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Again champing at the bit to get hands on the list of thebest colognes for men? Again feeling the waves of love spread in the air? That’s a dead giveaway that is just around the corner and those of you deep in love are raring to make the day special and declare love to their boyfriend or fiancé extra time. Leave all that romantic dinner organizing stuff to your beau, while your own killer look and the choice of a special gift for him are what you are actually in charge for.

Best Colognes for Men

That’s an undeniable fact that most women give their preference to colognes as perma-chic gift choices for their men. After all, who else if not you would nuzzle against his neck especially on cold winter days? For you not to be spoilt for choice, here are 21 of the best colognes for men that we have cherry-picked specially for your pleasant neck nuzzling moments.

1. Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille

If you want to highlight your man’s noble character and elegant look, this opulent fragrance from Tom Ford that heads our list of the best colognes for men, will just do the trick. Inspired by an English gentleman’s club, this Tobacco Vanille treasure offers up a chic mélange of tobacco leaf and vanilla, spiced up with cocoa, ginger, spice notes, tonka bean and dry fruit accords. The iconic cologne is available at !

Best Colognes for Men: Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille

2. Le Labo ‘Santal 33’ Eau de Parfum

If you opt for this woody, rich scent for your sweetheart, you can take it to the bank to see his brutal charm all revealed to bits. That’s because the inspiration standing behind the cologne is that classic American West man on a horse. Purchase Santal 33 at and pamper yourself with this rich scent as well since the cologne is known as unisex.

Best Colognes for Men: Le Labo 'Santal 33' Eau de Parfum

3. Byredo Mojave Ghost Eau de Parfum

Want to play your cards right and make your beau’s special day a red-letter day? There is no better way than gifting him with this rare bunch of oriental flowers. What makes this elixir one of the best colognes for men is the unique flower ‘Mojave Ghost’ that served as the inspiration. Make a beeline for to purchase this bewitching fragrance!

Best Colognes for Men: Byredo Mojave Ghost Eau de Parfum

4. Bleu de Chanel Eau de Parfum

Our list of the best colognes for men could not but include this sophisticated fragrance by Chanel that will be an overt trumpet-call to your beau to defy all conventions and paddle his own canoe. The symbiosis of woody notes and fresh citrus speaks volumes about a man sensual at heart and brutal if need be. In case your man falls into this category, there are no two ways about it; go to to purchase this cologne.

Best Colognes for Men: Bleu de Chanel Eau de Parfum

5. L’Homme Prada Eau de Toilette

This ultra-modern cologne by Prada is about to ring the changes in the modern man’s lifestyle. What if you take the plunge and gift him with something full of juxtapositions? For the first time in its olfactory history Prada brings together its iconic ingredients – amber and iris as if to harmoniously unite femininity and masculinity. Add neroli, geranium and patchouli to this sensual juxtaposition and you will get one of the best colognes for men. The fragrance is available at .

Best Colognes for Men: L'Homme Prada Eau de Toilette

6. Valentino ‘Uomo Intense’ Eau de Parfum

Valentine’s Day or your man’s birthday is a unique opportunity to prove your love to him and to make him feel special. And the Valentino ‘Uomo Intense’ Eau de Parfum is here to do a bang-up job and call attention to his charismatic allure. After all, the fusion of black leather and vanilla warmed up with sensual notes of clary sage oil, mandarin, iris and tonka bean is really some pumpkins. Get this distinctive cologne online at !

Best Colognes for Men: Valentino 'Uomo Intense' Eau de Parfum

7. John Varvatos Oud

Here is another mysterious oriental scent on our list of the best colognes for men that might cost you an arm and a leg, but the price is worth it, so to speak. This cologne by John Varvatos with Arabian motives first off captivates with its black flask bottle wrapped in gold mesh. Then it’s all about oriental rich aroma of oud oil spiced up with sweet tobacco, clary sage, Levantine cypress, Cinnamon Laos, Black leather and what not! Find this Arabic enigma online at to wrap your sweetheart with a mysterious aura.

Best Colognes for Men: John Varvatos Oud

8. Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb

Want to drop the L-bomb on him? There is no better way to do that than with the Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb cologne. Starting from its custom-built grenade-shaped bottle to its bombastic blend of hot and fresh spices, the fragrance is about to bombard your love nest to the end of time. True to form, this is one of the best colognes for men that you can purchase online at .

Best Colognes for Men: Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb

9. Creed ‘Aventus’ Fragrance

If there is one fragrance that is a real epitome of strength, power and confidence, that’s Aventus crafted by master perfumer Olivier Creed. It’s no wonder as the inspiration behind this cologne is the emperor Alexander the Great. Buy this bold cologne at and wrap your sweetheart with the fusion of fresh apple and sensual jasmine, musk and oakmoss.

Best Colognes for Men: Creed 'Aventus' Fragrance

10. Dior Sauvage Eau de Toilette

This is the noblest fragrance on our list under the guise of Dior Sauvage Eau de Toilette that will show your boyfriend’s off-the-beaten-track tastes. When the juicy freshness of Reggio di Calabria bergamot meets woody Ambroxan, and then is spiced up with zesty Sichuan pepper, the effect is just dizzy. Get your hands on this magic elixir online at !

Best Colognes for Men: Dior Sauvage Eau de Toilette

11. Frederic Malle Carnal Flower

If you want to surprise your sweetheart pleasantly, give a try to one of the best colognes for men in the industry brought by Frederic Malle. Carnal Flower is truly singular through the contradictory alliance of sensual Tuberose and violent eucalyptus. Purchase this passionate fragrance right now at and you will be just home and dry to embrace that love day!

Best Colognes for Men: Frederic Malle Carnal Flower

12. Hermès Terre d’Hermès – Pure Perfume

“Feeling the earth, lying on the ground, gazing at the sky.” – Jean-Claude Ellena, Master Parfumeur. This is how this all-powerful cologne smells. What’s more, this is what reflects the whole power of alchemy. Earth, Water and Air – here are three elements that energetically intermingle to dream up this woody, vegetal and mineral aroma. Pick up Terre d’Hermès from our list of the best colognes for men and have the wind at your back on finding the best gift for your man. Get it online at !

Best Colognes for Men: Hermès Terre d’Hermès - Pure Perfume

13. Maison Margiela ‘Replica’ By The Fireplace

Whenever the beauty circuit brings into view that classic apothecary jar, it’s a telltale sign that Maison Margiela’s Replica perfume line is on. The fusion of Gaïac Wood Oil and Chestnut makes the best components to create the tableaux of crackling flames in the fireplace on frosty winter days. Get this cologne at now to bring warm and comforting feelings to your sweetheart!

Best Colognes for Men: Maison Margiela ‘Replica’ By The Fireplace

14. Versace Eros

Our list of the best colognes for men could not but include this sexy fragrance – Eros by Versace. After all, what else could better be in tune with the great day of love than a sensual fragrance inspired by the Greek god of Love? The opening fresh notes of mint leaves, Italian lemon zest and green apple give way to sensual scent of tonka beans, ambroxan amber, geranium flower and vanilla. You just can’t get enough of it? There is still Cedarwood from Atlas and Virginia to intensify facets of masculinity. Purchase the cologne online at !

Best Colognes for Men: Versace Eros

15. Giorgio Armani ‘Acqua di Giò – Profumo’ Fragrance

Want to describe your man’s contrasting essence without any words? ‘Acqua di Giò by Giorgio Armani comes to fill the bill. The combination of mineral marine notes with rigid captivating notes of frankincense and patchouli is a tableau vivant of volcanic rock and deep ocean waters. Get one of the best colognes for man online at and flood your romantic dinner with exceptional elegance and sensuality!

Best Colognes for Men: Giorgio Armani 'Acqua di Giò – Profumo' Fragrance

16. Yves Saint Laurent ‘L’Homme Intense’ Eau de Parfum

This charismatic fragrance included in our list of the best colognes for men knows how to hit the bull’s-eye in magnetizing everyone around. The key is the masculine woody notes softened by a sensual suede accord, while Orange Flower and Violet Leaf are what define a riddle wrapped up in an enigma. Do not hesitate to invest in this cologne at right away!

Best Colognes for Men: Yves Saint Laurent 'L'Homme Intense' Eau de Parfum

17. Comme des Garcons Wonderwood

Here is another magnetizing fragrance among the best colognes for men. Comme des Garcons serves up a real Swiss army knife, able to work equally successfully on any occasion. A bundle of woody notes never lets down, while Madagascan Pepper, Somalian Incense and Nutmeg are for more exuberant touches. Wonderwood is now available at .

Best Colognes for Men: Comme des Garcons Wonderwood

18. Cartier ‘Pasha Noire’ Eau de Toilette

Meant specially for urban man, Pasha Noir by Cartier is the ultra-modern interpretation of iconic Pasha de Cartier. You can always find a good opportunity to spice him up with the mix of citrus notes and impassioned scents of black pepper, Chinese cedarwood and iris. Pasha Noire is available online at for you to get it and nuzzle him till hell freezes over.

Best Colognes for Men: Cartier 'Pasha Noire' Eau de Toilette

19. Mr. Burberry Eau de Toilette

Who best deserves Mr. Burberry? No ifs, ands or buts here; none other than your Mr. Right. This is one of the best colognes for a man who behaves like a gentleman in any situation. The powerful scent of cedarwood and guaiac wood pepped up by viable grapefruit and vetiver comes to stand for the subtlety of British aristocracy. This gentleman-worthy cologne is available now at .

Best Colognes for Men: Mr. Burberry Eau de Toilette

20. Maison Francis Kurkdjian Masculin Pluriel Eau de Toilette

Searching for a fragrance that is a far cry from any trends or swings and defines the concept of the classic and timeless? Maison Francis Kurkdjian undeniably has this ideology under his thumb. Masculin Pluriel eau de toilette rolls with it the best way possible via the mixture of classic fougere, profound lavender absolute and soft leathery accords. Purchase this classic treasure at !

Best Colognes for Men: Maison Francis Kurkdjian Masculin Pluriel Eau de Toilette

21. Creed Royal Exclusive Spice and Wood

The last but not least on our list of the best colognes for men is Creed Royal Exclusive Spice and Wood inspired by the love story of Cleopatra and Antony. What makes this scent exotic and luxurious is the harmonic coexistence of sun-drenched lemons, clove, Italian apples and Egyptian cedar. The cologne is available at .

Best Colognes for Men: Creed Royal Exclusive Spice and Wood

Photos courtesy of Sephora, Nordstrom

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Spring/ Summer 2019 Accessory & Jewelry Trends

Thespring/ summer 2019 accessory trendscame to certify the ‘more is more’ concept having us all forget minimalist touches and embrace anything big, bold and audacious. Apart from gigantic straw sun hats, oversized bags and eccentric headbands that took over the recent runways, the major fashion capitals also brought to our view loads of jewelry pieces and other accessory staples with a good dose of weirdness and eccentricity.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Accessory & Jewelry Trends

From Alexander McQueen’s strong propaganda to load up on heavy massive jewelry pieces to those killer red statement belts at Balenciaga to giant pendants happening at Prada and Loewe, the spring/ summer 2019 accessory trends are surely tough nuts to crack.

Choker-lovers, gear up for brand new styles from sophisticated elegant chokers to literally choking numbers. But chalk it up to colossal pendants to do the talking come the spring season and fear not to look a little bit out-of-the-way at times. After all, the name of the game at the spring/ summer 2019 fashion month was “the stranger, the better”.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Jewelry Trends

#1: No Standstill for Chokers

Oh, my stars and garters! Are chokers ever going to leave the runways? This spring 2019 jewelry trend rooted in the ‘90s is obviously playing the hardest for several seasons in a row, yet without one iota of monotony to them.

These seductive pieces, able to jazz up any outfit, aren’t throwing in the towel in the upcoming season as well. Ranging from thin fragile styles that we noticed at Christian Dior and Coach 1941 to BDSM-suggestive leather ones at Damir Doma and Bibhu Mohapatra to those neck covering bizarre ones at Dsquared2, chokers are definitely your safe haven whenever no other solution comes to mind.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Jewelry Trends: Chokers

Spring/ Summer 2019 Jewelry Trends: Chokers

Spring/ Summer 2019 Jewelry Trends: Chokers

#2: Non-Identical Earrings

Who says your earrings should be like two peas in a pod? The spring/ summer 2019 jewelry trends came to amp up the way of carrying non-identical earrings and going out and about. This high-spirited spring 2019 jewelry trend is a strong propaganda to leave behind everything symmetric and balanced, thus opening up the whole charm of asymmetry.

Some of the leading designers delighted the fashion-addicted masses with abruptly different earrings, while others kept the things a little bit balanced out playing only with some details or colors.

It was at Alexander McQueen runway show that we saw wraparound massive earrings matched with dangle ones similar only in material, while at J.W. Anderson, one could hardly miss out on those pairs of drop earrings different as night and day.

Non-identical pairs of earrings were also running over in Marni’s architectural collection as often as not happening as a combination of flirty floral samples with their more classic counterparts.

Prabal Gurung’s models dished out an alluring scene of deconstructed and elongated silhouettes with differently designed graphical earrings; Rodarte confidently played with length (that’s the long and the short of it), while at Christian Dior, it was all about not so matchy-matchy tiny insect-shaped earrings.

The non-identical earrings drag on and on including the likes of Erdem, Elie Saab, Jeremy Scott, Mulberry, Simone Rocha and many more.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Jewelry Trends: Non-Identical Earrings

#3: One Earring Lost or What?

If looking daring come the spring season is on the cards, let’s snap up this chance and invest in another spring/ summer 2019 jewelry trend that has been happening in every nook and cranny of the runways for already several seasons in a row. But if you want to catch something new in this time-honored jewelry trend, be prepared that the upcoming single earrings are not hassle-free any more.

Just throw a glance at Mary Katrantzou’s models that showed an inimitable single earring game through those leafy samples at times even dropping down and around their necks. At Versus Versace, those dangle silver chain mail earrings are just perfectly resonating with the club-friendly garment pieces.

Zuhair Murad goes the extra mile combining a single stud earring with a cuff one, thus almost entirely covering the ear, while Balmain’s one earring interpretation is silver, solid and sharp.

We are also bowled over by some playful geometric numbers brought to the table by Jil Sander, Roksanda and Esteban Cortazar, while the arrow-shaped threader single earrings at Arthur Arbesser are nothing more than a strong suggestion to be a straight arrow from this time forth.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Jewelry Trends: Single Earring

Spring/ Summer 2019 Jewelry Trends: Single Earring

#4: Can’t-Miss-It Pendants

If you want to be in the spotlight come the spring season, anchor your hope on can’t-miss-it pendants that shape up the next great spring 2019 jewelry trend. Pendants touching the recent runways were truly giant, bizarre and off-the-wall, at times even overshadowing the rest of the panoply.

It is indubitably the Spanish Loewe under the tutelage of Jonathan Anderson that is running the show of pendants. They were just giant, in the shape of bats and hanging down from leather ropes. At Mulberry, it was indeed impossible to pass by that large hand-shaped pendant as a nod to the accessory-oriented aesthetics of Johnny Coca, the creative director of the house.

Chunky metallic medallions spotted at Coach 1941 had some rebellious feeling to them, especially when teamed with leather biker jackets, while the silver pendants that we saw at Daks were infused with some Indian touches and channeled alluring vintage feeling.

At Hermes, things took a more refined spin bringing to the table a zero cool eye-shaped pendant; Chanel’s pendant interpretation was crystal shine, while Givenchy pulled off to show the strongest pendant game playing hard with those giant raw stone pendants hanging down from chunky chains.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Jewelry Trends: Pendants

#5: Upping the Ante with Upper Arm Bracelets

In the months ahead, bracelets tend to walk upper and upper channeling the unique Asian aesthetics and shaping up one of the coolest spring 2019 jewelry trends. If you haven’t yet tried this bracelet style, maybe it’s high time to dip your toe in the water and sport some fresh new looks when spring sunrays just call for bare arms.

These unique jewelry pieces indubitably come up in the world with some cutout goddess-worthy frocks able to wrap its wearer with some cabalistic feeling.

London-based Ashish with Indian roots could not but lead the pack in this amazing summer 2019 jewelry trend sending its models, both male and female, down the runway with golden upper arm bracelets at times on both arms, at times even worn over a shirt.

Balmain’s Olivier Rousteing also participated in the formation of this spring 2019 jewelry trend raising the bar with multiple upper arm bracelets looking incredibly alluring with those scandalously cutout gowns.

At Carolina Herrera, the upper arm bracelet was sinuous, perfectly resonating with the Greek-style one-shoulder dress, while what we saw at Roberto Cavalli was a snake game on the arm.

Upper arm bracelets were also spotted at Fenty x Puma on both arms and in the form of multiple pearl strands, but it was definitely at Maison Margiela that these bracelets took a more eccentric turn; after all John Galliano is on the stage.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Jewelry Trends: Upper Arm Bracelets

#6: Lanyards as Jewelry Pieces?

While chokers or pendants or single earrings are run-of-the-mill issues happening year in, year out, lanyards that are originally meant to secure a whistle or a knife, are to be used as unique necklace styles from this time onward.

Still embarrassed by this brand new spring/ summer 2019 jewelry trend? Just clap your hands and welcome this practical solution of designers to hold your essentials around your necks.

Alexander Wang seconds this idea serving up a range of lanyards in neon orange, green and yellow colors holding some trinkets; at Chanel, lanyard is a different kettle of fish, chicer and more elegant holding square pendants, while at Chloé, lanyards take a more practical turn securing a bunch of keys.

Want to see a whole lot stranger implementation of this spring 2019 jewelry trend? Wear them without holding anything, much as we saw at Assembly New York.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Jewelry Trends: Lanyards as Necklaces

#7: Piles of Bracelets: Jail your Arms!

If you want to be on a winning streak come the spring season, just increase the number of your bracelets and do it in an audacious way like an Arabic belly dancer.

Multiple bracelets jailing one arm or both were happening at every turn on the recent runways just to strike the right chord with the women who like to rush in making a noise. What else could make that flirty jingle-jangle than piles of bracelets?

Whether we look at those metallic heavy bracelets with red stones at Alexander McQueen or golden multiple ones at Alexander Vauthier, one thing is certain: lightness and easiness are not welcomed the season to come.

At Andrew Gn, we saw multiple leather bracelets with punk codes; at Ashish, golden bracelets become more and more in number literally arresting both arms, while at Rodarte, this complex summer 2019 jewelry trend is dished out in silver and golden combinations, each staple featuring an abruptly different design.

More of this trend can be seen at the likes of Daks, For Restless Sleepers, Gareth Pugh, Marni and Aquilano.Rimondi.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Jewelry Trends: Piles of Braceletes

#8: All Eyes on Ears: Massive Earrings Everywhere

“No pain, no gain”, the next spring/ summer 2019 jewelry trend reads and ensures that with those massive earrings on your ears you have a snowball’s chance in hell not to steal the show. The spring/ summer 2019 runways were literally teeming with heavy, massive and bizarre staples, at times bejeweled to bits, at times more focused on unique graphical designs.

Alexander McQueen and Gucci are leading the way in bejeweled sphere, the latter suggesting overloading the ears with bejeweled big birds or a bunch of flowers. At Proenza Schouler, white and red dangle earrings feature some graphical allure, while at Giorgio Armani, elegant graphical numbers are playing for higher stakes.

Want something more spring-worthy? Look no further than Delpozo’s massive cuff earrings falling down the shoulders, in bright colors and praising blossomed ears.

At Dsquared2, everything is more complicated – ribbon bows mixed in with hearts, lips and crosses, while at Maison Margiela, John Galliano is confidently advocating “the stranger, the better” concept with those cuff loop earrings with a crystal stone in the center and a sharp ending.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Jewelry Trends: Massive Earrings

Spring/ Summer 2019 Jewelry Trends: Massive Earrings

Spring/ Summer 2019 Jewelry Trends: Massive Earrings

Spring/ Summer 2019 Jewelry Trends: Massive Earrings

#9: Going Religious: Crosses Are In

There is no other jewelry piece than crosses to spit out your being a religious person. So if you are really a Christian, you will be just cool with those cross earrings and necklaces crossing the runways of late, while others might remain just poker-faced at this spring/ summer 2019 jewelry trend. Though, some designs are chicer than expected not to try on, regardless of religious affiliation.

Take, for example, the black cross earrings with golden frames at Dolce & Gabbana’s typical Italian show or make a beeline for the Dsquared2 show to see those killer red cross pendants hanging from chunky chains or collar necklaces. There is also Fenty x Puma to get us all go into raptures about those bronze crosses hanging from pearl strands.

But there is one single designer who is surely triumphing over the others when it comes to showing strong Catholicism through fashion. Fausto Puglisi set the stage for religious atmosphere, starting from wooden prison hung with religious iconography and church incense odor to oceans of cross earrings and pendants of different designs and sizes. Hallelujah!

Spring/ Summer 2019 Jewelry Trends: Religious Crosses

#10: Foot Candy Anklets

The spring/ summer season brings in major joy and delight in fashion circuit starting from baring your shoulders and legs to freeing your feet from those foot-wrapping winter boots. So when barefoot or wearing flirty sandals, what else could work better than ankle bracelets with some bohemian touches to them?

This playful spring/ summer 2019 jewelry trend has become the foot candy at many runway shows, starting from pearl strands at Fenty x Puma to golden samples with animal head trinkets at John Galliano.

But there were also some out of left field options that are able to surprise and petrify anyone out there. Just run an eye over those intricate tasseled anklets on both feet at Lanvin or double chic ones at Rodarte looking simply amazing with high heels. At Attico, anklets are buckled and velvety, while at Loewe, we see a gigantic golden flower as if blossomed on the models’ feet.

Anklets also popped up at Creatures of Comfort, Diane von Furstenberg and Giamba.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Jewelry Trends: Anklets

#11: Identical Bracelets on Both Arms

While the spring/ summer 2019 jewelry trends require swearing off identical earrings and rocking not so matchy-matchy pairs, identical bracelets pop up as their reverse statements. The majority of fashion designers adopted this bracelet trend that is potent enough to become viral among us.

It was Karl Lagerfeld toying with identical bracelets for Chanel, delivering bejweled cuff bracelets of different styles. At Etro and Daks, identical cuff bracelets are solid and metallic, at Issey Miyake and Jeremy Scott – taking some interesting geometrical shapes, while Junya Watanabe, with nods to punk movement.

This great summer 2019 accessory trend is also happening at Louis Vuitton, Sportmax, Undercover, Barbara Casasola and many more.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Jewelry Trends: Identical Bracelets on Both Arms

#12: Tassels Are Still In

The fervent period of tassels has already passed but there is poor possibility that we will ever bid adieu to this jewelry trend and for good luck. Otherwise what else could so successfully spread bohemian vibes in the air if not flitter-flutter tassels?

Tassel jewelry pieces make up the next spring 2019 accessory trend that we have noticed on the runways with a good dose of playfulness to them.

Start from Karen Walker’s colorful tassel earrings and Lanvin’s golden assemblage and finish it off with Stella Jean’s tassel pendants. Tadashi Shoji’s and Wanda Nylon’s tassel interpretations are white beaded earrings, while at No. 21, beaded tassels come in mix with furry balls. Get more unique tassel samples at Sachin and Babi, Saint Laurent, Trina Turk or Kenzo.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Jewelry Trends: Tasselled Jewelry

#13: Two-in-One Jewelry Pieces

Two-in-one jewelry pieces are arriving in a great way and that’s the spirit! No need any more to invest in two separate pieces; one single acquirement and you cover two bases at the same time. This practical spring/ summer 2019 jewelry trend was happening at many runways shows in different combinations.

At Gucci, bracelet + ring versions are dainty channeling a single bracelet with multiple rings. More bejeweled bracelet + ring renditions are happening at Ashish, while with Elie Saab we are thrown into a stardust world.

At Rodarte, the two-in-one concept comes into play through cuff earrings united by a chain hanging down and around the chin as if a necklace.

Want something more off-the-track? Look to Vionnet or Jill Stuart to see the best way to rock the necklace + belt symbiosis.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Jewelry Trends: 2-in-1 Jewelry

#14: Bejeweled Brooches vs. Fabric Flower Pins

Always thinking of brooches as something old-fashioned and granny-worthy? Leave these thoughts behind, as brooches have never been so trendy and so versatile before.

You might be just spoiled for choice whether to go in for bejeweled pieces or fabric floral staples. Balenciaga’s ‘80s-inspired blouses à la Dynasty and spandex leggings are just screaming to be replenished with bejeweled round-shaped brooches fixed on different places.

At Dries Van Noten, elegant black brooches look harmonious on blazer lapels, while at Gucci and Manish Arora, massive bejeweled brooches are nestled on collars. But it is definitely Dolce & Gabbana riding high with oceans of brooches spread here and there.

Want to go more romantic? Fabric floral pins are surely to fill the bill and throw you into some spring-worthy floral zone. From floral pins on blazer lapels happening at Chanel, Gucci or Lanvin to those bohemian versions on lightweight dresses at Anna Sui and Sonia Rykiel, we say strong YES to this spring/ summer 2019 accessory trend.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Jewelry Trends: Brooches & Pins

#15: Loading Up on Rings

Bored with your old looks? Ring the changes with multiple rings that landed on the runways and shaped the next spring 2019 jewelry trend. Whether the fashion designers had a bee in the bonnet to arm the females or were just striving to bring female hands to the fore, loading up on rings is the order of the upcoming spring.

While at Acne Studios, Bibhu Mohapatra or Fausto Puglisi, two rings on a hand were enough, at Gucci, we see tiny bejeweled rings on all the five fingers. Multiple pearl rings made some crazy appearance at Fenty x Puma as well, while at Christian Dior, multiple thin rings do the talking.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Jewelry Trends: Piles of Rings

Spring/ Summer 2019 Accessory Trends

#1: Standing for Corset Belts

In the months ahead, play your cards right and shape your figure to best advantage. Corset belts, used as the best waist-slimming technique from the year dot, are still firing on all cylinders to place the female body in a good light.

Corset belts, as the next spring 2019 accessory trend, have been the obsession of many a fashion designer starting from relaxed pieces worn over boiler suits at Isabel Marant to those geometrical leather versions at Loewe. Some pretty staples were also spotted at Balmain, Alberta Ferretti and a bizarre red number at Jacquemus.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Accessory Trends: Corset Belts

#2: Tie your Belt in a Knot

Any of your garden-variety belts can be transformed into something unique and playful once you tie it in a knot, a style noticed in all the four fashion capitals, thus shaping up the next summer 2019 accessory trend.

From those skinny long belts tied in a knot at Etro, Diane von Furstenberg and Derek Lam to chicer bejeweled versions at Vivienne Tam, knotted belts apparently have no intent to leave the fashion circuit. Can’t get enough of knotted belts? Alberta Ferretti kicks off a multiple knotted game.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Accessory Trends: Knot-Tied Belts

#3: Hit the Highlight with your Belt

Some of the belt designs hitting the spring/ summer 2019 runways were eye-catching enough to set the tone for even the simplest outfit. Want some manifestation? Balenciaga’s gargantuan buckled belts in red and white make the opening.

Alexander McQueen’s leather punk options with bejeweled balls hanging down are coming next, while those lovely thin bejeweled ones spotted at the likes of Bibhu Mohapatra, Carven and Custo Barcelona are meant for any feminine looks.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Accessory Trends: Statement Belts

#4: Loose Wrap Skinny Scarves

When warm seasons roll in, scarves lose their initial warm-up purpose and come up just us accessorizing tools. What scarf style could better secure that idea if not skinny designs, stretching down and swinging hilariously?

Rocking this flirty spring/ summer 2019 accessory trend is easier than expected: just wrap it loosely and go with it day and night matched with any of your outfits. For some inspiration you can go in for Jonathan Simkhai to latch onto those white skinny scarves at times even reaching the length of the maxis or stop at Monique Lhuillier for more luxurious tassel numbers.

Want to make them even skinnier? Elie Saab, Roland Mouret and Vionnet are calling the tune in here.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Accessory Trends: Skinny Scarves

#5: Athleisure Striped Socks All Over

Athleisure fashion moments are swinging into higher gear with every new season coming this time around to have us all embrace the knee-high stripe socks.

We see some pretty blue and red athletic sock styles at Undercover looking equally beautiful whether with sportive footwear or everyday sandals. Antonio Marras and Band of Outsiders also pulled off to show how to best rock this spring 2019 accessory trend, while at Edeline Lee, athleisure socks worn with platform sandals simply channel some nerdy girl spirit.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Accessory Trends: Athleisure Socks

#6: Fancy Socks and Tights with Sandals

Who would think that socks and tights paired with sandals could work with winning results? This strangely pretty spring 2019 accessory trend came from far and wide having us all acquire a taste for it. Whether you are still taken aback by this trend or have already rocked it for a couple of times since now, the upcoming designer solutions are simply mandatory to try on at least once.

Start it off with Altuzarra’s sheer cherry-printed tights paired with strappy sandals, then run an eye over Celine’s suggestion to couple black cheer tights with yellow sandals, and wrap it up with those chic flirty socks at Reem Acra that are absolutely worth to swoon over. But it is decidedly Marc Jacobs that elevates this styling move and brings to the table some printed and striped over-the-heel socks with platform sandals.

More of this spring 2019 accessory trend can be noticed at Alberta Ferretti, Anna Sui, Emporio Armani and Fausto Puglisi.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Accessory Trends: Fancy Tights & Socks

#7: Gloves Are Off: Rigidness vs. Sophistication

Gloves for spring/ summer 2019 are way cooler, with more cutouts and with more transparency. The upcoming spring season brings in two types of gloves that can be a fit for either everyday life or for evening parties, thus shaping up the next summer 2019 accessory trend.

From Balenciaga’s red and blue ruffled gloves and Chanel’s futuristic half gloves to a pair of long embellished opera length numbers at Christopher Kane, we feel some rigidness around.

In contrast, another batch of designers jumped on more a sophisticated sphere, dishing out refined staples for chic soirees. Take, for example, Simone Rocha’s broderie anglaise black and white versions or black and white sheer gloves that we noticed at Veronique Branquinho, while Gucci’s black sheer opera gloves are inimitably beautiful.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Accessory Trends: Statement Gloves

Spring/ Summer 2019 Accessory Trends: Statement Gloves

#8: Matching Your Accessory to Your Clothing

One might think that amidst so much versatility, imbalance and asymmetry, the matchy-matchy scheme can function in no way at this juncture. Anyhow, some designers are advocating that matching one of your accessories to your clothing can be just zero cool.

This spring/ summer 2019 accessory trend is happening in spades at Anna Sui, where we happily embrace many chic socks matched to one of the clothing pieces, while in a single outfit not only are the socks but also the choker is matched to the clothing.

We see iridescent choker + cocktail dress accordance at Christian Siriano and an off-the-wall camo-printed dress + earrings congruence at Kenzo. But chalk it up to Balenciaga to trot out the strongest matchy-matchy scheme via rounded striped earrings + striped pussy-bow blouses.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Accessory Trends: Matching Accessories to Your Outfits

Photos courtesy of Vogue, Livingly

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Spring/ Summer 2019 Shoe Trends

Spring/ Summer 2019 Print Trends

What is in the cards for today? Tossing around the biggestspring/ summer 2019 print trendsthat once more came to certify that fashion without prints is like cake without sugar. With all those shocking sorbet colors to dominate throughout the upcoming warm seasons, prints come as some pretty additions to bring all that pizzazz around.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Print Trends

Given that the fashion circuit has recently undergone some radical transformations starting from the See-Now-Buy-Now scheme picking up steam to the return of the ‘80s that have been dubbed by many as Dynasty period, we saw spring/ summer 2019 prints churned out in various brand-new interpretations as well.

Stripes are surely number one print type that the majority of designers have fallen in love with dished out in so many colors and shapes that we are now just spoiled for choice. The fashion capitals also smelled aromatic flowers, played geometry games, got enchained by so many checkered prints and plaids, read so many provocative slogans and much more.

Browse through our list of spring/ summer 2019 print trends that are to make your spring looks funny and sunny.

#1: Rainbow Stripes: Rise and Shine!

Without much combing through the spring 2019 fashion collections, it’s just crystal clear that stripes have never been so dynamic and ubiquitous. Our list of spring 2019 print trends starts with the boldest and funniest stripe version of late. When sorbet colors meet stripes, we call it rainbow stripes!

This print trend is happening everywhere as a happy reminder that summer is all about lolling on the beach and traipsing around the town. Designer solutions are just awesome whether we look to Adam Selman’s iridescent knitwear and a transparent maxi stunner in coral and tangerine or throw an eye on those knitted flirty dresses at Proenza Schouler.

Funny rainbow à la Rosie Assoulin embraces a couple of stunning maxi dresses, among them that sparkling one potent enough to make a splash, while the tangerine and blue striped numbers at Altuzarra come with off-the-shoulder designs to add fuel to the fire. Tackle some other rainbow festivals at Marc Jacobs, Milly, Molly Goddard or Opening Ceremony and go more and more rainbow and more and more beach-ready.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Print Trends: Stripes

#2: Let’s Go to Bed or Pajama Party!

Want to walk the whole spring season wrapped with some lounging relaxed vibe? Look no further than the next spring 2019 print trend that is just advocating to slip into some silky pajamas and to go out and about.

Great pajama party was happening at Ports 1961 in some eye-soothing blue and green shades; the runway was literally bursting at seams with oversized striped comfy shirts and trousers with striped beach cushions tucked under the models’ arms. At Rag & Bone red horizontal stripes cover the models from head to toe, while at Akris this relaxed spring 2019 trendy pattern veers off from ready-to-sleep feeling and takes a more cocktail-party-ready spin.

At Alexander Wang’s dare-to-bare runway show, the pajama party goes on taking the shape of some beach shorts and bras in aquatic blue shade, whereas at Christian Siriano we just cannot resist the siren call of wearing those grey striped pieces to work.

Explore the recent spring/summer collections to enjoy more pajama-inspired stripes at Fendi, Etro and Marques’Almeida. In conclusion, need a real eye-opener? Carolina Herrera renders out a range of retro-style striped evening gowns in black and white that are in no way any black-and-white issue overall.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Print Trends: Pajama Stripes

#3: Floral Canvas Artwork

If there is one predictable spring/ summer 2019 print trend happening up hill and down dale, it is surely to be flowers spread all over the map. The upcoming warm seasons found the leading fashion designers all obsessed with floral canvas artwork, covering the models with tons of itty-bitty flowers.

The strangely puffed oversized numbers at Delpozo demonstrate pretty floral romanticism; at Fendi, floral prints take two equally compelling forms – lingerie silk on the one hand and baroque brocade ones on the other.

Carolina Herrera had a thing for brocade floral prints as well that resulted in a range of royal high-falutin evening gowns in shimmering golden and blue shades, while at Jason Wu and Peter Pilotto, flowers took a more artistic abstract spin.

All in all, we assuredly claim Michael Kors Collection to be the winner in this floral competition with a series of daywear dresses, crop tops and swimwear pieces all wrapped with aquatic blue or avocado green flowers. More floral canvas samples can be spotted at Altuzarra, Rag & Bone, Rosie Assoulin, Simone Rocha, Tory Burch and others.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Print Trends: Floral Prints

Spring/ Summer 2019 Print Trends: Floral Prints

#4: Gingham vs. Plaid vs. Prince of Wales

These are three prints that have always walked hand in hand yet always in fierce competition. Being the epitome of classicism, all the three patterns keep on riding high on the runways of the major fashion capitals, thus shaping up the next grand spring/ summer 2019 fashion print trend.

It was House of Holland keeping gingham pattern under its thumb but not in their traditional classic form – purple, red and tangerine met to shape pretty gingham patterned flirty dresses, crop tops and flared pants just to fit in with spring mood. Gingham prints were also the major theme at Prada jumping on a range of blazers and skirts both in vibrant and muted shades.

Black and white classic gingham was spotted at the likes of Carolina Herrera, Toga and Dolce & Gabbana. Then it was Pringle of Scotland to give rise to gingham and plaid competition – chocolate shaded plaid utilitarian dresses vs. gingham-patterned dresses and sweaters.

Prince of Wales or glen plaid (call it as you want) was also sent down the runways in the traditional grey shade, but completely harmonized with the flirty mood of the warm season. Think Alexander Wang or Lacoste, where Prince of Wales prints looked just as cool on shorts and rompers.

Doesn’t the modern variation of glen plaid resonate with you? No sweat, go straight to Simone Rocha for more classic numbers perfect to wear in transitional seasons.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Print Trends: Gingham Patterns

Spring/ Summer 2019 Print Trends: Plaid/ Checkered Patterns

#5: Pop Culture Patterns On Duty

Year in, year out we find ourselves in the grips of pop culture, when ready-to-wear fashion shows kick-start. Pop culture prints descended on the spring/ summer 2019 runways as well to shape the next trendy pattern of spring 2019.

When thinking pop culture in fashion, any way you slice it, Dolce & Gabbana pops up with oceans of real-life objects actualized on garment pieces. This time around the Sicilian duo made a unique mixture of drums, flags, spaghetti, ice-cream, jugs, bowls, fish, Italian girls in traditional garb and what not.

We saw tons of star prints in different shades and colors at Elie Saab, royal elephants at Emporio Armani, dragons, zebras and tigers at Gucci and some funny outdoor prints at Temperley London.

Want to get some pop culture fashion with Greek origins? Make a beeline for Mary Katrantzou to revel in those Minoan women images mixed with optical illusion prints.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Print Trends: Pop Culture Patterns

#6: Slogans All Over

If there is one eloquent print trend of spring 2019, it is definitely slogans that appeared on many runways to deliver some very important messages. Let’s call the spring 2019 fashion month a slogan generator and overstep our bounds to talk via garments.

Take Alexander Wang to spread a Mind Detergent mood around or go to Christian Dior, where Maria Grazia Chiuri is advocatingWE SHOULD ALL BE FEMINISTS. At Haider Ackermann, it was aboutSILENCE, at Michael Kors – aboutLove, while Stella McCartney was endlessly thanking girls with love slogans in between.

However, it was Henry Holland who sent down the runway a range of provocative slogans likeLet’s Breed Bella HadidorSuck on My Toe Phoebe Philoas a strange way to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the house.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Print Trends: Slogans

#7: Playful Polka Dots

When you run out of ideas on how to look flirty and coquettish, always bet on playful polka dots to turn you into the flirtiest girl in town. This is a print seen on many runways recently, thus finding its place in our list of spring/ summer 2019 print trends.

Whether matched with monochromatic pieces or with other print types to concoct some pretty neoteric pattern blocking, the effect is equally as amazing – a woman always ready to embrace a little adventure, living by the principle that life is a game.

The most classic interpretation of polka dots is seen at Dolce & Gabbana – white polka dots against a black background brought into play on some ‘80s-inspired shirts and headbands, as well as on a flaring tulle dress.

At Givenchy, this trendy print was delivered in droves with some esoteric dashes to them and lighted up by warm shades of orange, but what makes us go into raptures are those rainbow polka dots on a tulle dress with ruffles.

Polka dots were also spotted at Louis Vuitton again in their classic black-white form, while at Gucci, pink dots against a blue background pulled off to call some romantic emotions. Want to see the most off-the-wall polka dot versions? Look to Creature of Comfort, where large dots in red and pink were spread densely all over the map.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Print Trends: Polka Dots

#8: All-Powerful Animal Prints

Year in, year out animal prints arrive at fashion weeks to throw us into the luxurious and hedonistic zone. The spring 2019 fashion month also saw many leopards, cheetahs and tigers waylaying and many snakes crawling, thus letting us name animal prints as the next summer 2019 print trend.

Leopard prints made a small chapter of Christopher Kane’s spring/summer 2019 runway show on a number of side-slit skirts, outerwear pieces and a single feline girl jumpsuit.

At Alexander Wang, leopard printed outerwear pieces surprisingly matched with athleisure pieces are on the point to kick-start an off-the-track trend, while at Haider Ackermann, animal prints show off their glam-chic factor. Leopard and cheetah prints kept on attacking the runways from Nina Ricci and Dolce & Gabbana to Marc Jacobs and Alessandra Rich.

Treacherous snakes lent their skin to Altuzarra and the takeaway is just amazing under the guise of some outerwear pieces and lightweight dresses at times even mixed with cherry prints, while at Baja East we spotted a tiger passing by.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Print Trends: Animal Patterns

#9: Classic Pinstripes

The festival of stripes kicks into higher gear when pinstripes arrive in spades asnumero unoclassic style devotee indicators. Originally meant solely for men’s suits, these ultra-thin stripes, now dished out in brand new interpretations for women as well, make the next grand spring 2019 print trend.

At Aquilano.Rimondi, classic pinstripes embraced a range of oversized shirts, blazers and asymmetrical skirts; at Baja East it was all about slouchy grey pieces with some tropical tenor, while at Chalayan, white-and-blue pinstripes had jumped on shirting cottons to form some deconstructed slouchy pieces. Go further to grasp more pinstripes at Chloe, Creatures of the Wind, Ashley Williams and Band of Outsiders.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Print Trends: Pinstripes

#10: Geometric Jigsaw Prints

If there is one summer 2019 print trend that can pack quite a punch and throw us into some equilibrium, it is definitely geometric prints spread chaotically all over to pass off as a jigsaw puzzle.

Geometrical jigsaw puzzle happened triumphantly at Barbara Bui under the guise of iridescent arrow-like prints, zigzags, squares and many other shapes all garnered in one place and dispersed all over unsystematically.

At For Restless Sleepers, we are taken away by those interwoven triangular shapes and half-moons; at Marc Jacobs and Max Mara, we again notice iridescent sliced pieces united together as a pretty patchwork, while at Akris, geometric jigsaw prints play with orange, brown and green shades.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Print Trends: Geometric Jigsaw Patterns

#11: Back to Retro Prints

If your fashion predilections are more prone to the retro style with all those bell-bottom jeans, big sunglasses, fedoras and funky jackets, you are likely to go wild about the next spring/ summer 2019 print trend. Retro prints with repetitive patterns flooding the recent runways come as another proof that the ‘80s are coming back in a great way.

We see this awesome trend happening with might and main at Prada, where those ostrich-feather-trimmed pieces are all covered with iridescent square-shaped repetitive prints, while at Trussardi, retro prints are in the form of waves alternating each other.

You can find more retro prints at Valentino mixed with romantic hearts, at Proenza Schouler, where oceans of itty-bitty red squares turn on their light and at Gucci as well on a silk dress all decorated with G cubes.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Print Trends: Retro Patterns

#12: Artistic Watercolor Prints

Want to abandon yourself to the delights of artistic fashion? There is no better way than counting on watercolor prints that we just couldn’t help including in our list of summer 2019 fashion print trends.

Whether you give your preference to those blue-orange abstract watercolor prints at Christian Siriano or go for those realistic agate artwork pieces at Givenchy or maybe have a yen for going bizarre with Haider Ackermann’s ink splash prints or Celine’s vertically stretching lobster-imitating print, you will surely tell everyone about your artistic essence without even a single word.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Print Trends: Artistic Watercolor Patterns

#13: Camouflage Your Fragility with Camouflage Prints

The camouflage prints in dazzle prints, originally meant for military troops to confuse the enemy, are now attacking female wardrobes to maybe camouflage fragility and endow the women with some strength and power.

Though this print didn’t occur at every corner at the recent runway shows, we assuredly decided to include it in our list of spring 2019 print trends to advocate women of the 21st century to overstep the mark and look a little bit androgynous.

Original khaki camouflage was spotted on a petite dress at Marc Jacobs, while the camo prints at Arthur Arbesser veer off from conventional color and are painted in vibrant orange and green shades with more sophistication to them.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Print Trends: Camouflage Patterns

#14: Optical Illusion Prints

The last but not least in our list of spring/ summer 2019 print trends is optical illusion patterns that are just zero cool to wear and throw people into some psychological imbalance.

Whenever we mention optical illusion prints in fashion regardless of season, Mary Katrantzou comes to mind with her power to alter human perception. Once again the designer of Greek origin is ahead of the pack with iridescent motion aftereffect prints mixed with Greek culture elements.

We see the runway show of Emilio Pucci also running over with spiral illusion prints up to sending the models down the runway with head-to-toe optical illusion. You can also tackle some black-and-white optical illusion samples at Christian Siriano and Creatures of the Wind.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Print Trends: Optical Illusion Patterns

Photos courtesy of Vogue, Livingly

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Spring/ Summer 2019 Color Trends

Spring/ Summer 2019 Color Trends

Left with a fresh and spicy aftertaste? The action-packed 29 days passed like greased lightning? This is obviously post-fashion-month period finding us all tossing around the new fashion trends, new faces and the most memorable moments of the spring 2019 fashion weeks. Just another spring/summer fashion month came through with flying colors leaving behind a vivacious rainbow. What’s the prime mover of all this get-together? To identify and discuss thespring/ summer 2019 color trends!

Spring/ Summer 2019 Color Trends

Just as New York Fashion Week came to its end, the Pantone Color Institute was at the ready to declare those top 10 spring 2019 colors that are to lead the pack throughout the whole spring/summer season. According to Pantone’s Spring 2019 Fashion Color Report, the upcoming spring is likely to see all the colors of nature actualized on garments, bringing a mixture of vitality, relaxation and the great outdoors starting from that avocado-reminiscent Greenery and its more muted counterpart Kale to energetic Primrose Yellow and blindingly bright Pink Yarrow and Flame.

As was expected, blue was once more playing first fiddle bringing about whole 3 shades: the refreshing aqua Island Paradise, the classic denim-like Niagara and more intense Lapis Blue. Need something to mitigate that whole intense vibrancy? The spring/ summer 2019 color trends also dish out more neutral and peaceful shades of Pale Dogwood and Hazelnut.

Here are the top 10 fashion colors for spring/ summer 2019 with their official appellations, but also a range of other shades that we have noticed to appear on runways more often than others:

#1: Niagara Denim Blue

The first place of the spring 2019 color trends goes to Niagara, a relaxing and soft blue shade, dubbed as medium-grade denim by the Pantone experts. Versatile enough to be matched with nigh every shade, this comfortable blue is quite potent to take us somewhere near the Niagara Falls to stare at that sublime scenery and listen to that relaxing water sound.

Altuzarra seems to be keeping this easy-going shade under his thumb serving up a range of python printed pieces in his laid-back collection inspired by David Lynch movieWild at Heart. Next stands Carolina Herrera with a couple of denim-worthy evening dresses that seemed so lightweight albeit with ‘eveningwear’ status to them.

Though Niagara is described as the shade of denim, its whole splendor crops up when epitomized on such exquisite fabric as silk, like we see in the Emporio Armani spring 2019 lineup or on that peplum floor-sweeping dress at Alberta Ferretti.

However, what really raises the stakes for the leading shade of the spring/ summer 2019 fashion color trends is featherweight tulle. From Alberta Ferretti and Alexander McQueen to Marchesa and Zac Pozen, frothy ruffles in Niagara blue pulled off to dream up waterfall tableaux.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Color Trends: Niagara Denim Blue

#2: Primrose Yellow

If the previous season’s special yellow was Spicy Mustard, it is Primrose Yellow that shapes up one of the spring/ summer 2019 color trends and for good reason. This invigorating and uplifting yellow is bound to warm the cockles of our heart, so sunny and joyful. We surely lay blame on that lovely flower primrose to light up the spring/ summer 2019 runways many a time and oft.

Primrose readily lent its color to Dries Van Noten, who dreamt up a large collection with Primrose Yellow either appearing on monochromatic pieces or else in the form of flower-like prints on some black or white staples. During Milan Fashion Week Emilio Pucci showed the enthusiastic characteristics of this color in droves whether on calf-length dresses or on ruched boots.

At Gucci, Alessandro Michelle presented Primrose Yellow from a more dramatic perspective on a ruffled dress with poetic sleeves, while Alexis Mabille used this shade on a couple of eveningwear and laid-back blouses, let alone those car-wash-pleated skirts creating pretty black + yellow colorblocks.

And if you just can’t get enough of this vigorous shade, make a beeline for Chloé or else stop by Damir Doma to catch a frayed and tattered version of Primrose Yellow.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Color Trends: Primrose Yellow

#3: Lapis Blue

If that classic navy blue is not your cup of tea throughout sunny spring days, yet you are aching for some strong and confident blue, no ifs, ands, or buts here: Lapis Blue is what you are looking for. Being the natural shade of stone lapis lazuli, this blue shade, as if lit up from within, makes another gorgeous spring 2019 color trend.

We see Lapis Blue jazzing up the Salvatore Ferragamo runway at times even from head to toe wrapping the models with this shade. At Boss knitted dresses in Lapis Blue take a more beach-ready spin especially when matched with green flip-flops or bags.

At Max Mara a model sashayed down the runway like an out-and-out Queen of stone lapis lazuli; at Mugler’s shark-inspired runway show this confident shade made a small chapter, but chalk it up to Mary Katrantzou to bring together the vibrancy of Lapis Blue and her calling card optical illusion prints to reveal the whole magic of this shade, the third one on the list of the spring/ summer 2019 color trends.

You can get more moments of Lapis Blue enjoyment at Escada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton or Rag & Bone.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Color Trends: Lapis Blue

#4: Flame Red-Based Orange

Among the spring/ summer 2019 color trends, flamboyant Flame is the next color ardently crackling. This red-based orange that seems to be stuck between red and orange, brings about much love, fun and other fervent feelings. Whether you match it with neutral or vibrant shades, be prepared to make a splash around.

However, many a designer managed to rope us into Flame craziness. At Christian Siriano models were sent down the runway all wrapped with this gregarious shade starting from sunglasses and headwear to glorious evening dresses and high heels. At Oscar de la Renta we saw a smattering of cocktail dresses and eveningwear in Flame, while at Sportmax we were taken away by those drawstring jumpsuits bursting into flames.

Have a yen to see the most flamboyant spring 2019 color trend from a different angle? Go straight to Tory Burch, where preppy style was reigning on the runway, and waste no time to make tracks for Tadashi Shoji to enjoy Flame à la Japanese. More of this shade can be seen at Givenchy, Lela Rose, Mulberry, Akris and Baja East.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Color Trends: Flame Red-Based Orange

#5: Island Paradise Aqua Blue

Don’t really feel like bidding adieu to Airy Blue? Replace it with a new addition to the blue family. Island Paradise, the shade of refreshing aqua, stands on the 5th position on the list of the summer 2019 color trends with its power to call to mind some tropical settings. This refreshing blue shade with some green undertones is likely to fully open up on some exquisite fabrics to create the illusion of aqua.

Lela Rose and Monique Lhuillier are strongly advocating looking fresh as a daisy decked out into fragile lace dresses in Island Paradise. At Emilio Pucci things take a more windswept spin through a couple of tulle dresses exposing a pretty symbiosis of Island Paradise and Flame, while at Christian Siriano evening dresses in this shade are running the gamut from a pretty embroidered cocktail dress to a majestic bathrobe-style gown.

Altuzarra seems to have a thing for blue family this time around. Along with python printed pieces in Niagara shade, he also brought to our view a couple of checkered shirt-dresses in Island Paradise shade. Find out more charmers in the freshest shade of the spring/ summer 2019 color trends at Escada, Loewe, Vetements and Barbara Bui.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Color Trends: Island Paradise Aqua Blue

#6: Pale Dogwood Pink

The Pantone Color Institute could not but include this peaceful shade dubbed Pale Dogwood in the spring/ summer 2019 color trends, popping up here and there from New York and London to Milan and Paris. This neutral muted pink, as subtle as flower, is game for wrapping its wearer with some pretty innocence and purity especially when used in monochromatic outfits.

Starting from an exquisite velvet outfit at Baja East and a Marabou bomber jacket at Barbara Bui to a range of monochromatic pieces at Blumarine, Pale Dogwood proves to increase feminine energy in the air.

However, if the recently erupted trend to wear one hue from head-to-toe does not resonate with your inner fashion fluctuations, there are some off-the-track colorblock offerings from the leading designers. Take that chic rust red and Pale Dogwood combination at Banana Republic or else gamble on matching a Pale Dogwood skirt with an orange top much as we see at Adam Selman.

Discover more numbers in this shade at Chanel, Hermes, Christopher Kane and Custo Barcelona!

Spring/ Summer 2019 Color Trends: Pale Dogwood Pink

#7: Greenery

Next on the list of the spring 2019 color trends is Greenery, a tangy yellow-green, which according to Pantone Spring 2019 Fashion Color Report speaks to our need to explore, experiment and reinvent. Being the color of foliage, this shade assuredly spreads healthy lifestyle around.

The appearance of this shade was quite unexpected on the runways, but during New York Fashion Week when Zac Posen served up some pretty jacquard staples in Greenery, it was crystal-clear that this shade is going through the roof.

At Alice + Olivia it was illustrative of jungles, while at Arthur Arbesser we tackled quite a unique combination of a Greenery skirt with a white sailor jacket. Michael Kors showed the freshness of this shade in combination with another spring 2019 color trend – Lapis Blue, thus upping the ante.

Gain more Greenery inspiration from the likes of Celine, Emilio Pucci, Haider Ackermann and Dsquared2.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Color Trends: Greenery

#8: Pink Yarrow

A glance at the spring/ summer 2019 fashion month and it’s just clear-cut that the designers fired on all cylinders to kick-start a wide scale pink revolution in the fashion circuit. Ranging from amaranth and brink pink to raspberry and ultra-pink, the runway had them all in droves. Yet it was Pink Yarrow along with Pale Dogwood that came out on top to be included in the Pantone’s list of the spring/ summer 2019 color trends.

Standing so close to magenta, Pink Yarrow can be rightly dubbed as the most attention-grabbing and luxuriant shade among the summer 2019 color trends. It’s so bold and rich, having all traits to produce an adrenaline rush.

Valentino seems to be calling shots in the Pink Yarrow festival churning out a range of flowing dresses in this shade mixed with other pink shades and also some very lovely jacquard pieces. Balenciaga’s Demnia Gvasalia intensifies this shade closing it up with purple spandex pants.

At Zac Posen and Hermès, Pink Yarrow eveningwear came into view, while at Topshop Unique a model exposed an amazing head-to-toe Pink Yarrow look.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Color Trends: Pink Yarrow

#9: Kale

Here is another green shade illustrative of nature and healthy lifestyle that shapes up the next spring/ summer 2019 color trend. This army shade, ideal for any outerwear piece, can be effectively rocked both in spring and fall. Next to the vibrant and neutral shades on the list, Kale can assuredly serve as the strong background.

As expected, the spring/ summer 2019 runways saw jackets and trench coats in Kale bursting at seams starting from Altuzarra’s charmers with leather belts to Bottega Veneta’s chic coat to Mulberry’s daywear pieces.

Then it was Salvatore Ferragamo to show off the whole splendor of Kale on fit and flare skirts, while at Sonia Rykiel we were taken away by that dashing leather skirt. At Versus Versace, apart from garment pieces Kale pulled off to look equally as cool on lace-up boots, sexy sandals, handbags and even sunglasses.

Yet we confidently name Balmain as the winner of the Kale festival through its shockingly shocking cutout evening dresses and high-platform sandals. Check out also Dries Van Noten, Fenty x Puma, Louis Vuitton and Sacai for more Kale numbers.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Color Trends: Kale Green

#10: Hazelnut

Aching for the most versatile and all-purpose color on the list of the spring 2019 fashion colors? It is definitely Hazelnut, an earthy neutral coloring, a tone lighter than the natural hazelnut, yet so warm and gentle with some royal and elegant factor to it. Most importantly, this is a shade to work like a charm all year round.

The spring/ summer 2019 runway shows came to prove the versatility of Hazelnut starting from those slouchy, ultra-cool pieces at Baja East to some elegant options at Creatures of the Wind to sexy silhouettes at Cushnie et Ochs. Do not miss those street-style chic pieces at Zadig & Voltaire, where Hazelnut was shining with all its unpretentious glory.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Color Trends: Hazelnut

#11: Metallic Silver

Apart from Pantone’s top 10 spring/ summer 2019 colors, there were some other shades that appeared so frequently on the runways to be fairly included in the list of the trendy colors for 2019. Among them we noticed metallic silver shining up hill and down dale right for those, who are ready to overstep their bounds and stand out in the crowd.

Whether you opt for foil-texture-imitating evening dresses at Carolina Herrera or have an eye on those street-style chic pieces at Junya Watanabe or else the club-friendly minis at Versus Versace, you are about to make a hit.

Metallic silver strokes were also spotted at Creatures of the Wind, Diane von Furstenberg, Marc Jacobs and Marques ‘Almeida.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Color Trends: Metallic Silver

#12: Ethereal White

Whenever you see the white color, any way you slice it, it brings you the feeling of purity, innocence and light. We saw oceans of white bride-worthy gowns attacking the runways recently and confidently claim this color as one of the spring/ summer 2019 color trends.

More often than not white gowns done in featherweight tulle or delicate lace were exquisite enough to carry them down the aisle. Have a yen for bohemian whiteness? Alberta Ferretti’s white tulle dresses, gypsy-style skirts with crop tops are quite to cover it.

At Carolina Herrera we see a series of white day dresses and some luxurious wedding-ready gowns, while Chloe capitalizes on white dresses worth to rock en route. Christian Dior’s feminist runway show could not but showcase delicate white numbers, among them that tulle dress with strapless bodice stealing the show.

White purity continues throughout the whole spring/ summer 2019 fashion month from Cushnie et Ochs and Delpozo to Dennis Basso and Oscar de la Renta.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Color Trends: White

#13: Timeless Black

The prize for the most universal color indisputably goes to timeless black. No matter where we are, enjoying spring sunrays or trembling with winter cold, black works perfectly for any season and for any occasion. No wonder that we have included black in the list of the spring 2019 color trends proceeding from the fact that some designers have dedicated whole chapters to black.

Take, for example, the Christian Siriano spring 2019 runway show, where bohemian bell-sleeved black dresses and more elegant staples were alternating each other. Alberta Ferretti’s runway show was running over with Coachella style off-the-shoulder multilayered options.

At Alexander McQueen black sheer, leg-of-mutton-sleeved dresses were riding high, while at Brandon Maxwell it was all about sexy feline girl jumpsuits in black. Go to embrace more blackness at Dolce & Gabbana, Dries Van Noten, Giambattista Valli, Balmain, Alexander Wang and more.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Color Trends: Black

#14: 50 Shades of Pink

Never had much affinity for pink fashion? Be prepared to fall in love with the color of charm and sweetness come the spring season. Apart from Pale Dogwood and Pink Yarrow acknowledged by the Pantone Color Institute as two leading pinks, tons of other pink shades were also happening on the runways shaping up the next big summer 2019 color trend.

Just throw a random dart unto the pink color code and you will find any pink shade happening on the recent runways. Bubblegum pink? Look no further than Barbara Bui. Salmon Pink? Cushnie et Ochs sends it down the runway in some sexy lounge style. Finger-lickin’ good berry? Delve into Blumarine’s spring 2019 collection.

Some of the designers like Gucci’s Alessandro Michele and Valentino’s first-time-solo Pierpaolo Piccioli were literally tickled pink with pink. At Valentino we see a lovely bunch of pale pink, blush, fuchsia, deep carmine and more, while at Gucci even the runway carpet and lightning were breathing with sweet pink.

Check out Alexander Wang, Bottega Veneta, Delpozo, Fendi and Michael Kors for more pink jubilation.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Color Trends: Shades of Pink

#15: Passionate Red

You know red is not for any wallflower lady. Woman with a past – here is who best fills the bill for red fashion. The recent runways shows targeted passionate femme fatales as well, thus shaping up another spring/ summer 2019 color trend.

From Valentino’s burning lava red flaring maxi dresses and Christian Dior’s feminine tulle dresses in hot to Comme des Garçons’ biggest ever bold red silhouettes and Emporio Armani’s soft red numbers, passionate red is an acid test in any woman’s life.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Color Trends: Red

#16: Cognac Flavor

Cognac brown is just another shade that scored points by many designers, thus finding its place on our list of the best spring 2019 color trends. This is a strong and confident shade as if giving off that dizzy cognac flavor and looking especially feminine on leather and suede.

Among so many vibrant and hilarious spring colors, this shade of brown feels kinda out of place, rather aimed for cold seasons. However, through early spring days, cognac brown outerwear would look just zero cool.

Take some effective tips from the likes of Balenciaga, Balmain, Bottega Veneta, Givenchy, Loewe and Tod’s.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Color Trends: Cognac Brown

#17: Sweet Lilac/ Electric Purple

The family of purples is always welcomed in any season and on any occasion. Spring’s picks this time around are sweet lilac and electric purple as its bolder and more vibrant counterpart. These two shades popping up quite frequently on the recent runways round out our list of the hottest spring/ summer 2019 color trends.

We see the runway at Emporio Armani playing hardball with these two purple shades churning out a range of silk boudoir style pants and other laid-back lovely pieces. At Marques ‘Almeida sweet lilac painted some parachute jumpsuits and a chic feather jacket, while at Monique Lhuillier is was all about sweet lilac dreamy gowns.

Want to see the winner in the electric purple competition? Balenciaga is definitely reigning in here especially when those spandex pants come into view. Explore further to find more and more purple at Delpozo, Dsquared2 and Fenty x Puma.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Color Trends: Purple & Lilac

Photos courtesy of Vogue

Mary Katrantzou Spring/ Summer 2019 Ready-to-Wear Collection – LFW

Every time Mary Katrantzou is on stage, be prepared to screw up eyes, feeling like you suffer some visual problems and ending up in some deep psychedelic trance. And when it is all accompanied by many mirrors reflecting the trompe l’oeil prints, the effect is just doubled much as it happened at theMary Katrantzou spring/summer 2019 runway showheld at Soho’s Brewer Street car park on September 18, on the third day of London Fashion Week.

Mary Katrantzou Spring/ Summer 2019 Ready-to-Wear Collection – LFW

The designer with Greek origins turned a blind eye to the fact that she was physically in London with her model squad, thus mentally and spiritually meandering among Greek labyrinths, participating in chariot racing and rubbing shoulders with Minoan women. The new collection was obviously an ode to her roots, an attempt to walk us through her memory lane, a coup to visually narrate the Greek history and culture.

“It was a really personal collection,” Mary Katrantzou said backstage. “I’m usually more abstract in my approach, but this time I wanted to look at my roots – and distort the images with something that was op-art and psychedelic.”

Mary Katrantzou Spring/ Summer 2019 Ready-to-Wear Collection – LFW

The Mary Katrantzou spring/summer 2019 collection was from soup to nuts crafted with an intention to show the whole pulchritude of the amalgamation of colors and prints, spiced up with Greek culture episodes.

The show kick-started with colorful diamond shaped prints in a psychedelic arrangement mixed up with Greek women images, Greek mythology characters and chariot racers. Amazing shift dresses, retro style flaring pants paired either with tunics or blazers were soon to be followed by calf-length tube dresses all covered with alternating Hellenic prints, which were somehow restricting the models’ gait. But who said it would be easy? After all going in for Mary Katrantzou style is a tough nut to crack!

Mary Katrantzou Spring/ Summer 2019 Ready-to-Wear Collection – LFW

Then came a unique chapter dedicated to long-sleeved printed turtlenecks worn over strapped tube dresses. But what made us all gaze open-mouthed were those amazing pieces made out of pastel-toned Perspex pieces that were just intensifying the optical spiral and moiré prints worn underneath.

The breezy floral-petal-imitating skirts in blue and yellow were adding the dainty dose in the air along with Minoan women images as more eloquent agents. And if you have a yen for some more fragile pieces, those mosaic sequined treasures with some ruffled pieces hanging down are to cover the bases.

Mary Katrantzou Spring/ Summer 2019 Ready-to-Wear Collection – LFW

Towards the end of the Mary Katrantzou spring 2019 runway show the chic factor was just moving onwards and upwards bringing to our view a couple of floor-scraping peplum skirts in green and blue prints with bodices displaying stunning embroidery of women and birds. There were also some unique combinations of gypsy-style tulle skirts with printed panels teamed with embroidered blazers and an amazing black multilayered skirt.

Want to be a predictable woman? You are obviously barking up the wrong tree. Want to be a woman making a splash? Mary Katrantzou is just your cup of tea!

Mary Katrantzou Spring/ Summer 2019 Ready-to-Wear Collection – LFW

Mary Katrantzou Spring/ Summer 2019 Ready-to-Wear Collection – LFW

Photos courtesy of Vogue

Tommy x Gigi: Tommy Hilfiger Fall 2019 #TOMMYNOW Show - NYFW

The see now, buy now consumer-facing fashion scheme is finally here, people! Some really smart fashion guys hit on a brilliant idea that, damn it, why people should wait half a year to purchase the pieces they are just swooning over at the moment! And here we are finally witnessing the whole concept brought to life with theTommy x Gigi Tommy Hilfiger fall 2019 #TOMMYNOW collectiondebuted at New York Fashion Week on September 9 at 7 p.m. EST.

Tommy x Gigi: Tommy Hilfiger Fall 2019 #TOMMYNOW Show - NYFW

The fact that you can already purchase Tommy Hilfiger’s runway pieces on is not the only exciting thing spanning the fashion circuit at the moment. What really stirred up the social media platforms was that their favorite Gigi Hadid has now a hand in Tommy Hilfiger pieces.

Street-style adept Gigi, whose personal style stands so close to the brand’s classics, seemed so much in her element yesterday on Pier 16 at the South Street Seaport. And if the Tommy Hilfiger fall 2019 runway show held in February was staged in the Park Avenue Armory transmogrified into T.H. Atlantic cruise ship, this time around Pier 16 turned into a funny carnival with many lights, rides, contemporary tattoo booths, cotton candy machines and a ferris wheel.

Tommy x Gigi: Tommy Hilfiger Fall 2019 #TOMMYNOW Show - NYFW

A whopping 2,000 guests were welcomed by the Tommy Hilfiger x Gigi Hadid fall 2019 runway show among them being Doutzen Kroes, Olivia Palermo, and Kris Jenner, while Gigi’s BFF Taylor Swift, who came to support her, was a Tommy Hilfiger girl from head to toe, at the end of show hearing sweet words “I love you” from her bestie.

The Tommy Hilfiger fall 2019 #TOMMYNOW collection included a part of the original pieces and a range of Gigi’s designs. True to form, the nautical theme was playing first fiddle – band jackets, long officer’s coats, bombers, leather jackets, sailor pants, anchors and wheels printed here and there and, of course, stripes asnumero unonautical style indicators.

Tommy x Gigi: Tommy Hilfiger Fall 2019 #TOMMYNOW Show - NYFW

Gigi opened the show wearing a band jacket over a knotted top and leather form-fitting pants. The name of the game at the Tommy Hilfiger fall 2019 show-now-buy-now collection was versatility, crazy mixtures, laid-back athleisure relaxation moments, in a nutshell all that could make Gigi’s future off-duty looks.

The icing on the cake were the printed scarves, leather ankle boots and thigh-high stockings happening every now and then throughout the whole collection. Knitted turtlenecks, cardigans with star prints and cool hoodies are now to be worn alone, paired with thigh-high stockings and ankle boots thus setting a new trend along the city streets.

Then it was all about tracksuits in white and red with Tommy Hilfiger printed here and there, happening in silk fabric as well with a chic factor to them. We also saw a soupcon of fur on the runway making sartorial treasures under the guise of coats and hoodies.

Tommy x Gigi: Tommy Hilfiger Fall 2019 #TOMMYNOW Show - NYFW

Amid so many sportive, athleisure pieces it was those lightweight tulle dresses with nautical prints that were definitely off the track channeling bohemian spirit.

Yes, this was all so relaxing and comfy, getting us feel the genuine queens of fall and making us loyal fans of the Tommy Hilfiger x Gigi Hadid collaboration. And when the duo appeared at the end of the show to take a bow, one could hardly remember someone so successfully combining the rich modeling experience and novice designer debut as it could do Gigi Hadid.

Tommy x Gigi: Tommy Hilfiger Fall 2019 #TOMMYNOW Show - NYFW

Tommy x Gigi: Tommy Hilfiger Fall 2019 #TOMMYNOW Show - NYFW

Photos courtesy of Vogue

Misha Collection Spring/ Summer 2019 RTW Show – NYFW

Thinking you are done and dusted with everything chic, luxe and sexy in the fashion world? Nothing new can make you feel all agog again? TheMisha Collection spring/summer 2019 runway showdescended on the New York Fashion Week on Friday evening to prove you the other way round.

Misha Collection Spring/ Summer 2019 RTW Show – NYFW

When the Australian-based designer Michelle Aznavorian set her foot in the fashion world back in 2013, it was more than obvious that she is persona grata in the industry. Who could guess that the young girl designing in the bedroom of her south-eastern suburban home would someday make her way through New York Fashion Week, withal so triumphantly?

Michelle Aznavorian’s great debut last year at Sydney Fashion Week with Bella Hadid opening and closing the show obviously brought her recognition leaving behind such a big league clientele as the Kardashian sisters, Gigi and Bella Hadid, Ariana Grande and Jennifer Lopez.

And yesterday again at NYFW, Michelle kept on sweeping us off feet with her sophisticated designs and scandalous cutouts, which are in no way fitted for everyday wear, but rather cut out to touch red carpet or at least some well-heeled ceremonies.

Misha Collection Spring/ Summer 2019 RTW Show – NYFW

Misha Collection Spring/ Summer 2019 RTW Show – NYFW

The reason behind selecting dark-skinned Jourdan Dunn to open and close the Misha Collection spring 2019 runway show was maybe to demolish all the critiques around last year’s show featuring exclusively white models. The beauty opened the show with a sexy black leather piece, somehow stuck between a dress and a coat paired with short cuff leather gloves – the whole assemblage taking Jourdan to a dangerous feline girl level.

Sophisticated leather taking shapes of either asymmetrical dresses or strapless tops was soon to be replaced by hedonistic animal prints, exquisite silk and sensual lace. The hybrid of silk and lace made a lingerie-worthy chapter of the Misha Collection spring/summer 2019 line-up – a seductive off-the-shoulder dress with a silky bodice and a sheer lace bottom having all the aspects of boudoir style to it was a pure magic as much as the other teaser with a lace bodice and a feathered skirt or the white lace piece with some hardly palpable feeling to it.

Golden tassels, intricate sparkling embroidery, crisscross designs on the arms and hips, elegant sparkling grey pieces with plunging necklines and puffed poetic sleeves were all beautifully systemized to tell all and sundry what Misha Collection adds up to.

Misha Collection Spring/ Summer 2019 RTW Show – NYFW

Misha Collection Spring/ Summer 2019 RTW Show – NYFW

But it was definitely the killer red that made Michelle run a red light thus keeping her elegant designs on the crest of a wave. The mind-blowing red chapter was all about an elegant trench coat, a silk strapless dress with a shockingly shocking side slit and a jumpsuit with a liquid feeling to it.

Haven’t yet got enough of the Misha Collection spring/summer 2019 runway show? Jourdan Dunn is here again to linger with pleasure strutting her stuff decked out into a chic silver dress with a center slit, a belt cinched around the waist and a romantic pussycat bow. No critiques in the cards, that’s for sure!

Misha Collection Spring/ Summer 2019 RTW Show – NYFW

Misha Collection Spring/ Summer 2019 RTW Show – NYFW

Photos courtesy of Zimbio

Chanel Libre Synthetic de Chanel Fall 2019 Makeup Collection

Chanel continues its fall makeup invasion under the tutelage of its new global creative makeup and color designer Lucia Pica. TheChanel Libre Synthetic de Chanel fall 2019 makeup collectionto be released in limited edition on November 4th, 2019 (at , , and ) is Lucia Pica’s second makeup collection after the Chanel Le Rouge, which was a unique ode to Mademoiselle Chanel’s favorite red color.

Chanel Libre Synthetic de Chanel Fall 2019 Makeup Collection

Leaves swishing under feet, drinking hot tea to the sound of raindrops, warming blankets always at hand, trench coats and hoodies in the limelight … hey girls, fall is here! With the advent of fall, not only does Mother Nature go through changes, but also our fashion and beauty wishlists. This means that there are oceans of makeup collections ahead of us to be released one after another all infused with as many rusty, dusty and earthy shades as are required to articulate the whole pulchritude of fall.

The Chanel Libre Synthetic de Chanel fall 2019 makeup is obviously singing a song of praise to chilly and cozy fall. The star of the lineup is Chanel Architectonic Eyeshadow Palette that is said to be inspired by the architecture of downtown, while a flowery blush, a blackest black eyeliner, succulent lip colors and nail polishes join up to make a collection to take you through long rainy days.

Here are the ingredients of the Chanel Libre Synthetic de Chanel fall/winter 2019 collection that are worth your whole attention and your generous investment!

Chanel Les 5 Ombres de Chanel Eyeshadow Palette

A glance at this 5-shaded eyeshadow palette infused with rich grey shades and you will instantly find yourself in downtown meandering among graphite buildings. The pearlescent eye colors are to embrace your eyes with chic vibes, all the more so that two brushes are attached for precise application.

• Architectonic

Chanel Libre Synthetic de Chanel Fall 2019 Makeup Collection

Chanel Joues Contraste

This youthful powder blush promises buildable coverage to be applied on cheekbones or near the eyes thus giving your complexion some healthy glow against the gloomy fall background.

• 360 Hyperfresh

Chanel Calligraphie de Chanel Eyeliner

While summer’s beauty pattern in more inclined to barely there eye makeup, fall’s demand is to make eyes as much expressive as is necessary for your many come-hither looks. Unite this hyper-black eyeliner with the aforementioned Architectonic eyeshadow palette to make your eyes your strong point, while other’s soft spot.

• 65 Hyperblack

Chanel Libre Synthetic de Chanel Fall 2019 Makeup Collection

Chanel Rouge Allure Lipstick

The collection also includes two new shades of the classic Rouge Allure lipstick line. The new formula with concentrated, ultra-thin pigments is promising spick and span wearing for many hours. Whether you give your preference to rose flavor or berry sweetness, sensual lips are just beyond doubt. Check the shades below:

• 247 Ultraberry
• 257 Utrarose

Chanel Libre Synthetic de Chanel Fall 2019 Makeup Collection

Chanel Rouge Allure Gloss

If satin finish is not up your street, you will undoubtedly appreciate these glossy lip colors in nude and coral shades so much going with your lacquered pumps or top handle bag. Check the shades below:

• 137 Super Nude
• 157 Super Coral

Chanel Libre Synthetic de Chanel Fall 2019 Makeup Collection

Chanel Le Vernis

Explore the collection further and you will find these 3 nail polishes with 3 different finishes just to add new rich shades to the iridescent autumn nature. Check the shades below:

• 540 Liquid Mirror
• 542 Pink Rubber
• 544 Hyperrose Glass

Chanel Libre Synthetic de Chanel Fall 2019 Makeup Collection

Photos courtesy of Chanel

Fall 2019 Outerwear Must-Haves Every Woman Should Own

Ain’t it funny how time slips away? Summer is gradually coming to an end and that’s a bitter pill to swallow for many of us out there. But there is a double-edged sword in anything. Feeling disheartened at this moment about being deprived of warm sunrays soon, there is consolation prize ahead of us though. And the name of the game is the awesome fall fashion moments. No matter how much summerphile you are, just accept it that no other season can bring such elegant and chic fashion moments than the cozy and rust-colored fall. And here we want to provide you with thetop 8 fall 2019 outerwear must-haves every woman should own.

Fall 2019 Outerwear Must-Haves Every Woman Should Own

The name of is closely associated with outerwear crafted out of such luxury materials as leather, fur, down and wool. This 30-year-old New York based cosmopolitan brand has developed over years with a concept in mind never to dash hopes of even a single woman. That’s why whether you are a badass biker girl or an elegant lady always in good shape or maybe a typical city slicker, you are likely to have a blast with Andrew Marc.

Most importantly, unlike other luxury outerwear pieces that usually cost you an arm and a leg, Andrew Marc promises budget-friendly luxury and comfort all the cold season long. Browse through our list of the best fall 2019 outerwear picks from Andrew Marc and waste no time to invest in your drop-dead gorgeous autumnal looks! Spoiler alert – all these fall buys are versatile and timeless staples you’ll enjoy wearing many more years to come!

1. Selena Biker-Chic Leather Jacket

When we state that Andrew Marc can charm even a badass biker girl, we literally mean it. This gorgeous black lambskin Selena jacket with exposed zippers and ripped padding at the shoulders will look equally chic whether you are riding a motorcycle or just meandering through the city streets.

Fall 2019 Outerwear Must-Haves Every Woman Should Own: Andrew Marc Leather Biker Jacket

2. Cognac-Flavored Suede Sienna Coat

Need your fall coat seem like smelling bitter cognac? There is no better choice than this cognac brown Sienna coat in exquisite suede with contrast leather pieces at the lapels. , this belted wrap coat is to flatter your complexion in a heartbeat on almost any occasion.

Fall 2019 Outerwear Must-Haves Every Woman Should Own: Andrew Marc Suede Coat

3. Rain-Worthy Tess Puffer Coat

If you invest in this puffer coat crafted out of water-repellent fabric, rainy days might truly become that long-awaited period to show off your flair for style. Available in red, black and white shades , this coat with quilted texture filled with down and a hood trimmed with faux fur is sure to carry you through long rainy days. What’s more, puffer jackets are fall’s ultimate trend!

Fall 2019 Outerwear Must-Haves Every Woman Should Own: Andrew Marc Puffer Jacket

4. Matte Finished Nappalan Jacket

When your heart is set on playing versatility, no doubt, go with this cool goat Nappalan fall outerwear piece with a matte finish and exposed zippers. Available in moss green and black shades, the jacket will make some pretty good assemblage whether with your tomboy look or ultra feminine visage. !

Fall 2019 Outerwear Must-Haves Every Woman Should Own: Andrew Marc Nappalan Jacket

5. Utilitarian Style Devyn Parka

Once you try on this strong Italian wool twill parka in a chic graphite shade, you just can’t help but look like a strong-willed woman ready to overcome the worst of life’s hardships. The flap pockets are meant to keep hands warm, while the fox fur trim adds some extra strength and chic. And one reminder: shake your legs to !

Fall 2019 Outerwear Must-Haves Every Woman Should Own: Andrew Marc Parka Coat

6. That Piss-Elegant Ivory Coat

Whenever ivory is around, elegance starts playing with all its colors. Here is that wool swing in ivory with a fur coyote trimmed hood that just screams to make you the piss-elegant lady of the upcoming fall 2019 season.

Fall 2019 Outerwear Must-Haves Every Woman Should Own: Andrew Marc Hooded Coat

7. Super Versatile Miranda Parka

Need a single outerwear piece to provide you with several different looks throughout fall 2019? This super versatile is here to stay. The outer layer water-repellent cotton will function best for long rainy days, protecting your hair as well through the removable fox fur-trimmed hood.

Want a more lightweight look for the breezy weather? Just get rid of the hood. Need a softer chic visage? The rabbit fur liner can be worn alone as a super comfy vest. Head to Andrew Marc and acquire the whole set of tools to play with style!

Fall 2019 Outerwear Must-Haves Every Woman Should Own: Andrew Marc Long Parka

8. Warm Courtney Alpaca Coat

If your body just can’t stand any cold, here is a perfect solution for you. This snow white alpaca coat of a cocoon silhouette promises to keep you warm all day long and to make you feel snug as a bug in a rug. Hurry to and make your fall 2019 the warmest period ever!

Fall 2019 Outerwear Must-Haves Every Woman Should Own: Andrew Marc Alpaca Coat

Article sponsored by Andrew Marc

Jill Stuart Lady Mauve Fall 2019 Makeup Collection

Are you already on pins and needles to hear that soothing swish of leaves as they fall down the ground? Looking forward to leaving behind the funny and bright summer shades and embracing the smoky and rich colors? That’s surely the foretaste of the fall season sneaking to us once summertime sadness comes around. Feel like magnifying the fall foretaste in the air? Waste no time to look to theJill Stuart Lady Mauve fall 2019 makeup collectionpromising to overwhelm you with all the shades of mauve and make you the Lady Mauve of the season.

Jill Stuart Lady Mauve Fall 2019 Makeup Collection

This rich collection, again housed in iconic Jill Stuart jewelry-worthy packages, will come to season on 2 September 2019 at the brand’s official website and at major department stores. Whether you want to usher into fall with sensual elegant lips or with eyes warming the cockles of hearts, the collection has many ways and means to take there. Explore the collection to find your unique Lady Mauve visage!

Jill Stuart Ribbon Couture Eyes

The Jill Stuart Ribbon Couture Eyes line is being replenished with three new versions to veil your eyelids with three different feelings – fur, velour and chiffon. Whether you want to play within beige undertones or embrace safari-worthy khaki shades or else become an out-and-out Lady Mauve, the Jill Stuart fall 2019 makeup collection is here to stay and teach you how to elegantly tie a ribbon. Check the shades below:

• 14 Fur Beige – natural beige set, with a feeling of soft and quality fur
• 15 Lady Velour Ribbon – pink brown set, with a bold accent like velour color
• 16 Sweet Khaki Chiffon – khaki set, with a soft pink nuance like chiffon

Jill Stuart Lady Mauve Fall 2019 Makeup Collection

Jill Stuart Shimmer Couture Eyes

Wish to bring some couture-worthy shimmer and feelings unto your eyelids? This eyeshadow palette including four soft shades shows off the whole charm of mauve + bordeaux mélange.

• 08 Bordeaux Bijoux – sparkling mauve pink, based on bordeaux bijoux

Jill Stuart Mix Blush Compact N

Whenever we bump into something from Jill Stuart beauty, jewelry-worthy accents are just inevitable. A case in point is this adorable blush compact containing a variety of rose shades to set on face softly and effortlessly, while the brush is attached in a silver case with a Swarovski rhinestone sparkling somewhere.

• 16 Rose Box – a variety of rose colors

Jill Stuart Lady Mauve Fall 2019 Makeup Collection

Jill Stuart Lip Blossom

Here is another treasure from Jill Stuart with Love representing two lipsticks in black cherry and dianthus red shades. Apart from their translucent and pure appearance and rich flowery shades, the lipsticks also gravitate towards us with their diamond structure. Check the shades below:

• 21 Black Cherry – sweet and mature rose
• 22 Forever Dianthus – red pink

Jill Stuart Rouge My Dress

Here is another guilty pleasure for our lips coming in two mature elegant shades of blood red and warm beige. The creamy texture of lipsticks blends on lips effortlessly moisturizing them intensely and jazzing them up supremely. Check the shades below:

• 20 Promise Me – blood red
• 21 Warm Love – warm beige

Jill Stuart Nail Lacquer R

Just in case the Lady Mauve essence of yours just can’t do without some well-suited fingertips, here is a range of nail colors to wrap your tips from strawberry milkshake softness to grayish pink elegance to cassis rouge hotness.

Video: 2015年ジルスチュアートのクリスマスコフレ☆JILL STUART Destiny closet collection☆

Jill Stuart Nail Lacquer R
Jill Stuart Nail Lacquer R images

2019 year
2019 year - Jill Stuart Nail Lacquer R pictures

Jill Stuart Nail Lacquer R forecasting
Jill Stuart Nail Lacquer R forecasting photo

Jill Stuart Nail Lacquer R foto
Jill Stuart Nail Lacquer R images

Jill Stuart Nail Lacquer R Jill Stuart Nail Lacquer R new images
Jill Stuart Nail Lacquer R new picture

pics Jill Stuart Nail Lacquer R
foto Jill Stuart Nail Lacquer R

Watch Jill Stuart Nail Lacquer R video
Watch Jill Stuart Nail Lacquer R video

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