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Bird photos and bird calls of Australia are the main features of this site. You’ll find pictures of more than 600 different Australian birds together with a range of images of the flora, fauna and environment - just a small sample from my huge photo library.

Not just high quality pictures (some say the best!) there’s heaps more - it would take many hours just to listen to the . And easy to navigate - no ads or other nonsense. If you need to tell crows from ravens, where to find all the grasswrens or more about cuckoos, thornbills and other hard to identify groups like egrets and many of our rarer species, simply look, read and listen. For you keen photographers and the artistically inclined, the highlights many of my favourite pictures in greater detail.

The low resolution JPEG images in the library are simply for reference and not intended or suitable for publication. Download them for personal use if you wish but they should not be exhibited in the public domain or used on other websites without my permission. For all types of reproduction or publication I supply hi-res images by email or by CD in the post. Please use the contact page to let me know your requirements. If I’m not in the field, I can offer same day service for urgent requests.

You'll find photographs for the following birds in my along with photos of other subjects.