• Kendrick Lamar’s Childhood  Home in Compton Is for Rent

    Jennifer Karmon

    Kendrick Lamar, deemed “arguably the most talented rapper of his generation” by Rolling Stone last year when he was 27, has written and spoken often of growing up in the Los Angeles suburb of Compton, which just this past weekend awarded him the Key to the City. It’s six blocks from Tam’s Burgers — “where I seen my second murder, actually,” he told Rolling Stone. Dude was in the drive-thru ordering his food, and homey ran up, boom boom — smoked him.” (Tam’s is the same restaurant where Suge Knight is said to have run over two men in the parking lot.) The house has three bedrooms and two bathrooms in 1,200 square feet, and it’s up for rent at ,895 a month. “It’s a hell of a neighborhood,” one old-timer told Rolling Stone.

  • Former Workingman's Cottage In Brooklyn Now Rents for K

    Michelle Huffman

    The two-bedroom cottage is part of the Warren Place Mews, a block of 34 small homes threaded together in Cobble Hill. They were originally established as workingman’s homes, or the equivalent of today’s affordable housing.

  • The Nation’s Emptiest Cities

    Jennifer Karmon

    Numbers just released by RealtyTrac indicate that for most challenged housing markets, the problem is tight supply. But in a few metro areas, the vacancy rate is still far above the overall nation’s — almost five times worse in Flint, Michigan, for example.

  • Better Than a Murphy Bed? Loft Beds for Grown-Ups

    Jennifer Karmon

    Brooklyn-based woodworker Roberto Gil has been designing space-saving furniture for more than 20 years now. Called Urbano, the loft beds come in queen and king sizes.

  • Save money with home office tax deductions

    Consumer Reports

    Small-business owners bedeviled by expense calculations for their home office tax deductions can take advantage of an IRS rule that offers a potentially less time-consuming way to figure out some...

  • Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber’s Renovated NYC Home
  • Now Your Cat Can Play Mario

    Michelle Huffman

    Now Your Cat Can Play Mario

    The wall-mounted cat complex, designed by Catastrophic Creations, consists of a hollow, wall-mounted box with two openings in the shape of tubes on the top and bottom. The cats can climb through the tubes, and a door opens over the question mark block.

  • Leather Walls, Mirrored Boudoir and a Fur Vault for .5M

    Jennifer Karmon

    The home of developer Keith Rubenstein and his wife, Inga, on Manhattan’s Upper East Side has just hit the market at .5 million, as first reported by the Wall Street Journal. Renowned for their “over-the-top parties,” according to Architectural Digest, they even installed a ventilated smoking room for their European friends.

  • Before-and-After Bathroom Remodels Under ,000

    HGTV on Yahoo

    By Mina Hochberg and Shannon Petrie, HGTV.com More From HGTV.com: 5 Before-and-After Kitchen Makeovers Under ,000 20 Incredible Small Bathrooms Transformations 25 Creative Ways to Add More Storage to Your Bathroom

  • HOUSE TOUR: At Home With Lance Bass and Michael Turchin
  • America’s Most Dangerous States, 2016

    24/7 Wall St.

    While the nation is becoming safer, many states have a higher violent crime rate than the national average rate, with the 10 most dangerous states reporting a rate of at least 445 violent crimes per 100,000 people.

  • ‘Supportive Housing’ Aims to Help NY’s Homeless

    Jennifer Karmon

    LaVerne Rogers used to sleep on a bench. She’d spread out a cardboard on the ground as “carpet,” and sweep the leaves to keep it clean.

  • Cubit Shelf Modules for Ceaseless Configurations


    Space is no problem when it comes to Cubit shelves. These units work for cramped apartments as well as generous lofts, and everything in-between. You can configure the completely modular individual units any way you see fit to create shelves that store records, books, DVDs, keepsakes, objets d’art, and more.

  • Hawaii's Soap Opera of a Gargantumansion Sells AGAIN

    Jennifer Karmon

    The Hawaiian estate called Waterfalling, inspired improbably by both Frank Lloyd Wright and “Magnum P.I.,” might be known as much for its heart-stopping price history as for its high-drama cliff-top landscape.

  • Modern and Classic Meet: Renovated German Country House


    A former stable and hayloft on a rural German property dating back to 1851 has become a stunning modern home expertly blending new features like geometric skylights and timber screen facades with the beautiful old brickwork and beams.

  • UPDATE: Gorgeous Charlton Heston Time Capsule Home Goes for ...

    Jennifer Karmon

    We can’t say we’re entirely surprised: Actor Charlton Heston’s incredible time capsule home, which we wrote about when it hit the market just last month, already has an offer pending. As you may recall, this is the first time the home has ever been for sale. It was built for Heston and his family in 1959. The family was asking ,249,000 – which seemed possibly a bit pricey for its location in Los Angeles’ Coldwater Canyon, considering that Zillow estimated its worth at about million.

  • For a Price, Faster 911 Help in Oakland

    Jennifer Karmon

    For a year, a startup called BlueLight promises to route emergency cellphone calls straight to the police, and to send location details. The city 911 system does neither.

  • Boring Facade Hides Outrageous Interior -- to Fool the Tax Man
  • Las Vegas Man’s Real-Life Haunted House: Dinosaurs, Snakes And Knife-Wielding Bears, Oh My!

    Michelle Huffman

    A bloody, knife-wielding bear over the balcony, snakes emanating from out of the dining room table, dinosaurs playing pool, and a large, strange beast in the garage.

  • Denise Richards Sure Stripped THIS House of Blandness

    Michelle Huffman

    Her living room is a black nightclub-style "lounge." Her bathtub is tiled in little mirrors. Will she be able to sell the house this time? She's been trying for seven years, off and on.

  • Cleveland Embraces Foodie Culture, Feeds Millennial Real Estate Market


    CLEVELAND — You can’t buy a great cheeseburger on the Internet, and that is the simple fact behind the new driver of downtown real estate development. Restaurants are the new retail, and celebrity chefs today are fast becoming just as powerful as names like Macy’s and Neiman Marcus were a half century ago.

  • Tiny Private Paradise of an Island Eases You Into Off-Grid Living