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The photographs in the Farm Security Administration/Office of War Information Photograph Collection form an extensive pictorial record of American life between 1935 and 1944. This U.S. government photography project was headed for most of its existence by Roy E. Stryker, who guided the effort in a succession of government agencies: the Resettlement Administration (1935-1937), the Farm Security Administration (1937-1942), and the Office of War Information (1942-1944). The collection also includes photographs acquired from other governmental and non-governmental sources, including the News Bureau at the Offices of Emergency Management (OEM), various branches of the military, and industrial corporations.

In total, the black-and-white portion of the collection consists of about 175,000 black-and-white film negatives, encompassing both negatives that were printed for FSA-OWI use and those that were not printed at the time. Color transparencies also made by the FSA/OWI are available in a separate section of the catalog: FSA/OWI Color Photographs [].
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Research Tips

Unprinted negatives: You can search for "Untitled" to see images that did not come with a caption card bearing a title and are presumed not to have been printed. Most unprinted negatives simply have "Untitled" as their caption. Some have titles based on similar images that appear to have related content.

To view images that have a hole punched in them (an early method the agency used to indicate the negative should not be printed), you can search "."

To view unprinted negatives in relation to neighboring, printed negatives:
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