Закрыть ... [X]

Penelope Cruz Sanchez is the hottest Spanish actress of all time. Known for her smoky eyes, cute English accent and simmering sexuality, you’ve probably wanted to see her naked for the longest time. Pervert. Now you can.

Born in Spain to a hairdresser and auto mechanic, Cruz studied classical ballet for nine years and starting acting at the age of 16. Her breakthrough role came in 2001 when she did Vanilla Sky with Tom Cruise and Blow with Johnny Depp.

She’s way up there on our list of hot latinas… maybe sandwiched between and . Oh crap. We forgot about the legendary Jessica Alba.

We know she’s beautiful. We know she’s talented. We also know she has no problem getting naked in front of the camera. In fact, Cruz has getting nude in quite a few movies. Here’s a list: Elegy, Los abrazos rotos, Abre Los Ojos, Venuto al mondo, Vanilla Sky, Non ti muovere, Volaverunt, La Nina De Tus Ojos, Serie Rose, Woman on Top, The Good Night, Twice Born (2012) and Mama (2015). Whew.

Here’s all the Penelope Cruz nude movie scenes you’ve ever wanted to see. She doesn’t have any leaked nude selfies or hacked cellphone pics. No naughty sextape too.  So any authentic Cruz nude will come from the gallery below:


Twice Born (2012)


Mama (2015)

Topless Photos at the Beach

And if that’s not enough, here’s a bunch of pictures showing Cruz naked/topless on the beach. Thank you paparazzi.