10 Healthy LATE NIGHT Snacks (Under 100 Calories)

Satisfying Healthy Snacks

Healthy snacks to keep you satisfied until supper!

We all know the feeling – it’s 4pm, lunch feels like a distant memory and your tummy starts to grumble with hunger. You know you can’t wait until dinner but your only option is to dip into the biscuit tin to tie you over until your next meal.

The problem with reaching for a sugary snack is that your energy levels may peak temporarily, but then are likely to crash, leaving you more tired and sluggish than you were to begin with. Not only that, but high carb and sugary foods don’t really fill you up, which is why we often don’t stop at just the one biscuit. Need more convincing? Those bad-for-you treats also damage your waistline and over time can really add on the pounds!

Healthy snacks can help you not overeat at meals and maintain your physical and mental energy, plus keep your metabolism going throughout the day which in turn can help you shed those unwanted pounds.

But don’t despair – if you’re prone to snacking mid-afternoon then our round-up of healthy afternoon snacks will combat the daily sugar craving and help you maintain a healthy weight.

By eating the right snacks, you can satisfy your huger pangs and taste buds, while keeping your weight in check. From nutritious sunflower seeds to tasty popcorn, there’s plenty to help keep the snack attacks at bay – and your body at a healthy weight.

Why not keep our list of healthy afternoon snack ideas to hand when you next go shopping, or print this out to keep at your office desk as a reminder to eat healthily. The easier you can make it for yourself, the less likely you are to reach for the biscuit tin!

It’s also worth staying mindful of your main meal portion sizes to avoid adding extra pounds. We recommend you stick to healthy snacks of 200 calories or less to really aid weight loss. Get ready for a healthier you with our pick of the best healthy afternoon snacks…

Selwyn’s Seaweed Snack

Selwyn’s have brought out several different flavour selections of their Seaweed Snacks – honey and sesame, salt and vinegar and coconut and chilli. At 12 calories a packet, these are the ultimate healthy snack. They contain plenty of calcium, fibre and iodine which all promote a healthy digestive system. Not only are they delightfuly moreish, they’re good for you too – it’ll be hard to stop after just one packet!

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