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Mission Statement: The Department of Art inspires and prepares students to excel in the art profession, including the fine and applied arts, art history, and art teaching fields and also expands the educational experiences of non-majors.

The Department of Art offers a comprehensive undergraduate curriculum in the visual arts leading to the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees. Subsequent acceptance into the graduate program allows students to pursue .  Majors receive broad-based instruction in the foundation areas and proceed through increasingly specialized programs of study that emphasize personal concepts and technical refinement.

The degrees offered are: Bachelor of Arts degree in Art with emphasis areas in Art History and Studio Art; Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Studio Art with emphasis areas in , , , , or ; Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography with emphasis areas in and ; Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Visual Communication with emphases in , , and .

The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Visual Communication prepares students for careers in the advertising industry. Advanced courses in these areas are offered in Dallas, where new facilities, field trips, and internships keep students abreast of the latest trends and technologies in the rapidly growing field of Communication Arts.

The Department of Art utilizes several buildings on campus for its many different programs and courses, including the University Gallery which hosts an annual series of exhibits of interest to the university and the surrounding area.

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