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We have been stocking up on our Easter and St Patricks Day Facebook layouts! Many more are to come.

Hundreds of new Valentines Day layouts have been added!

Check out some of our most popular featuring Justin Bieber and some creative and colorful skins!

Deck out your profile with a holiday skin! We offer many Christmas Facebook Layouts to celebrate the seasons! Don't forget about the Snow Effects and Holiday Lights Feature located in your Social Extras settings area! Make your profile as festive as possible!

The Facebook Timeline Builder is here! today with your very own Facebook Covers!

Check out our and get all the latest updates for our next Facebook Extras!

This just in! You can now add the Top Image Cover with your new Facebook Skin! This only applies to the skins that offer the Facebook Covers on them of course! When selecting a skin with a top cover, keep the Add Top Image checkbox checked, click Continue and you will have your new skin AND cover! Once the cover is uploaded, simply hover over your cover area, click Select Photos and choose your new cover! Easy as that!

Did you know you can upload your own cursors? Check that extra feature out in the Facebook Cursors section! Upload a picture and it will resize it down to create a cursor for your Facebook!

A new feature is in! You can now customize your profile with ! Choose from hundreds of cool custom cursors for your Facebook profile!

Coming Soon! The all new !

Have you tried out ? Go to your status box and check out the new Symbols for Facebook!

Time to change up your skin! Check out our latest featuring all sorts of beautiful tropical scenes and sunsets for Summer time!

Celebrate the 4th of July by changing up your Facebook Skin to a !

Decorate your profile with Get with the season!

Customize your text! We just added in a feature which is located below your status bar! Offering !

Support FBSkins and 'Like' our ! Get all the biggest updates on your newsfeed!

The seasons are changing! Spring is here and Summer is right around the corner! Check our our and start saving your favorite and be ready to the sunshine!

Easter holiday is here and so are ! Decorate your Facebook profile with a cute Easter Facebook Skin today!

A new fun feature is on its way! Stick tight and check out our newest in the meantime!

We have just released a whole new Settings interface! If you go to your profile and click on the Social Extras icon at the top right corner of your profile you will notice many more options, a more friendly version of your settings which will give you more control of what you want to enable and disable, show or hide!

We just got a brand new look, a brand new feel! With the new design, its even easier than before to get your Facebook skins and extras! Search your skin and click the big Set as Facebook Skin button and wahlah! Spread the word, let your friends know that you can finally customize your Facebook profile!

So not only do we offer the most layouts for Facebook out there but we also offer the most features as well! Features including the top favorite dislike button, the photo hover zoom and another favorite, the music player! More features will be added over time as well!

Attention! Attention! All FBskins users we have some good news! Yes, yet again a new feature! To get straight to the point, you can now ADD MUSIC TO YOUR PROFILE! Create a music playlist to show off to your friends! Search directly through Youtube for your songs and create a playlist! Show off your taste of music and hear your friends music too!

Change it up a little bit! Grab a new Skin! We just added over 2,000 Premade Skins featuring tons of celebrities, models, sports teams and more!

It seems like our are one of the most popular skin categories, so we just added over 100 new Dark Facebook Skins to the collection!

Check out our latest skins featuring Disney characters such as Beauty and the Beast and Tinkerbell Skins! Also some more and are available! Browse around and find a new skin for yourself!

New features are in store! Keep checking back!

Not only have we added over 5,000 more skins over the past month but we're also releasing more features for your Facebook plugin! Just to keep you on your toes, we're not going to tell you what the new feature is just yet!

Girls, are you interested in Justin Bieber? Are you interested in a... Justin Bieber Skin? Well you're in luck! Over 5 pages of sexy !

Think you can create your own Skins? Do you have the skills to do so? Well, you'll never know until you try out our Skin Builder, giving you the ability to add your own backgrounds, adjust the colors and more! Check out the Layout Builder today!

Looking for some help on getting a skin? You can check out our which gives you the very easy steps on installing the plugin for the skins and the extras in a simple video tutorial. If you want direct help, feel free to contact our fast response support team by emailing us at !

We are currently in the works of creating many new features for your Facebook! Stick tight! In the meantime, Spring season is on its way! Grab a today!

If you haven't already noticed, we have upgraded our Settings area. You will no longer see those ugly links in the top right of your profile but you can now use the Settings button below the FB Extras header bar where the links were previously placed!

Our gift to you for Valentine's Day is an all new effect! Click the Enable Hearts link in the top right panel of your profile and watch the love fall with the all new animated falling hearts!

Valentine's Day is approaching fast! Check out our cute variety of !

Sick of clicking through hundreds of pictures one by one? Now you can simply hover over them and view them in full size with our latest feature called Photo Thumbnail Zoom!

We're working on building the FBLayout Plugin to not only provide you with skins for Facebook but also tons of funfilled features! Currently, the plugin allows you to choose from over 1,000 Facebook Skins as well as enable seasonal effects and the all new dislike button. But that is not all! Cool new features are in the works and will soon be released!

Attention all users! If you're having trouble viewing the new Dislike Button then this may be because you have to upgrade to the new FBLayouts 2.0 Plugin. How do I do this? It's just as easy as installing the plugin the first time. Go to our where it will guide you through the steps of uninstalling the 1.0 plugin. After this is removed, reinstall the plugin by selecting a new skin and going through the process of installing the plugin again. This will update your FBLayouts Plugin to the latest version.

Welcome to 2011! Over the break, we have been adding new features to our FBSkins Plugin! Some fun new features include the enable snowflakes and the brand new Dislike Button! Now instead of always using the 'Like' button, you can now step up and tell your friends and family how you really feel with the Dislike Button! Simply go to your profile and click the Dislike link below whichever post, photo or status you don't like! You must have the plugin installed already, so if you don't then get your plugin ! Please note that the dislike button feature, along with the rest of the features we offer, are in no way affiliated with Facebook. If you have any questions, please email us at !

Speaking of winter time, we have just released two new features! If you haven't noticed already, you will see two links in the right side of your Facebook. They should read 'Enable Snowflakes' and 'Enable Christmas Lights'. It speaks for itself! If you click on them, you will soon be celebrating the holidays in a seasonal way! Animated lights will be aside your profile while having snow fall from the top of your profile! You can enable and disable this whenever you want! Hope you like these cool new features!

Get ready for the winter season! The holidays are here and the snow is on its way! Start decorating your Facebook with a or a ! If you're more in a seasonal mood, check out our !

This just in! You can now sign up, 100% free, and submit your created Skins to go live on the website for others to use! Just to sign up, create a skin, and click submit! It's as easy as that! Submit as many Skins as you want! Not only can you submit your skins, you can also save all of your creations for future use!

FBSkins is expanding to almost every internet browser out there! Not only are our skins for Facebook compatible with the Firefox and IE browser, but we are now proud to announce that the Skins are compatible with the Google Chrome browser as well! And we're not stopping there! We are currently in the process of making our skins compatible with the Safari browser too!

Looking for some help on getting your new Skin for Facebook? We have some video tutorials as well as a full support page for our users! for our YouTube Channel or check out our page!

With over 250 more Skins for Facebook added over the past few days, browse around and change up your skin today! Check out some of the newest and hottest featuring Harry Potter, Megamind, Family Guy, Boardwalk Empire, Hell's Kitchen and much more!

We're all getting ready for the holidays! We've added over 30 more along with 25 Christmas Skins! More holiday skins to come!

We've added over 300 more Facebook Skins! From Sexy Skins to Cute Skins, we have it all! Check out our today!

Try creating your own layouts for Facebook with our brand new easy step ! Spread the word on the new editor for Facebook and see if you can create a better layout than your friends or family!

Show off your spooky Skin for Facebook in celebration of Halloween! Add a or check out our category with over 150 scary skins to choose from!

Looking for some help on getting your new Facebook Skin? Check out our for video tutorials on How to Install the FBLayouts Plugin! Also, subscribe to our for more videos!

October is the month of Breast Cancer Awareness. Add a to your profile in honor of all of the breast cancer patients out there! We support all those who are fighting breast cancer and hope for a cure very soon!

Create your own Skins for Facebook with our brand new ! Offering even more features than the last editor, it is now easier than ever to create your own skins for Facebook!

October is here and Halloween is slowly creeping up. Check out our spooky and be prepared for the scare!

Fall is officially here! Put up your seasonal skin today by checking out our wide variety of !

Football season has arrived! Represent your favorite NFL football team by selecting one of our today!

Check out our brand new ! Get all sorts of updates like the hottest weekly and monthly Facebook Skins as well as our own FBSkins staff favorite Skins! now has its own YouTube Channel! Check it out, , for a video tutorial on how easy it is to add a Skin!

Have more than one skin you like? Of course you do! You can now save your favorites simply by clicking the 'Save' link below the skin you want to save. When you want to view them, click the 'My Saved Skins' link in the left navigation.

Want to create your own Facebook Skins? Now you can with our ! Try it out today!

Tons of new Hot Skins available here at!

Just added over 100 new Skins featuring Justin Bieber, Twilight Saga, The Vampire Diaries and more!

Finally, you can Customize your Facebook Profile with our brand new Skins brought to you by! Please note though, that we are in no way affiliated, nor endorsed, by We are simply a team of people trying to make your Facebook experience easier and more enjoyable!