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More Info Symbol = More Information   <---------- Choose One Option ----------> Common Only Unique Only Common OR Unique   <---------- Choose One Option ----------> Active Only Experimental Only Active OR Experimental   By Course Type : <---------- Choose One Option ----------> DEFAULT ALL C05TC-Comp Core-Tec Com eff F05 C05WR-Composition Core eff F05 CLD-Cultural Diversity COP-Composition Core ECC-Composite Course ELB-Small Lab EPE-Petition Exemption H05AB-Hum Core-Arab eff F05 H05AR-Hum Core-Art eff F05 H05CH-Hum Core-Chin eff S11 H05EN-Hum Core-Engl eff F05 H05FR-Hum Core-Fren eff F05 H05GE-Hum Core-Ger eff F05 H05GF-Hum Core-GFA eff F05 H05GR-Hum Core-Gree eff F05 H05HI-Hum Core-Hist eff F05 H05HU-Hum Core-Hum eff F05 H05LA-Hum Core-LakL eff F05 H05LT-Hum Core-Lati eff F05 H05MC-Hum Core-MCom eff F05 H05ME-Hum Core-MePr eff F05 H05MF-Hum Core-MFl eff F05 H05MU-Hum Core-Mus eff F05 H05PH-Hum Core-Phil eff F05 H05RE-Hum Core-Rel eff F05 H05RU-Hum Core-Russ eff F05 H05SP-Hum Core-Span eff F05 H05TH-Hum Core-Thea eff F05 HON-Honors HS-High School HSDC-High School Dual Credit HUP-Humanities Core HUPAI-Humanities AIS pre F05 HUPAR-Humanities ART pre F05 HUPCH-Humanities CHIN pre F05 HUPCL-Humanities CLHU pre F05 HUPEN-Humanities Engl pre F05 HUPFR-Humanities Fren pre F05 HUPGE-Humanities Germ pre F05 HUPGF-Humanities GFA pre F05 HUPGR-Humanities Greek pre F05 HUPHI-Humanities Hist pre F05 HUPHU-Humanities Hum pre F05 HUPLT-Humanities Lati pre F05 HUPMC-Humanities MCom pre F05 HUPME-Humanities Mepr pre F05 HUPMU-Humanities Mus pre F05 HUPPH-Humanities Phil pre F05 HUPRE-Humanities Rel pre F05 HUPRU-Humanities Russ pre F05 HUPSP-Humanities Span pre F05 HUPTH-Humanities Thea pre F05 ITL-Information Tech Literacy M05MA-Math Core eff F05 MAP-Mathematics Core N05LB-Nat Sc Core-Lab eff F05 N05SC-Nat Sc Core-Lect eff F05 NSP-Natural Science Core OSCBA-SDOS Board Appr S_U CRSE OSSPF-SDOS S_U Only Section P05EN-Spch Core-Engl eff F05 P05SP-Spch Core-Spcm eff F05 REM-Remedial S05AI-Soc Sc Core-AIS eff F05 S05AN-Soc Sc Core-Anth eff F05 S05CJ-Soc Sc Core-CJus eff F05 S05EC-Soc Sc Core-Econ eff F05 S05GE-Soc Sc Core-Geog eff F05 S05GL-Soc Sc Core-GlSt eff F05 S05HD-Soc Sc Core-HDFS eff F05 S05HI-Soc Sc Core-Hist eff F05 S05IN-Soc Sc Core-Info eff F05 S05PO-Soc Sc Core-Pols eff F05 S05PS-Soc Sc Core-PS eff F05 S05RE-Soc Sc Core-Rel eff F05 S05SO-Soc Sc Core-Soc eff F05 S05UH-Soc Sc Core-UHon eff F05 S05WM-Soc Sc Core-WMST eff S10 SGL05-SDSU 2005 Global Req SI105-SDSU 2005 IGR 1 SI205-SDSU 2005 IGR 2 SI305-SDSU 2005 IGR 3 Opt 1 SI405-SDSU 2005 IGR 3 Opt 2 SPC-Speech Communication SSP-Social Science Core SSPAI-Soc Sci AIS pre F05 SSPAN-Soc Sci ANTH pre F05 SSPCJ-Soc Sci CJus pre F05 SSPEC-Soc Sci Econ pre F05 SSPGE-Soc Sci Geog pre F05 SSPHD-Soc Sci HDFS pre F05 SSPHI-Soc Sci Hist pre F05 SSPPO-Soc Sci Pols pre F05 SSPPS-Soc Sci Psyc pre F05 SSPSO-Soc Sci SOC pre F05 STN-Standard TSP-Teacher Special   By Course Subject : <---------- Choose One Option ----------> DEFAULT ALL A&S ABE ABME ABS ACCT ACS ADS ADV AES AGEC AGED AHED AHSS AIR AIS ANAT ANTH ARAB ARCH ART ARTD ARTE ARTH ARTM AS AST AT AVIA BADM BED BFS BIOC BIOL BIOS BLAW BME BOT CA CBE CD CED CEE CEM CENG CET CGPS CHEM CHIN CHRD CIS CJUS CLHU CLI CLIN CM COUN CP CPHD CS CSC CSS CTE DAD DANC DCOM DHYG DRED DS DSCI DSGN EAP ECE ECON ED EDAD EDER EDFN EE EEC EES EFA EHS ELED ELRN EM EMPA ENGL ENGM ENTR EPSY ESCI ESL ET EURS EXCH EXPL EXS FAMP FCSE FIN FREN FS FSRM GAME GDES GE GEOE GEOG GEOL GER GERO GES GFA GLST GREE GS GSE GSR HDFS HIM HIMS HIST HLTH HMGT HMS HNS HO HON HPE HRM HSAD HSC HUM ID IDL IENG IMC INED INFA INFO INFS INTS IS ISCI KSM LA LAKL LART LAS LATI LAW LDR LEAD LIBM LING LMNO LT MAIS MATH MCOM ME MEDC MEM MES MET MFL MGMT MICR MIS MKTG MLED MLS MNET MRCH MSAS MSL MTRO MUAP MUEN MUS NANO NATV NE NEUR NRM NSCI NURS NUTR OCTH OE OGYN OM PALE PAST PATH PE PEDS PHA PHAR PHGY PHIL PHPH PHTH PHYS PLAN POLS PRAG PS PSYC PTRY PUBH PUBR RADI RANG READ RECR REL RESP RESR RUSS SCI SCST SE SEED SLDR SOC SOCW SPAN SPCM SPED SPSY SS STAT SURG SUST TET THEA THM UHON VET WD WL WMST WRTG ZPSS   By Course Level : <---------- Choose One Option ----------> DEFAULT ALL 001-Remedial 100-Freshman 200-Sophomore 300-Junior 400-Senior 500-Entry Level Graduate 500A-SDSU Ugrad prior to F96 600-Graduate/Undergrad Excep 700-Graduate/Graduate only 800-Doctoral/Post-doctoral By Course Academic Level : <---------- Choose One Option ----------> DEFAULT ALL GR HS LA MD UG By Course Location : <---------- Choose One Option ----------> DEFAULT ALL BHSU DSU NSU SDSMT SDSU USD By Department : <---------- Choose One Option ----------> DEFAULT ALL BARTS-Fine & Applied Arts BATHM-School of Arts/Humanities BATM-Astronomy BBIOL-Biology BBSCI-School of Behavioral Sciences BBUS-Business BBUSI-School of Business BCHEM-Chemistry BEDU-School of Education BEDUC-Education BENGL-English & Foreign Language BESCI-Earth Science BGENR-General Registration BGEOG-Geography BGEOL-Geology BHIST-History BMATH-Mathematics BMCOM-Mass Communication BMILS-Military Science BMUS-Music BNSCI-School of Natural Science BPE-Physical Education BPHSC-Physical Science BPOLS-Political Science BPSYC-Psychology BSOC-Sociology BSPCM-Speech Communications BTECH-Technology BTHEA-Theatre BTOUR-Tourism DARTS-Fine and Applied Arts DBUS-Business DBUSS-Business DCSC-Computer Science DCSCS-Computer Science/Game Design DCYOP-Cyber Operations DEDUC-Education DELEC-Electives for Degree Audit DGENS-General Studies DHIM-Health Information Management DHIMS-Health Information Management DHON-Honors DHPE-Health & Physical Education DINFS-Information Systems DLANG-Language DMATH-Mathematics DMIL-Military Science DPSYC-Psychology DRESP-Respiratory Care DSCI-Sciences DSOC-Social Sciences MATM-Atmospheric/Environmental Sci MCBE-Chemical & Biological Engr MCEE-Civil/Environment Engineering MCES-College of Earth Systems MCHEM-Chemistry & Chemical Engineer MCIS-College of Interdiscp Studies MCSE-Col of Materials Sci & Engr MCSYE-College of Systems Engr MEE-Electrical & Computer Engineer MENGD-General Engineering MGEOL-Geology & Geol. Engineering MHUM-Humanities MIE-Industrial Engineering MINT-Interdisciplinary Programs MMATH-Mathematics & Computer Sci. MME-Mechanical Engineering MMEM-Mining Engineering & Mgmt MMET-Metallurgical Engineering MMINE-Mining Engineering MMSC-Military Science MMTRO-Atmospheric Sciences MNANO-Nanoscience & Nanoengineering MPE-Physical Education MPHYS-Physics MSS-Social Sciences MUENG-Undecided Engineering MUSCI-Undecided Science NACCT-Accounting NART-Art NBEAS-Bus Ed, Admin Sys, Bus Law NBIOL-Biology NCHPH-Chemistry and Physics NECFN-Economics, Finance and Banking NELRN-E-Learning NELSC-Elementary and Secondary Ed NGR-Graduate Studies NHISG-History and Geography NHPE-Health and Physical Education NHS-E-Learning High School NIT-Industrial Technologies NLNCO-Language and Communications NLTLI-Literature and Linguistics NMATH-Mathematics NMGMK-Management and Marketing NMIS-Management Information Systems NMUTH-Music and Theater NPSCO-Psychology and Counselor Ed NPSOC-Political Science & Sociology NSPED-Special Education NUC-University College SABAG-Agric & Biosystems Engr-Agric SABCE-ABS Centers of Excellence SABEN-Agric & Biosystems Engr-Engr SABG-Ag/Biosystems Engr-Agriculture SABIS-ABS Instructional Support SABRC-ABS Redesign Univ Curr SAE-Agricultural Education SAEAG-Agricultural Engr-Agric SAEEG-Agricultural Engineering-Engr SAER-Aerospace Studies SAGED-Agricultural Education SAGJR-Agricultural Journalism SAHP-Agron/Horticulture/Plant Sci SAHPS-Agron/Horticulture/Plant Sci SAIR-Aerospace Studies SAIS-American Indian Studies SAMID-Apparel Merchnd & Intr Design SARC-Architecture SARCH-Architecture SARNG-Animal and Range Science SART-Visual Arts SAS-Animal Science SASBI-Biology (A&S) SASC-Animal Science SASEC-Economics (A&S) SASIS-A&S Instructional Support SASKT-A&S K-12 Linkages SASMI-Microbiology (A&S) SASMT-Mathematics (A&S) SASO-Sociology (AHSS) SASPH-Physics (A&S) SASRC-A&S Redesign Univ Curr SASSO-Sociology (A&S) SBIM-Biology Microbiology SBIOM-Biology/Microbiology SBIOT-Biotechnology SCAF-College of Ag/Food/Environ Sci SCAHE-Consumer Aff & Home Ec Educ SCAS-College of Arts/Human/Soc Sci SCEE-Civil and Environmental Engr SCEED-Continuing & Extended Educ SCHB-Chemistry and Biochemistry SCHD-Counseling & Human Development SCHEM-Chemistry and Biochemistry SCJR-School Communication/Journal SCMJN-School Communication/Journal SCMST-Communication Studies SCNOM-Construction/Operations Mgmt SCOM-Construction/Operations Mgmt SCONS-Consumer Sciences SCSC-Computer Science SCST-Communication Studies/Theatre SCUC-Capital University Center SDFS-Dairy Food Science SDFSC-Dairy/Food Science SDMCS-Design, Merchndsng & Cons Sci SDS-Dairy Science SDSG-School of Design SDSGN-School of Design SECN-Economics SECO-Economics (AHSS) SECON-Economics SEDRC-Education & Counseling - Rc SEDUC-Education SEE-Electrical Engineering SEECS-Elec Engineering & Comp Sci SEGCE-Engr Centers of Excellence SEGEX-Engineering Extension SEGIS-Engr Instructional Support SEGRC-Engineering-RC Site SEHS-Education & Human Sciences SENEC-Engr Econ Dev SENG-English SENGL-English SENKT-Engr K-12 Linkages SETM-Engineering Tech & Management SEXCH-Exchange Study SFCIS-Fam & Cons Sci Instr Support SFCKT-Fcs K-12 Linkages SFCS-Family & Consumer Sciences SFLNG-Foreign Languages SGEAG-General Agriculture SGENR-General Registration SGENS-Gen Studies & Outreach Prog SGEO-Geography SGEOG-Geography SGIS-Geographic Information Science SGNA-General Agriculture SGNRE-Graduate Nursing Education SGRAB-Grad Study - Ag & Biosys Engr SGRAC-Grad Sty-Architecture SGRAP-Grad Agron/Horticult/Plant Sci SGRAR-Grad Sty-Animal & Range Sci SGRAS-Grad Sty - Animal Science SGRBI-Grad Sty-Biology/Microbiology SGRCD-Grad Sty - Cslg & Human Devlpm SGRCE-Grad Sty-Civil/Environmentl SGRCH-Grad Sty-Chemistry/Biochem SGRCJ-Grad School Commun/Journalism SGRCN-Grad Sty - Consumer Sciences SGRDF-Grad Dairy/Food Science SGRDM-Grad Sty-Merchandising SGRDN-Grad Study - School of Design SGRDS-Grad Sty-Dairy Science SGREC-Grad Sry-Economics SGRED-Grad Sty-Education SGREE-Graduate EE/CSC SGREG-Grad Sty-English SGRGE-Grad Sty-Geography SGRGT-Grad Sty-Gen Engr/Technology SGRHD-Grad Sty-HDCF SGRHN-Grad Sty - Hlth & Nutr Science SGRJR-Grad Sty-Journ/Mass Comm SGRME-Grad Study - Mechanical Engr SGRMT-Grad Sty-Math/Statistics SGRNM-Grad Sty - Natural Resource SGRNR-Grad Stu-Nursing SGRNS-Grad Sty-Nutritional Sciences SGRPA-Grad Pharm/Allied Hlth Profess SGRPC-Grad Study - Psychology SGRPE-Grad Sty-HPER SGRPH-Grad Sty-Pharmacy SGRPS-Grad Sty-Plant Science SGRPY-Grad Sty - Physics SGRRS-Grad Sty-Rural Sociology SGRST-Graduate Studies SGRTL-Grad Sty - Tchg, Lrng & Ldrshp SGRWL-Gar Sty-Wildlife & Fisheries SGSTY-General Studies SGTEC-General Engr & Technology SHD-Human Development SHDFS-Hum Devel, Family & Cons Sci SHFLP-Hort/Forestry/Lndscpe/Parks SHIST-History SHNS-Health & Nutritional Sciences SHPER-Hlth, Physical Educatn&Recr SHPPR-History/Poli Sci/Phil/Religion SHPR-History/Poli Sci/Phil/Religion SHSC-Health Science SHSPS-History & Political Science SINDS-Interdisciplinary SINS-Interdisciplinary Studies SINT-Interdisciplinary Studies SJMC-Journalism/Mass Communication SJMCM-Journalism/Mass Communication SMATH-Mathematics and Statistics SME-Mechanical Engineering SMICR-Microbiology SMIL-Military Science SMIS-Military Science SMLG-Modern Language/Global Studies SMLGS-Modern Languages & Global Stud SMLNG-Modern Languages SMUS-Music SNAR-Natural Resource Management SNFH-Nutrition, Food Ser & Hosp SNFS-Nutrition and Food Science SNFSH-Nutr, Food Science & Hosp SNRM-Natural Resource Management SNURS-Nursing SONNR-On-Site Nursing SPAG-Precision Agriculture SPAHP-Pharm/Allied Hlth Professions SPAR-School of Performing Arts SPART-School of Performing Arts SPHA-Pharmacy SPHY-Physics SPHYS-Physics SPOLS-Political Science SPRAG-Precision Agriculture SPREL-Philosophy / Religion SPROF-First-Professional SPS-Plant Science SPSY-Psychology SPSYC-Psychology SRSOC-Sociology & Rural Studies SSRS-Sociology & Rural Studies STLL-Teaching/Learning/Leadership SUC-University College SVBS-Veterinary/Biomedical Science SVET-Veterinary & Biomedical Sci SVPA-Vice-Pres Academic Affairs SVPAA-Vice-President Acad Affairs SWL-Wildlife & Fisheries Science SWRGN-West River Generic Nursing SWRNR-West River Nursing UA&S-Arts and Sciences, General UACFN-Accounting/Finance UADAS-Alcohol and Drug Abuse Studies UADS-Addiction Counsel/Prevention UAFAM-Community/Family Medicine UAFIT-Business-Mba/Ellsworth UAGFA-General Fine Arts UAIS-American Indian Studies UANAT-Anatomy & Stuctural Biology UANTH-Anthropology UART-Art UARTA-Art-Special Probs & Degr Proj UARTG-Graduate Art UASDN-Dean, Arts & Science UBIOC-Molecular Biology UBIOL-Biology UBME-Biomedical Engineering UBUS-Business UBUSD-Dean, School of Business UC&I-Curriculum and Instruction UCHEM-Chemistry UCJUS-Criminal Justice Studies UCLAS-Classics UCLHU-Classics UCMJ-Media and Journalism UCMST-Communication Studies UCOMM-Communication UCPE-Counseling & Psyc in Educ UCPHD-Consolidated Bio-Med Sciences UCSCI-Computer Science UCSD-Communication Sci & Disorders UDCOM-Communication Disorders UDHYG-Dental Hygiene UECDS-Economics/Decision Services UEDAD-Educational Leadership UEDDN-Dean, Education UEDUC-Education, General UEMM-Entrepreneurship/Mgmt/Mktg UENGL-English UESCI-Earth Science UEXCH-Exchange Programs UFADN-Dean, Fine Arts UFINA-Fine Arts UGR-Graduate Studies UGRAD-Grad UGRDD-Dean, Graduate School UHIST-History UHON-Honors UHPER-Health, Phys Educ & Recreation UHSC-Health Sciences UHSDN-Dean, Health Sciences UHSMN-Health Services Management UIAIS-Inst of Am Indian Studies UIDL-Interdisciplinary Studies UIMED-Internal Medicine UKSM-Kinesiology/Sport Management UKSS-Kinesiology/Sport Management ULADN-Dean, Law School ULAW-Law ULLIB-Law Library ULMED-Laboratory Medicine UMATH-Mathematical Sciences UMCOM-Contemporary Media/Journalism UMDDN-Dean, Medical School UMED-Medicine UMFL-Modern Language/Linguistics UMICR-Microbiology UMILS-Military Science UMLS-Medical Laboratory Science UMUS-Music UNATV-Native Studies UNEUR-Neurosciences UNURS-Nursing UOCTH-Occupational Therapy UOGYN-Obstetrics & Gynecology UPAST-Physician Assistant Studies UPATH-Pathology UPEDS-Pediatrics UPHIL-Philosophy UPHPH-Physiology/Pharmacology UPHTH-Physical Therapy UPHYS-Physics UPOLS-Political Science UPSYC-Psychology UPTRY-Psychiatry USOC-Sociology USOCB-Social Behavior USOCS-Social Sciences USOCW-Social Work USPCM-Communication Studies USPED-Special Education USTEN-Sustainability and Environment USURG-Surgery UTET-Tech for Education & Training UTHEA-Theatre UTTD-Tech for Training/Development By Course CIP :   By Course Instructional Method : <---------- Choose One Option ----------> DEFAULT ALL A-Studio B-Comp-Based/Self-Paced Study C-Clinical Laboratory D-Discussion/Recitation E-Seminar F-Small Group G-Clinical Experience H-Music Ensemble, Large I-Independent Study J-Design/Research K-Alternate Laboratory L-Laboratory M-Private Instruction N-Music Ensemble, Small O-Restricted PE Activity P-Physical Education Activity Q-Tracking R-Lecture S-Internship/Practicum T-Thesis U-Thesis/Research Sustaining V-Open for Future Definition W-Workshop X-SpTp-Obsolete 11SP-Do NOT Use By Course Reg Retake Policy : <---------- Choose One Option ----------> DEFAULT ALL Unlimited Undergraduate Takes Unlimited Graduate Takes Two Graduate Takes Three Undergraduate Takes By "Count Retake for Credit?" : <---------- Choose One Option ----------> DEFAULT ALL Y N By "Only Pass/No Pass" : <---------- Choose One Option ----------> DEFAULT ALL Y N By Credit Type : <---------- Choose One Option ----------> DEFAULT ALL I-Institutional IR-Institutional Remedial NC-Non Course   Course Subject Course Number Course Status
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