since the show wasn’t much more than a glorified soap opera, she was one of the primary assets in the series because she was a sexy female.

Star Trek fans from all over the world are known to stalk her at conventions, hoping that she will give them a Borg implant. They probably have a hard time choosing between her or the equally sexy Jolene Blalock (T’pol!).

Ryan was born to an American military family in Germany, having to move to multiple locations as a child. Since she had constant social instability at school, she developed the insecurities needed to become a model/actress. Although she could easily became a singer:

She had moved to Los Angeles after finishing her theater degree. She was invited to play minor roles in Melrose Place, Matlock, The Sentinel, and other shows that your dad probably watched. Since moving on from Star Trek, she has only appeared in brief roles in various other shows like NCIS, Helix, Body of Proof and Arrow.

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