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easttowest said:

Normally when I connect my iPhone, iPhoto opens up automatically and gives me an option to upload photos to computer. Tonight it is not doing that. What can I do to get these photos into iPhoto?
Yours is the first post in recent years detailing the same exact issue I and other iPhoto devotees have faced, increasingly.
The issue is not "syncing" and does not involve iTunes. It's the simple, once-automatic-and-easy process of importing from an iPhone to a Mac/iMac iPhotos library. [No violin music here for iPhotos - it is still infinitely more useful with ratings, exif-viewing, albums, etc., than "Photos", especially for a library with 10's of thousands of photos organized over many years. ]
History and editorial aside, for me the "norm" of late is plugging the iPhone into Mac, and iPhotos screen comes up "loading" - forever.
For a while (mid 2017) I defaulted to using Image Capture to import to iPhotos or direct to a storage folder and then importing from that. But as of today - 1 September 2017 - Image Capture is just holding and not loading [despite showing the icon for] iPhoto images.
It just gets worse and worse, decrements, defenders of "Photos" (who have fun developing apple scripts and really don't focus on the flow or fun of photography). Shutting down any combination of iPhotos, iPhone, and computer occasionally has worked, but not any longer. The only thing which works - sometimes - is rebuilding the iPhotos library - mine is 200+ Gb. Then it restarts, and with iPhone plugged in, or then plugged in, it begrudgingly, slowly, loads and - sometimes taking 1/2 hour or longer - will eventually show new, un-imported photos on the iPhone.
I spent a decade happily using Steve Jobs' brilliant, intuitive, functional iPhotos program, through debates over Aperture's non-updates, and then the introduction of the abhorrent "Photos", which is a major task to assign ratings to (beyond "like") or access/see exif info immediately, etc.
Apple - along with the undoing of Google+ photography tools (collections, E.g.) are just plowing over actual photography/photographer tools in favor of the smartphone user experience, forgetting that some people actually use viewable monitors of size, and editing software. Where iPhoto excels/excelled beyond any other I've found, is image management and easy organization into albums, titling, exif-viewing, etc.etc.
So - now the decrements upon decrements to OS/X and all things good for serious photographers with serious collections - are a flood of "evil" performed in the name of standardized (phone) platform experience. You're not alone. Thanks for posting, as almost every response and post relating to this awful state of Apple for photographers using computers is non-responsive to your question.
Sorry I do not have a fix, other than a combination of Lightroom and other non-Apple products. (Said sadly as a longtime fan.) :( 
Apple does not listen, respond, or care - it's quite evident over several years of non-answers to your question. Apple needs to have a photography lover who has spent years with iPhone management, head up the "product line" of tools for photographers.