Katlego’s Story:

It was one afternoon when I was walking from the institution (UJ Doornfontein Campus) heading to our private Residence (Ladies Only). As I was walking, I could see two gentlemen standing on the side of the road of which one was my classmate Tshepo. He was standing with some guy I don’t know.

As I was about to pass Standard Bank on the way to my Res the two gents approached me. My classmate greeted me and introduced his friend Jerry to me whom he said was interested in talking to me.

I met him again after some weeks by the library and he asked me to come visit him by his Res. I just promised him I would come but never did. He then called me on Monday the 4th of April to let me know about his birthday that was on Wednesday the 6th of April, “not sure how I decided to answer his call that time”. A friend of mine mentioned his name over dinner on Tuesday evening and I for a change I started thinking differently so I decided to send him a birthday message on Wednesday.


When we started dating and knowing each other better, I started falling in love with his beautiful personality and his love for God. He was full of kindness, intelligent, honest and caring and that’s what made me feel he was the man for me. I started seeing a husband in him at the age of 18 and he was 20.

We were blessed with a beautiful son “Kamo” three years later and had lobola negotiations and celebrations in the past years. Our love continued growing over years and today we requesting  you to come join us on our special day as we will be pledging our love in-front of our families, friends and God above.

Jerry’s Story :

One day after a class in 2005 I was on my way to Res with my friend Manqoba, when he told me about this lefresher (referred to 1st year students) at a class he was doing. He painted a picture perfect of her describing her as short, coffee colour- scurl cut and very beautiful .I made a priceless bet with him that she is going to be mine. We strategically planned a moment  where I would meet up with them after a class on their way to Res.The day came and I was really charmed by her looks when I met them(Katlego and my friend Manqoba).What stunned me that day was two things, I said Hi babes and she responded by Sho mfethu and when she was walking it was as if she is a pantsula dancer(Nea chesta).By the time I could propose we had reached where she stays,and I did not even have enough courage.We bumped into each other occasionally at school but I did not progress much until I got her number. March holidays came and I tried calling her but she was not interested.

 After the holidays I was under pressure for my bet and her resistance made me more certain that “ I need her”.

One day after my last class I went to Thabo Jabula (Ladies only Res ,No man allowed) because she was not answering my calls.

 I spoke to their Res manager to call her for me, she was hesitant but I insisted .I persuaded her to a point she opened the gate and I was now on the Res Door and they went to fetch her. She was shocked because no one ever managed to get passed the Res gate and the Manager never takes orders to call anyone especially for a boy. Afraid of already embarrassing moment, she decided to come with me to my Res to just hear me out.

I did not even know what to tell her. I fumbled and asked her if she knew chess and she said yes, oh my I did not even know the meaning of king or castle. While she moves the first pawn I just copied her moves till she saw I’m messing   around thought I won her heart when we kissed after the visit. I invited her for my birthday party and after the party that’s when we started dating.

We have been through trying time most notably my father’s passing.

 We also shared highs of life including, our son’s birth, lobola celebration, engagement in Cape town and many more.


Who did what, website and email addy:

Catering: RREVENTS

Photography: Hotspot photography and Marota Videography

Music: Morning breeze and 4 BROTHERS

Bridal gown: Both dresses from Bridal Basket

Groom’s suit: Carlo Pignatelli