Leanne Crow (born June 2, in Sunderland, England) is a .

In April 2009 she vied to become The Sun Idol, but failed to win. At that time her bust was a cup. When she was 15, "my breasts grew overnight" from nothing to a C cup, and gradually kept on growing until she was measured at an F cup at age 17.[3]Over time her bust has grown, first to an cup, later to , and as a result of her heavier breasts she has undergone a slight weight gain of 11lb. On 24th March 2011, in a YouTube Q & A session, Leanne stated that her breasts were currently at their largest ever size, and that she was now ; she said that her breasts went from a HH cup to a JJ in a little under four months. In April 2013, it is almost certain that Leanne needs at least a K cup bra - she tweeted on 12th April 2013 that she was spilling out of her JJ cup bras.

On April 2, 2010 she became the newest featured model at the busty glamour site . In September 2010 she appeared in her first photoshoot and video for , and also posed as an armed fighter for in a photoset titled "Busty Warrior." In March 2011 confirmed Leanne would be posing for them. Recognizing that they had just snared one of the most sought-after big-boob models in the world, Score titled her first photoset for them "Breast Royalty." In July 2011, Leanne indicated that she may shortly cease topless modelling to concentrate on lingerie and swimwear modelling. Fortunately she abandoned that idea, and it seems her output of topless photoshoots has increased. In July 2015 , and Leanne's personal site both mention her boobs are now .

She currently resides in Malibu, California. She appeared as a guest star in The Eric Andre Show.



Leanne in June 2008. At this time Leanne's breasts were Leanne in early 2011. By this time Leanne's breasts are . The major breast size increase is very evident when compared with the previous picture taken in June 2008. Leanne Crow Leanne Crow showing increased weight

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