Tattoos With Amazing Meaning Behind Them


Female tattoos continue to grow in popularity and gain momentum with each passing year. If you love creative, colorful and unbelievably beautiful art, you're going to love these tattoos. Leg art is gaining notoriety all...

50 Remarkable Lace Tattoo Designs

Lace tattoos are typically a feminine choice of design. It' usually a bit sultry and somewhat seductive. As you'll see from the list we've compiled, there's a wide range designs to choose from. Who gets...

90+ Creative and Artistic Hip & Waist Tattoos

Nothing is sexier in the realm of tattoos more than a superiorly inked piece of body art wrapped around a woman's hip or waist. Creative ideas can be seemingly endless for this area of...

55 Inspiring Arrow Tattoos that Will Make You Want to Get Inked Immediately

We love arrow tattoos. They’re cute, subtle, and quite chic.

Video: Tattoo Artists Answer "What Tattoos Do You Refuse to Do?" | INKED Talk

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