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What causes infection and what infections do they cause ? There are several different types of infection and genital condition, as well as many varieties within each type or group. Generally speaking, they are caused by:  · Viruses. · Bacteria. · Other infectious organisms – eg. parasites. They cause: · Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) · Balanitis

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I’ve recently been diagnosed with Chlamydia and so has my boyfriend. We have both now been treated. How long do we have to wait before we can have sex again? – K Dear K Sorry about the Chlamydia, but at least it wasn’t gonorrhoea, which is now getting much harder to cure than it used Many, if not all women, wonder at some time whether their vagina is healthy, or if something is changing ‘down there’ that they should do something about.    Here is an extremely good BBC.co.uk podcast about Vaginal Health which answers the question:    What makes a healthy vagina? A woman’s vagina relies on a specific Why do condoms slip off and stay inside during sex ? If you don’t have a fully erect penis – or if you haven’t unrolled the condom fully and correctly to the hair line – it’s more likely to slip during use. You should check occasionally during sex to make sure that the condom is

Why are condoms are too big for me ? Condoms fit all sizes of adult penis. Tighter, smaller condoms are now available. If you’re young, it’s sensible to wait until you are fully grown before trying to have sex. Alternatively your partner could use a Female Condom. See FEMALE CONDOM information.

Hi In the years gone by, we operated three interactive environments, now commonly recognised as a forums. We are bringing this feature back to WillyWorries.com At present, it is not accepting posts but we will update with further information once it’s able to accept posts and replies again. People helped each other with over 15,000 questions and Welcome to WillyWorries.com WillyWorries.com – Cartoon:         The Willy Tree – “Willius Floppius Variegata” Cartoon of the Willy Tree or “Willius Floppius Varigata” This site contains information about different problems and issued that commonly affect ‘willy owners’ and their partners. We are adding to this site on a regular basis, so please check back from Why can’t I get a condom on easily ? How do I get a condom on ? Because there are several different shaped glans penises, you should try different condoms until you find one to suit you. Some men find that that they feel tight – but you will be able to find one that suits To avoid a condom bursting during sex: · Ensure that all the air has been removed from the teat of the condom during application. If not, the pressure of ejaculation (at about 28 mph) increases the likelihood of the condom bursting under pressure. Condom bursting in contact with Baby Oil · Do not use oil What you should know before sex with a new partner ? If you’re a virgin, and your partner’s also a virgin, you’re having sex and contact with the germs of just one person.  If you’re a virgin and your first partner has had sex with, for example, 5 people, you’re having sex and contact with Why can I use condoms with water based lubricant and not  products like Vaseline® or Baby Oil ? Oil interacts with the latex of the condom and perishes it in a relatively short period of time. Water based lubricants do not. Oil based lubricants are only safe to use with nitrile or polyurethane male or Viruses, Bacteria & Other Infectious Organisms Viruses are the most widespread group of parasites. · They are visible only by using powerful electron microscopes.  · They attack our immune system. · Antibiotics do not work against them. Currently, there’s no treatment – only alleviation of symptoms until such time as your immune system deals with I’m using Microynon 30®, one of the oldest Birth Control Pills – but I’m scared of getting HIV AIDS, genital herpes and genital warts because I’ve been told that even if I use a condom, I’m not protected against them, even if I use a condom alongside my birth control pills – and I’m really Oh no! It came off… What’s going on? To avoid the condom slipping off and staying inside after sex, it’s essential that the condom is held on the shaft of the penis during withdrawal. A penis ‘shrinks’ from its erect size and shape when returning to its flaccid state. If the condom does slip off and stay WillyWorries.com is coming back to life but still not quite where it was back in 2004. However, because we know that we now have so many women visiting WillyWorries.com, from all around the world (180 countries), and an increasing number offering to help by sending us their pictures for inclusion in the Vulva Gallery, we