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About our decals...
"Streetglo stickers shine like a beacon!."
"Strong metallic backed reflective material is higher quality than the more common vinyl stickers."
"The boat name decal looks great! I've already recommended you to another boat owner"
Mike Silverman MD
"I used 1/8" black pinstripe and  tape on the black parts of my Honda Shadow Aero. With 1/2" black reflective  tape on the frame rails of the bike. In the daytime, you can't even see the StreetGlo pin stripes, but at night - look out! The reflective tape dramatically increased my conspicuity to the point where a cager literally squealed her tires the other night when she saw me! She had no idea what she was looking at, but she certainly knew it was bright!"
Aaron Chang: CA
"The logos that I got this week are great!"
Erin Lindquist MN
"I just wanted to thank you for your prompt service.  I placed my order Monday night and an hour later, you sent me an email saying my order had been shipped.  I received my decals just three days later and they are beautiful!  Thank you!"

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To our customers:
Our  decals, reflective tape, and other vinyl products can really dress up a motorcycle, car, truck, or boat.  When you use reflective decals and or reflective tape and Pin Stripe, you add style and safety to your vehicle.  We try to offer a large assortment of really cool reflective decals and vehicle & motorcycle graphics to make sure there is something for everyone.  But we don't lose sight of our purpose, and that's to make the brightest and safest possible reflective products.  You will notice that many of our reflective helmet flame and decal kits tend to be larger and bolder.  That's because bigger and bolder means more reflective surface. 
No matter if you are using our products for motorcycle safety, or as advertising for your business, or even just spicing up your car or truck with bright vehicle graphics, please know we appreciate the      opportunity to serve you!
When it comes to reflective motorcycle decals or safety graphics of any type ...
Streetglo is your best source!