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Allocated and Reserved AS blocks


AUTONOMOUS SYSTEM NUMBERS (last updated 2007-06-21) The Autonomous System (AS) numbers are used by various routing protocols. AS numbers are allocated to the regional registries by the IANA. AfriNIC APNIC ARIN LACNIC RIPE-NCC AS Numbers can be obtained from the registry in your region. Listed below are the allocated blocks to the regional registries. Number Description -------------- ------------------------------------------------------------- 0 Reserved - May be use to identify non-routed networks 1 - 1876 Allocated by ARIN 1877 - 1901 Allocated by RIPE NCC 1902 - 2042 Allocated by ARIN 2043 Allocated by RIPE NCC 2044 - 2046 Allocated by ARIN 2047 Allocated by RIPE NCC 2048 - 2106 Allocated by ARIN 2107 - 2136 Allocated by RIPE NCC 2137 - 2584 Allocated by ARIN 2585 - 2614 Allocated by RIPE NCC 2615 - 2772 Allocated by ARIN 2773 - 2822 Allocated by RIPE NCC 2823 - 2829 Allocated by ARIN 2830 - 2879 Allocated by RIPE NCC 2880 - 3153 Allocated by ARIN 3154 - 3353 Allocated by RIPE NCC 3354 - 4607 Allocated by ARIN 4608 - 4864 Allocated by APNIC 4865 - 5376 Allocated by ARIN 5377 - 5631 Allocated by RIPE NCC 5632 - 6655 Allocated by ARIN 6656 - 6911 Allocated by RIPE NCC 6912 - 7466 Allocated by ARIN 7467 - 7722 Allocated by APNIC 7723 - 8191 Allocated by ARIN 8192 - 9215 Allocated by RIPE NCC 9216 - 10239 Allocated by APNIC 10240 - 11263 Allocated by ARIN 11264 - 12287 Allocated by ARIN 12288 - 13311 Allocated by RIPE NCC 13312 - 14335 Allocated by ARIN 14336 - 15359 Allocated by ARIN 15360 - 16383 Allocated by RIPE NCC 16384 - 17407 Allocated by ARIN 17408 - 18431 Allocated by APNIC 18432 - 19455 Allocated by ARIN 19456 - 20479 Allocated by ARIN 20480 - 21503 Allocated by RIPE NCC 21504 - 22527 Allocated by ARIN 22528 - 23551 Allocated by ARIN 23552 - 24575 Allocated by APNIC 24576 - 25599 Allocated by RIPE NCC 25600 - 26623 Allocated by ARIN (March 2002) 26624 - 27647 Allocated by ARIN (September 2002) 27648 - 28671 Allocated by LACNIC (November 2002) 28672 - 29695 Allocated by RIPE NCC (December 2002) 29696 - 30719 Allocated by ARIN (March 2003) 30720 - 31743 Allocated by RIPE NCC (September 2003) 31744 - 32767 Allocated by ARIN (November 2003) 32768 - 33791 Allocated by ARIN (May 2004) 33792 - 34815 Allocated by RIPE NCC (June 2004) 34816 - 35839 Allocated by RIPE NCC (February 2005) 35840 - 36863 Allocated by ARIN (February 2005) 36864 - 37887 Allocated by AfriNIC (April 2005) 37888 - 38911 Allocated by APNIC (June 2005) 38912 - 39935 Allocated by RIPE NCC (September 2005) 39936 - 40959 Allocated by ARIN (29 March 2006) 40960 - 41983 Allocated by RIPE NCC (13 April 2006) 41984 - 43007 Allocated by RIPE NCC (17 November 2006) 43008 - 44031 Allocated by RIPE NCC (23 April 2007) 44032 - 54271 Unallocated 54272 - 64511 Reserved by the IANA 64512 - 65534 Designated for private use (Allocated to the IANA) 65535 Reserved Specially designated Autonomous System Numbers: 23456 AS_TRANS [RFC4893] Registry Expansion - per [RFC4893] 1.0 - 1.65535 Reserved 2.0 - 2.1023 Allocated by APNIC (29 November 2006) 2.1024 - 2.65535 Unallocated 3.0 - 3.1023 Allocated by RIPE NCC (29 November 2006) 3.1024 - 3.65535 Unallocated 4.0 - 4.1023 Allocated by LACNIC (29 November 2006) 4.1024 - 4.65535 Unallocated 5.0 - 5.1023 Allocated by AfriNIC (29 November 2006) 5.1024 - 5.65535 Unallocated 6.0 - 6.1023 Allocated by ARIN (30 November 2006) 6.1024 - 65535.65534 Unallocated 65535.65535 Reserved Reference --------- [RFC4893] Q. Vohra, E. Chen, "BGP Support for Four-octet AS Number Space", RFC 4893, May 2007. []

Unallocated ASs

Source: ,RIR Stats Files ( , ,,LACNIC)

0 Held by RESERVED 171 Held by ARIN 187 Held by ARIN 266 Held by ARIN 283 Held by ARIN 572 Held by ARIN 578 - 579 Held by ARIN 604 - 610 Held by ARIN 612 Held by ARIN 699 Held by ARIN 1214 Held by ARIN 1246 Held by ARIN 1277 Held by ARIN 1286 - 1289 Held by ARIN 1355 - 1356 Held by ARIN 1359 - 1360 Held by ARIN 1378 - 1380 Held by ARIN 1396 - 1449 Held by ARIN 1601 Held by ARIN 1603 - 1636 Held by ARIN 1638 - 1648 Held by ARIN 1650 - 1652 Held by ARIN 1702 Held by ARIN 1730 Held by ARIN 1773 Held by ARIN 1777 Held by ARIN 1782 - 1783 Held by ARIN 1796 Held by ARIN 1830 Held by ARIN 1996 Held by ARIN 2000 - 2001 Held by ARIN 2027 Held by ARIN 2111 Held by RIPE 2145 Held by ARIN 2583 Held by ARIN 2636 Held by ARIN 2703 Held by ARIN 2719 - 2720 Held by ARIN 2722 - 2738 Held by ARIN 2762 - 2763 Held by ARIN 2896 Held by ARIN 2903 Held by ARIN 2906 Held by ARIN 2941 Held by ARIN 3061 Held by ARIN 3118 Held by ARIN 3342 Held by RIPE 3361 Held by ARIN 3384 Held by ARIN 3393 Held by ARIN 3397 Held by ARIN 3408 - 3411 Held by ARIN 3531 - 3534 Held by ARIN 3554 Held by ARIN 3576 - 3577 Held by ARIN 3688 Held by ARIN 3695 Held by ARIN 3708 Held by ARIN 3722 Held by ARIN 3730 - 3731 Held by ARIN 3733 Held by ARIN 3761 Held by ARIN 3763 Held by ARIN 3785 Held by ARIN 3791 Held by ARIN 3819 Held by ARIN 3824 Held by ARIN 3837 - 3838 Held by ARIN 3842 Held by ARIN 3847 Held by ARIN 3914 - 3915 Held by ARIN 3962 Held by ARIN 3967 Held by ARIN 4017 Held by ARIN 4052 Held by ARIN 4199 Held by ARIN 4205 Held by ARIN 4213 Held by ARIN 4280 Held by ARIN 4310 Held by ARIN 4317 Held by ARIN 4354 Held by ARIN 4443 Held by ARIN 4451 Held by ARIN 4474 - 4476 Held by ARIN 4505 Held by ARIN 4508 Held by ARIN 4514 Held by ARIN 4539 - 4540 Held by ARIN 4563 Held by ARIN 4576 - 4577 Held by ARIN 4579 Held by ARIN 4661 Held by APNIC 4754 Held by APNIC 4865 - 4907 Held by ARIN 4912 Held by ARIN 4935 Held by ARIN 4940 Held by ARIN 4946 Held by ARIN 4968 Held by ARIN 4970 Held by ARIN 4980 Held by ARIN 4985 Held by ARIN 4989 Held by ARIN 5008 Held by ARIN 5032 Held by ARIN 5090 - 5091 Held by ARIN 5096 - 5098 Held by ARIN 5101 Held by ARIN 5110 Held by ARIN 5116 - 5119 Held by ARIN 5506 Held by RIPE 5632 Held by ARIN 5638 Held by ARIN 5683 Held by ARIN 5696 Held by ARIN 5699 Held by ARIN 5733 Held by ARIN 5749 Held by ARIN 5757 Held by ARIN 5775 Held by ARIN 5777 Held by ARIN 5787 Held by ARIN 5798 Held by ARIN 6077 Held by ARIN 6095 Held by ARIN 6103 Held by ARIN 6105 Held by ARIN 6141 Held by ARIN 6143 Held by ARIN 6145 - 6146 Held by ARIN 6165 Held by ARIN 6183 Held by ARIN 6190 Held by ARIN 6235 Held by ARIN 6244 Held by ARIN 6246 Held by ARIN 6286 Held by ARIN 6329 Held by ARIN 6336 Held by ARIN 6359 Held by ARIN 6391 Held by ARIN 6499 Held by ARIN 6507 Held by ARIN 6531 Held by ARIN 6553 Held by ARIN 6556 Held by ARIN 6561 Held by ARIN 6576 Held by ARIN 6618 Held by ARIN 6643 Held by ARIN 6645 Held by ARIN 6651 Held by ARIN 6809 Held by RIPE 6898 Held by RIPE 6919 Held by ARIN 6955 Held by ARIN 7003 Held by ARIN 7012 Held by ARIN 7034 Held by ARIN 7040 Held by ARIN 7058 Held by ARIN 7143 Held by ARIN 7150 Held by ARIN 7155 Held by ARIN 7168 Held by ARIN 7172 Held by ARIN 7213 Held by ARIN 7221 Held by ARIN 7250 - 7251 Held by ARIN 7253 Held by ARIN 7311 Held by ARIN 7352 Held by ARIN 7354 Held by ARIN 7361 Held by ARIN 7366 Held by ARIN 7419 Held by ARIN 7565 Held by APNIC 7619 Held by APNIC 7772 Held by ARIN 7818 Held by ARIN 7909 Held by ARIN 7915 Held by ARIN 7921 Held by ARIN 7955 Held by ARIN 8003 Held by ARIN 8008 Held by ARIN 8037 Held by ARIN 8043 Held by ARIN 8084 Held by ARIN 8089 Held by ARIN 8097 Held by ARIN 8100 Held by ARIN 8104 Held by ARIN 8149 Held by ARIN 8173 Held by ARIN 8309 Held by RIPE 8344 Held by RIPE 8366 Held by RIPE 8539 Held by RIPE 8574 Held by RIPE 8652 Held by RIPE 8707 Held by RIPE 8810 Held by RIPE 8945 Held by RIPE 8955 Held by RIPE 9002 Held by RIPE 9006 Held by RIPE 9072 Held by RIPE 9122 Held by RIPE 9254 Held by APNIC 9290 Held by APNIC 9387 Held by APNIC 9504 Held by APNIC 9552 Held by APNIC 9666 Held by APNIC 9730 Held by APNIC 9744 Held by APNIC 9798 Held by APNIC 9902 Held by APNIC 10082 Held by APNIC 10098 Held by APNIC 10107 Held by APNIC 10109 Held by APNIC 10121 Held by APNIC 10125 Held by APNIC 10151 Held by APNIC 10214 Held by APNIC 10234 Held by APNIC 10249 Held by ARIN 10261 Held by ARIN 10858 Held by ARIN 10922 Held by ARIN 10976 Held by ARIN 10979 Held by ARIN 11015 Held by ARIN 11054 Held by ARIN 11085 Held by ARIN 11091 Held by ARIN 11094 Held by ARIN 11116 Held by ARIN 11143 Held by ARIN 11167 Held by ARIN 11196 Held by ARIN 11244 Held by ARIN 11254 Held by ARIN 11280 Held by ARIN 11308 Held by ARIN 11325 Held by ARIN 11337 Held by ARIN 11343 Held by ARIN 11345 Held by ARIN 11350 Held by ARIN 11352 Held by ARIN 11378 Held by ARIN 11447 Held by ARIN 11450 Held by ARIN 11459 Held by ARIN 11474 Held by ARIN 11483 Held by ARIN 11503 Held by ARIN 11508 Held by ARIN 11515 Held by ARIN 11536 Held by ARIN 11560 - 11561 Held by ARIN 11586 Held by ARIN 11600 Held by ARIN 11605 Held by ARIN 11609 Held by ARIN 11613 Held by ARIN 11652 Held by ARIN 11661 Held by ARIN 11720 Held by ARIN 11723 Held by ARIN 11730 Held by ARIN 11757 Held by ARIN 11767 Held by ARIN 11777 Held by ARIN 11803 Held by ARIN 11810 Held by ARIN 11825 Held by ARIN 11849 Held by ARIN 11882 - 11883 Held by ARIN 11897 Held by ARIN 11935 Held by ARIN 11953 Held by ARIN 11965 Held by ARIN 11967 Held by ARIN 11988 Held by ARIN 11999 Held by ARIN 12053 Held by ARIN 12068 Held by ARIN 12084 Held by ARIN 12099 Held by ARIN 12117 Held by ARIN 12125 Held by ARIN 12130 Held by ARIN 12134 Held by ARIN 12196 Held by ARIN 12220 Held by ARIN 12223 Held by ARIN 12233 Held by ARIN 12236 Held by ARIN 12250 Held by ARIN 12275 Held by ARIN 12356 Held by RIPE 12383 Held by RIPE 12583 Held by RIPE 12646 Held by RIPE 12658 Held by RIPE 12774 Held by RIPE 13026 Held by RIPE 13085 Held by RIPE 13168 Held by RIPE 13214 Held by RIPE 13247 Held by RIPE 13286 Held by RIPE 13328 Held by ARIN 13377 Held by ARIN 13382 Held by ARIN 13395 - 13396 Held by ARIN 13443 Held by ARIN 13470 Held by ARIN 13472 Held by ARIN 13475 Held by ARIN 13487 Held by ARIN 13498 Held by ARIN 13511 Held by ARIN 13516 Held by ARIN 13519 Held by ARIN 13537 Held by ARIN 13559 Held by ARIN 13608 Held by ARIN 13613 Held by ARIN 13624 Held by ARIN 13629 Held by ARIN 13632 Held by ARIN 13635 Held by ARIN 13642 Held by ARIN 13707 Held by ARIN 13745 - 13746 Held by ARIN 13770 Held by ARIN 13800 Held by ARIN 13817 Held by ARIN 13820 - 13821 Held by ARIN 13834 Held by ARIN 13860 Held by ARIN 13913 Held by ARIN 13931 Held by ARIN 13939 Held by ARIN 13944 Held by ARIN 13952 Held by ARIN 13956 Held by ARIN 13961 Held by ARIN 13976 Held by ARIN 14025 Held by ARIN 14064 Held by ARIN 14083 Held by ARIN 14093 Held by ARIN 14095 Held by ARIN 14141 Held by ARIN 14160 Held by ARIN 14201 Held by ARIN 14207 Held by ARIN 14293 Held by ARIN 14295 Held by ARIN 14300 - 14305 Held by ARIN 14360 Held by ARIN 14373 Held by ARIN 14430 Held by ARIN 14488 Held by ARIN 14491 Held by ARIN 14507 Held by ARIN 14509 Held by ARIN 14539 Held by ARIN 14552 Held by ARIN 14576 Held by ARIN 14584 Held by ARIN 14606 Held by ARIN 14619 Held by ARIN 14622 Held by ARIN 14640 Held by ARIN 14673 Held by ARIN 14676 Held by ARIN 14693 Held by ARIN 14699 Held by ARIN 14704 Held by ARIN 14715 Held by ARIN 14726 Held by ARIN 14739 Held by ARIN 14748 - 14749 Held by ARIN 14764 Held by ARIN 14785 Held by ARIN 14803 Held by ARIN 14812 Held by ARIN 14829 Held by ARIN 14862 Held by ARIN 14876 Held by ARIN 14879 Held by ARIN 14893 Held by ARIN 14903 Held by ARIN 14906 Held by ARIN 14923 Held by ARIN 14927 Held by ARIN 14951 Held by ARIN 14968 Held by ARIN 14979 Held by ARIN 14984 Held by ARIN 14986 Held by ARIN 14996 - 14997 Held by ARIN 15014 Held by ARIN 15018 - 15019 Held by ARIN 15037 Held by ARIN 15053 Held by ARIN 15110 Held by ARIN 15113 Held by ARIN 15115 Held by ARIN 15132 Held by ARIN 15156 Held by ARIN 15172 - 15173 Held by ARIN 15190 Held by ARIN 15194 Held by ARIN 15196 Held by ARIN 15277 Held by ARIN 15284 - 15286 Held by ARIN 15337 Held by ARIN 15364 Held by RIPE 15441 Held by RIPE 15470 Held by RIPE 15567 Held by RIPE 15622 Held by RIPE 15638 Held by RIPE 15673 Held by RIPE 15696 Held by RIPE 15925 Held by RIPE 15952 Held by RIPE 15979 Held by RIPE 16037 Held by RIPE 16040 Held by RIPE 16060 Held by RIPE 16176 Held by RIPE 16213 Held by RIPE 16319 Held by RIPE 16354 Held by RIPE 16377 Held by RIPE 16384 Held by ARIN 16462 Held by ARIN 16506 Held by ARIN 16523 Held by ARIN 16551 Held by ARIN 16563 Held by ARIN 16568 Held by ARIN 16611 Held by ARIN 16628 Held by ARIN 16653 Held by ARIN 16658 Held by ARIN 16666 - 16667 Held by ARIN 16679 - 16680 Held by ARIN 16704 - 16705 Held by ARIN 16743 - 16744 Held by ARIN 16764 Held by ARIN 16806 Held by ARIN 16824 Held by ARIN 16854 Held by ARIN 16860 Held by ARIN 16876 Held by ARIN 16915 Held by ARIN 16918 Held by ARIN 16921 - 16922 Held by ARIN 16927 Held by ARIN 16929 Held by ARIN 16979 Held by ARIN 17022 Held by ARIN 17034 Held by ARIN 17041 Held by ARIN 17075 Held by ARIN 17082 Held by ARIN 17090 Held by ARIN 17097 Held by ARIN 17136 Held by ARIN 17141 Held by ARIN 17156 Held by ARIN 17159 Held by ARIN 17177 Held by ARIN 17194 Held by ARIN 17197 Held by ARIN 17283 Held by ARIN 17314 Held by ARIN 17319 Held by ARIN 17322 Held by ARIN 17325 Held by ARIN 17328 Held by ARIN 17351 - 17352 Held by ARIN 17364 Held by ARIN 17384 - 17385 Held by ARIN 17441 Held by APNIC 17482 Held by APNIC 17497 Held by APNIC 17542 Held by APNIC 17719 Held by APNIC 17723 Held by APNIC 17748 Held by APNIC 17767 Held by APNIC 17798 Held by APNIC 17806 Held by APNIC 17815 Held by APNIC 17821 Held by APNIC 17830 Held by APNIC 17886 Held by APNIC 17892 Held by APNIC 17907 Held by APNIC 17912 Held by APNIC 17915 Held by APNIC 17985 Held by APNIC 17991 Held by APNIC 17994 Held by APNIC 18003 Held by APNIC 18007 - 18008 Held by APNIC 18036 Held by APNIC 18051 Held by APNIC 18064 Held by APNIC 18115 Held by APNIC 18155 Held by APNIC 18162 Held by APNIC 18211 Held by APNIC 18223 Held by APNIC 18351 Held by APNIC 18374 Held by APNIC 18407 Held by APNIC 18444 Held by ARIN 18459 Held by ARIN 18464 Held by ARIN 18504 Held by ARIN 18506 Held by ARIN 18517 Held by ARIN 18520 Held by ARIN 18526 Held by ARIN 18529 Held by ARIN 18591 Held by ARIN 18625 Held by ARIN 18633 Held by ARIN 18641 Held by ARIN 18671 Held by ARIN 18696 Held by ARIN 18708 Held by ARIN 18726 Held by ARIN 18731 Held by ARIN 18758 Held by ARIN 18786 Held by ARIN 18804 Held by ARIN 18826 Held by ARIN 18830 Held by ARIN 18835 Held by ARIN 18860 Held by ARIN 18880 Held by ARIN 18907 Held by ARIN 18909 Held by ARIN 18932 Held by ARIN 18979 Held by ARIN 19071 Held by ARIN 19073 Held by ARIN 19107 Held by ARIN 19116 - 19117 Held by ARIN 19205 Held by ARIN 19207 Held by ARIN 19242 - 19243 Held by ARIN 19245 Held by ARIN 19256 Held by ARIN 19280 Held by ARIN 19284 Held by ARIN 19333 Held by ARIN 19336 Held by ARIN 19341 Held by ARIN 19349 Held by ARIN 19352 Held by ARIN 19369 Held by ARIN 19417 Held by ARIN 19502 - 19503 Held by ARIN 19541 Held by ARIN 19544 Held by ARIN 19547 Held by ARIN 19574 Held by ARIN 19588 Held by ARIN 19594 Held by ARIN 19607 Held by ARIN 19615 Held by ARIN 19634 Held by ARIN 19636 Held by ARIN 19642 Held by ARIN 19649 Held by ARIN 19667 Held by ARIN 19713 Held by ARIN 19717 Held by ARIN 19743 Held by ARIN 19814 Held by ARIN 19851 Held by ARIN 19867 Held by ARIN 19903 Held by ARIN 19908 Held by ARIN 19933 Held by ARIN 19949 Held by ARIN 19966 - 19970 Held by ARIN 19976 Held by ARIN 19998 - 19999 Held by ARIN 20008 Held by ARIN 20012 Held by ARIN 20027 Held by ARIN 20056 Held by ARIN 20064 Held by ARIN 20068 Held by ARIN 20074 Held by ARIN 20079 Held by ARIN 20089 Held by ARIN 20113 Held by ARIN 20139 Held by ARIN 20146 Held by ARIN 20156 Held by ARIN 20159 Held by ARIN 20193 Held by ARIN 20197 Held by ARIN 20213 Held by ARIN 20248 Held by ARIN 20251 Held by ARIN 20289 Held by ARIN 20296 Held by ARIN 20302 Held by ARIN 20307 Held by ARIN 20357 Held by ARIN 20364 Held by ARIN 20366 Held by ARIN 20408 Held by ARIN 20410 Held by ARIN 20430 Held by ARIN 20450 Held by ARIN 20462 Held by ARIN 20731 Held by RIPE 20750 Held by RIPE 20840 Held by RIPE 20892 Held by RIPE 20916 Held by RIPE 20922 Held by RIPE 20937 Held by RIPE 21036 Held by RIPE 21078 Held by RIPE 21106 Held by RIPE 21116 Held by RIPE 21275 Held by RIPE 21381 Held by RIPE 21438 Held by RIPE 21442 Held by RIPE 21449 Held by RIPE 21544 Held by ARIN 21581 Held by ARIN 21624 Held by ARIN 21676 Held by ARIN 21698 Held by ARIN 21731 Held by ARIN 21742 - 21743 Held by ARIN 21755 Held by ARIN 21770 Held by ARIN 21779 Held by ARIN 21801 Held by ARIN 21808 Held by ARIN 21816 Held by ARIN 21843 Held by ARIN 21846 Held by ARIN 21853 Held by ARIN 21869 Held by ARIN 21871 Held by ARIN 21878 Held by ARIN 21907 Held by ARIN 21917 Held by ARIN 21924 Held by ARIN 21926 Held by ARIN 21942 Held by ARIN 21953 Held by ARIN 21962 Held by ARIN 21975 Held by ARIN 21993 Held by ARIN 22024 Held by ARIN 22031 Held by ARIN 22051 Held by ARIN 22056 Held by ARIN 22062 Held by ARIN 22066 Held by ARIN 22072 Held by ARIN 22104 - 22105 Held by ARIN 22110 - 22111 Held by ARIN 22113 Held by ARIN 22125 - 22126 Held by ARIN 22130 - 22131 Held by ARIN 22134 Held by ARIN 22138 Held by ARIN 22141 Held by ARIN 22147 Held by ARIN 22159 - 22160 Held by ARIN 22162 - 22163 Held by ARIN 22180 Held by ARIN 22191 Held by ARIN 22195 - 22196 Held by ARIN 22217 Held by ARIN 22219 Held by ARIN 22223 Held by ARIN 22229 Held by ARIN 22232 Held by ARIN 22234 Held by ARIN 22248 Held by ARIN 22253 Held by ARIN 22268 Held by ARIN 22271 Held by ARIN 22292 - 22293 Held by ARIN 22297 Held by ARIN 22300 Held by ARIN 22307 Held by ARIN 22314 Held by ARIN 22316 Held by ARIN 22320 Held by ARIN 22359 - 22360 Held by ARIN 22372 Held by ARIN 22374 Held by ARIN 22391 Held by ARIN 22396 Held by ARIN 22400 Held by ARIN 22404 Held by ARIN 22412 Held by ARIN 22414 Held by ARIN 22421 Held by ARIN 22438 Held by ARIN 22444 Held by ARIN 22447 Held by ARIN 22457 Held by ARIN 22463 Held by ARIN 22466 Held by ARIN 22468 Held by ARIN 22477 - 22478 Held by ARIN 22490 Held by ARIN 22492 Held by ARIN 22502 - 22503 Held by ARIN 22506 - 22507 Held by ARIN 22514 Held by ARIN 22522 - 22524 Held by ARIN 22544 Held by ARIN 22554 Held by ARIN 22564 Held by ARIN 22576 Held by ARIN 22582 Held by ARIN 22584 Held by ARIN 22586 Held by ARIN 22591 Held by ARIN 22603 Held by ARIN 22620 Held by ARIN 22629 Held by ARIN 22640 Held by ARIN 22652 Held by ARIN 22655 Held by ARIN 22690 Held by ARIN 22707 Held by ARIN 22721 Held by ARIN 22731 Held by ARIN 22749 Held by ARIN 22751 - 22752 Held by ARIN 22757 Held by ARIN 22789 Held by ARIN 22802 - 22803 Held by ARIN 22808 Held by ARIN 22813 Held by ARIN 22815 Held by ARIN 22817 Held by ARIN 22840 Held by ARIN 22842 - 22843 Held by ARIN 22846 Held by ARIN 22857 - 22858 Held by ARIN 22865 Held by ARIN 22875 Held by ARIN 22878 Held by ARIN 22886 Held by ARIN 22890 Held by ARIN 22898 Held by ARIN 22905 Held by ARIN 22916 Held by ARIN 22931 Held by ARIN 22937 Held by ARIN 22943 Held by ARIN 22948 Held by ARIN 22954 - 22956 Held by ARIN 22994 - 22996 Held by ARIN 23006 Held by ARIN 23018 Held by ARIN 23021 Held by ARIN 23029 - 23030 Held by ARIN 23037 Held by ARIN 23040 - 23041 Held by ARIN 23050 Held by ARIN 23053 Held by ARIN 23080 Held by ARIN 23082 Held by ARIN 23089 Held by ARIN 23096 Held by ARIN 23099 Held by ARIN 23104 Held by ARIN 23107 - 23109 Held by ARIN 23113 Held by ARIN 23125 Held by ARIN 23132 Held by ARIN 23137 Held by ARIN 23139 Held by ARIN 23145 Held by ARIN 23157 - 23159 Held by ARIN 23165 - 23168 Held by ARIN 23174 Held by ARIN 23176 Held by ARIN 23181 - 23182 Held by ARIN 23186 Held by ARIN 23189 Held by ARIN 23192 Held by ARIN 23194 Held by ARIN 23203 Held by ARIN 23208 Held by ARIN 23210 Held by ARIN 23218 Held by ARIN 23228 Held by ARIN 23232 Held by ARIN 23247 Held by ARIN 23256 Held by ARIN 23263 Held by ARIN 23272 Held by ARIN 23275 - 23276 Held by ARIN 23286 Held by ARIN 23288 Held by ARIN 23290 Held by ARIN 23293 Held by ARIN 23295 Held by ARIN 23299 Held by ARIN 23302 Held by ARIN 23307 Held by ARIN 23315 Held by ARIN 23321 Held by ARIN 23325 Held by ARIN 23328 Held by ARIN 23336 - 23337 Held by ARIN 23348 Held by ARIN 23356 Held by ARIN 23361 Held by ARIN 23364 - 23365 Held by ARIN 23378 Held by ARIN 23387 Held by ARIN 23390 Held by ARIN 23399 Held by ARIN 23402 Held by ARIN 23415 Held by ARIN 23417 - 23419 Held by ARIN 23422 Held by ARIN 23428 Held by ARIN 23434 - 23435 Held by ARIN 23438 Held by ARIN 23440 - 23441 Held by ARIN 23445 Held by ARIN 23451 Held by ARIN 23454 - 23455 Held by ARIN 23457 Held by ARIN 23485 Held by ARIN 23490 - 23491 Held by ARIN 23497 Held by ARIN 23502 Held by ARIN 23507 Held by ARIN 23514 - 23515 Held by ARIN 23517 Held by ARIN 23521 Held by ARIN 23524 Held by ARIN 23526 - 23527 Held by ARIN 23540 Held by ARIN 23689 Held by APNIC 23730 - 23731 Held by APNIC 23739 Held by APNIC 23770 Held by APNIC 23837 - 23838 Held by APNIC 23893 Held by APNIC 23918 Held by APNIC 23920 Held by APNIC 23924 Held by APNIC 23931 Held by APNIC 23936 - 23939 Held by APNIC 23942 - 23944 Held by APNIC 23955 Held by APNIC 24021 Held by APNIC 24039 Held by APNIC 24044 Held by APNIC 24054 Held by APNIC 24065 Held by APNIC 24084 Held by APNIC 24097 Held by APNIC 24107 Held by APNIC 24126 Held by APNIC 24242 Held by APNIC 24314 Held by APNIC 24328 Held by APNIC 24457 Held by APNIC 24485 Held by APNIC 24503 Held by APNIC 24508 Held by APNIC 24594 Held by RIPE 24695 Held by RIPE 24811 Held by RIPE 24948 Held by RIPE 25078 Held by RIPE 25205 Held by RIPE 25231 Held by RIPE 25269 Held by RIPE 25311 Held by RIPE 25368 Held by RIPE 25463 Held by RIPE 25524 Held by RIPE 25597 Held by RIPE 25601 Held by ARIN 25613 - 25614 Held by ARIN 25616 Held by ARIN 25618 Held by ARIN 25623 - 25624 Held by ARIN 25629 Held by ARIN 25634 Held by ARIN 25639 Held by ARIN 25641 Held by ARIN 25646 Held by ARIN 25651 Held by ARIN 25665 Held by ARIN 25670 Held by ARIN 25672 Held by ARIN 25674 Held by ARIN 25677 Held by ARIN 25684 Held by ARIN 25694 Held by ARIN 25696 Held by ARIN 25704 Held by ARIN 25716 Held by ARIN 25721 - 25722 Held by ARIN 25732 Held by ARIN 25735 Held by ARIN 25754 Held by ARIN 25758 Held by ARIN 25763 - 25764 Held by ARIN 25771 Held by ARIN 25798 Held by ARIN 25807 Held by ARIN 25819 Held by ARIN 25825 Held by ARIN 25827 Held by ARIN 25843 Held by ARIN 25850 Held by ARIN 25856 Held by ARIN 25858 Held by ARIN 25860 Held by ARIN 25864 Held by ARIN 25868 Held by ARIN 25877 - 25878 Held by ARIN 25881 Held by ARIN 25885 Held by ARIN 25891 Held by ARIN 25896 Held by ARIN 25903 Held by ARIN 25909 Held by ARIN 25913 Held by ARIN 25917 Held by ARIN 25922 Held by ARIN 25924 Held by ARIN 25928 - 25929 Held by ARIN 25931 Held by ARIN 25945 Held by ARIN 25948 Held by ARIN 25961 Held by ARIN 25977 - 25978 Held by ARIN 25986 Held by ARIN 25992 Held by ARIN 26001 Held by ARIN 26023 Held by ARIN 26036 Held by ARIN 26038 Held by ARIN 26040 Held by ARIN 26053 - 26054 Held by ARIN 26064 Held by ARIN 26073 Held by ARIN 26076 Held by ARIN 26078 Held by ARIN 26080 - 26081 Held by ARIN 26094 Held by ARIN 26097 Held by ARIN 26110 Held by ARIN 26114 Held by ARIN 26117 Held by ARIN 26122 Held by ARIN 26124 Held by ARIN 26139 Held by ARIN 26151 - 26152 Held by ARIN 26156 - 26157 Held by ARIN 26171 - 26172 Held by ARIN 26185 Held by ARIN 26187 Held by ARIN 26190 Held by ARIN 26199 - 26200 Held by ARIN 26202 Held by ARIN 26205 Held by ARIN 26211 Held by ARIN 26215 Held by ARIN 26220 Held by ARIN 26232 Held by ARIN 26236 Held by ARIN 26250 Held by ARIN 26252 - 26253 Held by ARIN 26266 Held by ARIN 26268 Held by ARIN 26296 Held by ARIN 26299 Held by ARIN 26302 Held by ARIN 26311 Held by ARIN 26322 Held by ARIN 26328 Held by ARIN 26333 Held by ARIN 26337 - 26338 Held by ARIN 26340 Held by ARIN 26348 Held by ARIN 26350 - 26351 Held by ARIN 26353 Held by ARIN 26369 Held by ARIN 26380 Held by ARIN 26390 Held by ARIN 26396 Held by ARIN 26398 Held by ARIN 26408 Held by ARIN 26421 Held by ARIN 26427 Held by ARIN 26429 Held by ARIN 26438 Held by ARIN 26442 Held by ARIN 26472 Held by ARIN 26478 - 26479 Held by ARIN 26500 Held by ARIN 26502 Held by ARIN 26511 - 26513 Held by ARIN 26516 Held by ARIN 26520 Held by ARIN 26523 Held by ARIN 26529 Held by ARIN 26538 Held by ARIN 26558 Held by ARIN 26576 - 26577 Held by ARIN 26581 Held by ARIN 26624 Held by ARIN 26628 Held by ARIN 26633 Held by ARIN 26636 Held by ARIN 26642 Held by ARIN 26652 Held by ARIN 26656 Held by ARIN 26667 Held by ARIN 26673 Held by ARIN 26680 Held by ARIN 26690 Held by ARIN 26698 Held by ARIN 26701 Held by ARIN 26737 Held by ARIN 26742 Held by ARIN 26744 Held by ARIN 26766 Held by ARIN 26773 Held by ARIN 26778 Held by ARIN 26797 Held by ARIN 26821 Held by ARIN 26828 Held by ARIN 26852 - 26853 Held by ARIN 26857 Held by ARIN 26880 Held by ARIN 26883 Held by ARIN 26886 Held by ARIN 26891 Held by ARIN 26894 Held by ARIN 26898 Held by ARIN 26906 - 26907 Held by ARIN 26916 Held by ARIN 26924 Held by ARIN 26926 Held by ARIN 26928 Held by ARIN 26932 Held by ARIN 26940 Held by ARIN 26942 Held by ARIN 26944 Held by ARIN 26948 Held by ARIN 26951 Held by ARIN 26957 Held by ARIN 26961 Held by ARIN 26967 Held by ARIN 26969 - 26970 Held by ARIN 26973 Held by ARIN 26987 Held by ARIN 26990 Held by ARIN 26992 Held by ARIN 26999 - 27000 Held by ARIN 27020 Held by ARIN 27022 - 27023 Held by ARIN 27031 Held by ARIN 27172 Held by ARIN 27175 Held by ARIN 27190 Held by ARIN 27197 Held by ARIN 27199 Held by ARIN 27213 Held by ARIN 27219 - 27220 Held by ARIN 27232 - 27233 Held by ARIN 27235 - 27236 Held by ARIN 27243 Held by ARIN 27248 Held by ARIN 27255 - 27256 Held by ARIN 27264 Held by ARIN 27280 - 27281 Held by ARIN 27288 Held by ARIN 27294 Held by ARIN 27301 Held by ARIN 27313 - 27315 Held by ARIN 27326 Held by ARIN 27328 Held by ARIN 27331 - 27333 Held by ARIN 27338 Held by ARIN 27340 Held by ARIN 27345 Held by ARIN 27348 Held by ARIN 27350 Held by ARIN 27352 Held by ARIN 27374 Held by ARIN 27378 - 27379 Held by ARIN 27387 Held by ARIN 27400 Held by ARIN 27407 Held by ARIN 27414 Held by ARIN 27425 Held by ARIN 27433 Held by ARIN 27438 Held by ARIN 27444 Held by ARIN 27451 Held by ARIN 27455 Held by ARIN 27466 Held by ARIN 27483 - 27484 Held by ARIN 27489 Held by ARIN 27492 Held by ARIN 27497 Held by ARIN 27501 Held by ARIN 27523 Held by ARIN 27546 Held by ARIN 27551 Held by ARIN 27555 Held by ARIN 27580 Held by ARIN 27602 Held by ARIN 27618 Held by ARIN 27626 - 27627 Held by ARIN 27631 Held by ARIN 27633 - 27634 Held by ARIN 27638 Held by ARIN 27641 - 27642 Held by ARIN 27893 - 27895 Held by LACNIC 27929 - 27999 Held by LACNIC 28001 - 28170 Held by LACNIC 28312 Held by LACNIC 28314 Held by LACNIC 28316 - 28319 Held by LACNIC 28371 - 28470 Held by LACNIC 28528 Held by LACNIC 28539 Held by LACNIC 28541 - 28570 Held by LACNIC 28841 Held by RIPE 29138 Held by RIPE 29615 Held by RIPE 29703 Held by ARIN 29715 Held by ARIN 29718 Held by ARIN 29721 Held by ARIN 29727 Held by ARIN 29729 Held by ARIN 29742 Held by ARIN 29755 Held by ARIN 29763 Held by ARIN 29770 Held by ARIN 29778 Held by ARIN 29803 - 29804 Held by ARIN 29809 Held by ARIN 29822 Held by ARIN 29832 Held by ARIN 29837 Held by ARIN 29857 Held by ARIN 29865 Held by ARIN 29867 Held by ARIN 29875 Held by ARIN 29880 - 29881 Held by ARIN 29889 Held by ARIN 29898 Held by ARIN 29911 Held by ARIN 29915 Held by ARIN 29928 Held by ARIN 29950 Held by ARIN 29954 Held by ARIN 29957 Held by ARIN 29963 Held by ARIN 29967 Held by ARIN 29977 Held by ARIN 29990 Held by ARIN 29994 Held by ARIN 30006 Held by ARIN 30021 Held by ARIN 30028 Held by ARIN 30033 Held by ARIN 30038 Held by ARIN 30054 Held by ARIN 30056 Held by ARIN 30068 Held by ARIN 30091 Held by ARIN 30096 - 30097 Held by ARIN 30100 Held by ARIN 30104 Held by ARIN 30109 Held by ARIN 30117 Held by ARIN 30136 Held by ARIN 30143 - 30144 Held by ARIN 30155 Held by ARIN 30162 Held by ARIN 30171 Held by ARIN 30174 Held by ARIN 30179 - 30180 Held by ARIN 30184 Held by ARIN 30187 Held by ARIN 30192 Held by ARIN 30196 Held by ARIN 30214 - 30215 Held by ARIN 30224 Held by ARIN 30236 Held by ARIN 30238 Held by ARIN 30247 Held by ARIN 30249 Held by ARIN 30276 Held by ARIN 30292 Held by ARIN 30294 Held by ARIN 30298 Held by ARIN 30321 Held by ARIN 30353 Held by ARIN 30376 Held by ARIN 30401 Held by ARIN 30411 Held by ARIN 30413 Held by ARIN 30419 Held by ARIN 30421 - 30425 Held by ARIN 30432 Held by ARIN 30441 Held by ARIN 30445 Held by ARIN 30448 Held by ARIN 30455 Held by ARIN 30471 Held by ARIN 30473 Held by ARIN 30476 Held by ARIN 30478 Held by ARIN 30499 Held by ARIN 30502 Held by ARIN 30505 Held by ARIN 30511 Held by ARIN 30514 Held by ARIN 30524 Held by ARIN 30531 - 30532 Held by ARIN 30545 Held by ARIN 30564 Held by ARIN 30568 Held by ARIN 30582 Held by ARIN 30593 Held by ARIN 30633 Held by ARIN 30650 Held by ARIN 30661 Held by ARIN 30681 Held by ARIN 30700 - 30701 Held by ARIN 30705 Held by ARIN 30707 - 30708 Held by ARIN 30813 Held by RIPE 30854 Held by RIPE 30964 Held by RIPE 31748 Held by ARIN 31759 Held by ARIN 31762 Held by ARIN 31766 - 31767 Held by ARIN 31796 Held by ARIN 31806 - 31807 Held by ARIN 31813 Held by ARIN 31851 Held by ARIN 31858 Held by ARIN 31877 Held by ARIN 31893 Held by ARIN 31903 - 31904 Held by ARIN 31919 Held by ARIN 31956 Held by ARIN 31966 Held by ARIN 31969 Held by ARIN 31984 Held by ARIN 31995 Held by ARIN 32010 Held by ARIN 32023 Held by ARIN 32044 Held by ARIN 32057 Held by ARIN 32059 Held by ARIN 32076 - 32077 Held by ARIN 32099 Held by ARIN 32104 Held by ARIN 32108 Held by ARIN 32110 Held by ARIN 32115 Held by ARIN 32121 Held by ARIN 32149 Held by ARIN 32170 Held by ARIN 32217 Held by ARIN 32221 Held by ARIN 32231 Held by ARIN 32235 Held by ARIN 32245 Held by ARIN 32284 Held by ARIN 32331 - 32333 Held by ARIN 32352 Held by ARIN 32355 Held by ARIN 32373 Held by ARIN 32402 Held by ARIN 32408 Held by ARIN 32424 Held by ARIN 32458 Held by ARIN 32460 Held by ARIN 32462 Held by ARIN 32491 Held by ARIN 32497 Held by ARIN 32499 Held by ARIN 32503 - 32504 Held by ARIN 32527 Held by ARIN 32532 Held by ARIN 32535 - 32536 Held by ARIN 32549 Held by ARIN 32560 Held by ARIN 32567 Held by ARIN 32573 Held by ARIN 32593 Held by ARIN 32610 Held by ARIN 32617 Held by ARIN 32655 Held by ARIN 32663 Held by ARIN 32676 Held by ARIN 32678 Held by ARIN 32685 Held by ARIN 32701 Held by ARIN 32705 Held by ARIN 32732 Held by ARIN 32758 Held by ARIN 32765 Held by ARIN 32780 Held by ARIN 32793 Held by ARIN 32807 Held by ARIN 32819 Held by ARIN 32822 Held by ARIN 32831 Held by ARIN 32833 Held by ARIN 32838 Held by ARIN 32855 - 32856 Held by ARIN 32873 - 32875 Held by ARIN 32881 Held by ARIN 32885 Held by ARIN 32899 Held by ARIN 32924 Held by ARIN 32930 Held by ARIN 32949 Held by ARIN 32951 Held by ARIN 32959 Held by ARIN 32971 Held by ARIN 32973 - 32974 Held by ARIN 32977 Held by ARIN 32982 Held by ARIN 33003 - 33004 Held by ARIN 33011 Held by ARIN 33016 Held by ARIN 33019 Held by ARIN 33021 Held by ARIN 33024 Held by ARIN 33028 Held by ARIN 33032 Held by ARIN 33089 Held by ARIN 33096 - 33097 Held by ARIN 33099 Held by ARIN 33107 Held by ARIN 33131 Held by ARIN 33134 Held by ARIN 33138 Held by ARIN 33156 Held by ARIN 33164 Held by ARIN 33168 Held by ARIN 33174 Held by ARIN 33184 Held by ARIN 33205 Held by ARIN 33228 Held by ARIN 33233 Held by ARIN 33238 Held by ARIN 33240 Held by ARIN 33306 Held by ARIN 33333 Held by ARIN 33381 Held by ARIN 33386 Held by ARIN 33407 Held by ARIN 33466 Held by ARIN 33488 Held by ARIN 33561 Held by ARIN 33689 Held by ARIN 33705 Held by ARIN 34036 Held by RIPE 34186 Held by RIPE 34259 Held by RIPE 34299 Held by RIPE 34555 Held by RIPE 34632 Held by RIPE 34671 Held by RIPE 35793 Held by UNALLOCATED 35862 Held by UNALLOCATED 35892 Held by UNALLOCATED 35981 Held by UNALLOCATED 35986 Held by UNALLOCATED 35988 Held by UNALLOCATED 36073 Held by UNALLOCATED 36275 Held by UNALLOCATED 36302 Held by UNALLOCATED 36341 Held by UNALLOCATED 36596 Held by UNALLOCATED 36666 Held by UNALLOCATED 36976 - 37887 Held by UNALLOCATED 37928 Held by UNALLOCATED 37973 Held by UNALLOCATED 38064 Held by UNALLOCATED 38221 Held by UNALLOCATED 38226 - 38227 Held by UNALLOCATED 38232 Held by UNALLOCATED 38267 Held by UNALLOCATED 38307 Held by UNALLOCATED 38316 Held by UNALLOCATED 38464 Held by UNALLOCATED 38476 Held by UNALLOCATED 38724 - 38911 Held by UNALLOCATED 39067 Held by UNALLOCATED 39179 Held by UNALLOCATED 39471 Held by UNALLOCATED 39553 Held by UNALLOCATED 39615 Held by UNALLOCATED 40545 - 40959 Held by UNALLOCATED 41760 Held by UNALLOCATED 42112 Held by UNALLOCATED 42229 Held by UNALLOCATED 42323 Held by UNALLOCATED 42879 Held by UNALLOCATED 43198 Held by UNALLOCATED 43483 Held by UNALLOCATED 43685 - 64511 Held by UNALLOCATED 65537 - 64511 Held by IANA 64512 - 65534 Private Use 65535 Reserved

Allocated ASs

Source: RIR Stats Files ( , ,,)

AS1 -Reserved AS- AS2 CJONLINE CJONLINE ISP India AS3 SWISSIX-AS32-ONLY Experimental AS number AS4 NIC Mйxico, S.C. AS5 ipartners AS6 BLUEFIN-TRADING - Bluefin Trading, LLC AS7 UK Defence Research Agency AS8 RICE-AS - Rice University AS9 CMU-ROUTER - Carnegie Mellon University AS10 CSNET-EXT-AS - CSNET Coordination and Information Center (CSNET-CIC) AS11 HARVARD - Harvard University AS12 NYU-DOMAIN - New York University AS13 BRL-AS - DoD Network Information Center AS14 COLUMBIA-GW - Columbia University AS15 NET-DYNAMICS-EXP - DYNAMICS AS16 LBL - University of California AS17 PURDUE - Purdue University AS18 UTEXAS - University of Texas at Austin AS19 CSS-DOMAIN - Center for Seismic Studies AS20 UR - University of Rochester AS21 RAND - The RAND Corporation AS22 NOSC - DoD Network Information Center AS23 NISN-SIP-AS - National Aeronautics and Space Administration AS24 AMES-NAS-GW - National Aeronautics and Space Administration AS25 UCB - University of California at Berkeley AS26 CORNELL - Cornell University AS27 UMDNET - University of Maryland at College Park AS28 DFVLR-SYS Deutsches Zentrum fuer Luft- und Raumfahrt AS29 YALE-AS - Yale University AS30 SRI-AICNET - SRI Internatiional AS31 CIT - California Institute of Technology AS32 STANFORD - Stanford University AS33 HP-DIGITAL-33 - Hewlett-Packard Company AS34 UDELNET - University of Delaware AS35 MICATON - MICATON AS36 EGP-TESTOR - SRI International AS37 NSWC - Naval Surface Warfare Center AS38 UIUC - University of Illinois AS39 NRL-ITD - DoD Network Information Center AS40 MIT-TEST - Massachusetts Institute of Technology AS41 AMES - NASA Ames Research Center AS42 WOODYNET-1 - WoodyNet AS43 BNL-AS - Brookhaven National Laboratory AS44 S1-DOMAIN - Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory AS45 LLL-TIS-AS - Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory AS46 RUTGERS - Rutgers University AS47 USC-AS - University of Southern California AS48 NRL-AS - Naval Research Laboratory AS49 ICST-AS - National Bureau of Standards AS50 ORNL-MSRNET - Oak Ridge National Laboratory AS51 USAREUR-EM-AS - USAREUR Electronic Mail AS52 UCLA - University of California, Los Angeles AS53 NORTHROP-AS - Northrop Grumman Corporation - Automation Sciences Laboratory AS54 COA-FIN-NET-AS - Headquarters, USAAISC AS55 UPENN-CIS - University of Pennsylvania AS56 OPTIMIS-P - OPTIMIS Division AS57 UMN-REI-UC - University of Minnesota AS58 DREA-AS - Defence Research Establishment Atlantic AS59 WISC-MADISON-AS - University of Wisconsin Madison AS60 DARPA-BFLY - Advanced Info. Technology Services AS61 DEC-MARLBORO-AS - Digital Equipment Corporation AS62 TEKVAXC - Teknowledge, Inc. AS63 LL-MI - Massachusetts Institute of Technology AS64 MITRE-AS-2 - The MITRE Corporation AS65 LOGNET-AS - DoD Network Information Center AS66 ETL-AI - Headquarters, USAAISC AS67 SDC-PRC-AS - Unisys Corporation AS68 LANL-INET-AS - Los Alamos National Laboratory AS69 WHARTON-AS - University of Pennsylvania AS70 NLM-GW - National Library of Medicine AS71 HP-INTERNET-AS Hewlett-Packard Company AS72 SCHLUMBERGER-AS Schlumberger Limited AS73 WASHINGTON-AS - University of Washington AS74 XDRENET-AS - Defence Research Establishment AS75 ANL-AS - Argonne National Laboratory AS76 SDC-CAM-AS - Unisys Corporation AS77 JHUAPL-AS - Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory AS78 SYNTEGRA - Syntegra (USA), Inc. AS79 DSPO-HC-AS - Los Alamos National Laboratory AS80 GE-CRD - General Electric Company AS81 NCREN - MCNC AS82 TWG-DEMO-AS - The Wollongong Group AS83 PICANET-AS - Picatinny AS84 DTNSRDC-AS1 - David Taylor Naval Ship Research and Development Center AS85 AERO-NET - The Aerospace Corporation AS86 CSC-300-AS86 - Computer Sciences Corporation AS87 INDIANA-AS - Indiana University AS88 PRINCETON-AS - Princeton University AS89 NUSC-CSTLNET-AS - Naval Underwater Systems Center AS90 SUN-AS - Sun Microsystems, Inc. AS91 RPI-AS - Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute AS92 CLARKSON-AS - Clarkson University AS93 NTTA-93 - NTT America, Inc. AS94 BELVOIR-NET - Directorate of Automation Services AS95 NUSCLSB1 - Naval Underwater Systems Center AS96 JTELS-BEN1-AS - Headquarters, USAAISC AS97 NTTA-97 - NTT America, Inc. AS98 ROCKEFELLER-AS - The Rockefeller University AS99 INTEL-IWARP - Intel Corporation AS100 FMC-CTC - FMC Central Engineering Laboratories AS101 WASH-NSF-AS - University of Washington AS102 NSF-HQ-AS - National Science Foundation AS103 NWU-AS - Northwestern University AS104 COLORADO-AS - University of Colorado at Boulder AS105 MOT-MCD-AS - Gould Computer Systems Division AS106 GDAIS-ASN-106 - General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems, Inc. AS107 ECSNET-AS - Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center AS108 XEROX-AS - Xerox Corporation AS109 CISCO-EU-109 Cisco Systems Global ASN - ARIN Assigned AS110 XAIT-AS - Xerox Advanced Information Technology AS111 BOSTONU-AS - Boston University AS112 ROOTSERV Root Server Technical Operations Assn AS113 SCCNET-AS - Space Communications Company AS114 NTTA-114 - NTT America, Inc. AS115 PBAS-BEN2-GW-AS - Director, Army Information Systems AS116 TELCORDIA - Telcordia Technologies AS117 ALBM-NET-AS - Lockheed Austin Division AS118 NSWSES-NAVY-AS - Naval Ship Weapons Engineering Systems AS119 AMS-AS - American Mathematical Society AS120 MITRE-OMAHA - The MITRE Corporation AS121 IH-POE-AS - DoD Network Information Center AS122 U-PGH-NET-AS - University of Pittsburgh Medical Center AS123 LOGAIRCOMNET-AS - Air Force Logistics Command/SCMON AS124 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS125 HI-NET-AS - Honeywell, Inc. AS126 MINSY-POE-AS - DoD Network Information Center AS127 JPL-AS - Jet Propulsion Laboratory AS128 ADS-AS - Advanced Decision Systems AS129 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS130 CSOCNET-AS - Space Communications Division AS131 UCSB-NET-AS - University of California, Santa Barbara AS132 WPAFB-CSD-NET-AS - ASD/SCOSI AS133 AFIT-AS - Air Force Institute of Technology AS134 CORONA-GW-AS - Fleet Analysis Center AS135 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS136 ECONET-AS - AD/KRSSD AS137 ASGARR GARR Italian academic and research network AS138 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS139 NUWESNET-AS - Naval Undersea Warfare Engineering Station AS140 DAITC-NET-AS - Defense Technical Information Cntr AS141 NWCNET-AS - Naval Weapons Center AS142 WESTPOINT - U.S. Military Academy AS143 OOG1-AS - 1881CS/XPC AS144 ATT-INTERNET - Lucent Technologies/Bell Laboratories AS145 VBNS - MCI Communications Corporation AS146 HQEIS-AS - DoD Network Information Center AS147 NAVCAMS-LAN-AS - Naval Telecommunications Automation Support Center AS148 NWSC-GW-AS - Naval Surface Warfare Center AS149 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS150 SEANET-AS - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC) AS151 IND-NTC-AS - Hewlett-Packard Company AS152 SRI-ACCATT-AS - SRI International AS153 SAAD-ARPA-AS - Sacramento Army Depot AS154 USACEC-NET-AS - USAISEC AS155 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS156 NORTHEASTERN-GW-AS - Northeastern University AS157 INTELLIAUTON - Silicon Graphics, Inc. AS158 ERI-AS - Ericsson Network Systems, Inc. AS159 SONNET-AS - The Ohio State University AS160 U-CHICAGO-AS - University of Chicago AS161 TI-AS - Texas Instruments, Inc. AS162 NIOCU132NIPR - DoD Network Information Center AS163 IBM-RESEARCH-AS - IBM Almaden Research Center AS164 DDN-MB-AS - DISA Information Systems Center AS165 NESEA-DDN-GW-AS - Naval Electronics Systems Engineering Activity AS166 IDA-AS - Institute for Defense Analyses AS167 WESLEYAN-AS - Wesleyan University AS168 UMASS-AMHERST - University of Massachusetts AS169 HANSCOM-NET-AS - ESD/SCO AS170 YKTNPOE-GW-AS - Naval Weapons Station, Yorktown AS172 CSDA-AS - Central Systems Design Acitivity AS173 ERX-ECLNET Electrical Communications Laboratories AS174 COGENT Cogent/PSI AS175 AFWL-AS - Air Force Weapons Laboratory AS176 BCN-AS - Information Systems and Networks Corporation AS177 MERIT-AS - IPMA/University of Michigan/EECS AS178 IBMYORKTOWN-AS - Merit Network Inc. AS179 IBMMILFORD-AS - IPMA/University of Michigan/EECS AS180 MCIRESTON-AS - IPMA/University of Michigan/EECS AS181 MERIT-AS-1 - Merit Network Inc. AS182 MERIT-AS-2 - Merit Network Inc. AS183 MERIT-AS-3 - Merit Network Inc. AS184 MERIT-AS-4 - Merit Network Inc. AS185 MERIT-AS-5 - Merit Network Inc. AS186 CUA-AS - The Catholic University of America AS188 SAIC-AS - Science Applications International Corporation AS189 LVLT-189 - Level 3 Communications, Inc. AS190 NSYPTSMH-POE-AS - Portsmouth Naval Shipyard AS191 NORDA-AS - Naval Research Laboratory AS192 ROCHINSTTECH - Rochester Institute of Technology AS193 FORD-ASN - Lockheed Martin Western Development Labs AS194 NCAR-AS - University Corporation for Atmospheric Research AS195 SDSC-AS - San Diego Supercomputer Center AS196 RISC-SYSTEM - Rockwell Scientific Company AS197 RAYTHEON-AS-2 - Raytheon Company AS198 ARL-SNI-AS - Army Research Laboratory AS199 LVLT-199-203 - Level 3 Communications, Inc. AS200 LVLT-199-203 - Level 3 Communications, Inc. AS201 LVLT-199-203 - Level 3 Communications, Inc. AS202 LVLT-199-203 - Level 3 Communications, Inc. AS203 LVLT-199-203 - Level 3 Communications, Inc. AS204 PSCNET-AS - Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center AS205 MONTCLAIR-AS - Montclair State University AS206 CSC-IGN-AMER - Computer Sciences Corporation AS207 CLI-GW-AS - Computational Logic, Inc. AS208 LBNS-POE-AS - Long Beach Naval Shipyard AS209 ASN-QWEST - Qwest AS210 WEST-NET-WEST - Utah Education Network AS211 RADC-LONS-GW-AS - Rome Air Development Center AS212 HQAFSC-LONS-GW-AS - Headquarters, Air Force Systems Command AS213 APGEA-NET1-AS - Headquarters, USAAISC AS214 USNA-AS - U.S. Naval Academy AS215 RIA-2-AUTO-AS - DoD Network Information Center AS216 LMSC-HOSTNET-AS - Air Force Logistics Command AS217 UMN-AGS-NET-AS - University of Minnesota AS218 AFOTECPCNET-AS - Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center/SCO AS219 PUGET-POE-AS - DoD Network Information Center AS220 OOALC-HOSTNET-AS - Air Force Logistics Command AS221 WRALC-HOSTNET-AS - Air Force Logistics Command AS222 SMALC-HOSTNET-AS - Air Force Logistics Command AS223 TISW-AS - Sparta, Inc. AS224 UNINETT UNINETT, The Norwegian University & Research Network AS225 VIRGINIA-AS - University of Virginia AS226 LOS-NETTOS-AS - Los Nettos AS227 SHAFTER-AS - Army AS228 DC-SUN-NET-AS - Navy Regional Data Automation Center - Washington AS229 MERIT-AS-6 - Merit Network Inc. AS230 MERIT-AS-7 - Merit Network Inc. AS231 MERIT-AS-8 - Merit Network Inc. AS232 MERIT-AS-9 - Merit Network Inc. AS233 MERIT-AS-10 - Merit Network Inc. AS234 BLACKROSE-1 - Blackrose Society AS235 MERIT-AS-12 - Merit Network Inc. AS236 MERIT-AS-13 - Merit Network Inc. AS237 MERIT-AS-14 - Merit Network Inc. AS238 MERIT-AS-15 - Merit Network Inc. AS239 UTORONTO-AS - University of Toronto AS240 SAALC-HOSTNET-AS - San Antonio Air Logistics Center AS241 OCALC-HOSTNET-AS - Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center AS242 SSSD-AS - SUPSHIP AS243 HARRIS-ATD-AS - Harris Government Systems Sector AS244 ITT-FEC-AS - ITT / Federal Electric Corporation AS245 PRC-AS - Planning Research Corporation AS246 ASIFICS-GW-AS - Military Airlift Command (MAC) AS247 ROMENET-AS - Rome Air Development Center AS248 CHAOS-AS Chaos Computer Club e.V. AS249 CAMP2007-AS AS249 AS250 SACREDCHAO-AS nibbler's ASN for AS250.net project AS251 FIQ-AS Future In Question ASN AS252 CECOM-A-TACT - Army Communications Electronics Command AS253 NTTA-253 - NTT America, Inc. AS254 TWG-NET-AS - The Wollongong Group AS255 PAFB-GW - Eastern Space Missle Command AS256 NCSC-NET-AS - DoD Network Information Center AS257 NPS-GATOR-AS - Naval Postgraduate School AS258 BRAGGSRI-EGP-AS - SRI International AS259 SCUBED-AS - SCUBED AS260 DSI-WR-15 - Advanced Info. Technology Services AS261 FR-CINES-MONTPELLIER FR AS262 NTTA-262 - NTT America, Inc. AS263 NTTA-262 - NTT America, Inc. AS264 SRINET-AS - SRI International AS265 DSI-WR-16 - Advanced Info. Technology Servcies AS267 NETHER-NET - Nether.Net AS268 USUHSNET-AS - Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences AS269 INCSYS-AS - Incremental Systems Corporation AS270 PSCNI-AS - National Aeronautics and Space Administration AS271 BCNET-AS - University of British Columbia AS272 FTMONMOUTH-ASN - USAISC-CECOM AS273 DARPA-CISCO-AS - DARPA/ISTO Office AS274 SOFT-CON-NTS-AS - Advanced Info. Technology Services AS275 NTTA-275 - NTT America, Inc. AS276 UTX-AUS - The University of Texas at Austin AS277 CSC-300-AS277 - Computer Sciences Corporation AS278 Red Academica de Mexico AS279 LVLT-279 - Level 3 Communications, Inc. AS280 NTTA-280 - NTT America, Inc. AS281 LVLT-281 - Level 3 Communications, Inc. AS282 MERIT-AUX-AS - Merit Technology, Inc. AS284 UUNET-IPV6 - MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business AS285 AVTROS-AS - DoD Network Information Center AS286 KPN KPN Internet Backbone AS AS287 CNSYD-POE-AS - DoD Network Information Center AS288 European Space Agency AS289 APGNET-AS - Headquarters, USAAISC AS290 SHOWNET-AS - Interop Show Network AS291 ESNET-EAST - Energy Sciences Network AS292 ESNET-WEST - Energy Sciences Network AS293 ESNET - Energy Sciences Network AS294 FRANCE-IP-NET-AS Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et Automatique AS295 OSI-GW-AS - Navy Regional Data Automation Center AS296 ACFP-NET-TST-AS - DoD Network Information Center AS297 NISN-SIP-AS - National Aeronautics and Space Administration AS298 RADC-LONEX-AS - Rome Air Development Center AS299 UCINET-AS - University of California, Irvine AS300 GUNTER-LAN-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center (HQ SSC) AS301 C3PO-AS - Sacramento Air Logistics Center AS302 BCM-INFO-NET-AS - Baylor College of Medicine AS303 NPRDC-AS - Navy Personnel R & D Center AS304 SRIEXPRIGNET-AS - SRI International AS305 WALTER-REED-AS - DoD Network Information Center AS306 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS307 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS308 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS309 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS310 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS311 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS312 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS313 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS314 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS315 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS316 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS317 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS318 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS319 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS320 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS321 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS322 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS323 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS324 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS325 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS326 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS327 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS328 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS329 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS330 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS331 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS332 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS333 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS334 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS335 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS336 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS337 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS338 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS339 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS340 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS341 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS342 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS343 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS344 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS345 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS346 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS347 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS348 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS349 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS350 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS351 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS352 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS353 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS354 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS355 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS356 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS357 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS358 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS359 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS360 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS361 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS362 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS363 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS364 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS365 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS366 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS367 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS368 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS369 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS370 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS371 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS372 NSN-AMES-AS - National Aeronautics and Space Administration AS373 MITRE-AS-4 - The MITRE Corporation AS374 BROOKS-AS - DoD Network Information Center AS375 TIETOTIE-AS Finnish State Computer Centre AS376 RISQ-AS - Reseau Interordinateurs Scientique Quebecois (RISQ) AS377 SNLA-NET-AS - Sandia National Laboratories AS378 MACHBA-AS ILAN AS379 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS380 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS381 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS382 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS383 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS384 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS385 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS386 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS387 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS388 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS389 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS390 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS391 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS392 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS393 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS394 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS395 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS396 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS397 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS398 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS399 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS400 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS401 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS402 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS403 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS404 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS405 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS406 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS407 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS408 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS409 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS410 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS411 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS412 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS413 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS414 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS415 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS416 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS417 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS418 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS419 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS420 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS421 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS422 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS423 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS424 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS425 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS426 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS427 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS428 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS429 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS430 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS431 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS432 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS433 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS434 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS435 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS436 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS437 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS438 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS439 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS440 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS441 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS442 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS443 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS444 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS445 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS446 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS447 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS448 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS449 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS450 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS451 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS452 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS453 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS454 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS455 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS456 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS457 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS458 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS459 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS460 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS461 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS462 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS463 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS464 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS465 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS466 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS467 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS468 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS469 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS470 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS471 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS472 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS473 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS474 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS475 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS476 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS477 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS478 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS479 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS480 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS481 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS482 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS483 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS484 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS485 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS486 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS487 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS488 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS489 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS490 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS491 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS492 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS493 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS494 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS495 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS496 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS497 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS498 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS499 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS500 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS501 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS502 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS503 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS504 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS505 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS506 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS507 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS508 AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Headquarters Standard Systems Center AS509 WORMS-GW1-AS - DoD Network Information Center AS510 CSNET-INT-AS - CSNET Coordination and Information Center (CSNET-CIC) AS511 NET-TRADING - Net Trading Inc. AS512 NAVDEC-NET1 - NARDAC Pensacola AS513 CERN CERN - European Organization for Nuclear Research AS514 EDMICS-POE - DoD Network Information Center AS515 PMS312GATE-ASN - Naval Sea Systems Command AS516 KODAK-BTC - Eastman Kodak Boston Technology Center AS517 KPN Eurorings B.V. AS518 CONCORD-POE-AS - DoD Network Information Center AS519 ISCNET - Systemhouse/INTERACTIVE Systems AS520 COINSDISNET3 - Coins Community Online Intelligence System AS521 FORD-SRL-AS - Ford Motor Company AS522 AFSC-SSD-AS - Air Force Space Division AS523 REDSTONE-AS - Garrison-Redstone (DOIM) AS524 LVLT-524 - Level 3 Communications, Inc. AS525 WUERZBURG-GW1-AS - CDIOM AS526 ASCHAFFENBURG-GW1-AS - CDOIM AS527 ANSBACH-GW1-AS - CDOIM AS528 AUGSBURG-GW1-AS CDOIM Augsburg AS529 BURTONWOOD-GW1-AS CDOIM Burtonwood Information Center AS530 GEOPPINGEN-GW1-AS - CDOIM Goeppingen Information Center AS531 GRAFENWOEHR-GW1-AS - CDOIM Grafenwoehr AS532 HEIDELBERG-GW1-AS - Heidelberg CDOIM AS533 HEILBRONN-GW1-AS - CDOIM Heilbronn AS534 KARLSRUHE-GW1-AS - CDOIM Karlsruhe AS535 MUNICH-GW1-AS - CDOIM Munich AS536 NUERNBERG-GW1-AS - Nuernberg CDOIM AS537 ULM-GW1-AS - CDOIM Neu Ulm AS538 SCHWEINFURT-GW1-AS - Schweinfurt CDOIM AS539 STUTTGART-GW1-AS - CDOIM Stuttgart AS540 BAMBERG-GW1-AS CDOIM Bamberg Information Center AS541 IGAUTON - Intelligenetics Inc. AS542 ARNET - Alberta Research Council AS543 CONVEX - Convex Computer Corporation AS544 SONERA-FUNET-TRANSIT Sonera Corporation AS545 NRI - Corporation for National Research Initiatives AS546 SPARTA-AS - Sparta, Inc. AS547 ASN-IBM-LEX - IBM AS548 HQUSAF-AS - DoD Network Information Center AS549 GTANET-AS - GTAnet Networking AS550 CORNETT-AS - Los Alamos National Laboratory AS551 TIS-AS - Sparta, Inc. AS552 PATCH-AS - Headquarters, U.S. European Command AS553 BELWUE Landeshochschulnetz Baden-Wuerttemberg (BelWue) AS554 CALINET-AS - California Internet Federation AS555 NETWORKCS - NETWORK COMPUTING SERVICES,INC AS556 CALREN-AS - USC/Information Sciences Institute AS557 UMAINE-SYS-AS - University of Maine System AS558 NET2EZ - Net2EZ AS559 SWITCH SWITCH, Swiss Education and Research Network AS560 LVLT-560 - Level 3 Communications, Inc. AS561 3COM-A - 3Com Corporation AS562 3COM-B - 3Com Corporation AS563 3COM-C - 3Com Corporation AS564 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS565 Technical Research Centre of Finland AS566 CSSP-ASN - Canadian Space Agency AS567 ASN-LNET-AS - Los Nettos AS568 SUMNET-AS - DISO-UNRRA AS569 DIMNET-AS - Defense Communications Agency AS570 SSD-NET-AS - AFSC AS571 CENTCOM-AS - CENTCOM AS573 NAVDEC-NET3-AS - NARDAC AS574 PSC-TEST-AS - Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center AS575 ANSOC-575-AS - Headquarters, USAAISC AS576 NAVDAC-NET3-AS - NAVDEC-NET3-AS AS577 BACOM - Bell Canada AS580 MAINZ-GW1-AS MAINZ-GW1-AS AS581 GDSS-XRSNET-AS - DoD Network Information Center AS582 GDSS-21AF-AS - DoD Network Information Center AS583 GDSS-22AF-AS - DoD Network Information Center AS584 GDSS-23AF-AS - DoD Network Information Center AS585 GDSS-322ALD-AS - DoD Network Information Center AS586 GDSS-834ALD-AS - DoD Network Information Center AS587 GDSS-ANG-AS - DoD Network Information Center AS588 FRANKFRT-GW1 - DoD Network Information Center AS589 UNT-CAMPUS-AS - University of North Texas AS590 EASInet Operations Center AS591 NSTN-AS - NSTN, Inc. AS592 USNA-NADN-AS - U.S. Naval Academy AS593 EASINET-AS1 Easinet Air Base AS594 LVLT594-598 - Level 3 Communications, Inc. AS595 LVLT594-598 - Level 3 Communications, Inc. AS596 LVLT594-598 - Level 3 Communications, Inc. AS597 LVLT594-598 - Level 3 Communications, Inc. AS598 LVLT594-598 - Level 3 Communications, Inc. AS599 NISC-AS - SRI International AS600 OARNET-AS - OARnet AS601 BACOM4-AS - Bell Canada AS602 BACOM3-AS - Bell Canada AS603 BACOM2-AS - Bell Canada AS611 CANET11-AS - University of Toronto AS613 ARCO-AS - ARCO Oil and Gas Company AS614 CSUNET-AS - California State University Chancellor's Office AS615 AS-RITCHIE-GW1 - Director of Information Management-Fort Ritchie, MD AS616 PENS-NET-AS - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC) AS617 PENS-NET-AS - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC) AS618 PENS-NET-AS - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC) AS619 PENS-NET-AS - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC) AS620 PENS-NET-AS - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC) AS621 PENS-NET-AS - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC) AS622 PENS-NET-AS - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC) AS623 PENS-NET-AS - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC) AS624 PENS-NET-AS - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC) AS625 PENS-NET-AS - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC) AS626 PENS-NET-AS - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC) AS627 PENS-NET-AS - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC) AS628 PENS-NET-AS - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC) AS629 PENS-NET-AS - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC) AS630 PENS-NET-AS - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC) AS631 PENS-NET-AS - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC) AS632 PENS-NET-AS - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC) AS633 PENS-NET-AS - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC) AS634 PENS-NET-AS - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC) AS635 PENS-NET-AS - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC) AS636 PENS-NET-AS - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC) AS637 PENS-NET-AS - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC) AS638 PENS-NET-AS - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC) AS639 PENS-NET-AS - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC) AS640 PENS-NET-AS - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC) AS641 PENS-NET-AS - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC) AS642 PENS-NET-AS - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC) AS643 PENS-NET-AS - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC) AS644 PENS-NET-AS - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC) AS645 PENS-NET-AS - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC) AS646 PENS-NET-AS - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC) AS647 PENS-NET-AS - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC) AS648 PENS-NET-AS - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC) AS649 PENS-NET-AS - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC) AS650 PENS-NET-AS - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC) AS651 PENS-NET-AS - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC) AS652 PENS-NET-AS - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC) AS653 PENS-NET-AS - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC) AS654 PENS-NET-AS - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC) AS655 PENS-NET-AS - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC) AS656 PENS-NET-AS - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC) AS657 PENS-NET-AS - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC) AS658 PENS-NET-AS - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC) AS659 PENS-NET-AS - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC) AS660 PENS-NET-AS - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC) AS661 PENS-NET-AS - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC) AS662 PENS-NET-AS - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC) AS663 PENS-NET-AS - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC) AS664 PENS-NET-AS - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC) AS665 PENS-NET-AS - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC) AS666 CSTA-CISCO-AS - US Army Combat Systems Test Activity AS667 FSTC-MIL-AS - DoD Network Information Center AS668 ASN-ASNET-NET-AS - Defense Research and Engineering Network AS669 OFRIR-IP-INTERNET-AS INRIA AS670 DARMSTADT-GW1-AS - Darmstadt CDOIM AS671 BAUMHOLDER-GW1-AS - Baumholder CDOIM AS672 FULDA-GW1-AS - Fulda CDOIM AS673 HANAU-GW1-AS - Hanau CDOIM AS674 BBN-DSI - Advanced Info. Technology Services AS675 MSUS-AS - Minnesota State University System AS676 United Nations Development Programme AS677 ASU-AS - Arizona State University AS678 NTSC-IELN-AS - Naval Training Systems Center AS679 TUNET-AS Vienna University of Technology AS680 DFN-IP service G-WiN AS681 ERX-KAWAIHIKO-1 The University of Waikato AS682 AS-ORNL-IGRP1-AS - Oak Ridge National Laboratory AS683 ARGONNE-AS - Argonne National Lab AS684 MTSAL-ASN - MTS Allstream Inc. AS685 NTTA-685 - NTT America, Inc. AS686 OSD-GW-AS - 7th Communications Group/GNE AS687 NATC-CSDRD-AS - NAval Air Test Center AS688 RECNET-AS - Department of Interior AS689 MERIT-AS-26 - Merit Network Inc. AS690 MERIT-AS-27 - Merit Network Inc. AS691 PEINET-AS - University of P.E.I AS692 SEMATECH-AS - Sematech AS693 NOTRE-DAME-AS - University of Notre Dame AS694 UTACCS-ASN - USAREUR ODCSIM AS695 SWITCH-TEST1 SWITCH, The Swiss Education and Research Network AS696 SWITCH-TEST2 SWITCH, The Swiss Education and Research Network AS697 Gesellschaft fuer Mathematik und Datenverarbeitung AS698 ASN-UIUC-REGION-AS - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign AS700 ROKNET-AS - Rockwell International Systems AS701 UUNET - MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business AS702 AS702 Verizon Business EMEA - Commercial IP service provider in Europe AS703 UNSPECIFIED UUNET AS704 UUNET - MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business AS705 UUNET - MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business AS706 TEST-AUSTIN-IBM-AS - Advanced Workstations Division, IBM Corporation AS707 ELAN-AS - Air Force Flight Test Center AS708 SB-COMM-AS - Sentinel Byte Community AS709 UHEY-NET-AS Royal Air Force Base AS710 BENT-NET-AS Royal Air Base AS711 SB-COMM-AS - Torrejon Air Base AS712 ALCON-NET-AS Royal Air Base AS713 AFMPCGW-AS - AFMPC/DPMDBC1 AS714 APPLE-ENGINEERING - Apple Computer, Inc. AS715 ZOCALO-AS - Zocalo AS716 ZAMA-AS - U.S. Army, 1141st Signal Battalion AS717 PEOCU-NET-AS - Naval Air Systems Command AS718 SEABAT-AS - NAVSEACOMBATSYSENGSTA AS719 ELISA-AS Elisa Oyj AS720 WR-LOGDIS-AS - WR-LOGDIS AS721 DISA-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS722 DISA-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS723 DISA-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS724 DISA-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS725 DISA-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS726 DISA-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS727 AFCONC-BLOCK2-AS - United States Air Force AS728 AFCONC-BLOCK2-AS - United States Air Force AS729 AFCONC-BLOCK2-AS - United States Air Force AS730 AFCONC-BLOCK2-AS - United States Air Force AS731 AFCONC-BLOCK2-AS - United States Air Force AS732 AFCONC-BLOCK2-AS - United States Air Force AS733 AFCONC-BLOCK2-AS - United States Air Force AS734 AFCONC-BLOCK2-AS - United States Air Force AS735 AFCONC-BLOCK2-AS - United States Air Force AS736 AFCONC-BLOCK2-AS - United States Air Force AS737 AFCONC-BLOCK2-AS - United States Air Force AS738 AFCONC-BLOCK2-AS - United States Air Force AS739 AFCONC-BLOCK2-AS - United States Air Force AS740 AFCONC-BLOCK2-AS - United States Air Force AS741 AFCONC-BLOCK2-AS - United States Air Force AS742 AFCONC-BLOCK2-AS - United States Air Force AS743 AFCONC-BLOCK2-AS - United States Air Force AS744 AFCONC-BLOCK2-AS - United States Air Force AS745 AFCONC-BLOCK2-AS - United States Air Force AS746 AFCONC-BLOCK2-AS - United States Air Force AS747 TAEGU-AS - DoD Network Information Center AS748 USCAPAC-AS - DoD Network Information Center AS749 ANAD-AS - Anniston Army Depot AS750 MERIT-AS-16 - Merit Network Inc. AS751 MERIT-AS-17 - Merit Network Inc. AS752 MERIT-AS-18 - Merit Network Inc. AS753 MERIT-AS-19 - Merit Network Inc. AS754 MERIT-AS-20 - Merit Network Inc. AS755 MERIT-AS-21 - Merit Network Inc. AS756 MERIT-AS-22 - Merit Network Inc. AS757 MERIT-AS-23 - Merit Network Inc. AS758 MERIT-AS-24 - Merit Network Inc. AS759 MERIT-AS-25 - Merit Network Inc. AS760 University of Vienna, Austria AS761 TIETORAITTI-AS Seinajoen Tietoraitti Oy AS762 WELLFLEET-AS - Wellfleet Communications, Inc. AS763 SQNT-TEAMNET-AS - IBM AS764 FI-PMO-AS Prime Minister's Office AS765 DCA-JDSSC - DISA Information Systems Center AS766 REDIRIS RedIRIS Autonomous System AS767 NTSC-PEN-AS - Pensacola Naval Training Systems Center AS768 NCCS-A-AS - DoD Network Information Center AS769 NTSC-LANT-AS - Naval Training Systems Center AS770 NTSC-PAC-AS - Naval Training Systems Center AS771 NSN-RICE-AS - National Aeronautics and Space Administration AS772 WALTER-REED1-AS - DoD Network Information Center AS773 SPARTA-MD-AS - SPARTA, Incorporated AS774 FR-INRIA1 Institut National de Recherche en Informatique AS775 FR-INRIA-ROCQ Institut National de Recherche en Informatique AS776 FR-INRIA-SOPHIA INRIA Sophia-Antipolis AS777 CEA-Saclay AS778 FR-INRIA-MONTBONNOT INRIA Rhone-Alpes AS779 FR-RENATER-VIKMAN Reseau Regional VIKMAN AS780 FR-ARAMIS IMAG AS781 FR-RENATER-LOTHAIRE Reseaux Regionaux StanNet et AmperNet AS782 FR-LORIA AS for the " Laboratoire en recherche informatique et ses applications" AS783 FR-INRIA2 Institut National de Recherche en Informatique AS784 HJFNET-AS - Henry M. Jackson Foundation AS785 ASN-ETLASN-AS - Engineers Topographic Laboratories AS786 JANET The JANET IP Service AS787 CRCASN-AS - USACIDC Crime Records Center AS788 SUBMEPP-ASN - NAVSEADET(SUBMEPP) AS789 IN2P3 IN2P3 Autonomous System AS790 EUNETFI EUnet Finland AS791 DWS-ASN - Advanced Info. Technology Services AS792 ORACLE-ASNBLOCK-ASN - Oracle Corporation AS793 ORACLE-ASNBLOCK-ASN - Oracle Corporation AS794 ORACLE-ASNBLOCK-ASN - Oracle Corporation AS795 AMERITECH-AS - Ameritech Electronic Commerce AS796 AMERITECH-AS - Ameritech Electronic Commerce AS797 AMERITECH-AS - Ameritech Electronic Commerce AS798 BERLIN-ASN-AS - DoD Network Information Center AS799 HDLBRG-ASN-AS - DoD Network Information Center AS800 CABLEATLANTIC - Rogers Cable Communications Inc. AS801 MFRC1-AS - Forestry Canada - Maritimes Region AS802 YORKU-AS - York University AS803 SASKTEL - SaskTel AS804 ISTS-AS-AS - Institute for Space and Terrestrial Science AS805 CANET1-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS806 ECONET-AS - Environment Canada AS807 CANET1-ASN-2 - Canadian Research Network AS808 CANET1-ASN-3 - Canadian Research Network AS809 CANET1-ASN-4 - Canadian Research Network AS810 SSCWEST - Government Telecommunications Agency AS811 SSCEAST - Government Telecommunications Agency AS812 ROGERS-CABLE - Rogers Cable Communications Inc. AS813 UUNET-CANADA - MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business AS814 UUNET-CANADA - MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business AS815 UUNET-CANADA - MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business AS816 MOONV6 - MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business AS817 UUNET-CANADA - MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business AS818 DOC-AS - Department of Communications AS819 LARG-NET - LARGnet AS820 ISTC-AS - Industry Canada AS821 DISC - Designed Information Systems Corporation AS822 STJOSEPHS-AS - St. Joseph's Health Centre AS823 UWO-AS - The University of Western Ontario AS824 GLAXOSMITHKLINE - GlaxoSmithKline AS825 CFWS-NET - Canadian Forces Weather Services AS826 CRTC-GC-AS - CRTC AS827 ALCAN-AS - Alcan International Ltd., AS828 NLC-BNC-GC-AS - National Library of Canada AS829 SYGMA-INT-OR - Bell Sygma Systems Management AS830 SYGMA-INT-QR - Bell Sygma Systems Management AS831 SYGMA-EXT-OR - Bell Sygma Systems Management Inc. AS832 SYGMA-EXT-QR - Beel Sygma Systems Management Inc. AS833 CANET1-ASN-5 - Canadian Research Network AS834 BPNA-1 - Banco Popular North America AS835 CANET1-ASN-6 - Canadian Research Network AS836 CANET1-ASN-7 - Canadian Research Network AS837 RCMP - Royal Canadian Mounted Police AS838 CANET2-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS839 CANET2-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS840 CANET2-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS841 CANET2-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS842 CANET2-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS843 REPTILIAN-ASN - Reptillian Research AS844 CANET3-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS845 CANET3-ASN-2 - Canadian Research Network AS846 CANET3-ASN-3 - Canadian Research Network AS847 CANET3-ASN-4 - Canadian Research Network AS848 CANET3-ASN-5 - Canadian Research Network AS849 CANET3-ASN-6 - Canadian Research Network AS850 CANET3-ASN-7 - Canadian Research Network AS851 RISQ-QIX - Reseau Interordinateurs Scientifique Quebecois [RISQ] AS852 ASN852 - Telus Advanced Communications AS853 CANET-ASN-2 - Canadian Research Network AS854 CANET-ASN-3 - Canadian Research Network AS855 CANET-ASN-4 - Bell Aliant AS856 NBIX4 - University of New Brunswick AS857 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS858 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS859 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS860 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS861 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS862 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS863 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS864 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS865 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS866 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS867 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS868 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS869 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS870 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS871 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS872 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS873 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS874 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS875 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS876 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS877 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS878 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS879 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS880 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS881 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS882 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS883 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS884 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS885 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS886 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS887 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS888 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS889 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS890 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS891 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS892 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS893 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS894 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS895 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS896 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS897 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS898 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS899 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS900 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS901 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS902 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS903 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS904 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS905 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS906 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS907 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS908 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS909 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS910 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS911 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS912 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS913 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS914 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS915 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS916 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS917 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS918 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS919 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS920 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS921 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS922 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS923 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS924 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS925 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS926 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS927 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS928 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS929 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS930 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS931 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS932 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS933 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS934 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS935 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS936 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS937 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS938 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS939 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS940 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS941 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS942 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS943 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS944 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS945 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS946 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS947 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS948 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS949 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS950 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS951 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS952 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS953 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS954 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS955 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS956 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS957 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS958 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS959 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS960 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS961 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS962 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS963 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS964 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS965 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS966 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS967 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS968 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS969 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS970 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS971 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS972 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS973 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS974 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS975 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS976 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS977 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS978 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS979 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS980 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS981 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS982 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS983 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS984 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS985 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS986 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS987 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS988 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS989 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS990 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS991 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS992 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS993 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS994 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS995 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS996 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS997 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS998 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS999 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1000 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1001 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1002 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1003 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1004 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1005 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1006 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1007 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1008 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1009 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1010 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1011 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1012 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1013 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1014 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1015 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1016 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1017 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1018 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1019 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1020 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1021 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1022 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1023 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1024 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1025 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1026 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1027 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1028 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1029 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1030 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1031 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1032 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1033 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1034 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1035 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1036 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1037 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1038 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1039 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1040 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1041 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1042 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1043 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1044 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1045 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1046 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1047 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1048 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1049 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1050 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1051 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1052 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1053 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1054 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1055 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1056 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1057 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1058 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1059 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1060 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1061 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1062 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1063 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1064 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1065 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1066 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1067 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1068 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1069 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1070 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1071 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1072 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1073 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1074 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1075 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1076 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1077 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1078 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1079 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1080 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1081 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1082 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1083 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1084 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1085 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1086 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1087 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1088 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1089 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1090 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1091 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1092 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1093 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1094 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1095 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1096 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1097 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1098 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1099 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1100 CANET-ASN - Canadian Research Network AS1101 IP-EEND-AS IP-EEND BV AS1102 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BV AS1103 SURFNET-NL SURFnet, The Netherlands AS1104 NIKHEF NIKHEF AS1105 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BV AS1106 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BV AS1107 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BV AS1108 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BV AS1109 University of Salzburg AS1110 University of Innsbruck AS1111 University of Klagenfurt AS1112 Montanuniversitaet Leoben AS1113 TUGNET Technische Universitaet Graz, AT AS1114 Universitaet Graz AS1115 Austrian Academy of Sciences AS1116 Austrian Federal Ministry of Science and Research AS1117 Universitaet fuer Bodenkultur, Wien AS1118 ASN-Graz AS1119 ASN-Wien AS1120 ACONET_SERVICES ACOnet Services @ Vienna Internet eXchange AS1121 IPv6-VIE-2500 AS1122 UK-AS AS1123 Technikum Vorarlberg AS1124 Universiteit van Amsterdam AS1125 SURFnet Test Network AS1126 SARA Stichting Academisch Rekencentrum Amsterdam AS1127 SURFnet Multicast Test ASN AS1128 TUDELFT-NL DTO TUDELFT, The Netherlands - AS AS1129 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BV AS1130 SURFnet VPN TEST ASN AS1131 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BV AS1132 METEOCONSULT-AS Meteo Consult BV AS1133 UTWENTE-AS University Twente AS1134 ILAN-NL ILAN TESTNETWORK AS1135 Veronica Interactive Plaza AS1136 KPN KPN Internet Solutions AS1137 UNIP AS1138 UNUSED AS1139 AMOLF AS1140 SIDN Stichting Internet Domeinregistratie Nederland AS1141 TUE-SPACELABS Eindhoven University of Technology AS1142 WKAPNET Wolters Kluwer Academic Publishers AS1143 WIKIPEDIA-NL-AS Kennisnet tbv Wikipedia AS1144 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BV AS1145 KENNISNET-AS Kennisnet AS1146 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BV AS1147 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BV AS1148 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BV AS1149 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BV AS1150 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BV AS1151 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BV AS1152 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BV AS1153 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BV AS1154 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BV AS1155 SURFnet5 Test-AS AS1156 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BV AS1157 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BV AS1158 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BV AS1159 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BV AS1160 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BV AS1161 AS-TUE Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (TU/e) AS1162 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BV AS1163 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BV AS1164 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BV AS1165 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BV AS1166 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BV AS1167 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BV AS1168 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BV AS1169 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BV AS1170 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BV AS1171 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BV AS1172 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BV AS1173 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BV AS1174 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BV AS1175 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BV AS1176 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BV AS1177 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BV AS1178 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BV AS1179 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BV AS1180 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BV AS1181 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BV AS1182 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BV AS1183 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BV AS1184 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BV AS1185 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BV AS1186 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BV AS1187 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BV AS1188 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BV AS1189 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BV AS1190 SURFNET-CTIT-QBONE-AS AS1191 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BV AS1192 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BV AS1193 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BV AS1194 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BV AS1195 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BV AS1196 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BV AS1197 AS1198 BELSURF AS1199 Triangle (old) AS1200 AMS-IX1 Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) Peering AS AS1201 ASN-ODU-AS-AS - Old Dominion University AS1202 JSC-JIN-AS - NASA/Johnson Space Center AS1203 ITALTEL-AS Italtel Sit AS1204 SUNYNET-ASN-AS - State University of New York, Central AS1205 Johannes Kepler University AS1206 PSCNET-HS-AS - Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center AS1207 PSCNET-HS-TEST-AS - Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center AS1208 ONREUR-ASN - Office of Naval Research European Offic AS1209 SOSGNET-ASN - SUPSHIP, Groton, U.S.N AS1210 ASN-NET-AS - Network Equipment Technologies, Inc. AS1211 TOBY-GW1-AS - Director of Information Management AS1212 WILDFLCKN-GW1-AS - DoD Network Information Center AS1213 HEANET HEAnet national network AS1215 ORACLE-NA-AS - Oracle Corporation AS1216 ORACLE-EUROPE-AS - Oracle Corporation AS1217 ORACLE-PACRIM-AS - Oracle Corporation AS1218 NCUBE-BELMONT-AS - Oracle Corporation AS1219 NCUBE-OREGON-AS - Oracle Corporation AS1220 INFOASN-AS - INFONET Services Corporation AS1221 ASN-TELSTRA Telstra Pty Ltd AS1222 EPCC-AS - EL PASO COMMUNITY COLLEGE AS1223 DSI-WR-17 - Advanced Info. Technology Services AS1224 NCSA-AS - National Center for Supercomputing Applications AS1225 NTTA-1225 - NTT America, Inc. AS1226 TEALE-AS - Teale Data Center AS1227 SDSC-TEST1-AS - San Diego Supercomputer Center AS1228 UNINET-ASNBLOCK AS1229 UNINET-ASNBLOCK AS1230 UNINET-ASNBLOCK AS1231 UNINET-ASNBLOCK AS1232 UNINET-ASNBLOCK AS1233 ERX-NASDA-ASN National Space Development Agency AS1234 FORTUM-AS Fortum AS1235 FR-U-1-CRI-RENNES Universite de Rennes1 AS1236 GTEGSC - GTE Government Systems Corporation AS1237 KREONET-AS-KR Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information AS1238 ICM-MALAYSIA - US Sprint AS1239 SPRINTLINK - Sprint AS1240 ICM-PACIFIC - Sprint AS1241 FORTHNET-GR FORTHnet AS1242 PLH-AS - Geophysics Laboratory AS1243 APG-GW1-AS - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1244 AMOCO-AS - Amoco Corporation AS1245 DET4LAN-AS - Det 4 AFOTEC/TSS AS1247 AFTERLIFE-GW-AS - Department of Defense AS1248 NOKIANET_ESPOO NOKIANET HQ autonomous system in Espoo Finland AS1249 FIVE-COLLEGES-AS - Five Colleges Network AS1250 ERX-SINGAPORE-AS National University of Singapore AS1251 Fundacao de Amparo a Pesquisa do Estado de Sao Pau AS1252 UNMC-AS - University of Nebraska Medical Center AS1253 VEROAUTOSYS-AS The National Board of Taxation AS1254 NASA-LARC-AS - NASA Langley Research Center AS1255 SMITHCOLLEGE-AS - Smith College Information Systems AS1256 MASSNET-AS - Massachusetts Education Computer Network AS1257 TELE2 AS1258 XKL-NET-AS - XKL Systems Corporation AS1259 CAC-GW2-AS - U.S. Army Information Systems Command AS1260 PLE - Phillips Laboratory AS1261 NATINST-AS-AS - National Instruments Corporation AS1262 NSN-NCAR-AS-AS - National Aeronautics and Space Administration AS1263 NSN-NCAR-AS-AS - National Aeronautics and Space Administration AS1264 USACESPK-AS - United States Army Corps of Engineers AS1265 SAINT-MARYS-AS - Saint Mary's College AS1266 NAVPGSCOL-AS - United States Naval Postgraduate School AS1267 ASN-INFOSTRADA Infostrada S.p.A. AS1268 Infostrada S.p.A. AS1269 IUNET2-AS Italian UNIX Network (IUNET) AS1270 UUNET-DE UUNET Germany AS1271 experimental GAIP/DE AS1272 Universitaet Konstanz AS1273 CW Cable & Wireless AS1274 FhG Institutszentrum Birlinghoven AS1275 DFN-BWIN-IP DFN-IP service and DFN customer networks AS1276 DSI-WR-18 - Advanced Technology Services AS1278 UNIONCARBIDE-AS - Union Carbide Corporation AS1279 MCDOUGLAS-AS McDonnell Douglas Information Systems International AS1280 ISC-AS1280 Internet Systems Consortium, Inc. AS1281 CIX-AS2 - Performance Systems International AS1282 CIX-AS3 - Performance Systems International AS1283 CIX-AS4 - Performance Systems International AS1284 CIX-AS5 - Performance Systems International AS1285 CMC-AS - Communication Machinery Corporation AS1290 TELSTRAEUROPELTD-BACKBONE Telstra Europe Ltd AS1291 NAVSWC-WOASN-AS - DoD Network Information Center AS1292 ITESM Campus Monterrey AS1293 GM-EDS-AS - EDS AS1294 PS-NETPLEX-AS - Perot Systems AS1295 BGNOGE - General Electric Company AS1296 University of Chili AS1297 USLHCNET American LHC Network AS1298 SEA06-NET-AS - Naval Undersea Warfare Engineering Station AS1299 TELIANET TeliaNet Global Network AS1300 FR-RENATER-R3T2-MARSEILLE Reseau Regional R3T2 AS1301 FR-EDFDPT3 Electricite de France AS1302 FRANCE-ASNBLOCK-AS INRIA AS1303 FR-IDRIS-ORSAY FR AS1304 FR-RENATER-CLONYS-2 Reseau regional de Bourgogne AS1305 FR-CICT-TOULOUSE FR AS1306 FRANCE-ASNBLOCK-AS INRIA AS1307 FR-U-JUSSIEU-PARIS AS1308 FRANCE-ASNBLOCK-AS INRIA AS1309 FR-RENATER-RERIF Reseau Regional RERIF AS1310 CACI-FED - CACI Inc., Federal AS1311 BARRA-NET-AS - BARRA AS1312 VA-TECH-AS - Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State Univ. AS1313 ADOBE1-AS-AS - Adobe Systems Inc. AS1314 NWSCHS-AS - Naval Weapons Station AS1315 LVLT-1315 - Level 3 Communications, Inc. AS1316 LERC-AS-AS - NASA Lewis Research Center AS1317 BUMED-SDIEGO-AS - Naval Medical Information Management Center AS1318 ICRFNET-AS Imperial Cancer Research Fund AS1319 BUMED-CPEND-AS - Naval Medical Information Management Center AS1320 BUMED-LBEACH-AS - Naval Medical Information Management Center AS1321 ANSBB-ASNNET-1 - Advanced Networks & Services Inc. AS1322 ANSBB-ASNNET-1 - Advanced Networks & Services Inc. AS1323 ANSBB-ASNNET-1 - Advanced Networks & Services Inc. AS1324 ANSBB-ASNNET-1 - Advanced Networks & Services Inc. AS1325 ANSBB-ASNNET-1 - Advanced Networks & Services Inc. AS1326 ANSBB-ASNNET-1 - Advanced Networks & Services Inc. AS1327 ANSBB-ASNNET-1 - Advanced Networks & Services Inc. AS1328 ANSBB-ASNNET-1 - Advanced Networks & Services Inc. AS1329 ANSBB-ASNNET-1 - Advanced Networks & Services Inc. AS1330 ANSBB-ASNNET-1 - Advanced Networks & Services Inc. AS1331 ANSBB-ASNNET-1 - Advanced Networks & Services Inc. AS1332 ANSBB-ASNNET-1 - Advanced Networks & Services Inc. AS1333 ANSBB-ASNNET-1 - Advanced Networks & Services Inc. AS1334 ANSBB-ASNNET-1 - Advanced Networks & Services Inc. AS1335 ANSBB-ASNNET-1 - Advanced Networks & Services Inc. AS1336 ANSBB-ASNNET-1 - Advanced Networks & Services Inc. AS1337 ANSBB-ASNNET-1 - Advanced Networks & Services Inc. AS1338 ANSBB-ASNNET-1 - Advanced Networks & Services Inc. AS1339 ANSBB-ASNNET-1 - Advanced Networks & Services Inc. AS1340 ANSBB-ASNNET-1 - Advanced Networks & Services Inc. AS1341 AB-AS - Allen-Bradley Company, Inc. AS1342 Fujitsu Invia Finland IP-network AS1343 CISCO-SHONET-AS-AS - Cisco Systems AS1344 BUMED-ORLANDO-AS - DoD Network Information Center AS1345 BUMED-JAX-AS - DoD Network Information Center AS1346 BUMED-PENSA-AS - DoD Network Information Center AS1347 ONVOY3 - Onvoy AS1348 CA-DOTNET-AS - California Department of Transportation AS1349 RADIANZ-AS-1349 - RADIANZ AS1350 SEARSNET-AS - Sears Technology Services Incorporated AS1351 UVM-EDU-AS - University of Vermont AS1352 SISSA-AS1-AS Scuola Internazionale Sup. di Studi Avanzati AS1353 SISSA-AS2-AS Scuola Internazionale Sup. di Studi Avanzati AS1354 NEXT-ASN-AS - NeXT Software, Inc AS1357 ORYX-ENERGY-AS - Oryx Energy Company AS1358 HNSNET-AS - Hughes Network Systems, Inc. AS1361 BUMEDMILLTON-AS - Naval Medical Information Management Center AS1362 BUMEDLEMOORE-AS - Naval Medical Information Management Center AS1363 BUMEDLEJEUNE-AS - Naval Medical Information Management Center AS1364 BUMEDGROTON-AS - Naval Medical Information Management Center AS1365 BUMEDGLAKES-AS - Naval Medical Information Management Center AS1366 BUMEDCORPUS-AS - Naval Medical Information Management Center AS1367 BUMEDCHERRYP-AS - Naval Medical Information Management Center AS1368 BUMEDCHARLES-AS - Naval Medical Information Management Center AS1369 BUMEDBEAUFORT-AS - Naval Medical Information Management Center AS1370 BUMEDNEWPORT-AS - Naval Medical Information Management Center AS1371 BUMEDRROADS-AS - Naval Medical Information Management Center AS1372 BUMEDBREMTON-AS - Naval Medical Information Management Center AS1373 BUMEDSEATTLE-AS - Naval Medical Information Management Center AS1374 BUMEDNHPORTS-AS - Naval Medical Information Management Center AS1375 BUMEDPHIL-AS - Naval Medical Information Management Center AS1376 BUMEDOAKHARB-AS - Naval Medical Information Management Center AS1377 BUMEDOAKLAND-AS - Naval Medical Information Management Center AS1381 ANSBB-ASNNET-2 - Advanced Networks & Services Inc. AS1382 ANSBB-ASNNET-2 - Advanced Networks & Services Inc. AS1383 ANSBB-ASNNET-2 - Advanced Networks & Services Inc. AS1384 ANSBB-ASNNET-2 - Advanced Networks & Services Inc. AS1385 ANSBB-ASNNET-2 - Advanced Networks & Services Inc. AS1386 ANSBB-ASNNET-2 - Advanced Networks & Services Inc. AS1387 ANSBB-ASNNET-2 - Advanced Networks & Services Inc. AS1388 ANSBB-ASNNET-2 - Advanced Networks & Services Inc. AS1389 ANSBB-ASNNET-2 - Advanced Networks & Services Inc. AS1390 ANSBB-ASNNET-2 - Advanced Networks & Services Inc. AS1391 ANSBB-ASNNET-2 - Advanced Networks & Services Inc. AS1392 ANSBB-ASNNET-2 - Advanced Networks & Services Inc. AS1393 ANSBB-ASNNET-2 - Advanced Networks & Services Inc. AS1394 ANSBB-ASNNET-2 - Advanced Networks & Services Inc. AS1395 ANSBB-ASNNET-2 - Advanced Networks & Services Inc. AS1450 NCCS-STI-GW - DoD Network Information Center AS1451 ASNBLK1451-1456 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1452 ASNBLK1451-1456 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1453 ASNBLK1451-1456 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1454 ASNBLK1451-1456 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1455 ASNBLK1451-1456 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1456 ASNBLK1451-1456 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1457 CTNOSC-ASNBLK-1457 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1458 ASNBLK1458-1460 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1459 ASNBLK1458-1460 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1460 ASNBLK1458-1460 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1461 CTNOSC-ASNBLK-1461 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1462 ASNBLK1462-1463 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1463 ASNBLK1462-1463 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1464 CTNOSC-ASNBLK-1464-1465 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1465 CTNOSC-ASNBLK-1464-1465 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1466 CTNOSC-ASNBLK-1466 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1467 ASNBLK1467-1468 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1468 ASNBLK1467-1468 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1469 CTNOSC-ASNBLK-1469-1470 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1470 CTNOSC-ASNBLK-1469-1470 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1471 ASNBLK1471-1472 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1472 ASNBLK1471-1472 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1473 CTNOSC-ASNBLK-1473 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1474 ASNBLK1474-1477 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1475 ASNBLK1474-1477 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1476 ASNBLK1474-1477 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1477 ASNBLK1474-1477 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1478 CTNOSC-ASNBLK-1478-1479 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1479 CTNOSC-ASNBLK-1478-1479 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1480 MEAD-AS - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1481 CTNOSC-ASNBLK-1481 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1482 STEWART-AS - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1483 CTNOSC-ASNBLK-1483 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1484 DEVENS - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1485 TACOM-AS - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1486 CTNOSC-ASNBLK-1486-1487 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1487 CTNOSC-ASNBLK-1486-1487 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1488 ASNBLK1488-1489 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1489 ASNBLK1488-1489 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1490 CTNOSC-ASNBLK-1490 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1491 GORDON-AS - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1492 CTNOSC-ASNBLK-1492-1493 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1493 CTNOSC-ASNBLK-1492-1493 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1494 ASNBLK1494-1495 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1495 ASNBLK1494-1495 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1496 CTNOSC-ASNBLK-1496-1497 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1497 CTNOSC-ASNBLK-1496-1497 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1498 ASNBLK1498-1499 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1499 ASNBLK1498-1499 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1500 CTNOSC-ASNBLK-1500-1502 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1501 CTNOSC-ASNBLK-1500-1502 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1502 CTNOSC-ASNBLK-1500-1502 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1503 BELVOIR - Directorate of Automation Services AS1504 CTNOSC-ASNBLK-1504 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1505 DRUM - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1506 CTNOSC-ASNBLK-1506 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1507 ALEXAMC - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1508 CTNOSC-ASNBLK-1508 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1509 CTNOSC-ASNBLK-1509-1510 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1510 CTNOSC-ASNBLK-1509-1510 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1511 LIA-AS - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1512 MCPH-AS - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1513 CTNOSC-ASNBLK-1513-1518 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1514 CTNOSC-ASNBLK-1513-1518 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1515 CTNOSC-ASNBLK-1513-1518 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1516 CTNOSC-ASNBLK-1513-1518 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1517 CTNOSC-ASNBLK-1513-1518 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1518 CTNOSC-ASNBLK-1513-1518 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1519 NATICK-AS - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1520 CTNOSC-ASNBLK-1520 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1521 MEPCOM - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1522 CTNOSC-ASNBLK-1522-1526 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1523 CTNOSC-ASNBLK-1522-1526 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1524 CTNOSC-ASNBLK-1522-1526 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1525 CTNOSC-ASNBLK-1522-1526 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1526 CTNOSC-ASNBLK-1522-1526 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1527 DETRICK-AS - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1528 STRICOM-NET1 - Simulation, Training and Instrumentation Command AS1529 CTNOSC-ASNBLK-1529-1530 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1530 CTNOSC-ASNBLK-1529-1530 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1531 MCAAP-AS - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1532 CTNOSC-ASNBLK-1532 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1533 REDRIVER-AS - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1534 CTNOSC-ASNBLK-1534-1549 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1535 CTNOSC-ASNBLK-1534-1549 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1536 CTNOSC-ASNBLK-1534-1549 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1537 CTNOSC-ASNBLK-1534-1549 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1538 CTNOSC-ASNBLK-1534-1549 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1539 CTNOSC-ASNBLK-1534-1549 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1540 CTNOSC-ASNBLK-1534-1549 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1541 CTNOSC-ASNBLK-1534-1549 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1542 CTNOSC-ASNBLK-1534-1549 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1543 CTNOSC-ASNBLK-1534-1549 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1544 CTNOSC-ASNBLK-1534-1549 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1545 CTNOSC-ASNBLK-1534-1549 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1546 CTNOSC-ASNBLK-1534-1549 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1547 IDK-NETWORK Multihomed AS in Tiraspol, Moldova. AS1548 CTNOSC-ASNBLK-1534-1549 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1549 CTNOSC-ASNBLK-1534-1549 - Headquarters, USAAISC AS1550 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS1551 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS1552 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS1553 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS1554 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS1555 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS1556 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS1557 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS1558 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS1559 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS1560 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS1561 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS1562 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS1563 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS1564 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS1565 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS1566 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS1567 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS1568 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS1569 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS1570 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS1571 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS1572 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS1573 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS1574 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS1575 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS1576 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS1577 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS1578 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS1579 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS1580 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS1581 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS1582 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS1583 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS1584 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS1585 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS1586 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS1587 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS1588 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS1589 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS1590 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS1591 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS1592 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS1593 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS1594 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS1595 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS1596 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS1597 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS1598 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS1599 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS1600 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS1602 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS1637 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS1649 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS1653 SUNET SUNET Swedish University Network AS1654 SKOGEN Skogen Network AS1655 SPAWAR-GW-AS - Space and Naval Warfare Command AS1656 LM-EIS-GV - Lockheed Martin Corporation AS1657 LOUISVILLE - University of Louisville AS1658 NMI-NET - Network Management, Inc. AS1659 ERX-TANET-ASN1 Tiawan Academic Network (TANet) Information Center AS1660 ANS-CORP-NY - ANS Communications AS1661 ANS-ATLANTA - ANS Communications AS1662 ANS-1662-AS - ANS Communications AS1663 BERTELSMANN Bertelsmann AG AS1664 AOL-CORP - America Online AS1665 ANS-NY - ANS Communications AS1666 ANS-DC - ANS Communications AS1667 ANS-DC2 - ANS Communications AS1668 AOL-ATDN - AOL Transit Data Network AS1669 ANS-BB2 - ANS Communications AS1670 ANS-UK - ANS Communications AS1671 ANS-1671-AS - ANS Communications AS1672 ANS-CHICAGO - ANS Communications AS1673 ANS-BB - ANS Communications AS1674 ANS-SANFRAN - ANS Communications AS1675 ANS-NY2-AS - ANS Communications AS1676 AMERI - American Standard, Inc. AS1677 ANS-NY3-AS - ANS Communications AS1678 DOW - The Dow Chemical Company AS1679 FICO-AS - Fair Isaac Co. AS1680 NetVision Ltd. AS1681 ANS-CORP-MI - ANS Communications AS1682 AOL-1682-AS - America Online AS1683 ANS-NY4-AS - ANS Communications AS1684 ANS-1684-AS - ANS Communications AS1685 ANS-JAPAN - ANS Communications AS1686 ANS-1686-AS - ANS Communications AS1687 ANS-1687-AS - ANS Communications AS1688 ANS-AT-PACBELL-NAP - ANS Communications AS1689 ANS-1689-AS - ANS Communications AS1690 BOCES - BOCES Southern Westchester AS1691 TELUS - TELUS Communications Inc. AS1692 ANS-1692-AS - ANS Communications AS1693 ANS-1693-AS - ANS Communications AS1694 ANS-SANFRAN2-AS - ANS Communications AS1695 ANS-1695-AS - ANS Communications AS1696 CITIGROUP AS for Citigroup AS1697 ANS-1697-AS - ANS Communications AS1698 PRODIGY - AT&T Internet Services AS1699 ANS-1699-AS - ANS Communications AS1700 SESQUI-3 - Sesquinet AS1701 EOSDIS-V0 - DoD Network Information Center AS1703 MIX - MIX (Minnesota Internetwork eXchange) AS1704 KAIST-SEOUL-AS-KR Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology AS1705 GM-INDY-NET - Electronic Data Systems AS1706 UNIV-ARIZ - University of Arizona AS1707 FR-RENATER-RR-ALSACE Reseau Regional d'Alsace AS1708 FR-CNET-ISSY - Centre National d'Etudes des Telecommunication -- CNET AS1709 FR-RENATER AS1710 FR-RENATER AS1711 FR-RENATER AS1712 FR-RENATER-ENST Ecole Nationale Superieure des Telecommunications, AS1713 FR-RENATER AS1714 FR-RENATER AS1715 FR-REMIP2000 REMIP 2000 Autonomous System AS1716 FR-SHERPAA-PACA RESEAU REGIONAL TRES HAUT DEBIT PACA AS1717 FR-RENATER-PROJETS This network interconnects the various AS1718 FR-INRIA-RENNES INRIA Rennes AS1719 FR-RENATER-SYNAPSE Synapse network Autonomous System AS1720 FR-RENATER RENATER-ASNBLOCK AS1721 FR-RENATER-ASNBLOCK Reseau National de telecommunications pour la Technologie AS1722 MANAIX Metropolitain area network for university at Aix en Provence AS1723 FR-RENATER-R3LR4 RESEAU REGIONAL LANGUEDOC ROUSSILLON AS1724 AMPLIVIA Amplivia Rhone-Alpes regional network AS1725 FR-NOROPALE Reseau NOROPALE AS1726 FR-RENATER-TELEMUS2A Reseau regional Champagne Ardennes 2A AS1727 RITSC-PACSW - RITSC-PACSW AS1728 SRI-TPA-GW1 - SRI-TPA-gw1 AS1729 TELIA-TCN Telia Corporate Network AS1731 THIOKOL - Thiokol Corporation - Network Engineering AS1732 MIKROK-AS Mikrokonsultit Oy AS1733 CENTAF-SWA - AF DDN PMO AS1734 ROP-COCA-AS01 - Contra Costa County Regional Occupation Program / Richmond AS1735 FISHER-AS - Fisher Controls Int. Inc. AS1736 MU-AS - Marquette University AS1737 RAYTHEON-AS-1 - Raytheon Company AS1738 OKOBANK-AS OKOBANK - Department of Data Comm. and Data Security AS1739 TUTNET TUT Autonomous system AS1740 CERFNET - CERFnet AS1741 FUNETAS FUNET autonomous system AS1742 HARVARD-UNIV - Harvard University AS1743 MCI-SF-AS - MCI Telecommunications AS1744 LOCKHEED - Lockheed Missles & Space Company AS1745 CRT-AS - Chicago Reseach and Trading AS1746 DRANET-AS - Data Research Associates, Inc. AS1747 IBMWATSON-AS - IBM T.J. Watson Research Center AS1748 FINNAIR-AS FINNAIR AS1749 NASA-GSFC-AS - NASA Goddard Space Flight Center AS1750 GURU - Hitachi Computer Products Inc. AS1751 LEXMARK-AS - Lexmark International Inc. AS1752 BT-CIN-AND-ADASTRAL Used by BT IP networks for Intranet Test and Development AS1753 OBT-ESCOM - Ohio Bell Telephone Co. AS1754 DESY-HAMBURG AS1755 Ebone Consortium AS1756 EBONE-EXTERNAL Ebone Consortium AS1757 LEXIS-AS - LEXIS-NEXIS AS1758 AFMPCGW1-AS - HQ USAF Military Personnel Center AS1759 TSF-IP-CORE TeliaSonera Finland IP Network AS1760 INTELNET - Intel Corporation AS1761 TGSCNET - General Services Commission AS1762 DMIS-VAX - ACS National Systems, Inc. AS1763 ITTHARTFORD - ITT Hartford AS1764 NEXTLAYER-AS next layer Telekommunikationsdienstleistungs- GmbH AS1765 PM-NAWC - Naval Air Warfare Center - Weapons Division AS1766 ASN-EXXONMOBIL-US - Exxon Mobil Corporation AS1767 IHETSDATANET - Indiana Higher Education Telecommunication System AS1768 ERX-SEEDNET-ASN1 Institute for Information Industry, Taiwan, ROC AS1769 ERX-IIINET-ASN1 SEEDNet Service Center AS1770 RINGSTAD-AS NO-RINGSTAD AS1771 SOLBERG-CORE-NET Solberg Network Engineering AS1772 SENTRY - Naval Oceanographic Office AS1774 HEANET-IE Higher Education Authority Network (HEAnet) AS1775 FMCC-1 - Ford Motor Credit Corporation AS1776 Wirtschaftsuniversitaet Wien AS1778 DMSSC-GATEWAY - Defense Medical Systems Support Center AS1779 PSTAR-AS - Pentastar Services, Inc. AS1780 VALNET Valmet Corporation AS1781 KAIST-DAEJEON-AS-KR Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology AS1784 GNAPS - Global NAPs Networks AS1785 USLEC-ASN-1785 - USLEC Corp. AS1786 AIXSERV-AS - IBM AS1787 REUTERS-AMERICA-ISP-CELL-AS - Reuters America Inc. AS1788 SONAMNET - SONAM Corporation AS1789 SPRINTLINK1 - Sprint Government Systems Division AS1790 SPRINTLINK2 - Sprint Government Systems Division AS1791 SPRINTLINK3 - Sprint Government Systems Division AS1792 SPRINTLINK4 - Sprint Government Systems Division AS1793 SPRINTLINK5 - Sprint Government Systems Division AS1794 SPRINTLINK6 - Sprint Government Systems Division AS1795 SPRINTLINK7 - Sprint Government Systems Division AS1797 Uruguay AS1798 OR-NET - State of Oregon AS1799 ICMNET-1 - Sprint AS1800 ICM-ATLANTIC - Sprint AS1801 Sprint/ICM in London AS1802 ICMNET-4 - Sprint AS1803 ICMNET-5 - Sprint AS1804 ICMNET-6 - Sprint AS1805 ICMNET-7 - Sprint AS1806 ICMNET-8 - Sprint AS1807 ICMNET-9 - Sprint AS1808 ICMNET-10 - Sprint AS1809 LVLT-1809 - Level 3 Communications, Inc. AS1810 CSC-300-AS1810-AS1815 - Computer Sciences Corporation AS1811 CSC-300-AS1810-AS1815 - Computer Sciences Corporation AS1812 CSC-300-AS1810-AS1815 - Computer Sciences Corporation AS1813 CSC-300-AS1810-AS1815 - Computer Sciences Corporation AS1814 CSC-300-AS1810-AS1815 - Computer Sciences Corporation AS1815 CSC-300-AS1810-AS1815 - Computer Sciences Corporation AS1816 LVLT-1816-1828 - Level 3 Communications, Inc. AS1817 LVLT-1816-1828 - Level 3 Communications, Inc. AS1818 LVLT-1816-1828 - Level 3 Communications, Inc. AS1819 LVLT-1816-1828 - Level 3 Communications, Inc. AS1820 LVLT-1816-1828 - Level 3 Communications, Inc. AS1821 LVLT-1816-1828 - Level 3 Communications, Inc. AS1822 LVLT-1816-1828 - Level 3 Communications, Inc. AS1823 LVLT-1816-1828 - Level 3 Communications, Inc. AS1824 LVLT-1816-1828 - Level 3 Communications, Inc. AS1825 LVLT-1816-1828 - Level 3 Communications, Inc. AS1826 LVLT-1816-1828 - Level 3 Communications, Inc. AS1827 LVLT-1816-1828 - Level 3 Communications, Inc. AS1828 LVLT-1816-1828 - Level 3 Communications, Inc. AS1829 NOTES - Los Alamos National Laboratory AS1831 ITESO University AS1832 BCML-AS Bluecrest-Capital-Management-Ltd AS1833 TELIANET-USA TeliaNet USA AS1834 NCTAMS-ETHER - Naval Computer and Telecommunications AS1835 FSKNET-DK Forskningsnettet - Danish network for Research and Education AS1836 TIC TIC The Internet Company AG Autonomous System AS1837 NC3A NATO C3 Agency AS1838 CERFNET-2 - CERFnet AS1839 DNA-SCN - Los Alamos National Laboratory AS1840 Universidad de las Americas AS1841 CP-AS-LHR CP-AS-LHR AS1842 USGS-AS - United States Geological Survey AS1843 NASA-KSC-AS - NASA AS1844 NASA-KSC-AS - NASA AS1845 NASA-KSC-AS - NASA AS1846 NASA-KSC-AS - NASA AS1847 NASA-KSC-AS - NASA AS1848 EBWAN - National Aeronautics and Space Administration AS1849 UUNET UK (formerly PIPEX, Public IP EXchange) AS1850 ISNIC Internet Iceland Inc. (ISNIC) AS1851 ERX-ADELAIDE-UNI The University of Adelaide AS1852 UCDC-NET - University of California, Office of the President AS1853 ACONET ACOnet Backbone AS1854 NOVOGROUP Novo Group Oyj AS1855 DISN-PILOTNET1 - Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc. AS1856 DISN-PILOTNET2 - Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc. AS1857 DISN-PILOTNET3 - Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc. AS1858 DISN-PILOTNET4 - Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc. AS1859 DISN-PILOTNET5 - Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc. AS1860 DISN-PILOTNET6 - Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc. AS1861 DISN-PILOTNET7 - Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc. AS1862 DISN-PILOTNET8 - Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc. AS1863 DISN-PILOTNET9 - Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc. AS1864 DISN-PILOTNET10 - Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc. AS1865 DISN-PILOTNET11 - Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc. AS1866 DISN-PILOTNET12 - Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc. AS1867 DISN-PILOTNET13 - Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc. AS1868 DISN-PILOTNET14 - Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc. AS1869 DISN-PILOTNET15 - Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc. AS1870 3COM-EUR - 3Com Corporation AS1871 3COM-USA - 3Com Corporation AS1872 3COM-HDQ - 3Com Corporation AS1873 DMSSCA-AS - Electronic Data Systems AS1874 DMSSCH-AS - Electronic Data Systems AS1875 CIS - Southern Methodist University AS1876 SEAS - Southern Methodist University AS1877 AS1878 Peter & Paul's test network AS1879 EURO-RS AS1880 Stupi, house man's policy AS1881 Stupi, toaster network AS1882 Stupi, house woman's policy AS1883 Stupi, backboone test network AS1884 AS1885 AS1886 AS1887 NASK-ACADEMIC NASK AS1888 CWI-NL CWI AS1889 HP-EUROPE-AS Hewlett-Packard Company AS1890 VzB NL Autonomous System AS1891 SCARLET2 Scarlet Belgium AS1892 DBP TELEKOM AS1893 Deutsches Klimarechenzentrum GmbH AS1894 BHN AS1895 Friedrich Alexander Universitaet Erlangen-Nuernberg AS1896 REVUE AS1897 EUNETPT KPNQwest Portugal Backbone AS AS1898 VMUNIX vmunix.org AS1899 AS1899 OLD KPNQwest France AS AS1900 Computervision UK R&D Ltd AS1901 EUNETAT-AS eTel Austria AG AS1902 CONTACTEL CTT Backbone AS1903 GTSCZ-TRANSIT GTS Czech Republic Transit AS AS1904 FR-RENATER-REMIP AS1905 DRC - Dynamics Research Corporation AS1906 NORTHROP-GRUMMAN - Northrop Grumman AS1907 IPSERV-AS - Single Source Network Systems, Inc. AS1908 NAWC-AD-INDY - Naval Air Warfare Center AS1909 ALPHA-NAP-AS - San Diego Supercomputer Center AS1910 DISA-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS1911 DISA-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS1912 DISA-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS1913 DISA-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS1914 DISA-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS1915 SEQUOIA-AS - National Science Foundation AS1916 Rede Nacional de Ensino e Pesquisa AS1917 CTCSERV-AS - CTC AS1918 CNAP-INTRANET - Commander Naval Air Force Pacific Fleet AS1919 UMASS-AMHERST1 - University of Massachusettes AS1920 RADIANZ-AS-1920 - RADIANZ AS1921 NICAT University of Vienna AS1922 UAKOM UAKOM AS1923 Tampere Telelphone Company AS1924 DAFFY - Unified Industries, Inc. AS1925 DISA-EUROPE - DISA Information Systems Center AS1926 UTANET-AS University of Tampere AS1927 NADC-LAN-AS - DoD Network Information Center AS1928 WRNL-PDVS - Parke-Davis AS1929 UMASSNET-NET - University of Massachusetts AS1930 RCCN RCCN-NET AS1931 EDS-NNAM - EDS AS1932 CONED - Consolidated Edison Co. of New York, Inc. AS1933 NAVAIRHQ - Naval Air Systems Command Headquarters AS1934 ANS-RESTON-AS - Advanced Network & Services AS1935 FR-RENATER-LIMOUSIN Reseau Regional Limousin AS1936 FR-RENATER-PICARDIE Reseau Regional Picardie AS1937 FR-AUVERDATA Reseau Regional Auvergne AS1938 FR-RENATER-IRISA Irisa/Inria Rennes AS1939 FR-RENATER-ASNBLOCK RENATER AS1940 FR-RENATER-R3LR Reseau Regional R3LR AS1941 FR-RENATER-CNRS-DSI-TRELAZE FR AS1942 FR-CICG-GRENOBLE FR AS1943 FR-RENATER-RETECOR-1BIS Reseau Regional Corse AS1944 FR-RENATER AS1945 FR-LYRES Lyon Recherche et Enseignement Supйrieur (LyRES) AS1946 FR-RENATER AS1947 FR-RENATER AS1948 FR-RENATER AS1949 FR-RENATER AS1950 FR-RENATER AS1951 FR-RENATER AS1952 FR-RENATER AS1953 RENATER-ASNBLOCK FR-RENATER AS1954 RENATER-ASNBLOCK FR-RENATER AS1955 HBONE-AS HUNGARNET AS1956 IBMEVS-AS - IBM AS1957 ANSCIX-AS - Advanced Network & Services, Inc. AS1958 NCRWIN1958 - NCR Corporation AS1959 DMSLABNET - DoD Network Information Center AS1960 MARS-EUROPE ISI AS1961 MARS-AMERICAS ISI AS1962 MARS-ASIA-PACIFIC ISI AS1963 PENRIL-AS - Penril Datacomm Networks AS1964 MCI-NETCS - MCI Telecommunications AS1965 TUELECTRIC - Texas Utilities Services, Inc. AS1966 MASSO-GW - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC) AS1967 TR-NET Middle East Technical University AS1968 UMASSP-DOM - University of Massachusettes AS1969 TELEDYNE-AS - Advanced Network & Services AS1970 TAMUS-NET - Texas A&M University AS1971 GITN-JITC - DISA AS1972 HPN-ISIE - USC/ISI AS1973 PHNSY-POEGW - DoD Network Information Center AS1974 GSI-DISNNT - Government Systems, Inc. AS1975 UMI-AS - UMI AS1976 BUMEDPORTSNH - Naval Medical Information Management Center AS1977 BUMED29PALMS - Naval Medical Information Management Center AS1978 BUMEDLONDON - Naval Medical Information Management Center AS1979 BUMEDKINGSBY - Naval Medical Information Management Center AS1980 BUMEDKEFLAVK - Naval Medical Information Management Center AS1981 BUMEDADAK - Naval Medical Information Management Center AS1982 ASN-NWNEXUS - Northwest Nexus Inc. AS1983 BERNALILLO - Bernalillo County AS1984 BUMEDSIGONEL - Naval Medical Information Management Center AS1985 BUMEDYOKOSUKA - Naval Medical Information Management Center AS1986 BUMEDROTA - Naval Medical Information Management Center AS1987 BUMEDPHARBOR - Naval Medical Information Management Center AS1988 BUMEDPAXRVER - Naval Medical Information Management Center AS1989 BUMEDOKINAWA - Naval Medical Information Management Center AS1990 BUMEDORLEANS - Naval Medical Information Management Center AS1991 BUMEDNAPLES - Naval Medical Information Management Center AS1992 BUMEDKEYWEST - Naval Medical Information Management Center AS1993 BUMEDHUENEME - Naval Medical Information Management Center AS1994 BUMEDGBAY - Naval Medical Information Management Center AS1995 BUMEDGUAM - Naval Medical Information Management Center AS1997 IBMDES-AS - IBM Dallas Engineering & Scientific AS1998 STATE-OF-MN - State of Minnesota AS1999 HOUSE-AS-1 - House Information Systems AS2002 IBM-PV-AS - IBM Corporation AS2003 EPRI-PA - Electric Power Research Institute AS2004 TNO-FEL AS2005 INFONET1 - INFONET Services Corporation AS2006 INFONET2 - INFONET Services Corporation AS2007 INFONET-EUROPE Infonet Services Corporation AS2008 INFONET4 - INFONET Services Corporation AS2009 INFONET5 - INFONET Services Corporation AS2010 INFONET6 - INFONET Services Corporation AS2011 WACHOVIA - Wachovia Operational Services Corporation AS2012 ELTENET AS2013 PACIFIC-GAS - Pacific Gas & Electric Co. AS2014 SPRINT-INTL - Sprintlink AS2015 MSEN-SYSTEM - Msen, Inc. AS2016 OTANET Otaniemi Science Park AS2017 KRPNET National Bureau of Investigation AS2018 TENET-1 AS2019 JMC-AS - JP Morgan Chase & Co AS2020 HWWILSON-AS - HW Wilson AS2021 UNISYS-INT - UNISYS AS2022 SIEMENS-AS - Siemens Power Corp AS2023 RUTYC - SIRACyT AS2024 NU - Northeast Utilities AS2025 UTOLEDO - University of Toledo AS2026 HELSINKI City of Helsinki AS2028 Nortel Plc AS2029 GGR-AS BNR Europe Limited AS2030 TBCASN2 - The Boeing Company AS2031 COWACONET - St. Louis County Water Company AS2032 CSC-TMD-CC - Computer Science Corporation AS2033 PANIX - Panix Network Information Center AS2034 ATK-AS1 - Alliant Techsystems AS2035 ATK-AS2 - Alliant Techsystems AS2036 JOANNEUM RESEARCH AS2037 CSUFRESNO - California State University, AS2038 IT-HEP Italian Hepnet AS2039 INFN-AS2 Instituto Nazionale Fisica Nucleare (INFN) AS2040 INFN-AS3 Instituto Nazionale Fisica Nucleare (INFN) AS2041 USLEC-ASN-2041 - USLEC Corp. AS2042 AS2043 CIS-NET CIS-NET TESTNETWORK AS2044 IINET-2044 - Infinity Internet, Inc. AS2045 FACILITIES ICL Data Oy AS2046 DECCO-AS - DISA Information Systems Center AS2047 ASN-ROCHE-BASLE F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG AS2048 LANET-1 - State of Louisiana Office of Telecommunications Management AS2049 AVL-GRAZ AVL List GmbH AS2050 SPRINTCORP - Sprint Enterprise Information Services AS2051 CISCO-EXT - Cisco Systems, Inc. AS2052 RJRNI-NFGI - Nabisco Foods Group AS2053 SPRINTCORP1 - Sprint Enterprise Information Services AS2054 PAC-DISA - DISA Information Systems Center AS2055 LSU-1 - Louisiana State University AS2056 AOL-AS - America Online AS2057 RENATER_ASNBLOCK1 FR-RENATER AS2058 RENATER_ASNBLOCK1 FR-RENATER AS2059 RENATER_ASNBLOCK1 FR-RENATER AS2060 FR-RENATER RENATER_ASNBLOCK1 AS2061 FR-RR-RA-LYON Rhone-Alpes/Lyon AS2062 FR-CEA-FONTENAY Commissariat a l'Energie Atomique AS2063 RENATER_ASNBLOCK1 FR-RENATER AS2064 RENATER_ASNBLOCK1 FR-RENATER AS2065 FR-RENATER RENATER AS2066 RENATER_ASNBLOCK1 FR-RENATER AS2067 RENATER_ASNBLOCK1 FR-RENATER AS2068 RENATER_ASNBLOCK1 FR-RENATER AS2069 RENATER_ASNBLOCK1 FR-RENATER AS2070 RENATER_ASNBLOCK1 FR-RENATER AS2071 FR-RR-RA-GRENOBLE Rhone-Alpes/Grenoble AS2072 FR-RENATER-REVE Reseau REVE AS2073 RENATER_ASNBLOCK1 FR-RENATER AS2074 FR-CRIHAN-ROUEN FR AS2075 RENATER_ASNBLOCK1 FR-RENATER AS2076 RENATER_ASNBLOCK1 FR-RENATER AS2077 RENATER_ASNBLOCK1 FR-RENATER AS2078 FR-RENATER RENATER_ASNBLOCK1 AS2079 RENATER_ASNBLOCK1 FR-RENATER AS2080 RENATER_ASNBLOCK1 FR-RENATER AS2081 RENATER_ASNBLOCK1 FR-RENATER AS2082 RENATER_ASNBLOCK1 FR-RENATER AS2083 RENATER_ASNBLOCK1 FR-RENATER AS2084 RENATER_ASNBLOCK1 FR-RENATER AS2085 FR-RENATER-PACRRET METROPLITAN NETWORK AS2086 RENATER_ASNBLOCK1 FR-RENATER AS2087 RENATER_ASNBLOCK1 FR-RENATER AS2088 FR-RENATER RENATER AS2089 FR-MAN-CAEN FR AS2090 RENATER_ASNBLOCK1 FR-RENATER AS2091 RENATER_ASNBLOCK1 FR-RENATER AS2092 RENATER_ASNBLOCK1 FR-RENATER AS2093 RENATER_ASNBLOCK1 FR-RENATER AS2094 RENATER_ASNBLOCK1 FR-RENATER AS2095 RENATER_ASNBLOCK1 FR-RENATER AS2096 RENATER_ASNBLOCK1 FR-RENATER AS2097 RENATER_ASNBLOCK1 FR-RENATER AS2098 RENATER_ASNBLOCK1 FR-RENATER AS2099 RENATER_ASNBLOCK1 FR-RENATER AS2100 FR-INRIA5 Institut National de Recherche en Informatique AS2101 RENATER_ASNBLOCK1 FR-RENATER AS2102 RENATER_ASNBLOCK1 FR-RENATER AS2103 RENATER_ASNBLOCK1 FR-RENATER AS2104 RENATER_ASNBLOCK1 FR-RENATER AS2105 FR-RENATER-PIR2 Reseau Regional PICARDIE AS2106 RENATER_ASNBLOCK1 FR-RENATER AS2107 ARNES-NET ARNES AS2108 CARNET-AS Croatian Academic and Research Network AS2109 AS2109 TDC Solutions A/S AS2110 IEUNET Esat Net backbone AS Number AS2112 VALIODATA ValioData Oy AS2113 CELLNET AS2114 AS2115 AS2116 ASN-CATCHCOM Catch Communications AS2117 ESO, Garching, Germany AS2118 RELCOM-AS RELCOM Autonomous System AS2119 TELENOR-NEXTEL T.net AS2120 DAXNET DAXnet Tele2 Norge AS AS2121 RIPE-MEETING-AS RIPE Meetings AS2122 JSC PIOGLOBAL Asset Management, www.pioglobal.ru AS2123 DFN-IP service AS2124 DFN-IP-BACKUP AS2125 UUNET-WIN UUNET Germany AS2126 TIRONET AS AS2127 AS2128 INEX INEX Autonomous System number AS2129 HP-EUROPE-AS-TRADE Hewlett-Packard AS2130 PHILIPS-GLOBAL-NETWORK Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. (internal network) AS2131 SOFTWAREPARK-HAGENBERG Realtreuhand Immobilien GesmbH AS2132 The Post Office (IT) AS2133 The UCL-CS cisco2 Autonomous system AS2134 GSVNET-AS GS Virtual Network AS2135 EuroKom Mail Service AS2136 TCP-AS-MOSCOW TCP AS2137 DISA-PAC - DISA Information Systems Center AS2138 DOW2-AS - Houston Dow Center AS2139 DOW1-AS - Houston Dow Center AS2140 ISSC-AS - ISSC AS2141 BUMEDQUANTIC - Naval Medical Information Management Center AS2142 NSI-FFIX-E - National Aeronautics and Space Administration AS2143 NSN-FFIX-W - National Aeronautics and Space Administration AS2144 ERX-ETAFE South Australian Government Department of Employment AS2146 CRNet: Red Nacional de Investigaciуn de C.R. AS2147 COMPNEWS-AS Computer Newspaper Services Ltd. AS2148 ITEP A.I.Alikhanov Institute AS2149 COGENT-PSI-2 - Cogent Communications AS2150 CSUNET-SW - California State University Network AS2151 CSUNET-SE - California State University Network AS2152 CSUNET-NW - California State University Network AS2153 CSUNET-NE - California State University Network AS2154 EDS-NNAM - EDS AS2155 EDS-NNAM - EDS AS2156 EDS-NNAM - EDS AS2157 EDS-NNAM - EDS AS2158 EDS-NNAM - EDS AS2159 EDS-NNAM - EDS AS2160 EDS-NNAM - EDS AS2161 EDS-NNAM - EDS AS2162 EDS-NNAM - EDS AS2163 EDS-NNAM - EDS AS2164 EDS-NNAM - EDS AS2165 EDS-NNAM - EDS AS2166 EDS-NNAM - EDS AS2167 EDS-MITCHELDEAN EDS - Mitcheldean AS2168 EDS-NNAM - EDS AS2169 EDS-NNAM - EDS AS2170 EDS-NNAM - EDS AS2171 EDS-NNAM - EDS AS2172 EDS-STOCKLEY EDS - Stockley Park AS2173 EDS-NNAM - EDS AS2174 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2175 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2176 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2177 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2178 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2179 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2180 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2181 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2182 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2183 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2184 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2185 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2186 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2187 FR-RENATER-SYRHANO-2 Reseau Regional SYRHANO 2 AS2188 FR-RENATER-ASTER Reseau Regional ASTER AS2189 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2190 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2191 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2192 FR-INFOBIOGEN-EVRY FR AS2193 FR-RENATER-SRHD-2 Reseau regional Poitou-Charente AS2194 FR-RENATER-SEQUANET Reseau regional SEQUANET de collecte pour l'enseignement superieur et la recherche AS2195 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2196 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2197 FR-ASNBLOCK FR-SPANIP AS2198 FR-TOM-NOUVELLE-CALEDONIE FR AS2199 FR-DOM-MARTINIQUE Iles de la Martinique AS2200 FR-RENATER Reseau National de telecommunications pour la Technologie AS2201 FR-ASNBLOCK FR-RENATER AS2202 FR-RENATER-REAUMUR Reseau Regional REAUMUR AS2203 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2204 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2205 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2206 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2207 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2208 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2209 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2210 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2211 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2212 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2213 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2214 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2215 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2216 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2217 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2218 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2219 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2220 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2221 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2222 FR-U-BP-AUBIERE FR AS2223 FR-INRETS-ARCUEIL FR AS2224 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2225 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2226 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2227 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2228 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2229 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2230 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2231 FR-RENATER-U-PPA-PAU Universite de Pau et des Pays de l'Adour AS2232 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2233 FR-RENATER-POUTOUCHAR Reseau Regional POITOU CHARENTE AS2234 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2235 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2236 FR-U-ORLEANS FR AS2237 FR-U-REAUMUR-BORDEAUX FR AS2238 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2239 FR-U-REIMS FR AS2240 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2241 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2242 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2243 FR-U-SCIENCES-NANTES FR AS2244 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2245 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2246 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2247 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2248 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2249 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2250 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2251 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2252 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2253 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2254 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2255 FR-ESPCI-PARIS ESPCI-PARIS AS2256 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2257 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2258 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2259 FR-U-STRASBOURG FR AS2260 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2261 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2262 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2263 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2264 FR-U-DIJON FR AS2265 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2266 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2267 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2268 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2269 FR-U-PARISSUD-ORSAY FR AS2270 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2271 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2272 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2273 FR-ASNBLOCK INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2274 CBO - Congressional Budget Office AS2275 EUR-DISA - DISA Information Systems Center AS2276 OCS-AS1 - OpenConnect Systems AS2277 ECUANET - CORPORACION ECUATORIANA DE INFORMACION AS2278 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2279 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2280 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2281 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2282 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2283 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2284 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2285 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2286 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2287 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2288 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2289 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2290 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2291 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2292 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2293 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2294 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2295 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2296 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2297 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2298 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2299 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2300 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2301 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2302 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2303 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2304 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2305 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2306 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2307 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2308 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2309 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2310 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2311 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2312 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2313 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2314 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2315 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2316 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2317 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2318 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2319 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2320 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2321 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2322 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2323 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2324 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2325 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2326 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2327 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2328 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2329 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2330 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2331 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2332 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2333 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2334 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2335 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2336 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2337 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2338 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2339 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2340 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2341 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2342 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2343 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2344 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2345 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2346 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2347 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2348 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2349 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2350 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2351 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2352 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2353 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2354 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2355 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2356 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2357 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2358 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2359 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2360 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2361 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2362 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2363 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2364 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2365 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2366 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2367 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2368 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2369 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2370 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2371 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2372 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2373 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2374 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2375 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2376 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2377 FRANCE-TELECOM-AS France Telecom AS2378 DOI-BIA - DOI - BIA AS2379 EMBARQ-WNPK - Embarq Corporation AS2380 ESTNET ESTNET Autonomous System AS2381 WISCNET1-AS - University of Wisconsin-Madison AS2382 WISCNET2-AS - WiscNet AS2383 OTA - Office of Technology Assessment AS2384 AOCNET - Architect of the Capitol AS2385 JUNGBU-AS-KR JUNGBU AS2386 INS-AS - AT&T Data Communications Services AS2387 FR-ASNBLOCK2 INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2388 FR-ASNBLOCK2 INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2389 FR-ASNBLOCK2 INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2390 FR-ASNBLOCK2 INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2391 FR-ASNBLOCK2 INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2392 FR-ASNBLOCK2 INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2393 FR-ASNBLOCK2 INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2394 FR-ASNBLOCK2 INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2395 FR-ASNBLOCK2 INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2396 FR-ASNBLOCK2 INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2397 FR-ASNBLOCK2 INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2398 FR-ASNBLOCK2 INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2399 FR-ASNBLOCK2 INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2400 FR-ASNBLOCK2 INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2401 FR-ASNBLOCK2 INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2402 FR-ASNBLOCK2 INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2403 FR-ASNBLOCK2 INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2404 FR-ASNBLOCK2 INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2405 FR-ASNBLOCK2 INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2406 FR-ASNBLOCK2 INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2407 FR-ASNBLOCK2 FR-U-CAEN AS2408 FR-ASNBLOCK2 INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2409 FR-ASNBLOCK2 INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2410 FR-ASNBLOCK2 INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2411 FR-ASNBLOCK2 INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2412 FR-ASNBLOCK2 INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2413 FR-ASNBLOCK2 INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2414 FR-RENATER-LIMOUSIN Reseau Regional LIMOUSIN AS2415 FR-ASNBLOCK2 INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2416 FR-ASNBLOCK2 INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2417 FR-ASNBLOCK2 INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2418 FR-ASNBLOCK2 FR-MAN-SOPHIA-ANTIPOLIS AS2419 FR-ASNBLOCK2 INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2420 FR-ASNBLOCK2 INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2421 FR-ASNBLOCK2 INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2422 FR-RENATER-RAP Metropolitan Paris Academic Network AS2423 FR-ASNBLOCK2 INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2424 FR-ASNBLOCK2 INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2425 FR-ASNBLOCK2 INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2426 FR-RENATER-RUBIS RUBIS Metropolitan Area Network AS2427 FR-ASNBLOCK2 INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2428 FR-ASNBLOCK2 INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2429 FR-ASNBLOCK2 INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2430 FR-ASNBLOCK2 INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2431 FR-ASNBLOCK2 INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2432 FR-ASNBLOCK2 INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2433 FR-ASNBLOCK2 INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2434 FR-ASNBLOCK2 INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2435 FR-ASNBLOCK2 INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2436 FR-ASNBLOCK2 INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2437 FR-ASNBLOCK2 INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2438 FR-INRIA3 Institut National de Recherche en Informatique AS2439 FR-REMUS MAN of the Polytechnicum AS2440 FR-ASNBLOCK2 INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2441 FR-ASNBLOCK2 INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2442 FR-ASNBLOCK2 INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2443 FR-ASNBLOCK2 INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2444 FR-ASNBLOCK2 INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2445 FR-JTM-93 Reseau de Collecte du Nord-Est Francilien AS2446 FR-ASNBLOCK2 INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2447 FR-ASNBLOCK2 INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2448 FR-ASNBLOCK2 INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2449 FR-ASNBLOCK2 INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2450 CNES-Toulouse AS2451 FR-ASNBLOCK2 INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2452 FR-ASNBLOCK2 INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2453 FR-ASNBLOCK2 INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2454 FR-ASNBLOCK2 INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2455 FR-ASNBLOCK2 INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2456 FR-ASNBLOCK2 INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2457 FR-PHOCEAN Reseau Metropolitain PHOCEAN AS2458 FR-ASNBLOCK2 INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2459 FR-ASNBLOCK2 INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2460 FR-ASNBLOCK2 INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2461 FR-ASNBLOCK2 INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2462 FR-U-ANGERS ASNBLOCK2 AS2463 FR-ASNBLOCK2 INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2464 FR-ASNBLOCK2 INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2465 FR-ASNBLOCK2 INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2466 FR-ASNBLOCK2 INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2467 FR-INRIA4 Institut National de Recherche en Informatique AS2468 FR-ASNBLOCK2 INRIA-Rocquencourt AS2469 FR-DEMO-RENATER Reseau National de telecommunications pour la Technologie AS2470 FR-LAREUNION Ile de la Reunion Departement d'Outre-Mer AS2471 FR-DOM-GUADELOUPE Iles de la Guadeloupe AS2472 FR-DOM-GUYANE Guyane Francaise AS2473 FR-CETP CETP/UVSQ 78140 VELIZY, France AS2474 FR-RENATER-LOTHAIRE-METZ Reseau Regional Lothaire Metz AS2475 FR-RENATER Reseau National de telecommunications pour la Technologie AS2476 FR-IAS-MEDOC MEDOC Project AS2477 FR-ROYAL Reseau Optique Yvelinois pour la Communaute Academique AS2478 FR-RENATER-R3T2-SOPHIA Reseau Regional R3T2 AS2479 FR-UNIVLM Universite du Maine AS2480 FR-LAS-MARSEILLE Laboratoire d'Astronomie Spatiale AS2481 AFNIC AS2482 AFNIC AS2483 FRNIC-DNS-ANYCAST2 AFNIC AS2484 FRNIC-DNS-ANYCAST-1 AFNIC AS2485 FRNIC-SITE AFNIC AS2486 NICFR-DNS-GIX-PARIS AFNIC AS2487 MOSCOW-HEP Institute for Theoretical & Experimental Physicis AS2488 IIASA-NET International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis AS2489 NETIOWA-AS - Net Iowa AS2490 MILNET-T20 - Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc. AS2491 AS2491-RTI - Rogers Telecom Inc. AS2492 AS2492-RTI - Rogers Telecom Inc. AS2493 AS2493-RTI - Rogers Telecom Inc. AS2494 AKHNET AKHNET Autonomous System AS2495 KANREN - Kansas Research and Education Network AS2496 UKANS - University of Kansas AS2497 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS2498 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS2499 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS2500 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS2501 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS2502 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS2503 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS2504 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS2505 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS2506 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS2507 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS2508 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS2509 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS2510 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS2511 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS2512 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS2513 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS2514 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS2515 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS2516 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS2517 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS2518 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS2519 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS2520 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS2521 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS2522 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS2523 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS2524 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS2525 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS2526 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS2527 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS2528 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS2529 DEMON-INTERNET Demon Internet AS2530 CIBA-AS Ciba (CIBA-GEIGY AG) TeleCommunication Services (TCS) AS2531 EUCOM-GW - HQ USECOM AS2532 LOC - Library of Congress AS2533 HOU-METRO-AS - MIS Group AS2534 ROCHE-PALO-ALTO - Hoffmann LaRoche, Inc. AS2535 BP - BP America, Inc. AS2536 TCADA - Texas Commission on Alcohol & Drug Abuse AS2537 ERX-STATS-GOVTNZ New Zealand Department of Statistics AS2538 IBM-KINGS-AS - IBM Corporation AS2539 GLAXOSMITHKLINE - GlaxoSmithKline AS2540 INGRES-AS - Ingres Information Services AS2541 AS2542 VOUGHT - Vought Aircraft Company AS2543 UCIMC-AS - University of California, Irvine AS2544 METRO-AS - METRO AS2545 STRATHOST - US AIR FORCE AS2546 ARIADNE-T Ariadne-t Network AS2547 BMENET-AS Budapest University of Technology and Economics AS2548 ALGX-ATCW-AS - XO Communications AS2549 Universidad de Guadalajara AS2550 STRATS - US AIR FORCE AS2551 ICG - ICG NetAhead, Inc. AS2552 WUSTL-ASN - Washington University AS2553 FSU-AS - Florida State University AS2554 ERX-INTER-GRP-A PSI AS2555 INTER-GRP-B - PSI AS2556 INTER-GRP-C - PSI AS2557 INTER-GRP-D - PSI AS2558 CIWMBNET - California Integrated Waste Management Board (CIWMB) AS2559 VISANET - Visa International AS2560 BOCA-AS - IBM AS2561 UNSPECIFIED AS2562 TI-US/INTL - Texas Instruments, Inc. AS2563 SNU2-AS-KR Seoul National University AS2564 GLO - Texas General Land Office AS2565 TX-DARS - Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services AS2566 ISINM - International Symposium on Integrated Network Management AS2567 SLB-WESTERNGECO-AS - Schlumberger Limited AS2568 CASEYAUTO - Casey Auto Group AS2569 IVPN-TELECOM-NZ Telecom New Zealand Ltd AS2570 TAS-TELECOM-NZ Telecom New Zealand Ltd AS2571 DHL-AS DHL Systems Inc. AS2572 MORENET - Missouri Research and Education Network AS2573 QED-SYS - QED Systems, Inc. AS2574 TRS - Teacher Retirement System of Texas AS2575 SRPNET - Salt River Project Agricultural Improvement & Power District AS2576 DOT-AS - U. S. Department of Transportation AS2577 AFIP-OSD - DoD Network Information Center AS2578 DEMOS-AS Demos, Moscow, Russia AS2579 ALCATE-AS - Alcatel Canada AS2580 ASSEMBLY - California ASSEMBLY AS2581 GAO - U.S. General Accounting Office AS2582 CDE - California Department of Education AS2584 CUMMINS - Cummins Engine Co. Inc. AS2585 BT Customer services network AS2586 UNINET-AS AS Uninet AS2587 CCAS-AS CCASnet AS2588 LATNET ISP AS2589 AS2590 The Cellphone Group PLC AS2591 WISE Ltd Head Office AS2592 EGE-AS Ege University (EGE), TR AS2593 ASN-SPC Sistema Pubblico di Connettivita' AS2594 ASN-CSI CSI Piemonte AS2595 CSP-AS CSP AS2596 NAP-AS NW's NAP AS2597 CCTLD-IT REGISTRO CCTLD IT AS2598 CNR Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche AS2599 SOVAM Teleport AS2600 TEKSTILBANK A.S. AS2601 INTEROP-EU InteropNet Europe AS2602 RESTENA Reseau Teleinformatique de l'Education Nationale AS2603 NORDUNET NORDUnet AS2604 HS fuer Musik und darstellende Kunst, Graz, AT AS2605 CESNET, z.s.p.o. - TEN-155 CZ AS2606 Societa Italiana per l'Esercizio delle Telecomunicazione AS2607 SANET Slovak Academic Network AS2608 The JANET IP Service, Test AS AS2609 TN-BB-AS Tunisia BackBone AS AS2610 EUnet/SI Autonomous system AS2611 BELNET BELNET Autonomous System AS2612 ASCOM AG AS2613 ASCOM AG AS2614 ROEDUNET Romanian Education Network AS2615 BECHTEL - Bechtel Corp. AS2616 NAVNET-BLOCK2 - NCTS PENSACOLA AS2617 NAVNET-BLOCK2 - NCTS PENSACOLA AS2618 NAVNET-BLOCK2 - NCTS PENSACOLA AS2619 NAVNET-BLOCK2 - NCTS PENSACOLA AS2620 NAVNET-BLOCK2 - NCTS PENSACOLA AS2621 STDN4-AS1 - DoD Network Information Center AS2622 STDN4-AS2 - DoD Network Information Center AS2623 JWICS - DoD Network Information Center AS2624 TECNET-EXP - Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division AS2625 DSIBBN - NAVAL OCEANOGRAPHIC OFFICE AS2626 STDN4-AS3 - DoD Network Information Center AS2627 STDN4-AS4 - DoD Network Information Center AS2628 STDN4-AS5 - DoD Network Information Center AS2629 DMSSCE - RAPIDS Support Center-Europe AS2630 NUWCDETHINET - Naval Undersea Warfare Center Detachment AS2631 DISCOVERY-AS - Discovery Communications, Inc. AS2632 NCTSLNDN-AS - Naval Computer and Telecommunications Station London AS2633 NAS1-AS - National Academy of Sciences AS2634 ALLTEL - ALLTEL Corporation AS2635 ALLTEL - ALLTEL Corporation AS2637 GEORGIA-TECH - Georgia Institute of Technology AS2638 National Engineering University AS2639 ALLTEL - ALLTEL Corporation AS2640 AMESLAB-AS - Ames Laboratory AS2641 TSRI-AS - The Scripps Research Institute AS2642 LEG-CA-GOV - State of California AS2643 IHEP-SU AS AS2644 SMARTS-AS - System Management ARTS, Inc. AS2645 ASN-CAVENET - The Commnet Project AS2646 CONEXANT - Conexant AS2647 SITA SITA AS2648 NIST-BOULDER - NIST/U.S. Dept. of Commerce AS2649 NAS2-AS - Performance Systems International AS2650 EOP_GATEKEEPER - Executive Office Of The President USA AS2651 CDAGOVN - Government Telecommunications and Informatics Services AS2652 CDAGOVN - Government Telecommunications and Informatics Services AS2653 CDAGOVN - Government Telecommunications and Informatics Services AS2654 CDAGOVN - Government Telecommunications and Informatics Services AS2655 CDAGOVN - Government Telecommunications and Informatics Services AS2656 CDAGOVN - Government Telecommunications and Informatics Services AS2657 CDAGOVN - Government Telecommunications and Informatics Services AS2658 CDAGOVN - Government Telecommunications and Informatics Services AS2659 CDAGOVN - Government Telecommunications and Informatics Services AS2660 CDAGOVN - Government Telecommunications and Informatics Services AS2661 CDAGOVN - Government Telecommunications and Informatics Services AS2662 CDAGOVN - Government Telecommunications and Informatics Services AS2663 CDAGOVN - Government Telecommunications and Informatics Services AS2664 CDAGOVN - Government Telecommunications and Informatics Services AS2665 CDAGOVN - Government Telecommunications and Informatics Services AS2666 CDAGOVN - Government Telecommunications and Informatics Services AS2667 CDAGOVN - Government Telecommunications and Informatics Services AS2668 CDAGOVN - Government Telecommunications and Informatics Services AS2669 CDAGOVN - Government Telecommunications and Informatics Services AS2670 CDAGOVN - Government Telecommunications and Informatics Services AS2671 CDAGOVN - Government Telecommunications and Informatics Services AS2672 CDAGOVN - Government Telecommunications and Informatics Services AS2673 CDAGOVN - Government Telecommunications and Informatics Services AS2674 CDAGOVN - Government Telecommunications and Informatics Services AS2675 CDAGOVN - Government Telecommunications and Informatics Services AS2676 CDAGOVN - Government Telecommunications and Informatics Services AS2677 CDAGOVN - Government Telecommunications and Informatics Services AS2678 CDAGOVN - Government Telecommunications and Informatics Services AS2679 CDAGOVN - Government Telecommunications and Informatics Services AS2680 CDAGOVN - Government Telecommunications and Informatics Services AS2681 CDAGOVN - Government Telecommunications and Informatics Services AS2682 CDAGOVN - Government Telecommunications and Informatics Services AS2683 RADIO-MSU RADIO-MSU AS2684 NET-ASSEMBLY-CA-GOV - California ASSEMBLY AS2685 ASATTCA AT&T Global Network Services - CA AS2686 AT&T Global Network Services - EMEA AS2687 ASATTCA AT&T Global Network Services - AP AS2688 ASATTCA AT&T Global Network Services - LA AS2689 ATGS-MMD-AS - AT&T Global Network Services AS2690 ATGS-MMD-AS - AT&T Global Network Services AS2691 ATGS-MMD-AS - AT&T Global Network Services AS2692 ATGS-MMD-AS - AT&T Global Network Services AS2693 ATGS-MMD-AS - AT&T Global Network Services AS2694 ATGS-MMD-AS - AT&T Global Network Services AS2695 RJRT01-TOB1 - RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company AS2696 IREN-AS - Iowa Research and Education Network AS2697 ERX-ERNET-AS Education and Research Network AS2698 IASTATE-AS - Iowa State University AS2699 BBN-DSI1 - Advanced Info. Technology Services AS2700 CLARIS-CORP - Claris Corporation AS2701 KSU-NET - Kansas State University AS2702 INTERSERVE - Novx Systems, Inc AS2704 HOOKUP-NET-A - HookUp Communication Corporation AS2705 CARENET - Barnes/Jewish Information Systems AS2706 HKSUPER-HK-AP Pacific Internet (Hong Kong) Limited AS2707 ACCERIS-COMM - Acceris Communciation Solutions AS2708 Universidad de Guanajuato AS2709 AOS-AS - Apple Online Services AS2710 AMSINC-NET - American Management Systems, Inc. AS2711 SUNBELT-AS - Rock Hill Telephone Company AS2712 LGC - Landmark Graphics Corporation AS2713 ERX-INTERSPIN-AS AT&T Jens Corporation AS2714 GSA-GOV - General Services Administration AS2715 Fundacao de Amparo a Pesquisa do Estado de Sao Pau AS2716 Fundacao de Amparo a Pesquisa do Estado de Sao Pau AS2717 CUMMINS-AS1 - Cummins Engine Co. Inc. AS2718 APSCN-AR - Arkansas Public School Computer Network AS2721 LVLT-2721 - Level 3 Communications, Inc. AS2739 Facultad de Ingenieria AS2740 CARIBCABLE - Caribbean Cable Communications AS2741 DSMC - Defense Systems Management College AS2742 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS2743 AFIWC01 - AFIWC/SCO AS2744 DECCO-EUROPE - DISA Information Systems Center AS2745 NAPC - DoD Network Information Center AS2746 DDN-WEATHER - Naval Oceanography Centers AS2747 AF-PROTEUS - Air Force Information Warfare Center AS2748 DNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS2749 CNET-AS - Naval Ed & Training Prgm Mgmt Supp AS2750 CIO - DoD Network Information Center AS2751 ATT-PARADYNE - AT&T Paradyne AS2752 THOMSONCA-AS - Thomson Financial Networks AS2753 LARSECOM - Larse Corporation AS2754 EPNG-AS - El Paso Natural Gas Company AS2755 SJHMC_CHW - Saint Joseph's Hospital & Medical Center AS2756 ERX-EYNZ-O Ernst & Young AS2757 MCI-NETA - MCI Telecommunications AS2758 MCI-NETB - MCI Telecommunications AS2759 MCI-NETC - MCI Telecommunications AS2760 MCI-NETD - MCI Telecommunications AS2761 MCI-NETE - MCI Telecommunications AS2764 AAPT AAPT Limited AS2765 CONNECTED - Connected INC AS2766 GlasNet, Computer Network User Association AS2767 ALLST-2767 - Allstream Corp. Corporation Allstream AS2768 SHUFELT - Shufelt Inc. AS2769 NEBRASKA - State of Nebraska, DAS, Division of Communications AS2770 TDHS-WEL-NET - Texas Department of Human Resources AS2771 TRW-HSV - TRW Huntsville Operations AS2772 ERX-HKIGS Hong Kong Internet & Gateway Services Ltd. AS2773 DBP TELEKOM AS2774 DBP TELEKOM AS2775 DBP TELEKOM AS2776 DBP TELEKOM AS2777 DBP TELEKOM AS2778 DBP TELEKOM AS2779 DBP TELEKOM AS2780 DBP TELEKOM AS2781 DBP TELEKOM AS2782 DBP TELEKOM AS2783 DBP TELEKOM AS2784 DBP TELEKOM AS2785 DBP TELEKOM AS2786 DBP TELEKOM AS2787 DBP TELEKOM AS2788 DBP TELEKOM AS2789 DBP TELEKOM AS2790 DBP TELEKOM AS2791 DBP TELEKOM AS2792 DBP TELEKOM AS2793 Rikspolisstyrelsen (RPS) AS2794 Rikspolisstyrelsen (RPS) AS2795 Rikspolisstyrelsen (RPS) AS2796 Rikspolisstyrelsen (RPS) AS2797 Rikspolisstyrelsen (RPS) AS2798 Rikspolisstyrelsen (RPS) AS2799 Rikspolisstyrelsen (RPS) AS2800 Rikspolisstyrelsen (RPS) AS2801 Rikspolisstyrelsen (RPS) AS2802 Rikspolisstyrelsen (RPS) AS2803 Rikspolisstyrelsen (RPS) AS2804 Rikspolisstyrelsen (RPS) AS2805 Rikspolisstyrelsen (RPS) AS2806 Rikspolisstyrelsen (RPS) AS2807 Rikspolisstyrelsen (RPS) AS2808 Rikspolisstyrelsen (RPS) AS2809 Rikspolisstyrelsen (RPS) AS2810 Rikspolisstyrelsen (RPS) AS2811 Rikspolisstyrelsen (RPS) AS2812 Rikspolisstyrelsen (RPS) AS2813 Rikspolisstyrelsen (RPS) AS2814 Rikspolisstyrelsen (RPS) AS2815 Rikspolisstyrelsen (RPS) AS2816 Rikspolisstyrelsen (RPS) AS2817 Rikspolisstyrelsen (RPS) AS2818 BBC BBC Internet Services, UK AS2819 GTSCZ GTS NOVERA (GTS CZ) AS2820 ELVIS-AS Elvis-Telecom, Moscow, Russia AS2821 LKAB Kiruna AS2822 UUNET Belgium/Luxembourg AS2823 ERX-BT-AU-1 Bankers Trust AS2824 DB-NA-1 - Deutsche Bank AS2825 DB-NA-2 - Deutsche Bank AS2826 GTE-PACIFIC - GTE Government Systems Inc. AS2827 KH-AS - Kelsey Hayes Corporation AS2828 XO-AS15 - XO Communications AS2829 I-LINK - I-Link AS2830 MCI-DUAL-HOMED-CUSTOMERS MCI Dual-Homed customers AS2831 LTUNET SUNET-LULEA AS2832 SUNET-UMEA AS2833 SUNET-UMU SUNET-UMU AS2834 UUNET Uppsala University AS2835 SUNET-UU AS2836 BAGNET DSL provider in Kristinehamn AS2837 SUNET-KI SUNET-KI AS2838 SUNT Stockholm University - SU AS2839 SUNET-KTH AS2840 GSIX Gothenburg Student Internet eXchangepoint AS2841 CHALMERS SUNET-CTH AS2842 SUNET-GU AS2843 LIUNET SUNET-LINKOPING AS2844 SUNET-LIU AS2845 SUNET-LUND AS2846 SUNET-LU AS2847 LITNET LITNET, Lithuanian Academic and Research Network AS2848 MSU Moscow State University AS2849 Dublin-MAN AS AS2850 UCD AS AS2851 BROADCOM AS AS2852 CESNET2 CESNET, z.s.p.o. AS2853 Sonera US-transit AS AS2854 ROSPRINT-AS &Equant Russia AS AS2855 BT-GLOBAL-SERVICES temp unassigned AS2856 BT-UK-AS BTnet UK Regional network AS2857 RLP-NET Johannes Gutenberg-Universitaet AS2858 EUnet Test AS AS2859 KTHNOC-LAB KTHNOC Labs AS2860 NOVIS Novis Telecom, S.A. AS2861 Stueberl NetworX AS2862 MOL autonymous system AS2863 Tele2 AB AS2864 Trafalgar House Engineering AS2865 SYSteam Udac AB AS2866 SuperJANET SMDS route servers AS2867 SuperJANET SMDS route servers AS2868 SuperJANET SMDS route servers AS2869 SuperJANET SMDS route servers AS2870 SuperJANET SMDS - BL AS2871 ISION ision GmbH AS2872 ODIN Informations Office AS2873 UTVI-ASN UTV Internet Limited AS2874 EQUANT-NORDICS Equant AS for Nordics region AS2875 JINR/HEPNET AS2876 TRODAT-AS SC TRODAT SRL AS2877 LSC-AS Latvian Shipping Company AS2878 MVC-AS VolgaTelecom Ulyanovsk branch autonomous system AS2879 German-HEP-IP AS2880 NIIT - National Information Infrastructure Testbed AS2881 RHGC-AS - Rensselaer Hartford Graduate Center AS2882 RSNG-PACBELL - Merit Network Inc. AS2883 NAP-AADS - Merit Network Inc. AS2884 NAP-THREE - RA-NAP AS2885 NAP-MAEEAST - Merit Network Inc. AS2886 EPO-TEST-0 - Exchange Point Blocks AS2887 RRM-ASN - Ford Motor Company AS2888 MCI-AREA-1 - MCI AS2889 MCI-AREA-2 - MCI AS2890 MCI-AREA-3 - MCI AS2891 MCI-AREA-4 - MCI AS2892 MCI-AREA-5 - MCI AS2893 CLI-NET - Computational Logic, Inc. AS2894 CALIF-DWR - California Department of Water Resources AS2895 FREE-NET-AS FREEnet AS2897 GEORGIA-1 - State of Georgia (DOAS) AS2898 GEORGIA-1S - State of Georgia (DOAS) AS2899 SPRO-NET - SOLUTION PRO AS2900 WN-AZ-AS - Arizona Tri University Network AS2901 OGT-AS - Oso Grande Technologies, Inc. AS2902 WN-WY-AS - University of Wyoming AS2904 Universidad Autonoma de Cd. Juarez AS2905 TICSA-ASN AS2907 ERX-SINET-AS National Center for Science Information Systems AS2908 CITI1 - Citicorp AS2909 CITI2 - Citicorp AS2910 CITI3 - Citicorp AS2911 CITI4 - Citicorp AS2912 CITI5 - Citicorp AS2913 CITI6 - Citicorp AS2914 NTT-COMMUNICATIONS-2914 - NTT America, Inc. AS2915 ERX-SPIN-NET AT&T Jens Corporation AS2916 CYBER-AS - Creative Cybernetics AS2917 AS2917 France Telecom Transpac AS2918 ERCNET - ERC, Incorporated AS2919 DIRECTV - Designed Information Systems Corporation AS2920 LACOE - Los Angeles County Office of Education AS2921 SAS-SDD Scandinavian Airlines Data Denmark Inc. AS2922 CRSS - CRSS Architects AS2923 AS-TIAA-NET - TIAA-CREF AS2924 EQUIFAX-NS - Equifax, Inc. AS2925 ERX-FIS Freightways Information Services Ltd. AS2926 ERX-DB-2 Dominion Breweries Ltd. AS2927 ZONE-NET1 - ZONE One Network Exchange AS2928 COAT - Burlington Coat Factory Warehouse AS2929 SUN-RM - Sun Company Inc. AS2930 NASCA-AS - Nat'l Academy of Sciences & Engineering AS2931 BIS - Baird Information Systems AS2932 NEDI-GIS - News Electronic Data, Inc. AS2933 REALTIME - Bob Gustwick Associates, Inc. AS2934 TXASHLTH - Texas Department of Health AS2935 CDOLNET-GOV - Connecticut Department of Labor AS2936 NERSC - Lawrence Livermore Laboratory AS2937 NERSC - Lawrence Livermore Laboratory AS2938 SPRINT-MRN - U.S. Sprint AS2939 SCAROLINA-AS - State of South Carolina AS2940 NET-UEN-UTAH - Utah Education Network AS2942 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS2943 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS2944 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS2945 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS2946 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS2947 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS2948 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS2949 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS2950 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS2951 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS2952 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS2953 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS2954 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS2955 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS2956 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS2957 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS2958 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS2959 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS2960 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS2961 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS2962 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS2963 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS2964 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS2965 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS2966 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS2967 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS2968 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS2969 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS2970 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS2971 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS2972 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS2973 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS2974 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS2975 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS2976 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS2977 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS2978 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS2979 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS2980 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS2981 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS2982 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS2983 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS2984 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS2985 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS2986 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS2987 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS2988 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS2989 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS2990 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS2991 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS2992 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS2993 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS2994 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS2995 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS2996 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS2997 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS2998 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS2999 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS3000 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS3001 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS3002 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS3003 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS3004 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS3005 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS3006 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS3007 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS3008 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS3009 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS3010 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS3011 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS3012 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS3013 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS3014 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS3015 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS3016 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS3017 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS3018 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS3019 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS3020 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS3021 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS3022 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS3023 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS3024 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS3025 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS3026 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS3027 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS3028 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS3029 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS3030 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS3031 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS3032 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS3033 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS3034 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS3035 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS3036 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS3037 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS3038 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS3039 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS3040 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS3041 SPRINT-MRN-BLOCK - U.S. Sprint AS3042 LACHMAN-ASN - Lachman Technology, Inc. AS3043 AMPHIB-AS - Amphibian Media Corporation AS3044 SNAP-01 - Sesquinet AS3045 SNAP-02 - Sesquinet AS3046 SNAP-03 - Sesquinet AS3047 SNAP-04 - Sesquinet AS3048 SNAP-05 - Sesquinet AS3049 SNAP-06 - Sesquinet AS3050 SNAP-07 - Sesquinet AS3051 SNAP-08 - Sesquinet AS3052 SNAP-09 - Sesquinet AS3053 SNAP-10 - Sesquinet AS3054 FIRST-FLOOR - First Floor, Inc. AS3055 SHL - SHL Systemhouse, Inc. AS3056 AB-ASN - Allen-Bradley Company, Inc. AS3057 3COM-BGPTEST - 3 Com Corp. AS3058 RAS-AS Russian Academy of Sciences AS3059 IBMCANAS - IBM Canada Network Services Company AS3060 SC-YORKTECH - York Technical College AS3062 CBIS-NET - Cincinnati Bell Information Systems AS3063 TIS-BA-NET - Sparta, Inc. AS3064 AFFINITY-FTL - Affinity Internet, Inc AS3065 NYCENET-AS - NYCENET/Information Resources Unit AS3066 RS-AS - Robert E. Seastrom AS3067 DENINF-IPLAN AS3068 DENINF-IVAN AS3069 DSI-WR-1 - Advanced Info. Technology Services AS3070 DSI-WR-2 - Advanced Info. Technology Services AS3071 DSI-WR-3 - Advanced Info. Technology Services AS3072 DSI-WR-4 - Advanced Info. Technology Services AS3073 CITI7 - Citicorp AS3074 CITI8 - Citicorp AS3075 CITI9 - Citicorp AS3076 CITI10 - Citicorp AS3077 CITI11 - Citicorp AS3078 CITI12 - Citicorp AS3079 CITI13 - Citicorp AS3080 CITI14 - Citicorp AS3081 CITI15 - Citicorp AS3082 ADVANTIS - Advantis AS3083 CREDITSUISSEGROUP-AS Credit Suisse Group AS3084 CREDITSUISSEGROUP-AS Credit Suisse Group AS3085 CREDITSUISSEGROUP-AS Credit Suisse Group AS3086 CREDITSUISSEGROUP-AS Credit Suisse Group AS3087 CREDITSUISSEGROUP-AS Credit Suisse Group AS3088 CREDITSUISSEGROUP-AS Credit Suisse Group AS3089 CREDITSUISSEGROUP-AS Credit Suisse Group AS3090 CREDITSUISSEGROUP-AS Credit Suisse Group AS3091 CREDITSUISSEGROUP-AS Credit Suisse Group AS3092 CREDITSUISSEGROUP-AS Credit Suisse Group AS3093 CREDITSUISSEGROUP-AS Credit Suisse Group AS3094 CREDITSUISSEGROUP-AS Credit Suisse Group AS3095 CREDITSUISSEGROUP-AS Credit Suisse Group AS3096 CREDITSUISSEGROUP-AS Credit Suisse Group AS3097 CREDITSUISSEGROUP-AS Credit Suisse Group AS3098 CREDITSUISSEGROUP-AS Credit Suisse Group AS3099 CREDITSUISSEGROUP-AS Credit Suisse Group AS3100 CREDITSUISSEGROUP-AS Credit Suisse Group AS3101 CREDITSUISSEGROUP-AS Credit Suisse Group AS3102 CREDITSUISSEGROUP-AS Credit Suisse Group AS3103 CREDITSUISSEGROUP-AS Credit Suisse Group AS3104 CREDITSUISSEGROUP-AS Credit Suisse Group AS3105 CREDITSUISSEGROUP-AS Credit Suisse Group AS3106 CREDITSUISSEGROUP-AS Credit Suisse Group AS3107 CREDITSUISSEGROUP-AS Credit Suisse Group AS3108 CREDITSUISSEGROUP-AS Credit Suisse Group AS3109 CREDITSUISSEGROUP-AS Credit Suisse Group AS3110 HOLONET - Information Access Technologies, Inc. AS3111 RESEARCH - Internet Direct, Inc. AS3112 OARNET-AS-1 - OARnet AS3113 DOC-ESA-ASN - U.S. Dept. of Commerce AS3114 DOJ-CRT-ASN - Department of Justice AS3115 DSMNET - Infotex of Iowa AS3116 PPCI - Point to Point Communications, Inc. AS3117 TXMHMR - Texas Dept. of Mental Health & Mental Retardation AS3119 DATAPOINT - Datapoint Corporation AS3120 MAGIC-INTRNL - General Magic, Inc. AS3121 MAGIC-INTRNL - General Magic, Inc. AS3122 MAGIC-INTRNL - General Magic, Inc. AS3123 MAGIC-INTRNL - General Magic, Inc. AS3124 MAGIC-INTRNL - General Magic, Inc. AS3125 MAGIC-INTRNL - General Magic, Inc. AS3126 MAGIC-INTRNL - General Magic, Inc. AS3127 CAPRICA-AS - Caprica Telecomputing Resources AS3128 WISC1-AS - University of Wisconsin, Div. of Info. Tech AS3129 WISC2-AS - University of Wisconsin-Madison AS3130 RGNET-3130 RGnet/PSGnet AS3131 DIALNET - The Dial Corp.- Consumer Products Group AS3132 Red Cientifica Peruana AS3133 HHS-ITSC-ASN - Department of Health and Human Services AS3134 USAID-ASN - U.S. Agency for International Development AS3135 MITC - Maryland Information Technology Center AS3136 STATE-OF-WISCONSIN-AS1 - State of WI Dept. of Administration AS3137 STATE-OF-WISCONSIN-AS2 - State of WI Dept. of Administration AS3138 GSA-DDN - General Services Administration AS3139 ASEE - American Society fro Engineering Education AS3140 TJHSST-AS - The Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Tech. AS3141 Benemerita Universidad Autonoma De Puebla AS3142 DORSAI - The Dorsai Embassy AS3143 VANET - Dept. of Veterans Affairs AS3144 PINNACLE - Pinnacle On-Line AS3145 WESTPUB-AS - West Publishing Corporation AS3146 DMSSC - Scientific Application International Corp. (SAIC) AS3147 FIRSTBANK - FIRSTBANK AS3148 WISC-CS - University of Wisconsin AS3149 SOSI-AS - Spectrum Online Systems Inc AS3150 NTTA-3150 - NTT America, Inc. AS3151 CEDEL-MRS Cedel AS3152 FERMILAB - Fermilab, Data Communications Group AS3153 FEMANET - Federal Emergency Management Agency AS3154 University College London (SuperJANET SMDS) AS3155 Imperial College London (SuperJANET SMDS) AS3156 Cambridge University (SuperJANET SMDS) AS3157 Brunel University (SuperJANET SMDS) AS3158 Sussex University (SuperJANET SMDS) AS3159 Kent University (SuperJANET SMDS) AS3160 Kings College London (SuperJANET SMDS) AS3161 Queen Mary and Westfield College (SuperJANET SMDS) AS3162 Hertfordshire University (SuperJANET SMDS) AS3163 Essex University (SuperJANET SMDS) AS3164 University of East Anglia (SuperJANET SMDS) AS3165 Surrey University (SuperJANET SMDS) AS3166 Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (SuperJANET SMDS) AS3167 Birmingham University (SuperJANET SMDS) AS3168 Warwick University (SuperJANET SMDS) AS3169 Bath University (SuperJANET SMDS) AS3170 Reading University (SuperJANET SMDS) AS3171 Swansea University (SuperJANET SMDS) AS3172 Southampton University (SuperJANET SMDS) AS3173 Cardiff University (SuperJANET SMDS) AS3174 Oxford University (SuperJANET SMDS) AS3175 Exeter University (SuperJANET SMDS) AS3176 Plymouth University (SuperJANET SMDS) AS3177 Leicester University (SuperJANET SMDS) AS3178 Oxford Brookes University (SuperJANET SMDS) AS3179 Cranfield Institute (SuperJANET SMDS) AS3180 Bristol University (SuperJANET SMDS) AS3181 Manchester University (SuperJANET SMDS) AS3182 Leeds University (SuperJANET SMDS) AS3183 Daresbury Laboratory (SuperJANET SMDS) AS3184 Nottingham University (SuperJANET SMDS) AS3185 Lancaster University (SuperJANET SMDS) AS3186 Loughborough University (SuperJANET SMDS) AS3187 Liverpool University (SuperJANET SMDS) AS3188 Manchester Metropolitan University (SuperJANET SMDS) AS3189 Sheffield University (SuperJANET SMDS) AS3190 Sheffield Hallam University (SuperJANET SMDS) AS3191 Durham University (SuperJANET SMDS) AS3192 Staffordshire University (SuperJANET SMDS) AS3193 Bradford University (SuperJANET SMDS) AS3194 Teesside University (SuperJANET SMDS) AS3195 Edinburgh University (SuperJANET SMDS) AS3196 Newcastle University (SuperJANET SMDS) AS3197 Glasgow University (SuperJANET SMDS) AS3198 Heriot-Watt University (SuperJANET SMDS) AS3199 Stirling University (SuperJANET SMDS) AS3200 Aberdeen University (SuperJANET SMDS) AS3201 Dundee University (SuperJANET SMDS) AS3202 St. Andrews University (SuperJANET SMDS) AS3203 Jordanstown (SuperJANET SMDS) AS3204 Ulster - College of Art and Design (SuperJANET SMDS) AS3205 Coleraine (SuperJANET SMDS) AS3206 Magee (SuperJANET SMDS) AS3207 University of London Computer Centre (SuperJANET SMDS) AS3208 ARN Algerian NREN Network AS3209 Arcor IP-Network AS3210 AS3211 Arcor Data-Network AS3212 TRIERA TRIERA AS3213 BOGONS-CORE-ASN Bogons Ltd AS3214 Department of Computing, AS3215 AS3215 France Telecom - Orange AS3216 SOVAM-AS Golden Telecom, Moscow, Russia AS3217 SIMBIRSK AS3218 COSMOS-3218-AS AS-COSMOS root AS3219 HU-GOVNET AS3220 INTERNET-TECHNOLOGY-ADVISORS The AS formally known as EUnet Sweden AS3221 EENet Autonomous System AS3222 CORENETFI Corenet Oy AS3223 Stockholm-GIX AS3224 KTHNOC KTHNOC-SE AS3225 GULFNET-KUWAIT Gulfnet Kuwait AS3226 MARK-ITT-AS Communication Comapany MARK-ITT AS3227 Unassigned AS3228 ASN-NETTUNO Tiscali Business Services - Servizio NETTuno AS3229 Internet Eireann Ltd. AS3230 ASN-ESA ESA-ESRIN AS3231 INFORIS-AS INFORIS Network AS3232 DRA-EXT-AS AS3233 RNC RNC - Romanian Natioanal R&D Network AS3234 Parliament of CR AS3235 KORUS-AS KORUS ISP Ltd. AS AS3236 GEC Plessey Semiconductors AS3237 Johnson Controls International AS3238 ALCOM Alands Datakommunikation Ab AS3239 RU-SURNET Uralsvyazinform, Chelyabinsk branch AS3240 SEKTORNET Sektornet, DK Ministry of Education AS3241 Smith New Court Securities Ltd AS3242 ASN-ITNET # AS-ITNET CONVERTED TO ASN-ITNET FOR RPSL COMPLIANCE ITnet S.p.A. Autonomous System AS3243 TELEPAC PT.Com - Comunicacoes Interactivas, S.A. AS3244 BANKNET BankNet, Budapest HU AS3245 Digital Systems Ltd / EUnet Bulgaria AS3246 TDCSONG TDC Song AS3247 INS INS AS3248 SIL-AT SILVER SERVER GmbH AS3249 ESTPAK Estonian Telephone Company Ltd. AS3250 NETMANAGE AS3251 Centro de Calculo da Faculdade de Ciencias de Lisboa AS3252 UA-TS-AS "Relcom-Ukraine" ISP AS3253 Ural Relcom Ltd. AS3254 LUCKYNET ISP "Lucky.Net" Autonomous system AS3255 UARNET-AS Ukrainian Academic and Research Network AS3256 SFINX (Service of French Internet Exchange) AS3257 TISCALI-BACKBONE Tiscali Intl Network BV AS3258 AS3259 EXPERIAN EXPERIAN AS3260 INTRACOM INTRACOM S.A. AS3261 DIPT-AS Donbass Network AS3262 SARENET SAREnet, Spain AS3263 TELEBIT TietoEnator A/S AS3264 AUBG-AS American University in Bulgaria (AUBG) AS3265 XS4ALL-NL XS4ALL AS3266 Roke Manor Research AS3267 RUNNET-AS RUNNet AS3268 CYNET AS3269 ASN-IBSNAZ TELECOM ITALIA AS3270 HHR AS3271 SAP AG AS3272 FUJITSU-DK AS3273 Xarxa Cinet, S.A. AS3274 CYGATE Cygate Oy AS3275 ASN-CINECA CINECA multi-homed Autonomous System AS3276 MASTER-NET AS3277 RUSNET-AS Regional University and Scientific Network (RUSNet) AS3278 ASSEW SEW-Eurodrive GmbH & Co. AS3279 Algonet AB AS3280 BGS (German Border Police) AS3281 BGS (German Border Police) AS3282 BGS (German Border Police) AS3283 BGS (German Border Police) AS3284 BGS (German Border Police) AS3285 BGS (German Border Police) AS3286 IOL Ireland On-Line AS3287 REDLINE-AS REDLINE AS3288 MOFET-AS MACAM-MOFET Institute, Israel AS3289 AS3290 TVS- Tekniikka AS3291 PSINET-EUROPE PSINet Europe / VIA NET.WORKS international AS AS3292 TDC TDC Data Networks AS3293 ASN-INFOSTREAM # AS-INFOSTREAM CONVERTED TO ASN-INFOSTREAM FOR RPSL COMPLIANCE Infostream Services AS AS3294 ITEREU ITER Garching AS3295 TECH (Technical Department) AS3296 SOCIETE-GENERALE AS for Societe Generale (Tigery) AS3297 MARC/OTA (Market Front office A) AS3298 MARC/BO (Market Back Office) AS3299 INTL (Internation Department) AS3300 BT-INFONET-EUROPE BT-Infonet-Europe AS3301 TELIANET-SWEDEN TeliaNet Sweden AS3302 TIPNET-ITALY Infracom Network Application S.p.A. AS3303 SWISSCOM Swisscom Solutions Ltd AS3304 SCARLET Scarlet Belgium AS3305 SIRIS AS3306 ATT-Unisource Internet Service DE AS3307 BANETELE-NORWAY BaneTele AS (formerly Enitel), Norway AS3308 TELIANET-DENMARK TeliaNet Denmark AS3309 TELIANET-IPV6 TeliaNet IPv6 AS3310 BT-INFONET-EUROPE BT-Infonet-Europe AS3311 ESI AS3312 ELEKTRA-AS Elektra network AS3313 INET-AS I.NET S.p.A. AS3314 KFKI-AS KFKI-AS AS3315 RELARN-SPB AS3316 RELARN RELARN-MSK AS3317 Universiteit van Amsterdam AS3318 Power System of Sverdlovsk Region AS3319 KSNET KSNet AS3320 DTAG Deutsche Telekom AG AS3321 danNet AS3322 THEVOKE-NET THEVOKE NETWORKS AS3323 NTUA National Technical University of Athens AS3324 Fujitsu ICL Espana, S.A. AS3325 KSU Kazan Civil Network AS AS3326 VOSTOK-UA CIT "Vostok" Autonomous system AS3327 LINXTELECOM Linxtelecom Autonomous System AS3328 ASN-NETKONECT NETKONECT COMMUNICATIONS EUROPE AS3329 Hellas Online SA AS3330 PROFINET-AT OEBB Telekom Service GmbH AS3331 AS-EURO-BB AS3332 HANSA-AS Hansabank AS3333 RIPE-NCC-AS RIPE Network Coordination Centre AS3334 VTX-NETWORK VTX Services SA AS3335 NSU-AS Novosibirsk State University AS3336 ELISA-AS Elisa Oyj AS3337 HUNGARNET-IIF Hungarnet-Iif AS3338 HUNGARNET-SZTAKI Hungarnet-Sztaki AS3339 TELEELDA-AS AS For Television Elda, S.A AS3340 DataNet Telecommunication Ltd. AS3341 RV REU-17 AS3343 RUNNET-AS RUNNet REN eXchange AS3344 KEWLIO-DOT-NET Kewlio.net Limited AS3345 VOL-ITALY Telecom Italia Spa AS3346 HUNGARNET-GODOLLO AS3347 CETREL-LU-AS1 CETREL S.C. AS3348 Catalan Foundation for the Research AS3349 PVT, Ltd. AS3350 Particle Physics Department AS3351 IOFFE-PHYSICAL-THECHICAL-INSTITUTE-AS Ioffe Physical-Thechical Institute AS3352 TELEFONICA-DATA-ESPANA Internet Access Network of TDE AS3353 ASN-PHONELINK # AS-PHONELINK CONVERTED TO ASN-PHONELINK FOR RPSL COMPLIANCE Phonelink Ltd AS3354 THENET-AS-3354 - University of Texas System AS3355 LITC - LOCKHEED INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY COMPANY AS3356 LEVEL3 Level 3 Communications AS3357 DJEDU-AS-KR DongJak District office of Education AS3358 UCIA-AS - Central Intelligence Agency AS3359 U-ALBERTA - University of Alberta AS3360 CSC-ASN - Computer Sciences Corporation AS3362 GROUP-NAMES - Data Transfer Group AS3363 HKUST-AS-HK Hong Kong University of Science and Technology AS3364 CSDCO-AS - Computer Systems Design Company AS3365 MCSNET - Macro Computer Solutions, Inc. AS3366 A2I-WEST - a2i communications AS3367 RHS-ROP - West Contra Costa Unified School District (RHS-CC) AS3368 CHARMNET - Charm Net AS3369 MCI-ASN - MCI AS3370 MCI-ASN - MCI AS3371 MCI-ASN - MCI AS3372 MCI-ASN - MCI AS3373 MCI-ASN - MCI AS3374 MCI-ASN - MCI AS3375 MCI-ASN - MCI AS3376 MCI-ASN - MCI AS3377 MCI-ASN - MCI AS3378 MCI-ASN - MCI AS3379 KAISER-NCAL - Kaiser Foundation Health Plan AS3380 PPPL-AS1 - Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory AS3381 MHPCC-AS - Maui High Performance Computing Center AS3382 ERX-JUITA-UINET University of Indonesia AS3383 REDBRICK-HQ - Red Brick Systems AS3385 EUREKANETWORKS-AS-3385 - Eureka Broadband AS3386 USNET-AS - US Net Incorporated AS3387 USIA - US Information Agency/USIA Computer Center AS3388 UNM-AS - University of New Mexico AS3389 FORDSRL-AS - Ford Motor Company AS3390 UMKCNET - University of Missouri - Kansas City AS3391 ERX-ASCII-NET ASCIInet Corporation AS3392 GMTI-ORF - GANNETT MEDIA TECHNOLOGIES INTERNATIONAL AS3394 ELPRESS-AS - Electric Press, Inc. AS3395 ERX-HUMAN-HEALTH Commonwealth Department of Human Services and Health AS3396 EGG - T G & A AS3398 SAND-NET - Sun Users Group Metro San Diego Network Coop AS3399 ITSKR - Keith Alan Rodwell AS3400 POWERDOG - Powerdog Industries AS3401 SEATTLE - City of Seattle, Dept. of Admin. Services AS3402 MAPS-2 - Mail Abuse Prevention System LLC AS3403 TIAC - The Internet Access Co. AS3404 COLORADOCOOP - Colorado Internet Cooperative Association AS3405 QNSNET - Questar Information Systems, Inc. AS3406 UUN - UUN AS3407 INTERPATH-NC - Interpath AS3412 CREDITSUISSEGROUP-AS Credit Suisse Group AS3413 CREDITSUISSEGROUP-AS Credit Suisse Group AS3414 CREDITSUISSEGROUP-AS Credit Suisse Group AS3415 CREDITSUISSEGROUP-AS Credit Suisse Group AS3416 SIPR-NETWORK1 - DoD Network Information Center AS3417 SIPR-NETWORK2 - DoD Network Information Center AS3418 SIPR-NETWORK3 - DoD Network Information Center AS3419 SIPR-NETWORK4 - DoD Network Information Center AS3420 AADS-DETROIT-APPLWI - Ameritech Advanced Data Services, Inc. AS3421 AADS-CHICAGO-CHCGIL - Ameritech Advanced Data Services, Inc. AS3422 AADS-GRAPIDS - Ameritech Advanced Data Services, Inc. AS3423 AADS-LANSING - Ameritech Advanced Data Services, Inc. AS3424 SATURN - Allied-Signal Aerospace Company AS3425 ESNET-AS - Energy Sciences Network AS3426 ESNET-AS - Energy Sciences Network AS3427 ESNET-AS - Energy Sciences Network AS3428 ESNET-AS - Energy Sciences Network AS3429 ESNET-AS - Energy Sciences Network AS3430 ESNET-AS - Energy Sciences Network AS3431 ESNET-AS - Energy Sciences Network AS3432 ESNET-AS - Energy Sciences Network AS3433 ESNET-AS - Energy Sciences Network AS3434 ESNET-AS - Energy Sciences Network AS3435 ESNET-AS - Energy Sciences Network AS3436 ESNET-AS - Energy Sciences Network AS3437 ESNET-AS - Energy Sciences Network AS3438 ESNET-AS - Energy Sciences Network AS3439 ESNET-AS - Energy Sciences Network AS3440 ESNET-AS - Energy Sciences Network AS3441 ESNET-AS - Energy Sciences Network AS3442 ESNET-AS - Energy Sciences Network AS3443 ESNET-AS - Energy Sciences Network AS3444 ESNET-AS - Energy Sciences Network AS3445 ESNET-AS - Energy Sciences Network AS3446 KANSAS - State of Kansas AS3447 CENTEL-CMDS - Sprint/Centel-Florida AS3448 AWS-AS - AT&T Wireless Services AS3449 Universidad de Buenos Aires AS3450 UTK - University of Tennessee, Knoxville AS3451 DTD-AS - Downtown Digital AS3452 UAB-AS - University of Alabama at Birmingham AS3453 COMMNET - Board of Trustees of Community-Technical College AS3454 Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon AS3455 WAUSAU-INS - Wausau Insurance Companies AS3456 TW-CABLE - Time Warner Cable AS3457 PORTAL-COM - Portal Communications Company AS3458 VWNA-AS - Volkswagen of America, Inc. AS3459 FINOWEN-LLC - Wunder Wireless, LLC, DBA FINOWEN AS3460 ERX-HEPCAS-AS Institute of High Energy Physics AS3461 GONZAGA-ASN - Gonzaga College High School AS3462 HINET Data Communication Business Group AS3463 LOGIN-NONAZ - Login, Inc. AS3464 ASC-NET - Alabama Supercomputer Network AS3465 JBHUNT - J. B. Hunt Transport Inc. AS3466 ITSDN-ASN1 - DISA AS3467 ITSDN-ASN2 - DISA AS3468 ITSDN-ASN3 - DISA AS3469 ITSDN-ASN4 - DISA AS3470 DODEA-ODE - DoD Network Information Center AS3471 JCSE01 - Joint Communications Support Element AS3472 JCSE02 - Joint Communications Support Element AS3473 JCSE03 - Joint Communications Support Element AS3474 JCSE04 - Joint Communications Support Element AS3475 LANT-AFLOAT - NCTAMS LANT DET HAMPTON ROADS AS3476 JIEO-ITSI-BB - LOGICON AS3477 NOAA-BOULDER - NOAA-Boulder AS3478 IGC-BACKBONE - State of Indiana AS3479 PEACHNET-AS1 - Kennesaw State College AS3480 PEACHNET-AS2 - Kennesaw State College AS3481 STOFCT-DOIT - State of Connecticut AS3482 MTSTGOV - State of Montana AS3483 RECKITT-MRS - Sprint International AS3484 Instituto Politecnico Nacional Mexico AS3485 FCMCNET - Fuji Capital Markets Corporation AS3486 JMC-AS - JP Morgan Chase & Co AS3487 Lagoven S.A., Telecommunication Engineering AS3488 ERX-SPACENETJP National Space Development Agency of Japan AS3489 UNIFYNET - Unify Corporation AS3490 CDINET - Communications Development, Inc. AS3491 BTN-ASN - Beyond The Network America, Inc. AS3492 ATLANTA - Mese Software / Internet Atlanta AS3493 INTERLINK - Metrix Interlink Inc. AS3494 INS-COM - INTERNATIONAL NETWORK SERVICES AS3495 SENATE-AS - US Senate AS3496 Maraven AS3497 NET-DPA-CA-GOV - California Department of Personnel Administration AS3498 NET-SEN-CA-GOV - California State Senate AS3499 NET-DMV-CA-GOV - State of California Department of Motor Vehicles AS3500 BLACK-STAR - Black Star Publishing Co. Inc. AS3501 ES-USDA - Extension Service, USDA AS3502 INTNET - Intelligence Network Online, Inc. AS3503 SMSNET - Software Maintenance Specialists, Inc. AS3504 MWDSOCA - Metropolitan Water District of Southern California AS3505 CTCIS - CTC Internet Services, Inc. AS3506 FSU-SCRI - Florida State University AS3507 CAPASSOC-AS - Capehart Associates AS3508 TW-COMM - Time Warner Telecom, Inc. AS3509 NET-CALPUC - California Public Utilities Commission AS3510 ERX-RWC-NET Real World Computing Partnership AS3511 INFONET - INFONET AS3512 EUSHC - Emory University Systems of Health Care AS3513 INET-ON-RAMP - Internet On-Ramp, Inc. AS3514 INS-INFOSERVICES - netINS, Inc. AS3515 DSI-WR - Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc. AS3516 DSI-WR - Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc. AS3517 DSI-WR - Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc. AS3518 DSI-WR - Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc. AS3519 DSI-WR - Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc. AS3520 DSI-WR - Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc. AS3521 DSI-WR - Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc. AS3522 DSI-WR - Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc. AS3523 DSI-WR - Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc. AS3524 DSI-WR - Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc. AS3525 ALBERTSONS - Albertson's Inc. AS3526 SCCS1 - South Coast Computing Services, Inc. AS3527 NIH-NET - National Institutes of Health AS3528 ITSDN-S1 - DoD Network Information Center AS3529 ITSDN-S2 - DoD Network Information Center AS3530 ITSDN-S3 - DoD Network Information Center AS3535 ITSDN-S8 - DoD Network Information Center AS3536 ITSDN-S9 - DoD Network Information Center AS3537 ITSDN-S10 - DoD Network Information Center AS3538 ITSDN-U1 - DoD Network Information Center AS3539 ITSDN-U2 - DoD Network Information Center AS3540 ITSDN-U3 - DoD Network Information Center AS3541 ITSDN-U4 - DoD Network Information Center AS3542 ITSDN-U5 - DoD Network Information Center AS3543 ITSDN-U6 - DoD Network Information Center AS3544 ITSDN-U7 - DoD Network Information Center AS3545 ITSDN-U8 - DoD Network Information Center AS3546 ITSDN-U9 - DoD Network Information Center AS3547 ITSDN-U10 - DISA Information Systems Center AS3548 Centro de Investigacion y de EstudiosAvanzados del AS3549 GBLX Global Crossing Ltd. AS3550 ERX-PHILNET Ateneo de Manila University AS3551 Universidad Tecnologica de Panama AS3552 UMI-AS2 - UMI AS3553 COVANET - Commonwealth of Virginia AS3555 GRCI-WAN - GRC International, Inc. AS3556 Intevep S.A. AS3557 ISC-CALIFORNIA Internet Systems Consortium, Inc. AS3558 ERX-MRWA Main Roads Western Australia AS3559 KORNET-AS-KR Korea Telecom AS3560 GDSAS - Technetix, Inc. AS3561 SAVVIS - Savvis AS3562 SNLL-NET-AS - Sandia National Laboratories AS3563 PILOT-ASN - Pilot Network Services, Inc AS3564 PENTELEDATA-1 - PenTeleData Inc. AS3565 GHS-ASN - Greenville Hospital Systems AS3566 JRIVER-LINK - James River Group, Inc. AS3567 AGATE - Agate, Inc. AS3568 WAIS-AS - WAIS, Inc. AS3569 ANDERSEN - Andersen Worldwide S.C. AS3570 FMC-1 - FMC Corporation AS3571 EY-AS - Ernst & Young LLP AS3572 TEXAS-TYC - Texas Youth Commission AS3573 AC-PALO-ALTO - Andersen Consulting AS3574 ICTV-NET - ICTV, Inc. AS3575 SEANET-ASN - Seanet, Inc. AS3578 MV-1 - MV Communications, Inc. AS3579 DATABANK - Databank, Inc. AS3580 ACCESSCOOP - Planet Access Networks AS3581 OBS-NET - Open Business Systems Inc. AS3582 UONET - University of Oregon AS3583 ERX-IPTEK-ASN BPP Teknologi Networks Manager AS3584 PUBNIX2-ASN - PubNIX Montreal AS3585 AS3585 - Tyco Electronics Corporation AS3586 JAMNET - University of the West Indies AS3587 TWA - Trans World Airlines AS3588 EVERGREEN-AS - Evergreen Internet Express AS3589 DIALCORP - The Dial Corp AS3590 C-TEC - COMMONWEALTH TELEPHONE CO. AS3591 EMORY - Emory University AS3592 TRINCOLL-AS - Trinity College AS3593 FRONTIER-EPIX - Frontier Communications of America, Inc. AS3594 RAIN1 - RAIN AS3595 GNAXNET-AS - Global Net Access, LLC AS3596 Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana AS3597 Asociacion Civil Ciencia Hoy AS3598 MICROSOFT-CORP-AS - Microsoft Corp AS3599 BINCNET - Berbee Information Networks Corporation AS3600 SUNNET-AS - Sun Networks, Inc. AS3601 IXA-NET - Interconnected Associates (IXA) Inc. AS3602 AS3602-RTI - Rogers Telecom Inc. AS3603 Universidad de Los Andes AS3604 CPBX - Linder Computer Enterprises AS3605 ERX-KUENTOS-AS Kuentos Communications, Inc. AS3606 CONNCOLL-AS - Connecticut College AS3607 EDS-PLANO-AS - Electronic Data Systems Corp. AS3608 KIX-AS-KR National Computerization Agency AS3609 CYBER-NET - Cyberstore Systems Inc. AS3610 MHV-NET - Computer Solutions by Hawkinson AS3611 PIC - NETCOM Interactive AS3612 DELL-BLK - Dell Computer Corp. AS3613 DELL-BLK - Dell Computer Corp. AS3614 DELL-BLK - Dell Computer Corp. AS3615 DELL-BLK - Dell Computer Corp. AS3616 IP-NET-AS - Internet Presence & Publishing AS3617 MCIASN-BLK - MCI Telecommunications AS3618 MCIASN-BLK - MCI Telecommunications AS3619 MCIASN-BLK - MCI Telecommunications AS3620 MCIASN-BLK - MCI Telecommunications AS3621 MCIASN-BLK - MCI Telecommunications AS3622 MCIASN-BLK - MCI Telecommunications AS3623 MCIASN-BLK - MCI Telecommunications AS3624 BT-IGNITE-EU BT Ignite AS3625 MCIASN-2-BLK - MCI Telecommunications AS3626 MCIASN-2-BLK - MCI Telecommunications AS3627 NRAO-VLBA - National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) AS3628 NYSERNET-BLK - NYSERNet AS3629 NYSERNET-BLK - NYSERNet AS3630 NYSERNET-BLK - NYSERNet AS3631 Ministry of Foreign Affairs AS3632 Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tenologia (CONACYT) AS3633 BC-SYSTEMS - BC Systems Corporation AS3634 SFASU-AS - Stephen F. Austin State Unviversity AS3635 BEA - US Department of Commerce, Bureau of Economic Analysis AS3636 Corpoven S.A. AS3637 ASN-NWNEXUS2 - Northwest Nexus Inc. AS3638 GLOBALI - Shaman Exchange, Inc. AS3639 AS-BIZNET - Mystic Valley Communications AS3640 CICESE AS3641 NETHEAVEN - Pearly Gateway AS3642 GSA-PAN-DDN - GSA Data Communications and Networking Branch AS3643 SL-AUSTRALIA - Sprint AS3644 SPR-VPN - Sprint AS3645 SPR-LOCAL-SIN - Sprint AS3646 SPRINT-LON2-EA - Sprint AS3647 SPRINT-BB2 - Sprint AS3648 SPRINT-BB3 - Sprint AS3649 SPRINT-BB4 - Sprint AS3650 SPRINT-BB5 - Sprint AS3651 SPRINT-BB6 - Sprint AS3652 SPRINT-BB7 - Sprint AS3653 SKYMALL - SKYMALL, INC. AS3654 AMSTD-NET - American Standard AS3655 GE-IPS - General Electric Company AS3656 CITYPHX1 - City of Phoenix AS3657 TSS-NET - TSS Systems Corporation AS3658 LIGHTLINK - Lightning PC AS3659 CLAREMONT - The Claremont Colleges AS3660 CENTEL-OMAN - Sprint/Centel-Florida AS3661 ERX-CUHKNET The Chinese University of Hong Kong AS3662 ERX-HARNET The Chinese University of Hong Kong AS3663 NETNET-NET - NetNet AS3664 JWID-AS - DISA/JIEO/CFE AS3665 JWID-AS - DISA/JIEO/CFE AS3666 JWID-AS - DISA/JIEO/CFE AS3667 JWID-AS - DISA/JIEO/CFE AS3668 GNP-DCN - AT&T Network Systems AS3669 IQUEST - Small Systems Specialists AS3670 OPTIMUM-AS - Optimum Group AS3671 SLAC - Stanford Linear Accelerator Center AS3672 PRIMUS-AS3672 - Primus Telecommunications Canada Inc. AS3673 SYNERGYNET - Synergy Commincations, Inc. AS3674 RCN-AS6 - RCN Corporation AS3675 IS-NET - Internet Services of Atlanta AS3676 UIOWA-AS - University of Iowa AS3677 UIOWA-EXTERNAL - University of Iowa AS3678 GLOBAL-ASN - Global Vision Inc. AS3679 SKYPOINT-NET - Skypoint Communications, Inc. AS3680 NOVELL-AUSTRALIA Novell is connected to ATT&T in Sydney AS3681 FIU - Florida International University AS3682 RACIN - CRACIN AS3683 AMERICAN-NET - American Network AS3684 DDI - Digital Decisions, Inc. AS3685 BUFFALO-ASN - University of Buffalo AS3686 BBSSYS-ASN - Innovative Logic Corp AS3687 GLOBALCOM-1 - Globalcom AS3689 ERX-HKIGS-BLCK Hong Kong Internet & Gateway Services Ltd. AS3690 ERX-HKIGS-BLCK Hong Kong Internet & Gateway Services Ltd. AS3691 ERX-HKIGS-BLCK Hong Kong Internet & Gateway Services Ltd. AS3692 ERX-HKIGS-BLCK Hong Kong Internet & Gateway Services Ltd. AS3693 ERX-HKIGS-BLCK Hong Kong Internet & Gateway Services Ltd. AS3694 NOAA-SUITLAND - NOAA-NIC/NESDIS AS3696 OSD-CPMS - DoD Network Information Center AS3697 FOXMEYER - FoxMeyer Corporation AS3698 RJRNI-INTL1 - Nabisco Foods Group AS3699 SENSE - Sense Networking AS3700 CLOUD9 - Cloud 9 Internet, Inc. AS3701 NERONET - Oregon Joint Graduate Schools of Engineering AS3702 ICSI-NET - Internet Connect Services, Inc. AS3703 EARTHLINK - EARTHLINK, Inc. AS3704 INTERMIND-ASN - Intermind Corporation AS3705 GPO-NET - U.S. Government Printing Office AS3706 DIGEX-AS2 - Digital Express Group, Inc. AS3707 DIGEX3707 - Digex, Incorporated. AS3709 NET-CITY-SA - City of San Antonio AS3710 REALM-AS - Realm Corporation AS3711 ERX-ISIS-NZ-0 ISIS International (NZ) Ltd. AS3712 CHASE-US - Chase Research, Inc. AS3713 ICFKAISER - ICF Kaiser International, Inc. AS3714 KEC-NET - Kentucky Educational Computing Network AS3715 THEBOE-3715 - The Boeing Company AS3716 DATAWAVE - Datawave Network Services AS3717 ERX-BUCT-NET Beijing University of Chemical Technology AS3718 TCD-CONNECT - The Computer Den, Inc. AS3719 CT-JIS - State of Connecticut Judicial Information Systems AS3720 TIMS-AS - The Internet Mainstreet AS3721 ASN-MIKUNI - Mikuni Berkeley R&D Corp. AS3723 ELECPRESS-AS - Electronic Press AS3724 ALASKA-ANET - State of Alaska AS3725 ASN-SONY - Sony Corporation of America AS3726 JCALS-NET - CSC- JCALS AS3727 SHRUBB - Shrubbery Networks AS3728 ONR-ADDR - Onramp Access Inc. AS3729 PEROT-TENETHEALTHCARE - Perot Systems AS3732 CVCORP - Computervision Corp. AS3734 SJEN - Santa Clara County Office of Education AS3735 CONNECTION - Connection Technologies AS3736 RABBITNET - The Rabbit Network, Inc. AS3737 PTD-AS - PenTeleData Inc. AS3738 SSB-ASN - State Street Bank and Trust Company AS3739 SLPO - Smart Link Project Office AS3740 CHICAGO-REN - University of Chicago AS3741 IS AS3742 SEMAPHORE-1 - Semaphore Corporation AS3743 SIERRA-NET - Sierra-Net AS3744 CAN-NET - Consolidated Access & Networks, Inc. AS3745 VOLKSWAGEN Volkswagen AG, Wolfsburg 1 AS3746 IPAC-WORLD - Internet Public Access Corporation AS3747 ERX-WANG-1 Wang NZ Ltd AS3748 ETRI-AS-KR Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute AS3749 TECNET - Tennessee Board Of Regents AS3750 NETPOINT1-NET - Net Point LLC AS3751 SNET-AS - Southern New England Telephone AS3752 ELIZA-NETAXIS - Net Axis AS3753 NSCEE - National Supercomputing Center for Energy and the Environment AS3754 NYSERNET3-AS - NYSERNet AS3755 NYSERNET3-AS - NYSERNet AS3756 NYSERNET3-AS - NYSERNet AS3757 TRAN-AS-KR Korea Telecom AS3758 ERX-SINGNET SingNet AS3759 CALTEX-AS - Caltex AS3760 TX-DEPT-AGR - Texas Department of Agriculture AS3762 INSINET INSTINET GLOBAL SERVICES AS3764 IA-HOU-AS - Internet America, Inc. AS3765 DNDCFNET1 - Department of National Defence/DISEM AS3766 DNDCFNET2 - Department of National Defence/DISEM AS3767 SOSCORP-AS - SOS Corp. AS3768 DIALOG-AS - Dialog Information Services, Inc. AS3769 HEARST-AS - Hearst Magazines, Inc. AS3770 WORLDPATH-AS - WorldPath Internet Services AS3771 SPERRY-AS - Sperry AS3772 CETYS-AS - CETYS - Centro de Ensenanza Tecnica Y Superior AS3773 ERX-TGE-1 TGE AS3774 SECARDNEON - Security Card Systems, Inc. AS3775 ERX-IBMAP-MPN Global Network Solutions, IBM Japan, Ltd. AS3776 ALOHANET - Hawaii Online AS3777 HAVERFORD - Haverford College AS3778 TEMPLE - Temple University AS3779 CRISIS-WORLD - Crisis Computer Corporation AS3780 ASN-ADVANTIS2 - Advantis AS3781 USBM-PGH - US Bureau of Mines AS3782 SWARTHMORE - Swarthmore College AS3783 AIU-GATEWAY - Allegheny Intermediate Unit AS3784 ERX-POSTECHNET Pohang University of Science and Technology AS3786 LGDACOM LG DACOM Corporation AS3787 ERX-MOBILE-1 Telecom Mobile Communications Ltd. AS3788 TEXAS-DOT - Texas Department of Transportation AS3789 VRMC-AS - Virginia Regional Medical Center AS3790 RADIGRAFICA COSTARRICENSE AS3792 CIS2 - CIS Corporation AS3793 TIC - The Internet Connection AS3794 TAMU - Texas A&M University AS3795 BRYNMAWR - Bryn Mawr College AS3796 OUTERNET - OuterNet Connection Strategies, Inc. AS3797 METASYS-VNET - Metasys, Inc. AS3798 LAW-SERVICES - Law School Admission Council, Inc. AS3799 IDS - InteleCom Data Systems, Inc, AS3800 NMC - NYNEX Mobile Communications AS3801 MISNET - Mikrotec Internet Services, Inc. AS3802 LGHS - Luthern General Health System AS3803 RCN-AS1 - RCN Corporation AS3804 WORLDLINX - WorldLinx Telecommunications, Inc. AS3805 ASN-LAMB - Lamb & Company Inc. AS3806 SCOOP - School Cooperative Network (Scoopnet) AS3807 UMTNET-ASN - The University of Montana AS3808 CYBERGATE-AS - Cybergate Information Services AS3809 NWCORP1 - Norwest Services, Inc. AS3810 VWMX-AS - Volkswagen of America, Inc. AS3811 INTAC-AS - INTAC Access Corporation AS3812 LTVIAS - Look Communications Inc. AS3813 SOGANG-AS-KR sogang university AS3814 IMS-INTERCOM - IMS Intercom AS3815 AQUILA - Aquila BBS Inc. AS3816 COLOMBIA TELECOMUNICACIONES S.A. ESP AS3817 FREESIDE-NET - Freeside Communications, Inc. AS3818 STEP2-AS - Step2 Software Inc. AS3820 ACP - American Center for Physics AS3821 ABLECOM - Able Technical Services AS3822 ITSNET - Internet Technology Systems AS3823 CIMTG - CIMtegration Inc AS3825 HANANET-AS-KR Korea Telecom AS3826 REDLION - Red Lion Hotels & Inns AS3827 ELECTRICITI - Electriciti AS3828 CIRRUS - Cirrus Logic Inc. AS3829 METROBBS - Metropolis BBS AS3830 ALERON-3830 - AGIS AS3831 FIBRNET-B1 - Time Warner Telecom, Inc. AS3832 CINE-NET - Cinenet Communications AS3833 WYOMING - wyoming.com AS3834 PERFTECH - Performance Technology, Inc. AS3835 STATIS-AS - DoD Network Information Center AS3836 THAISARN-TH-AS-AP Thai Social/Scientific, Academic and Research Network AS3839 ERX-CHULANET Chulalongkorn University AS3840 ERX-LABTAM Labtam Australia Pty. Ltd. AS3841 BIHS-NET - Brazos Information Highway Services AS3843 INTEXO-MRS Van Ommeren Intexo AS3844 NTTA-3844 - NTT America, Inc. AS3845 STATE-NET - CS&W, Inc. AS3846 NANDO - News & Observer Publishing Company AS3848 WORLDLINX-2 - WorldLinx Telecommunications, Inc. AS3849 NET-HA - DMSSC/OAD AS3850 LTECNET - Lincoln Telecommunications AS3851 SCS-NV - System Computing Services AS3852 MAG-AS - Metropolitan and Global Ltd. AS3853 WHIDBEY - Whidbey Telephone Company AS3854 DNACO-AS - The Dayton Network Access Company AS3855 IBL-LYNX - Internet Bermuda Limited AS3856 PCH-AS - Packet Clearing House AS3857 INC - Internet Connect, Inc. AS3858 NPPDNET - Nebraska Public Power District AS3859 AMEDD-EUR - DoD Network Information Center AS3860 AMEDD-EUR - DoD Network Information Center AS3861 AMEDD-EUR - DoD Network Information Center AS3862 AMEDD-EUR - DoD Network Information Center AS3863 AMEDD-EUR - DoD Network Information Center AS3864 AMEDD-EUR - DoD Network Information Center AS3865 AMEDD-EUR - DoD Network Information Center AS3866 AMEDD-EUR - DoD Network Information Center AS3867 AMEDD-EUR - DoD Network Information Center AS3868 AMEDD-EUR - DoD Network Information Center AS3869 AMEDD-EUR - DoD Network Information Center AS3870 AMEDD-EUR - DoD Network Information Center AS3871 AMEDD-EUR - DoD Network Information Center AS3872 AMEDD-EUR - DoD Network Information Center AS3873 AMEDD-EUR - DoD Network Information Center AS3874 AMEDD-EUR - DoD Network Information Center AS3875 AMEDD-EUR - DoD Network Information Center AS3876 AMEDD-EUR - DoD Network Information Center AS3877 AMEDD-EUR - DoD Network Information Center AS3878 AMEDD-EUR - DoD Network Information Center AS3879 AMEDD-EUR - DoD Network Information Center AS3880 AMEDD-EUR - DoD Network Information Center AS3881 AMEDD-EUR - DoD Network Information Center AS3882 AMEDD-EUR - DoD Network Information Center AS3883 AMEDD-EUR - DoD Network Information Center AS3884 AMEDD-EUR - DoD Network Information Center AS3885 AMEDD-EUR - DoD Network Information Center AS3886 AMEDD-EUR - DoD Network Information Center AS3887 AMEDD-EUR - DoD Network Information Center AS3888 AMEDD-EUR - DoD Network Information Center AS3889 AMEDD-EUR - DoD Network Information Center AS3890 AMEDD-EUR - DoD Network Information Center AS3891 AMEDD-EUR - DoD Network Information Center AS3892 AMEDD-EUR - DoD Network Information Center AS3893 AMEDD-EUR - DoD Network Information Center AS3894 AMEDD-EUR - DoD Network Information Center AS3895 AMEDD-EUR - DoD Network Information Center AS3896 AMEDD-EUR - DoD Network Information Center AS3897 AMEDD-EUR - DoD Network Information Center AS3898 UCSF-HISD - University of Calif. S.F. - Hospital Info Sys AS3899 CHICO-NET - California State University, Chico AS3900 TEXASNET-ASN - Yokubaitis Holding Corporation AS3901 ARRAKIS - Higher Technology Services AS3902 GLAXOSMITHKLINE - GlaxoSmithKline AS3903 NAG-AS - Network Ananlysis Group AS3904 ASTHOUGHTPRT - ThoughtPort inc. AS3905 Consorcio Red Uno, S.A. AS3906 ADS-1-AS - Advanced Data Systems AS3907 CONNECT-1-NET - Connected INC AS3908 QWEST-AS-3908 - Qwest Communications Corporation AS3909 QWEST-AS-3908 - Qwest Communications Corporation AS3910 QWEST-AS-3908 - Qwest Communications Corporation AS3911 MIS-AS - Micron AS3912 NMSU-AS - Checs-net AS3913 UMSM - University of Miami, School of Medicine AS3916 OSIS-PACOM - Joint Intelligence Center Pacific AS3917 SHELL-3917 Shell Information Technology International B.V. AS3918 SHELL-3918 Shell Information Technology International B.V. AS3919 HARBORNET - Harbor Net AS3920 IMS-RTFM - Internet Multicasting Service AS3921 AGNOGE - General Electric Company AS3922 GXS - Global eXchange Services AS3923 FAA-MMAC - Federal Aviation Agency AS3924 TX-OAG - Texas Attorney General AS3925 ICO-SV - ICOnetworks AS3926 FFX-CNTY - Fairfax County Dept of Information Technology AS3927 RGNET-3927 RGnet Ashburn DC2 AS3928 VALLEY-TECH - Valley Tech Corporation AS3929 ERX-FINSYS-NET Financial Systems Limited AS3930 FERC-FED-US - Federal Energy Regulatory Commission AS3931 LOGICAL - Logical Net Corporation AS3932 VOICENET - Voicenet AS3933 OPEN - Oregon Public Education Network AS3934 NTTA-3934 - NTT America, Inc. AS3935 EASTWAUNIV - Eastern Washington University AS3936 NTTA-3936 - NTT America, Inc. AS3937 NTTA-3936 - NTT America, Inc. AS3938 NTTA-3936 - NTT America, Inc. AS3939 NTTA-3936 - NTT America, Inc. AS3940 NTTA-3936 - NTT America, Inc. AS3941 NTTA-3936 - NTT America, Inc. AS3942 NTTA-3936 - NTT America, Inc. AS3943 DMM - David Meyer/University of Oregon AS3944 PARTAN-LAB - Partan & Partan AS3945 NTTA-3945 - NTT America, Inc. AS3946 NTTA-3946 - NTT America, Inc. AS3947 NTTA-3946 - NTT America, Inc. AS3948 ISC-MCAST ISC.org Mcast Network AS3949 NTTA-3946 - NTT America, Inc. AS3950 IXL-AS - Internet Exchange, Ltd. AS3951 QWST - Qwest Communications Corporation AS3952 TELLABS-ASN - TELLABS Operations, Inc. AS3953 PROFILE - Profile International AS3954 DFAS-PC-NET - DoD Network Information Center AS3955 WANG-US-1 Getronics AS3956 TX-METRO - Texas Metronet AS3957 AIP - American Institute of Physics Incorporated AS3958 AIRCANADA - Air Canada AS3959 ONEWORLD - One World Telecommunications, Inc. AS3960 AASAMERITECH - Ameritech Advertising Services AS3961 INDUSTRYNET - Automation News Network AS3963 INTERLINK-2 - Metrix Interlink Inc. AS3964 INTERLINK-3 - Metrix Interlink Inc. AS3965 INTERLINK-4 - Metrix Interlink Inc. AS3966 INTERLINK-5 - Metrix Interlink Inc. AS3968 El Colegio de Mexico A.C. AS3969 ERX-STPHNET Software Technology Park AS3970 RGNET-3970 RGnet-3970 AS3971 NETS-ABQ-VA - Biomedical Research Institute of New Mexico AS3972 AS-SPRINTLINK-NYSERN1 - Sprint, Business Services Group AS3973 AS-SPRINTLINK-NYSERN2 - Sprint, Business Services Group AS3974 REZONET - Rezonet AS3975 AMSC - Automated Medical Systems Consultants Inc. AS3976 ERX-NURI-ASN I.Net Technologies Inc. AS3977 UTELFLA - Sprint/United Telephone-Florida AS3978 UTELFLA - Sprint/United Telephone-Florida AS3979 UTELFLA - Sprint/United Telephone-Florida AS3980 UTELFLA - Sprint/United Telephone-Florida AS3981 UTELFLA - Sprint/United Telephone-Florida AS3982 UTELFLA - Sprint/United Telephone-Florida AS3983 UTELFLA - Sprint/United Telephone-Florida AS3984 UTELFLA - Sprint/United Telephone-Florida AS3985 UTELFLA - Sprint/United Telephone-Florida AS3986 UTELFLA - Sprint/United Telephone-Florida AS3987 UTELFLA - Sprint/United Telephone-Florida AS3988 UTELFLA - Sprint/United Telephone-Florida AS3989 UTELFLA - Sprint/United Telephone-Florida AS3990 UTELFLA - Sprint/United Telephone-Florida AS3991 UTELFLA - Sprint/United Telephone-Florida AS3992 UTELFLA - Sprint/United Telephone-Florida AS3993 KW-NET - Kitchener-Waterloo Municipal Area Network AS3994 INET-CORE-AS - Internetworsks, Inc. AS3995 IWEB - Interweb Corporation AS3996 FIRN - Florida Information Resource Network AS3997 ACM-AS - Association of Computing Machines AS3998 CITY-NET - CityNet, Inc. AS3999 PENN-STATE - The Pennsylvania State University AS4000 GLOBAL-SPLK - Sprint International AS4001 GLOBAL-SPLK - Sprint International AS4002 GLOBAL-SPLK - Sprint International AS4003 GLOBAL-SPLK - Sprint International AS4004 GLOBALONE-EQUANT-UK Equant UK and Greece Autonomous System AS4005 GLOBAL-SPLK - Sprint International AS4006 NETRAIL - NetRail, Inc. AS4007 SUBISU-CABLENET-AS-AP Subisu Cablenet (Pvt) Ltd, Baluwatar, Kathmandu, Nepal AS4008 UNIVERSAL - Universal Internet, Inc AS4009 INET - Internetworsks, Inc. AS4010 CEEIS-ASN1 - DoD Network Information Center AS4011 CEEIS-ASN2 - DoD Network Information Center AS4012 DCM - DCM AS4013 ASN-GAN - Galaxy Access Network AS4014 WIS - B3 Corporation AS4015 QWEST-AS-4015 - Qwest Corporation AS4016 RIS - Regional Information System AS4018 DIA-AS - Defence Intelligence Agency AS4019 IIE-AS - Institute of International Education AS4020 TASDAC - SSG/SIN AS4021 TASDAC - SSG/SIN AS4022 TASDAC - SSG/SIN AS4023 TASDAC - SSG/SIN AS4024 TASDAC - SSG/SIN AS4025 TASDAC - SSG/SIN AS4026 TASDAC - SSG/SIN AS4027 TASDAC - SSG/SIN AS4028 TASDAC - SSG/SIN AS4029 TASDAC - SSG/SIN AS4030 TASDAC - SSG/SIN AS4031 TASDAC - SSG/SIN AS4032 TASDAC - SSG/SIN AS4033 TASDAC - SSG/SIN AS4034 TASDAC - SSG/SIN AS4035 TASDAC - SSG/SIN AS4036 TASDAC - SSG/SIN AS4037 TASDAC - SSG/SIN AS4038 TASDAC - SSG/SIN AS4039 ALBANYNET - AlbanyNet AS4040 KORNET-PS-AS-KR Korea Telecom AS4041 RGNET-SJ0 - The Little Garden AS4042 BSINET2 - Brainstorm Internet, Inc. AS4043 MIC-ASN - Montana Internet Cooperative Association AS4044 AKSI-NET-AS - Acquired Knowledge Systems, Inc. AS4045 AS-WINTERNET - StarNet Communications, Inc. AS4046 FAA - Federal Aviation Administration AS4047 CIRS-AS - Community Information & Referral AS4048 QWEST-AS-4048 - Qwest Communications Corporation AS4049 ERX-OTP-1 Otago Polytechnic AS4050 OMNINET-PRI-AS - Omninet Communications Services AS4051 PACAFINY-GW - U. S. Air Force AS4053 USRX-AS - U.S.Robotics AS4054 EZNET-AS - EZNet, Inc. AS4055 UDEL-1 - University of Delaware AS4056 LASC-USAF - Lockheed Aeronautical Systems Company AS4057 I2020 - Continental VisiNet Broadband AS4058 LINKAGENET-AP CPCNet Hong Kong Ltd. AS4059 WENG-AS - Wagner Engineering AS4060 KORNET-DJ-AS-KR Korea Telecom AS4061 GTTW-NET - Jax Gateway to the World AS4062 SIGNALDATA - Signal Data, Inc. AS4063 ELCSCI-ASN - Electro Scientific Industries AS4064 ALERON-4064 - AGIS AS4065 APPOC - Headquarters, USAAISC AS4066 APPOC - Headquarters, USAAISC AS4067 APPOC - Headquarters, USAAISC AS4068 APPOC - Headquarters, USAAISC AS4069 APPOC - Headquarters, USAAISC AS4070 APPOC - Headquarters, USAAISC AS4071 APPOC - Headquarters, USAAISC AS4072 APPOC - Headquarters, USAAISC AS4073 APPOC - Headquarters, USAAISC AS4074 APPOC - Headquarters, USAAISC AS4075 APPOC - Headquarters, USAAISC AS4076 APPOC - Headquarters, USAAISC AS4077 APPOC - Headquarters, USAAISC AS4078 APPOC - Headquarters, USAAISC AS4079 APPOC - Headquarters, USAAISC AS4080 APPOC - Headquarters, USAAISC AS4081 APPOC - Headquarters, USAAISC AS4082 APPOC - Headquarters, USAAISC AS4083 APPOC - Headquarters, USAAISC AS4084 APPOC - Headquarters, USAAISC AS4085 APPOC - Headquarters, USAAISC AS4086 APPOC - Headquarters, USAAISC AS4087 APPOC - Headquarters, USAAISC AS4088 APPOC - Headquarters, USAAISC AS4089 APPOC - Headquarters, USAAISC AS4090 APPOC - Headquarters, USAAISC AS4091 APPOC - Headquarters, USAAISC AS4092 APPOC - Headquarters, USAAISC AS4093 APPOC - Headquarters, USAAISC AS4094 APPOC - Headquarters, USAAISC AS4095 APPOC - Headquarters, USAAISC AS4096 APPOC - Headquarters, USAAISC AS4097 APPOC - Headquarters, USAAISC AS4098 APPOC - Headquarters, USAAISC AS4099 APPOC - Headquarters, USAAISC AS4100 APPOC - Headquarters, USAAISC AS4101 APPOC - Headquarters, USAAISC AS4102 APPOC - Headquarters, USAAISC AS4103 APPOC - Headquarters, USAAISC AS4104 APPOC - Headquarters, USAAISC AS4105 APPOC - Headquarters, USAAISC AS4106 APPOC - Headquarters, USAAISC AS4107 APPOC - Headquarters, USAAISC AS4108 APPOC - Headquarters, USAAISC AS4109 APPOC - Headquarters, USAAISC AS4110 APPOC - Headquarters, USAAISC AS4111 APPOC - Headquarters, USAAISC AS4112 APPOC - Headquarters, USAAISC AS4113 APPOC - Headquarters, USAAISC AS4114 APPOC - Headquarters, USAAISC AS4115 APPOC - Headquarters, USAAISC AS4116 APPOC - Headquarters, USAAISC AS4117 APPOC - Headquarters, USAAISC AS4118 APPOC - Headquarters, USAAISC AS4119 APPOC - Headquarters, USAAISC AS4120 APPOC - Headquarters, USAAISC AS4121 APPOC - Headquarters, USAAISC AS4122 APPOC - Headquarters, USAAISC AS4123 APPOC - Headquarters, USAAISC AS4124 APPOC - Headquarters, USAAISC AS4125 APPOC - Headquarters, USAAISC AS4126 SPTEL2 - SP Tel AS4127 DUPONT-SCD - DuPont Scientific Computing AS4128 RGNET-4128 RGnet-4128 AS4129 WIRED-NET - Wired Ventures AS4130 UPITT-AS - University of Pittsburgh AS4131 USIS-AS - USIS AS4132 ALERON-4132 - AGIS AS4133 BITWISE - Bitwise Internet Technologies, Inc. AS4134 CHINANET-BACKBONE No.31,Jin-rong Street AS4135 ENVISIONET - ENVISIONET, Inc. AS4136 GLOBIX-AS - Globix Corporation AS4137 DIRECTNET - Burningate, Inc. AS4138 REACH - Reach Networks, Inc. AS4139 INTERSRV - InterServe Communications AS4140 INMIND - In Mind, Inc. AS4141 GRUPO ICA, S.A. DE C.V. AS4142 ERX-GIN-HK Global Information Networks Limited AS4143 UNIBASE - Unibase Telecom Ltd AS4144 INTERGUIDE - InterGuide Communications AS4145 FRITZNET - FRITZNET AS4146 TACH-NET - Tachyon Communications Corporation AS4147 AFLOAT-MED - DoD Network Information Center AS4148 ACTCOM Active Communication Ltd. AS4149 UCCS-II - Jet Propulsion Laboratory AS4150 SUPRANET-WIS - SupraNet Communications, Inc. AS4151 USDA-1 - USDA AS4152 USDA-1 - USDA AS4153 USDA-1 - USDA AS4154 USDA-1 - USDA AS4155 USDA-1 - USDA AS4156 USDA-1 - USDA AS4157 USDA-1 - USDA AS4158 CITYU-AS-HK City University of Hong Kong AS4159 ONEWORLD-AS-1 - One World Productions AS4160 SPECTRA - Internet Direct Marketing AS4161 TIN-1 - DoD Network Information Center AS4162 TIN-1 - DoD Network Information Center AS4163 TIN-1 - DoD Network Information Center AS4164 TIN-1 - DoD Network Information Center AS4165 DISASD - DoD Network Information Center AS4166 APPL-AS-4166 - ClearBlue Technologies AS4167 CONNECTSOFT-COM - Connectsoft Commercial Network Services AS4168 GULFSTAR - Gulfstar Charters, Inc. AS4169 ECHNET - Egleston Children's Hospital AS4170 DIA-HOCNET - DoD Network Information Center AS4171 EUROGRAFIX - Eurografix, Inc. AS4172 WAYNESBURG - Waynesburg College AS4173 WATER - Water Wheel Systems AS4174 AAPT AAPT Limited AS4175 AAPT AAPT Limited AS4176 PGH-NET - Pittsburgh OnLine, Inc. AS4177 WORLTEK - AT73 AS4178 ASN-AZTEC AS4179 CITY-OF-LA - City of Los Angeles AS4180 CHAPUB - Chattanooga Publishing Company AS4181 TDS-AS - TDS TELECOM AS4182 RE-INFOLINK - RE InfoLink AS4183 UUNET-MCIWCOM - UUNET, a Worldcom company AS4184 STORTEK-WHQ - Storage Technology Corporation AS4185 AADS-INDY - Ameritech Advanced Data Services, Inc. AS4186 AADS-SAGINAW - Ameritech Advanced Data Services, Inc. AS4187 INFOBAHN - infobahn AS4188 GILBARCO-AS - Gilbarco, Inc. AS4189 OSSHENET1 - OSSHENET1 AS4190 BINGHAMTON-U - Binghamton University AS4191 STORTEK-NAT - Storage Technology Corporation AS4192 STORTEK-INT - Storage Technology Corporation AS4193 WA-STATE-GOV - Department of Information Services AS4194 SDINTERNET - Computer Dimensions, Inc. AS4195 SHAW - D. E. Shaw & Co. AS4196 NMB-NETS - Norwest Mortgage AS4197 IDC4197 JAPAN TELECOM IDC INC. AS4198 RADIXNET - RadixNet, Inc. AS4200 ALERON-4200 - AGIS AS4201 ORST-AS - Oregon State University AS4202 OTTOGI-AS-KR ottogi.co.kr AS4203 TGF-TIS - Together Foundation AS4204 ALLWARE-AS - Allware AS4206 INMS - Internet Mississippi AS4207 NET-INTRNET - Allied Access Inc. AS4208 THE-ISERV-COMPANY - The Iserv Company, LLC AS4209 Pequiven AS4210 Y - D. E. Shaw & Co. AS4211 ASN-MARICOPA1 - Maricopa County Government AS4212 EMBARQ-ES - Embarq Corporation AS4214 NAPLESCLIN - DoD Network Information Center AS4215 NAPLESCLIN - DoD Network Information Center AS4216 NAPLESCLIN - DoD Network Information Center AS4217 NAPLESCLIN - DoD Network Information Center AS4218 NAPLESCLIN - DoD Network Information Center AS4219 NAPLESCLIN - DoD Network Information Center AS4220 NAPLESCLIN - DoD Network Information Center AS4221 NAPLESCLIN - DoD Network Information Center AS4222 LEN-NET - Lane Education Network (LEN) AS4223 CONNIX - Caravela Software, Inc. AS4224 CALYX-AS - Riot Graphics AS4225 NAV-AS - Navigator Communications AS4226 ASN-PERSIS - International Reliable Access Network AS4227 TCCGI-AS - The Chesapeake Computer Group, Incorporated AS4228 CDFA-CA-GOV - State of California Department of Food & Agriculture AS4229 DIRECT-NET2 - DataTex Computer Corporation AS4230 Embratel AS4231 USLEC-ASN-4231 - USLEC Corp. AS4232 EDEN-AS - Adhesive Media, Inc. AS4233 DWRSCADA - State of Caligornia AS4234 CT-WCC - Workers Compensation Commission AS4235 DGS-2 - 48 Intelligence Squadron/SC, Air Intelligence Agency AS4236 CITIZENS-AS - Citizens Bank AS4237 CSC-IGN-FTW - Computer Sciences Corporation AS4238 TX-TREASNET - Texas Treasury AS4239 ATCW-AS - XO Communications AS4240 NJNET-AS - New Jersey Net, Inc. AS4241 FTB - California State Franchise Tax Board AS4242 Soluciones Avanzadas de Redes AS4243 NC-FUNB-AS - WACHOVIA CORP AS4244 INFOTEC-CONACYT Fideicomiso AS4245 ECHO-AS - Echo Communications Group, Inc. AS4246 NJIT-AS - New Jersey Institute of Technology AS4247 CAPCON-AS - CAPCON Library Network AS4248 CYBERTRIBE - Nexus System AS4249 LILLY-AS - Eli Lilly and Company AS4250 NUKE-NET - NuKE Laboratoire AS4251 ERX-TWICS TWICS Co. Ltd. AS4252 GMS-AS - GMS AS4253 RWJNET - Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital AS4254 PICA-ISAN - DoD Network Information Center AS4255 BAIN - Bain And Company AS4256 INTERGATE-GW - Intergate, Inc. AS4257 CYBERCASH-AS - CyberCash, Inc. AS4258 WOLFENET - Wolfenet AS4259 IOCOM - IOCOM, LTD AS4260 DCCI-AS - DC Communications, Inc. AS4261 BLUEGRASSNET - Intermart Inc. AS4262 CERNET-ASN-BLOCK - California Education and Research Federation Network AS4263 CERNET-ASN-BLOCK - California Education and Research Federation Network AS4264 CERNET-ASN-BLOCK - California Education and Research Federation Network AS4265 CERNET-ASN-BLOCK - California Education and Research Federation Network AS4266 CERNET-ASN-BLOCK - California Education and Research Federation Network AS4267 CERNET-ASN-BLOCK - California Education and Research Federation Network AS4268 CERNET-ASN-BLOCK - California Education and Research Federation Network AS4269 CERNET-ASN-BLOCK - California Education and Research Federation Network AS4270 Red de Interconexion Universitaria AS4271 WORX - Networx AS4272 MDN - Metropolitan Data Networks AS4273 JSC-NET-ASN - Dod Joint Spectrum Center AS4274 ERX-AU-NET Assumption University AS4275 CLIPPER - ACC Data Systems AS4276 INCH - The Internet Channel AS4277 SEMBLER-STPETE - The Sembler Company AS4278 IADFW - Internet America, Inc. AS4279 INTERSOURCE - INTERSOURCE AS4281 SAVVIS - Savvis AS4282 SAVVIS - Savvis AS4283 SAVVIS - Savvis AS4284 SAVVIS - Savvis AS4285 SAVVIS - Savvis AS4286 MCI-WORLD - MCI Telecommunications Inc. AS4287 SAVVIS - Savvis AS4288 SAVVIS - Savvis AS4289 SAVVIS - Savvis AS4290 SAVVIS - Savvis AS4291 SAVVIS - Savvis AS4292 SAVVIS - Savvis AS4293 SAVVIS - Savvis AS4294 SAVVIS - Savvis AS4295 CONCERT-AUSTRALIA Concert Australia - No longer in active use. AS4296 SAVVIS - Savvis AS4297 SAVVIS - Savvis AS4298 SAVVIS - Savvis AS4299 JSC-NET-ASN2 - Dod Joint Spectrum Center AS4300 JSC-NET-ASN2 - Dod Joint Spectrum Center AS4301 JSC-NET-ASN2 - Dod Joint Spectrum Center AS4302 BUPERSLAN - DoD Network Information Center AS4303 DDN-S-AS - DoD Network Information Center AS4304 YPN-NET - YPN, Inc. AS4305 PREMIER - Premier Communications AS4306 NOVIA - Novia Corp AS4307 SVINET-1 - SOUTH VALLEY INTERNET AS4308 TEZCAT-ASN - Tezcatlipoca Inc. AS4309 FRMCO - FMRCO.COM AS4311 WINC - Winfield Communications AS4312 FYI - FYI Networks AS4313 XOXO-AS4313 - XO Communications AS4314 I-55-INTERNET-SERVICES-INC - I-55 INTERNET SERVICES AS4315 STACCS-A - DoD Network Information Center AS4316 DSI-CUST-BLK - Houston Associates, Inc. AS4318 FMI-NET-AS - Freeport-McMoran Inc. AS4319 CORTLAND - Cortland Electronics Corp. AS4320 TASA-GW - Television Audio Support Activity AS4321 INSINC2 - Intergrated Network Services Inc. AS4322 EBTECH - Electrobyte Technologies AS4323 TWTC - Time Warner Telecom, Inc. AS4324 WHC-NET - WhiteHorse Communications, Inc. AS4325 PWCYOKO - DoD Network Information Center AS4326 TNTONLINE - TNT Online, Inc. AS4327 SNA-NET - Sacramento Network Access, Inc. AS4328 STACCS-A1-24 - Third U.S. Army/Army Central Command (ARCENT) AS4329 STACCS-A1-24 - Third U.S. Army/Army Central Command (ARCENT) AS4330 STACCS-A1-24 - Third U.S. Army/Army Central Command (ARCENT) AS4331 STACCS-A1-24 - Third U.S. Army/Army Central Command (ARCENT) AS4332 STACCS-A1-24 - Third U.S. Army/Army Central Command (ARCENT) AS4333 STACCS-A1-24 - Third U.S. Army/Army Central Command (ARCENT) AS4334 STACCS-A1-24 - Third U.S. Army/Army Central Command (ARCENT) AS4335 STACCS-A1-24 - Third U.S. Army/Army Central Command (ARCENT) AS4336 STACCS-A1-24 - Third U.S. Army/Army Central Command (ARCENT) AS4337 STACCS-A1-24 - Third U.S. Army/Army Central Command (ARCENT) AS4338 STACCS-A1-24 - Third U.S. Army/Army Central Command (ARCENT) AS4339 STACCS-A1-24 - Third U.S. Army/Army Central Command (ARCENT) AS4340 STACCS-A1-24 - Third U.S. Army/Army Central Command (ARCENT) AS4341 STACCS-A1-24 - Third U.S. Army/Army Central Command (ARCENT) AS4342 STACCS-A1-24 - Third U.S. Army/Army Central Command (ARCENT) AS4343 STACCS-A1-24 - Third U.S. Army/Army Central Command (ARCENT) AS4344 STACCS-A1-24 - Third U.S. Army/Army Central Command (ARCENT) AS4345 STACCS-A1-24 - Third U.S. Army/Army Central Command (ARCENT) AS4346 STACCS-A1-24 - Third U.S. Army/Army Central Command (ARCENT) AS4347 STACCS-A1-24 - Third U.S. Army/Army Central Command (ARCENT) AS4348 STACCS-A1-24 - Third U.S. Army/Army Central Command (ARCENT) AS4349 STACCS-A1-24 - Third U.S. Army/Army Central Command (ARCENT) AS4350 STACCS-A1-24 - Third U.S. Army/Army Central Command (ARCENT) AS4351 STACCS-A1-24 - Third U.S. Army/Army Central Command (ARCENT) AS4352 EMRNET-AS-HK-AP Emerson (NYSE:EMR) is a global company AS4353 WNET-AS - WorldNet Inc. AS4355 ERMS-EARTHLNK - EARTHLINK, INC. AS4356 RICOCHET-4356 - Ricochet Networks, Inc. AS4357 PHASE4-RO - Phase IV Systems, Inc. AS4358 XNET - XNet Information Systems, Inc. AS4359 DIGIPRESS-AS - Graphics Express AS4360 AGNES-SCOTT - Agnes Scott College AS4361 PCIX-AS - Internet Online Services AS4362 DIGITOPIA-AS - Mediapolis, Inc. AS4363 ALPHA-BETA - World Ramp Inc. AS4364 IGLOU - IgLou Internet Services AS4365 DIGITAL-CAFE-ASN - Digital Cafe AS4366 GE-AMC - General Electric - Corp. Info. Mgmt. AS4367 SECSTATE-CA-GOV - California Secretary of State AS4368 CRCNET - Coleman Research Corporation AS4369 IQUEST-ASN - InterQuest Inc. AS4370 TELERES-NET - Datalytics, Inc AS4371 FEMA-GOV - State of California Office of Emergency Services AS4372 NET-LM - Luce McQuillin Corporation AS4373 OCLC-AS - Online Computer Library Center AS4374 NEEDHIGHSPEED - Need High Speed, Inc. AS4375 KEY - KeyNet AS4376 DSW-INET - Dahlin Smith White, Inc. AS4377 SSSI-NETS - System Software Support, Inc. AS4378 HOSTINGCOM - Hosting.com, Inc. AS4379 SIPRNCC - DoD Network Information Center AS4380 USACAA-NET1 - DoD Network Information Center AS4381 ERX-CONNECT-COM2 connect.com.au pty ltd AS4382 INDONUSA-ID PT. Indonusa System Integrator Prima AS4383 NAIC - DoD Network Information Center AS4384 MULTI-NET - Husky Labs, Inc. AS4385 RIT-ASN - Rochester Institute of Technology AS4386 OSPASN - Oregon State Police AS4387 Secretaria de Ciencia y Tecnologia - Red Cientific AS4388 ALERON-4388 - AGIS AS4389 DATASERVE-AS - DataServe LTD AS4390 BELLATLANTIC-COM - Bell Atlantic, Inc. AS4391 BRI-NET - B R I AS4392 CROWN-NET - Crown Engineering Inc. AS4393 PATHFINDER - Time Inc. AS4394 DSI-CUST-BLK2 - Houston Associates, Inc. AS4395 DSI-CUST-BLK2 - Houston Associates, Inc. AS4396 DSI-CUST-BLK2 - Houston Associates, Inc. AS4397 DSI-CUST-BLK2 - Houston Associates, Inc. AS4398 DSI-CUST-BLK2 - Houston Associates, Inc. AS4399 DSI-CUST-BLK2 - Houston Associates, Inc. AS4400 DSI-CUST-BLK2 - Houston Associates, Inc. AS4401 DSI-CUST-BLK2 - Houston Associates, Inc. AS4402 DSI-CUST-BLK2 - Houston Associates, Inc. AS4403 DSI-CUST-BLK2 - Houston Associates, Inc. AS4404 DSI-CUST-BLK2 - Houston Associates, Inc. AS4405 CREDITSUISSEGROUP-AS Credit Suisse Group AS4406 CREDITSUISSEGROUP-AS Credit Suisse Group AS4407 CREDITSUISSEGROUP-AS Credit Suisse Group AS4408 CREDITSUISSEGROUP-AS Credit Suisse Group AS4409 CREDITSUISSEGROUP-AS Credit Suisse Group AS4410 CREDITSUISSEGROUP-AS Credit Suisse Group AS4411 CREDITSUISSEGROUP-AS Credit Suisse Group AS4412 CREDITSUISSEGROUP-AS Credit Suisse Group AS4413 CREDITSUISSEGROUP-AS Credit Suisse Group AS4414 CREDITSUISSEGROUP-AS Credit Suisse Group AS4415 CREDITSUISSEGROUP-AS Credit Suisse Group AS4416 CREDITSUISSEGROUP-AS Credit Suisse Group AS4417 CREDITSUISSEGROUP-AS Credit Suisse Group AS4418 CREDITSUISSEGROUP-AS Credit Suisse Group AS4419 CREDITSUISSEGROUP-AS Credit Suisse Group AS4420 CREDITSUISSEGROUP-AS Credit Suisse Group AS4421 CREDITSUISSEGROUP-AS Credit Suisse Group AS4422 CREDITSUISSEGROUP-AS Credit Suisse Group AS4423 CREDITSUISSEGROUP-AS Credit Suisse Group AS4424 CREDITSUISSEGROUP-AS Credit Suisse Group AS4425 CREDITSUISSEGROUP-AS Credit Suisse Group AS4426 CREDITSUISSEGROUP-AS Credit Suisse Group AS4427 CREDITSUISSEGROUP-AS Credit Suisse Group AS4428 CREDITSUISSEGROUP-AS Credit Suisse Group AS4429 CREDITSUISSEGROUP-AS Credit Suisse Group AS4430 CREDITSUISSEGROUP-AS Credit Suisse Group AS4431 ERX-LINGNAN Lingnan College AS4432 CSTONE-NET - Cornerstone Communications, Inc. AS4433 ERX-ACCESS-ONE UUNET AS4434 ERX-RADNET1-AS PT Rahajasa Media Internet AS4435 INCH-AS-1 - The Internet Channel AS4436 AS-NLAYER - nLayer Communications, Inc. AS4437 WEBB - Webb Systems AS4438 NEPTUNE - Neptune Travel Industry Network AS4439 IMEFDJOSS - Commanding General AS4440 IIIMEFDJOSS - Commanding General AS4441 MARFORPACDJOSS - Marine Forces Pacific AS4442 TRACWS - DoD Network Information Center AS4444 CISNET-AS - CISNet Inc. AS4445 CWI-AS - Cable & Wireless Americas Operations, Inc. AS4446 INFINET-ASN - Infinet Technologies and Services AS4447 HOOKED-AS - Hooked Communications LLC AS4448 OPEN-ACCESS-AS - Open Access Inc. AS4449 ASN-GALSTAR - Galaxy Star Systems AS4450 WEBNET - Web Net Communications, Inc. AS4452 AMERICA - Access America AS4453 TDS-TELECOM - TDS TELECOM AS4454 TNET-AS - OIR Telecommunications, State of Tennessee AS4455 RICOCHET-4455 - Ricochet Networks, Inc. AS4456 GSNET-NETS - Gulf South Internet Services, Inc. AS4457 NESTE-NET NESTE Corporation AS4458 CCNET CarelComp Oy AS4459 KDDIA-NET - Telecomet, Inc. AS4460 RVCC - Raritan Valley Community College AS4461 OPUSTEL-AS - Blitz Product Development Corporation AS4462 NDLINK - Network Data Link AS4463 ONET3-DOM - ONET, Inc. AS4464 TWNAO-AS - DPRO Honeywell/Alliant Tech Systems AS4465 EASYLINK1 - AT&T WorldNet Services AS4466 EASYLINK2 - AT&T WorldNet Services AS4467 EASYLINK3 - AT&T WorldNet Services AS4468 EASYLINK4 - AT&T WorldNet Services AS4469 SPHERENET-AS - Matrox Electronic System Ltee AS4470 ASN-CITENET - Citenet Telecom Inc. AS4471 MICAE91-AS - Michigan Internet Cooperative Association AS4472 IONET ioNET, Inc. AS4473 AADS-MI-UP - Ameritech Advanced Data Services, Inc. AS4477 BBDATA - B&B Data Link AS4478 PNET-STL - P-Net, Inc. AS4479 JTM - JTM Multimedia AS4480 EMTF-RMAIN - DoD Network Information Center AS4481 EMTF-SEM - DoD Network Information Center AS4482 EMTF-GEIL - DoD Network Information Center AS4483 EMTF-SPANG - DoD Network Information Center AS4484 EMTF-BIT - DoD Network Information Center AS4485 EMTF-RAMDEN - DoD Network Information Center AS4486 EMTF-RAM - DoD Network Information Center AS4487 EMTF-UPW - DoD Network Information Center AS4488 EMTF-CRO - DoD Network Information Center AS4489 EMTF-MOL - DoD Network Information Center AS4490 EMTF-LAK - DoD Network Information Center AS4491 MULTIPRO - MultiNet, LLP AS4492 COMMSPEED1 - CommSpeed Arizona, LLC AS4493 Universidad de Sonora AS4494 INTERBYTES - Megabytes.inc. AS4495 TERRAPORT - TerraPort Online Inc. AS4496 UUCOM-AS - UUcom, Inc. AS4497 UPSTEL-NET - Upsala Coop Telephone AS4498 GLOBALONE - Internet Services of New Hampshire AS4499 WEBNET-ASN - Web Net Communications, Inc. AS4500 NET-TIVOLI - Tivoli Systems, Inc AS4501 MICAE91-MICA - The Michigan Internet Cooperative Association. AS4502 CINCOM-MRS - Cincom Systems UK Ltd. AS4503 EGINTERLINK - Grady Health System AS4504 GSASNETXGW - General Services Administration AS4506 SEW-AS - SEW, Inc. AS4507 ASN-SUDRCSS-NET - Sudbury District R.C.S.S. Board AS4509 MAGMA-AS4509-AS4510 - Magma Communications Ltd. AS4510 MAGMA-AS4509-AS4510 - Magma Communications Ltd. AS4511 MIAMI-EDU - University of Miami AS4512 PCWNET - PCW Micro System AS4513 Globix Corporation AS4515 ERX-STAR Star Internet Services Ltd. AS4516 TRENDLINE - Trendline AS4517 VOLANT - Volant AS4518 TELECOM - Comptrodex, Inc. AS4519 MAAS - Maas Communications AS4520 AQUA - Aquidneck Web, Inc. AS4521 MIRACLE - Miracle Net Communication AS4522 COMPUCALL - CompuCall Internet Services AS4523 GXS - Global eXchange Services AS4524 TRU-MRS Toys R Us AS4525 POPPE - 707 California Street AS4526 ARMY-FMO - Dod Joint Spectrum Center AS4527 RCN-AS-1 - RCN Corporation AS4528 HKU-AS-AP The University of Hong Kong AS4529 RIS-NET - Regional Information System AS4530 RCN-AS5 - RCN Corporation AS4531 MEDWEB - Nexsys Electronics, Inc. AS4532 WARWICK - WVT Communications AS4533 GLOBESAT - Globesat Corp AS4534 IXA-ASN - Interconnected Associates (IXA) Inc. AS4535 Inter Network Solutions AS4536 PEARLY-GATE - DoD Network Information Center AS4537 BAILEYS-GWS1 - DoD Network Information Center AS4538 ERX-CERNET-BKB China Education and Research Network Center AS4541 IWORK - Internet at Work AS4542 RRNET-AS - Red River Net, Inc. AS4543 TIMESNET - The New York Times AS4544 CONXION-A - ConXioN Corporation AS4545 SONNET-ASN - Sonora ONline AS4546 MCGRAW-AS - McGraw-Hill AS4547 BLS-AS - Bureau of Labor Statistics AS4548 AG - Access Global Information Services AS4549 ESPN-AS - ESPN AS4550 COGENT-ADOT-1 - Cogent Communications AS4551 EP0-BLK-ASNBLOCK - Exchange Point Blocks AS4552 EP0-BLK-ASNBLOCK-2 - Exchange Point Blocks AS4553 NAP-MAEWEST - Merit Network Inc. AS4554 EP0-BLK-ASNBLOCK-4 - Exchange Point Blocks AS4555 EP0-BLK-ASNBLOCK-5 - Exchange Point Blocks AS4556 EP0-BLK-ASNBLOCK-6 - Exchange Point Blocks AS4557 EP0-BLK-ASNBLOCK-7 - Exchange Point Blocks AS4558 EP0-BLK-ASNBLOCK-8 - Exchange Point Blocks AS4559 EP0-BLK-ASNBLOCK-9 - Exchange Point Blocks AS4560 EP0-BLK-ASNBLOCK-10 - Exchange Point Blocks AS4561 EP0-BLK-ASNBLOCK-11 - Exchange Point Blocks AS4562 INTEX - Intex-Net AS4564 NIPRNET - DoD Network Information Center AS4565 EPOCH-INTERNET - Epoch Networks AS4566 3COMMW - 3Com Corporation AS4567 DEC-ENET - Digital Equipment Corporation AS4568 WALLACE-NET - Wallace Computer Services, Inc. AS4569 ASHTON-NET1 - Ashton Communications Corporation AS4570 IH2000 - IH2000 AS4571 UUNET-SA AS4572 JAXINTER - Jacksonville Internet Service AS4573 SEQUEL2 - Sequel Concepts AS4574 NETDOOR - Internet Doorway, Inc. AS4575 CYBERHOUSE - CyberHouse Corp. AS4578 NETCENTER - Network Center Inc. AS4580 CORSAIR - Net Daemons Associates, Inc. AS4581 SOCKET - SOCKET Internet Services AS4582 REALLINK - RealLink, Inc. AS4583 WESTPUB-A - West Publishing Corporation AS4584 PTI-NET - PagePath Technologies, Inc. AS4585 NAVISOFT - Navisoft Inc. AS4586 TX-TNRIS - Texas Natural Resources Information System AS4587 ONEWORLD2 - One World Internetworking, Inc AS4588 FINNPAP-MRS FinnPap AS4589 EASYNET Easynet Group Plc AS4590 MARCAM-GW - CONSULTIX AS4591 SYRANET-GW - Consultix Computer Services AS4592 OPENMARKET-NET - Open Market, Inc AS4593 RELIANCE - Reliance Electric Co. AS4594 ERX-INOAC-HK Inoac Software Limited AS4595 ICNET - ICNet/Innovative Concepts AS4596 MONGTOMERY - NationsBanc Montgomery Securities AS4597 MILLIPORE - Millipore Corp. AS4598 HRB - HRB Systems AS4599 MINNNET-NET - MinnNet Coummunications, Inc. AS4600 UO-TRANSIT - Univeristy of Oregon AS4601 PAGESAT - Network Wizards AS4602 NAVO - DoD Network Information Center AS4603 QUANTA - Quanta Computer Inc. AS4604 HOUSTON-ISD - Houston Independent School District AS4605 ERX-HKBUNET Hong Kong Baptist University AS4606 HCI - Harbour Communications AS4607 NORAD-SPACE - DoD Network Information Center AS4608 APNIC-AP Asia Pacific Network Information Center, Pty. Ltd. AS4609 CTM-MO Companhia de Telecomunicacoes de Macau SARL AS4610 WHG-ORCON-NZ-AP Orcon Internet, Whangarei AS4611 CICNET-AS4611 China Internet Corporation AS4612 INFOLINK-HK Infolink Communications AS4613 MOS-NP Mercantile Office Systems AS4614 ASIAONLINE-HK-AS Asia Online (Hong Kong) AS Number AS4615 DIGICOM-PK Digicom Pakistan Private Limited AS4616 PRISTINE-COMM Pristine Communications Limited Information Technology Services AS4617 UNSPECIFIED BRUNET-BN AS4618 INET-TH-AS Internet Thailand Company Limited AS4619 UNSPECIFIED Spider Net (HK) Ltd. AS4620 UNSPECIFIED HongKongLink Communications Limited AS4621 UNSPECIFIED UNINET-TH AS4622 ID-NIC Indonesia Network Information Center AS4623 CHEVALIER-AS01 Chevalier (Internet) Limited autonomous system #1 AS4624 UNSPECIFIED InterServe Communication (H.K.) Ltd. AS4625 UNSPECIFIED Hong Kong AS4626 UNSPECIFIED TELECOMMUNICATION EQUIPMENT & COMMUNICATION SERVICES AS4627 UNSPECIFIED ABC NET Ltd AS4628 ASN-PACIFIC-INTERNET-IX Pacific Internet Ltd AS4629 ASN-PACIFIC-INTERNET-IX2 Pacific Internet Ltd AS4630 UNSPECIFIED Internet Access HK Ltd. AS4631 UTCNET-AP United Techinologies Corp. AS4632 TMNS-AS Telstra Managed Network Services AS4633 UN-NET-HK UniNet International Ltd AS4634 PLANET-AU FlowCom Ltd, Service Provider, Australia AS4635 HKIX-RS1 Hong Kong Internet Exchange--Route Server 1 AS4636 GCNNET-ASN1 Global Communication Network Corp. AS4637 REACH Reach Network Border AS AS4638 IS-FJ-AS Fiji Post and Telecommunications Ltd AS4639 PLANET-HK-AS Planet Internet Limited - HK AS4640 ASN-TIC-HK # AS-TIC-HK CONVERTED TO ASN-TIC-HK FOR RPSL COMPLIANCE The Internetworking Corporation AS4641 ASN-CUHKNET # AS-CUHKNET CONVERTED TO ASN-CUHKNET FOR RPSL COMPLIANCE The Chinese University of Hong Kong AS4642 CXAIR-AS Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd. AS4643 TXU-AS-AP Optus Customer Network AS4644 UNSPECIFIED Concentric Network Corporation / Hong Kong AS4645 ASN-HKNET-AP HKNet Co. Ltd AS4646 INFOLINK-HK-AS INFOLINK-HK AS Number AS4647 IOHK-COM-AS Internet Online HK Limited AS4648 NZIX-2 Netgate AS4649 INTERNET-CONNECTIONS-AS-AP CitiWell Technology, 1225 AS4650 SPEEDNET-AS-AP Speednet Communications (Hong Kong) Ltd. AS4651 THAI-GATEWAY The Communications Authority of Thailand(CAT) AS4652 THAI-EXCHANGE The Communications Authority of Thailand(CAT) AS4653 UNDP-AS-TH United Nation Development Programme (UNDP) AS4654 TECHNOWORKS-AS TECHNOWORKS AUSTRALIA AS4655 UNSPECIFIED Sing Tao Electronic Daily AS4656 TIGLION-HK Tiglion Consultancy Company Limited AS4657 STARHUBINTERNET-AS Starhub Internet, Singapore AS4658 NETFRONT-AS Netfront Information Technology Limited, AS4659 CHINA169-CN CNCGROUP old Jitong IP network AS4660 UNSPECIFIED Hansol Telecom Inc. AS4662 QTCN-ASN1 GCNet (Reach & Range Inc.) AS4663 ELIMNET-AS ELIMNET, INC AS4664 HIT-KR-AP Shinbiro AS4665 YONSEI-AS-KR Yonsei University AS4666 HANCOMNET-AS-KR HANSOFT AS4667 GNS-NZ-AS-AP GNS Science New Zealand AS4668 LGNET-AS-KR LG CNS AS4669 NOWCOM-AS-KR Nowcom AS4670 HYUNDAI-KR Shinbiro AS4671 GCC-KR Government Computer Center (GCC) AS4672 AS4673 AS4674 AS4675 AS4676 AS4677 AS4678 AS4679 AS4680 AS4681 AS4682 AS4683 AS4684 AS4685 AS4686 AS4687 AS4688 AS4689 AS4690 AS4691 AS4692 AS4693 AS4694 AS4695 AS4696 AS4697 AS4698 AS4699 AS4700 AS4701 AS4702 AS4703 AS4704 AS4705 AS4706 AS4707 AS4708 AS4709 AS4710 AS4711 AS4712 AS4713 AS4714 AS4715 AS4716 AS4717 AS4718 AS4719 AS4720 AS4721 AS4722 AS4723 AS4724 AS4725 AS4726 AS4727 AS4728 AS4729 AS4730 AS4731 AS4732 AS4733 AS4734 AS4735 AS4736 MAGNADATA-AU Magnadata Australia Pty Ltd AS4737 UNSPECIFIED IAP Group Pty Ltd AS4738 AARNET-TEST-AS-AP AARNET Test AS4739 CIX-ADELAIDE-AS Internode Systems Pty Ltd AS4740 OZEMAIL-AS OzEmail ISP AS4741 SAMART-BOARDER-AS Samart Corporation Co., Ltd. AS4742 ATT-ELSAU-AS AT&T EasyLink Services Australia AS4743 STANDARD-INSURANCE-AS Standard Insurance Inc. AS4744 ASN-HTAL Hutchison Telecoms (Aust) Ltd AS4745 GMARKET-AS-KR GMARKET AS4746 PRISTINE-COMM Pristine Communications Limited AS4747 UNSPECIFIED Taiwan Telecommunication Network Services Co. Ltd. AS4748 RESOLINK-AS-AP Resources Link Network Limited AS4749 CARGOWISE-EDI-SYD CargowWise EDI AS4750 CSLOXINFO-ISP-AS-AP CSLOXINFO Public Company Limited. AS4751 NBIP-AS-AP TongLian(Ningbo)Info-Port Co.,Ltd AS4752 UNSPECIFIED Geko Pty Limited AS4753 LGDACOM4753 LG DACOM Corporation AS4755 VSNL-AS Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd. Autonomous System AS4756 HANACATV-AS-KR HANACATV Broadcast Ltd AS4757 UPRESTO-AS-KR EASY Research Institute AS4758 NICNET-VSNL-BOARDER-AP National Informatics Centre AS4759 EVOSERVE-AS-AP EvoServe is a content and online access Internet provider company AS4760 HKTIMS-AP PCCW Limited AS4761 INDOSAT-INP-AP INDOSAT Internet Network Provider AS4762 MAHIDOL-BORDER-AS Mahidol University, Thailand AS4763 TELSTRANZ-AS TelstraClear Ltd AS4764 WIDEBAND-AS-AU Wideband Networks Pty Ltd, Transit AS AS4765 WORLDNET-AS World Net & Services Co., Ltd. AS4766 KIXS-AS-KR Korea Telecom AS4767 AIT-CS-ASN Computer Science AS4768 CLIX-NZ TelstraClear Ltd AS4769 WEBVISIONS-MY-AS-AP Webvisions Network Services Sdn Bhd AS4770 ASIAONLINENZ-AS-AP Asia Online New Zealand AS4771 NZTELECOM Netgate AS4772 SINGNET-MSN-AS SingNet Business Dept AS4773 MOBILEONELTD-AS-AP MobileOne Ltd. Mobile/Cellular Service Provider Singapore AS4774 ABONE-AS A-Bone by Internet Initiative Japan Inc. AS4775 GLOBE-TELECOM-AS Telecom Carrier / ISP Plus + AS4776 ANET-TH-AP A-Net Co., Ltd. AS4777 APNIC-NSPIXP2-AS Asia Pacific Network Information Centre AS4778 BORAL-LIMITED-AP Optus Customer Network AS4779 ROUTEVIEWER-AS-PH Philippine Internet Route-Viewer AS4780 SEEDNET Digital United Inc. AS4781 PAGICNET-AS1 PAGIC.net , INC. AS4782 GSNET Data Communication Business Group AS4783 SYSNET-AS1 SYSTEX CORPORATION AS4784 KORAT-TH-AP Nakornratchasima Internet Co.,Ltd. AS4785 NETSOFT-AS An Internet and Network Service Provider AS4786 NETCONNECT-AS Chariot Ltd AS4787 ASN-CBN ASN CBNnet AS4788 TMNET-AS-AP TM Net, Internet Service Provider AS4789 CERNAP1-CN NAP1 at CERNET AS4790 CHOSUN-AS-KR DIGITAL CHOSUN AS4791 JOONGANGLIBO-AS-KR JoongAng Ilbo AS4792 NETSGO-AS-KR SK Communications Corp. AS4793 SCH-AS-KR Soonchunhyang Uni AS4794 OV-NSW-QLD-AP Optus Vision AS4795 INDOSAT2-ID INDOSATM2 ASN AS4796 BANDUNG-NET-AS-AP Institute of Technology Bandung AS4797 WSM-AS-IN Wipro Spectramind Services Pvt Ltd (BPO -INDIA) AS4798 UNSPECIFIED SBI&S AS4799 CHINA169-JT CNCGROUP Jitong IP network AS4800 IDOLA-INDOSAT-AP Internet Service Provider AS4801 NRI-AS-AP Nomura Research Institute AS4802 ASN-IINET iiNet Limited AS4803 TTGN-DOM-AS-AP TTGN , DOMESTIC INTERNET EXCHANGE , THAILAND AS4804 MPX-AS Microplex PTY LTD AS4805 EQUANT-OCEANIA Equant AS for Oceania region AS4806 INTERNODE-PROF-ACCESS-AP Internode Professional Access AS4807 CAMTECHSA-AS-AP Camtech (SA) Pty Ltd AS4808 CHINA169-BJ CNCGROUP IP network China169 Beijing Province Network AS4809 CHINATELECOM-CORE-WAN-CN2 China Telecom Next Generation Carrier Network AS4810 CHINANET-CORE-WAN-SOUTH CHINANET core WAN Central AS4811 CHINANET-SHANGHAI-MAN China Telecom (Group) AS4812 CHINANET-SH-AP China Telecom (Group) AS4813 BACKBONE-GUANGDONG-AP China Telecom(Group) AS4814 CHINA169-BBN CNCGROUP IP networkЎЄChina169 Beijing Broadband Network AS4815 CHINANET-IDC-SH China Telecom (Group) AS4816 CHINANET-IDC-GD China Telecom (Group) AS4817 DESTRA-AU-AP Destra Corporation AS4818 DIGIIX-AP DiGi Telecommunications Sdn. Bhd. AS4819 WESTONE-AP WestOne Services AS4820 NSWAGD-AP Multi-homing ASN for NSW AS4821 TERASNET-ID-AP Terasnet Wireless Internet AS4822 NATIONAL-LIBRARY-AU National Library of Australia AS4823 JINET-GEC-ASIAINFONET Multihome network between Jasmine Internet(7616) AS4824 GLOWWAVE-AS-AP glowwave.com AS4825 FAL-AS-AP Foodland Associated Limited AS4826 MEGAMIRROR-AS-AP Megamirror AS4827 RIC-TH-AP Rajabhat Institute Chiangmai AS4828 WING-HANG-BANK-HK-AP WING HANG BANK LIMITED AS4829 MYTELECOM-PL-AS-AU-AP My Telecom Holdings Pty. Ltd. AS4830 ASN-WESTPACNZ-AP # AS-WESTPACNZ-AP CONVERTED TO ASN-WESTPACNZ-AP FOR RPSL COMPLIANCE Westpactrust AS4831 MELCO-NZ-AS-AP Melco Sales (NZ) Ltd AS4832 INTERNUXNET-AS-ID PT. iNterNUX AS4833 SPOTNET-AS-AP PT. Usaha Mediantara Intranet (ISP) AS4834 ESURF-AS-AP eSurf Wireless Ltd AS4835 CHINANET-IDC-SN China Telecom (Group) AS4836 NUS-SOX Singapore Open Exchange AS4837 CHINA169-BACKBONE CNCGROUP China169 Backbone AS4838 WHCOMGRP-AP Wholesale Communications Group Pty Ltd, Wholesale AS4839 CERNAP2-CN NAP2 at CERNET located in Shanghai AS4840 CERNAP3-CN NAP3 at CERNET located in Guangzhou AS4841 ZNL-HK-AP ZONASA NETWORK LIMITED AS4842 INTEGRITYNET Integrity Network Solutions Pty Ltd AS4843 CAINONET-CN-AS-AP China MST's High Speed Router Test Network AS4844 SUPERINTERNET-AS-AP SuperInternet ACCESS Pte Ltd AS4845 SINGTEL-TW Chung Hsiao East Road AS4846 FRONTIERISP-SA-AU-AP Frontier ISP P/L AS4847 CNIX-AP China Networks Inter-Exchange AS4848 UNSPECIFIED Super Telecom, Ltd. AS4849 HKINTCOM-AS AsiaTech Telecom Ltd. AS4850 DIGICOM-AS-AP Sky Plaza 29, Olympic street 14, Ulaanbaatar, AS4851 HOSTNETWORKS-AS-AU-AP Web Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Co-location. AS4852 IINET-SA-AS iiNet Technologies (SA) Pty Ltd AS4853 COMMANDER-AS-AP Commander Communications AS4854 NETSPACE-AS-AP Netspace Online Systems AS4855 PI-ID-AS-AP Pacific Link Indonesia AS4856 RSU-TH-AS-AP Rangsit University AS4857 TVP OPERATIONS COMPANY-AP TVP Operations Company AS4858 CORPITA-AS-AP Corpita Pty Ltd AS4859 CEISTNET-AS-AP The State Information Center of P.R.China AS4860 CYBERTRUST1-AU-AS-AP Cybertrust Australia Pty Ltd AS4861 GLOBAL-IP-KOREA-AS-AP Global One Communications AS4862 EQUANT-ASIA Equant AS for Asian Region covering Japan AS4863 EASY-PH MECO Enterprises Inc. AS4864 CS-AS Computer Service Co.,LTD., Tottori Pref, Regional ISP, Japan AS4908 AS-CONCENTRIC - XO Communications AS4909 FCDNA - Field Command Defense Nuclear Agency AS4910 SPRINTNET-NC - Sprint Mid-Atlantic Telecom AS4911 QWEST-AS-4911 - Qwest Communications Corporation AS4913 NET-CPRK - CapRock Communications Corp. AS4914 Red Nacional de Honduras, HONDUNet AS4915 TRANE-UPG - The TRANE Co.UPG AS4916 HQINSCOM - US ARMY INSCOM AS4917 AMDOCS-AS - AMDOCS AS4918 THEPOINT-NET - Silver Creek Industries AS4919 CONSOLIDATED - Consolidated Access & Networks, Inc. AS4920 CYBERPORTS - Cyberports, Inc. AS4921 EX-SV-GW5 - Exodus Communiations, Inc. AS4922 GLOBALCOM - Shentel Service Company AS4923 MCIX - MCIX, Inc. AS4924 NIIA-NET - Northern Indiana Internet Access, Inc. AS4925 FIRSTDATA - First Data Corp. AS4926 Telefonica Data Argentina S.A. AS4927 ASN-SBCNET - Silicon Beach Communications, LLC. AS4928 VAIS - Virginia Internet Services AS4929 BENCHMARK - Benchmark Communications AS4930 DMG1 - Digital Management Group AS4931 INTERSRV2 - Internet Services of Central Florida AS4932 I3 - I3 Inc AS4933 LOGICAL3 - Logical Net Corporation AS4934 LANIER-WW - Lanier Worldwide AS4936 HC-LIB - Howard County Library AS4937 IAMERICA-NET - Internet America, Inc. AS4938 SPRINTNET-SC - Sprint Mid-Atlantic Telecom AS4939 ASN-SOLECT - Solect Technology Group, Inc. AS4941 FDT - The CD-ROM Store AS4942 B-NET - B-Net Technologies AS4943 NOL-AS - Networks On-Line AS4944 Petroleos de Venezuela S.A. AS4945 HARRIS-SEMICONDUCTOR - Harris Semiconductor Sector Telecommunications AS4947 IA-LA-AS - Internet America, Inc. AS4948 AIX-NET - Alpha Internet AS4949 UNSPECIFIED AsiaTech Telecom Ltd. AS4950 ASN-SPRN-NYSERNET1 - SPRINT, Business Serices Group AS4951 SPRINTLINK-NYSERNET2B - SPRINT, Business Serices Group AS4952 CAPECOD - Intramedia AS4953 BCPL - Baltimore County Public Library AS4954 CARR - Carroll County Government AS4955 NDL - Network Datalink, Inc. AS4956 LOGICSYS - Logic Systems AS4957 VCNET - Internet Access of Ventura County AS4958 LDSNET - Long Distance Savers AS4959 CORPCOMM - Corporate Communications, Inc. AS4960 PERNET - PERnet Communications, Inc. AS4961 DISC-AS-KR Daewoo Information System AS4962 WINKCOMM - Wink Communications Group, Inc. AS4963 TEXOMA - Internet Texoma AS4964 Refineria ISLA (Curazao) S.A. AS4965 AMER - Vision Bahn Corp AS4966 PIVOT-CAPITAL - Pivot Capital Advisors, LLC AS4967 STARTEL S.A. AS4969 USLEC-ASN-4969 - USLEC Corp. AS4971 NWPROS - Network Pros, Inc. AS4972 FRITZNET2 - Fritz Companies, INC. AS4973 FRITZNET3 - Fritz Companies, INC. AS4974 GROVE-MRS Rawdon House AS4975 LASER-NET-BLOCK - Computer Tech Services, Inc. AS4976 SUNGLASSES - Florida Imports Inc AS4977 NET1 - Pecos Technologies AS4978 GDI-NET-AS - Global Datalink, Inc. AS4979 GXS - Global eXchange Services AS4981 TECLINK - MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business AS4982 JAZZIE - Jazzie Systems AS4983 INTEL-SC-AS - Intel Corporation AS4984 INGRESS - Ingress Communications, Inc. AS4986 INTERSTAR - InterStar Network Services, Inc. AS4987 ALOHANET2 - Hawaii Online AS4988 ALOHANET1 - Hawaii Online AS4990 AADS-MILWAUKEE2 - Ameritech Advanced Data Services, Inc. AS4991 ALERON-4991-4994 - AGIS AS4992 ALERON-4991-4994 - AGIS AS4993 ALERON-4991-4994 - AGIS AS4994 ALERON-4991-4994 - AGIS AS4995 Netup S.A. AS4996 SBI - Salomon Brothers Inc. AS4997 VELOCITUS - Velocitus AS4998 LANDE - The Lande Group AS4999 SPRINTIPDIAL - Sprint AS5000 IDT-AS IDT GLOBAL LIMITED AS5001 SONIC - Sonicnet AS5002 BBSATLGA - BellSouth Business Systems AS5003 GIGAN-2 - Insync Internet Services, Inc. AS5004 EAGLENET - Eaglenet, Inc. AS5005 Asociados Espada C.A. AS5006 ONVOY - Onvoy AS5007 COMPUTOPIA - Computopia AS5009 ADVTEL - Advanced Tel, Inc. AS5010 KISNET-1 - KISNET Corporation AS5011 EMTF-AVI - DoD Network Information Center AS5012 EMTF-AZO - DoD Network Information Center AS5013 EMTF-IZM - DoD Network Information Center AS5014 EMTF-INC - DoD Network Information Center AS5015 SHOUTING - Shouting Ground Technologies AS5016 BRAGG-GCC - Director Space Activity Office AS5017 ERX-HUGE-NET Huge Enterprise Ltd AS5018 ERX-HUGE-NET Huge Enterprise Ltd AS5019 DATACOM-GATE - InterSec, Inc. AS5020 MEA - Mitsubishi Electronics AS5021 PACAF-GCCS - DoD Network Information Center AS5022 FANEUIL - Faneuil Systems AS5023 FIREBALL - Publication Services AS5024 BRIDGE - BridgeNet, LC AS5025 ASN-DATABANK - Databank, Inc. AS5026 LVVWD - Las Vegas Valley Water District AS5027 ACSIL - Applied Computer Services AS5028 GATEWAYNORTH - Evergreen Technologies Corporation AS5029 VEGAS-NET - On Ramp Internet Computer Services AS5030 TAL - Transamerica Leasing AS5031 DOCCNET - DoD Network Information Center AS5033 ISW - Internet Specialties West Inc. AS5034 AS-STARNET - STAR Communications AS5035 CYNET - WebNet AS5036 WCA - Whalley Computer Associates AS5037 NSTCPVAX - DoD Network Information Center AS5038 NSAN-DOM - Success Institutes, Inc. AS5039 TECNET2 - Tecnet AS5040 MINT - B+C Consulting, Inc. AS5041 USLEC-ASN-5041 - USLEC Corp. AS5042 INFOWAVE - Discnet AS5043 PERRAUT - Perraut Corporation AS5044 ASN-DATABANK1 - Databank, Inc. AS5045 ASN-DATABANK1 - Databank, Inc. AS5046 RANDOMC - Random Communications, Inc AS5047 ARNET2 - ARNet AS5048 FIBER - FIBERNET Corp. AS5049 MORGAN-ASN - Morgan Stanley Group Inc. AS5050 PSC-EXT - Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center AS5051 KOLNET-AS-KR Korea Telecom Hitel AS5052 SETA-DMS - DoD Network Information Center AS5053 HTP - HTP Net, Inc AS5054 PROGNET - Progressive Networks AS5055 WANET - Software Design Associates AS5056 INS-NET-2 - Iowa Network Services AS5057 XENITEC - GS1115 AS5058 NRL-EXP - Naval Research Laboratory AS5059 STARPAGING - Star Paging, Inc. AS5060 CLEARBLUE-AS - ClearBlue Technologies AS5061 CLEARBLUE-AS - ClearBlue Technologies AS5062 CLEARBLUE-AS - ClearBlue Technologies AS5063 CLEARBLUE-AS - ClearBlue Technologies AS5064 CLEARBLUE-AS - ClearBlue Technologies AS5065 NAVISITE-IE Navisite Ireland AS AS5066 CLEARBLUE-AS - ClearBlue Technologies AS5067 CLEARBLUE-AS - ClearBlue Technologies AS5068 CLEARBLUE-AS - ClearBlue Technologies AS5069 CLEARBLUE-AS - ClearBlue Technologies AS5070 COMED - CoMed Communications AS5071 WESTEL-1 - WesTel Telecommunications AS5072 INDYNET - IndyNet AS5073 GM-EDS-1 - EDS Infrastructure Engineering AS5074 ASN-ATTELS - AT&T BMGS AS5075 ASN-ATTGMS - AT&T BMGS AS5076 UNICOM - Unicom Communications, Inc. AS5077 ASN-WSNET - WSNetwork Communications Services, Inc. AS5078 ONENET-AS-1 - Oklahoma Network for Education Enrichment and AS5079 DIAL-CALL - Nextel Communications, Inc AS5080 ARAMCO-AS - Aramco AS5081 CCS-AS - CLARE COMPUTER SOLUTIONS AS5082 CLOVERLEAF - Stanton Network Services AS5083 DRAKE-NET - Drake Enterprises AS5084 GSL-HQ - Sprint International AS5085 ERX-NETFUN Net Fun Limited AS5086 IDNET - Innovative Data Services AS5087 LANKA-COM Lanka Communication Services AS5088 NAIINT - News Corporation AS5089 NTL NTL Group Limited AS5092 NNE - North by Northeast Networks, Inc. AS5093 OVID-AS - Ovid Technologies AS5094 PARAGON-AS - Paragon Cable AS5095 BOOKLINK-AS - Booklink/Navisoft AS5099 NWUC - Northwestern University AS5100 ASN-TX-DDC - Tristero, Inc. AS5102 AADS-CHAMPAIGN-CHMPIL - Ameritech Advanced Data Services, Inc. AS5103 AADS-INDY3-SFLDMI - Ameritech Advanced Data Services, Inc. AS5104 AADS-CHAMPAIGN2-CHMPIL - Ameritech Advanced Data Services, Inc. AS5105 AADS-COLUMBUS2-IPLTIN - Ameritech Advanced Data Services, Inc. AS5106 AADS-COLUMBUS - Ameritech Advanced Data Services, Inc. AS5107 AADS-CLEVELAND2-LGTPMI - Ameritech Advanced Data Services, Inc. AS5108 AADS-CLEVELAND-SGNWMI - Ameritech Advanced Data Services, Inc. AS5109 AS-IDS-NET - Integrated Data Systems, LLC AS5111 CABLE-ASN - Cable Island Ltd. AS5112 SIDLINGER - Sidlinger Computer Corporation AS5113 HGEA-AS - H.G.E.A AS5114 KBI-NET-GW - Knowledge Broker, Inc. AS5115 ONESTEP - OneStep Internet Services AS5120 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5121 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5122 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5123 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5124 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5125 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5126 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5127 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5128 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5129 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5130 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5131 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5132 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5133 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5134 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5135 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5136 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5137 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5138 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5139 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5140 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5141 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5142 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5143 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5144 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5145 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5146 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5147 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5148 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5149 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5150 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5151 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5152 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5153 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5154 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5155 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5156 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5157 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5158 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5159 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5160 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5161 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5162 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5163 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5164 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5165 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5166 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5167 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5168 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5169 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5170 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5171 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5172 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5173 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5174 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5175 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5176 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5177 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5178 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5179 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5180 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5181 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5182 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5183 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5184 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5185 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5186 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5187 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5188 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5189 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5190 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5191 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5192 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5193 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5194 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5195 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5196 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5197 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5198 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5199 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5200 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5201 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5202 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5203 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5204 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5205 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5206 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5207 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5208 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5209 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5210 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5211 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5212 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5213 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5214 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5215 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5216 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5217 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5218 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5219 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5220 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5221 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5222 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5223 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5224 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5225 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5226 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5227 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5228 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5229 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5230 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5231 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5232 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5233 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5234 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5235 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5236 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5237 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5238 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5239 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5240 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5241 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5242 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5243 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5244 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5245 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5246 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5247 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5248 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5249 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5250 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5251 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5252 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5253 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5254 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5255 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5256 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5257 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5258 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5259 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5260 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5261 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5262 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5263 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5264 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5265 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5266 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5267 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5268 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5269 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5270 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5271 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5272 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5273 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5274 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5275 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5276 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5277 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5278 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5279 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5280 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5281 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5282 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5283 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5284 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5285 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5286 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5287 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5288 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5289 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5290 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5291 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5292 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5293 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5294 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5295 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5296 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5297 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5298 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5299 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5300 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5301 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5302 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5303 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5304 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5305 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5306 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5307 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5308 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5309 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5310 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5311 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5312 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5313 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5314 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5315 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5316 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5317 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5318 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5319 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5320 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5321 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5322 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5323 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5324 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5325 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5326 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5327 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5328 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5329 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5330 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5331 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5332 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5333 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5334 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5335 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5336 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5337 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5338 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5339 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5340 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5341 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5342 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5343 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5344 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5345 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5346 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5347 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5348 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5349 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5350 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5351 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5352 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5353 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5354 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5355 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5356 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5357 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5358 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5359 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5360 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5361 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5362 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5363 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5364 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5365 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5366 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5367 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5368 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5369 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5370 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5371 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5372 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5373 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5374 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5375 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5376 DODNIC - DoD Network Information Center AS5377 AS5377 Taide, IP Network in EMEA AS5378 Cable and Wireless UK AS5379 MK-MARNET-AS MARNET-AS AS5380 CS/MONOLIT Network Centre AS5381 POWTECH-AS PowerTech Information Systems AS AS5382 TELESYSTEM-NET TELESYSTEM S.r.l. AS5383 Siemens Nixdorf Information Systems AG AS5384 EMIRATES-INTERNET Emirates Internet AS5385 TELEPORT TELEPORT Consulting und Systemmanagement GmbH AS5386 COSMOS-SN-AS SpaceNet AS5387 NSC Akademgorodok Internet Project AS5388 ENERGIS-AS Energis UK AS5389 EUROWEB Internet Service Provider Co. AS5390 EURONET Orange Nederland B.V. Global AS AS5391 T-HT T-Com Croatia Internet network AS5392 TELNET-ITALY TELNET S.r.l. AS5393 ISYSHU-AS iSYS Hungary Kft. AS5394 UNIDATA Unidata S.p.a. NOC - Italy AS5395 Agora' Telematica S.p.A. AS5396 MC-link Spa AS5397 INROMA-AS CASPUR AS5398 TINET SA AS5399 bART Internet Services B.V. AS5400 BT BT European Backbone AS5401 ASN-CLUENET The ClueNet Project AS5402 BINP-AS Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics AS5403 AS5403 APA-Media-Network AS5404 CONOVA-AS conova communications GmbH AS5405 CSO_NET CSO.Net Telecom Services GmbH AS5406 BNIX AS5407 SKYNET-CZ BOHEMIA-NET AS5408 GR-NET Greek Research and Technology Network AS5409 TPL-ASN toplink-plannet GmbH AS5410 ASN-T-ONLINEFRANCE Club-Internet AS5411 CC-NET-AS AS5412 MISTRAL-IT Mistral IT AS5413 AS5413 PIPEX Communications AS5414 Zynet Ltd AS5415 GU Global Ukraine Ltd. AS5416 BATELCO-BH AS5417 DEMON-NL Demon Netherlands, TDINL BV AS5418 NERDNET-AS NerdNet Foundation AS5419 CUCI Cubic Circle AS5420 KemNet Autonomous system AS5421 SU-NET University of Sofia autonomous system AS5422 Superonline Corporate Business Unit Autonomous System AS5423 ETELAT eTel Austria AG AS5424 ATNET-AT ATnet AS5425 SPIDERNET SpiderNet Services Public Ltd AS5426 SUNRISE-HOSTING sunrise (TDC Switzerland AG) AS5427 PRTL-DE Primus Telecommunications GmbH, Germany AS5428 ECL-AS Energis Communications Ltd AS5429 IIP-NET-AS5429 South Moscow Backbone Network AS5430 FREENETDE freenet Cityline GmbH AS5431 FG-CORE FGNet AS5432 BELGACOM-SKYNET-AS Belgacom regional ASN AS5433 ROKSON-AS ROKSON-NW AS5434 NURSAT-ALA-AS Nursat-Almaty AS5435 K2NET-AS SINFONIKA Autonomous System AS5436 BT-FRANCE BT France Hosting AS5437 FranceNet AS AS5438 RNRT-TN National Research and Academic Network AS5439 IPXION IPXion AS5440 ASN-GARRINT GARR International access point AS5441 ASN-CNAF # AS-CNAF CONVERTED TO ASN-CNAF FOR RPSL COMPLIANCE GARR - CNAF Routing domain AS5442 ASN-CILEA CILEA-GARR autonomous system AS5443 ASN-CINECA-GARR GARR - CINECA Routing domain AS5444 ASN-PISA Routing domain of the GARR node in Pisa AS5445 ASN-ROMA GARR - ROMA Routing domain AS5446 ASN-FRASCATI GARR - FRASCATI Routing domain AS5447 ASN-LNGS GARR - LNGS Routing domain AS5448 ASN-INFNMI GARR - Milano INFN Routing domain AS5449 ASN-TRIESTE GARR - Trieste Routing domain AS5450 ASN-BARI GARR - Bari Routing domain AS5451 ASN-NAPOLI GARR - Napoli Routing domain AS5452 ASN-ER GARR - Emilia Romagna Routing domain AS5453 ASN-BARI GARR - BARI Routing domain AS5454 ASN-PALERMO GARR - PALERMO Routing domain AS5455 ASN-UNITO GARR - Universita' di Torino + INFN Torino Routing domain AS5456 ASN-POLITO # AS-POLITO CONVERTED TO ASN-POLITO FOR RPSL COMPLIANCE GARR - Politecnico di Torino Routing domain AS5457 ASN-FIRENZE GARR - Firenze Routing Domain AS5458 ASN-AZNET # AS-AZNET CONVERTED TO ASN-AZNET FOR RPSL COMPLIANCE AzNet Autonomus System AS5459 LINX-AS London Internet Exchange Ltd. AS5460 REST Networks. AS5461 ORBITA network AS5462 CABLEINET Telewest Broadband AS5463 PERCEVAL PERCEVAL NET AS5464 Netdiscounter GmbH autonomous system AS5465 EQUANT-NO Equant Norway AS AS5466 EIRCOM Eircom AS5467 MIPT MIPT-NET AS5468 EUNnet - Ekaterinburg UNiversities network AS5469 AGNET A. Ahlstrom Corporate Global Network AS5470 ASAUTHNET AUTH-NET-AS AS5471 SCI-NNOV scientific/educational network AS5472 CC Power Ltd AS5473 SONERA-MEDIA-LAB Medialaboratorium AS5474 TOBBETU-NET TOBB Economics and Technology University AS5475 Universitaet Hamburg AS5476 TU Hamburg-Harburg AS5477 Universitaet der Bundeswehr Hamburg AS5478 GKSS Forschungszentrum Geesthacht Gmbh AS5479 UNI-VILNIUS Universities Network in Vilnius AS5480 R61NET Network of educational, scientific and AS5481 ISET ISET Informatica AS5482 AS5482 PIPEX Communications AS5483 HTC-AS Hungarian Telecom AS5484 BT-NL-AS temp unassigned AS5485 LIMITLESS-AS Limitless Technical Dimensions AS5486 SMILE-ASN Euronet Digital Communications, (1992) LTD, Israel AS5487 Elisa Oyj AS5488 Belgacom AS5489 TEI-THES Technological and Educational Institute of Thessaloniki AS5490 CZ-TERMINAL Nextra Czech Republic s.r.o. AS5491 OLSSON-NET Olsson dot Net AS5492 BOB-INC-NETWORKS BOB-INC Enterprises AS5493 Ecsnet S.r.l. AS5494 ASN-INDIGO # AS-INDIGO CONVERTED TO ASN-INDIGO FOR RPSL COMPLIANCE Indigo Services Limited AS5495 ASN-SPBGU # AS-SPBGU CONVERTED TO ASN-SPBGU FOR RPSL COMPLIANCE University Network AS5496 WIREHUB Wirehub! Internet global backbone AS5497 Nethead Ltd AS5498 UNIBEL-AS AS5499 Cybernet Italia S.p.A. AS5500 CQM-AS Colloquium Limited AS5501 FRAUNHOFER-CLUSTER-BW Fraunhofer Gesellschaft AS5502 NATO SACLANT AS5503 RMIFL Research Machines PLC - Internet for Learning AS5504 LOGOSNET LOGOSNET Services Limited AS5505 ASN-SIRIUS Telecom Italia s.p.a. AS5507 HU-CORE-AS Budapest Internet Exchange Autonomus System AS5508 Dk-OnLine AS5509 Global One Services Denmark A/S AS5510 Italia Com Network AS5511 OPENTRANSIT France Telecom AS5512 CPMS-AS Autonomous System for CPMS Ltd. AS5513 TMH T-Mobile Hungary Co. Ltd. AS5514 PiSoft Network Solutions Srl AS5515 SONERA-GLOBAL-IP Sonera Solution Autonomous System AS5516 INESC INESC - Instituto de Engenharia de Sistemas e Computadores AS5517 CSL CSL Computer Service Langenbach GmbH AS# AS5518 TELIALATVIJA AS of Telia Latvija SIA, AS5519 AS5519 PIPEX Communications AS5520 UNI-KOELN Universitaet zu Koeln AS5521 MCS-CITYLINE MCS-Hamburg AS AS5522 OMNITEL PLC OMNITEL AS5523 RMT RM Telecom AS5524 NetVision Backbone North AS5525 NetVision Backbone Sharon AS5526 NetVision Backbone Tel-Aviv AS5527 NetVision Backbone Jerusalem AS5528 NetVision Backbone Soreq AS5529 NetVision Backbone South AS5530 NetVision Backbone NYC AS5531 NetVision Backbone California AS5532 TERRANETMALTA Terranet Communications Limited AS5533 VIA NET.WORKS Portugal - Tecnologias de Informacao, SA AS5534 EUnet Ireland secondary AS AS5535 FAO ORG AS5536 Internet-Egypt AS5537 GARANT-PARK-TELECOM Garant-Park-Telecom ISP network, AS5538 LATNET-GEANT LU MII AS for Geant AS5539 SPACENET SpaceNET AG, Munich AS5540 IEC - Israel Electric Company LTD. AS5541 TEVA LTD. AS5542 Ort Israel AS5543 SVIANED BV AS5544 UCNC UCNC Networks AS5545 VyatRegNet AS5546 MLO-MICROLINK MicroLink Eesti AS AS5547 ORTEL-AS Orient-Telecom AS AS5548 AS5549 HEIS-AS Shared AS (see remarks) AS5550 TASK-AS TASK Academic Computer Centre AS5551 CORINET Cable and Wireless UK IP/ISP Networks AS5552 DIALNET-UK DIALnet PLC AS5553 TAMBOVMAN-AS Tambov Metropolitan Area Network Autonomous System AS5554 INTEGRA Integra Information Co. Ltd AS5555 SOHONETEU-AS Sohonet European IP network AS5556 AS5557 ZOO-AS Zoo's Provider network AS5558 KBPAUKNET-AS5558 PAUK network AS5559 Saltmine Creative AS5560 Investcom Holding Network AS5561 ELENDER-AS Euroweb Internet Service Provider AS5562 INTERHOUSE-FRANKFURT Redbus Interhouse Plc. Frankfurt AS5563 URAL JSV "Ural WES" AS5564 SOL-AS Scotland On Line AS5565 SATRAX-NET Ltd. Internet provider network AS5566 COSMOS AS5567 AS5567 Tomsk Federal Node of RUNNet AS5568 RBNET RBNet AS5569 Posten AB, IT AS5570 UKNET-AS UK Network Services AS5571 NETCOM Netcom Internet Ltd AS5572 BOTIK Scientific & Educational Network of Pereslavl-Zalessky AS5573 KRASNET-AS KRASNET Regional Telecommunications Network AS5574 SONG Song Networks Svenska AB AS5575 TM-POP-FI AS5576 QL2-NET JSC QUICKLINE Autonomous System AS5577 FIDKOM-ISPNET-KS Fiducia (Niederlassung Kassel) AS5578 GTS-SK-AS GTS Nextra a.s. AS5579 Debitel Network Services GmbH AS5580 BANKNET-2 BankNet, Budapest HU AS5581 EHIS-AS AS5582 MICROSOFT NETWORK IN FRANCE AS5583 GIPNL Equant Benelux AS AS5584 Computer centre AS5585 IIX-ASN IIX AS5586 MCI-INT MCI International (Europe and North Africa) AS5587 BUSINESSSERVE Business Serve plc AS5588 GTSCE GTS Central Europe / Antel Germany AS5589 AS5590 AS5591 MARTELCOM-AS Mari El Net AS5592 CONCOM-AS ConCom Ltd (Kharkov, Ukraine) AS5593 AS5593 AS-CRIS AS5594 LHSYSHU Lufthansa Systems Hungaria AS5595 Netway AG AS5596 WESTEL Mobile Telecommunication Company AS5597 INTENSIVE Business Serve plc AS5598 NETLUX-AS ISP Netlux Networks AS5599 UUNET-DK UUNET Denmark AS5600 TCPNET-AS Total Connectivity Providers Ltd AS5601 Center for Parallel Computers AS5602 KPNQwest Italia S.p.a AS5603 SIOL-NET Telekom Slovenije d.d. AS5604 FREEDOMTOSURF PIPEX Communications (Freedom2surf) AS5605 NETUSE NetUSE AG AS5606 KQRO KPNQwest Romania AS AS5607 EASYNET-UK-AS Easynet UK AS5608 FVNN ForthView.Net AS5609 ASN-CSELT # AS-CSELT CONVERTED TO ASN-CSELT FOR RPSL COMPLIANCE CSELT S.p.A. is a Research Center for the study, research, AS5610 CZECHTELECOM CZECH TELECOM, a.s AS5611 MISTRAL-UK-IPV6 Mistral UK IPv6 network AS5612 HNHW8-AS Handelsweg8.nl AS5613 DUBAIMERC-AE Dubai Mercantile Exchange AS5614 UUNET PIPEX UK MSN and DIAL AS AS5615 TISNL-BACKBONE Tiscali B.V. AS5616 SATNET ASN AS5617 TPNET Polish Telecom's commercial IP network AS5618 DPI DP IRAN AS5619 ERGO ErgoGroup AS AS5620 ADRIAMEDIA-AS Adria Media ZAGREB d.o.o. AS5621 WORLDCOM AS5622 Thomson Corporation Switzerland AG AS5623 ATT-EMEA Autonomous System AS5624 CSC Computer Management and CSC Denmark AS5625 EUnet Slovakia Autonomous System AS5626 ONI COMNEXO, SA (ONITELECOM) AS5627 WWL Internet GmbH Stuttgart AS5628 EUROTEL-SK EuroTel Bratislava, Ltd. AS5629 GRAL GRAL's AS Number AS5630 AS_AWL-DE Atos Worldline Processing AS5631 VITAL-GROUP VITAL-GROUP UK Network AS5633 Internet Online S.A. de C.V. AS5634 MILESTONE - Milestone Research and Development Labs Inc. AS5635 GLAXOSMITHKLINE - GlaxoSmithKline AS5636 LISTING - NetWork Access AS5637 CAIDA-MEASUREMENT - University of California, San Diego - Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis (CAIDA) AS5639 Telecommunication Services of Trinidad and Tobago AS5640 NCSA-VBNS-EX - National Center for Supercomputing Applications AS5641 CHRM-5641 - Charm Net AS5642 KERSUR-TECH - Kersur Technologies, Inc AS5643 SILKROAD-US - The Silk Road Group, Ltd. AS5644 ASN-USA - USAinternet, Inc. AS5645 TEKSAVVY - TekSavvy Solutions, Inc. AS5646 NN-CNSM - NAP.NET, LLC AS5647 ASN-KODAK - Eastman Kodak Company AS5648 Satlink S.A. AS5649 KEVNET-ASN - Kevin Communication Services AS5650 FRONTIER-FRTR - Frontier Communications of America, Inc. AS5651 DESTEK - Friends of Synergytics AS5652 IN-NET - INTERNET Indiana AS5653 UCSF - University of California San Francisco AS5654 TISHNET - The Information SuperHighway Corp AS5655 DECADE-DOM - Decade Communications AS5656 ACCESSUS-DOM - accessU.S./BASENet AS5657 NOVAIAC-ASN - FC Business Systems AS5658 CCE-NET - Coca-Cola Enterprises AS5659 VIVANET - Vivanet Inc. AS5660 JCI-NET - Johnson Control AS5661 USF - UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA AS5662 ASN-TBS-1 - Turner Broadcasting AS5663 EDCNET - US Geological Survery AS5664 SHERIDAN-NET - Sheridan College AS5665 DELMARVA-ASN - Delmarva Power AS5666 OMNES-NET - Omnes / A Schlumberger and Cable and Wireless Company AS5667 FASTNET2-ASN - You Tools Corporation/FastNet AS5668 AS-5668 - CenturyTel Internet Holdings, Inc. AS5669 VIA-NET-WORKS-AS PSINet Europe / VIA NET.WORKS international AS AS5670 MONTEREY - Monterey Bay Internet AS5671 PBI-NET-BLK - AT&T Internet Services AS5672 PBI-NET-BLK - AT&T Internet Services AS5673 PBI-NET-BLK - AT&T Internet Services AS5674 PBI-NET-BLK - AT&T Internet Services AS5675 PBI-NET-BLK - AT&T Internet Services AS5676 PBI-NET-BLK - AT&T Internet Services AS5677 PBI-NET-BLK - AT&T Internet Services AS5678 PBI-NET-BLK - AT&T Internet Services AS5679 PBI-NET-BLK - AT&T Internet Services AS5680 PBI-NET-BLK - AT&T Internet Services AS5681 PBI-NET-BLK - AT&T Internet Services AS5682 NETONE - Online Network Enterprises AS5684 GANNETT-NET - Gannett Company, Inc. AS5685 DRANET-NORTH - Data Research Associates, Inc. AS5686 CSERVE-CIS - CompuServe Interactive Services, Inc AS5687 AA-NET - Alternate Access Inc. AS5688 PRIMUS-AS5688 - Primus Telecommunications Canada Inc. AS5689 HOOSIERNET - HoosierNet, Inc. AS5690 VIANET-NO - Via Computer and Communications (ViaNet) AS5691 MITRE-AS-5 - The MITRE Corporation AS5692 CESPI, UNLP AS5693 INTELENET - InteleNet Communications, Inc. AS5694 UNIFIED-NET - Blue Cross Blue Shield Association AS5695 MAILROOM-NT - Allen Bradley Inc. AS5697 SG-INTER - Interliant AS5698 NETPUB-AS - Network Publishing, Inc. AS5700 IV-NET - MISHA, Inc. AS5701 HEALTH-ONE - HealthOne AS5702 GALAXY - Galaxy Networks (division of Kolacom, Inc.) AS5703 TIGERFUND - Tiger Management Coporation AS5704 CARIBE-NET - Caribbean Internet Service, Corp. AS5705 VERADO-AS - Verado, Inc. AS5706 UUPCQUOTE - PC Quote, Inc. AS5707 UTHSC-H - The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston AS5708 Universidad Autonoma de Guerrero AS5709 ERX-KMB-1 Kiwifruit Marketing Board AS5710 EVANS-HOTELS-AS01 - Evans Hotels AS5711 CYBER2 - CyberStream Information Services, Inc. AS5712 RCN-AS4 - RCN Corporation AS5713 SAIX-NET AS5714 EDS-NNAM - EDS AS5715 ONVOY1 - Onvoy AS5716 CYBERCOM - Cyber Access Internet Communications, Inc. AS5717 IWIN-NET - World Information Network, Inc. AS5718 MECNET - Merrimack Education Center AS5719 SUNYSB - SUNY at Stony Brook AS5720 ASTSOFT - Advanced Software Technology AS5721 NDU-NET - National Defense University AS5722 Universidad Nacional de Colombia AS5723 JHU - Johns Hopkins University AS5724 UMMCNET - University of Massachusetts Medical Center AS5725 NEXTLAND - Next Link Inc. AS5726 INTERWORLD - InterWorld Communications, Inc. AS5727 WORLDNET-0 - AT&T WorldNet Services AS5728 WORLDNET1 - AT&T WorldNet Services AS5729 WORLDNET2 - AT&T WorldNet Services AS5730 WORLDNET3 - AT&T WorldNet Services AS5731 5731 - AT&T WorldNet Services AS5732 ACCESINDIANA - Sprint, Sprintlink Engineering AS5734 TIENET AS5735 GALT-TECHNO - Galt Technologies AS5736 VEL-AS - Velocity Networks, Inc. AS5737 QWEST-AS-5737 - Qwest Corporation AS5738 SOVER-ASN - SoVerNet, Inc. AS5739 UCSC - University of California, Santa Cruz AS5740 SALTMINE - Saltmine INC. AS5741 TRIAD-LVK - Triad Systems Corporation AS5742 CCINET - Consolidated Communications, Inc. AS5743 NOAA-FSL - Forecast Systems Laboratory AS5744 USPTO - United States Patent and Trademark Office AS5745 Organizacion Panamericana de la Salud AS5746 CELESTAR-ASN - Celestar AS5747 ASN-RISQ-QIX - Reseau Interordinateurs Scientifique Quebecois [RISQ] AS5748 BBNET - BB-Net, Inc. AS5750 FLEXNET-HAWAII - FlexNet Inc. AS5751 SYTEX - Sytex Access Ltd. AS5752 GREATBASIN - Great Basin Internet Services, Inc AS5753 EMPAC-DOM - EMPaC International Corp. AS5754 PIXINET1 - Pacific Information Exchange, Inc. AS5755 QNETIX-AS - Qnetix Computer Consultants Inc. AS5756 POINTCAST - Pointcast Inc. AS5758 ALPHACOMM - ALPHA ENTERPRISES LIMITED, INC. AS5759 RAINSTORM - Storm Network Systems, LLC AS5760 BIDDEFORD1 - Biddeford Internet Corp AS5761 MICROSOFT-CORP---MSN-AS---SATURN - Microsoft Corp AS5762 NETMAG - Magnet Interactive Studios AS5763 TRI-DEV-GRP - Trilogy, Inc. AS5764 CONVOKE - Convoke Communications Corp. AS5765 TELUS-AS-5765 - TELUS Communications Inc. AS5766 IHS-MD-AS - Indian Health Service AS5767 INFINITY - Infinity AccessNET AS5768 ICANECT - ICANECT AS5769 VIDEOTRON - Videotron Telecom Ltee AS5770 EMPLINK-AS - EMPaC International Corp. AS5771 ALSK-5771 - Alaska Communications Systems Group, Inc. AS5772 Unisys Brasil Ltda. AS5773 SPEEDSITE - SpeedSite Online AS5774 USPS-001 - United States Postal Service. AS5776 WORLDWEB - World Web Limited AS5778 EMBARQ-RCMT - Embarq Corporation AS5779 Y-BR-SERV - Yahoo! Broadcast Services, Inc. AS5780 GIGASD3 - Giga Information Group AS5781 CSI-GATEWAY-2 - Connectivity Solutions, Inc. AS5782 EXTREMES - Digital Extremes, Inc. AS5783 KCSOS-NET - Kern County Superintendent of Schools AS5784 GETNET - Getnet International AS5785 DCPS-DC-AS - DC Public Schools AS5786 UPRENET - University of Puerto Rico AS5788 WWWI - Wheelhouse Worldwide Industries, Inc. AS5789 EZNET - E-Znet Incorporated AS5790 NETMARKET - CUC INTERNATIONAL AS5791 CSI-GATEWAY-1 - Connectivity Solutions, Inc. AS5792 SIMPLE-NET - Simple Access AS5793 PENTELEDATA-2 - PenTeleData Inc. AS5794 NWREGION-ESD - Northwest Regional ESD AS5795 MVISION - Market Vision AS5796 COMET - Metronetics AS5797 CISPROD-AS - Checkfree Investment Services AS5799 IGCNET - Internet Gateway Connections, Inc. AS5800 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5801 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5802 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5803 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5804 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5805 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5806 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5807 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5808 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5809 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5810 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5811 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5812 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5813 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5814 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5815 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5816 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5817 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5818 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5819 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5820 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5821 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5822 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5823 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5824 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5825 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5826 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5827 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5828 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5829 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5830 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5831 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5832 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5833 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5834 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5835 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5836 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5837 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5838 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5839 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5840 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5841 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5842 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5843 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5844 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5845 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5846 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5847 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5848 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5849 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5850 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5851 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5852 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5853 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5854 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5855 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5856 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5857 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5858 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5859 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5860 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5861 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5862 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5863 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5864 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5865 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5866 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5867 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5868 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5869 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5870 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5871 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5872 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5873 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5874 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5875 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5876 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5877 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5878 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5879 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5880 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5881 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5882 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5883 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5884 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5885 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5886 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5887 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5888 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5889 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5890 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5891 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5892 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5893 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5894 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5895 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5896 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5897 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5898 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5899 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5900 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5901 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5902 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5903 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5904 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5905 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5906 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5907 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5908 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5909 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5910 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5911 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5912 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5913 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5914 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5915 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5916 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5917 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5918 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5919 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5920 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5921 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5922 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5923 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5924 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5925 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5926 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5927 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5928 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5929 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5930 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5931 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5932 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5933 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5934 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5935 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5936 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5937 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5938 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5939 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5940 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5941 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5942 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5943 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5944 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5945 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5946 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5947 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5948 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5949 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5950 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5951 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5952 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5953 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5954 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5955 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5956 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5957 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5958 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5959 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5960 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5961 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5962 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5963 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5964 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5965 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5966 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5967 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5968 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5969 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5970 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5971 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5972 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5973 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5974 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5975 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5976 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5977 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5978 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5979 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5980 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5981 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5982 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5983 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5984 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5985 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5986 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5987 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5988 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5989 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5990 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5991 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5992 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5993 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5994 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5995 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5996 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5997 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5998 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS5999 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS6000 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS6001 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS6002 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS6003 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS6004 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS6005 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS6006 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS6007 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS6008 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS6009 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS6010 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS6011 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS6012 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS6013 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS6014 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS6015 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS6016 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS6017 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS6018 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS6019 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS6020 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS6021 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS6022 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS6023 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS6024 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS6025 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS6026 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS6027 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS6028 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS6029 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS6030 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS6031 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS6032 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS6033 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS6034 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS6035 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS6036 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS6037 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS6038 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS6039 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS6040 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS6041 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS6042 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS6043 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS6044 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS6045 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS6046 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS6047 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS6048 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS6049 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS6050 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS6051 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS6052 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS6053 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS6054 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS6055 DDN-ASNBLK - DoD Network Information Center AS6056 COLBY - Colby College AS6057 Administracion Nacional de Telecomunicaciones AS6058 NWT-AS - Internet North AS6059 UMS2-ASN - University of Maryland AS6060 MAGI-NET-GW - Management Alliance Group Inc. AS6061 DLI-IBS - Datalytics, Inc AS6062 NETPLEX - NETPLEX AS6063 Internet Corporativo, S.A. de C.V. AS6064 International VAN S.A. de C.V. AS6065 Informacion Selectiva S.A. de C.V. AS6066 VERIZON-BUSINESS-MAE-AS6066 - Verizon Business Network Services Inc. AS6067 ONYX Onyx Internet AS6068 LGRND-AS-KR LG CNS AS6069 IGC-AS - Institute for Global Communications AS6070 FUTURIS - Futuris Networks Inc. AS6071 UNISYS-AS-E - Unisys Corporation AS6072 UNISYS-6072 For routing issues, email AS6073 ETI - KAPS, Inc AS6074 LIUNET - Long Island University AS6075 LM-CORP - Lockheed Martin Corporation AS6076 ERINET - CoreComm - Voyager, Inc. AS6078 JERSEY - InterActive Network Services AS6079 RCN-AS - RCN Corporation AS6080 LINKNET-LA - Linknet Internet Services AS6081 AISNET - American Information Systems, Inc. AS6082 HARVARDNET - HarvardNet AS6083 POSIX-AFRICA AS6084 Internet Corporativo, S.A. de C.V. AS6085 SITA-IPNET SITA Network Operations Center AS6086 INFOMAGIC - MagicNET, Inc AS6087 IPRO-NET - Internet Profiles Corporation AS6088 BOX - The Black Box AS6089 INTERTECH-LTD AS6090 TIA-AS - Techmatics Informaton Alliance AS6091 AMERION - Amerion AS6092 HARFORDCC-AS - Harford Community College AS6093 INFSYS-ASN - Infinite Systems AS6094 GRAPEVINEINC - GrapeVine Interactive, Inc. AS6096 SYSNET-1 - Sysnet Corp AS6097 ASN-CKS-CU - CKS Group AS6098 WEBSPINNERS - WebSpinners, Inc. AS6099 BAE-NET-ASN - Bay Area Education Network AS6100 NAME - North American Media Engines AS6101 TAC-NET - The Atlanta Connection AS6102 CBSCORPORATE - CBS inc. AS6104 STARGATE - Stargate Industries, Inc. AS6106 UCR-EDU - University of California, Riverside AS6107 GLOBENET - Mnematics, Incorporated AS6108 POND - Cascade Communications Group, Inc. AS6109 NDCORP-NET - National Data Corporation AS6110 BOXTOP - BoxTop Entertainment AS6111 FHIS - Florida Hospital AS6112 AUBURN - Auburn University AS6113 GRIDNET - GridNet International AS6114 CAPITAL-HOSPICE-VA - Capital Hospice AS6115 HTW - HarvardNet AS6116 WB-DUPLEX - Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment AS6117 SJMERCURY - San Jose Mercury News AS6118 KRI - Knight-Ridder Inc. AS6119 WWWPASS - WWW Passport Inc AS6120 INTERGLOBE - interGlobe Networks, Inc. AS6121 Argentine Ministry of Justice AS6122 ICN-AS - Iowa Communications Network AS6123 WEBPROS-ASN-1 - Web Professionals AS6124 MARIST - Marist College AS6125 RNP / Centro Regional do Distrito Federal AS6126 CA-INTL-AS - Computer Associates International AS6127 IDSC AS6128 CABLE-NET-1 - Cablevision Systems Corp. AS6129 247REALMEDIA-NEWYORK - 24/7 Real Media, Inc. AS6130 ADN-WEST - American Digital Network AS6131 HOSP-INFO-NET - Hospitality Information Networks, Inc. AS6132 INGRESSNET - Ingress Enterprises, Inc w/ Ingress Communications, Inc. AS6133 Red Nacional de Guatemala, MAYANet AS6134 EXABYTE - Exabyte Corporation AS6135 Informacion Selectiva S.A. de C.V. AS6136 NWRAINET - NW RAIN.net, Inc AS6137 SISNA - SISNA, Inc. AS6138 CIOE - CIOE, Inc. AS6139 SAUDI - Washington Coordinating Center AS6140 IMPSAT-USA - ImpSat USA, Inc. AS6142 SUN-JAVA - Sun Microsystems, Inc AS6144 SOUND-ADVICE-LTD - Sound Net AS6147 Telefonica del Peru S.A.A. AS6148 Editora El Sol, S.A. de C.V. AS6149 TENET-2 AS6150 NCIFCRF - National Cancer Institute/Frederick Cancer Research AS6151 Q-AS - Allen, Bradley Ward AS6152 NANDO-NET - New Media AS6153 ASN-SPRN-NYSERNET - SPRINT, Business Serices Group AS6154 SPRINTLINK-NYSERNET5 - SPRINT, Business Serices Group AS6155 SPRINTLINK-NYSERNET6 - SPRINT, Business Serices Group AS6156 SPRINTLINK-NYSERNET7 - SPRINT, Business Serices Group AS6157 SPRINTLINK-HOSTING - SPRINT, Business Serices Group AS6158 SPRINTLINK-NYSERNET9 - SPRINT, Business Serices Group AS6159 TWAVE - Greer Educational Resources, Inc. AS6160 SMARTS-1 - System Management ARTS, Inc. AS6161 CCC-MDC - Comcast Cable Communications AS6162 ISI-ISP - Integration Specialists, Inc. AS6163 ERX-MOZCOM-NETWRK Mosaic Communications Inc. AS6164 NET66UU - Egix, Inc. AS6166 RADIOMAIL - Radiomail Corp AS6167 CELLCO-PART - Cellco Partnership AS6168 EK-GROUP-AS Emirates Airline AS6169 PENTELEDATA-3 - PenTeleData Inc. AS6170 PENTELEDATA-3 - PenTeleData Inc. AS6171 WORLDGATE - WorldGate AS6172 NEN-AS - New Edge Networks AS6173 SMARTLINK - SmartLink Communications Inc. AS6174 SPRINTLINK8 - Sprint AS6175 SPRINTLINK9 - Sprint AS6176 SPRINTLINK10 - Sprint AS6177 SPRINTLINK11 - Sprint AS6178 INLINK - INLINK AS6179 WESTWOOD - Westwood Studios AS6180 NIS-CT AS6181 FUSE-NET - Cincinnati Bell Telephone AS6182 MICROSOFT-CORP--MSN-AS-4 - Microsoft Corp AS6184 DATASTORM - Datastorm Technologies, Inc. AS6185 APPLE-AUSTIN - Apple Computer, Inc. AS6186 GARCIA-ASN - Garcia Consulting, Inc. AS6187 SPRINT-ZA AS6188 FSTW2 - FIRSTWORLD COMMUNICATIONS, INC. AS6189 EPFL-AS - Enoch-Pratt Free Library AS6191 CECLFROC - Network Design and Implementation AS6192 UCDAVIS-CORE - University of California at Davis AS6193 Corporacion La Prensa S.A. AS6194 MICROSOFT-CORP--MSN-AS-3 - Microsoft Corp AS6195 GSCO - GOLDMAN SACHS COMPANY AS6196 INTERNET-SYSTEMS - Internet Systems, Inc. AS6197 BATI-ATL - BellSouth Network Solutions, Inc AS6198 BATI-MIA - BellSouth Network Solutions, Inc AS6199 COOPERUNION - Cooper Union AS6200 UIC-AS - University of Illinois at Chicago AS6201 ATEXT - Architext AS6202 NEXTRON - IMV/Internet AS6203 ISDN-NET - ISDN-Net Inc. AS6204 PARK-5 - Internet Multicasting Service AS6205 PARK-2 - Internet Multicasting Service AS6206 PARK-3 - Internet Multicasting Service AS6207 PARK-4 - Internet Multicasting Service AS6208 PARK-1 - Internet Multicasting Service AS6209 NFL2 - National Football League AS6210 NFL1 - National Football League AS6211 SPRNTDATANET - Sprint Communications Corp. AS6212 IGC-DC-AS - Institute for Global Communications AS6213 GETONTHENET - OnThe.Net, Inc. AS6214 ANET-04 - Interactive Network Systems Inc. AS6215 AS-ALTO-EXT1 - ALTO AS6216 TURFWAY-PARK - Turfway Park AS6217 ANS-AXISNET - Axis.Net Inc. AS6218 MIBX - MIBX, Inc. AS6219 NBIX3-AS - University of New Brunswick AS6220 ILINK - I-Link Worldwide Inc AS6221 USCYBERSITES - US Cybersites, Inc AS6222 EMBARQ-CLTN - Embarq Corporation AS6223 QWEST-ASNBLK-2 - Qwest Communications Corporation AS6224 QWEST-ASNBLK-2 - Qwest Communications Corporation AS6225 QWEST-ASNBLK-2 - Qwest Communications Corporation AS6226 QWEST-ASNBLK-2 - Qwest Communications Corporation AS6227 QWEST-ASNBLK-2 - Qwest Communications Corporation AS6228 BSDI-ASN - BSDI (Berkeley Software Design, Inc) AS6229 NETVOYAGE - Digital Design (NETVOYAGE-DOM) AS6230 GANET - Global Access Network AS6231 SCANA - SCANA Corporation AS6232 WINS - Iowa Network Services (INS) AS6233 NETRUS - Netrus AS6234 ETAK-NET2 - Etak, Inc. AS6236 BBCON - Business & Banking Concepts AS6237 WEBBED - Webbed Communications AS6238 DPSC-AS - Dept. of Public Safety & Corrections AS6239 RF-NETWORKS - RF Networks AS6240 Chilenet Ltda. AS6241 CYBERSURF - Cybersurf Inc. AS6242 TELEMAIL - Sprint Communications Corp. AS6243 INET-AMERICA - Internet America, Inc. AS6245 NETWORK-SOLUTIONS - InterNIC Registration Services AS6247 SPANIT - SPAN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, Inc. AS6248 NEXT6248 - NextiraOne AS6249 RCN-AS3 - RCN Corporation AS6250 NEONOVA-NET - Neonova Network Services AS6251 PSNET - UCLA Physical Sciences Division AS6252 EVOLUTION - Evolution On-Line Systems, Inc. AS6253 PRUDENT - Prudential Securities AS6254 EGGINC - EG&G, Inc. AS6255 CHANNEL1 - Channel 1 Communications AS6256 LTECNET2 - Lincoln Telecommunications AS6257 NOVALINK-GW - Novalink USA AS6258 SUPERIOR-NET - Telecon Communications Corp. AS6259 COGENT-FNSI - Cogent Communications AS6260 CROSSLINK - CrossLink AS6261 VISINET - Visionary Systems, Inc. AS6262 ERX-CSIRO Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial AS6263 NDIN - State of North Dakota, ISD AS6264 AS-ALTO-EXT2 - ALTO AS6265 SIVENSA - Sivensa Corp. AS6266 ICONN-AS - Iconn LLC AS6267 EPOCH-INTERNET2 - Epoch Networks AS6268 EXPRESS - Mistik Systems AS6269 ATT-INTERNET2 - AT&T WorldNet Services AS6270 NETRAIL-BLK8 - NetRail, Inc. AS6271 NETRAIL-BLK8 - NetRail, Inc. AS6272 NETRAIL-BLK8 - NetRail, Inc. AS6273 NETRAIL-BLK8 - NetRail, Inc. AS6274 NETRAIL-BLK8 - NetRail, Inc. AS6275 NETRAIL-BLK8 - NetRail, Inc. AS6276 NETRAIL-BLK8 - NetRail, Inc. AS6277 NETRAIL-BLK8 - NetRail, Inc. AS6278 NOC-BB - Moran Communications Group AS6279 BTN-TWO - Beyond The Network America, Inc. AS6280 SYNAPSE - Babillard Synapse Inc. AS6281 CMSA - CMS Automation, Inc. AS6282 UNETY - UNETY Systems, Inc. AS6283 LYCEUM - Lyceum Internet AS6284 METRONET - MetroNet Internet Services AS6285 EN-AS - CoreComm - Voyager, Inc. AS6287 SPACESTAR - Spacestar Communications AS6288 PERTECH-CA-01 - PerTech Inc. AS6289 AHM-CORP - American Honda Motor Corporation AS6290 ALASCOM - AT&T Alascom, Inc. AS6291 MICROSOFT-CORP---MSN-AS - Microsoft Corp AS6292 FCI - FCI Telcommunications Corporation AS6293 ESKIMO - Eskimo North AS6294 CTEKUSA - Compu-Tek International AS6295 WHIDBEY1 - Whidbey Internet Services AS6296 MIND - InfoStructure AS6297 NETBLK-ORGANIC-2 - Organic, Inc AS6298 COX-PHX - Cox Communications Inc. AS6299 TELALINK - Telalink Corporation AS6300 CCI-TEXAS - Consolidated Communications, Inc. AS6301 COMPAQ - Hewlett-Packard Company AS6302 TELSCAPE-COMMUNICATIONS - Telscape Communications, Inc. AS6303 LEHMAN - Lehman Brothers, Inc. AS6304 PRAIR-1 - PrairieWave Telecommunications, Inc. AS6305 AENT-AS - Alliance Entertainment AS6306 Telcel, C.A AS6307 AMERICAN-EXPRESS - American Express AS6308 ALASCOM-MIS - AT&T ALASCOM AS6309 DLINC - D&L Online, Inc. AS6310 MAXPERTS-AS - Maxperts, Inc. AS6311 MEGALINK - Megalink AS6312 WESTWORLD-AS - WestWorld Media, LLC AS6313 PROMETHEUS - Prometheus Information Corp. AS6314 CDC-AS - Chattanooga Data Connection, Inc. AS6315 XMISSION - XMission AS6316 USLEC-ASN-6316 - USLEC Corp. AS6317 MILLENNIANET - MillenniaNet, LLC AS6318 CHECKFREE - CheckFree Corporation AS6319 MARRIOT-ASN - Marriot Corporation AS6320 TELECOMPLETE-AS Telecomplete Ltd, UK AS6321 ADVTEL - Advanced Tel, Inc. AS6322 PEAKBROADBAND-COS - Peak Broadband AS6323 ENEWS - The Electronic Newstand AS6324 MFS-EAST-AS - MFS Global Network Services, Inc. AS6325 ILLINOIS-CENTURY - Illinois Century Network AS6326 LEBANET1 - LebaNet, Inc. AS6327 SHAW - Shaw Communications Inc. AS6328 SYNAPSETOASN1 - Synapse, L.L.C. AS6330 WORLDWIDE-AS - Worldwide Communications AS6331 AIT-NET - Atlantic Internet Technologies, Inc. AS6332 Telefonos del Noroeste S.A. de C.V. AS6333 INFOCOM - infocom, inc. AS6334 ASN-TSG - The Sabre Group AS6335 NTRNET - NTR.NET Corporation AS6337 HIWAAY - HI WAAY INFORMATION SERVICES AS6338 MIX-COMMUNICATIONS - MIX Communications AS6339 I95-NET - Voicelink Communications, Inc. AS6340 EMPIRE - EMPIRE.NET, Inc. AS6341 WIEC - Wisconsin Electric Power Company AS6342 ITESM Campus Monterrey AS6343 PICS - Pics On Line, Inc. AS6344 VALUENET - Value Net Internetworking Services, Inc. AS6345 ZIPNET-AS - ZipCall Internet Services AS6346 VUI - Valhalla Unlimited, Inc AS6347 DIAMOND - SAVVIS Communications Corporation AS6348 BETTYPLATFORMS - Prodigy Services AS6349 POWERCOM - Powercom Corporation (powercom.net) AS6350 VRIS-6350 - Verizon Internet Services Inc. AS6351 PIX-NET AS6352 ETRADE-AS - ETrade Group AS6353 NETZONE - Netzone, L.L.C. AS6354 LYCOS - Lycos Inc AS6355 BXN - Brand X Networks, Inc. AS6356 NERDCNET - Northeast Regional Data Center AS6357 DBTECH - DB Technology AS6358 MERC-AS - Mercury Mail AS6360 UNIVHAWAII - University of Hawaii Data & Video Networks AS6361 IT-PARTNERS - I. T. Partners, Inc. AS6362 VAULTLINE-AS - VAULTLINE Inc. AS6363 CABLETRON-SYSTEMS-INC - Cabletron Systems, Inc. AS6364 ATLANTIC-NET - Internet Connect Company AS6365 I1 - Internet 1st, Inc. AS6366 PDXNET - Portland State University AS6367 EMBARQ-KLLN - Embarq Corporation AS6368 NETNITCO-ASN - Northwestern Indiana Telephone Co. AS6369 NETRUNNER - Netrunner Inc AS6370 LUCENT-ASN - Lucent Technologies AS6371 AMERICATEL - Americatel Corporation AS6372 DCANET - DCANet AS6373 OPUS1 - Opus One AS6374 MFS-WEST-AS - MFS Global Network Services, Inc. AS6375 XROADS - Crossroads Communications AS6376 BRODER207 - Broderbund Software AS6377 4JNET - Eugene School District 4J AS6378 NWNT - Northwest Networks AS6379 ALINK - A-Link Network Services, Inc. AS6380 BELLSOUTH-NET-BLK - BellSouth.net Inc. AS6381 BELLSOUTH-NET-BLK - BellSouth.net Inc. AS6382 BELLSOUTH-NET-BLK - BellSouth.net Inc. AS6383 BELLSOUTH-NET-BLK - BellSouth.net Inc. AS6384 BELLSOUTH-NET-BLK - BellSouth.net Inc. AS6385 BELLSOUTH-NET-BLK - BellSouth.net Inc. AS6386 BELLSOUTH-NET-BLK - BellSouth.net Inc. AS6387 BELLSOUTH-NET-BLK - BellSouth.net Inc. AS6388 BELLSOUTH-NET-BLK - BellSouth.net Inc. AS6389 BELLSOUTH-NET-BLK - BellSouth.net Inc. AS6390 KANSASCITY - The Kansas City Star AS6392 MWCI-NET - MidWest Communications, Inc. AS6393 PRYSM-AS - Prysm Technologies AS6394 DATA-BROADCASTING - Data Broadcasting Corp. AS6395 BROADWING - Broadwing Communications Services, Inc. AS6396 COASTALNET-ASN - Global Information Exchange Corp AS6397 LIBBY - Lincoln County Tech Group AS6398 TELEDESIC - Teledesic Corporation AS6399 NEREP-ASN - You Tools Corporation AS6400 VERIZON DOMINICANA AS6401 ALLST-6401 - Allstream Corp. Corporation Allstream AS6402 NFRAME - nFrame, Inc. AS6403 OPN - Oregon Public Networking AS6404 FACTSET - FactSet Research Systems, Inc. AS6405 AIN - American Information Network AS6406 CEBAF - Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility AS6407 PRIMUS-AS6407 - Primus Telecommunications Canada Inc. AS6408 PRADO - Prado Internet Access INc. AS6409 RESEARCHMAG - Research Holdings, LTD. AS6410 ASICOM - ASI COMMUNICATIONS AS6411 INSWEB - Strategic Concepts Corporation AS6412 KW KEMS AS6413 SOCOMM - Southern Online Systems, Inc. AS6414 IPNET - Thurber Technology Group AS6415 SILICONREEF - Silicon Reef, Inc. AS6416 NOVELL-AS - Novell, Inc. AS6417 AGENTS-INC - Agents, Inc. AS6418 SATELNET-AS - SatelNet Communications, Inc. AS6419 IDD - IDD Enterprises, LP AS6420 INTERPLAY - Interplay Productions AS6421 GLOBEINTERNET - Teleglobe Inc. AS6422 JUNCTION - Okanagan Internet Junction, Inc. AS6423 EASYSTREET-ONLINE - EasyStreet Online Services, Inc. AS6424 NETROVER - netROVER Inc. AS6425 TEN - T E Network, Inc. AS6426 NETCOAST - NETCOAST Communications, Inc. AS6427 HURRICANE-ELEC - Hurricane Electric AS6428 CDM - CDM AS6429 Telmex Chile Internet S.A. AS6430 DIGITALINK - Digital Ink AS6431 ATT-RESEARCH - ATT LABS AS6432 DOUBLELCICK-AS Dummy object for doubleclick AS6433 JLC - John Leslie Consulting AS6434 USLEC-ASN-6434 - USLEC Corp. AS6435 LAVANET-ASN - LavaNet, Inc. AS6436 INTERACCESS-NET - Interaccess Corp. AS6437 NETREX - Netrex, Inc. AS6438 CURSUS-NETWORK - Outwest Network Services Inc. AS6439 WEBMATE - Webmate Technologies, Inc. AS6440 EMF-AS - emf.net AS6441 BIGBOOK - BigBook AS6442 GLOBALLINK-ASN - Global Link Information Network AS6443 EMANON - Emanon Service Corporation AS6444 SBSIB - Siemens Business Systems Intranet Backbone AS6445 SIEMENS-US - Siemens Corporation AS6446 SIEMENS-IPO - Siemens International Procurement Office AS6447 UOREGON-IX - University of Oregon AS6448 QAD - QAD, Inc. AS6449 SPRINT-ISP - Sprint Multimedia Internet Division AS6450 PIXNET-AS - Providers Internet Exchange AS6451 ACCESSCOMNET - AccessCom AS6452 WESTWORLD - Westworld Communications AS6453 GLOBEINTERNET Teleglobe America Inc. AS6454 PIONET-NET - Pioneer Internet AS6455 TOMCO - Tomco Systems, Inc. AS6456 ALTOPIA - Altopia Corporation AS6457 KDCOL-ASN - KDC-Online AS6458 Telgua AS6459 I-2000 - I-2000, Inc. AS6460 INTERNEXT - InterNext AS6461 MFNX MFN - Metromedia Fiber Network AS6462 NATGEOGRAPH-AS - National Geographic Society AS6463 ALLST-6463 - Allstream Corp. Corporation Allstream AS6464 FUTURELABS - FutureLabs, Inc. AS6465 PACWEST - Pac-West Telecomm, INC. AS6466 MULTIVERSE - Multiverse, Inc. AS6467 ESPIRECOMM - Xspedius Communications Co. AS6468 EASYLINK-AS6468 - Easylink Services Corporation AS6469 ARTEMIS - Artemis Research AS6470 WEB2000-ASN - Web2000, Inc. AS6471 ENTEL CHILE S.A. AS6472 NETASSET - Net Asset AS6473 WCIXN4 - WCIX.Net, Inc. AS6474 FLASHNET-AS - SBC IP Communications, Inc. AS6475 KESMAI - Kesmai Corporation AS6476 MIWORLD - Micro-Integration Corporation AS6477 DIRECTMEDIA-AS - Direct Media, Inc. AS6478 ATT-INTERNET3 - AT&T WorldNet Services AS6479 MCHENRY - McHenryCom Company AS6480 LITLE - LitleNet, LLC AS6481 SWRI - Southwest Research Institute AS6482 IMC-AS1 - Idearc Media Corp AS6483 DIGEX-AS3 - Digital Express Group, Inc. AS6484 PWCI-AS - Pathway Computing, Inc AS6485 TDC-AS - Track Data Corporation AS6486 NEWREACH - NewReach Communications AS6487 CyberNet de Guatemala S.A. AS6488 AMUG - Arizona Macintosh Users Group AS6489 INOW-AS - Network Solutions, Inc. (INOW-DOM) AS6490 DESERTEYE - DesertEye Publishing AS6491 TELEKACHINA - TeleKachina Productions AS6492 PCCD - Palomar Community College District AS6493 CHESCO - Chester County Internet Services, Inc. AS6494 IDCI - Cogent Communications AS6495 Banco Internacional S.N. AS6496 ANET - ANET Internet Solutions, Inc AS6497 ACQUION - ACQUION, Inc. AS6498 INTERCALL - Intercall, Inc. AS6500 NIELSEN - Nielsen Interactive Network AS6501 SOUTHERNET - The Southern Company AS6502 INTEGRATELECOM - Electric Lightwave Inc AS6503 Avantel, S.A. AS6504 NOVAGATE - Novagate Communications Corporation AS6505 Global One Communicaoes Ltda AS6506 HOYT - David H. Hoyt & COS., Inc. AS6508 WARENETASN - WareNet AS6509 CANARIE-NTN - Canarie Inc AS6510 BYU - Brigham Young University AS6511 STRATANET - StrataCom, Inc. AS6512 GLOBAL2000 - Global 2000 Communications, Inc. AS6513 PROXIMUS - Proximus AS6514 SRMC - Scientific Research Management Corporation AS6515 INTERSTICE - Interstice Inc. AS6516 TRUENET - TrueNet Corporation AS6517 YIPESCOM - Yipes Communications, Inc. AS6518 CIX-GCCC - CIX, Inc. and Greater Cinti Chamber of Commerce AS6519 KETCHUM - Ketchum Communications, Inc. AS6520 NOLA-INXP-1 - InterCommerce Corporation AS6521 AROSNET - ArosNet, Inc AS6522 LEHIGH - Lehigh University AS6523 NETLINK207 - Net-Link Solutions AS6524 ASN-GE-IS-NAP - General Electric Company (GE) AS6525 INFO-HIGHWAY - Info-Highway International, Inc AS6526 MAVERICK-BBS - King Communications AS6527 MASSACHUSETTS - Commonwealth of Massachusetts AS6528 WORLD-LYNX - WORLD LYNX, INC AS6529 PLAN-B AS6530 XENSEI - The Xensei Corporation AS6532 SGN - SGN, Inc. AS6533 VARNER - Varner Technologies AS6534 OCEANIC-CABLE - Oceanic Cable AS6535 Telmex Servicios Empresariales S.A. AS6536 CITYNET - CityNet AS6537 ALLST-6537 - Allstream Corp. Corporation Allstream AS6538 KINTEK-AS - Tai Feng Corp AS6539 GT-BELL - Bell Canada AS6540 CALWEB - CalWeb Internet Services AS6541 VZN-VOL1 - GTE.net LLC AS6542 MICL-AS-MELBOURNE - M.I.C.L. AS6543 AlterCom S/C Ltda. AS6544 ADICON-ASN - Advanced Digital Concepts, Inc. AS6545 TRUEVISION CORPORACION C.A AS6546 AGAIN-NET-1 - PEGLabs AS6547 DCT-ASN - DCT Technologies, Inc. AS6548 GLOB - Glob, Inc. AS6549 VIEWPOINTDATALABSASN - Viewpoint DataLabs Int'l Inc. AS6550 SBSERVICES-AS - Softbank Services Group AS6551 ENHANCEDTECH - Network Enhanced Technologies AS6552 C2NET - Community ConneXion, Inc. AS6554 BDM - BDM Federal, Inc. AS6555 RCN-AS6555 - RCN Corporation AS6557 CLINIC - C. C. Net, Inc. AS6558 SKYGATE - DIVERSIFIED COMMUNICATIONS INC AS6559 NCIH - State of NC - State Telecommunications Services AS6560 GEM AS6562 WALLTECH - Wallace Technical Communications AS6563 NECANET - NECAnet, Inc. AS6564 CONSTANT - CONSTANT COMMUNICATIONS AS6565 FREDNET-AS - FREDNET AS6566 TROWE-NET - T. Rowe Price AS6567 CIA - Cable Internet Access Inc. d/b/a WorldNET AS6568 Ag para el Desarrollo de la Sociedad de la Inf en Bolivia - ADSIB AS6569 NATIONWIDEASN - Nationwide Services, Inc AS6570 ISOANET - Internet Services of Albany, Inc. AS6571 EGIX-CHAMPAIGN-AS-6571 - Egix, Inc. AS6572 USVI-ASN - Octagon Consultants Int'l Inc. AS6573 MPATH - MPATH Interactive AS6574 WVS-ASN - Worldview Systems AS6575 WISEASN - Wilmington Internet Service Enterprises, Inc. AS6577 OSSINC - Online System Services, Inc. AS6578 AXXIS - AXXIS Corporation AS6579 MEMORIALU - Memorial University of Newfoundland AS6580 RAPIDNET-ASN - RapidNet LLC AS6581 PATHLINK - Pathlink Technology AS6582 FRII - Front Range Internet Inc. AS6583 WEBSECURE - Websecure, Inc. AS6584 GPS-AS - Great Plains Software AS6585 AIMTECH - Aimtech Corp AS6586 WEBCENTRIC - WebCentric Communications, Inc. AS6587 AMICUS-ASN - Amicus Networks AS6588 IN-QUICK - Internet QuickLink Corporation AS6589 BTCPROD - Beneficial Technology AS6590 Supernet S.A. de C.V. AS6591 INGR-ASN - Intergraph Corporation AS6592 NETUS - Netus, Inc. AS6593 CITIZEN1 - Citizen 1 Software AS6594 MCTI-1 - MICROSERV COMPUTER TECHNOLOGIES AS6595 DODDSEUR - DoD Education Activity Network Assistance Center AS6596 ASN-BUNGI - Bungi Communications AS6597 AS-XILOGIX - Xilogix, LLC AS6598 CYBERZONE - MicroLine Computer Systems Corporation AS6599 ICCOM-ASN - Internet Communications AS6600 GHGNETASN - GHG Corporation AS6601 SOLTEC-AS - Sol Tec, Inc. AS6602 LS-NET - Lightspeed Net AS6603 MTWEST208 - CottonWood CyberVentures AS6604 PTW - Lancaster Internet AS6605 ATSC-ASN - Allied Signal Technical Services, Inc. AS6606 WIZNET - WIZnet AS6607 HOMENET - Homenet Communications, Inc. AS6608 ALIANT-AS - Bell Aliant AS6609 MIINT - Millennia Internet, Inc. AS6610 INTERSTATE - Interstate Networking Corporation AS6611 MAGICCARPET - Magic Carpet/Roxy Systems, Inc. AS6612 JAGUNET - jaguNET Access Services AS6613 DIGITAL-MEDIA - Digital Media Group, Inc. AS6614 USCC-ASN - United States Cellular Telephone Company, LP AS6615 PCIS - Kelly Consultants AS6616 DATASTAR - Datastar, Inc. AS6617 PBB-MY - Information Management Systems AS6619 SAMSUNGNETWORKS-AS-KR Samsung Networks Inc. AS6620 AS-6620 - Ama Wireless, LLC AS6621 HNS-DIRECPC - Hughes Network Systems AS6622 ZENOX - Zenox Communications Corporation AS6623 CNET-BGP - CNET Networks Inc. AS6624 GOWER - Gower Computer Support, Inc AS6625 UI - Jim Morton Consulting AS6626 MULTITASKING - Multi-Tasking, Inc. AS6627 GRAPEVINE - Grapevine Systems, Inc. AS6628 PPS - Portland Public Schools AS6629 NOAA-AS - NOAA AS6630 LOA - Log-On America, Inc. AS6631 NN-CAE - NAP.NET, LLC AS6632 IMAGINATION - Imagination Network AS6633 CMGDI - CMG Direct Interactive AS6634 WTCI - Western Tele_Communications, Inc. AS6635 NARROWLINE207 - NarrowLine AS6636 ARMIGERON - Armigeron Information Services, Inc. AS6637 INFOEX - Infoexchange/Sprint AS6638 OANET - OA Internet Inc. AS6639 CW-CAYMAN-AS Cable&Wireless Cayman Islands AS6640 QWEST-AS-6640 - Qwest Communications Corporation AS6641 SPORTSLINE - SportsLine USA Inc. AS6642 DUNBRAD - Dun & Bradstreet Software AS6644 PARSECWEB-AS - PARSEC AS6646 AETNA - Aetna AS6647 VFI-ICD - VeriFone ICD AS6648 ASN-SKYINTERNET Bayan Telecommunications Inc. AS6649 SIRWEB-NET - Sirweb Communications AS6650 DTI-AS - Digital Telemedia Inc AS6652 PIMA-COLLEGE - Pima Community College AS6653 PRIVATEI - privateI, LLC AS6654 NSGDA-AS - NSGDatacom, Inc. AS6655 GTE-IM - GTE Interactive Media AS6656 STARINTERNET Star Internet Ltd AS6657 ORGATECH-AS orgatech Ulrich Tiemann GmbH AS6658 NAPRI s.r.o. AS6659 JOSEBA Robert Kiessling AS6660 Cable and Wireless AS6661 EPT-LU Entreprise des P. et T. Luxembourg AS6662 RU-KTS-AS Krastelecomservice, Ltd. AS6663 EUROWEBRO Euroweb Romania SA AS6664 ASN-IBSBKBONE TELECOM ITALIA AS6665 SHINY-AS Shiny Srl AS6666 HEADLIGHT-AS Headlight Housing Factory GmbH AS6667 EUNET-FINLAND EUnet Finland Backbone AS / Saunalahti Group AS6668 C3 - Center for Culture and Communication AS6669 AS6670 BT-SWEDEN-REGIONAL temp unassigned AS6671 SAMARA-IP NETWORK FOR RESEARCH, AS6672 RELCOM-SPB AS6673 INCOMA-AS Incoma Ltd. AS6674 NATIONAL-BANK-OF-GREECE BANK AS6675 COLT-FRANCE-AS Colt Telecommunication France AS6676 Network-i Limited AS6677 ICENET-AS1 ICENET Autonomous system AS6678 AS-NOOS NOOS Autonomous System AS6679 AS6680 SIXNET 6NET IPv6 research network core AS number AS6681 AS6682 AS6683 DANTEIPV6 DANTE IPv6 experiment AS6684 BT-ITALY-REGIONAL temp unassigned AS6685 CIP-GERMANY-REGIONAL temp unassigned AS6686 ATT-GCH-VOI-SF-AS AT&T Global Network Services AS6687 BT-SWISS-REGIONAL temp unassigned AS6688 ATT-GCH-VOI-LA-AS AT&T Global Network Services AS6689 AS6690 WEBPLUS-AS WEBplus Ltd. AS6691 ASN-BNL # AS-BNL CONVERTED TO ASN-BNL FOR RPSL COMPLIANCE BNL (Banca Nazionale del Lavoro) Italian Network AS6692 RACAL Network Services AS6693 UNIBUC University of Bucharest AS6694 Russian Trading System AS6695 DECIX-AS DE-CIX, the German Internet Exchange AS6696 IONIP ion-ip Regional Network AS6697 BELPAK-AS BELPAK AS6698 Mediterranean Network AS6699 URAN-AS Ural Regional Academ Net AS6700 BEOTEL-AS Autonomous System BeotelNet ISP AS6701 ETF ETF-BGD AS6702 APEXNCC-AS Apex NCC AS6703 ALKAR-AS Alkar Teleport Communications Network AS6704 S-INTERCOM AS6705 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ AS6706 COL-AS Czech on line a.s. AS6707 PAN AMP Weingarten GmbH & Co. KG AS6708 AUSTRONET-AS AS6709 BGNETT Bergen Nett og Media AS, Norway AS6710 EUMETSAT-AS EUMETSAT AS6711 HUNGARNET-SZEGED Szeged University Association and AS6712 France Telecom-Transpac AS6713 IAM-AS AS6714 ATOMNET ATOM SA AS6715 LOGICTELECOM Logic Telecom SA AS6716 INTERCONECT-AS SC INTERCONECT SRL AS6717 AS6717 Internet Central Limited AS6718 ASN-EQUANT Equant Italy S.p.A AS6719 EQUANT-CH Equant Switzerland AS6720 MAGWIEN Magistrat der Stadt Wien AS6721 CZ-TERMINAL Nextra Czech Republic s.r.o. AS6722 Synergon Information Systems Ltd. AS6723 TALHF-AS Tal hf. AS6724 STRATO Strato AG AS6725 BACTEL UK.ON-NET AS6726 NEXTRA-SK-AS Nextra s.r.o, Bratislava, SK AS6727 EASYNET-FRANCE Easynet France AS6728 NILDRAM PIPEX Communications (Nildram) AS6729 ISDnet, formerly NETSAT AS6730 SUNRISE sunrise (TDC Switzerland AG) AS6731 COMSTAR-AS COMSTAR Telecommunications AS6732 CYBERLINK-TRANSIT cyberlink.ch AS6733 DIMDI Deutsches Institut fuer medizinische Dokumentation AS6734 ASN-SPIN Spin s.r.l. AS6735 INTERNETSDT sdt.net AG AS6736 IRANET-IPM IRANET/IPM AS6737 METAWARE-AS Metaware S.p.A. AS6738 DRI DRI Autonomous System AS6739 ONO-AS Cableuropa - ONO AS6740 TISCALI Tiscali telekomunikace s.r.o. AS6741 MSPOF Consulting Autonomous System AS6742 AT&T EMEA AS6743 Global One Communiction Service OY AS6744 PATRASnet AS6745 OPENPATH-AS OpenPath, Internet Service AS6746 ASTRAL ASTRAL Telecom SA, Romania AS6747 LATTELEKOM Lattelekom AS6748 ATT-WN-MIS ATT WN-MIS Europe AS6749 DEMON-INTERNET Demon Internet AS6750 SDR Soluciones Dinamicas de la Red, S.L. AS6751 GERMANYNET-AS Arcor Online GmbH AS6752 ANDORRA STA ANDORRA Autonomous System AS6753 AS6754 AS6755 ASN - TURNET AS6756 AS6757 MULTIMSG Cable & Wireless UK AS6758 AS6758 MONACO TELECOM Autonomous System AS6759 FE-AS Future Electronics AS6760 STYLEWEB-IT Styleweb Hosting Network AS6761 INTERNEXT InterNeXT back-bone, access to Internet AS6762 SEABONE-NET Telecom Italia Sparkle AS6763 Pavilion Internet PLC AS6764 PERFTECH-SLOVENIA-AS Perftech d.o.o. AS6765 Internet Network Services AS6766 Tampere City autonomous system AS6767 RU-CTSRND-AS Rostov-on-Don CTS/ICOMM Node AS6768 AQUANET AQUANET AS6769 SICN State Institutions Computer Network AS6770 THE-AEXIOMUS-AUTONOMOUS-SYSTEM Aexiomus Limited AS6771 ASBFS BELGACOM FRANCE AS6772 IMPNET-AS ImproWare Network Services AS6773 SIBS - Sociedade Interbancaria de Servicos, S.A. AS6774 ASN-BICS Belgacom International Carrier Services AS6775 FINK Andreas Fink AS6776 THENET TheNet - Internet Services AG AS6777 AMS-IX-RS Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) Route Servers AS AS6778 BPTNET-AS EXATEL AS6779 ICLNET-AS ICLnet AS6780 LFV-SE Luftfartsverket Sverige AS6781 Telecom Finland Oy AS6782 BDNET AS for the county net in Norrbotten Sweden AS6783 ASN-NWU # AS-NWU CONVERTED TO ASN-NWU FOR RPSL COMPLIANCE NWU GmbH AS6784 MOL AS6785 CYBERCITY Cybercity A/S AS6786 CRONON-BERLIN-AS Cronon AG AS6787 AGIX Strawberry EDV-Systeme (ehem. AGIX) AS6788 ORC-AS Online Resource Center ISP AS6789 ELIS-NET JSC "Crimean Electronic Communication" AS6790 GTS-HUNGARY GTS Hungary NET AS6791 AIVANET Aivanet Autonomous System AS6792 BACTEL UK.ON-NET AS6793 TELIVO-AS Song Communications AS6794 ASN-HRTNET # AS-HRTNET CONVERTED TO ASN-HRTNET FOR RPSL COMPLIANCE HRTNet AS6795 PTT-Teleport Moscow AS6796 This AS is for the Cascadent Global AS6797 AIX (Athens Internet eXchange) AS6798 NET4YOU-AS Net4You GmbH AS6799 OTENET-GR OTEnet S.A. Multiprotocol Backbone & ISP AS6800 SAMARA-INTERNET-AS Samara-Internet, Ltd AS6801 Russian Research Centre "Kurchatov Institute" AS6802 UNICOM-B-AS NREN - Bulgaria AS6803 SWAN SWAN a.s. AS6804 ASI Acces et Solutions Internet - ASI AS6805 TDDE-ASN1 Telefonica Deutschland Autonomous System AS6806 IP Global, Informatica e Telecomunicacoes, SA AS6807 KHARKIV-AS KHARKIV-NET AS6808 TISCALI-ASIA-BACKBONE Tiscali Intl Network BV AS6810 BEZEK BEZEK AS6811 UUNET DK second AS AS6812 The Wild Wind Communications AS6813 FLEXNET Autonomous System AS6814 Tiscali S.p.A. / France AS6815 ING Amsterdam ZO AS6816 Nationale Nederlanden AS6817 ING foreign offices AS6818 IPCENTAUK iPcenta UK Customer Network AS6819 VNIITF-AS VNIITF Autonomous system AS6820 LEIVO LEIVO Autonomous System, AS6821 MT-AS-OWN AS number of MT AS6822 SUPERONLINE-AS SuperOnline autonomous system AS6823 AS6824 REALROOTBE-NETWORK RealROOT BE domestic network AS6825 CORSELLIS-MONTFORD-AS Corsellis-Montford Group PLC AS6826 GLOBAL-ONE-DUBLIN Global One Dublin AS6827 o.tel.o communications GmbH&Co AS6828 USI Uralsviazinform AS6829 AS6830 UPC UPC Broadband AS6831 GRUPPOINTERNET-AS Gruppo Internet s.r.l. AS6832 Swiss Telecom F+E AS6833 ADV Internet AS6834 AS6834 KMD A/S Autonomous System AS6835 AS6836 AS6837 SWISSCOM-TRANSIT-AS Swisscom Solutions AG AS6838 FLIX-AS The Flirble Internet Exchange AS6839 MTV3-AS MTV Oy AS6840 THEBRAIN-NOC-AS THE BRAINWORK S.r.l. - Internet Service Provider AS6841 BT-INFONET-EUROPE BT-Infonet-Europe AS6842 AUCS Communications Services v.o.f. AS6843 RF Cryptosvyaz, Penza AS6844 VENTELO Ventelo Norge AS AS6845 MACSYS MacSYS Computers - ROMANIA/Bucharest AS6846 UKRPACK UKRPACK.NET AS6847 CERBERNET Business Serve plc AS6848 TELENET-AS Telenet Operaties N.V. AS6849 UKRTELNET JSC UKRTELECOM, AS6850 METROCOM-AS JSC "METROCOM" AS6851 BKCNET BKCNET Autonomous System AS6852 GLOBAL-ONE-BELGIUM AS6853 EQUANT-SOUTH-EUR Equant AS for South-Europe Region covering France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Switzerland AS6854 TCNET-AS Telecom Centre Joint Stock Company AS6855 SK SLOVAK TELECOM, AS6855 AS6856 IC-VORONEZH-AS IC-VORONEZH AS6857 PTC-AS Petershof's Telecommunication Centre AS6858 COMLINK-AS Comlink ISP Autonomous System AS6859 KCP-AS KCPweb Autonomous System AS6860 IWAN-AS Saint-Petersburg State University, AS6861 ITALIA-ONLINE-AS Italia Online S.p.A AS6862 GRATEX-AS AS6863 ROSNET-AS ru.rosnet Local Registry Autonomous System AS6864 THS3-NET THS3 d.o.o. AS6865 WEB A/S AS6866 CYTA-NETWORK Cyprus Telecommunications Authority AS6867 UCNET University of Crete AS6868 BMSTU-AS BMSTU Autonomous System AS6869 FREE-6869 FREEnet AS6870 BT-ALT-UK-AS temp unassigned AS6871 PLUSNET PlusNet PLC AS6872 SADN-AS Scandinavian Airlines Data Norway AS AS6873 Equant AUSTRIA AS6874 PSTU-AS Computer Comunications Lab Autonomous System AS6875 IT-DATAMANAGEMENT-AS Datamanagement AS6876 TENET-AS TeNeT Autonomous System AS6877 AS6877 UTEL Network Autonomous system AS6878 AS6878-T-SYSTEMS T-Systems Business Services GmbH AS6879 EUNET-EGYPT-AS EUnet Egypt AS6880 ORBITA-NET (academic) AS6881 NIXCZ NIX.CZ Autonomous System AS6882 RTRT-PEGASO Rete Telematica Regionale Toscana - Italy AS6883 Parlamentsdirektion AS6884 ASN-EURONET Euronet Autonomous System AS6885 RSK-ASN RSK.PL Autonomous System AS6886 INTS-ASN INTS AS6887 PRTL-ES Primus Telecommunications Spain AS6888 ISRASRV Israsrv AS6889 FRINK-AS Frink International Network AS6890 WISPER-UK Wisper UK Network AS6891 INFEUROPE-AS infeurope Autonomous System AS6892 Vasileostrovsky Telecom Center AS6893 SAITIS-NETWORK Saitis Network AS6894 KDDI Europe Ltd. AS6895 ESPANIX Neutral Interconect Exchange for Spain AS6896 EX-AMADEJ-AS Ex. AMADEJ AUTONOMOUS SYSTEM AS6897 Global-One Communications, Spain AS6899 NETSTORE-AS Netstore Ltd UK AS6900 EDS Industrien (Deutschland) GmbH AS6901 BITMAILERAS bitMAILER AS6902 INEX-SK Concentric Network Corporation AS6903 ZENON-AS ZENON N.S.P. AS6904 GFI GFI network Paris AS6905 AT&T Global IP Services EMEA Transit Network AS6906 MICROLINK-IPT MICROLINK IPTransit AS AS6907 EBAY-DE-AS eBay Germany AS6908 DATAHOP Datahop Autonomous System AS6909 OTN OTN AUTONOMOUS SYSTEM ISTANBUL-TURKEY AS6910 DIALTELECOMRO Dial Telecom ISP AS6911 PRO-NET Pro-Net Internet Services Ltd AS6912 HCSNET-ASNBLK - Hayes Computer Systems AS6913 HCSNET-ASNBLK - Hayes Computer Systems AS6914 HCSNET-ASNBLK - Hayes Computer Systems AS6915 HCSNET-ASNBLK - Hayes Computer Systems AS6916 EXCO-NA - Exco RMJ Securities Corp AS6917 MULTEXSYS - Multex Systems, Inc. AS6918 PENNCOM - Penncom Internet Co. AS6920 TRADEMED-AS - Trade Media AS6921 ARACHNITEC - Arachnitec, INC. AS6922 TEXASAGENCYNET - State of Texas General Services Commission AS6923 OKNET - OKNET Internet Services AS6924 STARTRIB - Star Tribune Newspaper AS6925 DIGADV-AS - Digital Advantage Corporation AS6926 SOLLUNA-AS - Solluna AS6927 Grupo IMSA S.A. de C.V. AS6928 RAINNET - Tacoma-Pierce County Association AS6929 COSITE-ASN-1 - COSITE, INC. AS6930 GOLD-AS - FIRST VIRTUAL HOLDINGS INC. AS6931 RINGLING - Ringling College of Art and Design AS6932 EPNET - EBSCO Publishing AS6933 HARBING-ASN - Harbinger Net Services AS6934 ATT-COLUMBUS-AS - AT & T AS6935 IDG-ISG - IDG Interactive Services Group AS6936 NETGATE-SC1 - NetGate Communications AS6937 WWWPROD-AS - WWW Productions, Inc. AS6938 GREENLAKE-IOC - Greenlake/IOC AS6939 HURRICANE - Hurricane Electric AS6940 COMSTREAM - Comstream AS6941 HEALTHEON - Healtheon Corp. AS6942 CLARINET - ClariNet Communications Corporation AS6943 INFOTECHSYS - Information Technology Systems, Inc. AS6944 NTTA-6944 - NTT America, Inc. AS6945 SVNet AS6946 MTELTECH - SkyTel AS6947 AMCITY - American City Business Journals AS6948 INTERCOM - Intercom Online AS6949 CHARLES-SCHWAB - Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. AS6950 LAMBDA - Lambda Telecom AS6951 SPAR-AERO - Spar Aerospace Limited AS6952 WMEX - World Merchandise Exchange AS6953 NETONLINE208 - Internet Marketing Solutions AS6954 NACS - New Age Consulting Service AS6956 INTERACT-ASN1 - InterAct Computer AS6957 TECNOLOGIA UNO-CERO, SA DE CV AS6958 DTS-WORLDWIDE - Diplomatic Telecommunications Services AS6959 DTS-AFRICA - Diplomatic Telecommunications Services AS6960 DTS-INTER-AMER - Diplomatic Telecommunications Services AS6961 DTS-EAST-ASIAN - Diplomatic Telecommunications Services AS6962 DTS-EUROPE - Diplomatic Telecommunications Services AS6963 DTS-CANADA - Diplomatic Telecommunications Services AS6964 DTS-NEAR-EAST - Diplomatic Telecommunications Services AS6965 DTS-SOUTH-ASIAN - Diplomatic Telecommunications Services AS6966 USDOS - U.S. Department of State AS6967 AS6967 - Metro Provider LLC AS6968 UNIFORUM-SA AS6969 N2K-ASN - N2K Inc. AS6970 BSG-AIR-NET - Imonics Corporation AS6971 ESCH - Eschelon Telecom, Inc. AS6972 INETWEST - Santa Cruz Community Internet AS6973 MSDW-AS - MORGAN STANLEY DW INC. AS6974 ROSS-ASN - Ross Technology, Inc. AS6975 LEX2 - Lexington County School District AS6976 VZN-VOL2 - GTE.net LLC AS6977 IAC-AS - Internet Access Cincinnati AS6978 SECURITIES-AS - Internet Securities Incorporated AS6979 SAP - SAP America Inc. AS6980 CAJUNNET-AS - Cajun.Net AS6981 FDNCOM - FDN.com AS6982 DRAGON - Dragon Networks, Inc. AS6983 ITCDELTA - ITC^Deltacom AS6984 NYNEX-AS - NYNEX AS6985 DIXON - Dixon Networking AS6986 ANGEL-NETWORKS - Angel Networks AS6987 AXIONINTERNET - Axion Internet Inc. AS6988 STREAM - Stream International AS6989 GTSI - Government Technology Services Inc. AS6990 ONE-O - One-O, Inc. AS6991 USLD-ASN - US Long Distance AS6992 NETSCAPE-AS - Netscape Communications Corp. AS6993 INTERNAP-SEA - Internap Network Services AS6994 FASTMETRICS - Fastmetrics, LLC AS6995 VRIS-6995 - Verizon Internet Services Inc. AS6996 ALLST-6996 - Allstream Corp. Corporation Allstream AS6997 SILLS-AS - SILLS CUMMIS EPSTEIN & GROSS AS6998 BRITEVOICE - Brite Voice Systems Inc AS6999 UU-ITNNET - Interactive Telecom Network AS7000 DBEACH - Globel Net, Inc. AS7001 CRESCAM01 - Crescam Asset Management, LLC AS7002 Mexico Communicates, S.C. AS7004 CTC Transmisiones Regionales S.A. AS7005 InterServer SA AS7006 CYBERNEX - Cybernex Inc. AS7007 FLIX - FL Internet Exchange AS7008 TIBA-AS - The Internet Business Association AS7009 QDECK-MDR - Quarterdeck Corp. AS7010 DRKNGS-ASN - DRK Network & Graphics Solutions AS7011 FRONTIER-AND-CITIZENS - Frontier Communications of America, Inc. AS7013 NETSELECT - Health Sciences Libraries Consortium AS7014 XO-AS7014 - XO Communications AS7015 CCCH-AS2 - Comcast Cable Communications Holdings, Inc AS7016 CCCH-AS2 - Comcast Cable Communications Holdings, Inc AS7017 SCRR-7015 - Road Runner HoldCo LLC AS7018 ATT-INTERNET4 - AT&T WorldNet Services AS7019 NTTA-7019 - NTT America, Inc. AS7020 QDATA-AS AS7021 VRIS-7021 - Verizon Internet Services Inc. AS7022 SBTAS - SBT Accounting Systems AS7023 ICI - The Internet Connection, Inc. AS7024 PIXELGATE - PixelGate AS7025 AMLIBS - Ameritech Library Services AS7026 IME-AS - Internet Maine AS7027 ENGAGE - ENGAGE games online AS7028 IBS - International Business Software, Inc. AS7029 WINDSTREAM - Windstream Communications Inc AS7030 FOOTHILL - Foothill.Net, Inc. AS7031 MOONLIGHT-AS - Moonlight Media, Inc. AS7032 NMB-AS - NetManage, Bellevue-WA AS7033 FIREWALL - Eris Free Networking AS7035 ECLIPSE - Eclipse Internet Access AS7036 PRIMUS-AS7036 - Primus Telecommunications Canada Inc. AS7037 TWTC-7037 - Time Warner Telecom, Inc. AS7038 ITESM TELECOMUNICACIONES Y REDES AS7039 OAKNET - OAKNET Consulting AS7041 DALCOMP - Dalcomp AS7042 OLYMPUSNET - Townsend Communications, Inc AS7043 FASEB-AS - FASEB AS7044 CSACNETWORKS - Computer Systems Authority AS7045 WEATHER - THE WEATHER CHANNEL AS7046 UUNET-CUSTOMER - MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business AS7047 TDSYS - Trident Data Sytems AS7048 Fastlane Internet Brazil AS7049 Silica Networks Argentina S.A. AS7050 UW-MILWAUKEE-AS1 - University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee AS7051 ASN-SNS - Secure Network Systems AS7052 HTS-AS - Hi-Tech Services, Inc. AS7053 AIMEDIA-MDSNWI - Ameritech Electronic Commerce AS7054 MERCK - Merck and Co., Inc. AS7055 QIS - Quantum Internet Services, Inc. AS7056 Datanet S.A. de C.V. AS7057 MANAGEDNETWORK - Managed Network Systems Inc. AS7059 HOTSITES - Hotsites.net AS7060 EA - Electronic Arts, Inc. AS7061 ANET-05 - ANET Internet Solutions, Inc AS7062 DE-JAZZD7062 - D&E Communications AS7063 Inside Information Systems AS7064 ACI-NET-AS - Associated Communications Internet, Inc. AS7065 SONOMA - Sonoma Interconnect AS7066 NETWORK-VIRGINIA-AS - Network Virginia AS7067 TECHINTER - Technology Interface, Inc. AS7068 PFIZERNET - PFIZER INC. AS7069 NORTH-AMERICAN-INT - North American Internet, Inc. AS7070 CLEAR-CHANNEL-AS-7070 - Clear Channel Communications AS7071 PENET-ASN - The Press-Enterprise Co. AS7072 NN-RS00-RS06 - NAP.NET, LLC AS7073 NN-RS00-RS06 - NAP.NET, LLC AS7074 NN-RS00-RS06 - NAP.NET, LLC AS7075 NN-RS00-RS06 - NAP.NET, LLC AS7076 NN-RS00-RS06 - NAP.NET, LLC AS7077 NN-RS00-RS06 - NAP.NET, LLC AS7078 MONMOUTH - Monmouth Internet AS7079 AYRIX - Ayrix Technologies, Inc. AS7080 Electronica y Comunicaciones, S. A. AS7081 CARIN-AS-BLOCK - ISI AS7082 CARIN-AS-BLOCK - ISI AS7083 CARIN-AS-BLOCK - ISI AS7084 CARIN-AS-BLOCK - ISI AS7085 CARIN-AS-BLOCK - ISI AS7086 MISSISSIPPI-STATE-GOVERNMENT - Mississippi, Department of Information Technology Services (ITS) AS7087 Administraciуn de Redes Colomsat S.A. AS7088 NEONSOFT - New Era of Networks, Inc. AS7089 REALITYON - Reality Online Inc. AS7090 IDNET-AS2 - Innovative Data Services, Inc. AS7091 VIANET-ASN - ViaNet Communications AS7092 ICIGAMES - INTERACTIVE CREATIONS INC. AS7093 REM-AS - REM Computer Consultants, Inc. AS7094 WA-IXA - Washington Internet Services AS7095 NETUSA - Network Internet Services AS7096 DSOURCE - Data Source, L.L.C. AS7097 SOUTHWEB-AS - SouthWeb Ventures AS7098 CORE1-WWISPNET - World Web Internet Services Provider AS7099 NORTELRCH - NORTEL AS7100 PTC-AS - Prodigy Technologies Corporation AS7101 SANDBOX - Sandbox Entertainment Corporation AS7102 APLATFORM-AS - Aplatform AS7103 CyberMedia - Panama AS7104 APC-AS - Accesspoint Corporation AS7105 DOWJONES-AS - Dow Jones & Company, Inc. AS7106 OHIOBRIGHTNET - Com Net, Inc. AS7107 3DO - The 3DO Company AS7108 BIZNEXUS - Biznexus AS7109 DATEK - Datek Securities Corp. AS7110 QUEBEC-NET - Quebec.Net AS7111 ASPEN-SYSTEMS - Aspen Systems Corporation AS7112 MTSI-ASN - MTS Internet, Inc. AS7113 NFIC-AS - New Frontiers Information Corp. AS7114 USFG-AS - USF&G AS7115 INDEPTH-DATA-AS - Indepth Data Inc. AS7116 TOYOTA-EXT - Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. AS7117 NETCAST - Netcast Communications Corp. AS7118 GIS-7118 - Global Internet Services AS7119 FORSYTHCOUNTY - Forsyth County MIS AS7120 CITI AS7121 PALACEGROUP - The Palace Group, Inc. AS7122 MTS-ASN - MTS Allstream Inc. AS7123 NILENET-T1-0 - NileNet, Ltd. AS7124 LJX - ALM Media Inc. AS7125 Universidad de Monterrey AS7126 UNITEDMEDIA - United Media AS7127 SCE - Southern California Edison AS7128 ITN - Internet Travel Network AS7129 ANC-AS - American Network Communications, Inc. AS7130 THEMALL - Internet in a Mall, Inc AS7131 ERX-ITE-AS IT&E Overseas AS7132 SBIS-AS - AT&T Internet Services AS7133 NYPP-AS - New York Power Pool AS7134 OTBB - Nothing But Net, Inc. AS7135 KOHALA - Kohala Software AS7136 ONLY - Only Networking Inc. (ONLY2-DOM) AS7137 TELEMATIX/ ENITEL AS7138 CRAWFORD-ANS - Crawford Communications AS7139 BIZTRAVELCAM - Biztravel.com AS7140 DIMCOM - foreThought.net AS7141 AUS-AS - Koltai Inc AS7142 AZSTARNET - TUCSON NEWSPAPERS AS7144 VOYAGERONLINE - Voyager Online, LLC AS7145 MENO - Meno Inc. AS7146 GABN - Georgia Business Net, Inc AS7147 NEWSALERT-NET - News Alert Inc. AS7148 ASN-GRAPHNET-NET Graphnet Inc. AS7149 TAMNET AS7151 BAYAREA-AS - Bay Area Internet Solutions AS7152 REDCROSS-ASN - American Red Cross AS7153 ASN-NEPOOL - NEW ENGLAND POWER POOL AS7154 FDDNET-ASN AS7156 AGATE2 - Agate Internet Services, Inc. AS7157 Americatel Colombia S.A. AS7158 NETFEED-AS - NetEx Online Services AS7159 NTTCNET - New Trier Technology Cooperative AS7160 NETDYNAMICS - NetDynamics, Inc. AS7161 QWEST-AS-7161 - Qwest Corporation AS7162 Itanet - Itamarati On-Line Ltda. AS7163 NYLI-AS - New York Life Insurance AS7164 LIPS-AS - Local IP Service, Inc. AS7165 MONY-ASN - Mutual of New York AS7166 C-ECOMM - C-E Communications AS7167 Administracion Nacional de Telecomunicaciones AS7169 WALRUS - Walrus Internet AS7170 ATT-DISC - AT&T Bell Laboratories AS7171 TM-NET-AS - The Mercury Network AS7173 Instituto Nacional de Astrofisica, Optica y Electr AS7174 ONWARD-ASN - Onward Technologies, Inc. AS7175 ERX-AUSSIE aussie.net Pty Limited AS7176 GTEIEUROPE-AS Level 3 Communications AS7177 DFWNET - DFW Internet Services, Inc. AS7178 CLR-AS - Computer Language Research AS7179 PCSERVICE - PC Service Source AS7180 HILINESWHITESTAR - HiLine Internet Services, Inc. AS7181 HOSTED-SOLUTIONS-2 - Hosted Solutions, LLC AS7182 CMGDI-EAST - CMG Direct Interactive AS7183 SALLIEMAE - Sallie Mae, Inc. AS7184 Universidad Veracruzana AS7185 QNIS-ASN - QuadraNet Internet Services AS7186 NETRICS-INC - Netrics Inc. AS7187 RITE-AS - Regional Internet Traffic Exchange AS7188 ETCNET-AS - Eastern Telelogic Corporation AS7189 AS-HQ - Sugartown Worldwide Inc AS7190 CYBORGANIC - Cyborganic Corporation AS7191 AS-7191 - CenturyTel Internet Holdings, Inc. AS7192 VRIS-7192 - Verizon Internet Services Inc. AS7193 VRIS-7193 - Verizon Internet Services Inc. AS7194 FIRSTSPEED-AS7194 - First Communications LLC AS7195 Telecorp Colombia S.A. AS7196 TRINET-AS - TriNet Services AS7197 SMS - Siemens Medical Services AS7198 SCR - Siemens Corporate Research AS7199 Internet de Colombia S.A AS7200 G1ENGLAB - Global One Private Systems AS7201 TELESCAN - Telescan, Inc. AS7202 FAMU - Florida A & M University AS7203 PRIMUSTEL - Primus Telecommunications, Inc. AS7204 GIS - Galaxy Internet Services Inc. AS7205 POINTBREAK - PointBreak Communications SystemsAG AS7206 NETDIRECT - CoreComm - Voyager, Inc. AS7207 INTREXNET - Intrex Inc. AS7208 MEGANET - MegaNet AS7209 HOOKUP-NET-WIN-A - HookUp Communications Corporation AS7210 SPRINT-ISP2 - Sprint Multimedia Consumer InternetServices AS7211 GBLNAPSBOSFEED - Global NAPs Inc. AS7212 VANDERBILT - Vanderbilt University AS7214 CURSUS - CURSUS NETWORK USA AS7215 AHNET-AS - Affinity Internet, Inc AS7216 RJL-AS - RjL Systems AS7217 EARTHWEB - Earthweb AS7218 DUNBAR - Dunbar Consulting AS7219 ASNTULIX - Tulix Systems, Inc. AS7220 DIAMONDMM - Diamond Multimedia Systems, Inc AS7222 SBIS-KCSYMO - AT&T Internet Services AS7223 CSRLINK - CSRLink, Inc. AS7224 AMAZON-AS - Amazon.com, Inc. AS7225 GLOBALNETCORP - Global Net Corporation AS7226 D393LLC-ASN2 - Data393 Holdings, LLC AS7227 KPMGL-AS - KPMG LLP AS7228 MCLEOD - McLeod, Inc. AS7229 GLOBAL-ONE-RESTON - Global One Communications L.L.C. AS7230 ORBITEL - Orbitel Communications, Inc AS7231 ISP-ZA AS7232 USWEB - USWeb Corporation AS7233 YAHOO-US - Yahoo AS7234 RUSSELL - Frank Russell AS7235 LANMINDS - LanMinds, Inc. AS7236 Universidad Regiomontana A.C. AS7237 LFCI - Levine, Frayer & Carlson, Inc. AS7238 UVSG - United Video Satellite Group, Inc. AS7239 COMSOURCE-AS - ComSource, Inc. AS7240 URAEUS - Uraeus Consulting AS7241 INFINEX-SF - Infinex Telelcom, Inc. AS7242 NORTEL-TECHNOLOGY - Nortel Technology Ltd, AS7243 HDS-AS - HITACHI DATA SYSTEMS AS7244 ALAMEDANET - Alameda Networks AS7245 TECLINK-AS - TECLink Inc. AS7246 BMS-AS - Bristol-Myers Squibb AS7247 MOJO - Mojo Networks AS7248 SURENET - SureNet Corporation AS7249 SKYSCAPE - SkyScape Communications AS7252 LTINET - LTI AS7254 SURFSOUTH - Surf South, Inc. AS7255 SAFCO - Safco Corporation AS7256 VIACOM-AS - Viacom Inc. AS7257 PREMIERE-GLOBAL-SERVICES-INC - Premiere Global Services, Inc. AS7258 CATALOG-AS7258 - Catalog.com AS7259 NETGEN - net.Genesis Corp AS7260 NORLIGHT - Norlight Telecommunications AS7261 JDEDWARDS - J D EDWARDS & COMPANY AS7262 BTN-THREE - Beyond The Network America, Inc. AS7263 GOFASTNET - gofast.net Inc. AS7264 SBCC - Santa Barbara Community College District AS7265 GRACEBA - Graceba Total Communications, Inc. AS7266 INFOSEEK - InfoSeek AS7267 GLOBALCOMMERCE - Global Commerce Link, LLC AS7268 ATHENET - Athenet Internet Services AS7269 ONESOURCE - OneSource Information Services,Inc AS7270 NET2PHONE - Net2Phone Corp. AS7271 LOOKAS - Look Communications Inc. AS7272 TCIMET - TCI Telephony Services AS7273 TPLNET - Tacoma Public Library AS7274 TKI - Teknowledge Industries, Inc. AS7275 WINGBERLIN - Wing Net AS7276 UH-AS - University of Houston AS7277 NEWEASTWIRELESS - NewEast Wireless Telecom Inc. AS7278 ACCRUE - Accrue Software, Inc. AS7279 AMOSPRESS - Amos Press, Inc. AS7280 YAHOO-FC - Yahoo AS7281 BOOZ-AS - Booz, Allen, and Hamilton AS7282 DXNET-AS - DXNET AS7283 THERIVER - THE RIVER / INTERNET ACCESS CO AS7284 CDSINTERNET - CDS Internet AS7285 SPACENET - Spacenet, Inc. AS7286 PBI-NET-BLK2 - AT&T Internet Services AS7287 PBI-NET-BLK2 - AT&T Internet Services AS7288 PBI-NET-BLK2 - AT&T Internet Services AS7289 PLATINUM - Platinum Internet Group AS7290 SBIS-BLK - AT&T Internet Services AS7291 SBIS-BLK - AT&T Internet Services AS7292 SBIS-BLK - AT&T Internet Services AS7293 SBIS-BLK - AT&T Internet Services AS7294 SBIS-BLK - AT&T Internet Services AS7295 NETWORKAMERICA - Network America Systems, Inc. AS7296 ALCHEMYNET - Alchemy Communications, Inc. AS7297 AP-AS - The Associated Press AS7298 Hewlett Packard Brasil Ltda AS7299 PRONET - ProNET Communications Inc. AS7300 GBLX-2AS - Global Crossing AS7301 NAS-AS - National Academy of Sciences AS7302 ADVANCEDINTERNETCOMM - Advanced Internet Communications, Inc. AS7303 Telecom Argentina S.A. AS7304 THECIA - Complete Internet Access, Inc AS7305 INNERSET-AS - Innerset AS7306 ASIANDEVBANK - Asian Development Bank AS7307 HIPPOCAMPUS - Hippocampus OSD Inc. AS7308 SPRINT-PCS - Sprint PCS (Personal AS7309 USWO-AS - The Virtual Marketing Corporation AS7310 GARTNERGROUP - Gartner Group AS7312 SSA-US - System Software Associates, Inc. AS7313 Netspace Com. e Representacoes LTDA AS7314 TIS-ASN - Traveller, Inc. AS7315 Telefonica Data Colombia AS7316 NETECH - North East Technologies AS7317 CSPS-AS - Christian Science Publishing Society AS7318 FOCALINK-AS - Focalink AS7319 WEBSPAN - Webspan Inc AS7320 LANCITY - LANcity Company AS7321 LNET-ASN - LocalNet Corporation AS7322 MARSWEB - MARSweb, LLP AS7323 ADVEST - Advest AS7324 AS7324 - Advanticom, Inc. AS7325 Universidad Autonoma de Tamaulipas AS7326 NUNET - Northwestern University AS7327 7THLEVEL - 7th Level, Inc. AS7328 CHOP - The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia AS7329 ATT-CMS - AT&T CMS AS7330 INTERNETLABS - Internet Labs AS7331 IARC - Information Architecture AS7332 IQUEST-AS - IQuest Internet AS7333 WINNET - WinNET Communications AS7334 WALLSTREET - Wall Street On Demand AS7335 LOOP - Loop Phone Organization AS7336 COMPASS - Compass Communications AS7337 SNIP - Southern NJ Internet Providers (SNIP) AS7338 GLOBALENET - GLOBAL ENTREPRENEURS NETWORK, AS7339 SIEMENS-CREDIT - Siemens Credit Corp AS7340 TELETEL AS7341 VELOCITY - The Velocity Network AS7342 VERISIGN-AS - VeriSign Infrastructure & Operations AS7343 VISA-INTERACTIVE - Visa Interactive AS7344 VIVIDNET - Vivid Internet Production Company AS7345 LUCENTTECH - Lucent Technologies Inc. AS7346 ARACNET - aracnet.com AS7347 USXPRESS - U.S. Xpress Enterprises, Inc. AS7348 CRYSTALBALL - Crystalball software AS7349 HOSTED-SOLUTIONS - Hosted Solutions, LLC AS7350 METROCON - MetroCon Communications, Inc. AS7351 BLARG - Blarg! Online Services, Inc. AS7353 PRIMUS - Primus Communications Corp. AS7355 MEITCA-AS - Mitsubishi Electric ITA (HSL) AS7356 WESTNETCOMMS - Westnet Communications, Inc. AS7357 AMERICANDATANET - American Data Net AS7358 DNB-NBIC - Dun & Bradstreet AS7359 QWEST-AS-7359 - Qwest Corporation AS7360 PUREATRIA - Pure Atria Software AS7362 HST-CHRON - HOUSTON CHRONICLE AS7363 IFCI - InternetFCI AS7364 GROOVE - Reality Enhancements AS7365 CentroIn Internet Provider AS7367 SYSONE - Systems One Amadeus AS7368 MTEL-ATC-AS - SkyTel AS7369 IAS-HYPERMALL - Interlink Advertising Services Inc. AS7370 CDSINC - Commercial Data Systems AS7371 COASTALCORPORATION - The Coastal Corporation AS7372 IPEXCHANGE-NJ - AV-Network, Inc. AS7373 GORGON-NJ - Gorgon Enterprises, Inc. AS7374 VALUSERVE - ValuServe.Com AS7375 HULANET - Hula Net, Inc AS7376 INFORONICS - Inforonics, Inc. AS7377 UCSD - University of California at San Diego AS7378 CONNETIX - Connetix, Inc. AS7379 VIEWCALL - Viewcall America AS7380 NASDSL-ASN - Network Access Solutions -- Other Productions AS7381 SASUSA SunGard Availability Services UK AS7382 TEXAS-COMMUNICATIONS-ISPDONE2 - Texas Communications, Inc. AS7383 PWDL - Purdy's Wharf Development Limited AS7384 INTUIT - Intuit Inc. AS7385 INTEGRATELECOM - Integra Telecom, Inc. AS7386 ILLINOIS-STATE-UNIV - Illinois State University AS7387 TIOCOM - The Internet Outsourcing Group, TIOcom AS7388 DFXNET - Design FX Interactive LLC AS7389 NETDOX - NetDox, Inc. AS7390 NLSLAN AS7391 NTCC-NET - DoD Network Information Center AS7392 DELPHI-INTERNET-AS - Delphi Internet Services Corporation AS7393 CYBERCON - CYBERCON, INC. AS7394 FLYINGPENGUIN - Flying Penguin Productions Limited AS7395 ESCHELON - Eschelon Telecom, Inc. AS7396 OREGON-IX - Univerisity of Oregon (Oregon Exchange) AS7397 DIGILINK-AS-MDR - Digilink Network Services AS7398 MTS-TEST2-AS - MTS Allstream Inc. AS7399 Internet Cancun S.A. de C.V. AS7400 WYOMING-UTAH - wyoming.com AS7401 FWINET - Fort Wayne Internet, LLC AS7402 MULTIACTIVE - MultiActive Technologies Inc. AS7403 COLBA - Colba Net Inc. AS7404 ACS - Ameritech Cellular AS7405 GENUITY-XATL - Genuity Inc. AS7406 NETGUIDE - CMP Media, Inc. AS7407 MCI-SGUM - MCIWorldcom-VANSIS AS7408 COMIMSA AS7409 CONFLUX-NET - Grand Designs, Ltd AS7410 BIGPLANET - big planet, inc. AS7411 WINTERSTORM - StormNet Communications AS7412 COMSEC-NET - Comsec Communications AS7413 DONNAKARAN - Donna Karan Company AS7414 PontoCom Consultoria e Tecnologia Internet AS7415 PTPTECH-BB - Atlantic Internet Service AS7416 UCM - UNICOM AS7417 Ministry of Economy AS7418 Terra Networks Chile S.A. AS7420 ZAMNET-AS AS7421 SPRINT-GSD-AS - Sprint Government Systems Division AS7422 JAYHAWK-ASN - Jayhawk Acceptance Corporation AS7423 PUTNAMFT - Putnam Fiduciary Trust AS7424 USANET - USA.Net AS7425 DAI - Distribution Architects International AS7426 IPASS-AS - Hiway 2000, Inc. dba Passport AS7427 MKTSYS - Market Systems International AS7428 International Van S.A. de C.V. AS7429 CYBERMEDIA - Cybermedia, Inc. AS7430 TANDEM - Hewlett-Packard Company AS7431 EGIX-CHAMPAIGN-AS - Egix, Inc. AS7432 EGENIUS - Evil Geniuses for a Better Tomorrow AS7433 CYBERMAX - Cybermax Communications, Inc. AS7434 SEGASOFT - SEGASoft, Inc. AS7435 ATM-CIN - Attachmate AS7436 IRON - Ironlight Digital AS7437 Rednet AS7438 Telefуnica Data Mйxico SA de CV AS7439 VOYAGER-AS - CoreComm - Voyager, Inc. AS7440 TRIPOD - Tripod, Inc. AS7441 DRG - Data Research Group, Inc. AS7442 FEDERATED-CA-ASN - Federated Insurance Company of Canada AS7443 PRIMUS-AS7443 - Primus Telecommunications Canada Inc. AS7444 SYSTEL-AS - Systel S.A.R.L. AS7445 TELUS-AS-7445 - TELUS Communications Inc. AS7446 INTERNET-LOGIN - Login Communication Inc. AS7447 ONLINEINTERACTIVE - Online Interactive AS7448 CHOICE-HOTELS - Choice Hotels International, Inc. AS7449 TIOGA-NET - Tioga Communications AS7450 ADVANCED-ASN - Advanced Network & Services, Inc. AS7451 SHOP-NET - Internet Shop.Net Inc. AS7452 NEIS-NET - New England Internet Services AS7453 GTINET - Gateway Telecommunications, Inc. AS7454 CLICNET - ClicNet Telecom AS7455 DSL-NET - FutureComm, Inc. AS7456 INTERHOP - Interhop Network SERVICES Inc. AS7457 THESPHERE-AS - The Sphere Information Services AS7458 THIRD-COAST - ANET Internet Solutions, Inc AS7459 GRANDECOM-AS1 - Grande Communications Networks, Inc. AS7460 LIA-NET AS7461 MCIA-AS - Minnesota Coalition for Internet Accessability AS7462 ONEWEST - SRVnet, Inc. AS7463 GOPROTO-AS - Proto Technologies AS7464 I-WAYNET - I-Way Networks, Inc. AS7465 PROCERGS - Cia. de Processamento de Dados do RGS AS7466 FRB - Federal Reserve Bank AS7467 SENTENTIA-DC1-AU-AP Sententia Data Centre Internet Access AS7468 CYBEREC-AS-AP Cyber Express Communication Ltd. AS7469 SENET1-AS-AP SE Networking Pty Ltd AS7470 ASIAINFO-AS-AP ASIA INFONET Co.,Ltd. AS7471 DAREBIN-AS-AU City of Darebin AS7472 NUS-AS-AP Computer Centre AS7473 SINGTEL-AS-AP Singapore Telecom AS7474 OPTUSCOM-AS01-AU SingTel Optus Pty Ltd AS7475 UQ-COMMERCIAL-AP The University of Queensland AS7476 QUESTNET-ACADEMIC-AP The University of Queensland AS7477 TEREDONN-AS-AP SkyMesh Pty Ltd AS7478 MACKAY-AS-AP Mackay Telecommunication Inc. AS7479 KDDHK-AS-AP KDD HONG KONG LIMITED AS7480 TIMENET-AS Timenet International Corp. AS7481 TWIX Data Communication Business Group AS7482 APOL-AS Asia Pacific On-line Service Inc. AS7483 NETPLUS-AS Hongkong Telecom Ltd., Taiwan Branch Office AS7484 HKACTL-AS-AP Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Ltd. AS7485 MUT-BOARDER-AS-AP Mahanakorn University of Technology (Thailand) AS7486 NEWS-INTERACTIVE-AS-AP News Interactive Australia AS7487 KEANEWORLDZEN-AS-AP KeaneWorldzen India AS. AS7488 IDC7488 JAPAN TELECOM IDC INC. AS7489 FIRSTLINK-AS-AP First Link Internet Services AS7490 DETELEKOM-AS-AP T-Systems Japan K.K. AS7491 PI-PH-AS-AP PI-PHILIPINES AS7492 GIL-AS-AP Global Info-Links AS7493 PEOPLELINK-AS01-AP AS number for Peoplelink Internet Limited AS7494 CERETECHS-AS-AP Ceretechs AS7495 AMANET-AS Amanet is the ISP service of AMA Computer College AS7496 WEBCENTRAL-AS WebCentral AS7497 CSTNET-AS-AP Computer Network Information Center AS7498 IINET-WA-AS-AP iiNet Limited AS7499 CNS-HK-AS China Network Services (HK) Ltd AS AS7500 FR-M-ROOT-SERVER M-Root Server in Japan hosted by WIDE Project AS7501 AS7502 AS7503 AS7504 AS7505 AS7506 AS7507 AS7508 AS7509 AS7510 AS7511 AS7512 AS7513 AS7514 AS7515 AS7516 AS7517 AS7518 AS7519 AS7520 AS7521 AS7522 AS7523 AS7524 AS7525 AS7526 AS7527 AS7528 AS7529 AS7530 AS7531 AS7532 GAMANIA-TW Gamania Digital Entertainment Network, AS7533 NETO Neto Corporation AS7534 SILKERA-TW NEW SILKERA NETWORK AS7535 TISNET TISNET Technology Inc. AS7536 WONDER WonderNet International Corporation AS7537 PWTW Price Waterhouse Taiwan AS7538 SEEDER-AS-AP Seeder Computer Corporation LTD. AS7539 TANET2-TW TANet2, sponsored by NSC, TAIWAN AS7540 HKCIX-AS-AP HongKong Commercial Internet Exchange AS7541 FICNET-AS-AP FIC Network Service, INC. AS7542 EDGE-AS-AP Edge Technology Pty Ltd AS7543 PI-AU Pacific Internet (Australia) Pty Ltd AS7544 NASIONET-AS-AP NasionCom Sdn. Bhd. AS7545 TPG-INTERNET-AP TPG Internet Pty Ltd AS7546 DREAMTILT-AP Dreamtilt Service Provider Gladstone AS7547 CEIEC-NET-AP The East China regional network of CEInet AS7548 CEIHN-NET-AP The hainan regional network of CEInet AS7549 CEINC-NET-AP The North China regional network of CEInet AS7550 SBS-AS-AU ASN for SBS AS7551 BANCNET-AS-PH-AP BancNet, Inc. AS Manila AS7552 VIETEL-AS-AP Vietel Corporation AS7553 PETROSYS-AS-AP Petrosys Pty Ltd AS7554 ARUP-AS-AU Arup Australasia AS7555 HEALEY-AS-AP Healey Communications AS7556 UNITED-AP United Telecommunications Internet Services AS7557 KTNET-AS Korea Trade International Association AS7558 KBS-AS Korean Broadcasting System AS7559 DONGA-NET-AS The Dong-A Ilbo(DAN) AS7560 CHONBUK-AS Chonbuk National University AS7561 KIER-AS-KR Korea Institute of Energy Research AS7562 HCNSEOCHO-AS-KR DCC AS7563 KII-AS Korea Internet Infrastructure AS7564 KAERINET-AS Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute AS7566 TERAGEN-AS-AP Teragen Internet Solutions AS7567 ASIANONLINEAUS2-AS-AP Nexon Asia Pacific AS7568 CSLOX-IIG-AS-AP CSLOXINFO Public Company Limited. AS7569 AARNET-VIC-RNO Australian Academic and Reasearch Network (AARNet) AS7570 AARNET-NSW-RNO Australian Academic and Reasearch Network (AARNet) AS7571 AARNET-WA-RNO Australian Academic and Reasearch Network (AARNet) AS7572 AARNET-ACT-RNO Australian Academic and Reasearch Network (AARNet) AS7573 UTAS The University of Tasmania AS7574 AARNET-NT-RNO Australian Academic and Reasearch Network (AARNet) AS7575 AARNET-AS-AP Australian Academic and Reasearch Network (AARNet) AS7576 SGINET ShaoGuan Information Center AS7577 VTC-AS-AP Vocational Training Council Hong Kong AS7578 ADN-AS-AP Access Digital Networks Pty. Limited AS Communications Provider AS7579 INTERNEX-AS-AP InterNex Australia Pty Ltd AS7580 TRUMPET-AS-AP Trumpet Software International Pty Ltd AS7581 POWERNET-AS-AP POWERNET INTERNET GROUP AS7582 UMAC-AS-AP University of Macau AS7583 MESSAGEALBS-PB-AS-AP Messagelabs Manages Internet Security Services Asia Pacific AS7584 TCR-AS-AP TCR Holdings Limted. AS7585 TELWATER-AS-AP Telwater/Quintrex AS7586 PDOX-AS-AP Paradox Digital Pty Ltd AS7587 ACCESSNET DA-NET (Data-Digital-Dialing Access) Jakarta AS7588 PUBNET-TH-AS Thailand Public backbone Network AS7589 TELIANET-AS TeliaNet Hongkong AS7590 COMSATS Commission on Science and Technology for AS7591 DOVE-AUST-AS-AP DOVE Australia Pty Ltd AS7592 COMCEN-AS P.O. Box 336 AS7593 NOKIAGHS-AS-AP Global Hosting Services, AS7594 RAPIDTEL-AS-AP Rapid Telecom Pty Ltd AS7595 READYNET-AS-AP Readyspace Network Pte Ltd, Hosted Solutions Provider,Singapore AS7596 IIR-TH-AS-AP Internet Information Research AS7597 IIX-AS-AP Indonesia Internet Exchange AS7598 SURFCONTROL-APAC SurfControl On-Demand - AsiaPac region AS7599 AMSNET-NZ-AP Advanced Management Systems Ltd AS7600 ESCAPE-NET-AS Escape.net AS7601 NETLINK-AS-AP Australian NetLink AS7602 SPT-AS-VN Saigon Postel Corporation AS7603 OMEN-AS-AP Omen Internet AS7604 HWY1-AS Highway 1 AS7605 STARWON-AS-AP Starwon Internet AS7606 WAIA-AP Western Australian Internet Association AS7607 CA-AS-AP Commerce Australia AS7608 MERLIN-AS-AP Merlin Australia AS7609 AOL-AS-AP Ace on Line AS7610 NUS-GP-AS-AP NUS Gigapop AS7611 WNETWORK-AS-AP W NETWORK Inc, AS7612 STARNET-AS-AP Starnet Internet Services P/L AS7613 DATALINETHAI-AS-AP Data Line Thai Co., LTD. Internet Service Provider AS7614 ASIAINTERNET-AS-AP Asia Internet Limited, Hong Kong AS7615 ALPHANET-AP Alpha Network AS7616 JINET-BKK-AS-AP Jasmine Internet Co, Ltd. AS7617 TELEONE-HK TeleTeleOne (HK) Limited AS7618 GIP-TW-AP Global One AS7620 JBE-AS-KR Jeollabuk-do Provincial Office of Education AS7621 KYONGGI-AS Kyonggi University AS7622 ASN-KAIST-SAL Autonomous System of System Architecture Laboratory AS7623 HCNGYEONGBUK-AS-KR Gyeongbuk Cable TV AS7624 JEONJU-AS jeonju university AS7625 DAUM-AS Daum Communication Co.,LTD AS7626 AJOUNET-AS COMPUTER OPERATION TEAM/AJOU UNIVERSITY AS7627 SBS-AS SBS ( Seoul Broadcasting System ) AS7628 ODYSSEY-AS-AP Australian Public Access Network Association Inc. AS7629 INFOCOM-AS-AP INFOCOM Technologies, Inc. AS7630 THAIFARMERSBANK-AS-AP Progress Software Co., Ltd. AS7631 CROX-AS-AP Crox Development, ISP, Perth WA AS7632 MEGHANTARA-AS-AP PT. Meghantara AS7633 SOFTNET-AS-AP Software Technology Parks of India AS7634 SGNET-AS-AP Singapore Government Network AS AS7635 RTS-AS-AP Reynolds Technology Pty Ltd ACN 078 831 740 AS7636 FAREAST-AS-AP Far East Internet Co., Ltd. AS7637 SLVTSD-AS-AP State Library Of Victoria AS7638 INTERWAY BEIJIN TV ENTERPRISE DEVELOPMET FACTION AS7639 CPIPNET-AS-AP Beijing Capital Public Information Platform AS7640 CITICNET China International Trust & Investment Corporation Management Information Center AS7641 CHINABTN China Broadcasting TV Net AS7642 ABCNET-AS-AP Australian Broadcasting Commission Dhiraagu Internet Services AS7643 VNN-AS-AP Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications (VNPT) AS7644 EFTEL-AS-AP IT Solutions AS7645 DEAKIN-AS-AP Deakin University AS7646 MLHK-AP MERRILL LYNCH INTERNATIONAL INC. AS7647 ONTHENET-AS-AP OnTheNet P/L AS7648 INTERWEB-AS-AP InterWeb Connections AS7649 ISL-AS-AP Internet Solution Lab., Inc. AS7650 HKIED-AS-AP The Hong Kong Institute of Education AS7651 LINGNAN-AS-AP Lingnan University AS7652 EFTEL-AU Vianet Communications Pty Ltd AS7653 PIX-AS-AP Paradox Digital Pty Ltd AS7654 SIAMGLOBE-AS-AP Internet Service Provider Co., Ltd. AS7655 TWNAP-ADMIN-AS-AP Peering AS AS7656 TWNAP-ADMIN-AS-AP Taiwan Network Access Point AS7657 TIG-US-PAS-AP The Internet Group Limited AS7658 NETNAME-1-NET-ISP 1-Net Singapore Pte Ltd AS7659 NEWSKY-AS-AP Newsky Internet Limited AS7660 AS7661 AS7662 AS7663 AS7664 AS7665 AS7666 AS7667 AS7668 AS7669 AS7670 AS7671 AS7672 AS7673 AS7674 AS7675 AS7676 AS7677 AS7678 AS7679 AS7680 AS7681 AS7682 AS7683 AS7684 AS7685 AS7686 AS7687 AS7688 AS7689 AS7690 AS7691 AS7692 CETIN-AS-AP China Engineering Technology Informations Networks AS7693 COMNET-TH KSC Commercial Internet Co. Ltd. AS7694 EFTEL-AU IT Solutions AS7695 JWTNET-HK-AS J. Walter Thompson, Worldwide Advertising Company, AS7696 ONESQUARED-AS-AP OneSquared Limited, AS7697 CSBT-AS-AP Complete Strategic Business Technology AS7698 NETEXPRESS-AS-AP NetExpress Pty Ltd AS7699 XTREMECOMAU1-AS-AP Xtreme.com.au Transit AS #1 AS7700 SINGTEL-DVBIP-AS-AP SINGAPORE TELECOMMUNICATIONS LTD AS7701 CAIRNSNET-AS-AP CairnsNet Pty Ltd AS7702 THEHUB-AS-AP Hub Communications AS7703 BEKKERS-AS-AP Bekkers Information Technology AS7704 ANSCOMMS-AS-AP ANS Communications AS7705 CMNETCOM-AS1-AP China Motion Netcom (Asia) Ltd. AS Number AS7706 SAIA-AS-AP South Australian Internet Association AS7707 PHIX-AS-AP PHILIPPINE LONG DISTANCE TELEPHONE COMPANY AS7708 TWNAP-AS-AP Taiwan Network Access Point AS7709 TWNAP-AS-AP Taiwan Network Access Point AS7710 MYNET-AS-AP PRC Technology Co., Ltd. AS7711 TWNAP-TWIX-AP Twain Network Access Point AS7712 CIDC-AS-KH-AP CIDC Information Technology, AS7713 TELKOMNET-AS-AP PT TELEKOMUNIKASI INDONESIA AS7714 NETLINK-NZ-AS-AP TelstraClear Ltd AS7715 SCHOOLNET-TH-AS-AP SchoolNet Network in Thailand AS7716 IDEAL-AS-AP Ideal Internet Services AS7717 OPENIXP-AS-ID-AP OpenIXP ASN AS7718 TRANSACT-SDN-AS TransACT IP Service Provider AS7719 UPNAWAY-AS-AP Up n Away Net Solutions AS7720 NETWAY-AS-AP Netway Technologies AS7721 QNET-AS-AP Q-Net Australia AS7722 TELPACIFIC-AS-AP TELPACIFIC P/L AS7723 EMERGENCY24-AS - Emergency 24 AS7724 IECBAL - Internet Enterprise Center AS7725 CCH-AS7 - Comcast Cable Communications Holdings, Inc AS7726 FITC-AS - FITC - FedEx International Transmission Corporation AS7727 Hondutel AS7728 GRILLO - Grillo Networking, Inc. AS7729 CHI-IX - MCSNet AS7730 NETLAN - NETLAN Inc. AS7731 WEBSTOR - Internet Quality Services AS7732 CDC-AS2 - Chattanooga Data Connection, Inc. AS7733 FRZRMTN - Frazier Mountain Internet Service AS7734 TDBANK - Toronto Dominion Bank AS7735 REDSHIFT - Red Shift, Inc. AS7736 MARKETGUIDE - MarketGuide AS7737 ASWELLNET - Aswell Corporation AS7738 Telecomunicacoes da Bahia S.A. AS7739 AUTOWEB - AutoWeb Interactive AS7740 WJP - WJP Networking AS7741 CIBC-WORLD-MARKETS - CIBC World Markets AS7742 DOITNOWDOTCOM - InternetNow, Inc. AS7743 B1C-AS - Banc One Service Corp AS7744 WCD-AS - WCD Enterprises AS7745 BIGSKY-AS - Big Sky Net AS7746 APMTECH - APM Technologies, Inc. AS7747 EXECUTRAIN - Executrain AS7748 SHUREAS - Shure Incorporated AS7749 VR1 - VR1 AS7750 ONSALE - Software Partners, Inc. AS7751 DANCRIS - Dancris Telecom L.L.C AS7752 2ALPHA-NET - 2alpha AS7753 IPHOUSE-1 - ipHouse AS7754 MCAFEE - McAfee Associates AS7755 COMBASE - ComBase Communications AS7756 SCRR-7756 - Road Runner HoldCo LLC AS7757 CCCH-AS4 - Comcast Cable Communications Holdings, Inc AS7758 GLOBAL-ONE-NMC - Global One AS7759 OSTER - Oster Communications, Inc. AS7760 STAC - Stac, Inc. AS7761 MORNINGSTAR - Morning Star, Inc. AS7762 NETMAS - NETMANAGE AS7763 CYBERAMERICACORP - Cyber America Corporation AS7764 CENSUSBUREAU - Bureau of the Census AS7765 MEER-AS7765 - MEER NET AS7766 GRINNET - Grin Net, LLC. AS7767 EB - Encyclopaedia Britannica AS7768 TECHNICOLOR - Technicolor, Inc. AS7769 INTERNETEXTRA - Internet Extra Corporation AS7770 TRITON - Triton Technologies, Inc. AS7771 AMULET - Amulet Software AS7773 SD-NET - South Dakota State Government AS7774 ALASKA - University of Alaska AS7775 INVCOINS - The Investment Company Institute AS7776 MEBT7776 - Mebtel Communications AS7777 VIX2 - Mail Abuse Prevention System LLC AS7778 PARACEL - Paracel Online Systems AS7779 LD - Loren Data Corp. AS7780 AS7780-RTHI - Rogers Telecom Holdings Inc. AS7781 NETCONNECT - Network Connection AS7782 ALSK-7782 - Alaska Communications Systems Group, Inc. AS7783 EARTHSTATION - EarthStation Inter.net AS7784 ATLANTECH - Atlantech Online, Inc. AS7785 ALEXUS - Alexus AS7786 NPAC - LOCKHEED MARTIN IMS AS7787 FAN-NETWORK - Fan Network Consulting AS7788 MAGMA-COMM - Magma Communications Ltd. AS7789 FISHBONE - Fishbone Communications, Inc AS7790 PACIFIER - Pacifier Computers AS7791 EARLY - Early Access AS7792 3M-HDQ-AS - 3M Company AS7793 JMX-AS - JMX AS7794 GOLDEN - Golden Triangle On Line AS7795 NTELOSINC - Ntelos Inc. AS7796 ATMLINK - ATMLINK, INC. AS7797 YAB - Flatland Center BBS AS7798 SYRLANG - Syracuse Language Systems AS7799 OLYPENASN - Olypen, Inc. AS7800 ALLINA - Allina Health System, Inc. AS7801 BOSNET - Bosnet Communications, Inc AS7802 INTELLI - Intelli.com AS7803 Miniphone S.A. AS7804 SOFTWOOD - Softwood AS7805 ICD - ICD Inc. AS7806 BINARY-NET - Binary.net AS7807 RURALNET - RuralNet AS7808 ECCOMPANY - The EC Company AS7809 SYNOPSYS-RIPE-AS Synopsys Inc. AS7810 CMPC - CompuCom Systems, Inc. AS7811 ITOCHU - ITOCHU Technology, Inc. AS7812 AEGISSTAR-ASN1 - Aegis Star Corporation AS7813 NPL - The Northwest PC Link AS7814 CNS-NETWORK - Chenango Net Services AS7815 MADENTECH - Madentech Consulting, Inc. AS7816 CTC - Concurrent Technologies Corporation AS7817 SURFNET - Surfnet AS7819 GLOBALCON-NET-LLC - Globalcon.net, LLC AS7820 TDS-TELECOM-AS - TDS TELECOM AS7821 ONVOY2 - Onvoy AS7822 AVICENNA - Avicenna Systems Corporation AS7823 DUPONT-ASN - DuPont AS7824 GWIS-AS0 - Gateway to Internet Services AS7825 IMAGINENET-AS1 - imagine.com AS7826 CANUCK-AS1 - Canada Connect Corp. AS7827 ABII-AS - American Business Information AS7828 DRMSCPASN - Dreamscape Online AS7829 ASN-NEXTWEB-R2 - Nextweb, Inc AS7830 COMMWERKS - CommWerks AS7831 WEBWARP - WebWarp Technologies AS7832 PCISYS - WW/Precision Communication AS7833 EXTRA-AS - Extra.Net AS7834 BTGCOM - BTG, Inc. AS7835 ABRAXIS - Abraxis Networks, Inc. AS7836 XO-AS16 - XO Communications AS7837 NETHERE - NetHere Inc. AS7838 USAA - USAA AS7839 MARKTRAVEL - The Mark Travel Corp AS7840 TLN-AS - The Library Network AS7841 DEMINET - Deus Ex Machina, Inc. AS7842 WEBWORLD - WebWorld Inc AS7843 ADELPHIA-AS - Road Runner HoldCo LLC AS7844 OASIS - OASIS TECHNOLOGIES AS7845 INTEGRATELECOM - Integra Telecom, Inc. AS7846 RIGHTLINE - Rightline, Inc. AS7847 NASA-HPCC-ESS - NASA Goddard Space Flight Center AS7848 RCN-AS2 - RCN Corporation AS7849 CROCKERCOM - CROCKER COMMUNICATIONS AS7850 IHIGHWAY - iHighway.net, Inc. AS7851 ASN-ADELPHIA2 - Road Runner HoldCo LLC AS7852 CALIS - California Internet Services AS7853 COMCAST-TELECOMM-2 - Comcast Telecommunications, Inc. AS7854 DSSVAUS - Virginia Department of Social Services AS7855 ERX-TELECOMPLUS Telecom Plus AS7856 EPPROACH-0 - Epproach Communications, LLC AS7857 EMPIRE2-ASN - Empire Communications, Inc. AS7858 EXECUTELE - Executive Telecard, S.A. AS7859 PAIR-NETWORKS - pair Networks AS7860 UPEI-AS - University of Prince Edward Island AS7861 TELUS-7861 - TELUS Communications Inc. AS7862 CHEVRONTEXACO-7862 - Texaco Group, Inc. AS7863 ACADIAN - Acadian Internet Access AS7864 Acer Computec Latin America AS7865 SWITCHBOARD-MA - Switchboard, Incorporated AS7866 BTI - Business Telecom, Inc. AS7867 TECHDATA - TECH DATA CORPORATION AS7868 DATA-LIFE - Data Life Associates, Inc. AS7869 DATADEPOT-ASN - The Data Depot, Inc. AS7870 WHY - The Why? Network AS7871 SEIDATA - SEI Data AS7872 USAP-ASN - United States Antarctic Program AS7873 MICROTEC-AS - MICROTEC TECHNOLOGIES INC. AS7874 SHKOO - shkoo consulting AS7875 ENTECH - Entrepreneurial Technologies, Inc. AS7876 DRS-1 - Dominion Resources Services, Inc. AS7877 ONLINE-MAGIC - Online Magic AS7878 TCEL-AS - Telnet Canada Enterprises, Ltd. AS7879 DIMENSION-NET-1 - Dimension Enterprises, Inc. AS7880 NEURAL-AS - Neural Applications AS7881 IMGIS - IMGIS AS7882 SPRINT-HAWAII - Sprint Hawaii AS7883 CYBERTOURS - cyberTours Inc. AS7884 ASN-NC-FUCAPMARK - First Union Capital Markets Group AS7885 YUKONCOLLEGE - Yukon College AS7886 EMPIRICAL-AS - Empirical Media Corporation AS7887 AS-CCPL - Cuyahoga County Public Library AS7888 CSI-CORP - Component Software International, Inc. AS7889 FULL-ECLIPSE - Full Eclipse, Inc. AS7890 UNILINK REDES DE INFORMACOES AS7891 BELLSOUTH-NET-BLK2 - Bellsouth.Net AS7892 BELLSOUTH-NET-BLK2 - Bellsouth.Net AS7893 BELLSOUTH-NET-BLK2 - Bellsouth.Net AS7894 BELLSOUTH-NET-BLK2 - Bellsouth.Net AS7895 FABRIK - Fabrik Communications Inc. AS7896 UNL-AS - University of Nebraska-Lincoln AS7897 XINGNET - Xing Technology Corporation AS7898 DNA-ASN - Digital Network Associates AS7899 EXAMCO - Examco, Inc. AS7900 HOOSIER - Hoosier Online Systems Corp. AS7901 AS7902 PINS - Public Interest Networks Services AS7903 OASIS-AS - Oasis AS7904 NISI - National Internet Source, Inc. AS7905 SOONER-AS - Sooner Technology AS7906 RECO - Redes y Consultoria al Comercio Exterior, S AS7907 NETWORLDTRON - Networldtron Corp AS7908 Comsat Argentina S.A. AS7910 COLDECON AS7911 LVLT-7911 - Level 3 Communications, Inc. AS7912 STATEFARMINSCO - STATE FARM INSURANCE AS7913 METROLINK - MetroLink Internet Services Inc. AS7914 CSI - Church of Scientology International AS7916 ISDNET - Innovative System Design AS7917 PHS - Pacificare Health Systems AS7918 LARKOM-AS - Larkom AS7919 DIGITALDATA-AS - Digital Data Technologies, Inc. AS7920 LEAPSPOURCE - LEAPSOURCE AS7922 DNEO-OSP3 - Comcast Cable Communications, Inc. AS7923 UPLANET-AS - Unwired Planet AS7924 ADVANCEDONLINE - Advanced Online Services Inc. AS7925 WVNET - West Virginia Network for Educational Telecomputing AS7926 FAIR-ISSAC-AS aut-num for customer fair issac AS7927 Global One Venezuela AS7928 AICOM-AS - AIC Asia International Services Corporation AS7929 WETWARE - Wetware Services AS7930 TSCNET - TSCNet Online Services AS7931 ACVI - Auburn Cable Vision Inc. AS7932 NUMERIX - Numerix AS7933 BORDERS-GROUP - Borders Group Inc. AS7934 Prima S.A. AS7935 PO-ASN - Physicians Online AS7936 NPDGROUP - The NPD Group Inc. AS7937 SOUTHTECH - SouthTech.Net AS7938 CIRCLE - Circle Net, Inc. AS7939 UNIVCENTFLA - University of Central Florida AS7940 JCI-INC - JC International Inc. AS7941 ARCHIVE - Internet Archive AS7942 GE-AS5 - General Electric Company AS7943 TDS-SA-ISP - Trident Data Systems AS7944 DMVOL-ASN - DELMARVA ONLINE AS7945 CYBERG8T - Cyberg8t Internet Services, Inc. AS7946 MET-NET - Metropolitan Government of Nashville & Davidson County AS7947 RADIO - Susquehanna Radio Corporation AS7948 GEOPLEX - AT&T AS7949 WMIS-AS - West Michigan Internet Services AS7950 HC-AS - Holland College AS7951 PCEZ - PCs Made Easy, LLC AS7952 PCMAGIC-GATEWAY - PC Magic Network AS7953 Supernet S.A. AS7954 MAPS-3 - Mail Abuse Prevention System LLC AS7956 LIGHTSHIP - Lightship Telecom, LLC AS7957 SHOPX - Shoppers Express, Inc. AS7958 IDI - Internet Direct, Incorporated AS7959 VICON - VICON NETWORKS AS7960 GLOBAL-NAPS - Global Naps AS7961 RBC - Raw Bandwidth Communications, Inc. AS7962 EXISNET - EXISNET INC AS7963 STDIO - OPEN WORLD AS7964 ARCFOUR - Arc Four AS7965 Universidad Catolica Andres Bello AS7966 HARBOR - Harbor Communications AS7967 SECUREDOC - Secure Document Systems, Inc. AS7968 LOYOLA-UNIV-CHICAGO - Loyola University Chicago AS7969 CYB-VAN - CYBERION NETWORKING CORP. AS7970 LEON-FL-SCHL - Leon County School District AS7971 IWEBTT AS7972 GPG AS7973 MAYO - Mayo Foundation AS7974 Instituto Mexicano del Petroleo AS7975 CONFERENCE-AMERICA - Conference America, Inc. AS7976 SEDONA-AS - Wolen Computer Services AS7977 EMCCORP - EMC Corporation AS7978 PRISM - Prism Communications AS7979 BARROWS - The Barrows Network AS7980 Global One AS7981 DIGIMARK - Digital Marketing, Inc. AS7982 COGENT-WAN - Cogent software, Inc. AS7983 DOMAIN - Wayne D. Correia AS7984 Equant Colombia AS7985 CHRONICLE - THE CHRONICLE OF HIGHER EDUCATION AS7986 SAVVISCHI - SAVVIS COMMUNICATIONS AS7987 SAVVISDAL - SAVVIS COMMUNICATIONS AS7988 SAVVISLA - SAVVIS COMMUNICATIONS AS7989 SAVVISNY - SAVVIS COMMUNICATIONS AS7990 SAVVISSF - SAVVIS COMMUNICATIONS AS7991 SAVVISSTL - SAVVIS COMMUNICATIONS AS7992 COGECOWAVE - Cogeco Cable AS7993 Global One Chile AS7994 Global One Peru AS7995 Global One Mexico AS7996 LIMITED - The Limited Inc. AS7997 EMTELCO S.A. AS7998 CYTEC - Cytec Industries Inc. AS7999 GAMES-ONLINE - Games Online Inc. AS8000 DWX-AS - Waddell Digital Imaging Center AS8001 NET-ACCESS-CORP - Net Access Corporation AS8002 STEALTH-AS Stealth Communications AS8004 DTG - Diversified Technologies Group AS8005 SUNLINK1 - SunLink AS8006 SYSCI - Systems & Software Consortium, Inc. AS8007 Servicios Administrados MEXIS S.A. de C.V. AS8009 TRANSAMERICA - Transamerica Telecommunications Corporation AS8010 DIGICON-CORP - Digicon Corporation AS8011 AS8011 - CoreComm - Voyager, Inc. AS8012 PERSHING - Pershing LLC AS8013 TELUS-AS-8013 - TELUS Communications Inc. AS8014 BATELNET - Bahamas Telecommunications Corporation AS8015 VISI-AS - Vector Internet Services, Inc. AS8016 VRIS-8016 - Verizon Internet Services Inc. AS8017 VRIS-8017 - Verizon Internet Services Inc. AS8018 VEL-AS - Velocity Networks, Inc. AS8019 ORCALINK - Orca Networking Technologies AS8020 CAVECOMM-ASN - Cave Communications AS8021 PCNET - Paradigm Communications Inc. AS8022 WTNET - World Trade Network, Inc. AS8023 CASTLES - Castles Information Network AS8024 Centro de Investigaciones Biologicas del Noroeste AS8025 BRIGHTOK-AS - OKFive, Inc. AS8026 EMPRESA COLOMBIANA DE PETROLEOS, ECOPETROL AS8027 GBLNAPSBOSMIX - Global NAPs Inc. AS8028 PROAXIS - ProAxis Communications, Inc. AS8029 MSERVE-AS - Microserve, Inc. AS8030 WORLDNET5-10 - AT&T WorldNet AS8031 WORLDNET5-10 - AT&T WorldNet AS8032 WORLDNET5-10 - AT&T WorldNet AS8033 WORLDNET5-10 - AT&T WorldNet AS8034 WORLDNET5-10 - AT&T WorldNet AS8035 WORLDNET5-10 - AT&T WorldNet AS8036 UTULSA-AS - The University of Tulsa AS8038 QTI - Quest Technologies, Inc. AS8039 CCC-ASN-1 - Cinergy Communications Company AS8040 MMD - MMD Entertainment, LLC AS8041 ATW - EarthReach Communications, LLC AS8042 WCS - Wickberg Consulting Services AS8044 SELECT-AS - Select Ticketing Systems Inc. AS8045 EMIMUSICPUB-NY - EMI Music Publishing AS8046 NAPANET - NapaNet AS8047 GCI - GCI Communications, Inc. AS8048 CANTV Servicios, Venezuela AS8049 POL-AS - Productivity OnLine AS8050 DNC-AS - Direct NET Communications AS8051 NXS - Dataworld's Net-Express AS8052 SCRR-8052 - Road Runner HoldCo LLC AS8053 Eldish Marketing, C.A. AS8054 Ticsa AS8055 Value4Net do Brasil Servicos de Informatica Ltda AS8056 Internet Comunicaciones, c.a. AS8057 VISIONNET - Vision Net, Inc. AS8058 TEXAS-COMMUNICATIONS-ISPDONE - Texas Communications, Inc. AS8059 ASN-BWAY - Outernet, Inc. AS8060 BELLSOUTH-NET-BLK3 - Bellsouth.Net AS8061 BELLSOUTH-NET-BLK3 - Bellsouth.Net AS8062 BELLSOUTH-NET-BLK3 - Bellsouth.Net AS8063 BELLSOUTH-NET-BLK3 - Bellsouth.Net AS8064 UABMC - University of Alabama at Birmingham Medical Center AS8065 EPM Telecomunicaciones S.A. E.S.P. AS8066 Inea Internet S.A. AS8067 WSCNET-AS - Westfield State College AS8068 MICROSOFTEU Microsoft European Data Center AS8069 MICROSOFT-CORP---MSN-AS-BLOCK - Microsoft Corp AS8070 MICROSOFT-CORP---MSN-AS-BLOCK - Microsoft Corp AS8071 MICROSOFT-CORP---MSN-AS-BLOCK - Microsoft Corp AS8072 MICROSOFT-CORP---MSN-AS-BLOCK - Microsoft Corp AS8073 MICROSOFT-CORP---MSN-AS-BLOCK - Microsoft Corp AS8074 MICROSOFT-CORP---MSN-AS-BLOCK - Microsoft Corp AS8075 MICROSOFT-CORP---MSN-AS-BLOCK - Microsoft Corp AS8076 HUD - Housing and Urban Development AS8077 OHIOONLINE - OhioOnline, Inc. AS8078 I-2 - Information Interclear AS8079 NUVOX-REGION3 - NuVox Communications, Inc. AS8080 ZIP2 - ZIP2 CORPORATION AS8081 FTLNET - Ft. Lauderdale Network AS8082 WORLDSITE - Worldsite Networks AS8083 CONGQTLY - Congressional Quarterly AS8085 AMERITRADE - Ameritrade Holding Corp AS8086 PBD-NET - Pacific Bell Directory AS8087 NEUMEDIA - NeuMedia, Inc. AS8088 SRTNET - SRT ENTERPRISES AS8090 ENRON - Enron Corp. AS8091 ICOMS - Internet Commerce Services Corp AS8092 YGNIT - Ygnition Networks, Inc. AS8093 PROFOUND MAID plc AS8094 PUKNET AS8095 NETVALUE - Netvalue, Inc. AS8096 R Computadores AS8098 IFN - Internet Financial Group AS8099 ASN-280 - 280, Inc. AS8101 RTCI-AS - Research Triangle Consultants, Inc. AS8102 FALLON-MPLS - Fallon McElligott AS8103 STATE-OF-FLA - Florida Department of Management Services, Technology Program AS8105 DAKOTACOM - Dakota Communications AS8106 SPRINT97 - Sprint AS8107 SPRINT97 - Sprint AS8108 SPRINT97 - Sprint AS8109 SPRINT97 - Sprint AS8110 SPRINT97 - Sprint AS8111 DALUNIV - Dalhousie University AS8112 VRIS-8112-8115 - Verizon Internet Services Inc. AS8113 VRIS-8112-8115 - Verizon Internet Services Inc. AS8114 VRIS-8112-8115 - Verizon Internet Services Inc. AS8115 VRIS-8112-8115 - Verizon Internet Services Inc. AS8116 GUIDANT - Guidant Corporation AS8117 DRF - Daily Racing Form AS8118 MAAZ-AS - Maaznet Directory Services AS8119 DTN-AS - Data Transmission Network Corporation AS8120 BESTWEB - BestWeb Corporation AS8121 TCH - TCH Network Services AS8122 DQNAS - Duquesne University AS8123 POLYBASE - Polybase AS8124 TUMBLEWEED - Tumbleweed Internet Hub AS8125 CYBERPORTAL-ASN - Cyberport, LLC AS8126 KENTROX - Kentrox Industries, Inc. AS8127 CONNECTEXPRESS - ConnectExpress AS8128 UOL-AS - UOL Publishing, Inc AS8129 CAIWIRELESS - CAI Wireless Systems, Inc. AS8130 INFICAD - Inficad Computing and Design, LLC. AS8131 PEPBOYS - Pep Boys AS8132 ENTEX - ENTEX Information Services AS8133 CYBERCOMCORP - Cybercom Corporation AS8134 UP-NET - Baraga Telephone Company AS8135 TROYST - Troy State University AS8136 IFSI - Internet Financial Systems Inc. AS8137 INFOSEEK2 - Infoseek Corporation AS8138 JADE - Jade Inc. AS8139 RACALDATAGROUP - Racal Data Group AS8140 Instituto Federal Electoral (IFE) AS8141 TBA INFORMATICA LTDA. AS8142 EAGLEQUEST - EagleQuest, Inc. AS8143 4PUBLICOM-AS - Publicom Corp. AS8144 WORLDNOWONLINE - WorldNow Online AS8145 GW - Trans-Atlantic Communications AS8146 GNAC - Global Networking and Computing AS8147 ASERICY - Ericsson Inc. AS8148 TIES - TIES AS8150 MOBILEPS - Mobile Public School System AS8151 Uninet S.A. de C.V. AS8152 BRODERBUND - Broderbund Networks AS8153 NORTELRCH2 - Nortel (Northern Telecom) AS8154 GTC - Gulf Telephone Company AS8155 THE-LINK-MGM - The Link AS8156 INTI - Integrated Network Technologies, Inc. AS8157 INTERNETCONNECTUSA - Internet Connection USA AS8158 LUCENT-WHATS - Lucent Technologies AS8159 KANSASNET - KansasNet / Fox Business Systems AS8160 ROGERS-AS-8160 - Rogers cable AS8161 INSIGHT-AS - Insight Direct USA, Inc. AS8162 IMPULSEGATEWAY - AZ Digital Enterprises, Inc. AS8163 METROTEL REDES S.A. AS8164 JUNO - Juno Online Services, L.P. AS8165 DATABOSS - DataBoss Inc AS8166 PRISMNET - PrismNet Inc. AS8167 TELESC - Telecomunicacoes de Santa Catarina SA AS8168 RAVENET-DE - Ravenet Systems, Inc. AS8169 ACCESSINDY - Ameritech Access Indiana AS8170 MICROAGE - MicroAge Computer Centers, Inc. AS8171 ENET - eNET Inc. AS8172 MTI - MTI Internet Services AS8174 MHPCC-ASNET2 - Maui High Performance Computing Center AS8175 CETLINK - Computer Enhancement Technologies, Inc. AS8176 NETSCAPE-ASN - Netscape AS8177 QADAS - Qadas, Inc. AS8178 AKI S.A. AS8179 SFCU-1 - Stanford Federal Credit Union AS8180 V2-VENTURES-SHUTTER-NET - V2 Ventures, LLC (dba ShutterNet) AS8181 VCINET - Virtual Communications Inc. AS8182 DIGITALRIVER - Digital River, Inc. AS8183 INTERNETSECURE-AS - InternetSecure Inc. AS8184 LAFFITEMORGAN - Laffite Morgan & Assoc AS8185 THAWEB - Terry Hines And Associates AS8186 HPI - High Plains Internet AS8187 ALIANT - Bell Aliant AS8188 BLOOMBERG - Bloomberg Financial Market AS8189 STRATOS - Stratos Internet Group, Inc. AS8190 VIATEL Viatel European Backbone AS8191 WIDOMAKER - Widomaker Communication Services, Inc. AS8192 TMAS ISP Telematika AS AS8193 UZPAK National Data Network Company "UzPAK" AS8194 GOVLVNET Autonomous System AS8195 IONIP ion-ip International Network AS8196 CLARANETDE Claranet Deutschland GmbH AS8197 NeoNet Automomous System AS8198 ARROWHEAD Connection AB AS8199 ERTHPRT-LIC Earthport.com plc, Vaduz, Liechtenstein AS8200 COMMERCIAL-AS Commercial Networks AS8201 EVONET EVONET Belgium NV AS8202 IntraCity LTD AS8203 Goldnet (Bezek Zahav) AS8204 FTA-NET FTA Berlin AS8205 City NetGates Ltd AS8206 JUNIK-RIGA-LV JUNIKNET Autonomous System AS8207 AS8207 PACO Links Int. AS8208 CAMELOT-AS de.teamware AS8209 UPC-NL UPC Netherlands - Autonomous System AS8210 TELENOR Nextbone - Telenor Nordic's international backbone AS8211 Rabobank ICT Autonomous System AS8212 GR-COMPULINK CompuLink Network S.A. AS8213 ARROWHEAD Connection AB AS8214 SEEREN-AL Institute of Informatics and Applied Mathematics AS8215 CASEMA EuroNet Internet BV (formerly Casema) AS8216 Soluziona Autonomous System AS8217 ASN-ENI # ENI S.p.A. - Roma AS8218 NEO-ASN Neo Telecoms AS8219 LEK-TELECOM-AS LEK Telecom Autonomous System AS8220 COLT COLT Telecommunications AS8221 Isabel-Belgium AS8222 NETPLACE netplace Telematic GmbH AS8223 EXITEC-AS Exitec GmbH AS8224 INTERCOM-AS Intercom Network Autonomous System AS8225 ASTELIT-MSK-AS Astelit Autonomous System AS8226 AM-NIC-AS AM NIC AS8227 CODENET-AS CODENET AS AS8228 CEGETEL-AS CEGETEL ENTREPRISES AS8229 KIBERNET-AS KiberNet Ltd. AS8230 KCC Europe AS8231 sunrise, TDC Switzerland AG AS8232 GXS-EUROPE GXS EMEA AS number AS8233 TELIANET-UK TeliaNet UK AS8234 RAI-AS RAI Autonomous system AS8235 TIX-ZH . AS8236 Telia Finland AS8237 DATAWAY-AS dataway GmbH, Zurich, Switzerland AS8238 AT&T VAS IT AS8239 Landsraad Autonomous System AS8240 ASO Autonomous System AS8241 RELLINE-AS Relline JSC. Autonomous System AS8242 AS8243 Active-Net AG AS8244 SPARKLENET Telecom Italia Sparkle AS8245 VIDEOBROADCAST-AS Video-Broadcast GmbH AS8246 GTS-POLSKA-AS GTS Polska Sp. z o.o. AS8247 CALLTRADE-ZURICH Calltrade Carrier Services AG AS8248 GR-EDUNET Greek High-School Internet Network (backbone and access) AS8249 TOTCOM-AS Togliatti Telecom Autonomous System AS8250 ASZETNET Zetnet Services Ltd AS8251 KLFREE-AS Sdruzeni Klfree.net AS8252 ANS UK Ltd. AS8253 DUTHNET-AS Democritus University of Thrace Network AS8254 AS-DINX DINX GmbH AS8255 EURO-INFORMATION EUROINFORMATION AS8256 LODMAN-AS Metropolitan Area Network LODMAN AS8257 VIAPVT-SK-AS Slovanet, a.s. AS8258 VISTI-NET-AS ElVisti Information Center AS8259 D2DIRECT-AS D2 Direct Internet Provider AS8260 NS-AS Networks Services AS8261 Archway S.r.l. Autonomous System AS8262 LIREXNET-AS LIREX NET Ltd AS8263 PORTAL Portal Autonomous System AS8264 TELENOR Telenor Slovakia, IP network AS8265 FASTNET-BKB FASTnet s.p.a. AS8266 NEXUSTEL Nexus Telecommunications AS8267 CYFRONET-AS Metropolitan Area Network Autonomous System AS8268 AS-TSC AS8269 GLOBAL-ONE-PORTUGAL AS8270 RBA-AS Raiffeisenbank Serbia a.d. AS8271 CH-IBS-AS8271 . AS8272 NETSCALIBUR-UK Netscalibur UK AS8273 ERTELE-AS Energi Randers Tele A/S AS8274 ALPES-NETWORKS-GIX-AS ALPES NETWORKS TECHNOLOGY AS8275 KERSZOV-COM-AS Kerszov Computer Ltd. AS8276 ROGUEPACKET Roguepacket Networks AS8277 AS8278 TUC-AS Technical University of Crete - Autonomous System AS8279 ASSE-AS Alternative Secondary School for Economics AS8280 SYNAPSECOM-AS SYNAPSECOM S.A AS8281 MFA-AS HELLENIC REPUBLIC - MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS AS8282 FIDONET FidoNet Registration Services Ltd AS8283 COLOCLUE-AS Netwerkvereniging Coloclue, Amsterdam, Netherlands AS8284 Global One Communications AS8285 Versia / EUnet Latvia Autonomous System AS8286 ACI-AS ACI Automous System AS8287 TELECOMZEM-AS TELECOMZEM AS8288 NEXTRA-SK-AS2 NEXTRA SK, Tranzit AS AS8289 DATAPHONE | Dataphone Communication Networks | AS8290 EntryNET Autonomous System AS8291 RSNET-AS RSNET Autonomous System AS8292 ANS-UK-AS ANS UK Ltd AS8293 SEQUENZA Alpikom Spa AS8294 FORNAX Ltd. AS8295 PIRAEUS-CS-AS Piraeus Banka A.D. Beograd AS8296 EMAP-AS EMAP AS8297 GIEUROPE Teleglobe America Inc. AS8298 GRH IPv6 Ghost Route Hunter Project AS8299 INFOTEL-AS INFOTEL Network Autonomous System AS8300 TEST-AS Swisscom Ltd AS8301 GIBTELECOMNET GIBTELECOM (ISP) AS8302 ZATTOO Zatto Inc. AS8303 Westdeutscher Rundfunk Koeln AS8304 AS8304 ECRITEL Company AS8305 INSAT Autonomous System AS8306 AS8307 SI. S-NET Autonomous System AS8308 NASK-COMMERCIAL NASK AS8310 PacWan AS8311 REDESTEL Redestel Networks S.L. AS8312 ZYLON-AS ASN for Zylon AS8313 SPARKNET SparkNet AS AS8314 LRYTAS Autonomous System AS8315 ARGEWEB-AS Argeweb B.V. AS8316 Telenor Czech Republic AS8317 NETACCESS-AS SC Netaccess SRL AS8318 VALCEM AS AS8319 NETHINKS-AS NETHINKS GmbH AS8320 LUCKYNET LuckyNet Israel AS8321 AS-ALARMIX ALARMIX Hungary AS8322 TDC TDC A/S AS8323 CYFRONET-AS2 Metropolitan Area Network Autonomous System AS8324 URC-AS South Ural Regional FREEnet AS8325 YARSU-AS Yaroslavl Regional FREEnet AS8326 PL-BYDMAN-EDU Educational Users AS8327 IXPRIME IXPrime Autonomous System AS8328 Athena 2000 AS AS8329 ASN-ATS ATS-Link - Finital Informatica AS8330 LONAP LoNAP - Neutral peering point AS8331 RINET-AS Cronyx Plus Ltd (RiNet ISP) Autonomous System AS8332 AS8333 NEXTRA-AT Nextra Telekom GmbH (AT) & customers AS8334 CO-2COM-AS 2COM Co ltd. AS8335 Global One Greece AS8336 Federal Node of RUNNET in Kemerovo State University AS8337 GISP-AS Private Company GISP AS8338 EQUANTRO Equant Romania AS AS8339 KABSI-AS Kabelsignal AG AS8340 US-EMB-KIEV Autonomous System AS8341 QUICKNET MultiKabel QuickNet Netherlands AS8342 RTCOMM-AS RTComm.RU Autonomous System AS8343 DORIS-AS DOnbass Regional Information System AS8345 DSIJSC-AS DSI Autonomous system AS8346 SONATEL-AS Autonomous System AS8347 IsraCom Autonomous System AS8348 SONERARUS Sonera Russia Internet Services AS8349 IPI-UA AS8350 COMBELLGA-AS OAO COMBELLGA Autonomous System AS8351 PLANET-DE AS for PLANET IC GmbH AS8352 AS8352 IAC ISP AS8353 InteS Autonomous System AS8354 TWINWAVE-AS Twinwave ISP AS8355 PSINet Europe AS8356 NEOTEL-UK Neo-Tel Limited, Cambridge, UK AS8357 NEXTRA-HUNGARY-AS AS for Nextra Hungary / Pronet-Inc Kft. AS8358 INTERWARE-AS InterWare Autonomus System AS8359 COMSTAR COMSTAR-Direct Moscow region network AS8360 Dresdner Bank AS8361 UBISOFT-AS Ubisoft AS8362 NordNet Autonomous System AS8363 KOCUNIV-AS KOCUNI-AS Autonomous System AS8364 POZMAN-COM AS8365 MANDA MANDA AS8367 PerytNET Autonomous System AS8368 BENESOL-BACKBONE Belgian Network Solutions B.V.B.A AS8369 INTERSVYAZ-AS Intersvyaz-2 JSC Autonomous System AS8370 AS-ARIPPS ARIPPS NETWORK AS8371 KIS-ADS Business Communication Agency AS8372 COLT-UK-AS COLT Internet UK Access Network. AS8373 DEUBA-NET Deutsche Bank AG AS8374 PLUSNET Polkomtel S.A. AS8375 KDD Deutschland Autonomous System AS8376 GO-JOR Autonomous System AS8377 PETERLINK-AS PETERLINK Autonomous System AS8378 DomiNet Autonomous System AS8379 CYBERNET-AG Cybernet AG German-wide Network AS8380 AS8381 ASN-METROPOLIS # AS-METROPOLIS CONVERTED TO ASN-METROPOLIS FOR RPSL COMPLIANCE Metropolis srl AS8382 IRTEL-AS Irkutsk Central Telegraph autonomous system AS8383 CMC-AS Currency Management Corporation Plc - PIPEX Multi-homed customer AS8384 I.S.A.R AS AS8385 UUNET-SWEDEN-AS UUNET Sweden Autonomous System AS8386 KOCNET KOCNET-AS AS8387 T-SYSTEMS-AT T-Systems Austria GesmbH AS8388 DOLNET Lambrakis Press Organization S.A. autonomous system AS8389 STVOICE Sabanci Telekom A.S. AS8390 TPN-AS Telecom Partners Network Ltd. AS8391 Knipp Medien und Kommunikation GmbH AS8392 Matrix and Intertorg Technologies Autonomous System AS8393 NEWTECH-AS "ASTEL" OJSC AS8394 ALFANETT Alfanett Autonomous System AS8395 EAST-AS East Telecom ISP Autonomous system AS8396 TEE-GR Technical Chamber of Greece AS8397 NJETNET NJET.NET AS8398 Tver Region Center of Informatization AS8399 ORNIS-AS ORNIS AS8400 TELEKOM-AS "TELEKOM SRBIJA" a.d. AS8401 MAILBOX Mailbox Internet UK Network AS8402 CORBINA-AS Corbina telecom AS8403 TIX-AS TIX (Thessaloniki Internet Exchange) AS8404 CABLECOM Cablecom GmbH AS8405 SWA Werbeagentur AS8406 AS8406 PIPEX Communications AS8407 NetMatters UK Network AS8408 AS for MediaConnect SA AS8409 IITP-AS Institute for Information Transmission Problems AS8410 NIR-AS JSC NovInvestRezerv AS8411 Omsk Regional Autonomous System AS8412 TMA T-Mobile Austria GmbH AS8413 RITANET-AS RITAnet Autonomous System AS8414 ITUnet AS - network for International AS8415 ASN-SATKO SATKO Telekomunikasyon Yonetimi A.S. AS8416 INFOLINE-AS Autonomous System for Infoline, Ltd. AS8417 INTEREURONET Inter.Euro.Net Hungary Ltd. AS8418 Global Dial IP Network AS8419 HOTCHILLI Hotchilli Internet Limited AS8420 ULAKNET AS8421 ALTOHIWAY Opal Ltd - Now Part of Opal (Solutions Division) AS8422 NETCOLOGNE NETCOLOGNE AS AS8423 Netcable - Trademark AS8424 KEYWORLD-AS AS Number for Keyworld Ltd. (Malta) AS8425 TVNET-HUNGARY TVNET Autonomus System AS8426 CLARANET-AS ClaraNET AS8427 Magnitogorsk Informational Center AS8428 AS8429 TIKS-AS TIKS Autonomous System AS8430 ALMA-MEDIA-ALMATY-AS Alma-Media Almaty Autonomous System AS8431 AS8431 TEA Internet Service Provider AS8432 CDEDIE-AS C-DEDIE, Internet Services AS8433 ExxonMobil Internet operations AS8434 TELENOR-SE Telenor AB AS8435 Lloyds TSB Group plc AS8436 UPCHU UPC Magyarorszag Kft. AS8437 UTA-AS UTA.AT Backbone AS8438 AS8439 AISTNET AIST Autonomous System AS8440 SNCNET-AS SNC Autonomus System AS8441 GARANTSERVICE-AS Garant Service, Moscow, Russia AS8442 SWOL DIG GmbH AS8443 SKHDSV-AS Autonomous System for Sakhalin branch AS8444 21ST-CENTURY-NET AS8445 SALZBURG-AG-AS SALZBURG AG Autonomous System AS8446 TELEWORLD AS8447 TELEKOM-AT Telekom Austria AutonomousSystem AS8448 PGSM-HU Pannon GSM Telecommunications Inc. AS8449 AS8449-ELCAT ElCat LTD, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan AS8450 FH-WORMS Fachhochschule Worms AS8451 Verisat Autonomous System AS8452 TEDATA TEDATA AS8453 PLUSNET-AS8453 Plusnet GIS Autonomous System AS8454 temp unassigned AS8455 temp unassigned AS8456 Bogazici University Autonomous System AS8457 ABCnet Autonomous System AS8458 BLUENET-AS Blue Net SC AS Number AS8459 NETIA Autonomous System AS8460 VUN-AS Vivendi Universal AS8461 ASN-TEX-KYIV Trade-Express Inc. AS8462 CORYNET1 CORYNET Autonomous System AS8463 SSB Autonomos System AS8464 MAINGATE-AS Wireless Maingate Nordic AS AS8465 TU-VARNA Technical University of Varna AS8466 BILKENT Bilkent AS8467 Bilkent AS8468 ENTANET ENTANET International Ltd AS8469 PIRONETNDH-AS PIRONET NDH AG AS8470 MACOMNET MAcomnet Autonomous System AS8471 KANRIT JSC KANRIT autonomous system AS8472 VIAG-INTERKOM BT (Germany) IPv6 Network AS8473 BAHNHOF Bahnhof AB AS8474 AS8474 Riscom AS AS8475 Bashkir State University AS AS8476 BVDEP-AS BVDEP Autonomous System AS8477 ECHOSTARPL-AS ZTS Echostar Studio Poznan Poland AS8478 Telenor Nextel AS8479 SGN/97 (Scandinavian Gigabit Network -97) AS8480 USATU-AS USATU Autonomous System AS8481 TRANSNET transnet INTERNET Services AS8482 DEMOS-SPB Demos-SPb Autonomous System AS8483 IAE Autonomous System AS8484 SMP-STAR-INTERNET AS8485 SAMSC-AS SamSC RAS AS8486 BNK-AS Baltnetos Komunikacijos, UAB AS8487 PHIBEE Phibee & Phibee Telecom AS AS8488 Escortnet's Autonomous System AS8489 PORTAL-TO-WEB portal-to-web.de AS8490 VERAT-AS-2 Verat Autonomous System AS8491 BSH-AS Business Sviaz Inc. AS8492 OBIT-AS Obit Telecommunications Autonomous System AS8493 URBANET Urbanet SA - A Cablecom company AS8494 AS for Decathlon AS8495 INTERNIC INTERNIC GmbH Frankfurt-Munich-Stuttgart-Berlin AS8496 Telesoft Russia AS8497 TRANSEO Autonomous System AS8498 CITYLINE-AS Cityline AS8499 Space Hellas Network Operation Center (NOC) AS8500 NTS-NET AS8501 PIONIER-AS PIONIER, National Research and Education Network in Poland AS8502 CCC Autonomous System AS8503 PCNET PCNET Data Network S.A. AS8504 NEVALINK-AS Nevalink Autonomous System AS8505 TRNET TR.NET Autonomous System Number AS8506 Irkutsk Scientific Center SB RAS AS8507 LANIT Autonomous System AS8508 SILWEB Autonomous System - Educational AS8509 ALTECTELECOMS ALTEC TELECOMS Autonomous System AS8510 Tomsk town Educational and Scientific network AS8511 AS8511-AI ASIAINFO Autonomous System AS8512 SULINET-AS AS8513 SKYVISION SkyVision Network Services AS8514 INODE UPC Austria GmbH AS8515 DATAFORCE-AS DataForce AS8516 TELIANET-LITHUANIA TeliaNet Lithuania AS8517 ULAKNET ULAKNET-ASN AS8518 RFERL Radio Free Europe AS8519 ESA-MOSNET ESA OPSNET-INTRANET AS8520 DUNKEL Systemberatung Axel Dunkel GmbH AS8521 Fachhochschule Fulda, Germany AS8522 FORTH-AS FORTH Autonomous System AS8523 BASEFARM-SE-ASN Basefarm AB. Stockholm - Sweden AS8524 eg-auc AS8525 COUNCIL EDV- und Management- AS8526 TDC TDC Solutions A/S AS8527 INTERNETFR Internet Fr AS www.internet-fr.net (France) AS8528 RENAULT RENAULT Autonomous System AS8529 OMANTEL-AS Oman Telecommunications Company - OmanTel AS8530 EXCELL Excell Business Systems AS8531 UNI-SB autonomous system AS8532 TELIANET-ECUADOR TeliaNet Ecuador AS8533 NETSTATE-AS NetState Communications AS8534 INFOSKY-AS InfoSky - Informatika a.d. AS8535 AGORA Agora TC sp.z o.o. Autonomus System AS8536 ASN-QWERTYNET QwertyNet - Public Internet Access Provider AS8537 Ural NETworks Service Autonomous System AS8538 ILINK-AS iLink Ltd. AS8540 HAPPYNET-AS HAPPYnet Dienstleistungs GmbH AS8541 AIDATANET's Autonomous System AS8542 BKKB BKK Bredbaand Autonomous System AS8543 ASTRA-UNUSED Unused Astra Associates Limited AS AS8544 THUNDERWORX-CYIX ThunderWorx Ltd AS8545 ASN-CDP-SA AS for PL-IX Interconnect AS8546 YOUR-COMMS-UK-AS Your Communications Ltd AS8547 AS8547 Styria IT Solutions GmbH & Co KG AS8548 AS8548 Net Northwest AS8549 LHSYSTEMS-AS Lufthansa Systems AS8550 LONAP-MLP LoNAP Multilateral Peering Route Reflector AS8551 BEZEQ-INTERNATIONAL-AS Bezeqint Internet Backbone AS8552 DNEPROPETROVSK core router AS8553 AVENSYS Avensys Networks Ltd AS8554 ATSAT TAS France / ATSAT Autonomous System AS8555 ASFX FX Internet SA AS8556 Mordovian State University Autonomous System AS8557 ELKATEL-AS ELKATEL ISP AS8558 BNET's Autonomous System AS8559 WELLCOM BNET Datahighway AS8560 ONEANDONE-AS 1&1 Internet AG AS8561 Internet provider in the Rhein-Ruhr area AS8562 DIS-AS Telekom Austria AG AS8563 DIRECTNET-AS-8563 DirectNet Autonomous System AS8564 Raiffeisen Verband Suedtirol AS8565 BLUEGIX BLUEGIX Autonomous System AS8566 ASN-ULISSE # AS-ULISSE CONVERTED TO ASN-ULISSE FOR RPSL COMPLIANCE ULISSE-NET Autonomous System AS8567 ETSI Autonomous System AS8568 PROVIDER Local Registry AS8569 Metro AG AS8570 Public Data Network of Lipetsk region AS8571 NETX NetX AS AS8572 RACL RACL Internet Services AS8573 INTERNETGR-AS Internet Hellas Autonomous System AS8575 WINWEB Winweb International Limited AS8576 CW-ASPAC Cable & Wireless AS8577 RACKAGE Rackage Ltd AS8578 GAD-VRNETZE GAD / VR NETZE AS8579 Network of TiszaneT Corp. and AS8580 SANDY Companys Group "Sandy" AS8581 UOI University of Ioannina AS8582 SUPPORTNET-AS Support Net bv AS8583 AS8584 BARAK Netvision 013 Barak - Barak Network AS8585 INTERNET-CG Internet Crna Gora AS8586 REDNET-AS REDNET Ltd AS8587 Support Net NL AS8588 SVIANED AS8589 Autonomous System of AS8590 BMW AG AS8591 AMIS Amis AS8592 MSUNET IMT-Center AS8593 Global One Czech Republic AS8594 OMSKELECOM Omsk region Electric Communications Joint Stock Comp. AS8595 WESTCALL-AS Autonomous System of WestCall Ltd. and customers AS8596 HOTZE-AS hotze.com AS8597 IC-ISU Autonomous System AS8598 PPC SA/FREE-WAY AS8599 Ulyanovsk State University Network AS8600 Tula State University Internet Centre AS8601 Telnet Ltd. Automnomous System AS8602 COMPAQ EMEA GE AS AS8603 QUARTA Autonomius System AS8604 Academy Network Solution AS AS8605 LANET University of Latvia and LANET (Latvian Academic Network) AS8606 Chita REGION AS8607 Atlas Internet Autonomous System AS8608 QINIP XB Networks B.V. AS8609 UCP-PORTUGAL AS8610 DOETSCH-ASN Marco Doetsch AS8611 Athens University of Economics and Business AS8612 TISCALI-IT Tiscali Italia SpA. AS8613 ICM-NETSERV-UK-AS ICM NetServ Internet Network AS AS8614 ITC-AS ITC Autonomous Sistem AS8615 CNT-AS CNT Autonomous System AS8616 Brouwer ICT Services AS8617 University of the Aegean AS8618 Ionion University AS8619 Garant-Service Krasnoyarsk AS8620 Computel sro Autonomous System Number AS8621 PARIX Paris Internet eXchange Autonomous System AS8622 ISIONUK Formerly NetDirect Internet Ltd AS8623 UNN-AS Nizhny Novgorod State University AS8624 TENUE-AS Tenue Oy Autonomous System AS8625 AS8626 R.I.T.A. authonomous system AS8627 AS8627 Mediascape Communications AG (former TRANSMEDIA GmbH) AS8628 DREAMTEAM Autonomous System AS8629 MCNTT-AS MCNTT Autonomous System AS8630 CHUVSU ChuvSU Autonomous System AS8631 Routing Arbiter for AS8632 Luxembourg Online S.A. AS8633 Warsaw University Autonomous System AS8634 SOLARIS-AS Solaris Autonomous System AS8635 HP-EUROPE-AS-BRINX HP-BRINX Automonous System AS8636 MAXNET-AS Autonomous System for AS8637 DPI Autonomous System AS8638 ASTROPOLYS AS Citykom Muenster GmbH AS8639 SURATNET's Autonomous System AS8640 ZFS-GROUP ZURICH-CH-AS ( Zurich Financial Services Group ) AS8641 TELECORE-AS TeleCore network Autonomous System AS8642 B2 B2 Bredband AB (publ) AS8643 ATHENANET Academic and Research Network in the Region AS8644 KPNBELGIUM KPN Belgium AS8645 Business Informational Systems Technology LTD. AS8646 SCOBS! Connect Autonomous System AS8647 EXFLOYT-AS Exfloyt ISP AS8648 KAMP-DE KAMP Netzwerkdienste GmbH AS8649 Broadnet mediascape communications AG AS8650 TALKLINE Talkline GmbH, Internet Division AS8651 MUSI Mitsubishi UFJ Securities International plc AS8653 AS8654 CRIMEAINFOCOM-AS CrimeaInfocom AS AS8655 ADJACENT Adjacent Networks AS8656 PSINETEUROPE UK Customers - Special Project AS8657 CPRM CPRM Autonomous System AS8658 SITE Company Autonomous System AS8659 AS8659 UNICC AS8660 MATRIX-AS Matrix S.p.A. AS8661 PTK PTK IP Network AS8662 Joint-Stock Company Lenenergo AS8663 KUBANNET Kuban Regional Network for Education and Science AS8664 ICM-PL ICM - Interdisciplinary Centre for Modelling AS8665 ACCESSPEOPLE-DE accesspeople GmbH AS8666 MAV INFORMATIKA KFT. AS8667 UBS AS8668 TELONE-AS TelOne Zimbabwe P/L AS8669 TOTALWEBSOLUTIONS Total Web Solutions Ltd AS8670 UTIC_AUTONOMUS_SYSTEM UTIC AS=20 AS8671 MCI Italia S.p.A. Autonomous System AS8672 ORBITEL Orbitel Ltd. Autonomous system Number AS8673 BUSINESSONLINEAG BusinessOnline AG, German ISP AS8674 NETNOD-IX Netnod Internet Exchange Sverige AB AS8675 AS_TULATEL Tulatelecom's Commercial IP Network AS8676 PRTSYSTEMS PRT Systems Ltd AS8677 AS_AWL-FR Atos Worldline France Autonomous System AS8678 Ankara Universitesi Rektorlugu AS8679 SWAN SWAN,a.s. AS8680 Cable & Wireless Channel Island Network AS8681 JERSEY-TELECOM-AS Jersey Telecom Island Network AS8682 UKIP-PRIVATE UKIP (Internet Consultants) Limited AS8683 NOMINET Nominet UK AS8684 PSU-AS Russia, Perm State University AS8685 DORUKNET DorukNet Istanbul / Turkey AS8686 SYSONLINE System Online Ltd AS8687 PPP-AS Pelikan & Partner AS8688 Techno Link Autonomous System AS8689 POWERNETUK Power Internet Ltd. AS8690 COMINT Alkar Teleport Communications Network AS8691 RISP-AS OJSC Rinet ISP AS8692 BRZ BUNDESRECHENZENTRUM-AS AS8693 AIC-AS Azov Information Company Autonomous System AS8694 Elan ltd. AS8695 WEBDOOR Webdoor - Content and Service Provider AS8696 INVITEL INVITEL Telecommunications AS8697 JTC-AS8697 Jordan Telecom AS8698 Nationwide Building Society AS8699 DOMINO Autonomous System AS8700 TECHNOLOGICAL EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE (T.E.I.) OF LARISSA AS8701 FCTNETAS First Container Terminal SPb. AS8702 Posten Sverige AB AS8703 EDS-CH-AS1 EDS-CH Autonomous System AS8704 CHEL-IX-AS Routing Arbiter for AS8705 TNN Turk Nokta Net Autonomous System AS8706 ATAC-NET Atac-NET Autonomous System AS8708 RDSNET RCS & RDS S.A. AS8709 CW-HOSTING Cable & Wireless AS8710 AS8711 MAGTEL-AS Magistral Autonomous System AS8712 Common autonomus system AS8713 MLIFENET Autonomous System AS8714 LINX-ROUTESRV For use with the LINX Route Servers AS8715 ERNSTYOUNG-NL-AS Ernst & Young Nederland AS8716 iXguardian Ltd AS8717 SPECTRUMNET Spectrum NET AS8718 Datastream International AS8719 DSU-AS Dniepropetrovsk State University AS8720 INTERWARE Autonomous System AS8721 AS-HGMNET AS8722 Pro.Net. Autonomous System AS8723 INTEGRA-AS Integra Seevia Media AS8724 MICROLINKLATVIA MICROLINK LATVIA Autonomous System AS8725 Logitech Autonomous System AS8726 KKI-BCI-AS KKI-BCI Sp. z o.o. AS8727 ADACTA-AS Adacta Software Ljubljana AS8728 INFONET.EE ISP Autonomous System AS8729 Credit Suisse AS8730 KRASU Autonomous System AS8731 ASN-SGH SGH mbH Internet Division AS8732 COMCOR-AS AS for Moscow Telecommunication Corporation (COMCOR) AS8733 CHELLO-BELGIUM UPC Belgium - Chello Belgium AS8734 MTI-ECO AS8735 ITELLIUM-NUERNBERG ITELLIUM System&Service GmbH AS8736 GNS Grapes Network Services AS8737 PT KPN Internet Solutions AS8738 VISA-ISRAEL-AS Visa Cal Israel AS8739 ICDSOFT ICDSoft AS8740 Keops InfoCentre AS8741 ECORE AS - ecore Kommunikations AG AS8742 AKBANK AKBANK Autonomous System AS8743 AS8743 PIPEX Communications AS8744 STARTTELECOM-AS starttelecom.ru AS8745 AS-BG-BAS BASNET autonomous system Bulgaria AS8746 Caisse des Depots AS8747 INWAYCZ InWay CZ IP Network AS8748 UNIVERSITY KARLSKRONA/RONNEBY AS AS8749 REDCOM-AS Redcom, Khabarovsk, Russia AS8750 Profi.Net USA AS8751 MEDIASAT Media Sat S.A. AS8752 ASVT-NETWORK RusSDO Autonomous System AS8753 AS8754 Sicilia On Line Autonomous System AS8755 CITYLINESPB-AS CityLine-SPb Autonomous System AS8756 RADIO-MSU RADIO-MSU AS AS8757 ACCESS11 Access 11 Ltd. (UK) AS8758 DOLPHINS Interway Communication GmbH AS8759 LEOSOFT IT Center AKA LeoSoft AS8760 ENERGIS-IRELAND Energis Ireland Backbone Network AS8761 RETEVISION-AS RETENET Autonomous System AS8762 TEI-OF-CRETE-AS Technological Educational Institute of Crete AS8763 DENIC-AS DENIC eG AS8764 TEOLTAB TEO LT AB Autonomous System AS8765 Teleweb, Comunicaзхes Interactivas SA. AS8766 SGH-PL Szkola Glowna Handlowa w Warszawie (SGH) AS8767 MNET-AS M-net AS AS8768 WorldCom S.p.A. AS8769 Calcol Informatica S.r.l. AS8770 UNSPECIFIED AS8771 YUNET-AS YUnet International AS8772 UCP-CRP Autonomous System AS8773 AS8773 EDN Sovintel Autonomous System AS8774 ETYPE Etype Company, Kaliningrad, Russia AS8775 ICMM Institute of Continuous Media Mechanics AS8776 ANS UK peering AS AS8777 KOCNET-AS AS8778 SLOVANET Slovanet, a.s. AS8779 INFOCOM-KM KhmelnitskINFOCOM AS8780 Caen lix AS8781 QA-ISP Qatar Telecom (Q-Tel) AS8782 GIGABELL-HISPANIA Gigabell Hispania AS8783 AS8784 AS8784 Matra Global Netservices AS8785 AS8786 TELENOR-MOBIL NO-TELENOR-MOBIL Autonomous System AS8787 THALESIS THALES Information Systems GmbH AS8788 ADAMANT Adamant ISP autonomous System AS8789 AS8790 PSU-NET Autonomous System AS8791 DMG-UK-AS AS8792 ASVNET Axel Springer Verlag AG AS8793 IRONMAN-ASN Sven Eisenmann AS8794 FAZ Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung AS8795 MOBIKOM MOBIKOM RTC Ltd. AS8796 CALLIGRAFIX Autonomous System AS8797 MMC_LTD_AS MMC Ltd. AS8798 PAGI-AS Powszechna Agencja Informacyjna PAGI S.A. AS8799 AS8799 21 IMCN - IP Service Provider AS8800 TVK Ltd. AS8801 Autonomous System of Darest Informatic AS8802 Reuters AS8803 MIGROS Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund AS8804 REGIO-AS regio[.NET] Holding GmbH, Bahnhofstr. 8, 36157 Ebersburg AS8805 ASN-ISC-DE iSC internet Service Center GmbH AS8806 BUHIX-RNC RNC Services and Internet Exchange Point AS8807 TISCALIDK Tiscali Denmark Autonomous System AS8808 INTECH INTECH Autonomous system AS8809 ASN-OGILVY Ogilvy & Mather Reklamcilik AS8811 Netwarehouse central location AS8812 NMPWFL Nokia Mobile Phones Wireless Future Laboratory AS8813 DCS-EUROCOM-AS DCS-EuroCom ISP AS AS8814 AZERIN AZERIN Autonomous System AS8815 CUBECOM Cubecom S.p.A. AS8816 IT-STCOM Metrolink AS c/o It.Stcom AS8817 OKNO KC-OKHO Autonomous System AS8818 TELE Greenland Autonomous System AS8819 PL-METROINTERNET METRO INTERNET AS8820 TAL-DE TAL.DE Klaus Internet Service GmbH AS8821 TELEZUG Telezug AG AS8822 TIPS-ENG Autonomous System AS8823 AUTONOMOUSSYSTEMROCKENSTEINAG ROCKENSTEIN AS - rockenstein AG AS8824 BROADNETPT Broadnet Portugal (ITNET) AS8825 NURSAT-REGIONS-AS Nursat Regions AS8826 Siemens Autonomous System AS8827 WEB-DESIGN-AS wds New Media GmbH AS8828 ru.burnet Autonomous system AS8829 PHPOY-AS PHPOY IPP AS AS8830 UNET-AS-MK UNET-MKD Autonomous System AS8831 FINANSBANK FINANSBANK A.S. AS8832 Reliable-Access.Net Autonomous System AS8833 ASGPS AS8833 is operated by: AS8834 RESMAN Urzad Miasta Rzeszowa - Resman AS8835 Redbus Management Systems AS8836 KDD France Autonomous System AS8837 TELIANET-PERU TeliaNet Peru AS8838 ALICE Alice Networks/QiX Limited AS8839 SDV-AS SdV Plurimedia AS8840 BT Internet Services AS8841 AS8841 Taide US AS8842 PIMS UK Ltd AS8843 FINECOM-MPLS Finecom Telecommunications AG AS8844 COMMUNITY Community Internet plc AS8845 AS8846 ASN-TCO Telecommunication Center Ostankino, Moscow, Russia AS8847 NOVITECH Autonomous System AS8848 CFT-AS CFT Autonomous system AS8849 URBIS-AS Urbis Computer Communications AS8850 Centre for Civil-Military Relations AS8851 INWEB Inweb Networks UK-AS AS8852 AS8853 KORSTON-AS Korston Hotel AS8854 PAS AS AS8855 ASN-PROMO Promotion Digitale srl AS8856 UKRNET UkrNet Ltd AS8857 ENERGY Autonomous System AS8858 EUROIP - SOFT Internet Provider AS8859 OSN OSN Online Service Nuernberg GmbH AS8860 DIRBG-AS Business Data AS8861 WIREUSA Wirehub! Internet USA network AS8862 TRIATON Triaton GmbH AS8863 KyrNet AS AS8864 QSC-BREMEN QSC AG Niederlassung Bremen AS8865 BIAMAN-AS BIAMAN AS8866 BTC-AS Bulgarian Telecommunication Company Plc. AS8867 TEHILA-AS Government of Israel - Tehila project AS8868 GORDION YEDEK NUMARASI AS8869 SBS-AS2 SIMKO Telekomunikasyon Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd. Sti. AS8870 DATAXATA-AS TOV Data-Xata AS8871 CSI-NETWORKS CSI Limited AS8872 IBB Autonomous System AS8873 AS8873 IP4EVER EXPERIENCE AS8874 AS for Ferri AS8875 SDV Server Services GmbH AS8876 Global One Turkey IP Network AS8877 BOLBG-AS BOL.BG Autonomous System AS8878 MUC-DE MUC.DE e.V. - Individual Network, section Munich AS8879 DTS-SERVICE DTS-Service Autonomous System AS8880 AII-AS0 AII/Capital IT Network AS8881 VERSATEL Versatel Global Network AS8882 COMTAT2-AS Comtat Inc. Autonomous System AS8883 UBS AS8884 CRIBISNET S.p.A. AS8885 LAMBDANET-DE-AS Lambdanet AS for Access Customers AS8886 PSESA-AS Polish Electroenergetic Networks AS8887 AS8888 COMTAT-AS Comtat Inc. Autonomous System AS8889 INNOVATE-AS Innovate Autonomous System Number AS8890 OCHOTA Ochota Campus Network, Warsaw, Poland AS8891 AS for Echo AS8892 AS8893 ARTFILES-AS Artfiles New Media GmbH AS8894 NICE-AS Nice Systems AS8895 ISU-RUH KACST/ISU Riyadh Autonomous System AS8896 NetPower International AS AS8897 MISTRAL Mistral Internet Group Limited AS8898 Roche Diagnostics GmbH AS8899 FOLZ f o l z . communication & networks GmbH AS8900 Global One Hungary Internet and extranet provider network AS8901 Moscow Mayor's Office AS8902 IFB Internet For Business Limited AS8903 AS8903 BT ESPAСA, COMPAСIA DE SERVICIOS GLOBALES DE TELECOMUNICACIONES, S.A. AS8904 CBRF Autonomous System AS8905 SITEK-AS Sitek Global Network AS8906 Autonomous System Number AS8907 NETIA-TPTRANSIT-AS Netia TPNET Transit AS8908 AS for Wargny AS8909 AMURSU-AS AMURSU Autonomous System AS8910 NETALIA Netalia Internet Ltd. AS8911 CS Informatica Autonomous System AS8912 NETBENEFIT NetBenefit AS8913 IPNET MOPOS IPNet Autonomous System AS8914 Eircom Multimedia Transit Network AS8915 DELFA-AS ISP OOO Company Delfa Autonomous System AS8916 Emirates Telecommunications Corporation AS8917 ASTRA-UNUSED Unused Astra Associates Limited AS AS8918 CARRIER1-AS Carrier1 Autonomous System AS8919 CANAD CANAD Systems Internet AS8920 VTC-AS Vostoktelecom Autonomous System AS8921 FR-OC3NETWORK OC3 Autonomous System AS8922 ASN-TNET T.net Network AS8923 RELSOFT Autonomous System AS8924 IGLOONET ISP IGLOONET O/IGLOO AS8925 TEUTONET-AS teuto.net Netzdienste GmbH AS8926 MOLDTELECOM-AS Moldtelecom Autonomous System AS8927 VESTELNET VESTELNET Autonomous System AS8928 INTEROUTE Interoute Communications Ltd AS8929 Ayscough Travel AS8930 ASN-MEDIAFAX # AS-MEDIAFAX CONVERTED TO ASN-MEDIAFAX FOR RPSL COMPLIANCE Mediafax Autonomous System AS8931 MOLDPAC_AS MOLDPAC S.A. AS8932 AS8933 GTPV6 GEANT IPv6 Test Programme AS8934 National Information Center AS8935 INTOUCH-CS-AS Amsterdam AS8936 ASKUBAN Krasnodar Public Multiprotocol Network Autonomous System AS8937 SALINK-AS Salink Netzwerkgesellschaft AS8938 ENERGIS-IP Energis Polska IP Network AS8939 ADTECH ADTECH AG AS8940 TISCOVER-AT Tiscover AG AS8941 MRSU-AS Mordovian state university AS AS8942 Focus Information Limited AS8943 JUMP Jump Networks Ltd. AS8944 ALEPO-RIPE-AS Alepo Technolgies Ltd AS8946 Grid9 Internet Solutions Autonomous System AS8947 ANADOLUBANK-AS Anadolubank A.S. www.anadolubank.com.tr AS8948 RERIF_ENTREPRISE Autonomous system AS8949 DK Mattocks Ltd AS8950 RegioNET Datentechnik GmbH AS8951 SYZEYXIS-AS SYZEYXIS-NET AS8952 NTT-EUROPE NTT Europe Autonomous System AS8953 ASN-ORANGE-ROMANIA Orange Romania Autonomous System Number AS8954 INTOUCH-AS InTouch Autonomous System AS8956 IFS-NET internet fuer schueler AS8957 KKFNET_TRAFFIC broadnet mediascape dsl services AG AS8958 SODACLUB-AS Sodaclub AS8959 Emirates Internet Exchange GTE Peer router AS8960 Emirates Internet Exchange UUNET Peer router AS8961 Emirates Telecommunications Corporation AS8962 Global One Nordic AS8963 INTRASOFT Autonomous System AS8964 AS8965 POL-AS Polska OnLine Autonomous System AS8966 Emirates Telecommunications Corporation AS8967 EUROBELL Eurobell Internet AS8968 BT Italia (formerly Albacom) AS AS8969 AS8970 WASK WROCMAN-EDU educational part of WASK network, Wroclaw, Poland AS8971 Siemens AG Austria AS8972 INTERGENIA-ASN intergenia autonomous system AS8973 SSVL SSVL Autonomous System AS8974 GALACTICA S.p.A. AS8975 CLARANETFR Claranet France AS8976 ICO Global Communications AS8977 Madhouse Net UK autonomous system AS8978 ASN-HOLYSEE Holy See - Vatican City State AS8979 TELIA-MULTINET Telia Multinet AS8980 MAKI-AS Maki S.r.l. AS8981 VSU-VORONEZH AS8982 SONET-AS AS for Sonet Network Solution AS8983 ALCATEL-AS ALCATEL AS8984 INTERNET5-NET Internet5 AB AS8985 M9-IX AS AS8986 TECHAS-LT UAB Ekvitula ISP AS8987 AMAZON.COM AS8988 ASN-MAGELANNET # AS-MAGELANNET CONVERTED TO ASN-MAGELANNET FOR RPSL COMPLIANCE JSC Magelan, Moscow, Russia AS8989 MIRAINTERNET Mira Internet Autonomous System AS8990 AHRT-AS AHRT-HU AS8991 IMBC Autonomous System AS8992 TELERING-AT T-Mobile Austria GmbH AS8993 Upnet AB AS number AS8994 HLC Telecomunicacoes e Multimedia AS AS8995 Jogback dot Net AS8996 Tele2 Research Network AS8997 ASN-SPBNIT SPBNIT-RU Autonomous System AS8998 TUMTTL-AS Transit Telecom Ltd., Tyumen, Russia AS8999 AXINET-COM AXINET COMMUNICATION Autonomous System AS9000 ESER-ASN ESER-ASN AS9001 AS9003 ALTITUDETELECOM-AS Magellan AS9004 Net Communications Autonomus System AS9005 AS9007 DUF-AS Dumrath & Fassnacht KG (GmbH & Co.) AS9008 AS9008 Visual Online S.A. AS9009 GBXS-AS GlobalaXs Communications AS9010 DE-IESY iesy Hessen GmbH & Co. KG AS9011 Mipex autonomous system AS9012 EUnet LITHUANIA - Autonomous System AS9013 Knoware Autonomous System AS9014 CEFAS AS for CEFAS AS9015 DNTIS Autonomous System AS9016 AS9017 Internet Danmark ApS AS9018 Missing-Link Autonomous System AS9019 DATAGRAMA DATAGRAMA AS AS9020 IESE Fraunhofer Einrichtung Experimentelles Software Engineering AS9021 ISNET ISBANKASI Autonomous System AS9022 TWL-KOM-AS TWL-KOM GMBH AS9023 Oesterreichische Lotterien GmbH AS9024 DRAVANET-AS Dravanet Co Ltd. AS9025 Telekurs Holding AS9026 ULI-MAIN Utility Line Italia S.r.l. AS9027 HH-NET HH Networks AS9028 MEDIANET-AS-BG Medianet Ltd AS9029 ICOR AS9030 DEVCON-AS dev/consulting GmbH AS9031 INTICONET INTICOnet AS9032 EDUNET-AS Educational Network (EduNet) Ltd. AS9033 ECIX-AS European Commercial Internet Exchange AS9034 Wind Telecomunicazioni spa AS9035 ASN-WIND Wind Telecomunicazioni spa AS9036 NEURONNEXION-AS NEURONNEXION SCOP SARL AS9037 NE&T, New Enterprises & Technology S.r.l. AS9038 BAT-AS9038 Batelco Jordan AS9039 IIAT-AS IIAT Autonomous System AS9040 NETHINKS GmbH AS9041 SedNet Autonomous System AS9042 Telekurs Holding AS9043 Pilot Networks Services UK Autonomous System AS9044 SOLNET SolNet Internet Solution Provider AS9045 AS9045 TELE2 EUROPE AS9046 AS9046 TELE2 EUROPE AS9047 AS9047 TELE2 EUROPE AS9048 FreeDot Net AS9049 UUNET-NORWAY-AS UUNET Norway Autonomous System AS9050 RTD RTD-ROMTELECOM Autonomous System Number AS9051 IDM Autonomous System AS9052 Unidad Editorial - El Mundo AS9053 ASN-SIS Securitas Internet Systems GmbH AS9054 AS9054 TELE2 EUROPE AS9055 UUNET Ireland Autonomous System AS9056 PSN-AS Pushchino Research Center of RAS Autonomous System AS9057 LEVEL3 Level 3 Communications AS9058 CHARTWELL-AS Chartwell Telecom Ltd, Riga AS9059 AWS-EU-AS AMAZON.COM AS9060 AS9061 AS9061 TELE2 EUROPE AS9062 UUNET Switzerland Autonomous System AS9063 SAARGATE-AS SaarGate Internet Service Provider AS9064 IIRUC-DIGICOM-SA Satellite Communications Operator AS9065 Robeco Groep NV AS9066 BCC BCC Business Communication Company GmbH AS9067 one4vision GmbH AS9068 IASNET-AS IASNET Autonomous System AS9069 Technological Educational Institute (T.E.I.) of Athens AS9070 ITD ITD Network Bulgarian ISP AS9071 ORBOTECH-AS Orbotech AS9073 ABALL-DE Future Internet GmbH AS9074 Sistemnet Autonomous System AS9075 RECOLETOS Recoletos Compania Editorial AS9076 INIT-AS INIT SRL Autonomous System AS9077 UFSC-AS UFSC Autonomous System AS9078 Estel AS9079 FIRSTNET Autonomous System AS9080 GIN IPEX/GIN Autonomous System AS9081 AS9081 B92-NET Autonomous System AS9082 ETELRZN-AS ETEL Company Inc. Autonomous System AS9083 CARPENET carpeNet Information Technologies GmbH AS9084 Goldman Sachs International AS9085 SUPERMEDIA-ASN Super Media Sp. z o.o. AS9086 ASN-UNITED-NETWORKS United Networks AS9087 DNT-NETWORK Dynamic Network Technologies (DNT), Moldova AS9088 DU.SE Autonomous System AS9089 ALTO-9089 FEDERATION FRANCAISE DU BATIMENT AS9090 OiT-AS AS9091 Hansabank Latvia AS9092 OPENSYSTEMS-AS Open Systems AG AS9093 AGONET-AS Agonet AS9094 BT Tel AS 2 AS9095 ITU-ASN AS9096 Timber Hill (Europe) AG AS9097 ASN-TELNETHU # AS-TELNETHU CONVERTED TO ASN-TELNETHU FOR RPSL COMPLIANCE Telnet Hungary Ltd. AS9098 AS for France Telecom Hebergement (FTH) AS9099 SI-NORD-AS Sparkassen Informatik GmbH Muenster AS AS9100 ASPECTRA Aspectra AG AS9101 ODNCH-AS ODN CH AS9102 PLEXIA-AS Plexia S.p.A. AS9103 ZIELMAN-EDU-AS AS dedicated to educational users AS9104 CLIO-AS Clio Autonomous System AS9105 TISCALI-UK Tiscali UK AS9106 AS9107 IOS-NET Internet of Siberia / CIS ISP AS9108 ABXNET Abraxas Informatik AG AS9109 MADGE-EU Madge Networks AS9110 AGTELECOM-AS AG TELECOM AS Russia AS9111 ASN-PRCNIT Povolzhsky Regional Center of New Information AS9112 POZMAN-EDU AS9113 CHG-AS ChgNet AS9114 Tyumen Sate Oil and Gas University AS9115 INFB Internet Names For Business AS9116 GOLDENLINES-ASN Golden Lines Main Autonomous System AS9117 CELLCOM-AS Cellcom AS9118 ESDI Autonomous System AS9119 SOFTNET-AS Softnet d.o.o. AS9120 COHAESIONET Cohaesio A/S AS9121 TTNET TTnet Autonomous System AS9123 Alpha Credit Bank AS9124 KERN Kaliningrad State University and Research Network AS9125 SEZAMPRO-AS PCS - SezamPro On-Line d.o.o. AS9126 COLT TELECOM GmbH AS9127 NETISSAT-AS NETISSAT AS9128 Alpha Credit Bank AS9129 KE-NET2000 AS9130 AS9131 RNET-1 RNET area of Vladimir State University AS9132 BROADNET-AS Broadnet AG, Hamburg AS9133 WNN-NET WISH-NOKNOK Autonomous System AS9134 Net Aviv AS9135 ITEMAX-AS Itemax GmbH AS9136 WOBCOM WOBCOM GmbH - www.wobcom.de AS9137 ASN-UNO Uno Communications S.p.A. AS9138 FAST-CONNECT GmbH AS9139 CYPIX (Cyprus Internet Exchange) AS9140 Peter Adam, Duisburg, Germany AS9141 AS9141 UPC Poland AS9142 Netline UK Ltd AS9143 ATHOME-BENELUX-BV AtHome Benelux BV provides broadband ISP services AS9144 Petrolink AS9145 EWETEL EWE TEL GmbH AS9146 BIHNET BIHNET Autonomus System AS9147 NTT FRANCE Autonomous System AS9148 NET4NET net4net, a.s. AS9149 Automation Company AS9150 INTERCONNECT InterConnect Services BV AS9151 NETONE-GR Net One SA Autonomous System AS9152 MEGADAT Autonomous System AS9153 BURSTFIRE-EU Burstfire Networks Limited AS9154 INTERNETBG-AS HOSTING COMPANY AS AS9155 QualityNet AS number AS9156 BBC-US BBC Internet Services, America network AS9157 SAO-RAS SAO-RAS AS AS9158 SONOFON_AS SONOFON (Autonomous System) AS9159 AS for Caisse Nationale du Credit Agricole AS9160 ROKLINK Rokura Ltd. AS9161 AS-Voyager AS9162 TSTUNET Autonomous System AS9163 PLENEXIS-GERMANY Plenexis Autonomous System AS9164 NETSCALIBURDE-BERLIN Claranet Deutschland GmbH Berlin AS9165 SERVICOM2000-AS SERVICOM2000 AS9166 HOSTIT-BELGIUM HostIT Hasselt Belgium AS9167 WEBPARTNER WEBPARTNER A/S is a Danish Internet Service Provider AS9168 Leading Line Autonomous System AS9169 Callnet Plc AS9170 ROEHM-DA Roehm Gmbh, Chemische Fabrik AS9171 T-WARE-AS AS9172 MK-MOL-AS Macedonia On-Line Autonomous System AS9173 WHITEBIRD Whitebird New Media AS AS9174 Trans-It AG AS9175 CIRCIT circ IT GmbH AS9176 TOPEDGE TOP EDGE Engineering - ROMANIA/Craiova AS9177 NEXTRANET SOLPA AG AS9178 FHW AS9179 KNOWTION-LONDON Knowtion Ltd. AS9180 ALIENOR Alienor.NET Autonomous System AS9181 GRUNER-UND-JAHR-AS2 Gruner + Jahr AG & Co KG AS9182 COMSPACEAS Autonomous System from AS9183 Robert Bosch GmbH AS9184 NETPLUS NetPlus AS number AS9185 NET4YOU Net4You AS9186 ONI ONITELECOM Autonomous System AS9187 SWAN SWAN a.s. AS9188 INFOSERVE-AS infoServe GmbH AS9189 ACCOM accom, Company for telecommunications networks AS9190 MaxitelCom, SA AS9191 NEWNET NEWNET plc Autonomous System Peers AS9192 LLEIDANET Lleida - Catalonia - Spain AS9193 CONXIONEU ConXion Corporation Europe AS9194 MCI WorldCom Advanced Networks AS9195 HP-EUROPE-AS-TRADE NonStop eBusiness Network Europe AS9196 NETSOURCE-AS Magnet Business (formerly netsource) AS9197 BECOMGMBH-AS becom Systemhaus GmbH, Internet Service Provider AS9198 KAZTELECOM-AS Kazakhtelecom Corporate Sales Administration AS9199 RENAM RENAM Association AS9200 ESSENTKABELCOM Essent Kabelcom ASN AS9201 SWAF MILSE Autonomous System AS9202 ZSSM-AS ZaporozhSvyazServise Joint Stock Company AS9203 KPNQwest UK and Eire AS9204 EUnet Transit AS - German region AS9205 SNS-AS Satellite Service AS AS9206 MAI Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI) AS9207 AS9207 Taide - Kenya POP AS9208 WIN WIN Autonomous System AS9209 MOREIT-AS more IT GmbH AS9210 MACORBUR AS9211 WORK-AS Autonomous System of AS9212 MAZWARE Mazware Limited AS9213 DITEKAS Ditek Company ISP AS9214 sunrise, TDC Switzerland AG AS9215 LINOTYPE-AS Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG, Germany AS9216 PUNET-AP PUNET Taiwan AS9217 INFONET-AP BT-Infonet AS9218 TELSTRA-AS-AP Telstra International HK Limited AS9219 THOMSON-LEGAL-N-REG-AP Provider of Legal and Regulatory information. AS9220 INFONET-AU-AP BT-Infonet AS9221 HSBC-HK-AS HSBC HongKong AS9222 INTEL-ONLINE-SERVICES-ASIA Intel Online Services Asia AS9223 ONET-AS-BD O-Net (Pvt.) Ltd. AS9224 CIRRUSCOMMS1-AU-AP Cirrus Communications, AS9225 REACHNW-ASNUM Reach Networks KK AS9226 SGIX-AS-AP AS for Singapore Internet Exchange AS9227 ONEHUNDRED-AS-AP ONE HUNDRED SERVICES, INC. AS9228 CENTRALONLINE-ID-AS-AP PT. Total Info Kharisma AS9229 SPEEDCAST-AP SPEEDCAST Limited AS9230 BOL-BD-AP Bangladesh Online Ltd. AS9231 IPEOPLESNET-AS-AP China Mobile Peoples Telephone Internet Access Service AS9232 CONCENTRIX-PH-AS-AP Concentrix Technologies, Inc AS9233 ASN-EVENTURES-AP # AS-EVENTURES-AP CONVERTED TO ASN-EVENTURES-AP FOR RPSL COMPLIANCE Eventures Limited AS9234 GE-ASPAC-PEERING-SH-AP GE Int'l Inc. ASPAC SH AS9235 ASN-DOE-AP # AS-DOE-AP CONVERTED TO ASN-DOE-AP FOR RPSL COMPLIANCE DOE AMERICAN SAMOA AS9236 AMPCI-AS-AP AMP Capital Investors NZ AS9237 HUTCHCA-AS Corporate Access (HK) Ltd. AS9238 TATA-AS TATA ISP AS9239 SPACENET-AS-AP Perth based ISP AS9240 SWISH-AS-AU-AP Hyperlink Pty. Ltd. AS9241 FINTEL-FJ Fiji International Telecomunications Ltd AS9242 AFE-AS-AP AFE Solutions Limited AS9243 CCHAUSTLTD-AP CCH Australia Limited AS9244 ASN-DYXNET-TW-AP # AS-DYXNET-TW-AP CONVERTED TO ASN-DYXNET-TW-AP FOR RPSL COMPLIANCE Diyixian.com (TW) Limited AS9245 COMPASS-NZ-AP COMPASS NZ AS9246 GTA-AP Teleguam Holdings, LLC AS9247 NIE-SG National Institute of Education AS9248 APACHE-AP Apache Networks, Inc. AS9249 VUTELECOM-AS01-VU-AP Telecom Vanuatu Limited AS9250 FLEETONLINE-AP Network Access via Frame Relay using unbundled (BGP4) AS9251 SPEEDNET-AP PT Speed Internet Digital AS9252 COLONIAL-AS-AP Colonial is a major all-finance institution. AS9253 TVB-HK TVB.COM LIMITED AS9255 CONNECTPLUS-AS Singapore Telecom AS9256 SKYHUBASIA-AS A regional ISP in Asia Pacific Region AS9257 QLD-CEMENT-BRISBANE-AP QLD Cement Internet Connection AS9258 CITEC-NSW-AP CITEC AS9259 WEBHOST-AS-AP Web Host Limited AS9260 AS-MULTINET-PK NSP,ISP,HFC,DSL,DIALUP,Data Network Connectivity solutions, AS9261 COMMBANK-AS-AP Commonwealth Bank of Australia AS9262 SANFORD-AS-AP Sanford Securities Pty Ltd AS9263 PCCW-IMSBIZ-AP PCCW Business AS9264 ASNET Academic Sinica AS9265 SPRINT-ONLINE-AS-AP Sprint Online AS9266 ISP-AS-AP Information Service Providers AS9267 SPACENET-AS-AP Silknet AS9268 OVERTHEWIRE-AS-AP Over The Wire Pty Ltd AS9269 CTIHK-AS-AP City Telecom (H.K.) Ltd. AS9270 APAN-KR-AS Asia Pacific Advanced Network Korea(APAN-KR) Consortium AS9271 WKUNET-AS Wonkwang University AS9272 HANCOMNET-AS Hangul & Computer Co, Ltd. AS9273 SICC-AS Ssangyong Information Communication Corp (SICC) AS9274 PUSAN-AS-KR Pusan National University AS9275 KASI-AS-KR Korea Astronomy & Space Science Institute AS9276 SEN-AS-KR Seoul Metropolitan Office Of Education AS9277 THRUNET-AS-KR Hanaro Telecom Inc. AS9278 DYNAMITE-AS-AP Dynamite Internet AS9279 EDS-AU-AS EDS (Australia) Pty Ltd AS9280 CIA-AS connect infobahn australia (CIA) AS9281 PNIX-NZ-AP Palmerston North Internet Exchange AS9282 LEXICON-AS Lexicon Systems Pty Ltd AS9283 NECTW-AS ISP Division of NEC Taiwan Ltd. AS9284 VICONE-AAPT-AS VicOne AS9285 IBSPLC-AS-AP IBS Software Services (P) Ltd. ,Software Solutions Company , AS9286 LGH-AS-KR LGHitachi AS9287 ASIAINFO-AS-AP ASIA INFONET Co.,Ltd. AS9288 COMCEN-AS-AP Com-Cen Pty Ltd AS9289 ASMPT-HK-AP ASM PACIFIC TECHNOLOGY LIMITED AS9291 APACOMM-AS-AP APA Communications AS9292 TEMASEK-POLY-AS Temasek Polytechnic Singapore AS9293 ARCSTAR-HK-AS-AP Arcstar-hk Route server AS9294 GIT-AS-AP Generation IT AS9295 LOGICWORLD-AS-AP Logic World Pty Ltd AS9296 SPIRIT-AS-AP Spirit Networks Pty Ltd AS9297 PORTAL-AS-AP Portal.net AS9298 NIBJNET-AP Net-Infinfity Technology Development Ltd. AS9299 IPG-AS-AP Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company AS9300 SOUTHCOM-AP-AS Southern Computer Services AS9301 EWN-AS-AP Emery Corporation Pty Ltd T/AS West Australian Network AS9302 IISGROUP-AS-AP IIS Group Pty Ltd AS9303 KCCS-AS-AP KC Computer Service Ltd., AS9304 HUTCHISON-AS-AP Hutchison Global Communications AS9305 FHNET Beijing Feihua Communication Technology Co,Ltd AS9306 CIECC-AS-AP China International Electronic Commerce Center AS9307 CMNET China Motion Telecom Development Co. AS9308 CHINA-ABITCOOL Abitcool(China) Inc. AS9309 OZEMAIL-SAT-AS-AP Ozemail/Access One Satellite AS9310 ERA-AS-AP ERA COMMUNICATIONS CO., LTD. AS9311 HITRON-AS-AP HITRON TECHNOLOGY INC. AS9312 RBSFM-AS-AP RBS Financial Market, Banking & Finance, Hong Kong AS9313 ONTHENET-AS Network Technology (AUST) P/L AS9314 MELBPCUG-AP-AS Melbourne PC User Group Inc AS9315 CWN-AS-AP Chomanan WorldNet Co., Ltd. AS9316 DACOM-PUBNETPLUS-AS-KR DACOM PUBNETPLUS AS9317 ITISNET-AS Inha University AS9318 HANARO-AS Hanaro Telecom Inc. AS9319 HCNCHUNGJU-AS-KR CHEONGJU CABLE TV SYSTEMS AS9320 BREGISTRY-AS-KR Ministry of Court Administration AS9321 HYUNET-AS Hanyang University AS9322 EWHANET1-AS Institute of Information and Computing, EWHA WOMANS UNIV. AS9323 DGUNET-AS Dongguk University Information Management Center AS9324 CYNET-AS-AP Cynet & Total Network Support AS9325 XTRA-AS Telecom XTRA, Auckland AS9326 CENTRIN-AS-AP PT Centrin Utama AS9327 HOPCOUNT Hopcount Limited AS9328 GLOBALCENTER-AU Datacom Victoria AS9329 SLTINT-AS-AP Sri Lanka Telecom Internet AS9330 SATINTSERV-AS-AP SAT Internet Services AS9331 LUVIC-AS-AP Luvic Pty. Ltd. AS9332 APAC-INTERNET-AS-AP APAC Internet Ltd. Australia AS9333 INTINFOSHI-AU-AS Internet Information Super Highway Pty Limited AS9334 TTECH-AS-AP Tridel Technologies, Inc AS9335 CIP-JAPAN-AS-AP ATT IPlus AS9336 LINEARG-AS-AP Linear G Internet Solutions AS9337 HKG-RET-AS-AP UUNET AS9338 NATLIB-NZ-AS-AP National Library of New Zealand AS9339 NATION-FINACE-AS-TH National Finance PLC, AS9340 INDONET-AS-AP INDO Internet, PT AS9341 ICONPLN-ID-AP PT Indonesia Comnets Plus AS9342 ABCNET-AS-AP Australian Broadcasting Commission AS9343 ACTRIX-NZ-AS-AP Actrix Networks Ltd AS9344 VOYAGER-NZ-AS Voyager NZ Ltd AS9345 PARADISE-AS Paradise Net AS9346 CYNEX-AS-AP Cynex Communications Corporation AS9347 INOCNET-AS-AP Inocnet AS of Patni, for the NOC Project AS9348 SLVTSD-CBN-AP Cultural Broadband Network AS9349 AS9350 AS9351 AS9352 AS9353 AS9354 AS9355 AS9356 AS9357 AS9358 AS9359 AS9360 AS9361 AS9362 AS9363 AS9364 AS9365 AS9366 AS9367 AS9368 AS9369 AS9370 AS9371 AS9372 AS9373 AS9374 AS9375 AS9376 AS9377 AS9378 AS9379 AS9380 AS9381 NEWTT-IP-AP Wharf T&T Ltd. AS9382 ITFARM-QLD-AP The IT Farm AS9383 DEST-AS Department of Education Science and Training, Federal AS9384 CYBERONE-AS Cyberone Pty Ltd AS9385 UK-POP1-AP Voicestream Pty Ltd, AS9386 DESTINY-AS-AP Destiny Inc. AS9388 UNSPECIFIED SUN-SEA DATA COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY CO LTD AS9389 UNSPECIFIED BEIJING SHENZHOU GREATWALL COMMUNICATION AS9390 UNSPECIFIED GUANGDONG INTERNET EXCHANGE CENTER AS9391 UNSPECIFIED GUANGDONG HIGHWAY BROADBAND NETWORK SERVICE CENTE AS9392 UNSPECIFIED SHANGHAI ORIENT NETWORK INFORMATION CENTER AS9393 UNSPECIFIED INFORMATION CENTER OF BEIJING SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY COMMISION AS9394 CRNET CHINA RAILWAY Internet(CRNET) AS9395 WSNET Beijing Weishichuangjie Technical Development Co.,Ltd AS9396 HCL-INFINET-AS-2 HCL Infinet Limited AS9397 INET-TH-AP Internet Thailand Company Limited AS9398 ARACHNET-AS-AP Arachnet AS9399 CHILLI-AS-AP Chilli Internet Solutions AS9400 INTERNETACCESS-AS Internet Access AS9401 NLC-CN-AS National Library of China AS9402 SIC-CN-AS State Information Center AS9403 ISTIC-CN-AS Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China AS9404 NETSLAND-CN-AS NETSLAND Center AS9405 TPS-CN-AS Test platform Service Center AS9406 NSFCNET-CN-AS NSFC High Speed Testbed AS9407 DRAGONTAP-CN-AS DRAGONTAP Internet Transit Access Point AS9408 GJAMES-AS-AP G James Glass and Aluminium AS9409 CITYLINE-AS-HK CityLine (Hong Kong) Limited AS9410 TRICOM-FUTURES-SERVICES-AS-AP Tricom Futures Services AS AS9411 NONTRINET-AS-AP Office of University Computer Services AS9412 HIS-AS-AP Hostworks Internet Services Pty Ltd AS9413 FTTH-ISP-TH-AP Fiber To The Home Co., Ltd. AS9414 INNODATA-MNL-AS-PH Innodata-ISOGEN, Inc AS9415 ETWEBS-AS1-AP ETWebs Taiwan Co. Ltd. AS9416 GIGAMEDIA-AS-AP Hoshin Gigamedia Center Inc. AS9417 INFOCAN-HK-AS Infocan Computer (HK) Limited AS9418 CA-ASIAPAC-AS-AP Computer Associates Asia Pacific AS9419 NTU-AS-AP Nanyang Technological University AS9420 HKC-AS-AP Hong Kong Communications Computer Co. Ltd. AS9421 EISNET-AS-AP eis.net AS9422 GENUSYS-KH-AP Genusys Cambodia Ltd. AS9423 MRBEAN-AS-AP Mr Bean's Internet AS9424 WIDEBAY2020-AS-AP Qld Dept Local Govt and Planning AS9425 CONCENTRIX-PH-AS-AP Concentrix Technologies, Inc AS9426 WESTPAC-AS-AP Westpac Bank AS9427 TOWER-AS-AP Star Online Services AS9428 NETEFFECT-AU-AP The Net Effect Pty Ltd. AS9429 ACAY-AU-AP Acay Internet Ltd. AS9430 STPI-NOIDA Software Technology Parks of India,Block-IV AS9431 AKUNI-NZ The University of Auckland AS9432 CANTERBURY-AS University of Canterbury AS9433 MASSEY-AS Massey University AS9434 KRDL-NET-AP Kent Ridge Digital Labs AS9435 SUNCORP-AS-AU-AP SUNCORP AS9436 GLOBENET-AS Globe.Net AS9437 DESIIN-AS-AP Desiin AS9438 NETRO-AS-AP Netro AS9439 WIX-CITYLINK-NZ-AP Wellington Internet Exchange (Citylink) AS9440 JWT-AS-AP JWT Co Ltd AS9441 PHILONLINE-AS-AP Philippines Online/Infodyne AS9442 MINDGATE-AS-AP Mindgate Systems, Inc. AS9443 INTERNETPRIMUS-AS-AP Primus Telecommunications AS9444 SUNDAY-AS-AP SUNDAY AS9445 ASN-SATURN-NZ # AS-SATURN-NZ CONVERTED TO ASN-SATURN-NZ FOR RPSL COMPLIANCE Saturn Communications Ltd AS9446 ULTRANET-AS-AP Ultranet AS9447 FORD-AS-AP Ford Motor Company of Australia AS9448 KNET-AS-AP KNET AS9449 RPI-AS-AP RP Internet Services AS9450 WEBEXAPNIC-AS-AP Webex Communications Inc AS9451 BROKERONE-GLOBAL-AS-AP Brokerone Pty Ltd AS9452 KUNET-AS Korea University AS9453 SOONGSIL-AS Soongsil University AS9454 AHA-AS-KR American Home Assurance Korea AS9455 EDUNET-AS Korea Education & Research Information Service AS9456 POSCO-AS POSCO AS9457 DREAMX-AS DREAMLINE CO. AS9458 BMTC-AS eyesvision AS9459 ASKONKUK Konkuk University AS9460 IBM-USF-BH-AP IBM Global Services Australia AS9461 NET2000-AS-AP Net2000 Pty Ltd AS9462 BOLEH-NET-AP BOLEHNET-ASN AS9463 NORTHPOWER-AS-AP Nothpower Energy Services Pty Ltd AS9464 PSU-TH-AS-AP Prince of Songkla University (Sritrang'NET) AS9465 NETSERV-AS-AP PO Box A200 AS9466 UUNET-JP-AP UUNET Japan Limited AS9467 UUNET-AU-AP UUNET Australia AS9468 THHK-IB-AP Timber Hill Honk Kong Ltd. AS9469 ASN-TERABYTE-NZ-AP # AS-TERABYTE-NZ-AP CONVERTED TO ASN-TERABYTE-NZ-AP FOR RPSL COMPLIANCE Terabyte Interactive Ltd AS9470 ASN-COMPASS-NZ-AP # AS-COMPASS-NZ-AP CONVERTED TO ASN-COMPASS-NZ-AP FOR RPSL COMPLIANCE Compass Communications AS9471 MANA-PF-AP MANA S.A. AS9472 IONL-BROADBAND-AS-AP AS9473 BOURSEDATA-AS-AP Bourse Data Australia AS9474 SMARTONE-AS-AP SmarTone Telecommunications Ltd. AS9475 WU-TH-AP Walailuk University AS9476 INTRAPOWER-AS-AP Intrapower AS9477 IRG-AS-AP Internet Reach Group AS9478 MICRO2000-AS-AP Micro 2000 Ltd. - Border AS AS9479 GE-ASPAC-PEERING-KR GE Int'l Inc. ASPAC KR AS9480 SHOALI-OPTUS-AP SHOALHAVEN INTERNET AS9481 DIALONE-AS-AP Dial One Internet Services Pty Ltd AS9482 ASN-ACON-AP # AS-ACON-AP CONVERTED TO ASN-ACON-AP FOR RPSL COMPLIANCE Australia Connect Pty Ltd AS9483 FLATNET-AS-NZ Flatnet Networks AS9484 MOBINET-AS-MN Mobicom Company. AS Mobinet Internet Service Provider AS9485 INTERNETTV-AS Internet TV Australia Pty Ltd AS9486 KMITL-AP King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang AS9487 JUNGBUVITSSEN-AS-KR tbroad chungbu broadcasting co.,ltd. AS9488 SNU-AS-KR Seoul National University AS9489 KARINET-AS Korea Aerospace Research Institute AS9490 NIS-AS National Intelligence Service AS9491 ABLEX-ASN ABLEX Co., Ltd. AS9492 MAEKYUNG-AS Maeil Business Newspaper AS9493 SHS-AS SHIN HEUNG SECURITIES CO., LTD. AS9494 KOSINET-AS National Infomation Society Agency AS9495 CLEARVIEW-AS Clearview Communications AS9496 HAFARI-AS Hafari Pty Ltd AS9497 DIGITELONE Digital Telecommunications Philippines Inc. AS9498 BBIL-AP BHARTI BT INTERNET LTD. AS9499 AP-AUST-AU-AS Access Providers AS9500 LISP-AS-AP L.i.S.P Pty Ltd AS9501 PBC-AS AS number of Chemical & Metallurgical Design Co. Ltd. (PBC) AS9502 OOCL-HKG-AP Hong Kong Headquarters AS9503 FX-PRIMARY-AS FX Networks Limited AS9505 TWGATE-AP Taiwan Internet Gateway AS9506 MAGIX-SG-AP Magix Broadband Network AS9507 ZED-AS-AP Zed Connect Pty Ltd AS9508 THENET-AS-AP The Net Enterprises AS9509 DEWRSB-AU-AP Department of Employment, Workplace Relations AS9510 NETEXCEL-AS-AP Saxby Enterprises T/A NetExcel AS9511 WILSONHORTON-AS-AP Wilson and Horton AS9512 LANKANET-AS-AP Lanka Internet Services Ltd AS9513 HKCABLE-HK-AP HK Cable TV Ltd AS9514 APIC-AP Asia-Pacific Inter-Carrier services AS9515 SMART-NTT-AS-AP Smart-NTT Multimedia, Inc. AS9516 T2-TRANSIT-AS-AP T2 Networks Pte Ltd. Transit AS AS9517 CATHEDBNE-AS-AP Brisbane Catholic Education AS9518 JDV-AU-AP JDV Limited AS9519 VERTELNET Vertical Telecoms Pty Ltd AS9520 DAOHENG-AS-AP DaoHeng Bank AS9521 KATECH-AS-KR Korea Automotive Technology Institute AS9522 GOODCYBER-AS Good Morning Securities AS9523 MOKWON-AS-KR Mokwon University AS9524 HMC-AS HYUNDAI MOTOR COMPANY AS9525 DONGBU-AS DONGBU Securities CO. AS9526 KOSCOM-AS-KR KOSCOM AS9527 PCNTV-AS-KR puchuncablenetwork AS9528 CBE-AS-KR chungcheongbuk-do office of education AS9529 TYSEC-AS TongYang Investment Bank AS9530 SHINSEGAE-AS SHINSEGAE I&C Co., Ltd. AS9531 GEDU-AS-KR Kwangju City Office Of Education AS9532 SECURITIES-AS Daewoo Securities Co., Ltd. AS9533 KMITNB-AS-AP King Mongkut's Institute of Technology North Bangkok AS9534 MAXIS-AS1-AP Binariang Berhad AS9535 NETAUS-AP Netaus AS9536 SONY-HK-AS Sony Corporation of Hong Kong Ltd AS AS9537 LEVEL48-NZ-AP Level48 Ltd AS9538 OFTA-AS-AP Office Of The Telecommunications Authority AS9539 KOOS-AS-AP GigaMedia Ltd. AS9540 NETWORK-GAMING-AS-AP Australian National Hotels AS9541 CYBERNET-AP Cyber Internet Services (Pvt) Ltd. AS9542 EONTECH-AS-AP Eon Technology Pty Ltd AS9543 WESTNET-AS-AP Westnet Internet Services AS9544 PIP-AS-AP Clarenston T/A Preferred Internet Provider AS9545 HUTCHISON-PRICELINE-AS-AP HUTCHISON PRICELINE HK AS9546 SNAKER-AS-AP Ministry of University Affairs AS9547 STGEORGE-AU-AP St George Bank Limited AS9548 INET-AS-AP InternetPCI AS9549 BROADBANDNET-ISP-AS-AP BROADBANDNET ISP AS9550 VIVANET-AU-AP Vivanet Pty Ltd AS9551 KMUTT-AP King Mongkut's University of Technology AS9553 GLOBALWEB-AS-AP Global Web Pty Ltd AS9554 DGS-IN-AS-AP HO Globalsoft Ltd AS9555 CYBERTRUST-AU-AS-AP Cybertrust Australia Pty Ltd AS9556 ADAM-AS-AP Adam Internet Pty Ltd AS9557 PAKNET-AP Paknet Limited, AS9558 WIMMERAWEBWARD-AP Wimmera Webward AS9559 PLAINCOM-NZ Plain Communications Ltd AS9560 APE-NZ Auckland Peering Exchange AS9561 RELAX-AP Relax Internet Enterprises AS9562 MSU-TH-AP Mahasarakham University AS9563 APEX-AS-AP Apex Internet AS9564 ANZ-BANK-AP Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited AS9565 WCG-AP Wholesale Communications Group AS9566 WEBEXPRESS-AS-AP Web Express AS9567 VRC-AS-AP Victoria Racing Club AS9568 LOTTECARD-AS-KR LOTTE CARD AS9569 HCNSEOCHOCATV-AS-KR SEOCHO CABLE SYSTEMS CO., LTD. AS9570 DAEDONG-AS-KR Daedong College AS9571 INICIS-AS INICIS Co., Ltd AS9572 HUFSNET-AS Hankuk University Of Foreign Studies AS9573 KRFUTURES-AS-KR KR Futures Inc AS9574 NYLKOREA-AS-KR New York Life Insurance, Ltd. AS9575 SOSFO-AS Seoul Olympic Sports Promotion Foundation AS9576 SOOKMYUNG-AS SOOKMYUNG WOMEN'S UNIVERSITY AS9577 KYOBOTRADE-AS KYOBO SECURITIES AS9578 CJNET-AS Cheiljedang.Co.Inc. AS9579 SHINYOUNG-AS Shinyoung Securities CO ., LTD. AS9580 NETCHINA-AS-CN-AP Beijing International Convention Center, AS9581 HKTI-KR-AS-AP Reach Global Services Ltd - Customer AS Number AS9582 HKTI-SG-AS-AP Reach Global Services Ltd - Customer AS Number AS9583 SIFY-AS-IN Sify Limited AS9584 GENESIS-AP Diyixian.com Limited AS9585 VISION-AS-AP Vision Internet Services AS9586 HKCL-AS-AP Hong Kong CyberLibrary AS9587 SKYWAYS-AS-AP SkyWays Internet Services P/L AS9588 BRIDGE-ONLINE-AS-AP Bridge Online Systems AS9589 UUNET-AS-AP UUNET Hong Kong Ltd. AS9590 SEHK-AP The STock Exchange of HK Ltd. AS9591 JPNIC-NET-JP-AS-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS9592 JPNIC-NET-JP-AS-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS9593 JPNIC-NET-JP-AS-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS9594 JPNIC-NET-JP-AS-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS9595 JPNIC-NET-JP-AS-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS9596 JPNIC-NET-JP-AS-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS9597 JPNIC-NET-JP-AS-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS9598 JPNIC-NET-JP-AS-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS9599 JPNIC-NET-JP-AS-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS9600 JPNIC-NET-JP-AS-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS9601 JPNIC-NET-JP-AS-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS9602 JPNIC-NET-JP-AS-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS9603 JPNIC-NET-JP-AS-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS9604 JPNIC-NET-JP-AS-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS9605 JPNIC-NET-JP-AS-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS9606 JPNIC-NET-JP-AS-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS9607 JPNIC-NET-JP-AS-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS9608 JPNIC-NET-JP-AS-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS9609 JPNIC-NET-JP-AS-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS9610 JPNIC-NET-JP-AS-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS9611 JPNIC-NET-JP-AS-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS9612 JPNIC-NET-JP-AS-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS9613 JPNIC-NET-JP-AS-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS9614 JPNIC-NET-JP-AS-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS9615 JPNIC-NET-JP-AS-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS9616 JPNIC-NET-JP-AS-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS9617 JPNIC-NET-JP-AS-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS9618 JPNIC-NET-JP-AS-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS9619 JPNIC-NET-JP-AS-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS9620 JPNIC-NET-JP-AS-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS9621 JPNIC-NET-JP-AS-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS9622 JPNIC-NET-JP-AS-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS9623 ASN-ATHOMEAU-AP # AS-ATHOMEAU-AP CONVERTED TO ASN-ATHOMEAU-AP FOR RPSL COMPLIANCE @Home Network Australia Routing Domain. AS9624 BNP-AUSTRALIA-AP Banque Nationale de Paris AS9625 PACIFIC-INTERNET-INDIA-ASN Pacific Internet India Pvt. Ltd. AS9626 SEVEN-NETWORK-AP Optus Customer Network AS9627 TCR-AP TCR Holdings Ltd AS9628 SSEM-AS-KR Seoul Education Science Research Institute AS9629 HYUNDAICAPITAL-AS-KR hyundaicapital AS9630 WEBTRADE-AS SK Securities Limited AS9631 KRC-AS-KR Korean Red Cross AS9632 SDCNET-AS-KR SEOUL DAIRY Co. AS9633 SLC-AS-KR SUDOKWON Landfill Site Management Corp AS9634 SHNS-AS GOODMORNING SHINHAN SECURITIES Co., Ltd. AS9635 PUFS-AS Pusan University of Foreign Studies AS9636 SEONAM-AS SEONAM Infromation Telecom Co., Ltd. AS9637 DANKOOKUNIV-AS-KR Dankook University AS9638 NH-AS National Agricultural Cooperative federation AS9639 DIT-AS-KR Dongeui Institute of Technology AS9640 KRCERT-AS-KR Korea Information Security Agency AS9641 KDB-AS-KR Korea Development Bank AS9642 KISA Korea Information Security Agency AS9643 SIGNGATE-AS Korea Information Certificate Authority AS9644 SKTELECOM-NET-AS SK Telecom., Ltd. AS9645 HYUNDAIFUTURES-AS HYUNDAI FUTURES CORPORATION AS9646 EGIOS-AS eGIOS AS9647 SEOULMETRO-AS Seoul Metropolitan Government AS9648 ASN-OZONLINE-AU # AS-OZONLINE-AU CONVERTED TO ASN-OZONLINE-AU FOR RPSL COMPLIANCE Australia On-Line Pty Ltd AS9649 MOPH-TH-AP Information Technology Office AS9650 CITEC-AU-AP QLD Government Business (IT) AS9651 DOT-AU-AP DOT Communications AS9652 ECN-AS-AP ECN Internet AS9653 TRANSIT-HK-AP Transit link for Hong Kong customer AS9654 POWERBANDNET-AS-AP Powerband Networks, AS9655 TPMNETWORK-AS-AP TPM Corp. Berhad, AS9656 T-SYSTEMS-SG T-SYSTEMS SINGAPORE PTE LTD AS9657 MELSANET-ID-AP Melsa-i-net AS AS9658 ETPI-IDS-AS-AP Eastern Telecoms Phils., Inc. AS9659 INET-AS-AU INET internet AS9660 KANNET-AS-AP Telecommunication and ISP company AS9661 MORGANSTOCK-AP Morgan Internet Gateway AS9662 EASYNET-AS-AP Easynet Internet AS9663 KARRATHA-AS-AP Karratha Internet Support Services AS9664 INDIGO-AS-AP Indigo Networks AS9665 POSTDEPT-AS-AP Hong Kong Post Office Dept. AS9667 HOSTWORKS-AS-AP Hostworks Pty Ltd AS9668 AMLINK-AP AMLINK Technologies AS9669 CEYCOM-ISP-LK-AP Ceycom Global Communication Ltd AS9670 MANILA-IX Manila Internet Exchange AS9671 TRADEVAN-AS-AP Trade-Van Informaiton Services Co. AS9672 WEST-AUSTRALIAN-NEWSPAPERS-AP Optus Customer Network AS9673 ARUMBA-AS-AP Arumba Investments AS9674 FET-TW Far EastTone Telecommunication Co., Ltd. AS9675 EINVEST-TW Internet Service Provider AS9676 SAVECOM-TW SaveCom Internation Inc. AS9677 TELNET-TW Taiwan Telnet Corporation AS9678 TIPO Taiwan Internet Peering Organization AS9679 IONET IONET Taiwan Co., Ltd. AS9680 HINETUSA HiNet Service Center in U.S.A AS9681 NBEN-TW National Broadband Experiment Network, sponsored by NSC, TAIWAN AS9682 MBF-AP Medical Benefit Funds of Australia AS9683 DIGITALSYSTEM-AS Kyonggi Cable TV AS9684 HANWHA-AS HANWHA Corp./Information Service div. AS9685 HANJINSEC-AS Meritz SECURITIES CO. LTD AS9686 SKKUNET-AS SungKyunKwan University (SKKU) AS9687 ICU-AS Information and Communications University AS9688 ICFC-AS-KR ICFC AS9689 FCABLE-AS Qrix, Inc. AS9690 SEOUL_SIGN-AS-KR nca AS9691 KYUNGSUNG-AS KYUNGSUNG UNIVERSITY AS9692 HWS-AS HANWHA SECURITIES CO .,LTD AS9693 KFTCCA-AS Korea Financial Telecommunications & Clearings Institute AS9694 SEOKYUNG-CATV-AS-KR Seokyung Cable Television Co..LTD. AS9695 KITINET-AS KT Solutions Coprporation AS9696 EDAS-AS Oscar Enterprize AS9697 CJHAEUNDAEGIJANG-AS-KR CJ CableNet HaeundaeKijang Corp. AS9698 YOUNGDOONG-AS-KR YoungdongBroadcastingSystem,inc AS9699 KFB-AS Korea First Bank AS9700 KRNIC-AS-KR Korea Network Information Center AS9701 KRLINE-AS KrLine Internet Service Inc. AS9702 CHB-AS CHOHUNG BANK AS9703 SHB-AS Shinhan Bank AS9704 DONGWON-AS DONGWON SECURITIES CO., LTD AS9705 OKSKHOME-AS SK C&C AS9706 PETISNET-AS BUSAN EDUCATION RESEARCH & INFORMATION CENTER AS9707 WORKNET-AS Central Employment Information Management Agency AS9708 PKNU-AS Pukyong National University AS9709 KISVAN-AS-KR KIS Information&Communication,Inc AS9710 NEOWIZ-AS-KR NeoWiz Corporation AS9711 KERINET-AS Kyonggi provin educational information research institute AS9712 KPIN-AS-KR INet Technologies Co., Ltd. AS9713 VTAC-AS-AP Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre AS9714 INTERNETPRIMUS-AS-AP Primus Telecommunications AS9715 SCB-BORDER-AS-AP Siam Commercial Bank AS9716 AUSTAR-AS-AP Austar Entertainement AS9717 MELB-IT-AP Melbourne IT AS9718 AAPCS-AS-AP AAP Communication Services AS9719 IDSAFE-AP ID.Safe Pte Ltd AS9720 MTN-AP MTN Net Design (a division of Dyltax ACN 003 308 361) AS9721 CHANGSHA-AS-AP Changsha AS9722 PIPE-AS-AP PIPE Networks AS9723 ISEEK-AS-AP ISEEK Ltd AS9724 MISSION-AS-AP Mission Internet AS9725 WINSHOP-AS-AP WinShop Services AS9726 STARPRESS-HK-AP Internet Service Provider AS9727 WOOSHWIRELESSNZ Woosh Wireless Ltd AS9728 MP-AIRZED-MY AIRZED ISP AS9729 IS-AP iAdvantage Limited AS9731 STTP-AS-SG-AP ST Teleport Pte Ltd AS9732 SCIG-AS-AP CENTRAL INTERNET SERVICES AS9733 NETSPACE-AS-NZ-AP Netspace Services Limited AS9734 SENSATION-AS-AP Sensation Internet Services AS9735 HKDNR-AS-AP Hong Kong Domain Name Registration Co. Ltd AS9736 ASN-DOMAINZ-NZ # AS-DOMAINZ-NZ CONVERTED TO ASN-DOMAINZ-NZ FOR RPSL COMPLIANCE Domainz AS9737 TOTNET-TH-AS-AP Telephone Organization of Thailand AS9738 BESECURE-AS-AP Besecure P/L AS9739 ACASIA-AS-AP ACASIA Communications Sdn Bhd, Network Service Provider, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia AS9740 CWNSS-SG-AS-AP Reach Global Services Ltd - Customer AS Number AS9741 UTCC-TH 126/1 Vibhavadee-Rangsit Road, Bangkok 10400, Thailand AS9742 GVBROADCAST-AS-AP GV Broadcast System, Inc., ISP using VSAT Technology with NOC in Angeles City Pampanga AS9743 DATACARDSERVICES-AP Data Card Services AS9745 WANET-AS-AP WAnet AS number AS9746 IGOLD-AS-AP Online Interactive gaming solution AS9747 EZINTERNET-AS-AP EZInternet Pty Ltd AS9748 KBCFP-HK-AS-AP KBC Financial Products HK, AS9749 GPKNET-AS-AU GPK Computers Pty Ltd, Internet Service Provider, Melbourne AS9750 FCLNZ-AP Fletcher Challeng Group Internet Access and eCommerce Gateway AS9751 ASN-SAMOATELCO-AP # AS-SAMOATELCO-AP CONVERTED TO ASN-SAMOATELCO-AP FOR RPSL COMPLIANCE AMERICAN SAMOA TELECOMMUNICATIONS AUTHORITY AS9752 MAILTV-AP MailTV Australia AS AS9753 DAU-AS DONG-A UNIVERSITY AS9754 CSU-AS CHOSUN UNIVERSITY AS9755 TT-AS Today and Tomorrow AS9756 CHEONANVITSSEN-AS-KR Cheonan Broadcast Corporation AS9757 CMBI-AS-KR CMB DONGSEO BROADCASTING AS9758 HANNET-AS Serverbank AS9759 CJCYBER-AS CJ INVESTMENT SECURITIES CO., LTD AS9760 KTIS Korea Telecom AS9761 KUMHO-AS Asiana Airlines AS9762 HCN-AS HYUNDAI COMMUNICATIONS & NETWORK AS9763 AFFIS-AS KIC for Agriculture AS9764 OFMI-AS-KR Hanjin Information System & Telecommunication AS9765 VTOPIA-AS-KR VTOPIA AS9766 KSE-AS KOREA STOCK EXCHANGE AS9767 DONGBUIT-AS-KR Dongbulife Insurance co.,LTD AS9768 PUBNET1-AS KT AS9769 SEJONG-AS Sejong University AS9770 SPEEDONSTV-AS-KR SOOSUNG CABLE TELEVISION INC AS9771 KISTEP-AS KISTEP AS9772 SENS-AS-KR Seobu District Office of Education in Seoul AS9773 WOMENPRO-AS-KR KYONGGIDO WOMEN CENTER AS9774 DSU-AS dongseo university AS9775 HANNAM-AS Hannam University AS9776 KBSTAR Kookmin Bank AS9777 KJU-NET-AS-KR Gyeongju University AS9778 DAEJIN-AS DAEJIN UNIVERSITY AS9779 LGFUTURES-AS LG FUTURES AS9780 INJE-AS INJE UNIVERSITY AS9781 GCS-AS-KR GREEN CABLE TELEVISION AS9782 WOOSONGEDU Woosong University AS9783 DLA-AS-KR DRIVER'S LICENSE AGENCY AS9784 KGI-AS KGI SECURITIES AS9785 JASATELNET-AS-ID Jasa Terpadu Telematika (Jasatel) AS9786 BELTEK-AU-AP Beltek Australia AS9787 CONCEPT-AU-AP Concept Networks AS9788 IRD-NZ-AS-AP New Zealand Inland Revenue - Te Tari Taake AS9789 ASN-DATACOM-AP # AS-DATACOM-AP CONVERTED TO ASN-DATACOM-AP FOR RPSL COMPLIANCE Datacom Co.,Ltd AS9790 CALLPLUS-NZ-AP CallPlus Services Limited AS9791 PERDANA-ID-AS-AP PERDANA - BHTI Network AS Content Service Provider AS9792 CIS-AS-AP Corinthian Internet Services AS9793 SMART-HK-AP Smart-bets.com Lmited AS9794 DNET-ID-AP PT. Dyviacom Intrabumi (DNET) AS9795 AFFINITYHEALTH-AS-AP Affinity Health, Health Services, Melbourne Australia AS9796 WIPRO Internet Service Providers AS9797 ASIAONLINEAUS-AS-AP Nexon Asia Pacific AS9799 GW-NET1-AS-AP Vertex Communications & Technology Group Ltd AS9800 UNICOM CHINA UNICOM AS9801 ZGCIE-CNNIC Beijing Zhongguancun Information Technology Co. Ltd AS9802 CHINA-ABITCOOL Abitcool(China) Inc. AS9803 JINGXUN Beijing Jingxun Public Information Technology Co., Ltd AS9804 BBNET BeiJing Kuandaitong Telecom Technology Co.,Ltd AS9805 ENS-PEK SIEMENS LTD. CHINA AS9806 BJENET Beijing Educational Information Network Service Center Co., Ltd AS9807 SSIN State Statistical Information Network AS9808 CMNET-GD Guangdong Mobile Communication Co.Ltd. AS9809 NOVANET Nova Network Co.LtdRoom 1205, Building A, Science & Technology Innovation Plaza, Tianan Cyber Park, Futian District, District, Shenzhen,China AS9810 TNSNET Beijing Times Netstar Technology Co.,Ltd AS9811 BJGY srit corp.,beijing. AS9812 CNNIC-CN-COLNET Oriental Cable Network Co., Ltd. AS9813 UNSPECIFIED Beijing Capital-online science development Co.,Ltd. AS9814 FIBRLINK Beijing FibrLINK Networks Co.,Ltd. AS9815 EPERN Beijing Gold First System Engineering Co.,Ltd AS9816 JSBBNET Jiangsu BCTV Broadband Data Network AS9817 ETNSBBNETWORK Guangdong Belton Telecommunications Technology Development Co.,Ltd. AS9818 UNIHUB UniHUB Global Network AS9819 XBLNET Beijing Xinbilin Communications Co., Ltd. AS9820 PERTHIX3-AS-AP Perth iX AS9821 DOST-PH-AP Department of Science and Technology AS9822 AMNET-AU-AP Amnet IT Services Pty Ltd AS9823 NCS-PEARSON-AS-AP Education Web Hosting AS9824 ASN-ATHOMEJP # AS-ATHOMEJP CONVERTED TO ASN-ATHOMEJP FOR RPSL COMPLIANCE @Home Japan Routing Domain. AS9825 SDNP-BD-AS Sustainable Development Networking Program AS9826 ILINK-HK-AP iLink.net Ltd AS9827 AGILENT-AS-AP Agilent Technologies Asia-Pacific Zone AS9828 HKCIX-GLOBAL-AS-AP HKCIX AS Number for Global Infrastructure AS9829 BSNL-NIB National Internet Backbone AS9830 SWIFTONLINE-AS-AP SWIFT ONLINE BORDER AS AS9831 UNIGATE-AS-AP AS NO. FOR UNIGATE TELECOM INC. AS9832 ISN-AS-AP ISN, Internet Service Provider AS9833 HICOM-AS-AP http://www.plexus.net AS9834 TRADEME-AS-AKL-NZ Trade Me Limited AS9835 GITS-TH-AS-AP Government Information Technology Services AS9836 SHUNLOONG-TRANSIT-AS-AP Shun Loong Online Investment Service (H.K.) Ltd. AS9837 POWERTEL-AP Powertel Ltd AS9838 SKYTEL-AS-AP Skytel Global - Transit AS - Colombo AS9839 MTC-GTEPACIFICA-AS Micronesian Telecommunications Corp AS9840 UIDUK-AS UIDUK UNIVERSITY AS9841 KVP-AS-KR Korea Virtual Payment AS9842 LDCC-AS Lotte Data Communication Company AS9843 NACFFUTURES-AS NHINFORMATIONSYSTEM AS9844 HANINTERNET-AS HaninterNetworks AS9845 CJCKN-AS-KR CJ-CABLENET AS9846 FIRSTDATA-AS-KR FDIK AS9847 KSFC-AS-KR Korea Securities Finance Corporation AS9848 GNGAS Enterprise Networks AS9849 CWD-AS Office of the president AS9850 WOWTV-AS WOW-TV AS9851 KCAC-AS-KR KONGJU COMMUNICATION AS9852 SAMIL-AS SAMIL ACCOUNTING CORPORATION AS9853 RAYNET-AS GORayNet AS9854 KTO-AS-KR KTO AS9855 KCCWF-AS-KR KCCWF AS9856 WOORIWM-AS-KR WOORI Investment @ Securities AS9857 KOGAS-AS-KR KOREA GAS CORPORATION AS9858 TYFT-AS Tong Yang Futures Trading co.,Ltd. AS9859 CCCC-AS ChungCheong College AS9860 TMCNET-AS TongMyong College AS9861 JBEDUNET-AS-KR Jeollabuk-do Institute of Education Information & Science AS9862 RAYNET GORayNet AS9863 EDUCAR-AS-KR Teachiworld Auto Insurance AS9864 KSDNET-AS-KR Korea Securities Depository AS9865 CROSSCERT-AS KECA, Inc. AS9866 LGCAPITAL-AS LGCAPITAL AS9867 JTC-AS CHONJU TECHNICAL COLLEGE AS9868 CUTH-AS Catholic University of DAEGU AS9869 DIRECT1-AS-KR Daum Direct Auto Insurance Co., LTD AS9870 DEUNET-AS DONG-EUI UNIVERSITY AS9871 KBE-AS-KR Gyeong Sang Buk-Do Office of Education AS9872 ITNET-NZ-AS-AP ITNet Ltd AS9873 TELECOM-LA-AS-AP ISP IN LAO AS9874 STARHUB-IX STARHUB IX ROUTE SERVER AS9875 PESAT1-AS-AP PT. Pasifik Satelit Nusantara AS9876 AIRNET-HB-AS-AP Airnet New Zealand Limited AS9877 NGEEANN-POLY-AS-AP Ngee Ann Polytechnic Computer Center AS9878 SAFECOM Safecom Solutions AS9879 OGILVY-AS-AP OGILVY ASIA/PACIFIC AS9880 NEXTGENNET-AS1-AU-AP NextGen.Net Pty Ltd, North Sydney AS9881 THAICOM-AP Shin Satellite Public Company Limited AS9882 NETWORKSMM-AS-AP Networks Multimedia Pty Ltd AS9883 BRITANNICA-AS-AP Encyclopaedia Britannica Australia Inc AS9884 SINGTEL-KR SingTel Korea Limited AS9885 IT-AS-AU Informed Technology Pty Ltd AS9886 ASN-CAPNET-AU Capital Networks ACT AU AS9887 THEWEB-AP The Web AS9888 SOSYSTEMS-AS-AP Southern Ocean Systems Pty Ltd AS9889 MAXNET-NZ-AP Auckland AS9890 ENS-SGP-AP Siemens Adv. Eng. ENS Div. AS9891 KIATVATTANASIN-AS-TH Kiatvattanasin Co., Ltd., Network Service Provider, Bangkok AS9892 WEBVISIONS-AS-AP Webvisions Pte Ltd AS9893 DSE-VIC-GOV-AS Department of Sustainability & Enivronment, AS9894 PIPE-CANB-AS PIPE Networks Canberra Internet Exchange. Used for peering AS9895 POWERCOR-AS-AP Powercor Australia Telecommunications Pty Ltd AS9896 PARADISE-AP Paradise Enterprises AS9897 JSR-AP Monolith Industries AS9898 ESNTF-AP ES Nuclear Testing Facility AS9899 ICARE-AP iCare.com Ltd. AS9900 DOLPHIN-AP Dolphin IT AS9901 TELSTRA-NZTRANSIT-AS TelstraClear Ltd AS9903 RIT-AS-AP Rajamangala Institute of Technology AS9904 PI-MY Pacific Internet Malaysia AS9905 LINKNET-ID-AP Linknet ASN AS9906 ETNET-HK-AP ETNet Limited AS9907 KNX-AP KNX (Asia Pacific) Pty. Ltd. AS9908 HKCABLE2-HK-AP HK Cable TV Ltd AS9909 PI-TH-AP Pacific Internet Thailand AS9910 GLOBALNET-IN-AS-AP NATIONWIDE SERVICE PROVIDER AS9911 CONNECTPLUS-AP Singapore Telecom AS9912 QIS-AS-AP Quality Internet Services AS9913 IIG-AS-AP Internet Information Group AS9914 DAVNET-HK AS number for Davnet Digitel HK Ltd AS9915 SAYHI-TW Dome Digital Communications, AS9916 NCTU-TW National Chiao Tung University, AS9917 INTERGEAND-TW NETPOLY Telecom Inc., AS9918 KGTNET-TW KG Telecommunication Co., Ltd AS9919 NCIC-TW New Century InfoComm Tech Co., Ltd. AS9920 ATLAS-TW Atlas Internet & Life International, Inc. AS9921 HKT-PORTAL-TW PCCW Hongkong Telecom Ltd., Taiwan Branch. AS9922 WCOM-TW WorldCom Taiwan Co., Ltd. AS9923 EMPHASIS-NETWORKS-TW Emphasis Networks Inc. AS9924 TFN-TW Taiwan Fixed Network, Telco and Network Service Provider. AS9925 HKTHOST-AP Powerbase DataCenter Services (HK) Ltd. AS9926 SKYNET-AP Internet Content Provider AS9927 PHILCOMNET-PH A Multihomed ISP Company AS9928 CRYSTAL-AU-AP Crystal Internet AS9929 CNCNET-CN China Netcom Corp. AS9930 TTNET-MY TIMEdotNet Berhad AS9931 CAT-AP The Communication Authoity of Thailand, CAT AS9932 HIC-AP Health Insurance Commission AS9933 AHCL-AP AHCL Health Network AS9934 MICOM-MN-AS Micom Co., Ltd, Core AS AS9935 AGNSCUS-HK AGNS Customer AS AS9936 USAMC-AFRIMS-AS-TH AFRIMS Medical Research Institute AS9937 BLUEF-AP AGNS Customer Blue Field AS AS9938 IRESS-AS-SEC-AP IRESS Market Technology AS9939 ANLAI-AP AS for Anlai AS9940 WOLCST-AS-AP World online AS, Cybersoft Technologies. AS9941 RANBAXY-IN-AS Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited AS9942 COMINDICO-AP SOUL Converged Communications Australia AS9943 KNCTV-AS Kangnam Cable TV AS9944 LGESHOP-AS LG Home shopping Inc. AS9945 KCACBACKUP-AS-KR Korea Information Security Agency AS9946 CABLENET-AS-KR KCTV JEJU BROADCASTING AS9947 SIMNET-AS-KR Simulation Multimedia Network AS9948 NICEMONEY-AS-KR Nice e-Banking Services AS9949 HOSEO-AS HOSEO UNIVERSITY AS9950 PUBNETPLUS2-AS-KR DACOM AS9951 OBS-AS-KR Yonhap News Agency AS9952 HOSTWAY-AS-KR Hostway Korea AS9953 HDVENTURE-AS Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd.(HDEC) AS9954 KUNSAN-AS Kunsan National University AS9955 CHEONAN-AS-KR CHEONAN University AS9956 KONGJU-AS kongju national university AS9957 KINX-AS KINX, Inc. AS9958 NEXON-AS NEXON AS9959 KOREASTOCKEXCHANGE-AS KOREA STOCK EXCHANGE AS9960 DGB-AS-KR DaeguBank AS9961 JOIL-AS-KR JOIL CABLE NETWORK AS9962 SUNCHON-AS Sunchon National University AS9963 MOUMNET-AS MOUM Information AS9964 PERSNET Korea Telecom Freetel AS9965 ANSAN-AS ANSAN COLLEGE AS9966 GOODBANK-AS Citibank Korea AS9967 KEBCS-AS Korea Exchange Bank of Credit Services AS9968 KYOBO-AS KYOBO Life Insurance Co., Ltd. AS9969 WMS-NET-AS-KR KOREA RESOURCES RECOVERY AND REUTILIZATION CORPORATION AS9970 KUT-AS Korea University of Technology and Education AS9971 DONGDAEMUNCABLEINTERNET-AS-KR TBROAD Dongdaemun cable networks,Inc. AS9972 ROOTCA-AS KISA AS9973 YESFUTURES-AS KEB Futures Co. AS9974 KRA-AS-KR Korea Racing Association AS9975 KBISE-AS-KR Gyeongsangbuk-do Education Research Institute AS9976 ICNDP-AS-KR Korea Cable TV NamIncheon Broadcasting.co.ltd AS9977 JIGUNET-AS IOSYSTEM AS9978 UOS-AS The University of Seoul AS9979 KEB-AS KOREA EXCHANGE BANK AS9980 HITINET Hyundai Information Technology AS9981 SAERONET-AS-KR Saero Network Service LTD AS9982 PAICHAI-AS PAICHAI UNIVERSITY AS9983 ABS-AS-AP Australian Bureau of Statistics. AS9984 SILVER-AS-AP Silver Telcom AS9985 NIAUSAS-AP News Interactive (NI) australian AS number AS9986 TMTAPS-AS-AP Telekom Malaysia Access Point Service. AS9987 EXPRESSBBS-AS-AP Express BBS AS9988 MPT-AP Myanma Post and Telecommunication AS9989 EQUINIX-AP Equinix Singapore Pte Ltd AS9990 JPNIC-NET-JP-AS-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS9991 JPNIC-NET-JP-AS-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS9992 JPNIC-NET-JP-AS-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS9993 JPNIC-NET-JP-AS-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS9994 JPNIC-NET-JP-AS-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS9995 JPNIC-NET-JP-AS-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS9996 JPNIC-NET-JP-AS-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS9997 JPNIC-NET-JP-AS-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS9998 JPNIC-NET-JP-AS-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS9999 JPNIC-NET-JP-AS-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS10000 JPNIC-NET-JP-AS-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS10001 JPNIC-NET-JP-AS-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS10002 JPNIC-NET-JP-AS-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS10003 JPNIC-NET-JP-AS-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS10004 JPNIC-NET-JP-AS-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS10005 JPNIC-NET-JP-AS-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS10006 JPNIC-NET-JP-AS-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS10007 JPNIC-NET-JP-AS-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS10008 JPNIC-NET-JP-AS-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS10009 JPNIC-NET-JP-AS-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS10010 JPNIC-NET-JP-AS-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS10011 JPNIC-NET-JP-AS-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS10012 JPNIC-NET-JP-AS-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS10013 JPNIC-NET-JP-AS-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS10014 JPNIC-NET-JP-AS-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS10015 JPNIC-NET-JP-AS-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS10016 JPNIC-NET-JP-AS-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS10017 JPNIC-NET-JP-AS-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS10018 JPNIC-NET-JP-AS-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS10019 JPNIC-NET-JP-AS-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS10020 JPNIC-NET-JP-AS-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS10021 JPNIC-NET-JP-AS-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS10022 DSLAK-AS-AP Internet access for Datacom Systems Auckland AS10023 BECOM-TRANSIT-AS-AP Be Communications P/L ISP Geelong Australia AS10024 LGA-AS-SG-AP LGA International AS10025 IUSN-AS-AP Internet Users Society Niue AS10026 ANC Asia Netcom Corporation AS10027 CYBERTRUST-CORP-AU-AS Cybertrust Australia Pty Ltd AS10028 PTT-GITS-AP Information System Department AS10029 SPECTRANET FIRST FIBRE BROADBAND NETWORK IN NEW DELHI, INDIA AS10030 CELCOMNET-AP Celcom Internet Service Provider AS10031 IASPIRE-ASN iASPire.net Pte Ltd AS10032 HGC-AS-AP Hutchison Global Crossing Ltd. AS10033 IVANET-TYO-AP iBasis Tokyo ICO AS10034 YOUNGTAEK-AS YMIR Entertainment AS10035 KBCS-AS-KR KYONGBUK COLLEGE OF SCIENCE AS10036 CNM-AS-KR C&M Communication Co. Ltd. AS10037 NEXEYE-AS-KR Jeil CATV Co.,Ltd AS10038 FWINET SK Telecom AS10039 MIRE-NET-AS mire.net AS10040 NICEVAN-AS-KR NICE Information & Telecommunication, Inc AS10041 WILLBES-AS-KR The Willbes & Co.,Ltd AS10042 DPC-AS-KR DAEGU POLYTECHNIC COLLEGE AS10043 MIC-AS-KR Ministry of Information and Communication AS10044 RDA-AS-KR Rural Development Adminstration (RDA) AS10045 TNUTNET-AS HANBAT NATIONAL UNIVERSITY AS10046 HOWON-AS HOWON UNIVERSITY AS10047 NSUIDC-AS-KR Namseoul university AS10048 BITTEL-AS Bittel AS10049 SKNET-AS SKC&C AS10050 EPOSTBANK-AS-KR Ministry of Information and Communication Republic of Korea AS10051 ANYSAT-AS ANYSAT AS10052 KNU-AS Kyungpook National Univ. AS10053 AYTCNET-AS Anyang Technical College AS10054 CMBKJ-AS-KR CMB Kwnagju Easten Broadcasting AS10055 KORAIL-AS-KR Korean National Railroad Administration AS10056 HDMF-AS Hyundai Marin&Fire Insurance AS10057 ESONET ESOCOM AS10058 CU-AS-KR NACUFOK AS10059 KIDC-AS Korea Internet Data Center AS10060 ACTOZ Actoz Soft Co., Ltd. AS10061 FSS-AS Financial Supervisory Service AS10062 HAMANNET-AS-KR HamanCableBroadcastingCorporation AS10063 KMA-AS Korea Meteorological Administration AS10064 HALLYM-AS-KR ILSONG AS10065 KMTC-AS-KR Korea Marine Transport AS10066 GAYANET-AS-KR CJ CableNet Gaya Broadcasting Corporation AS10067 LGNET-CHINA-AS-KR LG CNS AS10068 PRONET-AS Honhjin Network AS10069 SMLINE-AS-KR Seoul Metro AS10070 KRISS-AS Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science AS10071 ANYANG-AS anyang University AS10072 CHOHUNGBANK-AS Cho Hung Bank AS10073 KNOU-AS Korea National Open University AS10074 IVANET-SIN-AP iBasis Singapore ICO AS10075 INTERMEDIA-AS-AP Intermedia Network Services Pte Ltd AS10076 ASN-ERDEMNET # AS-ERDEMNET CONVERTED TO ASN-ERDEMNET FOR RPSL COMPLIANCE ERDEMNET ISP AS10077 HCL-INFINET-AS-1 HCL Infinet Limited AS10078 IBC-AS-AP Internet Business Corporation AS10079 PACDUN-AS-AU Pacific Dunlop Group AS10080 WEBSHIELD-ADE-AS-AP Webshield, Internet Service Provider, Adelaide, Australia AS10081 DIGI-MY DiGi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd AS10083 CYNERGIC-AS-AP Cynergic Net Solutions - NSW Peering AS Number AS10084 WAIA-TRANSIT-AP Western Australian Internet Association AS10085 UNIGATE-OVERSEA-IX-AP PEER WITH OVERSEA ISP AS10086 T-SYSTEMS-SG T-SYSTEMS SINGAPORE PTE LTD AS10087 TOPSEARCH-PCB-AP Printed Circuits Manufacturer AS10088 KWANGWOON-UNIV-AS-AP KWANGWOON University in Seoul, Korea AS10089 PANDS-AS-TH-AP Total Access Communication PLC. AS10090 LDSCHURCH-AS-AP LDS Church of Jesus Christ AS10091 SCV-AS-AP SCV Broadband Access Provider AS10092 AUDOMAINADMIN-AS-AP Australian Domain Administration Limited, AS10093 ACTWEBNET-AS-AP WebOne Internet AS10094 BRUNET-AS AS Number for BruNet, Brunei Darussalam AS10095 WEBMETRIX-AS-AP WEBMETRIX AS10096 EASYCALL-PH-AS Easycall Communications Phils., Inc. AS10097 FLOWCOM Flow Communications 2/541 Kent St Sydney NSW 2000 AS10099 HKUNICOM1-AP Voice over IP, ISP, Web Hosting, AS10100 ASN-AP-UBSW # AS-AP-UBSW CONVERTED TO ASN-AP-UBSW FOR RPSL COMPLIANCE UBS Warburg Autonomous System Asia-Pacific AS10101 SIMPUR-BN SIMPUR ISP AS10102 IPONLY-AP-AS IP-Only Asia and Pacific AS10103 HKBN-AS-AP HK Broadband Network Ltd. AS10104 INTERNETDEPOT Internet Depot AS10105 OMNI OMNIconnect Pty Ltd AS10106 PALCOM-AS Palcom Online AS10108 DRESDNERHK-AP DRESDNER KLEINWORT WASSERSTEIN, AS10110 ASN-MITNZ-AP # AS-MITNZ-AP CONVERTED TO ASN-MITNZ-AP FOR RPSL COMPLIANCE Manukau Institute of Technology AS10111 DATAONE-MY-AP AS for DataOne(Malaysia) AS10112 CREATIVE-IBP-AP Creative Technology Ltd AS10113 DATAFAST-AP DATAFAST TELECOMMUNICATIONS LTD AS10114 ASIANET-AP PT.Medialintas Antar Buana AS10115 ATOAS-AP Australian Taxation OAffice AS10116 HTCL-WAP-HK-AP Hutchison Telephone Company Limited AS10117 VIEWQWEST-SG-AS-AP Viewqwest Singapore Pte Ltd Broadband Border AS AS10118 HTCL-IAS-HK-AP Hutchison Telephone Company Limited AS10119 INFORMATION-SOLUTION-WORKS-AP ISW Head Office in Hobart AS10120 IBM-SG-AP IBM Sinapore Server Farm AS10122 BJJSNET-AS-AP Beijing Jiasheng Lianhua technical Co. Ltd AS10123 SPEEDISP-CN shenzhen speedisp internet co., LTD AS10124 FASCOM-AP FASCOM NETWORK SERVICES LTD. AS10126 CHTI-IP-AP Taiwan Internet Gateway AS10127 CLSA-AS-AP CLSA Ltd AS10128 IAG-AS-AP Optus Customer Network AS10129 SSMB-AS-AP Salomon Smith Barney Australia Pty Ltd AS10130 FSMTC-AS-AP Federated States of Micronesia AS10131 CKTELECOM-CK-AP Telecom Cook Islands AS10132 EASTAR-TECHNOLOGY-AP Eastar Technology Data Center in Hongkong AS10133 CHIEF-AS Chief Telecom Inc. AS10134 WEBCOM-AP We are an ASP/ISP AS10135 EASPNET-AS-AP EASPNET Inc. AS10136 GE-ASPAC-PEERING-SG GE Int'l Inc. ASPAC SG AS10137 PATRANET-AP Patrakom Internet Service Provider AS10138 IVANET-SYD-AP iBasis-Sydney ICO AS10139 SMARTBRO-PH-AP Smart Broadband, Inc. AS10140 SINGTEL-GRX SingTel GPRS Roaming Exchange AS10141 NIGX-AS-AP National Internet and Gaming Exchange AS10142 WELL-COM-PTY-LTD Well.Com Pre-Press Services AS10143 EXETEL-AS-AP Exetel Pty Ltd AS10144 ECLIPSE-AP Eclipse Telecomunications Australia AS10145 SECUREIP-AP SecureIP AS10146 FORD-MOTOR-CO-SG-AP Ford Motor Company AS10147 DAHSING-HK-AS-AP Dah Sing Bank HK AS AS10148 UNIMELB-AS-AP The University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Victoria AS10149 MEGAPOP-SG-AP SINGAPORE TELECOMMUNIATIONS LIMITED AS10150 TENNET-AU-AP Optus Customer Network AS10152 NEC-MELB-DC-AS-AP NEC Business Solutions AS10153 ONETELHK-AS-AP ONE.TEL Limited (Hong Kong) AS10154 USE-AS-KR ULSAN Office of Education AS10155 JBCTV-AS-KR CJ CableNet JoongBusan CATV AS10156 SNUE-AS-KR Seoul National University of Education AS10157 YAHOO-AS-KR Yahoo! Korea, Corp. AS10158 BSPOLICE-AS-KR BUSAN METROPOLITAN POLICE AGENCY AS10159 HAUNET-AS-KR HANKUK Aviation University AS10160 PRISM-AS Intellicenter AS10161 KITC-AS Korea Investment Trust Management & Securities Co.,LTD AS10162 SNUH-AS-KR SNUH AS10163 HANTA-AS HANKOOK TIRE CO.,LTD. AS10164 GSD-AS-KR TBROAD GANGSEO AS10165 CUSTOMS-AS-KR KOREA CUSTOMS SERVICE AS10166 KOWANET-AS-KR Korea Water Resources Corporation AS10167 HANVIT-AS HANVIT BANK AS10168 NSKFB-AS Korea First Bank AS10169 SUNLIN-AS-KR Sunlin College AS10170 BOKNET-AS The Bank of Korea AS10171 SKTELINK-AS SKTELINK AS10172 KBBOOK-AS KYOBO BOOK CENTER AS10173 KSNET-AS KSNET.Inc AS10174 MBC-AS-KR Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation AS10175 HCNKUMHO-AS-KR Kumho Cable AS10176 TENET-AS Taejon Institute of Education Science AS10177 GREENCROSSLIFEINSURANCE-AS-KR GREEN CROSS LIFE INSURANCE Co.,Ltd AS10178 KBTUS-AS Korea Baptist Theological University/Seminary AS10179 DAETOO-AS Daehan Investment Trust Securities AS10180 CCNUE-AS-KR Chuncheon National University of Education AS10181 TIMESPACEN-AS TIME & SPACE TECH AS10182 ETOMATO-AS ETOMATO CO.Ltd AS10183 KBGSED-AS-KR Gyongsangbukdo GYONGSAN Office of Education AS10184 KFCCC-AS Korean Federation of Community Credit Cooperatives AS10185 HNB-AS Hana Bank Co. AS10186 DMT-AS-KR Daejeon Telecom AS10187 KISDI-AS-KR Korea Information Society Developement Institute AS10188 HANMAG-AS-KR HanMag Futures Corporation AS10189 HMM-AS-KR Hyundai merchant marine co., LTD. AS10190 JB-AS-KR Joongbu University AS10191 UYCATV-AS-KR KOREA CABLE TV ULSAN STATION AS10192 KIWOOM-AS-KR kiwoom.com Securities.co.,Ltd AS10193 WEMADE-AS-KR WEMADE Entertainment AS10194 DOOSANHEAVY-AS-KR Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction Co., Ltd. AS10195 HAIONNET-AS-KR HAIONNET AS10196 HNCBWORLD-AS-KR Kookmin Bank AS10197 CNU-AS-KR Chonnam National University AS10198 CUP-AS-KR Catholic University of Pusan AS10199 VSNL-AS-AP Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd. Autonomous System AS10200 NETSMART-AP Web hosting provider and ISP connectivity. AS10201 DWL-AS-IN Dishnet Wireless Limited. Broadband Wireless AS10202 HCBDIRECT-HK-AP Hutchison CSFBdirect Services LTD AS10203 PERTHIX-AS-AP Perth iX AS10204 ARCNET-NTTMSC-MY Arcnet NTT MSC ISP AS10205 ORISUN-AS-AP ORISUN.COM OPERATIONS LIMITED AS10206 CNCVOIP-CN China Netcom Corp VOIP Sub. AS10207 SSA-AP Shin Satellite Public Company Limited AS10208 THENET-AS-ID-AP PT. Millenium Internetindo AS10209 SYNOPSYS-AS-JP-AP Japan HUB and Data Center AS10210 HOSTECHNET-AP Hostech.Net AS10211 IVANET-KUL-AP iBasis Malaysia-KUL ICO AS10212 CIBONET-AP China CIBONET AS10213 WORKCOVER-AS-AP Workcover Corporation AS10215 MICROLANDNET-AS-AP Microland Limited. IT Infra Service Provider. India AS10216 NMROTHSCHILD-AS-AP NM Rothschild & Sons AS10217 NTT-NET-ID-AS PT. NTT Indonesia AS10218 MINCOM-LIMITED-AS-AP Optus Customer Network AS10219 SKYCC-AS-MAIN SKY C&C LLC AS10220 INFOASIA-ID-AP InfoAsia Online AS10221 HEWLETT-PACKARD Multi-homed connections to multiple ISP's providing AS10222 INFOVISION-AS-PH Infovision Data Services AS Data Center AS10223 UECOMM-AU Uecomm Ltd AS10224 BROADBAND-PH-AP BROADBAND PHILIPPINES AS10225 NETTLINX-IN-AP Service provider AS10226 ETL-IX-AS-AP Enterprise of Telecommunications Lao AS10227 SUANDUSIT Institute Rajabhat Suandusit AS10228 YAHOO-CN Internet Content Provider AS10229 YAHOO-TPE Internet Content Provider AS10230 YAHOO-SG internet content provider AS10231 TECHTRANS-AP Tech-trans System Ltd. AS10232 HUTPLHK-AS-AP Hutchison Priceline HK AS10233 WASP-PDOX-AP West Australian Service Providers AS10235 NATIONAL-AUSTRALIA-BANK National Australia Bank Ltd Network AS10236 FOXGOLD-NET-AU-AP FOXGOLD COMMUNICATIONS AS10237 DUN-AND-BRADSTREET-AP Dun & Bradstreet Australia Provider of Business AS10238 CCI-HK-AP Cyber Channel International Ltd AS10239 CMAX-AS Comsat Max ISP AS10240 MOTLEYFOOL - The Motley Fool, Inc. AS10241 OCI - Options & Choices, Inc. AS10242 USINTERNET - US Internet Corp AS10243 HERMESNET1 - STRC AS10244 EDIFY - Edify, Inc. AS10245 ASN-NEXTWEB-R3 - Nextweb, Inc AS10246 AGT - Applied Graphics Technologies AS10247 NETLINE AS10248 IPINC - Internet Partners, Inc. AS10250 INET-SOLUTIONS - INet Solutions AS10251 DIALI - Digital Internet Access Link, Inc. AS10252 DOTNETUNIFIEDNETWORK - Dot-Net, Ltd AS10253 IENG - Internet Engineering Group AS10254 WATSONWYATT - Watson Wyatt Worldwide AS10255 SINISTER - Sinister Networks AS10256 AKULA - Akula Communications Corp. AS10257 IINET-10257 - Infinity Internet, Inc. AS10258 SHN-AS - Sapient Health Network AS10259 BLUEMOON - Blue Moon Online System AS10260 ACCESS-CHICAGO - ACCESS Chicago Internet Services AS10262 IMPROTECH AS10263 MATCHMAKER - MatchMaker/DFW-ISP AS10264 SCOTIACAPTIAL - Scotia McLeod Inc. AS10265 SENECACOLLEGE-AS - Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology AS10266 NETWAY-AS - MDC, Inc. AS10267 GVI-AS - GlobalVision Systems, Inc AS10268 ASN-USS - USS.NET AS10269 Belize Telecommunications Limited AS10270 NECROMIUM - Idex Technologies AS10271 TCIX - Troy City Internet Exchange, Inc AS10272 SSIS - South Seas Internet Services AS10273 FPL - Florida Power & Light Company AS10274 EXCELNET - Excel.Net, Inc. AS10275 AS-UNITEDNETWORK - ABS-CBN International AS10276 GATEKEY - GateKey Solutions AS10277 Ministerio de Cultura y Educacion AS10278 CWWI-AS - Cable & Wireless (Barbados) Limited AS10279 OFFICEGENERALSF580 - Office General Inc AS10280 DIALIP-E-SW - GLOBAL ONE AS10281 DIALIP-E-NE - GLOBAL ONE AS10282 EQUANT-CEEUR EQUANT AS for Central and Eastern Europe region AS10283 DIALIP-AMERICAS - GLOBAL ONE AS10284 DIALIP-ASIA - GLOBAL ONE AS10285 Image Link AS10286 TIESOFT - TIESoft Internet Marketing Ltd. AS10287 XTNNET - East Tennessee Network AS10288 MIN-NET - MetroNet Internet Services, LLC AS10289 WEBNETWORKS - WebNetworks International, Inc. AS10290 RDANET - Readers Digest AS10291 PLANETALL - Sage Enterprises, Inc. AS10292 CWJ-1 - Cable & Wireless Jamaica AS10293 CANTV Servicios, Venezuela AS10294 CCCD-AS - Coast Community College District AS10295 COMPUTERDOTNET - Computer.Net LLC AS10296 GBNETMPNNETWORK - GBM Corporation AS10297 COLUMBUSNAP - The Columbus Network Access Point, Inc. AS10298 CACI - CACI, Inc. AS10299 EMCATEL AS10300 NETSPEAK - NetSpeak Corporation AS10301 NextGen Internet de Mexico AS10302 NEGIA-NET - NorthEast Georgia Internet Access Inc. AS10303 AS-PRIORI - Priori Networks AS10304 NETCHANNEL - Netchannel, INC. AS10305 VERINET - Verinet Communications, Inc. AS10306 CNETECHNET - CNETech Net, Inc. AS10307 GRENTEL - Grentel AS10308 NEIUNET - Northeastern Illinois University AS10309 MARIN-MIDAS - County of Marin AS10310 YAHOO-1 - Yahoo! AS10311 SCRR-10311 - Road Runner HoldCo LLC AS10312 HEARTPORT - Heartport Inc. AS10313 PEQUOT - Pequot Systems, Inc. AS10314 WORLDPATH-AS - WorldPath Internet Services AS10315 EZNETWORK - ez network systems AS10316 ABACUS-NET-AS - Abacus America Inc. AS10317 CUCINT - Cuc International AS10318 CABLEVISION S.A. AS10319 ADVANTANET - Advanta Corporate Technology AS10320 ISPN-TJ - Internet Services Provider Network AS10321 MERCOMUSA - Mercury Communications AS10322 ERCOT-ISO - Ercot Independent System Operations AS10323 PLANET - Planet Systems Network, Inc. AS10324 WAZOO-AS - Wazoo's Computers AS10325 INGRAMMICRO - Ingram Micro Inc. AS10326 WPI - Worcester Polytechnic Institute AS10327 CLAND - ComputerLand of Boise AS10328 IKONUN - IKON/Universal Networks, Inc. AS10329 INFOSHARE - CoreLAN Communications, Inc. AS10330 VOYAGER - CoreComm - Voyager, Inc. AS10331 BANKMED AS10332 BROADBAND - MSHOW.com AS10333 DIGITALINSIGHT - Digital Insight AS10334 NAVISITE-EAST - Navisite Internet Services AS10335 RELAYTECH - Relay Technology, Inc AS10336 PFN-AS - PFN, Inc. AS10337 IBMAS400DIV - IBM AS/400 Division AS10338 COBITE - Communications Billing Technologies AS10339 COMMTEL - CommTel Internet AS10340 TELE-TECH - TELE-TECH CO. INC. AS10341 IBC-AS - IBC AS10342 INETINFOSVCS-AS - Internet Information Services, Inc. AS10343 NASA-AERONET-AS - NAS Facility AS10344 CCCL-HOSTING-GRMI - Crowe Chizek and Company LLC AS10345 INCONNECT - Internet Connect, Inc. AS10346 MIDCOAST - MIDCOAST INTERNET SOLUTIONS AS10347 RANDMCNALLY - Rand McNally AS10348 HTDC - High Technology Development Corporation AS10349 TULANE - Tulane University AS10350 NETSCHOOLS - NETSchools Corporation AS10351 ENERT - Enertron L.L.C. AS10352 WCTC - Solarus AS10353 STCC-5 - Southwest Tennessee Community College AS10354 GLOBETROTTER - QuebecTel Communications Inc AS10355 DSCGA - Digital Service Consultants AS10356 WINDYCITY - Windy City Ltd. AS10357 JMUNET - James Madison University AS10358 EQUINOX - EQUINOX Internet Services Corp. AS10359 UFSG-CLT-1 - UVEST Financial Services AS10360 SOFTWARE-ALBERTA - Software Alberta Society AS10361 BLOOMBERG-NET - Bloomberg, LP AS10362 Internet Hall S/C Ltda. AS10363 LEESTL-ASN-10363 - Lee Enterprises, Inc. AS10364 UAHNET - University of Alabama in Huntsville AS10365 WEBEXPRESS - WEB EXPRESS AS10366 ASN-NKN1 - National Knowledge Networks, Inc. AS10367 METRO2000 - Metro2000, Inc. AS10368 RCN-AS10368 - RCN Corporation AS10369 CAMPBELLSOUP-AS - Campbell Soup Company AS10370 NORTHWEST-AIRLINES - Northwest Airlines AS10371 NASA-DARWIN-AS - DARWIN AS10372 NORWEST - Norwest Services, Inc. AS10373 NORWEST - Norwest Services, Inc. AS10374 NORWEST - Norwest Services, Inc. AS10375 NORWEST - Norwest Services, Inc. AS10376 NORWEST - Norwest Services, Inc. AS10377 SOUNDCHOICE - Sound Choice Communications LLC AS10378 NODEWARRIOR - NodeWarrior Networks, Inc AS10379 DELUXE - Deluxe Corporation AS10380 NETXS - Net XS Communications AS10381 SWCP-AS - Southwest Cyberport AS10382 NPTI - Northwest Pennsylvania Technical Institute AS10383 QWEST-AS-10383 - Qwest Corporation AS10384 TVA - Tennessee Valley Authority AS10385 EIGER - eiger AS10386 IC-ASN - Internet Connections, Inc. AS10387 CHARIOTNET - cha!, LLC AS10388 NETINC - NETinc AS10389 BEARCLEARNET - Bear Stearns Security Corporation AS10390 TELECHECK - TeleCheck International, Inc. AS10391 InteRED Panama AS10392 GLASSCITY-INTERNET - GlassCity Internet, Inc. AS10393 MWEB AS10394 ALLWAYS - Allways, Inc. AS10395 VUE-AS1 - Virtual University Enterprises AS10396 COQUI-NET - DATACOM CARIBE, INC. AS10397 WISP-AS - Wispnet, LLC AS10398 GBI - Great Bridge Internet, Inc. AS10399 AMAP-AUSTIN-TX-WALLER - Waller Creek Communications AS10400 THETORONTOSTAR - Torstar Electronic Publishing AS10401 SFAAOA - Society for Accelerated Advancement of Amphetamines AS10402 HSD2-AS - Harrison School District Two AS10403 DYNASTY - Dynasty Online, Inc AS10404 ICN-1 - Interactive Classified Network AS10405 ASN-UP - Union Pacific Railroad AS10406 ASN-TEKTRONIX - Tektronix Inc. (TEK-DOM) AS10407 IAAVC - IAAVC AS10408 SPECTRUME - Spectrum Enterprises, Inc. AS10409 EASYLINK-AS10409 - Easylink Services Corporation AS10410 AUTO-GRAPHICS - Auto-Graphics, Inc. AS10411 ESRI - Environmental Systems Research Institute AS10412 Instituto de Tecnologia do Parana AS10413 GLOBALLY - Global Net AS10414 QUESTLINK - QuestLink Technology, Inc. AS10415 VSCAPEII - Vscape International, Inc AS10416 EVCOM-ASN - Evolution Communications, Inc. AS10417 DCC/UFMG AS10418 TEKNOS - TEKNOS Consulting Corporation AS10419 NORTHERNLIGHT - Northern Light Technology LLC AS10420 BANCO-DE-MEXICO AS10421 TTUNET - Texas Tech University AS10422 NETEXPLORER - Net Explorer, Inc. AS10423 SPARTAN-NET - Spartan-Net AS10424 QWEST-AS-10424 - Qwest Corporation AS10425 AWG-BOS - Advanced Wireless Group, LLC AS10426 AUTOBAHN - autobahn Internet Solutions AS10427 RAMS-FIE-AS - Federal Information Exchange AS10428 CWV-NETWORKS - The College of West Virginia AS10429 Telefonica Empresas SA AS10430 WA-K20 - Washington State K-20 Telecommunications Network AS10431 BCNET-1 - Berkshire County Networks AS10432 APC-AS-2 - American Personal Communications AS10433 USA-NET - USA-Net Corporation AS10434 SAT-TEL - Satellite Communications Systems, Inc. AS10435 IDCOMM - ID COMMUNICATIONS AS10436 ITESM - Rectoria Zona Sur AS10437 UKY - University of Kentucky, Communication Services AS10438 BLUE-HWY - Information Systems, Inc. AS10439 CARI - San Diego Commercial Internet Exchange AS10440 OHC-HOST - OHC, LLC AS10441 CH2M - CH2M AS10442 ED-GOV - U.S. Department of Education AS10443 WOLFENET2 - Wolfe Internet Access AS10444 ZIONS-MANAGMENT-SERVICES-COMPANY - Zions Management Services Company AS10445 HTG - Huntleigh Telcom AS10446 AMIGO-NET - Zero Error Networks AS10447 SKYLINKUS-AS1 - Skylink Networks, Inc. AS10448 VILLANOVA-UNIV - Villanova University AS10449 DISCOVER - DiscoverNet, Inc. AS10450 ADVANTECH - ADVANTECH AS10451 WARPDRIVE - Warpdrive Networks AS10452 FritzWare S.R.L. AS10453 CNIWEB - CREATIVE NETWORK INNOVATIONS, INC. AS10454 Horizontes Internet AS10455 LUCENT-CIO - Lucent Technologies Inc. AS10456 ATT-DISCNET - AT&T Bell Laboratories AS10457 ILX-ASN - THOMSON FINANCIAL AS10458 JUNIPER-TEST-AS - Juniper Networks, Inc. AS10459 WANSASN - Web America Networks AS10460 SCOOP-AS - Scoop, Inc. AS10461 TOWNSENDANALYTICSLTD - TOWNSEND ANALYTICS,LTD. AS10462 SHADOW - Shadow Infromation Services AS10463 Enlared C.A. AS10464 TEAMTECH - Team Technologies, LLC AS10465 DOCKNET-1 - dock.net AS10466 MAGPI - MAGPI c/o University of Pennsylvania AS10467 NEWMEDIA - New Media Laboratories AS10468 ASLAN - Aslan Communications, Inc. AS10469 FIRSTNET - FIRST Inc. AS10470 ASN-PCORDER - pcOrder.com AS10471 TIS-AS - Thomson Information Services AS10472 CWNET - Communications World Network AS10473 COMPUSA - CompUSA Direct AS10474 NETACTIVE AS10475 VENTURENET - VentureNet, L.L.C. AS10476 Net2Net Corp. AS10477 CEPHAS - Cephas Multimedia, Inc. AS10478 PTINETCORP - PTI Communications AS10479 ITESM - Rectoria Zona Norte AS10480 ASIXNM - IXNM Inc AS10481 Prima S.A. AS10482 SHAW-COMMUNICATIONS - Shaw Communications Inc. AS10483 AKPERMFUND - Alaska Permanent Fund AS10484 HRBLOCK-AS - H&R Block AS10485 UW-STOUT - University of Wisconsin - Stout AS10486 FASTRANS - Fastrans Logistics, Inc. AS10487 SIMPLENET - Simple Network Communications, Inc AS10488 TFM-ASN - tfm associates AS10489 FUTUREONE-AS - Convergent Internet Solutions AS10490 SOUTHERN-CROSSROADS-SOX - Georgia Institute of Technology AS10491 DIAMONDLINK - Diamond Link, Inc. AS10492 CACMEDIANET - CAC-MediaNet AS10493 GCN-AS - Grand Central Networks Inc. AS10494 AAI - Accurate Automation, Inc. AS10495 Gerais Consultoria e Sistemas AS10496 LIVINGSTON - Livingston Enterprises, Inc. AS10497 WORLDBANK-AS - WORLD BANK AS10498 IWAVE-ASN - I-Wave Corp. AS10499 RGE - Rochester Gas and Electric Corporation AS10500 2FAST-ASN - WireWeb Internet AS10501 PACLINK - PacLink Communications LLC AS10502 IFX NETWORKS COLOMBIA AS10503 I-55 - Tangipahoa Internet Services AS10504 DHLAIRWAYS - DHL AIRWAYS, INC. AS10505 DOCKSIDE AS10506 PROSPECT - Prospect Communications Corp. AS10507 SPCS - Sprint Personal Communications Systems AS10508 ARKNET-AS - University of Arkansas AS10509 IEWAY - Internet Expressway AS10510 QNIKC - Q-Networks, Inc AS10511 COUNTRY-INSURANCE - CC Services, Inc AS10512 EFOREX-AS - E-FOREX AS10513 RCN-AS7 - RCN Corporation AS10514 SPLITROCK - Splitrock Services Inc. AS10515 CLT-NIC - VeriSign Infrastructure & Operations AS10516 ORB-BIT - Orb-bit Design Group AS10517 MELLONBANK - Mellon Bank AS10518 WALLNET-AS - Wall Internet LLC AS10519 ANS97 - ANS Communications, Inc. AS10520 EXECULINK - Execulink Internet Services Corporation AS10521 MARCOM - MarCom, Inc AS10522 BLUESTAR - BlueStar Communications AS10523 ROADRUNNER-003-ALBANY - Excalibur Group AS10524 MED-TEL-INTERNATIONAL-CORP - MED-TEL INTERNATIONAL CORP AS10525 SIMON-SCHUSTER - Simon & Schuster AS10526 DRCORP - Direct Report Corporation AS10527 PULVER - Pulver.com AS10528 INTELISYS - Intelisys Electronic Commerce AS10529 AFSB - Avondale Federal Savings Bank AS10530 interpacket (http://www.interpacket.net) AS10531 Africanet Provedor de Acesso Ltda. AS10532 RACKSPACE - Rackspace.com, Ltd. AS10533 OTTIX - Hypnovista Network Services AS10534 GOAMERICACOMM - GoAmerica Communications Corp AS10535 USNETWAY - US Netway, Inc. AS10536 INDIVIDUAL - Individual, Inc. AS10537 WINBEAM-INFINITY - Winbeam AS10538 TELALASKA - TelAlaska AS10539 NETMORE - Netmore Internet, Inc. AS10540 INFODOOR AS10541 PREDICTIVE - Predictive Systems Inc. AS10542 MSDNSD - Maplecrest Software Development Network Services Division AS10543 UPTIMEWEB - Uptime Computer Services, Inc. AS10544 DLPTECHNOLOGIES - DLP Technologies, Inc. AS10545 LCOL - Lynchburg College AS10546 MSSTATE - Mississippi State University AS10547 LOANX - LOANX, Inc. AS10548 LCGM-AS1 - LCGM, Inc. AS10549 EMINET - The EmiNet Domain AS10550 UTAUSTIN - University of Texas at Austin AS10551 RAPID-CITY-REGIONAL - Rapid City Regional Hospital AS10552 CATAPULTNET - Catapult Integrated Systems AS10553 SILVERPLATTER-AS - Silverplatter Information AS10554 MIDPLAINSNET - Mid-Plains Internet AS10555 SCLI - Semi-Custom Logic, Inc AS10556 ATN-AS - American Telnet AS10557 CNW - Connect Northwest Internet Services, LLC AS10558 WEBLINK - WebLink Wireless, Inc. AS10559 WEBSTREETSECURITIES - Web Street Securities, Inc. AS10560 ITESM Rectoria Zona Centro AS10561 BRANDEIS - Brandeis University AS10562 AIRNET - AIRnet Internet Services, Inc. AS10563 ROCHELLEUTILITIES - Rochelle Municipal Utilities AS10564 TCSI - TCSI Corporation AS10565 SVCOLO-AS - Silicon Valley Colocation, Inc. AS10566 VIAGENIE - ViaGenie Inc. AS10567 TNA - Total Network Access AS10568 PROXY-ASN - Proxy Communications Corporation AS10569 Red CENIAInternet AS10570 HYPNO-NTT - NTT Software AS10571 GEOACCESS-AS - GeoAccess AS10572 RESROCKET - Res Rocket Surfer, Inc AS10573 WEBNEXUS - WebNexus Communications Inc. AS10574 BJKE - BJK & E, Inc. AS10575 CISP-AS AS10576 CDNOW - CDnow, Inc. AS10577 WIPC - Worldwide Internet Publishing Corp AS10578 GIGAPOP-NE - Harvard University AS10579 HIGHWAY1-AS - Highway 1 AS10580 INTURNET-ASN - Inturnet, Inc. AS10581 TM3 - Thomson Municipal AS10582 MONDONET-USA-AS - TMI-USA AS10583 CHIME - Connecticut Hospital Assoc. AS10584 TRADEWEB - TradeWeb, LLC AS10585 NETLIMITED - NETLIMITED LLC AS10586 OSI de Guatemala AS10587 FIBERPIPE - Fiberpipe Inc. AS10588 ICSNET - Intelligent Computer Solutions, Inc AS10589 HALNET - Houston Area League of PC Users AS10590 BOOKSTACKS - Book Stacks Unlimited AS10591 IONSNET - Interact Communications AS10592 NET1PLUS - NET1Plus AS10593 AOL-DTC2 - America Online AS10594 CEC - Cutting Edge Communications, Inc. AS10595 MAUSWERKS - Mauswerks, Inc. AS10596 JETNET - Jet.Net Internet Services AS10597 CRUSOE-AS - Crusoe Communications, Inc. AS10598 CIRR - Central Iowa (Model) Railroad AS10599 MCKESSON - McKesson Corp. AS10600 CD-Graf Publicacoes Eletronicas Ltda. AS10601 ELNET - elNet - Electro Link Network, Inc. AS10602 TDL - THE DIAMOND LANE AS10603 TYPEHOUSE-GROUP - Typehouse Group AS10604 KINKO - Kinkos, Inc. AS10605 Service Net AS10606 TALNET S.A. AS10607 ETHERN - Global Communications INTERNETworking Corp. AS10608 ENS-INTERWEB - Enterprise Network Systems AS10609 TELEVAR - Televar Northwest, Inc. AS10610 APA - American Psychological Association AS10611 REOHR - The Reohr Group AS10612 NORTHCOAST-INTERNET - Northcoast Internet, Inc. AS10613 MAUINET - Maui Net, Inc. AS10614 ZHONKA-AS - Zhonka Broadband, LLC AS10615 PAINEWEBBER-ASN - PaineWebber Group Inc. AS10616 NTIS - National Technical Information Service AS10617 SION S.A AS10618 NBNET - The National Business Network Inc. AS10619 PUBLICONLINE - Public Online Communications Corporation AS10620 TV Cable S.A. AS10621 FIRSTNETHOU - First Internet AS10622 NIEHS - National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) AS10623 ANNAPOLIS-INTERNET - ANNAPOLIS INTERNET INC. AS10624 Netpoint de Venezuela AS10625 SPCOMSTOCK - Standard & Poor's Comstock AS10626 INTRANET-INC - Intranet Technologies Inc. AS10627 CP-AS-AS10627 - Critical Path Inc. AS10628 VINS-AS-1 - ViaWest Internet Services, Inc. AS10629 INTERPAC - Inter-Pacific Network Services AS10630 Prover Teleinformatica Ltda AS10631 GEORGIA-STATE - Georgia State University AS10632 PSE-AS - Puget Sound Energy AS10633 PINNACLESYS - Pinnacle Systems, Inc. AS10634 WEBWORKS-ASN - WORLDWIDE WEB WORKS, LLC. AS10635 THE-BASTILLE - GTE Law Enforcement Services AS10636 KANBAY-US - Kanbay INC AS10637 TROYSAT - Troy Systems AS10638 KANA - Kana.Com AS10639 ALPHABLOX - ALPHABLOX CORPORATION AS10640 DATANET S.A. AS10641 TICKETMASTER-AS - TicketMaster Corp. AS10642 POWERNET - DHM Information Management, Inc. AS10643 SUBURBCABLE - Suburban Cable TU CO, Inc. AS10644 ALLIEDSIGNAL-AA - AlliedSignal Automotive Aftermarket AS10645 APPLIEDINNOVATIONS - Applied Innovations, Inc. AS10646 TVCN-AS - Television Communications Network AS10647 NACM - Nicholas Applegate AS10648 PACIFICBROK - Pacific Brokerage Services AS10649 Telecomunicacoes do Parana S.A. AS10650 EXTREME-AS - Extreme Internet AS10651 INCC - Internet Communications Corp AS10652 NETSIDE - NetSide Corporation AS10653 MVANET - MVA.Net AS10654 CONXNETASN0 - Connections Communications Sources Corp AS10655 BUREAU-NAT-AFF - BUREAU OF NATIONAL AFFAIRS, INC. AS10656 ECOL - Eau Claire Press Company AS10657 GIANTSTEP - Giant Step AS10658 GEEKLAB - Kollektive lucid ephemeric kaptive syndrome socitey AS10659 SEQUENT-CS2 - IBM AS10660 SYSNET-AS - SYSNET Communications AS10661 AUGLINK - AugLink Communications, Inc. AS10662 NORFOLK-SOUTHERN - Norfolk Southern Corporation AS10663 DISCOVERNET-ASN1 - DiscoverNet, Incorporated AS10664 CP-INTERNET - CP Internet AS10665 SKYNET - SkyNET Corporation AS10666 ALLERGAN - Allergan, Inc. AS10667 FSIWEBS-NET1-AS - Financial Services Inc AS10668 LEE-ASN - Lee Enterprises, Inc. AS10669 JOBTRAK-AS - Jobtrak Corp. AS10670 PRODEMGE Cia. Processamento Dados MG AS10671 Comision Nacional de Actividades Espaciales AS10672 REDSTORM - Red Storm Entertainment AS10673 AFFINI - Affinity Internet, Inc AS10674 GRUCOM - Grucom AS10675 VIET-MY - Viet-My AS10676 GLOBALEC - Sterling Commerce (America), Inc. AS10677 OMNCS - OMNCS AS10678 TRENDS-NET - @trends.ca AS10679 INET-SVCS-AS - InterNetwork Services AS10680 IUPUI - Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis AS10681 AOL-DTC1 - America Online AS10682 VISION21ASN - Vision Twenty-One AS10683 CRUZIO - Cruizo, Inc. AS10684 EMPIRENET - EmpireNet AS10685 SSI - Solution Services, Inc. AS10686 MYXA-ASN - Myxa Corporation AS10687 CYBERSURF - Cybersurf Inc. AS10688 ISM Automacao Ltda. AS10689 FVI-CHI - Fox Valley Internet, Inc. AS10690 NETSCOUT - NETSCOUT SYSTEMS INC. AS10691 ColInterNet AS10692 DLS-LITH - DLS Internet Services AS10693 VSPN-ASN - First Coast On Line Inc. AS10694 MONST-2AS - Monster Worldwide, Inc. AS10695 WAL-MART - Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. AS10696 MICROPATENT - MicroPatent AS10697 Interlink S.R.L. AS10698 WR-TECH - Wood River Technologies AS10699 TELSOFT-AS - TelSoft Consultants, Inc. AS10700 TECINFO - TECINFO AS10701 FIBERPLUS - Fiber Plus, Inc AS10702 INL-AS - Idaho National Laboratory AS10703 QUADR - Quadrunner Communications AS10704 Laboratorio Nacional de Computacao Cientifica AS10705 NU01-WS-NC - NetUnlimited Inc. AS10706 Gemtel, S.A. de C.V. AS10707 MAGIBOXINC - Magibox, Inc. AS10708 SELECTNET-AS - SelectNet, Inc. AS10709 NETUSA-AS - Net USA AS10710 USCATL - Ikon/USConnect Atlanta AS10711 RCONNECT - Rural Connections AS10712 ISTRADA - Strada Internet Services, Inc. AS10713 GIGAN-3 - Insync Internet Services, Inc. AS10714 RIGROUP - The Rock Island Group AS10715 RCT-SC - Rede Catarinense de Ciencia eTecnologia AS10716 OIS - OPTIMAL INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS AS10717 SCHOLASTIC - Scholastic Inc. AS10718 CONSECO - Conseco Companies AS10719 VRIS-10719-10720 - Verizon Internet Services Inc. AS10720 VRIS-10719-10720 - Verizon Internet Services Inc. AS10721 GRADIENT-ANALYTICS - Gradient Analytics, Inc. AS10722 ALCOA - Aluminum Co. of America AS10723 FUNIMATION-PRODUCTIONS-LTD - FUNimation Productions, Ltd AS10724 HECENTER - Harbor Enterprise Center AS10725 GENENTECH - Genentech, Inc. AS10726 INAV-NET - Internet Navigator, Inc. AS10727 NETACCESS-1 - Netaccess, Inc. AS10728 T-MOBILE-AS10728 - T-Mobile USA AS10729 BUSINESSPRODUCTS - Business Products AS10730 TBCNET - TBC Group AS10731 DAEDAL-AS - Daedal Enterprises, Inc. AS10732 TIERRANET - TierraNet Inc. AS10733 Matrix Informatica AS10734 SVWIRELESS - Sioux Valley Wireless AS10735 DATACOURSE - DataCourse Internet Solutions AS10736 ITLTD - International Telcom, Ltd. AS10737 BACTC - CellularONE AS10738 MASTERLINK - MasterLink, Inc. AS10739 CYBERNET - CyberNET Engineering AS10740 OWO-AS - Origin Systems, INC. AS10741 WAMNET - Wam Net Enterprises Inc. AS10742 DENIZ - Deniz Corporation AS10743 GLOBALFEED - NTT Multimedia Communication Laboratories AS10744 IBT - Innovative Business Technology, Inc. AS10745 ARIN - American Registry for Internet Numbers AS10746 TAIS - TOSHIBA AMERICA INFORMATION SYSTEMS AS10747 EFG - Empire Financial Group Inc AS10748 QRC - Quantum Research Corporation AS10749 AFFINET - Affinity Internet, Inc AS10750 COHESIVE - Cohesive Systems AS10751 GTS-ASN - G.T.S. AS10752 SUPERHIGHWAY - SuperHighway.net, Inc. AS10753 XCOM - XCOM Technologies, INC. AS10754 GOV-FRB-BOG - Federal Reserve Board AS10755 DARTMOUTH-AS - Dartmouth College AS10756 VVM-AS - VVM, Inc. AS10757 SSD S. A. AS10758 INWAVE-AS - INWave Internet, Inc AS10759 INFRASWITCH - Infraswitch AS10760 THEBEAM - CS Wireless Systems, Inc. AS10761 TRICETEL - Tricetel, Inc. AS10762 CDN-DNS - TestDrive Corporation AS10763 WEBSIDESTORY - Web Side Story, Inc. AS10764 STARTAP - National Center for Supercomputing Applications AS10765 CLOUDNET-AS - CloudNet AS10766 ASN-TAIS-CSE - Toshiba America Information Systems, CSE AS10767 HIPERNET-AS - Hiper Net AS10768 ANET-02 - ANET Internet Solutions, Inc AS10769 TIDALWAVE - Tidal Wave Internet AS10770 SBIS-ASN-BLK-2 - AT&T Internet Services AS10771 SBIS-ASN-BLK-2 - AT&T Internet Services AS10772 SBIS-ASN-BLK-2 - AT&T Internet Services AS10773 SBIS-ASN-BLK-2 - AT&T Internet Services AS10774 SBIS-ASN-BLK-2 - AT&T Internet Services AS10775 CAREERMOSAIC-00 - Bernard Hodes Advertising, Inc. AS10776 NETSCAN - NETSCAN Technology Corporation AS10777 ZEONET - Buzzeo, Inc AS10778 MCL Internet AS10779 FLAGSHIP - Flagship Customs Services AS10780 C1-USXCHANGE - Choice One Communications Inc AS10781 VINEYARD - Vineyard.NET, Inc. AS10782 HP-DIGITAL-10782 - Hewlett-Packard Company AS10783 IWSC-AS1 - Internet Web Service Corporation AS10784 TOTALITY - Totality Corp AS10785 Internet Services S.A. AS10786 CHARTWAY-FCU - Chartway Federal Credit Union AS10787 MOTHER-ASN - mother.com, Inc. AS10788 CDW - Computer Discount Warehouse AS10789 BIGNET-AS - The Bignet AS10790 INREACH-AS - InReach Internet AS10791 PDQNETINC - PDQ NET INCORPORATED AS10792 WEBNETWORLWIDE - WebNet Inc. AS10793 IDSOFT - ID Software AS10794 BANK-OF-AMERICA Bank of America AS10795 Desarrollos Digitales S. A. AS10796 SCRR-10796 - Road Runner HoldCo LLC AS10797 MICH-COM - MICH.COM, INC. AS10798 SBICSA AS10799 PITTENCRIEF - Pittencrief Communications AS10800 INTERNETARENA-GW - Internet Arena AS10801 AMSOUTH - AmSouth Bank/Operations Center AS10802 KOPPELNET - KOPPEL STEEL AS10803 EASTCOASTACCESS AS10804 RSCS-AS-1 - Rocket Science Computer Services, Inc. AS10805 XO-AS10805 - XO Communications AS10806 AFP-NET - AGENCE FRANCE PRESSE AS10807 ERX-HOLE-IN-ONE Hitachi Business International, Ltd. AS10808 THE-GLOBE-AND-MAIL - The Globe and Mail AS10809 NCIA - North Country Internet Access AS10810 HARVESTCOMM01 - Harvest Communications, Inc. AS10811 IENET - Internet Express Network AS10812 THENET-AS-10812 - University of Texas System AS10813 DELTATHREE - Deltathree AS10814 XSBANDWIDTH - XS Bandwidth Associates AS10815 KCNET - KCnet, Inc. AS10816 DESKTALK-AS - DeskTalk Systems, Inc. AS10817 GACONNECT - Georgia Connection.net AS10818 FULLNETOK - Fullnet Communications AS10819 ICC - Interface Computer Center AS10820 MECKLERMEDIA - Mecklermedia Corp. AS10821 PIONEERINTERNET - Pioneer Internet AS10822 UNISTAR - Unistar Entertainment, Inc AS10823 NETCARRIER - NetCarrier, Inc. AS10824 BANQUE DE LA REPUBLIQUE D'HAITI AS10825 QWEST-ASNBLK-3 - Qwest Corporation AS10826 QWEST-ASNBLK-3 - Qwest Corporation AS10827 QWEST-ASNBLK-3 - Qwest Corporation AS10828 QWEST-ASNBLK-3 - Qwest Corporation AS10829 QWEST-ASNBLK-3 - Qwest Corporation AS10830 QWEST-ASNBLK-3 - Qwest Corporation AS10831 QWEST-ASNBLK-3 - Qwest Corporation AS10832 QWEST-ASNBLK-3 - Qwest Corporation AS10833 QWEST-ASNBLK-3 - Qwest Corporation AS10834 Telefonica Data Argentina S.A. AS10835 VISIONARY - Visionary Communications, Inc. AS10836 ASN-NJCC - New Jersey Computer Connection AS10837 WELLSFARGO - Wells Fargo & Company AS10838 OCEANIC-INTERNET-RR - Oceanic Internet AS10839 CIN - Computerese Information Network, Inc. AS10840 CAHWNET - Health and Welfare Agency Data Center AS10841 SBT Online System LTDA AS10842 ESCA-AS - Cegelec ESCA Corporation AS10843 AITNET - Advanced Internet Technologies AS10844 VASTNET - Vastnet Corp AS10845 HITCOMASN - HITCOM CORP AS10846 DEERE - Deere & Company AS10847 Podernet S.A. de C.V. AS10848 TELLURIAN-AS - Tellurian Networks AS10849 DCCCD - Dallas County Community College District AS10850 MARC-GROUP - The M/A/R/C Group AS10851 NREP - Nashville Regional Exchange Point AS10852 PREMIER-INTERNET - Premier Internet, Inc. AS10853 ANDERSENCORP - Andersen Corporation AS10854 AIRMEDIA - AirMedia AS10855 AUTO-BY-TEL - AUTO BY TEL AS10856 LINKDATA - LINKDATA COMMUNICATIONS INC AS10857 JCPENNEY-AS - JCPenney Co., Inc. AS10859 COMPUTER-SCIENCES-CORP-NTIS - Computer Sciences Corp - NTIS AS10860 TOWERRECORDS-AS - MTS Inc AS10861 E-Z-NET - E-Z.Net, Inc AS10862 CURTISMATHES - Curtis Mathes AS10863 WAVEFRONT - WaveFront Communications, Inc. AS10864 ELOGIC - Elogic AS10865 ABACOM-ASN - Services Internet Abacom AS10866 REDSAT-HOUSTON - Redsat Inc. AS10867 FHDA-AS - Foothill-DeAnza Community College District AS10868 DOWNCITY - DownCity LLC AS10869 ANX - Bellcore AS10870 LINK-1 - Link-1, Inc. AS10871 NOAANWSERH - DOC/NOAA/NWS-ERH AS10872 DV-ASN - Digital Visions AS10873 SIEMENS-SMI - Siemens Microelectronics AS10874 SUNSET-DIRECT - Sunset Direct AS10875 POP-RS AS10876 MAOZ-ASN - MAOZ.COM AS10877 CHAMBERS - Chambers Multimedia Connection AS10878 IBS-AS - Internet Broadcasting System AS10879 UHC - Unitedhealthcare AS10880 YAHOO-AN2 - Yahoo AS10881 Universidade Federal do Parana AS10882 CLARITYCONNECT - Clarity Connect Inc AS10883 COMSPANUSA - Wantel Inc. DBA Comspanusa AS10884 FRYMULTI-AS - Fry Multimedia AS10885 ASAMINI - Amini Enterprises, Inc. AS10886 MAX-GIGAPOP - University of Maryland AS10887 BPSI-AS - BPSI Internet Services AS10888 EI-AIX - NASA Ames Research Center AS10889 TRENSEN - Trensen Inc. AS10890 PNI - Philadelphia Newspapers Incorporated AS10891 UTSWEB - Universal Tax Systems Inc AS10892 ISSI - Infinite Software Solutions, Inc. AS10893 ILLINETWORKS - IlliNetworks, LLC AS10894 U11912 - WebGenesis, Inc AS10895 Prima S.A. AS10896 VERIFONE - Verifone Incorporated AS10897 CAMARA DOS DEPUTADOS AS10898 BI-NET-SA AS10899 RADIOSHACKAS - RADIOSHACK CORP AS10900 EDUC-NET-PROV - Educational Network Provider AS10901 TERABIT - TERABIT.NET AS10902 INFILINK-CORPORATION - BISYS Creative Solutions AS10903 TARGET-ASN - Target Corporation AS10904 EQUISTAR-AS - EQUISTAR Petrochecmical Company AS10905 LATAONE-LOS-ANGELES-IP-NETWORK - LataOne Inc. AS10906 Telecomunicaзхes de Minas Gerais S/A AS10907 XENERGY - Xenergy, INC. AS10908 LATAONE-NY-IP-NETWORK - LataOne Inc. AS10909 WHITEELMCAPITALLLC - WHITE ELM CAPITAL, LLC AS10910 INTERNAP-BLK - Internap Network Services AS10911 INTERNAP-BLK - Internap Network Services AS10912 INTERNAP-BLK - Internap Network Services AS10913 INTERNAP-BLK - Internap Network Services AS10914 BRIN - Broadcast International AS10915 CQL-AS - CQL Incorporated AS10916 QL-ASN-WLV - Qlogic Corporation AS10917 THOMSON-TORONTO - Thomson Corporation AS10918 WEIGHTWATCHERS-MADISON - WeightWatchers.com, Inc. AS10919 AMBERCAPNY - Amber Capital LP AS10920 ILI - InterNet Labs, Inc. AS10921 KIHNETWORK - Commonwealth of KentuckyDepartment of Information Systems AS10923 MONTREAL-COLO - Vonage Holdings, Inc. AS10924 ASN-GMTN - GANDER MOUNTAIN COMPANY AS10925 CSI - CAMP SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL AS10926 DIGITALGREENHOST - Digital Green AS10927 PCH-SD-NAP - Packet Clearing House AS10928 CTI-NETRAX - CTI / Netrax AS10929 NETELLIGENT - Netelligent Hosting Services Inc. AS10930 NOVA-INTERNET - Nova Internet Services, Inc. AS10931 ACS-ISP-NWDC - affiliated computer services, inc. - NWDC AS10932 RAEX - Raex Corporation AS10933 ATXNET-AS - ATX TELECOMMUNICATIONS AS10934 BROWNCO - Brown & Company Securities Corp. AS10935 RLC-INTERNET - RLC INTERNET AS10936 MARNELL-CORRAO-ASSOC-MCC1 - Marnell Corrao Assoc. AS10937 IIS - Island Internet Services AS10938 ITEP AS10939 PMG1 - Paxton Media Group, LLC. AS10940 FONALITY - Fonality, Inc. AS10941 ORGAN-1 - Organic, Inc AS10942 DSNET-AS - Dunlap Services, Inc. AS10943 SIRIUS-SYSTEMS - SIRIUS SYSTEMS GROUP INC AS10944 ABAG-CSG - Association of Bay Area Governments AS10945 DEMATTEO-MONNESS-LLC - DeMatteo Monness LLC AS10946 SAWAYA-AND-COMPANY - Sawaya & Company, LLC AS10947 WERCS-NET - CORE BUSINESS SOLUTIONS AS10948 APPLIEDMANAGEMENT - Applied Management Systems, Inc. AS10949 SMART-CITY-FORT-LAUDERDALE - Smart City Networks, L.P. AS10950 DNSCENTRAL-1 - IRIDES, LLC AS10951 MGA-ENTERTAINMENT - MGA ENTERTAINMENT INC. AS10952 ECU-AS - East Carolina University AS10953 PECO - PECO Energy Company AS10954 SERPRO - Empresa do Ministйrio da Fazenda AS10955 WILPATERSON - WILLIAM PATERSON UNIVERSITY AS10956 P2TECH - Point2 Technologies Inc AS10957 REALMED - REALMED CORPORATION AS10958 ROYELLCOMM-AS - Royell Communications, Inc. AS10959 NPCCORP - NPC Corporation AS10960 QWEST-AS-10960 - Qwest Corporation AS10961 BGP-AS - Boston GigaPoP AS10962 SMS-CORP-ASN - Siemens Medical Solutions Health Services Corporation AS10963 NTHAIRNET - Nth Air, Inc. AS10964 Red Cooperativa de Comunicaciones AS10965 MRNET - MRNet AS10966 ALASKA-AIR - Alaska Airlines, Inc. AS10967 HOMEDEPOTNET - The Home Depot AS10968 CARGILL-NET - Cargill Incorporated AS10969 JPSNET - JPSnet AS10970 LIGHTEDGE - LightEdge Solutions AS10971 APEX - Apex Internet Services, Inc. AS10972 NF-CANET2 - Memorial University, NF CAnet 2 gigaPOP AS10973 KALAMA - Scatter Creek Info Net AS10974 UNIPROAS - Unipro Systems, Limited Partnership. AS10975 NET-AIG - American International Group Data Center, Inc. AS10977 GECKOASN - Gecko Internet AS10978 RONCONET - Ronco Communications & Electronics Inc. AS10980 NOST-SOLUTIONS-INTERNET - NOST SOLUTIONS INTERNET, INC. AS10981 OPUBCO - The Oklahoma Publishing Company AS10982 TIVONETWORK - TiVo, Inc. AS10983 Telecom Argentina S.A. AS10984 BAYOU-INTERNET-INC - Bayou Internet, Inc. AS10985 PCSLINK - PCSLink AS10986 Intermedia Comunicaciones S.A. AS10987 PLUMCREEK-AS - Plum Creek AS10988 MOHAVE-WIRELESS - CITIZENS MOHAVE CELLULAR DBA MOHAVE WIRELESS AS10989 WINBEAM-AS-2 - Winbeam AS10990 ASN2TULIX - Tulix Systems, Inc. AS10991 KANBAY-BOSTON - Adjoined Consulting Inc. AS10992 Giga System AS10993 IDIOM-AS - Idiom AS10994 TAMPA2-TWC-5 - Road Runner HoldCo LLC AS10995 PNCBANK - PNC BANK NA AS10996 CONCORDE - Concorde inc. AS10997 INTDATA-AS - Interactive Data AS10998 MLAMRS - Merrill Lynch and Company, Inc. AS10999 MLAMRS - Merrill Lynch and Company, Inc. AS11000 MLAMRS - Merrill Lynch and Company, Inc. AS11001 MLAMRS - Merrill Lynch and Company, Inc. AS11002 MLAMRS - Merrill Lynch and Company, Inc. AS11003 PANDG - The Procter & Gamble Company AS11004 KNOWLEDGESOFT - KnowledgeSoft AS11005 CHX-AS - Chicago Stock Exchange, Inc. AS11006 CH-ASN - Carlton Hill Global Capital Partners, LP AS11007 JMBM - Jeffer Mangels Butler & Marmaro LLP AS11008 Netverk S.A. AS11009 WWOW-MQ-DEN - WWoW! Communications, Inc. AS11010 ENI-HOSTING - ENI-Hosting, LLC AS11011 LEMURPROPERTIES - Lemur Properties, LLC AS11012 DDC-AS - The Digital Design Company AS11013 BLUE-AS - Bluemile, Inc AS11014 CPS AS11016 EXP-EC1999 - Experian AS11017 WOODS-NETWORKING-CONSULTANTS-INC - Woods Networking Consultants, Inc. AS11018 GLOBALACCESS - NTT Multimedia Communication Laboratories AS11019 CONEPA - Cellular One of NEPA AS11020 QNET-ASN - Quantum Networking Solutions, Inc. AS11021 INETONE-CORP - HIGHLAND CELLULAR, INC. AS11022 ALABANZA-BALT - Alabanza, Inc. AS11023 SYSSRC - System Source AS11024 ANET-03 - ANET Internet Solutions, Inc AS11025 TIME-WARNER-CABLE - Time Warner Cable Houston AS11026 AADS-ANX - Ameritech Advanced Data Services AS11027 KEMPER-INSURANCE - Kemper Insurance Companies AS11028 SETIATHOME - SETIATHOME AS11029 BMT999 - Beach Mold & Tool AS11030 QUALCOMM - Qualcomm, Inc. AS11031 GILDER-GAGNON-HOWE-CO-LLC - GILDER GAGNON HOWE & CO. LLC AS11032 UQ - Universite du Quebec a Quebec AS11033 ASN-OPTIC-LYNX - Optic-Lynx AS11034 VOEX-OFFICE - VOEX Inc AS11035 KCPA1 - The Raymond F. Kravis Center for the Performing Arts, Inc. AS11036 SISCOM - SISCOM, Inc AS11037 MCI-AIAG - MCI AS11038 TULALIP-TRIBES - The Tulalip Tribes of Washington AS11039 GWU - The George Washington University AS11040 FMR-AS1 - Fidelity Investments AS11041 INTERNET-CONNECT-FL - Internet Connect Company, Inc. AS11042 DONOVANHATEM-AS - DONOVAN HATEM LLP AS11043 NISUSNET - Nisusnet AS11044 HPLD - Harvey Public Library District AS11045 STERLING - Sterling Communications, Inc. AS11046 LITTLE-APPLE - Little Apple Technologies AS11047 HHCC-ASN1 - Hartford Hospital AS11048 4BIS - 4BIS.COM, Inc. AS11049 APOLLO11 - Apollo 11, LLC AS11050 KENT-STATE - Kent State University AS11051 CYBERVERSE - Cyberverse Online AS11052 IHC-NET - Intermountain Health Care AS11053 Sistemas de Tecnologia Avanzada S.A. (STA S.A.) AS11055 US-CABLE-OF-COASTAL-TEXAS-MN - US Cable Paramus-Hillsdale AS11056 EQUINIX-ED-BIXLER-1 - Bixler Incorporated AS11057 WTHOMPSONCO - J. Walter Thompson Co. AS11058 CABASE Camara Arg de Base de Datos y Serv en Linea AS11059 KANEVA-NETWORK - Kaneva, Inc. AS11060 NEO-RR-COM - Road Runner HoldCo LLC AS11061 HUGHES-EC - Hughes Electronic Commerce AS11062 MTCO-COMMUNICATIONS - MTCO Communications AS11063 Microstar S.A. AS11064 STB-ASN - Simpson Thacher & Bartlett AS11065 NCI - Network Communication Inc. AS11066 CNFNET - CNF Transportation AS11067 PTSINET - Panhandle Telecommunications Systems, INC. AS11068 IFORMATA-DYTNOH - Iformata LLC AS11069 EGIX-INDY-AS-11069 - Egix, Inc. AS11070 NEWDIGITALGROUP - New Digital Group, Inc. AS11071 IW-ASN-11071 - InfoWest, Inc. AS11072 BLUM-SF - Blum Capital Partners, L.P. AS11073 LEXITECH-BRANFORD - Lexitech, Inc. AS11074 RCNBSCHI - Con Edison Communications, LLC AS11075 BVI-AS1 - Broadway Video, Inc. AS11076 COMMUNITY-COMPUTER-SERVICE-INC - COMMUNITY COMPUTER SERVICE INC AS11077 XBASE-ASN1 - XBASE Technologies Corp. AS11078 BROWN - Brown University AS11079 ALLST-11079 - Allstream Corp. Corporation Allstream AS11080 YKWC - Yellowknife Wireless Company, LLC AS11081 Caribbean Advanced TelecommunicationServices N.V. AS11082 BRAINLINK-INTL-INC - BrainLINK International, Inc. AS11083 Ocean Fund International Ltd. AS11084 HURONTEL - Huron Telecommunication Cooperative Limited AS11086 PITNEYBOWES-AS-1 - Pitney Bowes AS11087 COMISION FEDERAL DE ELECTRICIDAD AS11088 ICONNECT - iConnect AS11089 ERGON-NETWORK - ERGON AS11090 MTAONLINE-AS - Mtaonline AS11092 HEVANET - Hevanet AS11093 DATAWAY - Dataway AS11095 FLORIDANET - FloridaNet AS11096 FLORIDANET - FloridaNet AS11097 Embrapa AS11098 SBC-NET - SBC Communications, Inc. AS11099 SBC-NET - SBC Communications, Inc. AS11100 TOADNET - ToadNet, Inc. AS11101 PALMETTOHEALTHAS - Palmetto Health Alliance AS11102 VYANET-OPERATING-GROUP-INC - VYANET AS11103 EXECULINK-ASN - Execulink Internet Services Corporation AS11104 QWEST-AS-11104 - Qwest Corporation AS11105 SFU-AS - Simon Fraser University AS11106 WOLFRAM-AS - Wolfram Research, Inc. AS11107 ICS-MONTANA - Blackfoot Telephone Cooperative, Inc. AS11108 RESTASSURED - Rest Assured, LLC AS11109 STATE-OF-ALABAMA-ISD - State of Alabama, Information Services Division AS11110 COLO-CATION - COLO-CATION AS11111 THOMSON-HEALTHCARE - Thomson Healthcare AS11112 STOCKPOINT-NAC - Neural Applications Corporation AS11113 XO-AS11113 - XO Communications AS11114 WINTEK-CORP - Wintek Corporation AS11115 BIZSERVE - Online Technologies Corp. AS11117 MEMPHIS-HOUSING-AUTHORITY - Memphis Housing Authority AS11118 COMTECK - ComTeck AS11119 CA-WMMERCER-11119 - William M. Mercer Ltd. AS11120 USLEC-ASN-11120 - USLEC Corp. AS11121 FIRSTDATACORP-DB - FIRST DATA CORPORATION AS11122 CACI-NET - CACI INC AS11123 UIA - ULTIMATE Internet Access, Inc AS11124 IPCNOW - IPC COMMUNICATIONS, LLC AS11125 EBIZ AS11126 CARLE-ASN - Carle Clinic Association AS11127 NETSAT-AS - NetSat Express, Inc. AS11128 BERRY-2-ASN - Berry College AS11129 VENTE-OMAHA - Vente Inc. AS11130 TC3NET-AS - The Computer Care Company, Inc. AS11131 UMBC-AS - University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) AS11132 GDCLLC-ASN - Ginsburg Development Companies, LLC AS11133 SORENSON-99 - Sorenson Communications, Inc. AS11134 WEBFIRE-MILTEL - WebFire Internet Services AS11135 WESTLIN-CORPORATION - WLP Properties AS11136 ITESM Campus Guadalajara AS11137 ACCESSINTERNET - Access Internet AS11138 BEK-COMMUNICATIONS-INTERENET-ROUTER - BEK Communications Cooperative AS11139 CWRIN CW BARBADOS AS11140 BEHRPROCESS - Behr Process AS11141 THE-CLIFTON-GROUP - The Clifton Group AS11142 FLC-ASN - FastLane Communications, Inc. AS11144 ADVENT-SOFTWARE - Advent Software, Inc. AS11145 VRIS-11145-11149 - Verizon Internet Services Inc. AS11146 VRIS-11145-11149 - Verizon Internet Services Inc. AS11147 VRIS-11145-11149 - Verizon Internet Services Inc. AS11148 VRIS-11145-11149 - Verizon Internet Services Inc. AS11149 VRIS-11145-11149 - Verizon Internet Services Inc. AS11150 FISS-1 - Fiserv ISS AS11151 INTERLIANT-AS - Interliant AS11152 WEBB-MURRAY-ASSOC - Webb, Murray & Associates AS11153 NOMURA-AS - Nomura-Securities-International-Inc AS11154 SWS - Southwest Securities, Inc. AS11155 QUADCITIESONLINE - Quad-Cities Online AS11156 JEROMEGROUP - Jerome Group, Inc. AS11157 ELAB-AS AS11158 NETDEPON - NTT America, Inc. AS11159 LAPL-LAPUBLICLIBRARY - Los Angeles Public Library AS11160 COSTAR-SANDIEGO - COSTAR GROUP AS11161 800-FLOWERS - 1-800-Flowers AS11162 LN-MOVIELINK-ASN - Los Nettos AS11163 THEINTERNETSHOP - The Internet Shop AS11164 TRANSITRAIL - National LambdaRail, LLC AS11165 DPI - Dupont Photomasks, Inc. AS11166 JCOM-3 - J2 Global Communications, Inc. AS11168 SCC - SMART CHOICE COMMUNICATIONS, LLC AS11169 NET-WEIRNET-US-01 - Weirnet LLC AS11170 ROLLERNETWORK - Roller Network LLC AS11171 AUTONATION-FTLD - Autonation, Inc AS11172 Alestra AS11173 NMIX - New Mexico Internet Exchange (NMIX) AS11174 AS-ATHEN-1 - Athenahealth AS11175 CYBERSURF - Cybersurf Inc. AS11176 SMART-CITY-MINNEAPOLIS - Smart City Networks, L.P. AS11177 QUESTAR - Questar AS11178 AUGUST-ASN - August Associates AS11179 SPECDATA - Specialty Data and Communications Corp AS11180 CX-DATA-PUBLIC-AS - CX-DATA INC. AS11181 VAXXINE - Vaxxine Computer Systems Inc. AS11182 RIMES01 - RIMES TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION AS11183 MHTC-NET - Mount Horeb Telephone Co AS11184 AS-ORBZ1 - Orbitz, LLC AS11185 CORE - Core Communications AS11186 REDPLAID-STL - REDPLAID Managed Hosting, LLC AS11187 GWS-ARIN-AS - Global Web Solutions, Inc. AS11188 LACOUNTY-ISD - LOS ANGELES COUNTY - INTERNAL SERVICESDIVISION AS11189 GRIC - GRIC Communication Inc. AS11190 SILCON - Silicon Connections, LLC. AS11191 ELITE-NET - Elite.Net AS11192 SMARTCITY-LASVEGAS - Smart City Networks, L.P. AS11193 COMNET S.A. AS11194 NUNETPA - NuNet Inc. AS11195 COHO-ASN - Whiz to Coho, Inc. AS11197 DART-HITCH - Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center AS11198 APC - American Power Conversion AS11199 SHOWNETSAS - showNets LLC AS11200 XERION-CAPITAL-PARTNERS-LLC - XERION CAPITAL PARTNERS LLC AS11201 BFA-NET-AS AS11202 DBNA - Deutsche Bank Group AS11203 SEITZ-TECH - Seitz Technical Products, Inc. AS11204 IAI-NET-AS - Information Access, Inc. AS11205 CITY-OF-PHILADELPHIA - City of Philadelphia AS11206 FSU-AS-1 - Ferris State University AS11207 BOSTONGLOBENET - The Boston Globe AS11208 LIBERTY-RIDGE-CAPITAL-ASN1 - Liberty Ridge Capital AS11209 OFITRI - OppenheimerFunds, Inc. AS11210 SIAC-NMS - Securities Industry Automation Corporation AS11211 NCIC - NCIC Operator Services AS11212 COUNTY-OF-SONOMA - COUNTY OF SONOMA AS11213 LVLT - Level 3 Communications, LLC AS11214 UNIVERSITY-OF-NORTH-FLORIDA - University of North Florida AS11215 LOGIXCOMM-AS - Logix Communications AS11216 HOSTCENTRIC - Interland, Inc. AS11217 CLM-ASN - Carter Ledyard & Milburn LLP AS11218 TED-MOUDIS-ASSOCIATES-INC - Ted Moudis Associates, Inc. AS11219 INXPRESS - Internet Express, Inc. AS11220 ANET-TC-AS - ANET Internet Solutions, Inc AS11221 WHRONET - WHRO AS11222 LOGICAL-ASN - Logical Approach, Inc. AS11223 UTAHINTERNETSERVICES - Utah Internet Services AS11224 SIR - Schaeffer's Investment Research AS11225 QWEST-ASNBLK-4 - Qwest Corporation AS11226 QWEST-ASNBLK-4 - Qwest Corporation AS11227 AS-ROSEMONT - Morning Star, Inc. AS11228 ARINC - ARINC, Inc. AS11229 BRANDYWINENET - AD PRO, Inc. AS11230 CIRRO-GB - Cirro Energy AS11231 GETTYSBURG-DOM - GETTYSBURG COLLEGE AS11232 MIDCO-NET - Midcontinent Media, Inc. AS11233 GORGE-NETWORKS - Gorge Networks Inc. AS11234 GIGABITNW - Gigabit Northwest, LLC AS11235 BHCIHC - BHC Securities, Inc. AS11236 FUSEMAIL - MailAnyone.net AS11237 UNIVERSIDAD EAFIT AS11238 NWOL-AS - NetWest Online, Inc. AS11239 KENNETT - Kennett Internet AS11240 ACCESSATC - AccessATC AS11241 VPOP-IP-NETWORK - Transera Communications, Inc. AS11242 POP-SC - Po AS11243 HALAR-ATG1 - Halaris Associates Inc. AS11245 GOODYEAR-US-AKRONHQ01 - The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company AS11246 WATERHOUSE - Waterhouse Securities AS11247 IBSINC - Internet Business Services, Inc. AS11248 MULTISERVICE-NET - Multi Service AS11249 CONTROLNET - CONTROL NET AS11250 TRI-STATE-G-AND-T - Tri-State Generation and Transmission Assoc.,Inc. AS11251 MLB-ADVANCED-MEDIA - Major League Baseball Advanced Media, LP AS11252 ISU-NET-AS - ISU Computer Center Bldg. 5 AS11253 SPECTRACOM-INC - SPECTRACOM AS11255 SBT-NET - Screamin' Banshee Technologies AS11256 Abaco Soc de Hecho. AS11257 UNIVERSITY-LETHBRIDGE - University of Lethbridge AS11258 NISSINFOODS-USA-GARDCA - Nissin Foods (U.S.A.) Company, Inc. AS11259 ANGOLATELECOM AS11260 EASTLINK-HSI - EastLink AS11261 EHI-PROD-SJ-AS - eHealthInsurance Services Inc. AS11262 AS-PCUS - Phoenix Christian Unified Schools, Inc. AS11263 KINGSFORD - Kingsford Capital Management AS11264 LIQUIDNET-01 - LIQUIDNET HOLDINGS INC. AS11265 RAPID AS11266 SMUGMUG - SmugMug, Inc. AS11267 OLNK-10 - Onelink Corporation AS11268 WNM-ORG - Walls New Media AS11269 CW-BERMUDA-AS Dummy object for CW-Bermuda AS11270 NETWRIGHT - Net Wright Networks AS11271 COMSAT Brasil AS11272 TELEPAK-NETWORKS-INC - Telepak Networks Inc AS11273 FDCSGNET - First Data Resources (United States) AS11274 ADHOST - Adhost Internet Advertising, LLC AS11275 ART-SEA-1 - ART Advanced Radio Telecom AS11276 DATAHUB - DataHUB, Inc. AS11277 NIPSCO - NISOURCE INC AS11278 NINTENDO - Nintendo Of America inc. AS11279 GEORGE-MASON-UNIV - George Mason University AS11281 GTSINCORP - Global Technology Solutions, Inc AS11282 INDUSTRIAL-STRENGTH - Industrial Strength Internet, Corp. AS11283 COSTCO - Costco, Inc. AS11284 Telecomunicacoes de Brasilia S.A. -Telebrasilia AS11285 SLAKEYBROTHERS-2215-ELKGROVE - Slakey Brothers Inc. AS11286 KEYBANK - Key Services Corporation AS11287 REYAOD - Reynolds & Reynolds AS11288 PREFERRED-INTERNET - Preferred Internet AS11289 STRATICOM-NYC - Straticom International, Inc. AS11290 RAPIDUS - COGECO Cable Canada Inc. AS11291 HEARTLANDADVISORS - Heartland Advisors inc. AS11292 SUREWEST-CDS - Surewest Internet AS11293 UCOP-ASN - University of California, Office of the President AS11294 C-S-NET-63-203-165 - C&S Valuation Technologies, Inc. AS11295 BR HOME SHOPPING LTDA AS11296 INTERPATH2 - Interpath Communications, Inc. AS11297 VXCOMMIT - VX Commit, LLC AS11298 TWC-RENEW - Renew Data Corp. AS11299 DIALISDN - Dial ISDN, Inc AS11300 LYMANBROS - Lyman Brothers AS11301 ALASKADIGITELCRX - Alaska Digitel, LLC AS11302 GTECH - GTECH Corporation AS11303 DATARETURN - Data Return AS11304 SPLUS - Solutions Plus Inc. AS11305 INTERLAND-NET1 - Interland Incorporated AS11306 NRS-CHI-01 - Nighthawk Radiology Services AS11307 6750REI - Recreational Equipment Inc. AS11309 IMF - International Monetary Fund AS11310 BOSTONPUB - Boston Public Schools AS11311 Sinectis S.A. AS11312 YORKTEL-AS - York Telecom Corporation AS11313 FANNIEMAE - Fannie Mae AS11314 PRINTABLE - PRINTABLE TECHNOLOGIES, Inc. AS11315 Movicom BellSouth AS11316 NERC - North American Electric Reliability Council AS11317 GPN - Great Plains Network AS11318 GU - Georgetown University AS11319 ACI-AS ACI Autonomous System AS11320 LIGHTEDGE-AS-02 - LightEdge Solutions AS11321 EXPANSION-PROGRAMS - Expansion Programs International AS11322 PURCHASE-NY-AS-ANCSPORTS - ANC Sports AS11323 GETTYIMAGES - Getty Images AS11324 PRUFOXROACH - Prudential Fox & Roach AS11326 ASN-EASTMAN-CHEMICAL - Eastman Chemical Company AS11327 NCI-INET - NCI BUILDING SYSTEMS, MIS DEPARTMENT AS11328 BIO-RAD-ASN - Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. AS11329 ASN-USI - USinternetworking Inc AS11330 SFOC - Foodland Super Market, Limited AS11331 THLNYC-ASN - Thomas H. Lee Capital, LLC AS11332 LIESCH-SBW - Liesch Associates, Inc. AS11333 CYBERTRAILS - Cyber Trails / Arizona Public Service AS11334 MIDAMERICAN - MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company AS11335 APIS - Internet Solutions AS11336 BGLOBAL - Barclays Global Investors AS11338 ITSA INTERCONTINENTAL TELECOMUNICACOES SA AS11339 AS-BONZI - Bonzi Software AS11340 Red Universitaria Nacional AS11341 EASYNET-US The Easynet US Network AS11342 PATHWAY - Pathway Communications AS11344 AS-METAWEB - Metaweb Technologies, Inc. AS11346 ELSEVIER-STL - Elsevier Science, Inc. AS11347 ORC-F2 - ORC AS11348 UM-ROLLA - University of Missouri-Rolla AS11349 WINDSTREAM - Windstream Communications Inc AS11351 RR-NYSREGION-ASN-01 - Road Runner HoldCo LLC AS11353 ASN-ESCXI - Education Service Center Region XI AS11354 CAROLINAS-HEALTHCARE-SYSTEM - Carolinas Healthcare System AS11355 SHELL - Shell Services International, Inc. AS11356 Telecom Argentina S.A. AS11357 INFO-IQTINC - InfoQuest Technologies, Inc. AS11358 TPG-AXON-CAPITAL - TPG-Axon Capital Management, LP AS11359 RMCNEVADA - Rocky Mountain Communications AS11360 ELECFORIMAG - Electronics for Imaging AS11361 BOSCOVS - Boscov's Department Store, LLC AS11362 APP-ASN - Appian Corporation AS11363 FUJITSU-USA - Fujitsu America Inc. AS11364 ACTEL-USA-AS - Actel Corporation AS11365 MASSIVE-INCORPORATED - Massive Incorporated AS11366 MINERVA-NETWORK-SYS - Minerva Network Systems, Inc. AS11367 ICENET - ICE Networks AS11368 AS-MOXIEHOSTING---MOXIE-COMM - Interactive Communications AS11369 COPE-ROCKLIN - Cope & McPhetres Inc AS11370 UNEED - Uneed Solutions Inc. AS11371 UUNET-AS-11371 - MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business AS11372 CBM - COMPUTERS FOR BUSINESS MANAGEMENT, LTD AS11373 Peoples Network AS11374 WORKSMART-NETWORK-BACKBONE - Pandora Networks, Inc. AS11375 AS-MCAD - Minneapolis College of Art and Design AS11376 JWSC - J. & W. Seligman & Co. Inc. AS11377 LATINET - TELPAN COMMUNICATIONS AS11379 WYNDHAMWW-PHX - Wyndham Worldwide Corporation AS11380 INTERNETOFFICEPARKS AS11381 NFIS - NEW FRONTIERS INTERNET SERVICES AS11382 WRF-NET - WILEY, REIN & FIELDING AS11383 XAND - Xand Corporation AS11384 ASN-MORGAN2 - Morgan Stanley Group Inc. AS11385 MADOFFNY1 - Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities AS11386 WWNET-AS - World Wide Net, Inc. AS11387 LAC - La Curacao AS11388 MAXIM - Interland, Inc. AS11389 HERITAGE-GALLERIES-AND-AUCTIONEERS - Heritage Capital Corporation AS11390 Instituto UNIEMP AS11391 COREL-3 - Corel Corporation AS11392 Nosis Laboratorio de Investigaci Desarrollo S.A. AS11393 ADMDDCA01 - FiberConnexion AS11394 CITYOFRICHARDSON-AS - City of Richardson AS11395 NETWORKWORLD - Network World AS11396 TWC-ASN - Williams Information Services Corporation AS11397 EMJ-INTERNET - EMJ Internet AS11398 EMBARQ-LVGS - Embarq Corporation AS11399 WILLIAMSCOLLEGE - Williams College Center for Computing AS11400 LNRP - LNR Property Corp AS11401 CPINTERNET-1 - CP Internet AS11402 CCCAS-1 - Charlotte Colocation Center, LLc AS11403 NYINTERNET - The New York Internet Company AS11404 AS-VOBIZ - vanoppen.biz LLC AS11405 EPA-FDMS - Environmental Protection Agency AS11406 CZINET - Computer Zone Internet AS11407 WARP9-TECH - Warp 9 Technologies AS11408 KWE-AS - Kintetsu World Express AS11409 EFXSECURE - Equifax - Electronic Commerce AS11410 REGIONALNETWORK - Regional Network Communications, Inc AS11411 Tournet S.A. AS11412 QWEST-AS-11412 - Qwest Corporation AS11413 IHERB-AS-IRWINDALE - IHERB INC AS11414 NVIDIA-NET - Nvidia Corporation AS11415 Impsat Comunicacoes Ltda AS11416 METAWIRE - MetaWire AS11417 NIU - Northern Illinois University AS11418 LIGHTEDGE-AS-03 - LightEdge Solutions AS11419 Telefonica Empresas SA AS11420 TRIBUNE-COMPANY - Tribune Company AS11421 DIRECTHOSTNET-ASN1 - DIRECTHOSTNET, INC. AS11422 CALREN-2 - CENIC AS11423 CALREN-2 - CENIC AS11424 FCCC-EDU - Fox Chase Cancer Center AS11425 VARCOINTERNATIONAL - VARCO INTERNATIONAL AS11426 SCRR-11426 - Road Runner HoldCo LLC AS11427 SCRR-11427 - Road Runner HoldCo LLC AS11428 1-MPCLL - MPC Computers LLC AS11429 VSTREAMINC - VStream Incorporated AS11430 BESTNAP - Austin Bestline AS11431 MLM Informatica Ltda AS11432 BRASILNET TELECOMUNICACOES LTDA AS11433 CURATEL - Curatel, LLC AS11434 DTGL-AS - Defender Technologies Group, LLC AS11435 BRITZ-FERTILIZERS-INC - Britz, Inc. AS11436 CRC-GIGAPOP - Communications Research Center AS11437 CMM-AS - ClearSky Mobile Media, Inc. AS11438 URBAN-STUDIO-NETWORK - URBAN STUDIO, LLC AS11439 INTERNETREVEALED - Internet Revealed AS11440 NETSVILLE - Netsville, Inc. AS11441 FREDERICK-MEMORIAL-HOSPITAL - Frederick Memorial Healthcare System AS11442 NCSU - North Carolina State University care of ComTech AS11443 OLM - OLM LLC AS11444 PRIMUSTEL - Primus Telecommunications, Inc. AS11445 CCE-NEXTTICKETING - Clear Channel / Next Ticketing AS11446 LAKELAND-AS - Lakeland Community College AS11448 GROUPER-NETWORKS - Grouper Networks, Inc. AS11449 INTERACTIVEBROKERS - Interactive Brokers LLC AS11451 Interlink Network SRL AS11452 MOUNT-SINAI - Mount Sinai School of Medicine AS11453 AVOTUS-CORPORATION - Avotus Corporation AS11454 VERACITI - Veraciti, Inc. AS11455 USTR-ASN - US Technology Resources, LLC AS11456 NUVOX - NuVox Communications, Inc. AS11457 TEXLINK - Tex-Link Communications, Inc. AS11458 IMBRIS - IMBRIS, INC. AS11460 ZALE-NET - Zale Delaware, Inc. AS11461 SPRINTBWG - SPRINT BWG AS11462 PARACOM - ParaCom Technologies, Inc AS11463 KINDREDHEALTHCARE - Kindred Healthcare, Inc. AS11464 SKYWAVES-NEWSOURCE-1 - SKYWAVES, INC. AS11465 VENOR-CAPITAL - Venor Capital Management GP LLC AS11466 ANDREWS-FEDERAL1 - Andrews Federal Credit Union AS11467 ERX-UNET-TW-ST Universal Network Technology AS11468 NSDATA - Nova Scotia Data Ltd. AS11469 WAVECOM - Wave Communications Inc. AS11470 RSNA-ASN - Radiological Society of North America AS11471 EASTLAND-INTERNET - Eastland Internet AS11472 COM-LINK-AS - COM-LINK INC. AS11473 WCOILASN - West Central Ohio Internet Link AS11475 POWERWAY-NA - Powerway, Inc. AS11476 CORPEXP - Corporate Express AS11477 GOC-AS - GO Concepts, Inc AS11478 OPENFACE - Openface Inc. AS11479 BRM-SUN-AS - Sun Microsystems, Inc AS11480 MDXNET - Micromedex Inc. AS11481 LABRATS - Williams Network Development AS11482 CANISIUS-COLLEGE - Canisius College AS11484 NET-LINK - CoreComm - Voyager, Inc. AS11485 BLUEMOUNTAINMEDICALGROUP - Blue Mountain Medical Group AS11486 WAN - Worldcom Advance Networks AS11487 GREY-NY - Grey Advertising AS11488 BBN-GW - BBN Technologies Corp. AS11489 BACI - Bell Canada AS11490 ARIN-AS-SILVE-6 - SILVERSTEIN PROPERTIES AS11491 TRIVALENT-GROUP-NEW - Trivalent Group Inc. AS11492 CABLEONE - CABLE ONE AS11493 HILLSBOROUGH-COUNTY-SHERIFFS-OFFICE - Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office AS11494 IWA03 - International Womens Apparel AS11495 COMNEXIA-CLEC - COMNEXIA Corporation AS11496 PAYMENTECH - Paymentech, Inc. AS11497 Banco do Estado de Santa Catarina AS11498 D.I.B.I. S.A. AS11499 WHOI-WOODSHOLE - Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution AS11500 PEAKPEAK - Peak to Peak Internet AS11501 VISTAASN - Vista Radiology, P.C. AS11502 NETTUNER-AS - NetTuner Corp. dba Webmasters.com AS11504 WHITE-CASE-1155 - White & Case AS11505 FIBERDIRECT - FiberDirect AS11506 XSIGO-HQ-ASN - Xsigo Systems, Inc AS11507 TOUCHAMERICA - Touch America, Inc. AS11509 TIERZERO-AS11509 - Tierzero AS11510 CLOVERNET - Clover Computer Corp / CloverNet AS11511 U1-NET - Universal of Medford, Inc. AS11512 NJSBA-BGP - NJSBA AS11513 INETSERVICES-AS1 - InetServices, LLC AS11514 Tower Informtica SRL AS11516 ASN-ESB - Eastern Suffolk BOCES AS11517 BLUE-CROSS-AND-BLUE-SHIELD-OF-MINNESOTA - Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Minnesota AS11518 ROBBINSMORTON - Robins & Morton, L.L.C. AS11519 Grupo Financiero Banorte S.A de C.V AS11520 ALLSTATE-INSURANCE-CO - Allstate Insurance Company AS11521 MODUSLINK - ModusLink Corporation AS11522 SUD-WIREDAS - Greater Sudbury Telecommunications Inc. AS11523 AS-HLEEM - H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute, Inc. AS11524 SEGNET - SEG Network Technologies, Inc. AS11525 HRTC - Hancock Rural Telephone Corp. AS11526 ANET-06 - ANET Internet Solutions, Inc AS11527 CYBERTRADER - CyberTrader, Inc. AS11528 PHOTRONICS - Photronics Inc. AS11529 NIMO-AS - Niagara Mohawk Power Corp AS11530 EMBARQ-MNFD - Embarq Corporation AS11531 INTRAWORLD-NET - IntraWorld Communications AS11532 VIANETWORKS11532 - Via Net.Works USA, Inc. AS11533 VERITY-AS - Verity, Inc. AS11534 PHILA-SCHOOL-DISTRICT - School District of Philadelphia AS11535 NET-UALNET-AS - United Airlines AS11537 ABILENE - Internet2 AS11538 QWEST-AS-11538 - Qwest Corporation AS11539 LIAISONBGP - Liaison Technologies, LLC AS11540 WANS-LACA1 - Web America Networks AS11541 GREATLAKES - Great Lakes Internet AS11542 EYEMG - EYEMG - interactive media group AS11543 NYS-BOE - NYS BOARD OF ELECTIONS AS11544 RBC1-ASN6 - Royal Bank of Canada AS11545 AQNT-AS - aQuantive Inc. AS11546 UNOMAHA-AS - University of Nebraska at Omaha AS11547 TRILOBYTE - Trilobyte Services Inc. AS11548 DRAGONNET - Dragon Internet AS11549 ACCELERNET - U.S. Interactive, LLC -- DBA ACCELERNET AS11550 SDL-20-AS - Smithville Digital, LLC AS11551 SINEP-BROADST-AS - Sinep Corporation AS11552 PHOENIX-LIFE-INSURANCE-COMPANY - Phoenix Life Insurance, Inc. AS11553 MANNATECH-AS MANNATECH AS11554 ACADIANET - AcadiaNet AS11555 TRAVEL-SOLUTIONS-INC - TRAVEL SOLUTIONS, INC. AS11556 Cable & Wireless Panama AS11557 RCNBSDC - Con Edison Communications, LLC AS11558 TIU11-ORG - TUSCARORA INTERMEDIATE UNIT AS11559 RSA-BEDFORD - RSA Security Inc. AS11562 Net Uno, C.A. AS11563 NETENTERPRISE - NetEnterprise AS11564 GLASSHOUSE-TECHNOLOGIES - GlassHouse Technologies AS11565 MIVADIRECT - Miva Direct, Inc. AS11566 MTS-TEST-AS - MTS Allstream Inc. AS11567 GANNETT3-NET - Gannett Co. Inc. AS11568 CGI-REGINA-1 - CGI AS11569 TICSA-ASN AS11570 MSLO-1 - Martha Stewart Living AS11571 LA NACION AS11572 MEDIACOM - Mediacom,llc / RidgeNet AS11573 NACS-2 - New Age Consulting Service AS11574 AVALONSYS - Avalon Systems, Inc. AS11575 ZIPA-NEW-ORLEANS - Zipa, LLC AS11576 THUNDERBIRD-AGSIM - Thunderbird, The American Graduate School ofInternationalManagement AS11577 GOVNET-ASN - GOVnet State of Vermont AS11578 GANNETT2-NET - Gannett Co. Inc. AS11579 LANLINE - LANline Communications AS11580 ISLAND-NETWORKS-LTD - Island Networks Ltd AS11581 TRANSTEL S.A. AS11582 SMART-CITY-RENO - Smart City Networks, L.P. AS11583 RBSLYNK-AS3 - RBS Lynk Incorporated AS11584 IGEUNET Intergate Europe Inc. AS11585 Zupernet AS11587 EWOL-COM - NBN Internet, LLC AS11588 HIGHWINDS - Highwinds Network Group, Inc. AS11589 DATAWAVE-TECH - Datawave Technologies Co., LLC. AS11590 CUMBERLAND-TECH - Cumberland Technologies Int'l AS11591 KLONDYKE - Klondyke's Online Services AS11592 Fundacao de Amparo a pesquisa do Estado de Alagoas AS11593 HTR-TEC - HIGH TECHNOLOGY OF ROCHESTER, INC. AS11594 APUA-AG - APUA AS11595 NETSONIC - NetSonic - A division of Dyanmic Ventures, LLC AS11596 BESTBUY - Best Buy Co., Inc. AS11597 SW19NET - Southwest Nineteen Networks AS11598 RECOL-CT - RECOL, LLC AS11599 NETV S.A. AS11601 PICANOC-AS - Reseau Picanoc.net Inc. AS11602 SDSMT-AS - South Dakota School of Mines and Technology AS11603 THE-SPA - the spa! online services AS11604 HIS-NOC - Heller Information Services, Inc. AS11606 WOL-AS - Warwick Online AS11607 SD-STATE-UNIVERSITY - South Dakota State University AS11608 ACTTG - Accretive Technology Group, Inc. AS11610 INETNEBR-1 - Internet Nebraska Corporation AS11611 TRICUE - Tri-CUE, Inc. AS11612 CW-NC - Community Web, Inc. AS11614 VIP-CONNECT - VIP Calling, Inc. AS11615 WEBEXNET - Web Express Inc. AS11616 PEAPOD - Peapod, Inc. AS11617 Comsat Mexico S.A. de C.V. AS11618 SISEL-SLM - Sisel International LLC AS11619 ATS-INC - ANDERSON TRUCKING SERVICE, INC. AS11620 SUCCEED-NET - Succeed.net AS11621 REYESHOLDINGSLLC - Reyes Holdings, L.L.C. AS11622 INFOSPACE - InfoSpace, Inc. AS11623 CTCN - CT Communications Network AS11624 INTEREALTYNET - Interealty Corp. AS11625 VP63-ORG-ASN - VirtuALL Private Host Services Ltd. AS11626 CONNEXON-TELECOM - ConneXon Telecom AS11627 OFFERMATICA-EDGE - Offermatica Corp AS11628 MPLANET-ASN1 - MobilePlanet, Inc. AS11629 JP02-STPETE-FL-USA - Jagged Peak, Inc AS11630 AOL-RTC2 - America Online AS11631 AOL-DTC - America Online AS11632 COMDISCO - Comdisco, Inc. AS11633 4LIFERESEARCHUSALLC - 4Life Research USA, LLC AS11634 HHC-AS - Hilton Hotels Corporation AS11635 ADP-ESNET - Time Resource Management, Inc.(Formerly Uniquest, Inc) AS11636 MB-SRVC-LTD - MB SERVICES LTD. AS11637 METRODATAPATH - MetroDataPath, Inc. AS11638 WMS-ASN1 - Wholesale Mortgage Source, Inc. AS11639 AABB - AABB AS11640 GROUP-ONE-TRADING - Group One, Ltd. AS11641 INTUIT-SD - Intuit Inc. AS11642 Sistemas Comerciales Argentinos AS11643 EBAY - eBay, Inc AS11644 AcessoNet Ltda AS11645 NASPERS AS11646 KIT-AS - Kansas Independent Telecommunications AS11647 SENTEX-NET - Sentex Communications Corporation AS11648 TCE-AS - Thomson Inc. AS11649 GUNET - Gonzaga University AS11650 PLDI - Pioneer Long Distance Inc. AS11651 FREEIASN - FreeI Networks AS11653 ESS-PR-WEBMASTERS - ESS/PR WebMasters AS11654 RR-BINGHAMTON-ASN-01 - ServiceCoLLC-Binghamton-RR AS11655 RELIANCE-INSURANCE-GP - Reliance Insurance Company AS11656 CITICOM-AS - Citicom Online Communication Services Inc. AS11657 LEGG-MASON-CORP-NET - Legg Mason Wood Walker Inc AS11658 NCITECH - NCI Technologies, Inc. AS11659 KUMC - University of Kansas Medical Center AS11660 BANKGATE AS11662 ADMDDCB01 - DSL Loads AS11663 TALKPLUS-1 - TalkPlus, Inc. AS11664 AT&T Argentina S.A. AS11665 INFONOX - Infonox On The Web, Inc. AS11666 NEXICOM-CA - Nexicom Inc. AS11667 YRT2I-AS - YRT2, INC. AS11668 WCI-NET - Financial Fitness Internet DBA West Coast Internet AS11669 ASN-REALSELECT-HQ - RealSelect, Inc. AS11670 XPRESSTRADE - Xpresstrade LLC AS11671 BIGCHARTS - BigCharts Inc. AS11672 ACSIN-AS-1 - ACSinc.net, LLC AS11673 Internet Panama AS11674 HAAS-TCM-001 - Haas TCM AS11675 ZEBECDATA - Zebec Data Systems AS11676 ACSBPS - Affiliated Computing Services Business ProcessSolutions AS11677 ITESM Rectoria Universidad Virtual AS11678 DOE-NTS-AS - US DOE c/o Bechtel Nevada AS11679 WGIS-ASN - Webgate Internet Services AS11680 CPQ-ALF-IOMC - Hewlett-Packard Company AS11681 INTEGRITY - Integrity Networks AS11682 NET2-CTCNET-ASN - Computer Telephone Corp AS11683 ELNK-CHARTER-CONN - Earthlink, Inc. AS11684 TVC-MARKETING - TVC Marketing Associates, Inc. AS11685 HNBCOL-AS - Huntington Service Company AS11686 ENA - Education Networks of America AS11687 CITY-OF-HOPE - City of Hope Medical Center AS11688 LTSTREAM - Lightstream Communication, Inc. AS11689 NN-JORSM-CHI01 - Egix, Inc. AS11690 PLANETCABLE - PlanetCable Corp. AS11691 EVOCATIVE - Evocative, Inc. AS11692 SHPSAS01 - SHPS HUMAN RESOURCES SOLUTIONS, INC. AS11693 WEST-GA-NET - Newnan Utilities AS11694 Universidad Simon Bolivar AS11695 THESTREET-DOT-COM - TheStreet.Com AS11696 SIMLABCEDARGROVE - SIMLAB.NET AS11697 NET-SUPERNEWS - SuperNews AS11698 BLUESEAFISHER - Blue Networks, Inc. AS11699 BMI-NET - Blue Mountain Internet AS11700 CA-WEDNET - WEDnet AS11701 ASN-BOSTWICK - BOSTWICK LABORATORIES INC. AS11702 CONNEXON2-TELECOM - ConneXon Telecom AS11703 MARS-DISCOVERY-DISTRICT - MaRS Discovery District AS11704 ROBERTSON - Robertson Group Internet Solutions AS11705 UASASN - Universal Atlantic Systems Incorporated AS11706 Terra Networks Brasil S/A AS11707 SCRR-11707 - Road Runner HoldCo LLC AS11708 LINKCITY - City of North Kansas City, MO AS11709 VIC - VIRTUAL INTERACTIVE CENTER AS11710 IPLUS - I Plus Internet Services AS11711 TULAROSA-COMMUNICATIONS - TULAROSA COMMUNICATIONS, INC. AS11712 BELLSOUTH - IOC AS11713 TRUSTEDNET - Trusted Net, Inc. AS11714 ASN-UNEB - University of Nebraska Central Administration AS11715 FENWAY-PARTNERS - Fenway Partners Inc. AS11716 WON-AS - William O'Neil & Company AS11717 T-NET - T-NET, INC. AS11718 GREENAPPLE - Green Apple, Inc. AS11719 EATON-CORPORATION - Eaton Corporation AS11721 OEHP-ASN - Ohio Employee Health Partnership, LTD. AS11722 WFC-ASN - Westelcom Family of Companies AS11724 OCCAS - Comptroller of the Currency AS11725 MUELLER-NET - Mueller Industries, Inc. AS11726 GUIWARE1 - GUIware Inc. AS11727 BMTS - Bruce Municipal Telephone System AS11728 CNLINKUSA - CNLink Networks, Inc. AS11729 SMART - Smart World Technologies, LLC AS11731 AS11731 - Weston Solutions, Inc. AS11732 IEI-LVGN-INET - INGRAM ENTERTAINMENT INC. AS11733 TBI-LTD - TBI, Ltd AS11734 CONNECTRIA - Connectria AS11735 ITRON-OAKLAND-HOSTING - ITRON AS11736 USD - University of South Dakota AS11737 THEBOOK - Software Workshop Incorporated AS11738 EPPG-DBQ - McGraw-Hill Incorporated AS11739 DIGITAL-FOREST-NW - digital.forest, Inc. AS11740 PROGRESSIVE-AS - Progressive Casualty Insurance Companies AS11741 BENTONREA - Benton Rural Electric AS11742 MRKHOSTWINDOW - MRK Hostwindow AS11743 EBSCO - EBSCO Industrties; ISS AS11744 INVESTEC AS11745 USNH - University System of New Hampshire AS11746 WAGGENER-EDSTROM - Waggener Edstrom AS11747 KAGI - Kagi AS11748 JCDNA - JCDecaux North America AS11749 MPINET - MPInet AS11750 Interdotnet Argentina S.A. AS11751 ICEP - INSTITUTO CYBER DE ENSINO E PESQUISA AS11752 Softone Consultores Associados AS11753 PA-ONLINE - Pennsylvania Online AS11754 GUS - GUS Network America, Inc AS11755 WAYMARKCOMM - Waymark Internet Services, Inc. AS11756 BITSTORM-INC - BitStorm, Inc. AS11758 IRISNETWORKS - IRIS Networks AS11759 SWARMCAST - Swarmcast AS11760 INETONE-BLUE - HIGHLAND CELLULAR, INC. AS11761 QBE-AMERICAS - QBE Reinsurance Corporation AS11762 NET-CONNECTION - Net Connection AS11763 IBX-CHICAGO - inVision Networks AS11764 PANAMSAT-NET - Pamamsat AS11765 LCPIM - Logan Circle Partners AS11766 MERIPLEX-1-AS - Meriplex Communications, Ltd. AS11768 VONTOBELUS-AS - Vontobel Asset Management INC AS11769 MOBILENETICS-LA-GW1 - Mobilenetics Corporation AS11770 NET56 - Net56 AS11771 SYNACOR-CHARTER - Synacor, Inc. AS11772 CIALLC - Client Instant Access, LLC AS11773 UTMDACC - University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center AS11774 CYPRESSCOMM - Cypress Communications AS11775 CRV-INC - CRV, Inc. AS11776 ATLANTICBB-JOHNSTOWN - Atlantic Broadband Finance, LLC AS11778 SINEP-PR-NET - Sinep Corporation AS11779 MCC-GROUPZ - Morris Communications Corporation AS11780 CORPLINK - CorpLink, Inc. AS11781 AUTO-ICMI-100 - Internet Communications, Inc. AS11782 HUNT-PETROLEUM - Hunt Petroleum Corporation AS11783 BROOK-LAW - Brooklyn Law School AS11784 ASN-AV8 - Plain Aivation, Inc AS11785 BROADWAY-BANDWIDTH - Broadway Bandwidth, Inc AS11786 Soluciones Informaticas S.R.L. AS11787 PACOURTS-AS - Supreme Court of Pennsylvania AS11788 US-CABLE-OF-COASTAL-TEXAS-TX - US Cable Paramus-Hillsdale AS11789 INTERCONSECURITY - Intercon Security, Ltd AS11790 RANDOMHOUSE - Random House, Inc. AS11791 SLC-IDENT-AS - IdenTrust AS11792 BRIDGESTONE-FIRESTONE - BRIDGESTONE FIRESTONE AS11793 ARISTOCRAT-US - Aristocrat Technologies, Inc. AS11794 NCWEB-AS - North Coast Web AS11795 989STUDIOS - 989 Studios AS11796 AIRSTREAMCOMM-NET - Airstream Communications, LLC AS11797 AC-NIELSEN-AS AC NIELSEN AS11798 BLUEHOST-AS - Bluehost Inc. AS11799 CTHOUGHT - Creative Thought, Inc. AS11800 Domain Acesso e Servicos Internet Ltda. AS11801 Opportunity Gestora de Recursos Ltda. AS11802 CIASC AS11804 THIRD-RAIL - Third-Rail Wireless Services AS11805 HDPI - HOME DECOR PRODUCTS, INC. AS11806 LEEPFROG - Leepfrog Technologies, Inc. AS11807 GAMELOFT - Divertissements GameLoft Inc AS11808 UIDAHO - University of Idaho AS11809 NET-ERAU-PRC - Embry-Riddle University AS11811 OPCO - Oppenheimer & Co. Inc. AS11812 DWS-UTAH - Disney Worldwide Services, Inc. AS11813 CDC-NORTH-AMERICA - CDC North America AS11814 CYBERSURF - Cybersurf Inc. AS11815 Cooperativa Telefonica de V.G.G. Ltda. AS11816 SetarNet AS11817 STAFFORDNET - Stafford Associates AS11818 BHN-BIRMINGHAM - bright house NETWORKS AS11819 SMITH-ASSOC - Smith & Associates AS11820 APTELA - Aptela, Inc. AS11821 CIRCLE-COM - circle.com AS11822 DEBSHOPSAS - DEB SHOPS INC AS11823 LORDABBETTCO - Lord, Abbett & Co. AS11824 VANCOUVER-COLO - Vonage Holdings, Inc. AS11826 RISS2 - riss.net AS11827 WSU-AS - Washington State University AS11828 SOINET - State of Illinois/CMS AS11829 CADENCE - Cadence Design Systems, Inc. AS11830 Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad y Telecom. AS11831 CLAIMCARD - ClaimCard Inc. AS11832 EBI-COMM - EBI COMM, INC. AS11833 AS11833-LEAPFROG-INTERACTIVE - LeapFrog Interactive AS11834 DREXEL-ASN - Drexel University AS11835 Default Informatica Ltda AS11836 ICNET-ASN ICNet LLC AS11837 SAWNET - Sawtooth Technologies LLC AS11838 FLOCORPINT1 - Flowers Foods Inc. AS11839 RBEC - Excell Technology Center, Inc. AS11840 VGRS-REGISTRY-AS - VeriSign Infrastructure & Operations AS11841 LINKLINE - LinkLINE Internet Access, Inc. AS11842 AS-REGAL - Regal Entertainment Group AS11843 BARNES - Barnes Distribution AS11844 Newsite Informatica Ltda AS11845 DPBOL AS11846 BROADVIEWNET - Broadview Networks AS11847 MIDMAINE - Mid-Maine Communications AS11848 MMIND-NET - MasterMind Internet Services, AS11850 MAGSNETLLC - MagsNet LLC AS11851 XTFLP - XTF L.P. AS11852 SYNIPS - Synips AS11853 ASN-INTERNAP-BLK - Internap Network Services AS11854 ASN-INTERNAP-BLK - Internap Network Services AS11855 ASN-INTERNAP-BLK - Internap Network Services AS11856 KAYOTE-NETWORKS - Kayote Networks AS11857 AEGONUSA - aegon usa inc AS11858 CM2COM - Cm2.com Inc. AS11859 IELM-AIR2LAN - IElement Corporation AS11860 IMAGINEX - Imaginex, Inc. AS11861 INTELLIGENT - Intelligent Decisions, Inc. AS11862 NORTHPOINT - NorthPoint Communications, Inc. AS11863 PLU - Pacific Lutheran University AS11864 VISTO1937 - Visto Co. AS11865 G222UV2D21EWD27U76VUWHD7V1FH8HT6HE6W7W12 - STERLING SAVINGS AS11866 SGHE - SUNGARD HIGHER EDUCATION INC. AS11867 PRIMUSTEL - Primus Telecommunications, Inc. AS11868 CRUZAZUL-NET - La Cruz Azul de Puerto Rico, Inc. AS11869 INRNET - InterNet Resource NETworks, LLC AS11870 ALTICOR-INC - ALTICOR INC AS11871 CINERGY-ASN - Cinergy AS11872 SYRACUSE-UNIVERSITY - Syracuse University AS11873 I1L-2-WHL - Input 1, LLC AS11874 XYROUS-IP-NETWORK - Xyrous Communications LLC AS11875 IANA-VLUSA - Visionlab Inc. AS11876 ARCC868 - Arrowhead Regional Computing Consortium AS11877 FROGNET - FrogNet, Inc. AS11878 TZULO - tzulo, inc. AS11879 ASMGI - Advanced Server Management Group, Inc. AS11880 THE-PEOPLES-BANK-AND-TRUST-COMPANY - The Peoples Bank and Trust Company AS11881 SHREVENET - ShreveNet Inc. AS11884 SMARTHOME - SMARTHOME, INC. AS11885 CSI - CAMP SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL AS11886 ALPHALINK - AlphaLink Technologies Inc AS11887 TEKELEC-PLANO-TX - Tekelec AS11888 Television Internacional S.A. de C.V. AS11889 IVANET-NYC - VIP Calling, Inc. AS11890 IVANET-LA - VIP Calling, Inc. AS11891 MEGAVISION - Community Internet Systems AS11892 NATCOMPSYS - National Computer Systems AS11893 LOLIGO-ASN - Loligo Cache Systems, Inc. AS11894 GUESSINC - Guess? Inc. AS11895 KOFAX - Kofax Image Products, Inc. AS11896 MCA INFORMATICA LTDA AS11898 ESSEXCOMP - Essex Computers Inc. AS11899 MEASINC - Measurement Incorporated AS11900 DATACRUZ - Datacruz, Inc. AS11901 COSWAN - County of Sacramento AS11902 WORLD-LINK - World-Link Communications, Inc. AS11903 LINCOLNSHIRE-MANAGEMENT - Lincolnshire Management, Inc. AS11904 ALLENTEL - Allendale Telephone Company AS11905 E-LYNXX-COPORATION - E-Lynxx Corporation AS11906 WISPLB1 - Westelcom Family of Companies AS11907 MSXI-INET - MSX International AS11908 VERESTAR - SES Americom Inc. AS11909 BRWNET AS11910 MIDWESTAIR - Midwest Air Group, Inc AS11911 BANKOFNEWYORK-AS - The Bank of New York AS11912 TAMUSIBT-NET - Texas A&M University System AS11913 STARSTREAM - Starstream Communications Inc. AS11914 HUMONGOUS - Humongous Entertainment AS11915 TELWEST-NETWORK-SVCS-STATIC - TELWEST COMMUNICATIONS LLC AS11916 UNDP - UNDP AS11917 I-SITES-AS - Interactive Sites Inc. AS11918 INTERTEX-1 - Intertex Information Systems, Inc. AS11919 LORAL-SKYNET-AR - Loral Skynet Network Services, Inc. AS11920 UNK-AS - University of Nebraska at Kearney AS11921 Secrelnet Informatica LTDA AS11922 RBN - Real Broadcast Network AS11923 JCE-RENTOKIL-BGP-1 - JC Ehrlich Co Inc AS11924 MONTANA-OPTICOM - Montana Opticom, LLC AS11925 DDWI - Delta Dental of Wisconsin, Inc AS11926 YMP - Yucca Mountain Project Office AS11927 ADVANCE-GW - Advance Publications Inc. AS11928 HBGUSA - Hachette Book Group USA, Inc AS11929 DAVITA-SANMATEO - DAVITA INC AS11930 FUSION-FISERV - Fiserv Pittsburgh AS11931 DELGROUP-AS - Delaware Service Co., Inc. AS11932 BREAKWATER-TRADING - Breakwater AS11933 ILS-VB-ATT-AS - ILS AS11934 CYBERLOGIC-1 - Cyberlogic AS11936 DAVITA-NASHVILLE - DAVITA INC AS11937 TRX-ARIN - TRX Inc. AS11938 WHOLE-AS - WholesaleBandwidth, Inc. AS11939 MATHWORKS - The MathWorks, Inc. AS11940 DIRECTSCOM - Direct Supply, Inc. AS11941 PWLLP-AS001 - Pillsbury Madison & Sutro, Inc. AS11942 IPGLOBAL - IP Global, LLC. AS11943 GLOBE - Globe Wireless AS11944 WEBTRENDS-CORP - Webtrends Corporation AS11945 TGC-AMERICA - TGC America, Inc. AS11946 MANCHESTER-EQUIPMENT - Manchester Equipment Company, Inc. AS11947 Cablenett Limited AS11948 JOURNEYCOM - Journey Communications, Inc. AS11949 CYBERBEACH - Cyber Beach Communications AS11950 MFXROA-2 - MFX ROANOKE, INC AS11951 MCSP - Medical Computer Systems AS11952 NASDINC - The Nasdaq Stock Market AS11954 BAYVIEW-FINANCIAL-INETOPS - BayView Financial Trading GRP AS11955 SCRR-11955 - Road Runner HoldCo LLC AS11956 NOAA-NWN - NOAA / PMEL AS11957 CACHEFLOW-AS - Bluecoat Systems, Inc. AS11958 WIR-INT-RES - Wyoming Internet Resources AS11959 TOMKINSBP - Tomkins Building Products AS11960 CUBADATA AS11961 MIDRIVERS - Mid-Rivers Telephone Cooperative AS11962 EMPIRE5882300 - Empire Today LLC AS11963 ASN-PENNWELL - PennWell Publishing AS11964 AWAC-HQ - Air Wisconsin Airlines Corporation AS11966 GLOBALREACH-ASN - Global Reach , LLC AS11968 CHOICEPOINT-PRG-SOUTH-FLA - ChoicePoint, Inc. AS11969 PYTH-COMM - Python Communications Inc. AS11970 VCI-MDVL - Vision Communications Inc. AS11971 PFIZERNET-GROTON - PFIZER INC. AS11972 ASSET-MANAGEMENT-TECHNOLOGIES - Asset Management Technologies, Inc. AS11973 INTRACORP - Intracorp AS11974 CALLTECH - Calltech Communications, Inc. AS11975 WM - The College of William and Mary AS11976 FIDN - Fidelity Networks, Inc. AS11977 GREENFIELDNET-WLT-CT - Greenfield Online AS11978 VEGAS - Greenspun Corporation AS11979 BLUENET - Bluegrass Network LLC AS11980 BDO-SEIDMAN - BDO Seidman LLP AS11981 SPECIALSYSTEMS - Special Systems Inc. AS11982 ADBRITE-SJX - AdBrite, Inc. AS11983 ACCESSHUBNET - Futurequest, Inc AS11984 NETWALK - CPT Communications, Inc. dba NetWalk AS11985 ASN-SSA - Social Security Administration AS11986 RIO-COMM - RIO Communications AS11987 INDYWEB - INDY WEB INC AS11989 WEBINT - WebIntellects, Inc AS11990 IMPULSE - Impulse Internet Services AS11991 ASN-WIBAND-2 - WiBand Communications AS11992 CENTENNIAL-PR - Centennial de Puerto Rico AS11993 Banco do Brasil S.A. AS11994 GATESPEED - Gatespeed Broadband, Inc. AS11995 OHSU - Oregon Health & Science University AS11996 LOBOIS - Lobo Internet Services, Ltd AS11997 FARMERSCOOPERATIVECO - Farmer's Cooperative Company AS11998 PNB - Province of New Brunswick AS12000 FMR-AS4 - Fidelity Investments AS12001 CSSTARSASPEXT - CS Stars LLC AS12002 GREAT-POINT-PARTNERS - Great Point Partners, LLC AS12003 INTEGRATELECOM - Integra Telecom, Inc. AS12004 YLEO - Young Living Essential Oils AS12005 SC-AS - University of South Carolina AS12006 EUREKANETWORKS-AS-12006 - eLink Communications INC. AS12007 RAYASN - Raytheon Systems Company - ORION Internet AS12008 ULTRADNS - Centergate Research, LLC. AS12009 EONI - Eastern Oregon Net, Inc. AS12010 IFDS - International Financial Data Services (Canada) Ltd. AS12011 LAXNORMANDIECLUB - Normandie Club, LP AS12012 GYRE-ASN - Gyre Capital Management LLC AS12013 FAUNET - Florida Atlantic University AS12014 AMERICAS-HEALTH-INSURANCE-PLANS - AHIP AS12015 SUNFLOWER-CABLEVISION - Sunflower Broadband AS12016 HEART-COMM-AS - Heart Electronics & Communications, Inc. AS12017 PLS - PITTSBURGH LOGISTICS SYSTEMS, INC. AS12018 OOCL-SJC - OOCL (USA), Inc. AS12019 NETCOMM - NETWORK COMMUNICATIONS AS12020 ASCINET - ASCINet AS12021 HHES - HAMILTON HYDRO ELECTRIC SYSTEM AS12022 HANOVERDIRECT - Hanover Direct, Inc. AS12023 VOEX-LOSANGELES - VOEX Inc AS12024 ASN-ACN - Advanced Corporate Network AS12025 IO-DATA-CENTERS - IO Data Centers AS12026 SIGECOM - SIGECOM, LLC. AS12027 IKON-TS - IKON Office Solutions - Technology Services AS12028 MMINTERNET - MM Internet, Inc. AS12029 PRREN - Puerto Rico Regional Educational Network AS12030 PACIFIC-ONLINE-PON - Pacific Online Services AS12031 LORD-CORP - Lord Corporation AS12032 LOCH-CAPITAL-MANAGEMENT-LLC - Loch Capital Management, LLC AS12033 ASN-ANW - Adams Telephone AS12034 Miditel S.A de C.V. AS12035 ATLANTICBB-MIAMI - Atlantic Broadband Finance, LLC AS12036 DIXIE-NET - ISP Associates, Inc. AS12037 FDIC-GOV - Federal Depositors Insurance Corporation (FDIC) AS12038 PARSONS-TRANSPORTATION-CONSUMER-SVCS - Parsons Transportation Consumer Svces AS12039 TIMEINC - Time Inc. AS12040 VOEX-SEATTLE - VOEX Inc AS12041 AFILIAS-NST Afilias Limited AS12042 MPTELECOM - MP Telecom AS12043 ZECCO - Zecco Holdings Inc. AS12044 WVINET - Willamette Valley Internet, L.L.C. AS12045 VOEX-ATLANTA - VOEX Inc AS12046 ASN-CSC-UOM Computing Services Centre AS12047 GUNDERSEN-LUTHERAN - Gundersen Lutheran Medical Center, Inc. AS12048 PARLANT - Parlant Technology, Inc. AS12049 ONLINETODAY - On Line Today AS12050 DIRECTV-BROADBAND - DIRECTV-Broadband AS12051 ESCONDIDO-CA - City of Escondido AS12052 VFC - VF Services, Inc. Information Technology Services AS12054 ALAMEDACOUNTYDATAPROCESSING - Alameda County AS12055 CLEARBEARING-00 - Clearbearing Inc. AS12056 IBLP - IBLP AS12057 SOLUTIONSBYDESIGN2 - Solutions By Design II, LLC AS12058 TRAVELSCAPE - TRAVELSCAPE.COM AS12059 ILAP - Internet Light and Power Inc. AS12060 JETAD - JetAd Marketing LLC AS12061 24HOURFITNESS - 24 Hour Fitness, Inc. AS12062 DECISIONONE - Decision One AS12063 FSL-INTERNET - FIRST SERVICES LP AS12064 COXFIBERNET-HR - COX FIBERNET AS12065 FRONTIER-RIDGE - Frontier Ridge Capital LP AS12066 TRICOM AS12067 SHAWNEELINK - ShawneeLink Corporation AS12069 REV-NET-TECHNOLOGIES - Rev.Net Technologies, Inc. AS12070 EZYNET - Ezy.Net AS12071 BLUE-COD-TECHNOLOGIES - Blue Cod Technologies, Inc. AS12072 AHL-ASN - Aquiline Holdings, LLC AS12073 CCSINET-1 - Contemporary Computer Services Inc. AS12074 VYAPAR-NY - VCM PARTNERS AS12075 JACOBS - Jacobs Engineering Group AS12076 HOTMAIL-AS - Hotmail Corporation AS12077 DIRECTREVENUE-ASN1 - Direct Revenue LLC AS12078 THE-ICEHOUSE - The Icehouse AS12079 AIRTOUCH-CELLULAR - Airtouch Cellular AS12080 ARA-AS-2 - Allison Royce & Associates, Inc. AS12081 GREENHECK - Greenheck Fan AS12082 BNS-AS - Bisys Networking Services AS12083 KNOLOGY-NET - Knology Holdings AS12085 ENCOREMUSICCOMPANY - Encore Music Company Inc. AS12086 UNREAL-AS - Unreal Internet AS12087 SALSGIVER - Salsgiver, Inc. AS12088 MCDONALDCOMPUTERCORP - McDonald Computer Corporation AS12089 BROADPLEX-NETWORKS - BroadPlex, LLC AS12090 NET-AAA - AAA National AS12091 MTNNS-1 AS12092 LODGENET - LodgeNet Entertainment Corporation AS12093 UWATERLOO - University of Waterloo AS12094 CELERITYNETWORKS - Celerity Networks, LLC AS12095 NACK - Nack.Net, Inc. AS12096 AMPNET-ASN - AMP Telephones AS12097 MASSCOM - Massillon Cable Communications AS12098 UNIONBANKOFCAL - Union Bank of California AS12100 RIFKIN-VA-BEDFORD-ASN - Rifkin and Associates AS12101 EMS - Electronic Management Systems, Inc. AS12102 CITY-OF-PORTLAND-OR-USA - City of Portland AS12103 KEYNOTE - Keynote Systems, Inc. AS12104 CTLIGHTING - Connecticut Lighting Center, Inc. AS12105 DRS-GNC-001 - DRS Technical Services Inc AS12106 CORBIS - Corbis Corporation AS12107 THEORY-LLC - Theory LLC AS12108 PROFITDEV - PROFIT DEVELOPERS INC AS12109 IESH - INTERNET EQUIPMENT SALES AND HOLDINGS, LLC AS12110 SOUNDSCAN - SoundScan Inc. AS12111 ONEEIGHTY-NET - One Eighty Networks AS12112 MCTCNET-NET - HickoryTech Corporation AS12113 SKYLYNX-FRESNO - SkyLynx Communications, Inc. AS12114 BARNESANDNOBLE-COM - BarnesandNoble.com AS12115 D2000 - Distribution 2000 AS12116 FHLB - Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas AS12118 WVU - West Virginia University AS12119 BITWISESYSTEMS - BitWise Systems AS12120 AAO-AIO - Amphenol Corp - Bendix Connector Division AS12121 IASERVICE - Internet Access Service, Inc. AS12122 CYBERSOUTH10-18-93NET - Cybersouth Networks Inc. AS12123 RKENG - R and K Engineering, Inc. AS12124 THORN - Thorn Communications AS12126 PWI-NET - PACIFIC WEST INTERNET AS12127 Telefonica Moviles El Salvador S.A. de C.V. AS12128 TFSMD-RV-001 - THOMSON FINANCIAL AS12129 123NET - Internet 123 AS12131 IJ-NET - Internet Junction Corp. AS12132 MEDIASTREAM-ASNBLK1 - MediaStream, inc. AS12133 LISCO - LISCO AS12135 PROINTERNET DO BRASIL AS12136 Protec Telecomunicacoes ltda AS12137 BABYCENTER - BabyCenter, Inc. AS12138 VIRTELA-CUST-VCASJC1-VICOR Virtela Communications AS12139 AMNET - AMNET US LLC. AS12140 CNI - Companhia Nacional de Intervias AS12141 EPOCHWIDE-01 - Epoch Systems, Inc. AS12142 SULLIVAN-CROMWELL - Sullivan & Cromwell AS12143 STARTEL-AS AS12144 NET-TEL - NET-tel Communications AS12145 COLORADOSTATEUNIV - Colorado State University AS12146 MVS Net, S.A. de C.V. AS12147 DFS-RWD - Discover Financial Services Inc. AS12148 CLEMSONU - Clemson University AS12149 CHI-STAFFORD1-NET - XCALIBER Trading Systems AS12150 COTELNET AS12151 LEARNING-TREE-INTL-OPERATIONS - Learning Tree International AS12152 ASN-BISYS-BPS - BISYS Plan Services AS12153 HBI-ASN1 - HBI Branded Apparel Enterprises, LLC AS12154 INFOUSA - InfoUSA AS12155 AS-HMPL - Henderson Municipal Power & Light, Inc. AS12156 STSN-SLC-UT-US - STSN GENERAL HOLDINGS, INC. AS12157 ECM-ASN - Element Capital Management LLC AS12158 NAL-GO-LAS-ASN - NATIONAL AIRLINES AS12159 SECURITIESAMERICA - Securities America Inc. AS12160 SKIPJACK-FINANCIAL-SERVICES - Skipjack Financial Services Inc. AS12161 DAVITA-DENVER - DAVITA INC AS12162 DATA-DISTIBUTORS-AS - DATA DISTRIBUTORS AS12163 BNSI - Broadband Network Services, Inc. AS12164 JBX-COM - JBX Online, Inc AS12165 XACTWARE - Xactware Information Services Inc. AS12166 OWC-NET - Other World Computing - OWC AS12167 OMEGA - Omega Communications, Inc. AS12168 MII-XPC - Mirror Image Internet, Inc. AS12169 IBM-BRS-SERVICE - IBM Business Recovery Service AS12170 PENTELOFAMERICA - Pentel of America, LTD. AS12171 SIGMACOM-AS - Sigma Communications LLC AS12172 FISERV-CBSWW - FISERV AS12173 UA - The University of Alabama AS12174 DGCBGP-01 - Diamond Glass Company AS12175 YELMNET - Yelm Telephone Company AS12176 GOVPX-ASN - GovPX AS12177 ETS-TELEPHONE-COMPANY - ETS TELEPHONE COMPANY, INC. AS12178 INTERNAP-2BLK - Internap Network Services AS12179 INTERNAP-2BLK - Internap Network Services AS12180 INTERNAP-2BLK - Internap Network Services AS12181 INTERNAP-2BLK - Internap Network Services AS12182 INTERNAP-2BLK - Internap Network Services AS12183 RTC-ASN - Roanoke Technology Corp. AS12184 FORRESTER-RESEARCH - Forrester Research AS12185 AS-INOW - INOW Internet Services AS12186 COLLINS-STEWART-NEW-YORK-AS - Collins Stewart AS12187 MTAHQ1 - Metropolitan Tranportation Authority AS12188 Q9-AS - Q9 Networks Inc. AS12189 MLII-AS12189 - MediaLive International, Inc. AS12190 OOCL-NET - OOCL (USA), Inc. AS12191 IN-MOTION - In-Motion, L.L.C. AS12192 ASN-AMERITRADE-2 - Ameritrade Holding Corp. AS12193 FNIS-RED-HILL - FNIS AS12194 ARAP-DLSTX - American Radiology Associates, P.A. AS12195 FAME-AN - Fame Information Services AS12197 DRUGSTORE-COM - Drugstore.Com, Inc. AS12198 THE-NETWORK-GROUP - The Network Group AS12199 UUNET-RD - MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business AS12200 SLICE - Slicehost LLC AS12201 SCC-LAKELAND - Saddle Creek Corp AS12202 INTERLNK-NETWORK - Midsouth/Interlnk Internet Services AS12203 ASTORIA-FEDERAL-SL - Astoria Federal Savings and Loan AS12204 SCN-NET - SCN Research, Inc. AS12205 SCSD - Sachem Central School District AS12206 KYPHON-USA-ASN - Kyphon Inc. AS12207 COGENT-ARC-1 - Cogent Communications AS12208 DANET-CORP - Danet Corp. AS12209 AS-MOONTAXI - Moontaxi Media Inc. AS12210 CWBANKNET - Community West Bank AS12211 PHILADELPHIA-STOCK-EXCHANGE - PHILADELPHIA STOCK EXCHANGE AS12212 FISHER-FOOTWEAR1 - Fisher Footwear AS12213 LANXE - Lanxess Corporation AS12214 RAPIDDSL--WIRELESS - RapidDSL & Wireless AS12215 RIGHTASCENSION - Right Ascension, Inc. AS12216 KRAVET - KRAVET INC. AS12217 UPS - UNITED PARCEL SERVICE AS12218 AMERICAN-INSTITUTES-FOR-RESEARCH - American Institutes for Research AS12219 MILLERSOFFICEPRODUCTS - Miller's Office Products AS12221 SCOTTSAVE-COM - Scottsdale Securities, Inc. AS12222 AS12222 Akamai Technologies AS12224 COALF-AS - Coalfire Systems, Inc. AS12225 CONSUMERINFO1 - Consumerinfo.com AS12226 INTRIA-HP - CIBC / INTRIA-HP AS12227 DISPATCH-AS-1 - Dispatch Printing Company AS12228 METRO1PUBLICASN - Metro One Telecommunications, INC. AS12229 SAS-WHQ - SAS Institute AS12230 OKBRIDGE - OKbridge, Inc. AS12231 CONWAYCORP - Conway Corporation AS12232 XPR - Internet Express, Inc AS12234 UUNET-INT - MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business AS12235 AS-PERLEGEN - Perlegen Sciences AS12237 RPIRCL-BGP - Radiology Physicians of Indian River County, LLC AS12238 AECOM-CCSI - AECOM/CCSI AS12239 GLINX1 - Global Linx Internet AS12240 ACCUWEATHER - AccuWeather, Inc. AS12241 NCTCNET-AS1 - Nebraska Central Telephone Company AS12242 AS-OSITRANSCRIPTION - OSi Transcription AS12243 SYLMARK-INC - Sylmark AS12244 SUPREME-SECURITY - Supreme Security Systems, Inc. AS12245 PRMC-ASN - Peninsula Regional Medical Center AS12246 SOFTWARE-LINK - Software-Link AS12247 TRECA - Tri-Rivers Educational Computer Association AS12248 Oficina Central de Estadistica eInformatica (OCEI) AS12249 YUBACITY - City of Yuba City AS12251 INVISION - Invision.com, Inc. AS12252 Telmex Peru S.A. AS12253 LEONCOUNTYFL - Leon County Board of County Commisioners AS12254 THINKLINK - ITC AS12255 AMGEN - AMGEN, Inc. AS12256 CITYLINQ - CityLinq Net Services AS12257 DGC - Data General Corporation AS12258 YEBO-AS AS12259 EBOCOM - EBOCOM LLC AS12260 COLOSTORE - Colostore.com AS12261 DEKALB - DTC Communications, Inc. AS12262 RR-CINCINNATI-ASN-01 - Road Runner HoldCo LLC AS12263 TBTEL-AS - The City of Thunder Bay AS12264 SkyOnline S.A. AS12265 SDSNY-1 - Securities Dealing Systems, Inc. AS12266 VOSTROM - StoreRunner, Inc. AS12267 HORWATH - Horwath International AS12268 DEXSTA - DEXSTA Federal Credit Union AS12269 JAMAN - Jaman AS12270 RR-TEXAS-ELPASO-ASN - TimeWarnerCable-ServiceCo-LLC-RoadRunner-ELPASO AS12271 SCRR-12271 - Road Runner HoldCo LLC AS12272 DCL-65-ASN-1 - Dialco, c/o LOKT AS12273 TRUELINK - TrueLink, Inc. AS12274 FENICS - Fujitsu Systems Business of America, Inc. AS12276 SFMIES - San Francisco Metropolitan Internet Exchange (SFMIX) AS12277 NRCAN-SHERBROOKE - Natural Resources Canada AS12278 NCOCC - The North Carolina One-Call Center, INC AS12279 LAYER-EIGHT - Layer-Eight, Inc. AS12280 NTCOR-NET - National Telemedia Corporation AS12281 APAC-AS - APAC Customer Services AS12282 SELECTRONICS - Selectronics Corp. AS12283 CYBERLINK-INT - Cyberlink, Inc. AS12284 IPNS-AS - Internet Professionals & Network Solutions AS12285 ONE-ELEVEN - One Eleven Internet Services AS12286 VISIONONE - Vision One,Inc AS12287 AFILIAS-AMS1-MON Afilias Canada, Corp. AS12288 VFNM-NET datadirect gmbh AS12289 TOADSTOOL Toadstool AS12290 EXONETRIC Exonetric AS AS12291 DPAG-DE AS12292 TRANSKOM Transkom Kommunikationsnetzwerke GmbH AS12293 IIL-AS Internet Ireland Ltd. AS12294 TSYSTEMS Technological Systems CJSC AS12295 LONDONLINK LondonLink AS12296 ADA-NET AS12297 ARMENTEL Armenia Telephone Company AS12298 STARGATE Satellite Communications Networks S.A. AS12299 ASISDF ISDF GmbH AS12300 AS12301 PANTEL PanTel, Hungary AS12302 MobiFon S.A. AS12303 ISZT-AS Council of Hungarian Internet Providers (ISZT) AS12304 Yerevan Physics Institute AS12305 NORTENET NORTENET- Sistemas de Comunicacao SA. AS12306 Plus.Line AG IP-Services AS12307 Warburg Dillon Read, Switzerland AS12308 IACTIVE-AS Germany AS12309 NOUVELLE-AS Autonomous system for Nouvelle Srl AS12310 INES iNES Group SRL AS12311 IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency AS12312 NACAMAR-DE nacamar GmbH AS12313 VEWTELNET Versatel Deutschland GmbH AS12314 ROPNET-AS RopNet Autonomous System AS12315 QSP-AS QSP Internet Services autonomous system AS12316 IZBNET IZB Internet Backbone AS12317 Volgograd State University AS12318 FR-AS-EXANE EXANE AS12319 IZFE-AS IZFE SA Informatika Zerbitzuen Foru Elkartea AS12320 TEAMNOW-DK AS12321 ES-TISCALI-BACKBONE Tiscali Spain AS12322 PROXAD AS for Proxad/Free ISP AS12323 DELTA-AS Delta Solutions AS AS12324 LUBMAN-EDU-AS Poland, Lublin AS12325 UPC-NL UPC Netherlands - Autonomous System AS12326 T-Com Croatia Internet network AS12327 AS12328 AS12329 TMR TMR IP service and TMR customer networks AS12330 Baudia Verkkopalvelut Oy AS12331 AS-AUDI-DE AS12332 PRIMORYE-AS Far East Telecommunications Company AS12333 DFI DFI Service SA AS12334 AS R Cable y Telecomunicaciones Galicia S.A. AS12335 Tario Communications Autonomous System AS12336 NETBG_AS NetBG Communications Ltd. Autonomous System AS12337 NORIS-NETWORK noris network AG AS12338 EUSKALTEL Euskaltel Autonomous System AS12339 AS12340 TZM-NET Terzomillennio Srl - http://www.tzm.net AS12341 VIA_NETWORKS_LEGACY2 NO MORE USED - OLD JETNET As AS12342 CONXIONEU-1 Conxion Corporation Europe AS12343 ping Netzwerksysteme GmbH AS12344 DigiCommerce AS12345 AS12345 General Software srl AS12346 LUBMAN-COM-AS Poland, Lublin AS12347 MAGNET Magnet.ch AG AS12348 AS12348 ODN OnlineDienst Nordbayern GmbH AS12349 SCHERING-AS Bayer Schering Pharma AG AS12350 VTX-NETWORK VTX Services SA AS12351 TBS-CAEN Tag's Broadcasting Services AS12352 WINEASY WinEasy Autonomous System AS12353 VODAFONE-PT Vodafone Portugal AS12354 I.NET S.p.A. AS12355 HAMCOM-DE HeLi NET Telekommunikation GmbH & Co. KG AS12357 COMUNITEL Comunitel Global Autonomous System AS12358 SOLO Solo SP, http://www.solo.by AS12359 RELCO http://www.relco.es AS12360 KTK Kevag Telekom GmbH - AS RZ Online Koblenz AS12361 PANAFONET-AS PanafonNet AS AS12362 NETCOM NETPLUS Communication Autonomous System AS12363 DADA-AS DADA S.p.a. AS12364 UOM University of Macedonia AS12365 SARKOR-AS Sarkor-Telecom is an ISP in Uzbekistan, AS12366 CIE Autonomous System AS12367 UUNET Spain Autonomous System AS12368 FISAG AS12369 UKRSAT-AS UKRSAT Autonomous System AS12370 ASTRA-UNUSED Unused Astra Associates Limited AS AS12371 AVENCY avency GmbH AS12372 ACTIVNET AS AS12373 Engitel Autonomous System AS12374 LFNET-AS01 LF.net Netzwerksysteme GmbH AS12375 OPOY-AS Oulu Telephone Company,Finland AS12376 Lebanese Ministry of Finance AS12377 Casinos Austria AS12378 INTRACOM-UK Autonomous system AS12379 PIN-NET-AS IP4 Internet Providing GmbH AS12380 LENSVYAZ OJSC "North-West Telecom" Branch "Lensviaz" AS12381 WIDELL-GORDEN FW-BG-NET AS12382 TISCALI-AT-OOE Argentinierstrasse 21 AS12384 SLU-UPPSALA Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences AS12385 IPNG Group SA AS12386 ASALPI Catalana de Telecomunicacions AS12387 TON TON AG AS12388 Cablesurf Backbone AS AS12389 ROSTELECOM-AS JSC Rostelecom AS12390 KINGSTON-UK-AS Kingston Communications PLC AS AS12391 DELTA-INFORMATICS AS12392 ASBRUTELE AS Object for Brutele SC AS12393 Enertel N.V. AS12394 ENERTEL Enertel N.V. AS12395 PANDEMONIUM-AS RMI Informatique AS12396 INAR-ARKHNAGELSK-AS Autonomous System of Arkhangelsk AS12397 JSC "Infonet", Samara, Russia AS12398 UNESCO-AS UNESCO AS12399 SCAN-PLUS-AS ScanPlus GmbH, NIC/NOC Ulm AS12400 PARTNER-AS Partner AS12401 INTERNIC-AS12401 INTERNIC Autonomous System AS12402 UOPIRAEUS University of Piraeus AS12403 VIZIT-AS OOO TRK Vizit AS12404 SZ ASN AS12405 EIB AS12406 BN-AS Business network j.v. AS12407 WESTEND-AS WESTEND GmbH, Aachen AS12408 BIKENT-AS Bikent Ltd. Autonomous system AS12409 HRNET HR Net Internet Sevice Provider AS12410 Franke Holding AG AS12411 CA IB Investmentbank AG AS12412 ELIT was Tracing Server AS12413 HANSHAKE-AS Handshake e.V. AS12414 NL-SOLCON SOLCON-NL AS12415 Weblink Backbone AS AS12416 VTC-AS VuzTelecomCentre AS12417 GLX-MAIN AS12418 QUANTUM Quantum Communications AS12419 TOPLINK-PLANNET toplink-plannet Global ASN AS12420 ISIS Multimedia Net GmbH AS12421 GT-RASN Golden Telecom, Kiev, Ukraine AS12422 DEGUSSAHUELS-AS Degussa-Huels AG AS12423 TORMAN Torun Regional Computer Network AS12424 JAZZASN Autonomous System AS12425 Eastern Ukraine Internet Exchange AS12426 MADNET-AS MadNet Autonomus System AS12427 MIRNET MIRNet project AS12428 UniCredito Italiano SPA AS12429 CYBERNET-CH Swisscom Fixnet AG / Autonomous System AS12430 AIRTEL AS AS12431 SYB-AS SYBCOM AS12432 COLT Internet Espana AS12433 COLT-NL COLT Internet Netherlands AS12434 Dgt World S.p.A. AS12435 TELIAMOBILE-DK Telia Mobile DK Autonomous System AS12436 Infomatec Globale Informationssysteme AG AS12437 ICSMEDIA-DE ICSmedia GmbH AS12438 toplink-plannet GmbH AS12439 Impromex S.R.L. AS12440 AS12440 Hughes Network Systems GmbH AS12441 COMMTOUCH-ASN Commtouch AS12442 MEDIAPRO International AS12443 RCC-RIGA AS12444 TURPRO-AS TELNET TELEKOM AS12445 SPIDERNET-AS Selene s.p.a. AS12446 ESS-NET-AS ESS Autonomous System AS12447 SIXNET SixNet Services Autonomous System AS12448 Adyghe State University AS12449 DSVR-AS1 DSVR Autonomous System AS12450 RMC-ASN RMC Global ASN AS12451 PRIMORYE-AS Vladivostok Telegraph, AS12452 PROVRU AS for Prov.RU AS12453 AS12454 IXORA-AS iXora Networks Ltd. AS12455 JAMBONET AS12456 AS12457 AS12458 Ebone German/Swiss/Austria Regional Network AS12459 HUM-ASN Vladimir Hum AS12460 MANDALA-AS Mandala Internet, EDV-Service GmbH AS12461 MKREDIT-AS Credit Moscow Bank AS AS12462 Arrakis Autonomous System AS12463 ASN-SBM Societe des Bains de Mer AS12464 WARSAW U-TECH Campus Network AS12465 Banca IMI AS12466 BICOS BICOS.NET Autonomous System AS12467 Aladdin Knowledge Systems Ltd AS12468 ABANET AS12469 INFONET-NETHERLAND Infonet Netherlands Internet Services AS12470 AS12470 GLOBE Development GmbH Backbone Germany AS12471 TELSTRAEUROPELTD-DEDICATED-HOSTING Telstra Europe Ltd - London Hosting Centre AS12472 AS12472 Waycom International EMEA Autonomous System AS12473 Webstar managed multi-homed AS12474 VIVELAVIE Vive la Vie SpA AS12475 Enron Power Operations Ltd AS12476 ASTER-CITY-CABLE-AS Aster City Cable Sp. z o.o. AS12477 TNPS Autonomous system AS12478 SITEKSPB-AS SITEK Autonomous System AS12479 UNI2-AS Uni2 Autonomous System AS12480 ASILK ILK Internet GmbH, Karlsruhe, Germany AS12481 TRIVENET TRIVENET s.p.a AS12482 ASN-ICTNET-AS ICTnet Autonomous System AS12483 Danske Bank Autonomous System AS12484 AS12485 SMARTNET smartnet Online Service GmbH AS12486 YT - YEMEN NET Autonomous Number AS12487 ASN-WSNET WSNET Autonomous System AS12488 KRYSTAL Krystal Solutions AS12489 InvestNet Italia S.p.A. AS12490 ROSE-AS Zur Rose AG AS12491 IPPLANET-AS IPPlanet AS12492 INFASE-AS AS12493 AS12493 be.mobistar Autonomous System AS12494 ASN-POSTLTD Post Ltd. autonomous system, Stavropol region, Russia AS12495 AS12495 TOSHIBA AS12496 IDNET IDNET Autonomous System AS12497 SANET-GE SANET NETWORK (AS) AS12498 FINECO Banca Fineco SpA AS12499 CRNS NSK Interconnected AS AS12500 TL-AS TRANS LINK Autonomus System AS12501 NORRNOD An Internet Exchange point and ISP in Umea, Sweden AS12502 NEPUSTILNET-AS01 Dr.-Ing. Nepustil & Co. GmbH AS12503 Power Team Network Autonomous System AS12504 KABELSERVICE Kabelservice Maastricht B.V. Autonomous System AS12505 BMP Banca Popolare di Milano AS12506 JTCGN Jamestown US-Immobilien GmbH AS12507 SWIFT-TRACE-AS Swift Trace Autonomous System Swift Trace Ltd. AS12508 AS12508 Datalock Rainside AS AS12509 LB-AS Bank of Latvia autonomous system AS12510 SAP_AG_WDF SAP AG AS12511 Die Schweizerische Post AS12512 COM.BOX Global ASN AS12513 ECLIPSE Eclipse Internet AS12514 RGN-AS Dinamics Srl - Autonomous System AS12515 RS Advanced Systems srl AS12516 WEBORAMA Weborama provides Internet Services AS12517 Asia-Pacific Maritime Information Service (Norfes) AS12518 SHLINK SHLINK Internet Service Autonomous System AS12519 FASTNETUK FastNet International Ltd. AS12520 PROFITEL profiTEL AG - Switzerland AS12521 Nova Internet Network AS12522 TELEDYN-GR Autonomous System AS12523 EUREDIT-AS Euredit in Courbevoie AS12524 INDEX Autonomous System AS12525 INTERNET Ltd. Autonomous System AS12526 Latvijas Krajbanka AS12527 SERVIBANCA Autonomous System AS12528 B33F B33f Networks AS12529 GCCONLINE-AS GCC Online AS12530 SVITONLINE Golden Telecom AS12531 WLW-AS Wer liefert was ? AS12532 WIMANDCHRIS-NET Ex-DIZ-NET Autonomous System AS12533 RMNET RMnet Communications AS12534 On:Line Finance Limited, AS12535 Dutchnet Autonomous System AS12536 MaNAP-Switch ASN AS12537 Barak On Line AS12538 TATINCOM-AS Tatincom Inc. Autonomous System AS12539 PENKI Penki Kontinentai, Ltd. AS12540 IDECNET-AS IdecNet Spain - Canary Islands Telco AS12541 BTESPANA BT Espana Integracion General de Sistemas, S.L.U. AS12542 TVCABO Autonomous System AS12543 KUBTELECOM-AS KUBTELECOM Autonomous System AS12544 ADVANCEBANK Advance Bank AG AS12545 TRANSCOM TransCom autonomous system AS12546 UBCOM AG AS12547 YCN YC NET:WORKS AS12548 VIADUK-AS Viaduk-Telecom Autonomous System AS12549 ASN-COMPUTER-GBG AS COMPUTER GBG S.A., ISP in Timisoara/Romania AS12550 JSC OSS Corporation AS12551 ENEL S.p.A. Autonomous System AS12552 IPO-EU IP-Only AS12553 [email protected] AG AS12554 EASYNET-BE Easynet Belgium AS12555 NICHOLS Autonomous System AS12556 UNSPECIFIED AS12557 DDB-AS DDB AS12558 YUBC YUBC System AS12559 ISIDE-AS I.S.I.D.E. S.p.A. AS12560 AS12561 AS12562 LTELECOM-LOCAL LIETUVOS-TELEKOMAS local routing Autonomous System AS12563 LEVICOM-BROADBAND-AS Levicom Autonomous System AS12564 CMBG-AS Bulgarian Government Autonomous System AS12565 PLANET_AUTONOMOUS_SYSTEM Planet s.r.l. AS12566 JETMULTIMEDIA Jetmultimedia AS12567 R-U-SURE Autonomous System AS12568 STAR21 STAR21 NETWORKS AG AS12569 INYCOM INYCOM Autonomous System AS12570 CBCZ CZECHBONE AS AS12571 INCAS-AS INCAS Voice Solution GmbH & Co. KG AS12572 BULNET AS12573 AS12573 WideXS AS12574 ROUTING http.net Internet GmbH AS12575 INFOSERVICE-NOC-AS InfoService Internet Access Provider AS12576 ORANGE-PCS Orange PCS Limited AS12577 MMC-AT-AS mmc kommunikationstechnologie gmbh AS12578 APOLLO-AS LATTELEKOM-APOLLO AS12579 XNC GmbH, Koeln AS12580 OMNITEC Omnitec Sp. z o.o. AS12581 TOPSNET tops.net Global ASN AS12582 TSF-DATANET-NGD-AS TSF MPLS VPN Services AS12584 TC TrustCenter AS12585 UUNET Austria Autonomous System AS12586 ASGHOSTNET +------------------------------- AS12587 Aizkraukles Banka Autonomous System AS12588 HAMMERSTEIN-AS C.Rob.Hammerstein GmbH & Co. KG AS12589 POSTAHU-AS Autonomous System AS12590 NTT-AS NTT Deutschland GmbH AS12591 Haemimont-SmartCom AD AS AS12592 TTS TransTel Services SRL AS12593 AS12593 ISP UkrCom AS12594 EXTERNET-AS EXTERNET Autonomus System AS12595 ASN-MOPSNET mops.net AS12596 Esoft / OOCL UK AS12597 GOTANET Gotanet-Leissner, Sweden AS12598 AS12598 Verlagsgruppe Milchstrasse AS12599 ATLAS-AS Atlas On-Line Autonomous System AS12600 TELECITY-FR TelecityGroup France S.A. AS12601 CEGEDIM AS12602 TelePassport Hellas S.A. AS12603 SHOPPING DIRECT Autonomous System AS12604 Vigil AS12605 LIWEST-AT LIWEST Kabelmedien GmbH AS12606 EASYNET-NL Easynet Group Netherlands AS12607 Digital Bros. S.p.A. Autonomous System AS12608 AS12609 AS12610 ASNETBASE rockenstein AG - Freiburg NET-BASE AS12611 RKOM R-KOM Regensburger Telekommunikations GmbH & Co. KG AS12612 ASN-SIS Schuelke Internet Service AS12613 FIREBRICK-AS FireBrick offices and fixed stealth address in all FireBricks AS12614 NETWORK-AS regno. 05329333 and registered office AS12615 CABLEBULGARIA-AS CableBulgaria is ISP over HFC AS12616 HOSTER-DH-AS Filanco, ltd. AS12617 Most AS12618 PL-BYDMAN-COM Commercial Users AS12619 YEDIOT-AS Yediot Technologies, Ltd. AS12620 TICINOCOM Ticinocom SA AS12621 ONEANET-BACKBONE 1A Networks Limited AS12622 COMINTERN-AS Comintern Online AS12623 ASBCGE Banque cantonale de Geneve AS12624 GIGANET-INFO-AS SC Giganet-Info SRL AS12625 DBSystems Autonomes System AS12626 AS12626 9TELECOM AS12627 Main Computer Center of Russian Federal Aviation Service AS12628 SCREAMING-NET-AS S.C.R.E.A.M Project ASN AS12629 option service laredo AS12630 OVERKKOAS OVERKKO Autonomous System AS12631 FORMUS-AS Formus Autonomus System AS12632 TOTALNET TotalNet Autonomous System AS12633 CSC-CONSULTING-GROUP CSC Consulting Group A/S AS12634 SCARLET Autonomous System for Scarlet Telecom B.V. AS12635 AS12635 ONE GmbH AS12636 MADRITEL AS12637 SEEWEB Seeweb Srl AS12638 AS12638 E-Plus Mobilfunk GmbH & Co. KG AS12639 BridgeNet AS12640 COLT Internet Belgium AS12641 BT_MPLS BT Global Services MPLS core network AS12642 VIA_NETWORKS_LEGACY1 NO MORE USED - OLD DNS TELECOM AS AS12643 INI-GRAPHICSNET AS for INI-Graphics Net AS12644 TELEMACH Telemach Autonomous System AS12645 CAP-MEDIATEL-AS Cap Mediatel AS12647 realTech system consulting GmbH Autonomous System AS12648 Infront Limited AS12649 Pictet Autonomous System AS12650 Il Sole 24 Ore AS AS12651 IPWORLDCOM IP worldcom SA AS12652 COTECNA-AS COTECNA-GVA Autonomous System AS12653 COMTONET COMTONET AS12654 RIPE-NCC-RIS-AS RIPE NCC RIS project AS12655 Verlag Hans Mueller GmbH & Co. AS12656 TISCALI-AT Eunet Telekom GmbH AS12657 BAYCIX BayCIX GmbH AS12659 BBNWKSCORE European Backbone Networks AS12660 SHARIF-EDU-NET Sharif University of Technology, Tehran,Iran AS12661 ERTHPRT-UK Earthport.com plc, London, UK AS12662 AS12663 VODAFONE-ITALY VODAFONE Autonomous System AS12664 Direkt Anlage Bank AG AS12665 MSH Autonomous System AS12666 INTERXION-AS InterXion Headquarters AS12667 GBVnet AS12668 EXTRIM-AS EXTRIM AUTONOMOUS SYSTEM AS12669 AS for Eutelsat AS12670 Completel Autonomous System in France AS12671 SPACENETOL Internet Service Provider AS12672 ASN-RINGIER Ringier Romania S.R.L. AS12673 University of Veszprem, Hungary AS12674 Net For You SRL AS12675 UAIC - The Al.I.Cuza University AS12676 NCORE-AS ncore Autonomous System AS12677 DECK Deck Internet, RO AS12678 AS12679 ASN-MOL Iceberg Telecom (former MOL.RU) Autonomous System AS12680 GRUNER-UND-JAHR-AS1 Gruner + Jahr AG & Co KG AS12681 AS12681 iNEP AS12682 LTTEUROPE LTT Europe AS12683 STATEL-AS Open joint-stock company "Electrosviaz" AS12684 ASTRA-NET SES ASTRA (Astra-Net) Autonomous System AS12685 SIBITEX Sibitex JSC AS12686 ROSBANK Autonomous System AS12687 URAN URAN Autonomous system AS12688 AS12689 NL-IO Autonomous System for Internet Online BV AS12690 MKSNET-AS MKS Autonomous System AS12691 State Technical University AS12692 3Com Europe AS12693 EDISCOM e.discom Telekommunikation GmbH AS12694 ge.org Autonomous System AS12695 DINET-AS Digital Network JSC AS12696 AXA-TECH Axa technology Services AS12697 NECOMM Autonomous System AS12698 DELTANET Astral Telecom S.A. Cluj, sucursala Brasov AS12699 Media Pro Group AS12700 AS12701 Barclays Capital Autonomous System AS12702 UUNET-EMEA-IPV6 Verizon Business EMEA - IPv6 only autonomous System AS12703 EDNET-AS edNETs Autonomous System AS12704 INTERDON2-AS INTERDON Autonomous System AS12705 PFES OJSC "Uralsviazinform" AS12706 First Ukrainian International Bank autonomous system AS12707 SHERINGHAM-UK Live Test and Development LAN AS12708 ONETEL-AS One.Tel ISP operations AS12709 MELITACABLE Melita Cable plc AS12710 AS12711 COMSAT COMSAT TURKEY Autonomous System AS12712 NIC NIC Tietoverkot Oy Autonomous System AS12713 OTEGLOBE OTEGlobe Backbone AS AS12714 TI-AS NetByNet Holding AS12715 JAZZNET Jazz Telecom S.A. AS12716 MOBILTEL M-TelNet Autonomous System AS12717 Tele1Europe, Sweden AS12718 CRAFT Internet Solutions Autonomous System AS12719 QUIPO-AS Quipo Internet Provider AS12720 Oceanfree Autonomous System AS12721 LOMBARDIACOM Elitel Autonomous System AS12722 ONEANDONE-UK-AS 1&1 Internet Ltd. AS12723 Pagini Aurii S.A. AS12724 LASERNET-AS LASERnet - research network of the Institutes of AS12725 Khabarovsk Division of the Institute AS12726 LH-AIRPLUS Lufthansa Airplus Servicekarten GmbH AS12727 CALIXO VIALIS - Regie Municipale Colmar AS12728 Eunite AS NUmber AS12729 HSBC Odeme Sistemleri Autonomous System AS12730 INECO_AS INECO Autonomous System AS12731 IPHH IPHH Internet Port Hamburg GmbH AS12732 D-Hosting GmbH AS12733 JETONLINE Jetmultimedia France AS12734 Fiat Group Autonomous System AS12735 ASNETONE Netone Bilgi Ve Iletisim Hizmetleri A.S. AS12736 IAA-AS Israel Airports Authority AS12737 EP-RO Electroplus SRL AS12738 KNTELECOM-AS KN Telecom Ukraine AS12739 NETLINE_AS NetLine Ltd AS12740 NASDAQ International AS12741 INTERNETIA-AS Netia SA AS12742 UAIPT IP Telecom Ltd. AS12743 PTK-CENTERTEL PTK Centertel Autonomous System AS12744 ZENI-AS ZENI CORPORATION AS12745 ARANEA ARANEA Internet Partner Autonomous System AS12746 EDASAT -Gabrovo AS12747 SLOVANET-NETAX Slovanet a.s. AS12748 CHOIN! Autonomous System AS12749 Multi-homed service provider AS12750 SOFTEC-MNT SOFTEC Autonomous System AS12751 NCI NCI GmbH, Muenchen AS12752 WORLDNET-COMUNICATII Worldnet Comunicatii Srl AS12753 TEVA-AS Teva AS12754 SMBNET smbnet.de Autonomous System AS12755 COLT Internet Switzerland AS12756 INFOCOM-AS Infocom JsCo AS12757 EWN-AS EWN Autonomous System AS12758 FREELER AS12759 SOCO-AS SOCO Network Solutions GmbH AS12760 Kensington Group AS12761 COLT Internet Italy AS12762 VTG-AT VTG AS12763 Honda Europe - Belgium AS12764 AKNET Educational and Science Network AS12765 AS for Total Raffinage Distribution AS12766 Magna Steyr Fahrzeugtechnik AG & Co KG AS12767 PRAGONET-AS PRAGONET, a.s. AS12768 ER-TELECOM-AS ER-Telecom Autonomous System AS12769 IBER-X Iber-X AS12770 KHB-AS KCNET Autonomous System AS12771 MEDIAMETRIE-AS Mediametrie Autonomous System AS12772 ENFORTA-AS Enforta Autonomous System AS12773 SONIKO-AS Soniko ltd. AS12775 JPCINET The JPCINET Autonomous System AS12776 Bank Vontobel AG AS12777 ASYEDITEPE Yedi Tepe Universitesi AS12778 NETSI NETSI.NET AS AS12779 ITGATE ITGate.NET AS12780 CCINET-AS CCINET Autonomous System AS12781 IPULSYS ipulsys B.V. Autonomous System AS12782 Landstinget i Uppsala lan AS12783 DATEX-1 Autonomous System AS12784 ASN-INTEGRA-IT Integra Hosting Italia SpA Autonomous System AS12785 MCIS Communications Limited AS12786 HATTRICK Hattrick Limited AS12787 MII-2 MII-2 Europe/AsiaPac AS-12787 AS12788 NBI-KIEV National Bureau of Information AS12789 Associated Newspapers Limited AS12790 CEA-AS CEA-AS AS12791 BST-AS BST Autonomous System AS12792 CINET-AS CINET Autonomous System AS12793 ETELAT eTel Austria AG AS12794 AKNET-AKBANK AKNET-AKBANK autonomous system number AS12795 CCBANK-AS Central Cooperative Bank PLC AS12796 CDC GmbH AS12797 ASN-ATLANET Atlanet Autonomous System AS12798 Victor Chandler International AS12799 MORONZONE-AS Morzonzone Autonomous Systems AS12800 Internet Exchanges AS12801 Texas Instruments AS12802 Migdal Insurance Co. AS12803 MATRIX-AS MATRIX S.p.A. AS12804 ADISAM Adisam Telecom S.A. AS12805 Ifat Media Information Center AS12806 OCDE AS12807 AS for CVF AS12808 Rate One Autonomous System AS12809 GEON GEON.DONETSK.UA Autonomous System AS12810 VIPNET-AS VIPnet d.o.o. AS12811 AUCHAN Autonomous System AS12812 ASN-AUBNET # AS-AUBNET CONVERTED TO ASN-AUBNET FOR RPSL COMPLIANCE American University of Beirut AS12813 WORNET-AS WorNet AG AS12814 DEL-AS Davidov Electric Ltd. AS12815 MUSALASOFT Musala Soft Ltd. AS12816 MWN-AS Leibniz-Rechenzentrum Muenchen AS12817 GEFOEKOM GeFoekoM e.V. AS12818 BIZANGA-AS BIZANGA AS12819 NASA RUSSIAN EXTENTION AS12820 "01ru-1" net - 01.ru service provider, Moscow AS12821 INFOSYS-NHK-AS INFOSYS-NHK Autonomous System AS12822 LYNET-AS LYNET Kommunikation AG AS12823 Tele1 Europe, Norway AS12824 HOMEPL-AS home.pl autonomous system AS12825 ISTNET-AS ISP Datacom Kuban AS. Krasnodar. Russia. AS12826 CETSI CetSI Autonomous System AS12827 WIRTUALNAPOLSKA Wirtualna Polska S.A. AS12828 KRSC-RU Autonomous System AS12829 ANGELSOFT AngelSoft ET AS12830 INFRA-MAIN-AS InfraNet AG AS12831 TASK-AS TASK Academic Computer Centre AS12832 LYCOS-EUROPE Lycos Europe GmbH, Spray Network Services AB AS12833 MEGAMAIL Megamail - Sistema de E-Mail para Todos do MCT AS12834 Danfoss AS12835 INFOTN-AS Trentino Network srl AS12836 AS12837 OLDBANK-NET JSB Starokievsky Bank AS12838 EDPNET EDPNET AS12839 ESI-AS ESI srl AS12840 TICARETNET TicaretNet Autonomous System AS12841 IVY-AS Ivy Solutions S.L., Malaga, Spain AS12842 INTERNET-OLTENIA SC-KETY-PROD-SRL AS12843 TELEMAXX TelemaxX Telekommunikation GmbH Autonomous System AS12844 BOUYGTEL-AS BOUYGUES TELECOM Autonomous System AS12845 INFORNET AS InforNet Systems AS12846 AltaiTelecom Autonomous System AS12847 LMT-NET Latvian Mobile Telephone AS12848 Bulnet Ltd. AS12849 MATAV_INT Nonstop Internet Provider AS12850 ASN-ENTER Enter S.r.l. AS12851 Business Net AS12852 EASYNETES-AS Easynet ES AS12853 GENDORF-DE InfraServ Gendorf, Germany AS12854 Pine Digital Security AS AS12855 HOUXOUUK Isoact Limited, t/a Aviators Network, AS12856 UNONA-AS VEGA.NET Ltd. AS12857 TDS TDS AG, Neckarsulm AS12858 MYNET A.S. AS12859 NL-BIT BIT BV AS12860 CALLINO Callino GmbH AS12861 DEKSAR Dexar AUT-NUM OBJECT AS12862 MUTBI-AS MUTBI AS AS12863 BOURSEDIRECT Autonomous System AS12864 PICTIME-AS Pictime AS12865 TRAVEL-PRICE-AS Travel Price AS12866 SUN_EU_AS Sun Microsystems European AS AS12867 ONLINE-BG BULGARIA ONLINE AS12868 DYNEGYEUROPE-AS Dynegy Europe Communications AS12869 MERLIN-SYSTEM Merlin Communications AS12870 T-DNS T-DNS Limited Primary AS AS12871 NL-CONCEPTS Concepts ICT Autonomous System AS12872 MEGASTYLE MegaStyle ltd AS12873 STRATEJI Menkul Degerler AS12874 FASTWEB Fastweb Autonomous System AS12875 PEMIC Autonomous System AS12876 AS12876 Telecom Italia France AS12877 RBPL-AS Raiffeisen Bank Polska S.A. AS12878 COLT Telecom Austria GmbH AS12879 OJSC-STN-AS Svyaztransneft Autonomus System AS12880 DCI-AS DCI Autonomous System AS12881 BIA Net AS12882 ONENET-CORE-AS ONENET Autonomous System AS12883 FARLEP-AS Farlep-Internet ISP AS12884 Deckchair.com Ltd AS12885 ARBINET-UK-AS Arbinet Limited AS12886 LEWTELNET LEWTelNet GmbH AS12887 TDC-TRANSIT Swiat Internet SA Transit Network AS12888 Amadeus Data Processing GmbH AS12889 Internet42 AS12890 SEPTOR-NET Septor Ltd. AS12891 TSK NET AS12892 PIXDOT PI-network of the x-dot GmbH AS12893 AVENIR-TELECOM-AS AVENIR-TELECOM AS12894 DATAPROCESS data process GmbH AS12895 IT-AUSTRIA iT-AUSTRIA AS AS12896 ENBA AS12897 HEAGMEDIANET HEAG MediaNet GmbH AS12898 RIPE Internet Management GmbH AS12899 GLOBALTRAFFIC Global Traffic Datenkommunikations GmbH AS12900 Spinn International AS12901 MAPORAMA-AS Sociиtй MAPORAMA RCS Paris B 429 646 508 AS12902 LUNA Luna.nl Autonomous System AS12903 GARANTI-TECH Garanti Bank, Turkey AS12904 AS12905 ACS-SK-AS ACS SK AS AS12906 AS12907 IPANDMORE ip&more GmbH AS12908 SABANCIUNIV Kurtkoy AS12909 ASN-BNS Blixernetservices S.r.l. AS12910 THOMSON-AS THOMSON MULTIMEDIA AS12911 NCD-AS NETWORK COMPUTING DEVICES FRANCE AS12912 ERA Era Autonomous System AS12913 BDR-AS Banca Sara Banca della Rete S.p.A. AS12914 ITCOM-AS12914-UA ISP ITCOM (Information systems and communication) AS12915 EPAG-AS EPAG Autonomous System AS12916 AS12917 WESTLINK Westlink Ltd. autonomous system AS12918 VERKKOTIETO-AS Satakunnan Puhelin Oy AS12919 Agilent Technologies Europe Autonomous System AS12920 DIRECTNETRO S.C. Consultens Networking S.R.L. AS12921 ASN-ARTNETWORKROMANIA # AS-ARTNETWORKROMANIA CONVERTED TO ASN-ARTNETWORKROMANIA FOR RPSL COMPLIANCE Art Network Group Of Companies AS12922 MULTITRADE-AS Bank Outsourcer AS12923 WIZARD-AS Wizard Computersysteme GmbH AS12924 VIAES-AS VIA NET.WORKS Spain AS12925 SINP-MSU SINP MSU AS12926 ARTELECOMPT Ar Telecom Autonomous System AS12927 NEOSNETWORKS Neos Networks Autonomous System AS12928 UNICIBLE Unicible AS12929 NETCOM-AS NetCom as Autonomous system AS12930 AS-COMPOINT COMPOINT network consulting gmbh AS12931 IDKOM IDKOM Networks GmbH, Kempten, Germany AS12932 TELETEXT-LTD-AS Teletext Ltd. AS12933 DONBASS-IX Donbass Internet eXchange AS12934 Bank Handlowy w Warszawie SA AS12935 NOCOM Nocom AB, Stockholm AS12936 ECCE-TERRAM-DE ECCE TERRAM Internet Services GmbH AS12937 Dun and Bradstreet European Head Quarters AS12938 YARCSTI Autonomous System AS12939 HANSE-AS Hanse Autonomous System AS12940 SBS-AS3 SIMKO Telekomunikasyon Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd. Sti. AS12941 INTERSAAR-AS intersaar GmbH AS12942 TELEDIS-AS TELEDIS AS AS12943 RELLINESECOND-AS Relline Ltd Autonomous System AS12944 Big Hit Ltd. AS12945 GAMEPOINT Gamepoint autonomous system AS12946 TELECABLE TELECABLE Autonomous System AS12947 SERVER-AS Server Ltd. AS12948 Planetwork S.p.a AS12949 ASSIST-SUCEAVA ASSIST Software Suceava AS12950 Esbank Autonomous System AS12951 SPTEL-AS SPTEL Autonomous System AS12952 IGE Autonomous System AS12953 REUTERS-AS REUTERS AS12954 SIA AS12955 HALOINT HALO Interactive SRL, Romania AS12956 TELEFONICA Telefonica Backbone Autonomous System AS12957 TELENET Autonomus System AS12958 MCC OJSC "Moscow Cellular Communications", AS12959 NetLux ISP Autonomous System AS12960 TELEDOME Filaretou 10 & Doiranis Str. AS12961 IT&C Enterprise Solutions AS12962 FIBank AS12963 VOLZ UA.LDC AS12964 DBMG-DE Internet-Centers Networks AS12965 Latvijas Unibanka AS12966 LOT Polish Airlines Autonomous System AS12967 AT&T Solutions UK AS12968 CDP Crowley Data Poland, sp. z o.o. AS12969 VODAFONE_ICELAND Backbone Autonomous System AS12970 TENARIA Retena and Reterioja AS AS12971 BIOS-AT BIOS Internet Handels- und Dienstleistungs GesmbH AS12972 dacotec Autonomous System AS12973 PL-OPEN-NET Autonomous System AS12974 SanPaolo IMI S.P.A. AS12975 PALTEL-AS PALTEL Autonomous System AS12976 WIDEXS WideXS an IONIP company network Autonomous System AS12977 AS-GRG21 GRG21-F21 Autonomous System AS12978 DOGAN-ONLINE Dogan Iletisim Elektronik Servis Hizmetleri AS AS12979 TSINET Transinfoset Autonomous System AS12980 IBM E-business Hosting Delivery AS12981 SBS-AS1 SIMKO Telekomunikasyon Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd. Sti. AS12982 BULINFO-AS12982 Bulinfo Ltd. Autonomous System AS12983 LATEKO-AS Latvian Economic Commercial Bank AS12984 NENSI ISP IC NENSI Autonomous System AS12985 AS12986 ZEOS Genet Autonomous System AS12987 OMURGA OMURGA Autonomous System AS12988 ASN-PHOENIX # AS-PHOENIX CONVERTED TO ASN-PHOENIX FOR RPSL COMPLIANCE Phoenix Assurance Company AS12989 HWNG Highwinds Network Group, Inc. AS12990 ONET-PL-AS1 Onet.pl portal network AS12991 LAND-OOE Amt der OOe. Landesregierung AS12992 PROSZYNSKI Proszynski Autonomous System AS12993 DEAC-AS Digitalas Ekonomikas Attistibas Centrs Autonomous System AS12994 Active ISP AS AS12995 AS12995 NOMINALIA Autonomous System AS12996 DOMENESHOP Domeneshop AS AS12997 KTNET Kyrgyztelecom's Network AS12998 BGNET-AS ISP BGNet AS12999 Far Eastern State University AS13000 LEON-AS Leon sp. z o.o. AS13001 DEVIANT-AS Deviant Network AS13002 LINKEY-AS LINKEY ISP Autonomous System AS13003 WEBMATIC Webmatic Kommunikations GmbH AS13004 VIP-AS This autonomous System is fo ISP Vip-Telecom AS13005 AS13005 C2 Internet ASN AS13006 ICS-UA Intellectual Cable Systems Private Enterprise AS13007 Partner Reinsurance Company Ltd. AS13008 BETANDWIN-AS BETandWIN Autonomous System AS13009 INTECHNOLOGY InTechnology Plc AS13010 MTS Internet GmbH AS13011 PT-NETWAY-A netway - comunicacao de dados AS13012 GENIAS-AS Genias Internet AS AS13013 Compaq Computer Corp AS13014 Compaq Computer Corp AS13015 Computer Associates AS13016 SET Telecomunicazioni S.p.A. AS13017 CABLE-AND-WIRELESS Cable & Wireless AS13018 Consorzio operativo gruppo MPS AS13019 RR-BRETAGNE Autonomous System AS13020 Autonomous System of AS13021 AREXIM-AS AREXIM SA AS13022 Streams Telecommunicationsservices GmbH AS13023 WEBBER Webber Ltd. autonomous system AS13024 Network Training & Consulting, Inc. AS13025 EDO-NETSOURCE-AS Netsource AS13027 Ukrainian National News Agency (UKRINFORM) Autonomous System AS13028 BASARI TELEKOM AS13029 Wall Net Telecomunicazioni srl Autonoumous System AS13030 INIT7 Init Seven AG, Zurich, Switzerland AS13031 ASN-ARAGO arago GmbH, Frankfurt AS13032 AS13032 UA.UNIV AS13033 FRANCOUDI Francoudi & Stephanou Ltd AS13034 FT-SNAT Autonomous System AS13035 Myratech is a UK Internet backbone based in Birmingham UK AS13036 RadioMobil Autonomous system AS13037 ZEN-AS Zen Internet AS13038 HELEX-RP Hellenic Exchanges S.A. Routing Policy AS13039 GLOBAL-VILLAGE Global Village GmbH AS13040 ASN-FIZ # AS-FIZ CONVERTED TO ASN-FIZ FOR RPSL COMPLIANCE Fachinformationszentrum Karlsruhe FIZ AS13041 CESCA-AC CESCA - Anella Cientifica RREN Autonomous System AS13042 ASN-OENB-AT Oesterreichische Nationalbank AS13043 Bayer AG AS13044 AS for Fortuneo AS13045 HTP-AS Autonomous System for htp AS13046 ASN-ISKON ISKON AS13047 ASN-KSOLUTIONS Ksolutions SpA Autonomous System AS13048 WPR- WORLD PHONE ROMANIA SRL AS13049 FRONTIER Frontier Online Autonomous System AS13050 WCUBE-AS FRAMFAB WCUBE AS13051 Libro Online Autonomous System AS13052 Kvalito IT AS autonomous system AS13053 ASSOFTTRONIK Corporate net for Soft-Tronik, Inc. AS13054 FREINET FreiNet GmbH AS13055 Net Business s.p.a. is an Internet Service Provider AS13056 Autonomous System of JSC CenterTelecom AS13057 A. P. Moller AS13058 INTERDOTNET-DE-AS Inter.Net Germany GmbH Headquarter Berlin AS13059 EXTREME-SOLUTIONS Extreme Solutions AS13060 ASN-BASICNET Basic Properties Services SpA AS13061 ITSAEX ITSA EX AS13062 LANCK-AS Lanck Telecom, Ltd. Autonomous System AS13063 SKF AS13064 CNet Autonomous System AS13065 ZIELMAN-COM-AS AS dedicated to commercial users AS13066 RETECAL RETECAL SOCIEDAD OPERADORA DE TELECOMUNICACIONES AS13067 CHS-AS CHS Electronics AS13068 Wiener Boerse AG AS13069 DATAGUARD DataGuard Norway AS13070 LVSILALE-AS "Silale" Ltd. AS AS13071 ASSVZSERV Svyaz-Service Joint Stock Company AS13072 WORLDIX-EDIN-AS WORLD-IX-AS AS13073 IFAT-AS IFAT Group AS13074 TELETEL-AS Teletel Communication Channels AS13075 PETERSTAR-COMSET-AS PeterStar ComSet Autonomous System AS13076 NTL European Transit Network AS13077 STAVEDUNET AS13078 CTINET-AS CTINET Autonomous System AS13079 Zond Holding Inc. AS13080 GAZINTERNET GazInterNet network AS13081 DIDONET Didonet Autonomous System AS13082 2DAY Telecom LLP AS13083 Mannesmann Datenverarbeitung Autonomes System AS13084 AS for Netscape online portal network AS13086 PIK-NET-AS PiK-Net Autonomous System AS13087 Canad Systems Pitesti AS13088 ASDBB Dexia Bank autonomous system AS13089 AS13089 Bipop Carire S.p.a. AS13090 SHE-NET SHE Informationstechnologie AG AS13091 PTT-SRBIJA-NET PTTSRBIJANET AS13092 UB-AS Univerzitet u Beogradu AS13093 IBO-AS IBO - Businessnet Online Information Ltd. AS13094 AS13095 CTK-NET-AS SeverTransCom Network's Autonomous System, Yaroslavl Russia AS13096 Euronet Systems AB AS13097 ASN-TELEMAR Telemar s.r.l. AS13098 INTESATRADE IntesaTrade SIM S.p.A. AS13099 AET-AS AzEuroTel Autonomous System AS13100 Data Electronics Group, Data Exchange Centre AS13101 TNG-AS TNG - THE NET GENERATION AG AS13102 BILGI-UNIVERSITY-ASN AS13103 VALOR-AS Valor ISP AS13104 SE-VENTELO Ventelo Sverige AB AS13105 LUKOIL-INFORM-AS LUKoil Inform Autonomous System. AS13106 DONAPEX-AS Don-Apex, Ltd. AS13107 ICM PICK Ltd AS13108 TBSH-ASH TBSH Ash site AS13109 IPRIMUS European Transit AS AS13110 ICP-AS Internet Cable Provider network AS13111 GETRONICS-NL Getronics Nederland BV AS13112 AS13113 ISILINE-AS ISI LINE S.r.l. AS13114 Nationwide Building Society AS13115 HOME-OF-THE-BRAVE Home of the Brave AS13116 AS13116 TELE2 EUROPE AS13117 Witchity UK ASN AS13118 ASN-YARTELECOM Verhnevolzhsky branch AS13119 ACI-AS ACI Autonomous System AS13120 Bankernes EDB Central AS13121 NAVIGATOR Navigator Online ISP Autonomous System AS13122 MANX-AS MANX-TELECOM Autonomous System AS13123 AS13123 TELE2 EUROPE AS13124 IBGC IBGC Autonomous system of Inter-Bg-Com Ltd. AS13125 PCE-NET PCE-NET Autonomous System AS13126 SMS-UK-NET Satellite Media Services AS13127 VERSATEL AS for the Trans-European Versatel IP Transport backbone AS13128 LIT-BERLIN-AS IT-Dienstleistungszentrum Berlin AS13129 GAT-AS C.C.D. Cogent Communications Deutschland GmbH AS13130 Autostadt Wolfsburg AS13131 Mediterranean Telecommunications AS AS13132 CYBERWAYS-AS cyberways Informationsdienste GmbH AS13133 E-NVI E-NVI Communications Limited AS13134 Instituto de Informatica e Estatistica da Solidariedade AS13135 CREW-AS Wieske's Crew GmbH AS AS13136 INTERSTROOM-AS Interstroom Informatietechnologie B.V. AS13137 AGENCIA EFE Autonomous System AS13138 TEBBANKA Turk Ekonomi Bank AS13139 BONITATOUR-AS Internet Service / Bonita Tour & Co. AS13140 WEBMAS-AS Webmad GmbH AS13141 IVP AS AS13142 BOSWELL-AS Symbiosis ICT BV AS13143 ARAGON DE CABLE AS13144 VODAFONE-UK-AS Vodafone UK Limited AS13145 ASN-BPB # AS-BPB CONVERTED TO ASN-BPB FOR RPSL COMPLIANCE Banca Popolare di Bergamo AS13146 IX Net UK Ltd AS13147 NETINFO NetInfo Ltd. AS13148 ems ePublishing Service GmbH AS13149 ASN-PANGEA # AS-PANGEA CONVERTED TO ASN-PANGEA FOR RPSL COMPLIANCE PANGEA Autonomous System AS13150 MaroNET SRL AS13151 CREATOR-AS Creator OnLine Autonomous System AS13152 Siemens IT Service GmbH & Co. OHG AS13153 ONEWORLD OneWorld S.A. AS13154 Ergodata S.A. AS13155 SIBRON-AS Sibron ZAO autonomous system AS13156 AS13156 Cabovisao,SA AS13157 GOPAS-AS GOPAS Internet Services HGmbH AS13158 EDAY-AS Eday Milan - Italy AS13159 AS-WINTERTHUR WINTERTHUR Spain Autonomous System AS13160 IEDIT-AS Informazioni Editoriali I.E. SpA AS13161 OKSON-AS OKSON Autonomous System AS13162 INDEXHU-AS INDEXHU Autonomus System AS13163 ZEREAU-EDIN1-AS Zereau Edinburgh POP AS13164 BTGeoverse.com Autonomous System AS13165 SIBINTEK-AS Siberian Internet Company AS13166 NCVS-AS NC Virtual AS AS13167 MERCK-KGAA Merck KGaA AS AS13169 ABNAMRO's Internet connectie AS13170 KPO-AS Kajaanin Puhelinosuuskunta AS13171 BSU Belarusian State University AS13172 NEK-AS National Electric Company Bulgaria AS13173 FORESHORE-AS Foreshore Limited AS13174 MTSNET OJSC "Mobile TeleSystems" Autonomous System AS13175 Multitel S.p.A. AS13176 Enter Print Autonomous System AS13177 TISCALISE Tiscali Sweden Autonomous System AS13178 Surf Autonomous System AS13179 TPGAS The Polished Group SA Autonomous System AS13180 CEDACRINORD-AS CedacriNord S.p.a. AS13181 ASISPE Institute of Power Studies & Design AS13182 ASN-ADHOC-NETWORK AD HOC Network HQSP AS13183 Banca Fideuram S.p.A. Autonomous System AS13184 HANSENET HanseNet Telekommunikation GmbH AS13185 Orel Regional Education Autonomous System AS13186 BTIGS-BCN-NET BT IGS Autonomous System AS13187 RHEIN-CHEMIE-AS Rhein Chemie Rheinau GmbH AS13188 BANKINFORM-AS Educational Network AS13189 LIDERO Lidero Network AB AS13190 Merko Autonomous System AS13191 NETAXIS netAxis Autonomous System AS13192 Orta Electronics AS13193 ASN-NERIM Nerim -- xDSL Internet Provider AS13194 BITE Bite Lietuva AS13195 INECO Ingenieria y Economia del Transporte S.A. AS13196 Intel Online Services Europe Autonomous System AS13197 PHIAG Pelikan Hardcopy International AG AS13198 POWERNET-SE Autonomous System AS13199 Sincretech Autonomous System AS13200 BANCOBPI Banco BPI, SA Autonomous System AS13201 COMHOUSE-AS ComHouse Autonomous System AS13202 SUMY-NET ISP SIM autonomous system AS13203 ACEATELEFONICA Autonomous System AS13204 SOFTNET SoftNet Services SRL AS13205 BTWWIDC-H Autonomous System AS13206 REPSOL-YPF AS13207 DMS-UK-ASN DMS Telecomms UK Backbone AS13208 NEWTELSOLUTIONS-AS Newtel Ltd AS13209 WEBplus Ltd. Autonomous System AS13210 ASE Academy of Economic Studies Net AS13211 MYALERT-AS MyAlert.COM Autonomous System AS13212 IDCOMNET-AS ID Comnet AS Autonomous System AS13213 UK2NET-AS UK-2 Ltd Autonomous System AS13215 CPLUS1-AS Sea Port S.Peterburg Autonomous System AS13216 ITEX-AS ITEX offshore network - Channel Islands, UK AS13217 Nevada, Northern Ireland. AS13218 SHAREDKNOWLEDGE-AS Shared Knowledge Systems Limited AS13219 PANALPINA-ASIA-AS Dual Homed Access to AS3300 and AS703 AS13220 RMR Design Associates Ltd AS13221 PARESCO-BOURSE-AS PARESCO BOURSE AS13222 ALO ALO Comunicaciones Autonomous System AS13223 COUNCIL-OF-EUROPE-AS COUNCIL OF EUROPE AS13224 NAIROBINET AS13225 Renaissance Nominees AS13226 Cybernet Autonomous System AS13227 KRAFT-S Kraft-S JSC autonomous system AS13228 DG Digital Generation ISP AS13229 Ebone Italy Regional Network AS13230 NCPORT Newcom Port AS AS13231 Bucher Reisen GmbH AS13232 WESTLB Hewlett-Packard GmbH AS13233 21 Torr Gmbh AS13234 CTITELE-AS CTI-Telecom Autonomous System AS13235 Axia Netmedia Corporation AS13236 DATACOM-BG-AS Datacom Ltd. AS13237 LAMBDANET-AS European Backbone of LambdaNet AS13238 YANDEX Yandex LLC AS13239 TELEBIZZ-ASN telebizz-ist-side AS13240 AS for TRENDLINE INFORMATION & COMMUNICATION SERVICES LTD. AS13241 COMONLINE-AS Com Online GmbH & Co KG AS13242 Firat University As Number AS13243 AS13243 Ementor Norge AS / comace.net Autonomous System AS13244 RIETUMU-AS Rietumu Banka Autonomus System AS13245 SDU As Number AS13246 INETWIRE-AS InterNetWire Communications GmbH AS13248 ALGONET AS - GREECE AS13249 ITS-UA IT Systems AS13250 BACKBONE-CH Backbone Solutions AG AS13251 ITNS It-NetService GmbH AS13252 ID ComNet AS Autonomous System AS13253 Intesa Sistemi e Servizi SCPA AS13254 MONDADORI-AS Arnoldo Mondadori Editore AS13255 Grupa O.K. Sp. z o.o. AS13256 JWT-UK J Walter Thompson, 1 Knightsbridge Green, London UK AS13257 POLARCOM-AS Polarcom Autonomous System AS13258 Centrica Plc, Staines, UK. announced via uk.netcom/uk.pipex AS13259 Einsteinet AG Autonomous System AS13260 Transas Softwehr Haus St.Petersburg Autonomous System AS13261 aksl Internet Services GmbH AS13262 BRGNET Autonomous System AS13263 METEKSAN-AS Meteksan Net Comm. Srv. Inc. AS AS13264 BarakNet AS13265 TARCON-AT T-Mobile Austria GmbH AS13266 POR-NET Port of Rotterdam network AS13267 ZKB Zuercher Kantonalbank AS13268 MULTICOM Multicom Ltd. AS13269 TCL-13269 Autonomous System for AS13270 DDKOM-AS Autonomous System for Members of VERSATEL Group AS13271 IPRIMUS European Datacenters AS AS13272 STARMAN Starman Internet AS AS13273 FRANCE-TEASER France-Teaser AS13274 BRE Bank SA AS13275 INXS INXS Internet Exchange Service AS13276 MAGENTA Nebula Internet international operations AS AS13277 HP-MS HP-MS Autonomous System AS13278 ASN-TEITR TEI Tusas Engine Industries Inc. AS13279 Omela Ltd. AS AS13280 O2 Ireland AS13281 SuperWeb IP Platform AS13282 Sparkassen-Informatik-Services West GmbH AS13283 Bank Julius Baer AG Autonomous System AS13284 BRT-AS Brain Technology S.p.A. - Playnet Division AS13285 OPALTELECOM-AS Opal Telecom AS13287 METRORED S.A. AS13288 FINWEB Autonomous System Number. AS13289 ASIWELT iWelt AG - Internet Dienste AS13290 SELFTRADE-AS SELFTRADE AS13291 Aexis Telecom AS AS13292 BK DAT AS13293 PIONIER-AS-COM PIONIER AS13294 INTERSTRADA INTERSTRADA Autonomous System AS13295 NTVI-AS NTV-Internet core Autonomous System AS13296 EBONE LINX AS AS13297 Ebone Nordic Regional network AS13298 SOS-KINDERDORF-AS SOS-Kinderdorf International AS13299 Ebone France regional network AS13300 AS13300 AS13300 AS13301 UNITEDCOLO-AS Autonomous System of unitedcolo.de AS13302 ASN-LINKEY ITSP Linkey Autonomous System AS13303 UNNI-AS Univerzitet u Nisu AS13304 SURGUTTEL-AS JSC "Surguttel" Autonomous System AS13305 ASTELIT-PITER-AS Astelit ltd. St. Pitersburg office AS13306 GLOBALCOM-AS GLOBALCOM Ltd. AS13307 SKIF-AS SKIF ISP Ltd AS13308 CHORUS-AS CHORUS-NET AS13309 UNUA S.C. 1A S.C.S. AS13310 UKRINTERNET-AS Ukr-Inter.net ISP AS13311 ALBORZ-AS ALBORZ Autonomous system AS13312 ELECTRONIC-DISTIBUTION-CORP-HACKENSACK - Electronic Distribution Corp AS13313 BARNES-AND-NOBLE - Barnes & Noble Inc. AS13314 TEMA-AS - Toyota Motor Engineering and Manufacturing North America, Inc. AS13315 HBSNET - Harvard Business School AS13316 SES Sistemas Electrуnicos S.A. AS13317 RA-PS-NET-21 - Reliance Electric Industrial Corporation AS13318 JUJUYTEL AS13319 S-I-S - Storm Internet Services AS13320 Medialab Ltda AS13321 BROADWAY-BANDWIDTH2 - TechNet International, Inc. AS13322 FMR-AS3 - Fidelity Investments AS13323 FMR-AS2 - Fidelity Investments AS13324 EPC-INC - Executive Personal Computers Inc. - EPC AS13325 STOMI - State of Michigan, DMB-CNOC AS13326 TUFTS-UNIVERSITY - Tufts University AS13327 EKU - Eastern Kentucky University AS13329 VIRTUSERVE - VirtuServe LLC AS13330 TECHNOLOGY-CENTER---SNA - First American Real Estate Solutions AS13331 METAPEER-INC - MetaPeer AS13332 SVWH - Silicon Valley Web Hosting, Inc. AS13333 NAUTICOM-NET - Pinnatech, Inc. AS13334 MSG-ASN - Marketing Systems Group AS13335 AGENCYWORKS - AgencyWorks AS13336 ASN-WR-COM - Western Resources AS13337 WI-INET - Wisconsin Internet AS13338 HARBORNET2 - Peninsula Computers/HarborNet AS13339 DAVITA-VERNON - DAVITA INC AS13340 TIMESYNC-001 - Time Sync, Inc. AS13341 TRANQUILITY - Tranquility Internet Services AS13342 TRENTON-TV-CABLE-COMPANY - Trenton TV Cable Company AS13343 SCRR-13343 - Road Runner HoldCo LLC AS13344 FIVESTAR-WIRELESS - Fivestar Wireless AS13345 ROCKYNET-COM - Rockynet.com, Inc AS13346 WIZARDCO - Wizard Communication Systems AS13347 DAVITA-LAX - DAVITA INC AS13348 IBT-R - The Institute of Biosciences and Technology AS13349 AMC-ASN - AMERCIAN MULTINE CORPORATION AS13350 WEB-SERVICES-GROUP - WEB SERVICES GROUP AS13351 B-U-C - Barbourville Utility Commission AS13352 MTC-ASN - Mark G. Thomas Consulting AS13353 Telmex do Brasil Ltda AS13354 ASN-EBLGLOBAL - EBL Global Networks, Inc. AS13355 AMKEY-AS - AMKEY INC AS13356 ARROW-CAPITAL-MANAGEMENT-LLC - Arrow Capital Management LLC AS13357 Convoy Ltda. AS13358 DRAZOR - DIGITAL RAZOR, INC AS13359 NTG - North Texas GigaPOP AS13360 STREAMTHEWORLD - Streamtheworld AS13361 ACPG - American Computer Group AS13362 PCWORLD - PCWorld.com AS13363 LANDMARK-SYSTEMS-CORP - ALLEN SYSTEMS GROUP, Inc. AS13364 COX-SD - Cox Communications AS13365 AAC - Autobahn Access Corporation AS13366 CHGNET - Calfee, Halter & Griswold, LLP AS13367 CCCH-AS3 - Comcast Cable Communications Holdings, Inc AS13368 JCP - James Cable Partners AS13369 EFAX-AS - IGC AS13370 NORTHWEST-INTERNET - NORTHWEST INTERNET AS13371 DUKE-INTERCHANGE - Duke University AS13372 FEDERATEDINV - Federated Investors AS13373 MEDCO - Medco Health Solutions, Inc AS13374 ODDCAST - Oddcast Inc. AS13375 PAYLESS-ASN - Payless ShoeSource AS13376 MERRILL-CORPORATION - Merrill Corporation AS13378 BIB-INET - BACKGROUND INVESTIGATION BUREAU INC AS13379 BVIG-ORLANDO-FACILITY - Buena Vista Internet Group AS13380 ASN-CUST - Custom Tracks Operating Corporation AS13381 CMET SACI AS13383 ESPH-CORP - Environmental Systems Products Holdings, Inc. AS13384 DIGIPLEX-LLC - Digiplex LLC AS13385 COMCAST-TELECOMM - Comcast Telecommunications, Inc. AS13386 SKYRIVER - Skyriver Communications, Inc. AS13387 MEDIAGENERAL - Media General, Inc. AS13388 EGYPTIAN-TELEPHONE - Egyptian Telephone AS13389 HHSI - HHSI, Inc. AS13390 GENIUS-NETWORK - Genius.com,Inc AS13391 UNOS - United Network for Organ Sharing AS13392 R18ESC - Region 18 Education Service Center AS13393 KCSCOUT - KC Scout - Kansas City ITS Deployment AS13394 ENCORE-CREDIT - ENCORE CREDIT CORPORATION AS13397 ITLNET - ITLNet AS13398 K12LINK - WHRO AS13399 MICROSOFT-CORP---MSN-AS-2 - Microsoft Corp AS13400 CHERNOFFDIAMOND - Chernoff Diamond and Company AS13401 STARWOOD-HOTELS - Starwood Hotels and Resorts AS13402 PURPLE AS13403 ALAWEB-INTERNET - ALAWEB Internet Services AS13404 GESTALT-ASN - Gestalt Technology, LLC AS13405 AS-OCNET - oc-net inc AS13406 VALUENET-CORP - Valuenet Corp. AS13407 CTC-BGP2 - Computer Telephone Corp AS13408 WPTI-TELECOM - WPTI TELECOM LLC AS13409 PDX - PORTLAND INTERNETWORKS AS13410 MSTRARIN-1 - Microstrategy, Inc. AS13411 AFSIP - AFS Intercultural Programs, Inc. AS13412 VULCAN-NORTHWEST - Vulcan Northwest, Inc. AS13413 FBW54935 - FastBytes Wireless, Inc. AS13414 FIRSTNET-NETWORK - Firstnet of Virginia AS13415 FIRSTDIGITAL - First Digital Communications, LLC AS13416 R-GREENBERG-ASSOC - R/Greenberg Associates AS13417 CLEAR-CHANNEL-AS-13417 - SFX Entertainment AS13418 COBIZINC - CoBiz AS13419 HARDCASTLE-B2B - Hardcastle Trading USA, LLC AS13420 SBCIS-LUBKTX - AT&T Internet Services AS13421 SBCIS-ABLNTX - AT&T Internet Services AS13422 SBCIS-BUMTTX - AT&T Internet Services AS13423 WORLDINTERNET - World Internet Corp AS13424 Intercity AS13425 JUNO-DC-1 - Juno Online Services, INC. AS13426 JUNO-DC-2 - Juno Online Services, INC. AS13427 SOFTCOM-RANCHO - SOFTCOM Internet Communications AS13428 CSI-INTERNET-ACCESS - CompuTech Systems, Inc. AS13429 MUSC - Medical University of South Carolina AS13430 DAVITA-DELAND - DAVITA INC AS13431 MILLENNIUM-AS - Millennium Partners, L.P. AS13432 COX-LAS-VEGAS - Cox Communications Inc. AS13433 COXNET - Cox Enterprises Inc AS13434 CORVELCORP - CORVEL CORPORATION AS13435 RSCL-2-AS - Rock Solid Colo, LLC. AS13436 STELLATE-CCCLC - Stellate Partners - CCCLC AS13437 BRAVE - Brave New Telemedia AS13438 VIVIO-TECHNOLOGIES - Vivio Technologies AS13439 OVIS-INC - Ohio Valley Internet Service, Inc. AS13440 ISOSA AS13441 SCOTIABANK - Bank of Nova Scotia AS13442 TMC - Nicholas Laboratories, LLC AS13444 ATTAIN-DIRECT - All-Tech Investments Group, Inc AS13445 13445 - Webex Communications, Inc. AS13446 AS-NETZERO - Netzero,INC. AS13447 VIP-01-CHI-01 - VIP Tour Company, Inc. AS13448 WEBSENSE - Websense, Inc AS13449 TALXCO - Talx Corporation AS13450 TIS-DC1 - Touchnet Information Systems AS13451 SMW-AS - Saddle Mountain Wireless INC. AS13452 PERFECTORDER-AS-01 - Perfect Order, Inc. AS13453 PMK-REDATA - Prometrika, LLC AS13454 PA-TURNPIKE - PENNSYLVANIA TURNPIKE COMMISSION AS13455 TURBO-2 - Turbo Bandwidth, Inc. AS13456 CITYOFDETROIT-ASN - City of Detroit AS13457 WOLVAS - Wolverine Power Supply AS13458 DKP-ASN - Davidson Kempner Capital Management LLC AS13459 Phoenix Condor Solution ServiceInformatica Ltda AS13460 EARTHCAM - EarthCam, Inc. AS13461 THEOCC - The Options Clearing Corporation AS13462 IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers AS13463 CHASE - JP Morgan Chase & Co AS13464 CPLP-ASN - Centerbridge Partners, L.P. AS13465 IMAG-BOS01 - Imaginatik PLC AS13466 UVA-ASN - UVA Host Properties, Inc. DBA BOAR'S HEAD INN AS13467 STRATA-CAP-BGP - STRATA CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LP AS13468 CORNERSTONE-PARTNERS - CORNERSTONE PARTNERS, LLC AS13469 ARCSYSTEMS - ARC Systems AS13471 PFSWEB - PFSweb, INC. AS13473 INTOP-NET - INTOP, Inc. AS13474 Banco de Galicia y Buenos Aires AS13476 MONTANA-STATE-UNIV - Montana State University AS13477 NORTHTONESYSTEMS - North Tone Systems, LLC AS13478 MAR-ALN1 - Mareechi.com LLC AS13479 WALKER-AS - Walker Art Center AS13480 ASN-GUELPHHYDRO - Guelph Hydro AS13481 PEMB-0001-01 - PEMBROOKE OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AS13482 ZWEIG-DIMENNA - Zweig-DiMenna Associates, LLC. AS13483 MAPIC-AS1 - MAPICS, Inc. AS13484 MUM-2007 - Maharishi University of Management AS13485 STELLATE-JSAM - Stellate Partners - CCCLC AS13486 PRAESIDIUM - Praesidium Investment Management Company, LLC AS13488 CBWU-13488 - Continental Broadband Florida, Inc DBA WebUnited AS13489 ORBITEL S.A. E.S.P. AS13490 BUCKEYECABLEVISION - Buckeye Cablevision, Inc. AS13491 FSBA - Florida State Board of Administration AS13492 AHNCOLO - American Health Network AS13493 ASN-COX-OC - Cox Communications, Inc. (Orange County) AS13494 MORNINGSTAR-COM - Morning Star, Inc. AS13495 NTT do Brasil Telecomunicaoes Ltda AS13496 1TRAVEL - 1 TRAVEL.COM AS13497 AMBT-AS - American Broadband & Telecommunications Company AS13499 CLEVELAND-UNLIMITED-MULTIPIPE - Cleveland Unlimited, Inc AS13500 ATLANCOMP - Integralis AS13501 OARNET-AS-2 - OARnet AS13502 ING-AMERICAS - ING NORTH AMERICA INSURANCE CORPORATION AS13503 TRAVELWIZARD - Travel Wizard.com AS13504 ASN-LANET-GP1 - St. Of LA./Office Of TelecommunicationsMngmt/LaNet AS13505 SANDATA-INC - SANDATA Technologies Inc. AS13506 US-DEPARTMENT-OF-THE-TREASURY - US Department of the Treasury AS13507 KMARTCORPORATION - Kmart Corporation AS13508 BAKER-BROTHERS - Baker Bros. Advisors, LLC AS13509 XERIU-AS - Xerium Technologies, Inc. AS13510 BAYSTATEHEALTH - Baystate Health, Inc. AS13512 MONROETEL-NOC - Monroe Telephone Co. AS13513 INET-SYSTEMS-ATL - iNET Systems Corp. AS13514 ISP Canopus S.A. AS13515 PBA - Palm Beach Atlantic University AS13517 BAKER-MCKENZIE - Baker & McKenzie AS13518 CDAC-AS-1 - COMMUNICATIONS DESIGN ACQUISITION CORPORATION AS13520 UEIC-BGP - Universal Electronics AS13521 Infonet ISP, Bolivia SRL. AS13522 Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Parana AS13523 SGM-INSTRUST - Southern Group Management Company, LLC AS13524 ARW-MEL - Arrow Electronics AS13525 TCSN-NET - The Computer Shop Netlink AS13526 FACETIME - FACETIME COMMUNICATIONS, INC. AS13527 99MAIN - 99MAIN NETWORK SERVICES AS13528 IXPRES-US - Internet Express AS13529 NS-IPADMIN - NetStrategies AS13530 DANA-CORPORATION - Dana Corporation AS13531 EQUINIX-RS-VA - Equinix, Inc. AS13532 SIMPLI - Simpli Hosting, Inc AS13533 HJ-NET - HotJobs.com, Ltd. AS13534 RALLS-TECH - Ralls Technologies, LLC AS13535 NING - Ning, Inc. AS13536 TVC-AS1 - Tech Valley Communications AS13538 TELEHOUSE - TELEHOUSE International Corp. of America AS13539 ASAP-BGP-60089 - ASAP Software Express, Inc. AS13540 SAFECO - SAFECO Corp. AS13541 MENTORGRAPHICS - Mentor Graphics Corporation AS13542 ACEP-AS - American College of Emergency Physicians AS13543 FORD-NYC-ASN - MANHATTAN AUTOMOBILE COMPANY AS13544 PSI Internet de Mexico AS13545 GLENCREST-INVESTMENT-ADVISORS - Glencrest Investment Advisors, Inc. AS13546 INNOVATIVE-INTERFACES-INC - Innovative Interfaces, Inc. AS13547 PORTER-HOSPITAL - Porter Hospital AS13548 CHARLESTON-AS - College of Charleston AS13549 MERCURY - Mercury Network AS13550 UMLIC - United Mortgage and Loan Investment, LLC AS13551 AVENEW - AVENEW.COM, INC. AS13552 SMN-COPORATE - STARMEDIA NETWORK AS13553 CNET-BGP2 - CNET Networks Inc. AS13554 TPS-TX-AS - Tenaska Power Services, Co. AS13555 CENTENNIALBOCES - Centennial BOCES AS13556 IVANET-MIAMI - IBASIS INC. AS13557 NETIN - NetIn.com, Inc. AS13558 BROWN-BRIDGMAN-AND-COMPANY - Brown Bridgman & Company AS13560 SCRR-13560 - Road Runner HoldCo LLC AS13561 LAFARGE-NA - Lafarge Canada Inc. AS13562 GTENS - GTE Network Services AS13563 VIN - Valley Internet, Inc. AS13564 HABITAT-ORG - Habitat for Humanity International AS13565 ORVIS - THE ORVIS COMPANY, INC. AS13566 SIEBERT - Muriel Siebert AS13567 KMB1 - Kimberly-Clark Corporation AS13568 MEDIAWIRE - Mediawire Communications, Inc. AS13569 UTRADE AS13570 AGCO-ASN - Angelo, Gordon & Co. AS13571 VIDEOTRON-LTEE - Videotron ltee AS13572 LAHEYCLINIC - Lahey Clinic, Inc. AS13573 SFX-NETWORK-GROUP - SFX Network Group AS13574 EASTKYNET - Gearheart Communications AS13575 WISCONSINPUBLICPOWER - Wisconsin Public Power, Inc. AS13576 SDNET - SOUTH DAKOTA NETWORK AS13577 LIVEOPS-DALLAS-IDC - LIVEOPS, INC. AS13578 MDASSOCIATES-MAIN - MDAssociates, Inc. AS13579 INFOTEC-CONACYT Fideicomiso AS13580 CCG-AS - CCG Meta Media, Inc. AS13581 SOFTWAREHOUSE - Software House International AS13582 NETLINK - NETLINK CORP AS13583 ACCESS-TECH - Access Technology, Inc. AS13584 Maxitel S/A AS13585 Power VT S.A. AS13586 YANTRA-C - Yantra Corporation AS13587 CITIDIRECT-GCS - CitiBank AS13588 PAYCHEX - Paychex Incorporated AS13589 PANAMSAT-1 - Pamamsat AS13590 AAC-TEC - Arthur Andersen C-TEC (Cypress TechnologyCenter) AS13591 MetroRED Telecom Services AS13592 ADVERTISNET - Advertisnet Internet Services AS13593 MEDIA3 - Media 3 Technologies, LLC AS13594 MTC - Microtek Corporation AS13595 XPLORIUM - Xplorium AS13596 RYMAX-CORP - Rymax Corp AS13597 OLE-990608 - On Line Exchange (OLF L.L.C.) AS13598 FREIGHTLINER-CORP - FREIGHTLINER CORPORATION AS13599 EMR-ESI - Eisai Global Clinical Development AS13600 GUSTA - GUSTA Internet Services, LLC AS13601 ASN-INNERHOST - Interland, Inc. AS13602 CYBERZONE-INC - CYBERZONE, INC AS13603 SERVETHEWEB - R&D Associates, Inc. AS13604 EAGLEROCK-CAPITAL - Eaglerock Capital Management, LLC AS13605 MEMA-CFMR - Maryland Emergency Management Agency AS13606 CS-KERN - C S KERN INC AS13607 WEBZONE-ASN - WEBZONE AS13609 CHOICEONECOM - Choice One Communications Inc AS13610 R6-ASN - R6 CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, L.P. AS13611 CDC - Centers for Disease Control AS13612 SYSMEX - Sysmex AS13614 ALLWEST - All West Communications, Inc. AS13615 CTII - CommTech Industries AS13616 DXSTORM-AS - DXStorm Inc. AS13617 PRENTISSPROPERTIES-ASN - Prentiss Properties Limited Inc. AS13618 CARONET-ASN - Carolina Internet AS13619 BASELINE-NY - THOMSON FINANCIAL AS13620 ASN-ELAN - Elan Communications, Inc. AS13621 REINSURANCE - Reinsurance Group of America AS13622 UREACH - UREACH TECHNOLOGIES, INC. AS13623 ISTOCKPHOTO - ISTOCKPHOTO INC. AS13625 REDWARNING - CALGAH Computer Systems and Management Ltd AS13626 WALGREESN - Walgreens Co AS13627 DIALTONE-INTERNET - Dialtone Internet AS13628 ABSG - AMERISOURCEBERGEN AS13630 CSXT-AS-1 - CSX Technology AS13631 CITADELGROUP-AS Citadelgroup AS13633 OOCL-CHS - OOCL (USA), Inc. AS13634 OOCL-CHI - OOCL (USA), Inc. AS13636 NEC-LABORATORIES-AMERICA-INC - NEC Laboratories America, Inc. AS13637 NETSTAR - Net Star telecommunications Inc. AS13638 METALINK - Metalink Technologies, Inc. AS13639 WAVENETINC - Wave-Net AS13640 NORTH-EAST-VAULT - North East Data Vault AS13641 PDMNET - PDM Net AS13643 Universidad Catolica Corporacion de TV. AS13644 METROPCS-ODNET-PLANO - MetroPCS, Inc. AS13645 BROADBANDONE - BroadbandONE, Inc. AS13646 AS13646 Priority Telecom Global Autonomous System AS13647 TRANQUIL-HOSTING - Tranquil Hosting, Inc. AS13648 VIRGINIA-LOTTERY - Virginia State Lottery Department AS13649 ASN-VINS - ViaWest Internet Services, Inc. AS13650 HUMMINGBIRD-1 - Hummingbird Communications Ltd. AS13651 BUCKLANDBGP - BUCKLAND TELEPHONE COMPANY AS13652 HORIZONBLUE - HORIZON BCBSNJ AS13653 EMPLOYEASE-ASN - Employease, Inc. AS13654 KC-WEB-LLC - KC WEB, L.L.C. AS13655 WORLDACCESS - WORLD ACCESS SERVICE CORPORATION AS13656 PROVENAHEALTH - Provena Health AS13657 E-GATE-COMMUNICATIONS - E-Gate Communications Inc. AS13658 POINTONE - PointOne AS13659 INTERTECH - InterTECH Corporation AS13660 SANSAR-CAPITAL-MANAGEMENT-LLC - SANSAR CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LLC AS13661 VRIS-AS-BLOCK-13661-13675 - Verizon Internet Services Inc. AS13662 VRIS-AS-BLOCK-13661-13675 - Verizon Internet Services Inc. AS13663 VRIS-AS-BLOCK-13661-13675 - Verizon Internet Services Inc. AS13664 VRIS-AS-BLOCK-13661-13675 - Verizon Internet Services Inc. AS13665 VRIS-AS-BLOCK-13661-13675 - Verizon Internet Services Inc. AS13666 VRIS-AS-BLOCK-13661-13675 - Verizon Internet Services Inc. AS13667 VRIS-AS-BLOCK-13661-13675 - Verizon Internet Services Inc. AS13668 VRIS-AS-BLOCK-13661-13675 - Verizon Internet Services Inc. AS13669 VRIS-AS-BLOCK-13661-13675 - Verizon Internet Services Inc. AS13670 VRIS-AS-BLOCK-13661-13675 - Verizon Internet Services Inc. AS13671 VRIS-AS-BLOCK-13661-13675 - Verizon Internet Services Inc. AS13672 VRIS-AS-BLOCK-13661-13675 - Verizon Internet Services Inc. AS13673 VRIS-AS-BLOCK-13661-13675 - Verizon Internet Services Inc. AS13674 VRIS-AS-BLOCK-13661-13675 - Verizon Internet Services Inc. AS13675 VRIS-AS-BLOCK-13661-13675 - Verizon Internet Services Inc. AS13676 ILAND-AS - Imagination, Inc. AS13677 PGTTRUCKING - PGT Trucking, Inc. AS13678 PAETEC - PaeTec Communications, Inc. AS13679 Universidad Panamericana AS13680 AS13680 Hostway Corporation Tampa, FL AS13681 CCC-LLC - CONTEMPORARY CLOSET CLASSICS LLC AS13682 TERRA NETWORKS GUATEMALA S.A. AS13683 AUTO-WARES-ASN - Auto-Wares Inc AS13684 ASN-MEDTRONIC-1 - Medtronic, IncMedtronic Information Technology AS13685 NETPATH-NPAC01 - Netpath, Inc. AS13686 FSH-NETWORKS - FSH Network Services INC AS13687 ALLIANCE-SHIPPERS-INC - Alliance Shippers Inc AS13688 PSEG - Public Service Enterprise Group AS13689 BLUELINX-CORP - BlueLinx Corporation AS13690 AMR - American Medical Response, Inc. AS13691 MCC-EDU - Metro Community College AS13692 DFN-ASN-1 - Douglas Fast Net AS13693 NTS-ONLINE - NTS Communications AS13694 XECUNET - Xecunet, LLC. AS13695 AEP - American Electirc Power Co. AS13696 NETROM - NetRom Internet Services AS13697 DSIS - D.S.I.S. Data Storage and InformationSystems AS13698 SHAWINDUSTRIES - Shaw Industries, Inc. AS13699 KIHONLINE-AS - KIH Online AS13700 CAPITAL-NETWORKS - Capital Networks Pty Ltd AS13701 BENCHMARK-ELECTRONICS - Benchmark Electronics Inc. AS13702 INGRAM-BOOK-GROUP - Ingram Book Group AS13703 BROADRIVER-13703 - BroadRiver Communication Corp. AS13704 FASTSERVE-NETWORK - Fastserve Network, Inc. AS13705 IDIRECT-MTL - Internet Direct AS13706 COMPLETEWEBNET - CompleteWeb.Net AS13708 ONR - DoD Network Information Center AS13709 CUMULUS-MEDIA-INC - Cumulus Media, Inc. AS13710 SYSTEMS-METHODS - Systems & Methods, Inc. AS13711 GEORGIA-PACIFIC - Georgia Pacific Corporation AS13712 SMUMN - Saint Marys University of Minnesota AS13713 ACTN-ASN - Access of Tennessee AS13714 AFILIAS-SEA1-MON Afilias Canada, Corp. AS13715 MCKESSON-LOGISTICS - McKesson Logistics Solutions AS13716 HEWITT-ASSOCIATES - Hewitt Associates LLC AS13717 EBC-ASN - Eveready Battery Company AS13718 SOLUSLP - SOLUS ALTERNATIVE ASSET MANAGEMENT LP AS13719 CORP-CMSNOC-USA - Communication Management Services, Inc. AS13720 SONYONLINE - Sony Online Entertainment, LLC AS13721 ADMISSION-CORPORATION - AdMission Corporation AS13722 FACWIZ - Facility Wizards, Inc. AS13723 SANDISK - SanDisk Corporation AS13724 MFS-BOS-PHX - Massachusetts Financial Services AS13725 EVANS-SUTHERLAND - Evans & Sutherland Computer Corporation AS13726 VISION-I-SYSTEMS-ASN - Vision I Systems, Inc. AS13727 ND-CA-ASN - NEXT DIMENSION INC AS13728 CNS-ASN - Core Network Solutions, Inc. AS13729 DANCKER-AS - DANCKER SELLEW DOUGLAS AS13730 LEWS - Velocity Online, Inc. AS13731 BCHARRIS - Bernard C. Harris Publishing AS13732 AXISPOINT-INC - Axispoint Inc AS13733 COL-NC-705A - Carolina Online AS13734 BEESKY - Bee Sky Consulting Inc. AS13735 CUTTERASSOC - Cutter Associates, Inc. AS13736 FACTUAL-DATA - Factual Data Corp AS13737 COATS-ASN - Coats North America AS13738 MRSTOCK-DOWNERS - Group One, Ltd AS13739 EQUITABLE - Equitable Life Assurance AS13740 HYPERNET-AS - Hypernet Communications, Inc. AS13741 AMTECH - Intermec Technologies, Amtech Systems Division AS13742 DVNCINTERNET - Data & Voice Network Consultants AS13743 REGULUS - Regulus Group AS13744 SITESPECIFIC - Site Specific, Inc. AS13747 DMIC-ASN1 - DONEGAL MUTUAL INSURANCE AS13748 SMN-WAGON - STARMEDIA NETWORK AS13749 EVERYONES-INTERNET - Everyones Internet AS13750 TNSI-AS - Transaction Network Services AS13751 BRIDGEPOINT-EDUCATION - Bridgepoint Education Inc. AS13752 VICLINK - Valley Internet Company AS13753 BLACK-HOLE - Black Hole Internet AS13754 TKFAST - TkFast Inc AS13755 SPJC - St. Petersburg Jr. College AS13756 INFLOW-NET - Inflow Inc. AS13757 DYNAMICDEVELOPERS-NETWORK - Dynamic Developers Inc. AS13758 AMERIX-ASN - Amerix Corporation AS13759 WILKES-MULTI-HOME1 - Wilkes University AS13760 SOUTHERN-LIGHT - Southern Light, LLC AS13761 BSI Informatica Ltda AS13762 HUNTERDOUGLAS - Hunter Douglas AS13763 CARDSERVICE - CARDSERVICE INTERNATIONAL AS13764 UFC-BSNY-ASN - UFC AeroSpace Corporation AS13765 NEDELCO - Nedelco Inc. AS13766 NTWO-COM - National Networks AS13767 DBANK - DataBank Holdings, Ltd. AS13768 PEER1 - Peer 1 Network Inc. AS13769 TRUSTEDID - TrustedID, Inc. AS13771 BOOMERANG - Boomerang Information Services AS13772 AMERITRADE-3 - Ameritrade Holding Corp AS13773 TELNETCOMM - Telnet Communications AS13774 Corpbanca AS13775 MATHBOX - Mathbox Inc. AS13776 QX-NET-ASN-1 - QX.Net AS13777 ACDNET-ASN1 - ACD.NET AS13778 JOHNSON-AND-JOHNSON - JOHNSON & JOHNSON NCS AS13779 BASISTECH - Basis Technology AS13780 NTNCOMMUNICATIONS - NTN AS13781 HOPKINSVILLE - Hopkinsville Electric System AS13782 FAFCO - First American Financial AS13783 RADFORD-UNIV-AS - Radford University AS13784 AFOTEC - DoD Network Information Center AS13785 SMH - SHORE MEMORIAL HOSPITAL AS13786 ARIN-LRBCG-5770 - LRBCG.com, Inc. AS13787 EMBARQ-JCTY - Embarq Corporation AS13788 USCOURTS - US Courts AS13789 INTERNAP-BLK3 - Internap Network Services AS13790 INTERNAP-BLK3 - Internap Network Services AS13791 INTERNAP-BLK3 - Internap Network Services AS13792 INTERNAP-BLK3 - Internap Network Services AS13793 T3VOICENET - T3 VoiceNet, LLC. AS13794 QCS - Quality Computer Systems AS13795 KCC-AS - Kurtzman Carson Consultants, LLC AS13796 UCONN-ARIN - University of Connecticut AS13797 IDG-19 - International Data Group, Inc. AS13798 NETJAVA-NET - NetJava Communications AS13799 3FORM-BGP - 3form Inc. AS13801 NETIDEA-EAST - Net Idea Telecommunications The AS13802 NRCASN - North Rock Communications ltd AS13803 E-SYNCNET - CRC Inc. AS13804 MARKETDAY - Market Day Corporation AS13805 WORLD-COMMUNICATIONS - World Communications AS13806 NCRCORP - NCR Corporation AS13807 GREAT-PLAINS-COMMUNICATIONS - GREAT PLAINS COMMUNICATIONS INC AS13808 ATMDIRECT - Solidus Networks, Inc dba Pay By Touch AS13809 UAMS-ASN - University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences AS13810 AS-AFILIAS-HONG-KONG - Afilias Canada, Corp. AS13811 MSLI - Microsoft Corp AS13812 1999FISHERSYS - FISHER SCIENTIFIC AS13813 DITECH-COM - ditech.com AS13814 VEGAPLUS - VegaPlus Capital Partners (USA) LLC AS13815 11THENETCONNECTION720 - The Net Connection, Inc. AS13816 BLUEBONNET - Bluebonnet Technologies AS13818 PHX-INTL-TELEPORT - Phoenix International Teleport AS13819 FWIN-NET - INDIGITAL TELECOM AS13822 MILTON-ACADEMY - Milton Academy AS13823 MESH-NET - Mesh.Net AS13824 LSC-AS - LIBERTY SCIENCE CENTER AS13825 TROYCABLE-NET - Troy Cablevision, Inc. AS13826 MILLENNIUM-DATA-SYSTEMS - MILLENNIUM DATA SYSTEMS INC. AS13827 WPNI-AS - Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive Company, LLC AS13828 I2K - Internet 2000, Inc. AS13829 HYPERION-SOLUTIONS - Hyperion Solutions AS13830 PROPERTYFIRST - propertyfirst.com AS13831 NAS-COM - Network Access Services Inc AS13832 ATG-COM - Art Technology Group, Inc. AS13833 ASN-NOS - Nos Communications AS13835 IMPSAT FIBER NETWORKS INC AS13836 ISLAND - The Island ECN, Inc. AS13837 P-ECOM - Princeton eCom AS13838 EMERSON - Emerson College AS13839 P1P3R - Piper Jaffray Companies AS13840 SHERIDAN-HEALTHCORP - SHERIDAN HEALTHCORP, INC. AS13841 IHSENERGY-DENVER - IHS Energy Group AS13842 WINDSTREAM-COMMUNICATIONS - Windstream Communications Inc AS13843 PHOENIX-AMERICAN - Phoenix American Inc. AS13844 LL-NET - Local Link, Inc. AS13845 VINS-AS - ViaWest Internet Services, Inc. AS13846 LAVALIFE - Lavalife Corp. AS13847 ARINET - ARI Network Services Inc. AS13848 AS13848 - Ariba Inc AS13849 TEMCO-ASN - TEMCO SERVICE INDUSTRIES, INC. AS13850 SPS-CORPORATE-NETWORK - Strategic Products and Services, Inc. AS13851 SEVENL - SevenL Networks AS13852 UTILICORP - Utilicorp United Inc. AS13853 ECTISP-AS - ECTISP Ellis County Texas Internet Service Provider Inc. AS13854 JSE AS13855 CFU-NET - Cedar Falls Utilities AS13856 INFINETWORX - Infinetworx Caribbean Inc AS13857 ONLINEMAC - Online Mac AS13858 COLUMBIAGASTRANS - NISOURCE INC AS13859 CERNER - CERNER.COM AS13861 MARCHNETWORKS-SCOTTSDALE - March Networks Corporation AS13862 ITMETAS - iTMethods Inc. AS13863 ALVAKA - Alvaka Networks AS13864 CS-DES-PATRIOTES - Commission scolaire des Patriotes AS13865 HLPUSD-NET - Hacienda La Puente Unified School District AS13866 CCOUNTRY - COMPUTER COUNTRY AS13867 CNET-SFO - CNET Networks Inc. AS13868 PEAK - Peak Inc. AS13869 IXC-TELECOM - IXC Telecom, Inc AS13870 MINDFRAME - Mindframe, Inc. AS13871 TELEBYTE-NW - Telebyte NW AS13872 TAMARACK - Tamarack Computers Ltd. AS13873 KAPLAN - Kaplan Educational Centers AS13874 Wavis Equipamentos de Informбtica LTDA AS13875 ARIN-ADV-FREIGHT - Advantage Freight Network, LLC AS13876 DIGITALMATRIX - Digital Matrix Systems AS13877 WENDYS-DUBLIN - Wendy's International, Inc. AS13878 Diveo do Brasil Telecomunicacoes Ltda AS13879 SITA-EQUANT-MPLSNET SITA-EQUANT AS13880 ACI-AS - american century investments AS13881 PARADOX - Paradox Internet Communications, Incorporated AS13882 HLIC - Hartford Life Insurance Company AS13883 BB-FAX-SERVER - Contractors Register, Inc. AS13884 ASN-THEPLANET - ThePlanet.com Internet Services, Inc. AS13885 DUNDEE - Dundee Internet Services, Inc AS13886 C-GATE2000 - Cybergate Inc. AS13887 CALLWAVE - Call Wave Inc. AS13888 BEARCREEK-AS - Bear Creek Operations Inc AS13889 INTEX-SOLUTIONS - Intex Solutions, Inc. AS13890 VITALSTREAM-01 - Vitalstream Holdings, Inc. AS13891 21ST-CENTURY-ONCOLOGY-INC - 21ST CENTURY ONCOLOGY, INC. AS13892 BIPERFORMANCE-ASN - BI Performance Services AS13893 ERAC-CORP - Enterprise Rent-A-Car AS13894 SECUREWEBS - SECURE WEBS INC AS13895 GLOVILL - Global Logistics Village, Inc. AS13896 THINKINGPHONES - Thinking Phone Networks LLC AS13897 CDC1 - CarsDirect.com AS13898 LIBERTYENTERPRISES - Liberty Enterprises AS13899 KRICKET - Kricket Internet Service AS13900 CBN - Christian Broadcasting Network, Inc. AS13901 AFILIAS-MIA1-MON Afilias Canada, Corp. AS13902 247REALMEDIA-NY - 24/7 Real Media, Inc. AS13903 KCINET - Key Connections, Inc. AS13904 COSLINK - Cherryland Services Inc AS13905 MAJIQ - MAJIQ, Inc. AS13906 AVTC - AVT Corporation AS13907 ELECTRONIC-SVCS-NET-337 - Electronic Services, Inc. AS13908 BLOOMBERG-700 - Bloomberg, LP AS13909 TECHIEMEDIA - Techie Hosting, Inc. AS13910 REGISTER - Register.com, Inc AS13911 TERA-BYTE - Tera-byte Online Services AS13912 COMMTOUCH-INC - Commtouch Software Inc. AS13914 Camara de Dirigentes Lojistas de BeloHorizonte AS13915 INNOLOG-ATC - Innolog Inc. AS13916 BLADE-LEX1 - BladeLogic, Inc. AS13917 CORPWEST - Corporate West Computer Systems, Inc. AS13918 CITYOFTUCSON - City of Tucson AS13919 ALLDATA-NET01 - ALLIANCE DATA SYSTEMS, INC. AS13920 ASN-TGNT - Teligent, Inc. AS13921 AS-CANAL - Canal Insurance Company AS13922 BARLEY-SNYDER-LLC - Barley Snyder LLC AS13923 LAWLF-AS - LAWL FRANCHISE COMPANY AS13924 IDS-UCI01 - Infinity Data Systems AS13925 NAVIMEDIX-CARLSTADT - NaviMedix, Inc. AS13926 BMSI1515 - Blessey Marine Service, Inc. AS13927 IMPEDIMENT-INCORPORATED - Impediment Incorporated AS13928 DIGITALMATRIX2 - Digital Matrix Systems AS13929 Technisys S.A. AS13930 UGO-NOC-ARIN - UGO Networks, Inc. AS13932 FIX-NET - The FIX Network, Inc. AS13933 SHAWPITTMAN - ShawPittman AS13934 Diaz Piacenza S.A. AS13935 American Chamber Of Commerce For Brazil AS13936 Universal Soft SA AS13937 UNISERVE-AS13937 - Uniserve On Line AS13938 SSNC-AS - SS&C Technologies, Inc. AS13940 SJCOE - San Joaquin County Office of Education AS13941 VISP - Visp Technologies, Inc. AS13942 AS-CSMV - Commission Scolaire Marie-Victorin AS13943 YK-COMMUNICATIONS - YK Communications, Inc. AS13945 PRISMTECHNOLOGIESABQ - PRISM Technologies AS13946 ETECHOHIO - eTech Ohio AS13947 DONOBI - Donobi, Inc. AS13948 LINAMAR-CORPORATION - Linamar Corporation AS13949 SLIDE-INC - Slide, Inc. AS13950 FSINET-AS - FSInet, Inc. AS13951 CENTER-SEVEN - NFT AS13953 BISCO - Bisco Industries Inc. AS13954 CORPORATEEXPRESS - Corporate Express AS13955 VANKAMPEN - Van Kampen Funds AS13957 MNAA - Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority AS13958 RIVERGATE-CENTER - THE RIDGEROCK GROUP, LLC AS13959 NETSCORP - Netscorp AS13960 AOTECH - AO Technologies AS13962 AS-HISPEED-1 - World Internet Services AS13963 VALLEYNET-ISP - ValleyNet, Inc. AS13964 SBCIS-TPKAKS - AT&T Internet Services AS13965 SBCIS-FYTVAR - AT&T Internet Services AS13966 DFO-NFLD-AS - Department of Fisheries and Oceans AS13967 PURCELL-HQ - Purcell Systems, Inc. AS13968 CAISO-NET-BLK - CALIFORNIA ISO AS13969 FLEIMA-52 - Fleig Commodities AS13970 NORTH-FORK-BANK---MATTITUCK - North Fork Bancorp Inc. AS13971 FDS-AS-NY - Fund Development Services, LLC AS13972 WADSWORTH-CENTER - Wadsworth Center, NYS Department of Health AS13973 ASN-REACTION97 - Reaction Systems, Inc. AS13974 R2KLLC - R2K. LLC. AS13975 FLAGSTONE-MANAGEMENT-SERVICES-HALIFAX - Flagstone Management Services (Halifax) Limited AS13977 CTELCO - FAIRPOINT COMMUNICATIONS, INC. AS13978 DAYSTAR - DayStar Communications AS13979 ATT-IPFR - AT&T WorldNet Services AS13980 TT-ASN001 - Twotrees Technologies, LLC AS13981 ITXM - Institute for Transfusion Medicine AS13982 EDELMANFINANCIALVA - Edelman Financial Services, LLC AS13983 EPRIME - New Century Energy AS13984 NETDIRECTIVE-TECHNOLOGIES - netDirective Technologies Inc. AS13985 SINEWAVE1 - Sine Wave Solutions, LLC AS13986 ECSIS-HST - ECSIS.NET AS13987 IVANET-LONDON - IBASIS INC. AS13988 IVANET-FRANKFURT - IBASIS INC. AS13989 SCEA-FC-AS1 - Sony Computer Entertainment America, Inc. AS13990 COUNTYOFORANGE - County of Orange AS13991 Curacao Information Network - A division ofSetel N AS13992 NETALS - ALS Scan, Incorporated AS13993 MOTIVE-COMM - MOTIVE COMMUNICATIONS,INC. AS13994 OMU-1 - Owensboro Municipal Utilities AS13995 RTR-CHI-INT1 - Standard Parking Corporation AS13996 ECHOSTAR - Echostar Satellite Corporation AS13997 FLASHLINE - Flashline.com AS13998 SWMED - UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas AS13999 MegaCable SA de CV AS14000 AXTEL, S.A. de C.V. AS14001 VISION-NET - Vision Net Ltd AS14002 RAILINC - RAILINC AS14003 SMS800-PRODUCTION-STL - Database Service Management Inc. AS14004 FORCE3 - Force3, Inc AS14005 DATATECHHOSTING - Data-Tech AS14006 RAFFERTYCAPITALMARKETS - RAFFERTY CAPITAL MARKETS AS14007 SOHOSKYWAY1 - Skyway West AS14008 KINCARDINE-AS - Kincardine Cable Tv Ltd. AS14009 APPLESEEDS - Appleseed's AS14010 JACKHENRY - Jack Henry & Associates AS14011 DESIGNDATA - DesignData AS14012 PSGHS - PennState Geisinger health System AS14013 EPSON-ROBOTS - EPSON America (Factory Automation/Robotics) AS14014 CNRAIL-AS - Canadian National Railway AS14015 RWBECK-AS - R. W. Beck, Inc. AS14016 PAYSYS - Pay Systems AS14017 BNSF-AS - Burlington Northern Sante Fe Railway Corp AS14018 EZLINK - EZLink Internet Access AS14019 MORTICEKERNSYSTEMSINC - Mortice Kern Systems, Inc. AS14020 LONGWOOD-1 - Longwood Gardens Inc. AS14021 PSECU - Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union AS14022 BBCOM - Backbone Communications, Inc. AS14023 WILD - Minnesota Wild AS14024 DDCI - Data Dallas AS14026 Dialdata SA Internet Systems AS14027 ICS-INC - Protected Networks, LLC. AS14028 FULBRIGHT-JAWORSKI - Fulbright & Jaworski L.L.P. AS14029 DC-ECONET-ZW AS14030 Financiadora de Estudos e Projetos - Finep AS14031 SCXY - Supercomputing XY Committee AS14032 IMATION - Imation Corporation AS14033 RBSLYNK-AS1 - RBS Lynk Incorporated AS14034 APEX-NETWORK - Apex Mortgage Corp AS14035 PAYERPATH-ASN - Payerpath.com, Inc. AS14036 AMERISERVE - Ameriserve AS14037 AS-JE-1 - JustEdge Networks Inc. AS14038 EXACTOR - Exactor Inc AS14039 V-SPAN - V-Span, Inc. AS14040 XO-ASN1 - XO Communications AS14041 AS14041 - University Corporation for Atmospheric Research AS14042 TPSEA1 - thePlatform AS14043 SCANSOURCE - ScanSource, Inc. AS14044 ORBITSYS - Orbit Systems Inc. AS14045 ENVOY - Envoy Corporation AS14046 KCOL - KC Online, Inc. AS14047 FERRIS-MFG-CORP - Ferris MFG Corp AS14048 MEMPHIS-EDU - The University of Memphis AS14049 GOLDEN-GATE-UNIV - Golden Gate University AS14050 SYRACUSE-METRONET - Syracuse Metronet Inc. AS14051 SUREWEST - Roseville Telephone Company AS14052 MTCTECHNOLOGIES - MTC Technologies AS14053 DORSEYWRIGHT-ONE - DORSEY WRIGHT & ASSOCIATES AS14054 CYBERSTATION - Cyberstation, Inc. AS14055 READYPAC - Ready Pac Produce, Inc. AS14056 SEI - SEI Investments AS14057 TFIC-1 - TENNESSEE FARMERS MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY AS14058 PRAGMATIC-MARKETING - Pragmatic Marketing, Inc AS14059 WEBLICATIONS - Weblications, LLC AS14060 NNCGATEWAY - CWA ISP LLC AS14061 LIQUID-AUDIO - Liquid Audio, Inc... AS14062 HMI-SD-ASN1 - Harte-Hanks Market Intelligence, Inc. AS14063 NETNEARU-NETWORK - NetNearU Corp. AS14065 ADELPHIA-AS2 - Road Runner HoldCo LLC AS14066 TELMETRICS - Telmetrics Inc. AS14067 FOUROVER-GLN-CA - 4 Over, Inc. AS14068 PLAYBOY-BLK-1 - Playboy AS14069 Thomson-CSF Systems Argentina S.A. AS14070 SVH-TVH-AS1 - Valley Health System AS14071 PQ-CORPORATION - PQ Corporation AS14072 WASH-DC-CITY-GOVT - Government of the District of Columbia AS14073 NEXTJUMPINC - Next Jump, Inc. AS14074 COLGATE - Colgate-Palmolive Co. AS14075 INTERCEL-TELECOMS-GROUP - Intercel Telecoms Group, Inc. AS14076 FATTOC-AS - Financial Asset Trading and Technology of California, LLC AS14077 ARSC - Arctic Region Supercomputing Center AS14078 INFINITESOFT - Infinite Software, Inc. AS14079 YANNIX-MASTER-FUND - Yannix Master Fund, Ltd. AS14080 Telmex Colombia S.A. AS14081 COOLSAVINGS-2 - coolsavings.com inc. AS14082 GLOBAL-ONLINE - Global Online AS14084 Multiphone AS14085 LEARN - LEARN AS14086 LENDERS-SERVICE - Lenders Service Inc. AS14087 Araujo, Conforto & Mattos Ltda AS14088 WIU7 - Westmoreland Intermediate Unit AS14089 CANNET - CanNet Internet Services, Inc. AS14090 NDTELCO - NORTH DAKOTA TELEPHONE COMPANY AS14091 DSM - DSM.NET, INC. AS14092 NJACCESS - NJ INTERNET ACCESS AS14094 MASTERFINANCIAL - Master Financial, Inc. AS14096 INDEXSTOCK - Index Stock Imagery AS14097 TELUSA-AS - Tokyo Electron America, Inc. AS14098 SWGC - Memorial University of Newfoundland AS14099 SPINFISH-AS1 - ROG, Inc. AS14100 UCIX - Urbana-Champaign Internet Exchange AS14101 EXPRESSION-EMERYVILLE - Ex'Pression College for Digital Arts AS14102 PROMTL - Progression Internet AS14103 ACDNET-ASN1 - ACD.net AS14104 THENET-I2 - University of Texas at Austin AS14105 COMPLIANCE-DC-1660 - Compliance Inc. AS14106 LEPMED01 - Leprechaun, LLC AS14107 PCIWEST-PN001 - PREFERRED COMMUNICATIONS, INC AS14108 CASPIAN-ASN - CASPIAN Capital Management, LLC AS14109 SIAL - Sigma Aldrich Corporation AS14110 GENESYS-ASN - Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories,Inc. AS14111 EL SALVADOR TELECOM S.A DE C.V. AS14112 NET-SECURENET-MTL - SecureNet Information Services Inc. AS14113 HOSTINGCOM - Hosting.com, Inc. AS14114 EMAGINATION - EMAGINATION NETWORK LLC AS14115 AMALGAMATED-BSA AS14116 INFB-AS - InternetNamesForBusiness.com AS14117 Telefonica del Sur S.A. AS14118 DAVITA-FTLAUDERDALE - DAVITA INC AS14119 PNG-WYO - PENN NATIONAL GAMING AS14120 AEQUOR - AEQUOR TECHNOLOGIES, INC. AS14121 CIBC-WORLD-MARKETS - CIBC World Markets AS14122 Vector Casa de Bolsa, SA de CV AS14123 SFSNET - Sungard Futures Systems AS14124 IPCC - INTERNETWORK PUBLISHING CORP AS14125 VALTECH-TECHNOLOGIES-INC - Valtech Technologies, Inc. AS14126 VOICESTAR - VoiceStar AS14127 ILAND - Iland Internet Solutions Corporation AS14128 BEDFORDNET - Gothie's Business Services, Inc. AS14129 NMIA - New Mexico Internet Access AS14130 ASN-SOUTHNET-AL - SOUTHNET INC AS14131 DONET - DONet Inc. AS14132 DAVITA-ORLANDO - DAVITA INC AS14133 KENT-AS - Kent Technologies, Inc. AS14134 NAVISITE-WEST-2 - Navisite, Inc. AS14135 NAVISITE-EAST-2 - Navisite, Inc. AS14136 PCCC - PC Connection, Inc. AS14137 MIDMICH - MIDMICH.NET AS14138 OCPS - Orange County Public Schools AS14139 AS-MAXOR - Maxor Pharmacies AS14140 AUBURN-ESSENTIAL-SERVICES - Auburn Essential Services AS14142 BANKOFBOTETOURT - Bank of Botetourt, Inc. AS14143 DAVITA-IRVINE - DAVITA INC AS14144 ASN-CI - Cambridge Interactive AS14145 SPECTRUM - Spectrum Systems USA, Inc. AS14146 LEVENGER - Levenger AS14147 BROADBAND-AS - BroadBand Centric Inc. AS14148 ENDINFOSYS - Endeavor Information Systems AS14149 ICONFITNESS-MAIN - Icon Health & Fitness Inc AS14150 PFCL2-ASN - Partnership Financial Consulting, LLC AS14151 ASN-ICI-ORG - Investment Company Institute AS14152 NETPULSE-1 - Netpulse Services AS14153 EDGECAST-SJO - EdgeCast Networks, Inc. AS14154 FAIRPOINT-UNITE - FAIRPOINT COMMUNICATIONS, INC. AS14155 RURAL-TELEPHONE-SVCCO - Rural Telephone Service Co, Inc. AS14156 GRANDECOM-AS3 - Grande Communications Networks, Inc. AS14157 BIRTHDAYALARM-2 - BirthdayAlarm LLC AS14158 AIDC-97458VT - American International Distribution Corporation AS14159 LAKEFIELD-AS - Lakefield Communications AS14161 LANDOLAKES - Land O'Lakes AS14162 MFAX-PR - Mediafax, Inc. AS14163 SHEARMAN - Shearman & Sterling AS14164 BGPCRX - Bluegrass Cellular Inc. AS14165 ZOGMO - Zogmo, LLC AS14166 SOFTCOMCA - SoftCom Tech. Cons. Inc. AS14167 MULTI-AD - Multi-Ad Services, Inc. AS14168 IRID-POTOMACNET - IRIDES, LLC AS14169 MEAD - MEAD CORPORATION AS14170 DIGITALRIVER-DC20 - Digital River, Inc. AS14171 REEDTECH-GW01 - Thomas Technology Solutions Inc. AS14172 ADVANCED-PROJECTS - Advanced Projects International AS14173 PHOTOBUCKET - PHOTOBUCKET.COM, INC. AS14174 NCKCN - North Central Kansas Community Network Co. AS14175 HAWORTH - HAWORTH AS14176 LIFETIME-TV2 - LIFETIME ENTERTAINMENT AS14177 PACKETXPRESS-NORTEL - Nortel Networks AS14178 MEGACABLE COMUNICACIONES DE MEXICO, S.A. DEC.V. AS14179 Interactive Gaming and Wagering N.V. AS14180 INTERNETPRO-GAD - INTERNET SOLUTIONS OF AL LLC AS14181 UBETWIRELESS - UBET Wireless AS14182 EDATA - eData, Inc. AS14183 UALR-ASN - University of Arkansas at Little Rock AS14184 DATAGLYPHICS - DataGlyphics, Inc. AS14185 INFOMANAGE-NY-US - Infomanage Corporation AS14186 NetCom, S.A AS14187 COMSAT COLOMBIA AS14188 ASHLANDFIBERNETWORK - Ashland Fiber Network AS14189 WITT-KIEFFER - Witt-Kieffer AS14190 FUTURESHOP - Future Shop Ltd. AS14191 HSL - Hard Soft Systems Ltd. AS14192 CARTHA-ASN - Carthage College AS14193 MCC-SYSTEMS - MCC Systems Inc. AS14194 OMH-INET-BLCK - OCONEE MEMORIAL HOSPITAL AS14195 CONTEGO-AS - Contego Solutions LLC AS14196 YAHOO-CC1 - Yahoo AS14197 HMS-ASN - HEALTH MARKET SCIENCE AS14198 ASN-NEVIS - Nevis Solutions AS14199 QED - Scholastic Inc. AS14200 MARSHALLUNIV - Marshall University AS14202 Geonet S.A. AS14203 JUNIPER-NETWORKS - Juniper Networks, Inc. AS14204 TKS Teleinformatica S/C Ltda AS14205 WANC - WAN Communications, Inc. AS14206 DPTI - DALTON PILARCIK TECHNOLOGIES INC. AS14208 AS-CCI-90-2 - Cat Communications International, Inc. AS14209 UT-CHATTANOOGA - University of Tennessee at Chattanooga AS14210 EDGECAST-DCA - EdgeCast Networks, Inc. AS14211 GOTHAM-WEB-SERVICES - Gotham Web Services, Inc. AS14212 SANTA-CRUZ-EDNET - Santa Cruz County Office of Education AS14213 MONTEREY-BAY-K12 - Monterey County Office of Education AS14214 MINACS - Minacs Inc AS14215 KODIAK-NETWORKS-SR - Kodiak Networks AS14216 ISHIP - IShip.com AS14217 DATAFRAMELO - Dataframe Logistics, Inc. AS14218 TREMBLANT-ASN - Tremblant Capital Group AS14219 MOSSANDBARNETT-STONEBRIDGE - Moss and Barnett, P.A. AS14220 I2A - I 20 Access AS14221 WASHINGHTON-RD-AS - University of Washington AS14222 PAY-BY-TOUCH-PROCESSING-INC - Pay By Touch Processing, Inc. AS14223 NYSDOH - New York State Department of Health AS14224 FAFS-AS - First American Real Estate AS14225 DELAWARE-ONLINE - Delaware Online AS14226 TWP-TAILWIND - Thomas Weisel Partners LLC AS14227 FORBIN-COM - The Forbin Project AS14228 ABSOLUT-ASN - The Absolut Spirits Company, Inc. AS14229 WMS-CHICAGO - Williams Electronics Games AS14230 COVAULT - CoVault Technology LLC AS14231 Banco de Venezuela AS14232 Cooperativa Telefуnica Pinamar Ltda. AS14233 ANCESTRY-INC - Ancestry.com., Inc. AS14234 ZONAMERICA AS14235 STATE-NM-US - State of New Mexico AS14236 ADARA-NET - Adara Networks, Inc. AS14237 BEAMSPEED1 - Beamspeed AS14238 ASR-ISP-01 - Applied Systems, Inc. AS14239 RSD-PA-15904 - Richland School District AS14240 PMC-AS-1 - PMC-Sierra, INC. AS14241 ONE-AS - Oakland Schools AS14242 LOGICALSOLUTIONS - LogicalSolutions.net AS14243 CGS-ASP - CGS AS14244 NSIHOSTING-EQX-VA - NSI Hosting AS14245 SEGAOADC - Sega of America, Inc. AS14246 GKNDNA - GKN Driveline North America, Inc. AS14247 SBIS-WACOTX - AT&T Internet Services AS14248 US-NORWOOD - Instron AS14249 Direct Tech S.A. de C.V. AS14250 Datasys de Am=E9rica S.A. de C.V. AS14251 MLSLI - Multiple Lising Service of Long Island, Inc. AS14252 SCHOOLSPECIALTY - School Specialty, Inc. AS14253 TSSL - Tyco Submarine Systems Ltd. AS14254 ICSHQFREDMD - Integrated Communication Solutions Inc AS14255 AS-USD - University of San Diego AS14256 OTAYWATER - Otay Water District AS14257 EZ-NET - EZ-Net AS14258 ANYLOAN-CORP - Anyloan.com AS14259 Gtd Internet S.A. AS14260 USROYALINS - Royal&Sunalliance Insurance AS14261 USNETWORK-ASN - US Network AS14262 P-MAN - Portland - Metro Area Network (P-MAN) AS14263 SD-NET - South Dakota State Government AS14264 SAU-AS - Southern Adventist University AS14265 US-TELEPACIFIC - TelePacific Communication AS14266 IPAG - Imersys Pigments and Additives Group Inc. AS14267 PTC - Parametric Technology Corporation AS14268 BROOKMAYSMUSIC - Brook Mays Music Co. AS14269 VA-DMV - Virginia DMV AS14270 EAGLE-CA-1 - EAGLE.CA AS14271 LAMC-NET - Louisville Academic Medical Center AS14272 ACSNET - Application Control Systems, Inc. AS14273 ONLINE-RESOURCES - Online resources comm. corp. AS14274 NETEASE - Mesa Partners, LLC AS14275 WEATHERNET - Freese-Notis Weather AS14276 SS-NOC-AS - Straitshot Communications, Inc. AS14277 NOKIA-IP Nokia IP AS14278 NORSTAN - Black Box Network Services AS14279 HUGHES-AS1 - Hughes Supply Inc AS14280 NETNATION - NetNation Communications Inc AS14281 NATIONWIDELABS - Nationwide Laboratory Services Inc. AS14282 PERSIS TELECOMUNICACOES LTDA AS14283 INHERENT-COM - Inherent.Com AS14284 ROCKHURST - ROCKHURST UNIVERSITY AS14285 Banco Mercantil AS14286 Tecnet SA AS14287 TRIAD-TELECOM - Triad Telecom, Inc. AS14288 MPINET - MPInet, Inc. AS14289 CBTKS-AS - COMMERCE BANK AND TRUST AS14290 ORGANIZER-SYSTEMS-INC - Organizer Systems Inc. AS14291 ANTIETAM - Antietam Cable Television, Inc AS14292 DISCNET - Digital Internet Services Corporation AS14294 LIBERTYTEL - Liberty Telecom, LLC AS14296 NETALLIANCE - Netalliance, Inc. AS14297 S1-PROD-DATA-CENTER - Security First Technologies, Inc. AS14298 EPA-NET - Environmental Protection Agency AS14299 ADP1 - Automatic Data Processing AS14306 GLAXOSMITHKLINE - GlaxoSmithKline AS14307 ASN-ROCNET - ROCK SERVICES, INC. AS14308 COL-ETS - City of Longmont AS14309 G2ANET - Go2America LLC AS14310 ALOHA1 - Aloha Airlines, Inc. AS14311 XO-ASN2 - XO Communications AS14312 1-800CONTACTS - 1-800 Contacts, Inc. AS14313 CMCMGMT01 - CLEARVIEW MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS, LLC AS14314 NET4UTB1 - The University of Texas at Brownsville AS14315 CAFEPRESS - CafePress.com AS14316 Twinneyville Corporation N.V. AS14317 ACCNETWORKS - Advanced Computer Connections AS14318 PSINet Chile AS14319 BDXP - Birthday Express.com AS14320 GENEX - Genex AS14321 SERVICIO-UNITELLER - Servicio Uniteller, Inc. AS14322 NYAM-2 - NEW YORK ACADEMY OF MEDICINE AS14323 SVR-CRX - TSI Telecommunication Services Inc AS14324 SOUND-SHORE-MANAGEMENT-INC - Sound Shore Management, Inc. AS14325 OSHEAN - Ocean State Higher Education and Administration Network AS14326 PACKETFABRIC - PacketFabric, Inc. AS14327 PGE-ONLINE - Enron Corp. AS14328 RRD - R.R. Donnelley and Sons, Co. AS14329 OPEN-ACCESS-TECH - OPEN ACCESS TECHNOLOGY INTERNATIONAL, INC. AS14330 DIGITAL-INSIGHT - Digital Insight AS14331 TCM-NETWORKS-0098 AS14332 SHOPZILLA - Shopzilla, Inc. AS14333 ON-RAMP-INDIANA - On-Ramp Indiana AS14334 AETHON-BGP - Aethon, Inc. AS14335 CONTERRA-ASN - Conterra, LLC AS14336 MAMLP - Mercator Asset Management, L.P., LTD. AS14337 FWHT-FL1 - FindWhat.com, Inc. AS14338 PROSOLUTIONS-ASNUM - ProSolutions, Inc. AS14339 SADESA S.A. AS14340 SALESFORCE - Salesforce.com, Inc. AS14341 MARVEL - MARVEL ENTERPRISES INC AS14342 UCI-AS - United Communications, Inc. AS14343 I2-TECHNOLOGIES - i2 Technologies Inc. AS14344 MSDW-CLIENTSERV - Morgan Stanley Dean Witter AS14345 CRESCENT-TECH - Crescent Technology AS14346 S.A O Estado de Sao Paulo AS14347 POWER-NET - Power-Net Internet Services AS14348 URI-AS - University of Rhode Island AS14349 KCPLASN-1 - Kansas City Power & Light AS14350 BLASTNET-ISP - Mark A. Fry and Associates AS14351 SOUTHWESTERN-EDU - Southwestern University AS14352 SSUITES-AS1 - Server Suites, LLC AS14353 DAVITA-DALLAS - DAVITA INC AS14354 NET9 - Region 9 Education Service Center AS14355 GETRELEVANT - GetRelevant AS14356 MAPICS-INC - MAPICS, Inc AS14357 VETCENTRICASN1 - Vetcentric.com AS14358 MACKENZIEFINANCIAL-AS - Mackenzie Financial Corp AS14359 ITS-USNET - Ideal Technology Solutions US Inc. AS14361 HOPONE-GLOBAL - HopOne Internet Corporation AS14362 CCIS - California City Internet Inc. AS14363 OUTFITTERS - Infobahn Outfitters, Inc. AS14364 HARDING-LAWSON - Harding Lawson Associates AS14365 ACCOONA-ASN1 - Accoona Corp. AS14366 MTNCABLE - Moutain Cablevision AS14367 TDS-TELECOM-AS - TDS TELECOM AS14368 INTERWEB-NETWORKS - Interweb New Media AS14369 NMAX - J.C. Online Services division of Nittany =Media, Inc. AS14370 CYPRESSCOMM-AS14370 - Cypress Communications AS14371 PBNET - Paul Bunyan Telephone AS14372 ANTENNA-SOFTWARE - Antenna Software AS14374 AGRI-VALLEY - Agri-Valley Services Inc. AS14375 ALTRA-ENERGY - Altra EnergyTechnologies, Inc. AS14376 SSF-12-6-198-0 - Sungard Securities Finance, Inc. AS14377 PSINet Panama AS14378 COMPINFOSYS - Compliance Information Systems, Inc. AS14379 N-T-C - Northern Trust Company AS14380 OPUS-CREATIVE-GROUP - Opus Creative Group AS14381 CATERPILLAR-INC - Caterpillar, Inc. AS14382 ESC13 - Education Service Center AS14383 DTGL-AS - Defender Technologies Group, LLC AS14384 HOSTDESIGNS - HOST DESIGNS, LLC AS14385 ORAMETRIX-RICHARDSON - OraMetrix, Inc. AS14386 COMGRAPHICS-CGICHICAGO - Com-graphics, Inc. AS14387 WHIP - SwitchWorks Technologies Inc. AS14388 TELLO - TELLO AS14389 SOLUTIONSITC-COOKEVILLE - Solutions IT Consulting, LLC AS14390 CORENET - Coretel America, Inc. AS14391 PROBIZ - PROBUSINESS SERVICES INC AS14392 COFPDC - Capital One Financial Corporation AS14393 CLICKABILITY - Clickability, Inc. AS14394 KBCFP-NYC - KBC Financial Products AS14395 FHLBATL - Federal Home Loan Bank Of Atlanta AS14396 IVANET-BURLINGTON - IBASIS INC. AS14397 CEDAR-HILL-CAPITAL-PARTNERS-LLC - Cedar Hill Capital Partners, LLC AS14398 AUTODESK - Autodesk, Inc. AS14399 EQUALLOGIC-CORPRATE - EqualLogic, Inc. AS14400 STRATEGIC-BUSINESS-SYSTEMS-INC - Strategic Business Systems, Inc. AS14401 HPL-ASN-15204 - HOST PATIO LLC AS14402 KANSASNET-AS2 - Fox Computers, Inc. d/b/a KansasNet AS14403 TUCKER-USA - Tucker Communications, Inc AS14404 DIRECT-ALLIANCE - Direct Alliance Corporation AS14405 XO-ASN4 - XO Communications AS14406 XO-ASN3 - XO Communications AS14407 XO-ASN5 - XO Communications AS14408 AS-EMPIRECLS-NORWOOD - Empire International, Ltd. AS14409 TRIP-COM-AS - Trip.com AS14410 DALTON - MCM, Inc., DBA: [email protected] AS14411 1CHFINTL1 - CHF International AS14412 VIRTUALBANK - 1st Virtual, Inc. AS14413 LINKEDIN - LinkedIn Corporation AS14414 GEOLOGIC-ASN01 - Geologic Solutions Inc. AS14415 HOSTCOLLECTIVE - Host Collective, Inc. AS14416 BRAVO-NET - Internet de Nuevo Laredo, S.A de C.V. AS14417 LANDSTAR - Landstar System Inc AS14418 DTCC-AS1 - Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation AS14419 MOSSYOAK - HAAS OUTDOORS, Inc. AS14420 ANDINATEL S.A. AS14421 ADVANCED-MEDICINE - Advanced Medicine Inc AS14422 SIMPLIX - SIMPLIX AS14423 NOVAC-AS - NOVA CASUALTY COMPANY AS14424 ANDERINGERSTA - A.N. Deringer, Inc. AS14425 MENDO-COMMUNITY-NET - Mendocino Community Network AS14426 MACEWAN - Grant MacEwan College AS14427 MEDIAQUEST - MediaQuest AS14428 EXTENDEDCARE - Extendedcare.com AS14429 SONOROUS-NETWORKS AS14431 LOGICALCONSULTING - Logical Consulting Group AS14432 CMEDIAINCNET - CREATIVE MEDIA INC. AS14433 SUNY-OSWEGO-ASN - State University of New York - Oswego AS14434 VITELCOM - Vitelcom AS14435 PAA - Plains All American Pipeline, L.P. AS14436 INTUIT-MV - Intuit Inc. AS14437 FLEMING - C&S WHOLESALE GROCERS INC. AS14438 USA-CHOICE-OIL-CITY - USA Choice Internet AS14439 SFBNE - Security First Bank AS14440 ADVANCE-AS - Advanced Opportunities, Inc. AS14441 INQUENT-3 - InQuent Technologies Inc. AS14442 LIBERATE - Liberate Technologies AS14443 OTS-YOURACCOUNTS - Output Technology Solutions AS14444 IRESS-INET-02 - IRESS Market Technology Canada LP AS14445 CASAWORKS-ABQ - CasaWorks, Inc. AS14446 CNT-ASN - Central Newspapers Technologies Inc. AS14447 IMTGLOBALTEL - GlobalTel AS14448 HPU-NC - High Point University AS14449 BCBSOM - Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana AS14450 GEICO01 - GEICO AS14451 GEICO02 - GEICO AS14452 IOS-ASN - INTERNET OF THE SANDHILLS AS14453 NETSURF - NetSurf Inc. AS14454 PERIMETER-ESECURITY - Perimeter eSecurity AS14455 SUNGARD-RECOVERY - Sungard Network Solutions AS14456 PUC-CA - Peterborough Utilities Commission AS14457 Telemig Celular S/A AS14458 WORLDKITCHEN-1 - World Kitchen, Inc AS14459 ENTERTAINMENTPARTNERS-AS-A - Entertainment Partners AS14460 RADISYS-HILLSBORO - Radisys Corporation AS14461 NTSL - NET SOLUTIONS AS14462 CYSHOP-COMMERCE - EVS Holding Company, Inc. AS14463 TDKOM Informatica Ltda. AS14464 RINET - Rhode Island Network for Educ. Technology AS14465 HITN-AS-1 - HITN AS14466 FREEMARKETS - FREEMARKETS INC AS14467 KUA-NET - KUA.net AS14468 ACENETX - Aurora Communications Exchange Ltd. AS14469 SWISHMAIL - Swishmail AS14470 BSC-CORP - Boston Scientific Corporation AS14471 SAM-ASN - Stratix Asset Management LP AS14472 ATRIA - Atria Networks Inc AS14473 I3ASN1-200E - Inside The Internet, Inc AS14474 CONCENTREX - Concentrex, Inc AS14475 SWANK-AUDIO-VISUALS - Swank Audio Visuals AS14476 HONDACA-AS - HONDA CANADA INC. AS14477 FLTG - FINGER LAKES TECHNOLOGIES GROUP, INC. AS14478 BAYTSP - BayTSP.Com AS14479 DENHAMCAPITALMANAGEMENTLP---ASN - Denham Capital Management, LP AS14480 CTTEL-2 - Connecticut Telephone Incorporated AS14481 BRODARTCO - Brodart Company AS14482 DOMAIN-SYSTEMS - Domain Systems, Inc. AS14483 TNSASN - TeleQ Network Solutions, Inc. AS14484 WHOSC2 - Who's Calling, Inc. AS14485 GAIAONLINE - Gaia Interactive, Inc. AS14486 OXY-AS - Occidental College AS14487 VIDEONETWORKS - VIDEO NETWORKS INC AS14489 DENDRITE - DENDRITE INTERNATIONAL AS14490 VIRTELA-CUST-VCASJC1-EXTREME Virtela Communications AS14492 DATAPIPE - DataPipe AS14493 AOA-AS-NUMBER - American Osteopathic Association AS14494 EPINIONS - Epinions, Inc. AS14495 NASDAQTRM - The Nasdaq Stock Market AS14496 AGILENT-AS - Agilent Technologies AS14497 RED-ROCKS-DATA-CENTER - Red Rocks Data Center, LLC AS14498 DYNETICS - Dynetics, Inc. AS14499 NFSTC-OCEANIA - National Forensic Science Technology Center AS14500 INTERDESIGNS - Internetwork Designs AS14501 CIHOST - C I Host AS14502 TRAVEL-NET - Travel-Net Communications Inc AS14503 HOOVERS - Hoover's, Inc. AS14504 EGGN-AS-14504 - Eureka Broadband AS14505 ISLC - Internet Services of the Low Country AS14506 STAGGCAP - Stagg Capital Group, LLC AS14508 VFL-BB-1 - Velocity Futures, LP AS14510 COREEXPRESS - CoreExpress AS14511 POLAR-COMMUNICATIONS - POLAR COMMUNICATIONS AS14512 BENTLEY-AS - Bentley College AS14513 WSS-NET - Wolf & Son Solutions, Inc. AS14514 PHJW - Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker LLP AS14515 STATENET - Statenet AS14516 INVESTEC-2 AS14517 REACHONE - ReachONE Internet AS14518 FLEISHMAN-HILLARD - Fleishman-Hillard Inc. AS14519 APPLIEDI - Applied Innovations Inc. AS14520 AS-TBWACDNY - TBWA Chiat Day AS14521 PACIFIC-LIFE - Pacific Life AS14522 Satnet AS14523 LEWISIG-ASN-R01 - Lewis ig, Inc AS14524 SERCO-NA - SERCO NA AS14525 TORONTO-UTILITIES - Alliance Data AS14526 RM-TECHNOLOGIES-GROUP - Rodefer Moss Technologies Group, LLC. AS14527 CABELAS - Cabela's AS14528 BIOSITE-INCORPORATED - BIOSITE AS14529 PENTAGRAM-NETWORK-ADMIN - Pentagram Design, Inc. AS14530 MYC-NET - Cybernet Communications Inc. AS14531 LM-ATL - Lockheed Martin Corporation AS14532 CBOSS - CBOSS INC AS14533 STEEL-PARTNERS - Steel Partners, LTD. AS14534 CYBERAGENCY-FTL - CyberAgency Corporation AS14535 Techtel LMDS Comunicaciones Interactivas S.A. AS14536 ASN-SOL - sol.net Network Services AS14537 MOHAWK-INTERNET-AS - Mohawk Internet Technologies AS14538 HEC-NETWORK - Harrisonburg Electric Commission AS14540 CERTICOM - Certicom Corporation AS14541 GE-AIRCRAFT-ENGINES - GE AIRCRAFT ENGINES AS14542 HOLLYWOOD-INTERACTIVE - Hollywood Interactive, Inc. AS14543 SRT-ASN - Souris River Telecommunications AS14544 RETEK - Retek, Inc. AS14545 MACI - MACI.Net AS14546 MIDWESTINTER - Midwestern Intermediate Unit 4 AS14547 RPTK - RPTK AS14548 LISTEN-SF-1 - Listen.com AS14549 ITC-GLOBAL-LLC - ITC Global AS14550 MIDDLEBURY-COLLEGE - Middlebury College AS14551 UUNET-SA - MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business AS14553 Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Rio de Janeiro AS14554 NY-INTERNET-CENTER - New York Internet Center, Inc. AS14555 NO - LAN Associates AS14556 PTC - Pilot Travel Centers, LLC AS14557 ACCESS-ORLANDO - Access Orlando AS14558 DANDY - Dandy.NET AS14559 BRTCC - Ballard Rural Telephone Cooperative Corporation Inc. AS14560 Internet Holding S. A. AS14561 ASSOCIATED-BANK-INTERNET - Associated Bank AS14562 SHAW-COMMUNICATIONS - Shaw Communications Inc. AS14563 DATAGRAM-PACIFIC - Datagram, Inc. AS14564 ELECTROLUX - Electrolux L.l.c. AS14565 TEKNET - Tek Net Communications, Inc. AS14566 ACS-INTERNET - Affiliated Computer Services AS14567 HDFSI - Harley-Davidson Financial Services, Inc. AS14568 NAVL - North American Van Lines AS14569 COMPUVEST-AS - CompuVest Corp. AS14570 CYBERCONNECTICS - CyberConnectics AS14571 Internet Group do Brasil AS14572 SUAVEMENTE - Suavemente, INC. AS14573 KEYSPANENERGY-NE1 - Keyspan Energy AS14574 RTCCOM - RTC Communications AS14575 RGIS-INV-SPEC-AS - RGIS Inventory Specialists AS14577 AS-TBWACDLA - TBWA Chiat Day AS14578 APSINC - Automatic Payroll Systems, Inc. AS14579 EDWARDJONES - EdwardJones, Inc. AS14580 REGENTEC - Regeneration Technologies, Inc. AS14581 VANCODIRECT-AS - Vanco Direct USA, LLC AS14582 BUSINESSONLINE - Business Online AS14583 VITA-VSP-1 - Virginia Information Technologies Agency (VITA) AS14585 CIFNET - CIFNet, Inc. AS14586 ECOP-AS - Electrolux Home Products, Inc. AS14587 GIANT-CR - Giant, Inc. AS14588 COMSAT-INTERNATIONAL - Comsat International AS14589 DIGITALWEST-AS - Digital West Networks, Inc. AS14590 DESERTSCHOOLS-ASN-1 - Desert Schools Federal Credit Union AS14591 SWPNET - SWPNet, Inc. (Gateway to the Web) AS14592 MAKENA - Makena Technologies Inc AS14593 BRAND-INSTITUTE - Brand Instiute, Inc. AS14594 CONFLUENT - ConfluentASP AS14595 THINKTEL - ThinkTel Communications Ltd. AS14596 COMPUTERCONCEPTS - COMPUTER CONCEPTS CORP. AS14597 DETM10777 - Duke Energy Trading and Marketing, L.L.C. AS14598 FCS-AS - FRIENDLY COMPUTER SYSTEMS INC AS14599 SPRINT-CHARTER-CONNECTION - Besser Company AS14600 MXL-PROD - MX Logic, Inc. AS14601 AAL-ASN - Anchorage Advisors, LLC AS14602 TELIAX - Teliax, Inc. AS14603 VSI - VisionShare Inc. AS14604 NFRONT-ATL - nFront AS14605 ATS-NET - Advanced Technical Solutions, LLC AS14607 OTA-LTD - OTA Limited Partnership AS14608 AFS-1 - Alaska Fiberstar AS14609 EQUINIX-CORP-AS - Equinix, Inc. AS14610 INTEGRAL - Integral Development Corp. AS14611 HARPERCOLLINSPUBLISHERS - HARPER COLLINS PUBLISHERS INC. AS14612 MAINSTREET-DALLAS-DATACENTER - MainStreet Solutions, Inc. AS14613 INNOVATIVE-HEALTH-STRATEGIES - Innovative Health Strategies, Inc. AS14614 STARKEY - Starkey Laboratories, Inc. AS14615 ROCK-HILL-TELEPHONE - Rock Hill Telephone Company AS14616 IVANET-AMSTERDAM - IBASIS INC. AS14617 GDST-SATCOM - General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies Inc. AS14618 AMAZON-AES - Amazon.com, Inc. AS14620 ITALK - iTalk Global Communications, Inc. AS14621 NPSNET - National Park Service AS14623 LCU-NET - Lubbock Christian University AS14624 PSINet do Brasil LTDA. AS14625 PGA-TOUR - PGA Tour AS14626 COLUMBIA-HCA - Columbia/HCA Healthcare, Inc. AS14627 NOIP-VITAL - Vitalwerks Internet Solutions, LLC AS14628 SMUD-ELECTRIC - Sacramento Municipal Utility District AS14629 SOLUCIAN - Solucian Networking, L.L.C. AS14630 AIM-MANAGEMENT - AIM Management AS14631 EMPIREPAPER-WF - Empire Paper Company AS14632 NCTV-ASN1 - NetcableTV, Inc AS14633 TRANSTEL - Transtel Communications AS14634 SPINNNET - Spinn Net AS14635 VERMONT-STUDENT-ASSISTANCE-CORPORATION - Vermont Student Assistance Corporation AS14636 INTERNAP-BLK4 - Internap Network Services AS14637 SBM-ASN - STATER BROS MARKETS AS14638 LCPR-HSD - Liberty Cablevision of Puerto Rico LTD AS14639 ALLEGIANCE-AS1 - Allegiance Healthcare Corporation AS14641 HANNAFORD - Hannaford Bros. Co. AS14642 MOREWAVE - Morewave Communication Inc. AS14643 BIGIRASN - BigIronData LLC AS14644 IONCOMPUTER - ION Computer Systems, Inc. AS14645 ACTIVEWEBSERVICES - Active Web Services LLC AS14646 LOGANREC - Logan County Cooperative Power and LightAssociation AS14647 NETOS-ASN1 - Network O.S., Inc. AS14648 RANDFINANCIAL - Rand Financial Services, Inc. AS14649 NEBS - New England Business Service AS14650 Vant Communications AS14651 RSLCOMCA-1 - RSL COM Canada Inc. AS14652 COSTARGROUPASN - COSTAR GROUP AS14653 5280NETWORKSICGBLOCK1 - 5280 Networks, Inc. AS14654 WAYPORT - Wayport AS14655 INTERNET-WISCONSIN - Internet Wisconsin AS14656 ASN-CUSA-LLC - CUSA LLC AS14657 BULLERI-NETWORKS - Bulleri Networks L.L.C. AS14658 NEBUTEL-NET - NEBUTEL, INC. AS14659 ZID-1 - ZiD Internet AS14660 NAVTRAK01 - Navtrak Inc. AS14661 LAURENTIANU - Laurentian University AS14662 CSTONE-NET - Cornerstone Systems Inc. AS14663 TELUS-3 - TELUS MOBILITY AS14664 IFX NETWORKS COLOMBIA AS14665 REWARDSPLUS - Rewards Plus of America, Inc. AS14666 SPIRIT1 - SpiritBank AS14667 MYLINUXISP-01 - My Linux ISP AS14668 COMCAST-TELECOMM-6 - Comcast Telecommunications, Inc. AS14669 RGTS-NY - Rockefeller Group Technology Solutions, Inc. AS14670 SOLAR-VPS - Solar VPS AS14671 TACONIC - Taconic Technology Corp. AS14672 CARROLL-NET - Carroll-Net, Inc. AS14674 Imagenes Digitales S.A. AS14675 PARABLEGROUP - The Parable Group, Inc. AS14677 CLICK-NETWORK - Click! Network AS14678 YAHOO-HILLSBORO - Yahoo AS14679 WEBMASTER - WebMaster, Incorporated AS14680 TELERA-AS - Telera AS14681 PINNACLEFOODSCORPORATION - Pinnacle Foods Corporation AS14682 GGS - GGS Information Services AS14683 INTRAWARE-ORINDA - Intraware AS14684 LOUISVILLENOC - ACCENT Marketing Services, L.L.C. AS14685 COUNTRYWIDE-CREDIT1 - COUNTRYWIDE HOME LOANS AS14686 YISI - Double Dog Communications AS14687 NATIONALLIFE - National Life Insurance Company AS14688 GVSI - GlobalView Software Inc. AS14689 AGEDWARDS - A.G. Edwards & Sons, Inc. AS14690 PEORIAUSD11 - Peoria Unified School District AS14691 AEACU-ROUTEDOMAIN - AEA Credit Union AS14692 Sao OnLine SC LTDA AS14694 GT3-65-200-189-0-65-200-191-0 - General Telecom AS14695 AMERICAN-BOOKSELLERS - American Booksellers Association AS14696 GRID-AS - Grid Network Systems AS14697 VDOTNET - VDot.Net AS14698 GRANDECOM-AS - Grande Communications Networks, Inc. AS14700 RCG-ASN - Ridgefield Capital Group GP, LLC AS14701 COLLECTIVETECH - Collective Technologies AS14702 ARGONNE-WEST-AS - Argonne National Laboratory (West) AS14703 MAQSNET - MARQUETTE-ADAMS TELEPHONE COOPERATIVE, INC. AS14705 PCAL2 - PAUL CAPITAL ADVISORS, L.L.C. AS14706 MBARI-MAIN - Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute AS14707 ABSHOU-ASN - American Bureau of Shipping AS14708 WebHost Chile S.A. AS14709 Telefonica Moviles Panama S.A. AS14710 COX-OMAHA - Cox Communications Omaha, L.L.C. AS14711 INTERMIX-LLC - Intermix Network, LLC AS14712 AS-ONESC - One Step Consulting, Inc. AS14713 ICI-HSNP - Internet Connections, Inc AS14714 CONCERT-ASN - CONCERT AS14716 LIGHTHOUSE - Lighthouse Computer, Inc. AS14717 ECINET - EZE Castle Integration Inc. AS14718 DWR-AS - DESIGN WITHIN REACH AS14719 MICROSOFT-CORP-BCENTRAL - Microsoft Corp AS14720 GAMMANETWORKING-EAST - Gamma Networking Inc. AS14721 FLYTRADING - Fly Trading, Inc. AS14722 AWC-US - ANYWEBCAM.COM USA LLC AS14723 Belgo Mineiras Sistemas AS14724 PROCARERX - BURGESS INFORMATION SYSTEMS AS14725 KEMPER-TECHSERVICES - Kemper Insurance Companies AS14727 TECHLINE - Techline AS14728 CURRENT-COMMUNICATIONS-SERVICES-LLC - Current Communications Services LLC AS14729 TIER1NET - Tier1Net, Inc. AS14730 CAVTEL01 - Cavalier Telephone LLC AS14731 DATASCANTECHNOLOGIES - Datascan Technologies, LLC AS14732 THESTREET-COM-AS2 - TheStreet.Com AS14733 BARCAP-NORTH-AMERICA - Barclays Capital Inc. AS14734 LASERLINK-NET - Laser Link.Net AS14735 CREATIVE-CHANGE - Creative Change, Inc. AS14736 COKCMO - City of Kansas City Missouri AS14737 CCCOES - Colorado Community College and OccupationalEducation System AS14738 DIGIKEY - Digi-Key Corporation AS14740 INNOVATIONSTECH-CORP - Innovations in Technology, Inc. AS14741 BIZLAND-SD - Endurance International Group, Inc. AS14742 INTERNAP-BLOCK-4 - Internap Network Services AS14743 INTERNAP-BLOCK-4 - Internap Network Services AS14744 INTERNAP-BLOCK-4 - Internap Network Services AS14745 INTERNAP-BLOCK-4 - Internap Network Services AS14746 LEAVENWORTH-ONLINE - Leavenworth Online, Inc AS14747 LEE-COUNTY-CC - Lee County Clerk of Courts AS14750 SIERRA-TEL-INTERNET - Sierra Tel Internet AS14751 CONVERSENT - Conversent Communications AS14752 HOOPBR - Hooper Holmes Inc. AS14753 UNIVE-80 - Universal Consulting AS14754 Telgua AS14755 MHO - Mile High Online AS14756 BWN-AS - Blue Wave Networks Inc. AS14757 DATA-SYSTEMS-WORLDWIDE - Data Systems West AS14758 CAJUNNET-ASN - CAJUNNET LLC AS14759 Informatica El Corte Ingles AS14760 MURRAY-STATE-UNIVERSITY - Murray State University AS14761 SCS-ASN - SCS Financial Services, LLC AS14762 AMGEN - AMGEN, Inc. AS14763 STKATE - College of St. Catherine AS14765 TECHE - Computers-N-Service Internet, Inc. AS14766 UKMAGDIA-BT-YIP - Magnetar Capital LLC AS14767 THEAIMSGROUP - The AIMS Group (A Division of ABC-NACO, Inc) AS14768 STOCKSCOPE-AS1 - Worden Brothers, Inc. AS14769 i-Solution S.A. AS14770 APPLIEDCARD - Applied Card Systems AS14771 CITCO-ASN-1 - Citco Technology Management, Inc. AS14772 UNXCOM - UNX.com AS14773 LANLEB-IU13 - Lancaster Lebanon Intermediate Unit 13 AS14774 AS14774 - Starpoint Digital, LLC AS14775 C-COR - C-COR.NET AS14776 INKTOMI-LAWSON - Inktomi Corporation AS14777 INKTOMI-LAWSON - Inktomi Corporation AS14778 INKTOMI-LAWSON - Inktomi Corporation AS14779 INKTOMI-LAWSON - Inktomi Corporation AS14780 INKTOMI-LAWSON - Inktomi Corporation AS14781 INKTOMI-LAWSON - Inktomi Corporation AS14782 SFAFT-AS1 - SUBWAY FRANCHISE ADVERTISING FUN AS14783 NUANCE-BURLINGTON - NUANCE COMMUNICATIONS, INC AS14784 CPR - Computer Products and Resources AS14786 GHS - Gwinnett Hospital Systems AS14787 ASN1GUARD23ATTWINSTAR - Guardian Industries AS14788 LALLY-MCFARLAND - Lally McFarland & Pantello AS14789 DONORNETWORK - Donor Network of Arizona AS14790 CAMERON - Cameron Memorial Community Hospital AS14791 ASN-CENTRAMEDIA-ISP - Centramedia Incorporated AS14792 DST-ASN - DST Systems, Inc. AS14793 API-DIGITAL - API Digital Communications Group, LLC AS14794 AIRLIANCE - AirLiance Materials, LLC AS14795 Banco Credito e Inversiones AS14796 CVC-INTERNET - CVC Internet AS14797 QNECTNET - Qnect.net AS14798 ALBRIGHTCONSULTING - Albright Consulting Services, Inc. AS14799 EXP-EC2000 - Experian AS14800 METRATECH - METRATECH CORP. AS14801 HPU - HAWAII PACIFIC UNIVERISTY AS14802 UMPQUABANK - UMPQUA BANK AS14804 DYNAMEX - Dynamex AS14805 WESTPOINT-HOME - WestPoint Home, Inc. AS14806 BUY-COM - Buy.com AS14807 EMPTORIS - Emptoris Inc. AS14808 PONCACITY-NET - poncacity.net AS14809 CCI-INTERNET - CCI Industries, Inc AS14810 ECI-TELECOM-DND - ECI Telecom DND, Inc. AS14811 HELLMANN-US - Hellmann Worldwide Logistics AS14813 TELEBARBADOS - Telebarbados Inc. AS14814 TRVNET - Twin Rivers Valley Internet Services Inc. AS14815 MYCFO-ASN - myCFO AS14816 AMDAHL-CORP - AMDAHL CORPORATION AS14817 SCL-SHAW - Syncrude Canada Limited AS14818 CYBERMESA-ASN - Internet at Cyber Mesa AS14819 AMER-COLLEGE-OF-CARD - American College of Cardiology AS14820 ICI-MAD - Industry Connection, Inc. AS14821 MBA-EQUINIX-AS - Mortgage Bankers Association of America AS14822 MSKCC - Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center AS14823 TSHARE-01 - Teleshare Communications Services, Inc. AS14824 NEWSOUTH - NewSouth Communications LLC AS14825 CONSONUS - Consonus, inc AS14826 SURENET-ASN - SureNet Communications Group AS14827 WSDOT-ASN - Washington State Department of Transportation AS14828 HBCI-1999TA - Hiawatha Broadband Communication Inc. AS14830 PFA-BETH-AS-1 - ProFund Advisors LLC AS14831 ANSRTHINK - Answerthink AS14832 NETWORKUSA - Network USA L.L.C AS14833 DIGG - Digg, Inc. AS14834 UIS-AS - University of Illinois at Springfield AS14835 RENTECH - Renaissance Application Facility, LLC. AS14836 CITY-OF-TORONTO - City of Toronto AS14837 OSCAR-GRUSS-AS - Oscar Gruss & Son Incorporated AS14838 DEVIANTART - deviantART, Inc. AS14839 SARCOM - Sarcom, Inc. AS14840 Computer Service Teleinformбtica Ltda AS14841 ANDALE-COM - Andale, Inc. AS14842 BAUD-AS01 - Baudville, Inc. AS14843 WALLED-NET - 1610851 Ontario Inc. AS14844 SPECTRAN-AS - Specialized Transportation Inc. AS14845 Universidad Nacional del Sur AS14846 CGNOGE - NBC Internet AS14847 RCG-INFO-TECH - RCG Information Technology AS14848 OCB - Ophthalmic Consultants of Boston (OCB) AS14849 SCSD-AS - Superior Court of California, County of San Diego AS14850 KODIAK-NETWORKS-PLANO - Kodiak Networks AS14851 BANNER-HEALTH-ARIZONA - BANNER HEALTH AS14852 DCX - DaimlerChrysler Corporation AS14853 AOL-MTC3 - America Online, Inc. AS14854 AOL-MTC2 - America Online, Inc. AS14855 AOL-MTC1 - America Online, Inc. AS14856 AS-VUDU - VUDU, Inc. AS14857 MOTOROLA-ICSD - Motorola AS14858 HISNET - Hanson Information Systems, Inc. / Family Net AS14859 CAC-ASN - CENTRAL ARIZONA COLLEGE AS14860 SC2000AS - SMARTCOM TELEPHONE, LLC AS14861 ISC-GROUP - ISC Group AS14863 CORBAN - Corban College AS14864 GREENWICH - GREENWICH CAPITAL MARKETS AS14865 LIBERTY-ENTERPRISES - Liberty Enterprises AS14866 TELIC - Telic Communications, Inc. AS14867 Diveo de Colombia Ltda. AS14868 Companhia Paranaense de Energia - COPEL AS14869 ADAM-COM - Adam.com, Inc. AS14870 INTRAWARE-SC4 - Intraware AS14871 YOUNG-AMERICA - Young America Corporation AS14872 YNC - @YourNet Connection, Inc. AS14873 ATB - Alberta Treasury Branches AS14874 MEDCENTRAL-MANSFIELD - MedCentral Health System AS14875 NOVATELASN - NovAtel Inc. AS14877 PAPPAS-TELECASTING-COMPANIES - Pappas Telecasting Companies AS14878 PIXIUS-AS - Pixius Communications, LLC AS14880 TICKETMASTER-NETOPS - TicketMaster AS14881 NMG-1 - The Neiman Marcus Group, Inc. AS14882 QUAD-GRAPHICS - Quad/Graphics Inc. AS14883 TRACI - TRACI Network Solutions AS14884 ADVANCEDACCESS - Advanced Access AS14885 RAND-GRAPHICS - Rand Graphics, Inc. AS14886 Atos Origin Brazil AS14887 MDB-CAPITAL - MDB Capital Group LLC AS14888 FNBOMAHA-AS - First National Bank of Omaha AS14889 HOU-MUSTANGENG - Mustang Engineering, L.p. AS14890 HAYBOONET - Haynes and Boone, L.L.P. AS14891 EACOM - Electronic Arts, Inc. AS14892 STOCKPOINTSF - Stockpoint, Inc. AS14894 WASH-MUTUAL - Washington Mutual Inc. AS14895 LAWSON-SOFTWARE - Lawson Software AS14896 CSNOC - Computer Solutions AS14897 PKS-INVESTMENTS - Purshe Kaplan Sterling Investments, Inc. AS14898 ODINTERNET - Office Depot AS14899 MOBILEXUSA - MobilexUSA AS14900 USLEC-CORP-1 - USLEC Corp. AS14901 TAOSNET-NEWMEX - TAOS NET LLC AS14902 AS-ACTIV - ACTIV Financial Systems, Inc. AS14904 IBMCCH-RTP - IBM AS14905 EMBARQ-CHVL - Embarq Corporation AS14907 WIKIMEDIA - Wikimedia Foundation Inc. AS14908 WHALEBACK-SYSTEMS - Whaleback Systems AS14909 PNG-TELECOM - PowerNet Global Communications AS14910 EMBARQ-FTMY - Embarq Corporation AS14911 MOMENTUM-ONLINE - Momentum Online Internet Services AS14912 IBMCCH-SBY - IBM AS14913 MEDIA-NEWS-GROUP - MEDIA NEWS GROUP AS14914 CONNECTSOUTH - ConnectSouth, Inc. AS14915 HYPERION-SOLUTIONS-SV - Hyperion Solutions AS14916 SUNGARDAS - SunGard Availability Services AS14917 FBS-NET - Future Business Solutions, Inc. AS14918 UNISERVE-EAST - Uniserve On Line AS14919 NETLEDGER - NetLedger, Inc. AS14920 BPOP - Banco Popular AS14921 EMBARQ-HDRV - Embarq Corporation AS14922 IPSOFT-US-ASN1 - IPsoft AS14924 NAP-PAIX-VA1 - Merit Network Inc. AS14925 DELTA - Delta Air Lines AS14926 IBMCCH-MIL - IBM AS14928 ADAMS-CATV - Adams CATV, Inc AS14929 VITELITY - Vitelity, LLC AS14930 ALLANT-GROUP - The Allant Group AS14931 STA-AS - The St. Paul Travelers Companies, Inc. AS14932 CELERA-GENOMICS - Celera Genomics, A PE Corporation Business AS14933 LONDONCONNECT - London Hydro AS14934 UNAVC-AS - UNAVCO AS14935 MONTICELLO - Monticello Networks, Inc. AS14936 CUP-WN - Cambridge University Press AS14937 AS14938 BET-AS - Bullseye Telecom AS14939 THRES - THRESHOLD COMMUNICATIONS,INC. AS14940 BELMAY-CHESTER - Belmay, Inc. AS14941 INTEGRATED-DOCUMENT-SOLUTIONS - Integrated Document Solutions AS14942 TN-SCHCC-AS1 - Regional Medical Center at Memphis AS14943 FSIM - Fox Sports Interactive Media,LLC. AS14944 SYNTA-PHARMACEUTICALS-CORP - Synta Pharmaceuticals Corp AS14945 SKYNET-CORP - Skynet Corp. AS14946 BMHCC - Baptist Memorial Health Care Corporation AS14947 HIGHLINE-AS - Highline Capital Management AS14948 IMS-HEALTH - IMS Health, Inc. AS14949 VSATSYSTEMS-01 - VSAT-Systems, LLC AS14950 NFOR - NFO Research, Inc. AS14952 ACCENTURE - Accenture AS14953 PVOIP - Premier Voice AS14954 FHCRC - Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center -FHCRC AS14955 N-V-C - Northern Valley Communications AS14956 BROADVISION-ASN - Broadvision Inc. AS14957 HOALE - PENTON MEDIA AS14958 NATIONS-KS - NATIONS HOLDING COMPANY AS14959 MODISPRO - Modis Professional AS14960 GAMERAIL - GameRail AS14961 RBMG - RBMG AS14962 NCR-252 - NCR Corporation AS14963 TMCS - Ticketmaster Online - CitySearch, Inc. AS14964 AAPINT - Advance Auto Parts AS14965 FBR - Friedman, Billings, Ramsey, & Co., Inc. AS14966 Larrain Vial S.A AS14967 NORTHMEMORIAL-HEALTHCARE-ASN - North Memorial Medical Center AS14969 JANE-STREET - JANE STREET AS14970 CAMARA COLOMBIANA DE INFORMATICA YTELECOMUNICACION AS14971 PINETEL - Pine Telephone System, Inc. AS14972 BITPU-AS - BitPusher, LLC AS14973 PLATO-USACA7-BRD - PLATO LEARNING AS14974 VIRTUAL-INC - Virtual Inc. AS14975 ABN-AMRO-NA - ABN/AMRO North America AS14976 SMART-CITY-DENVER - Smart City Networks, L.P. AS14977 STATE-OF-WYOMING-ASN - State of Wyoming Department A&I AS14978 CSSBB - Consolidated Smart Systems LLC AS14980 RTCOL - Rochester Telephone Company, Inc AS14981 KIRKLAND-ELLIS - Kirkland & Ellis LLP AS14982 DQ-ASN - Dynamic Quest, Inc. AS14983 LSAC-AS - Law School Admission Council AS14985 VEROXITY - Veroxity Technology Partners, Inc. AS14987 NII - Network Innovations, Inc. AS14988 BTC-GATE1 AS14989 BROADVIEWNET - Broadview Networks AS14990 AVNET-NA - Avnet Inc. AS14991 ELKNET - ElkhartNet, Inc AS14992 CRYSTALTECH - CrystalTech Web Hosting Inc. AS14993 INTERCONSECURITY - Intercon Security, Ltd AS14994 SOFTB-ASN - SOFTBANK INC. AS14995 MASERGY-AS - Masergy Communications AS14998 TSI-GC-NETBLK-01 - TSI, Incorporated AS14999 USERACTIVEAS01 - Useractive, INC. AS15000 GLOBAL-RELAY - Global Relay Communications Inc. AS15001 ITCONVERGENCE-COM - IT Convergence Inc. AS15002 DRUGSTORE - Drugstore.Com, Inc. AS15003 NOBIS-TECH - Nobis Technology Group, LLC AS15004 GTELCO - Gunnison Telephone Company AS15005 NATIONAL-CITY-CORP - National City Coporation AS15006 IBMCCH-STL - IBM AS15007 TSUCHI - Tzu Chi Foundation AS15008 MWM - Meteor Web Marketing AS15009 UNISYS-OUTSOURCING - Unisys Corporation AS15010 IT-DIMENSIONS - IT Dimensions AS15011 DESKMEDIA-1 - DESKTOP MEDIA AS15012 CRTCAPITAL-001 - CRT Capital Group LLC AS15013 FUSS-ONEILL-TECH - Fuss & O'Neill Technologies, LLC AS15015 SECURITY-CONNECTIONS-INC - Security Connections, Inc. AS15016 RBSLYNK-AS2 - RBS Lynk Incorporated AS15017 CAUTOCOM - CREATIVE AUTOMATION COMPANY AS15020 WSOL - WebSolutions Technology AS15021 NOOSH - NOOSH, INC AS15022 ADEPT-ZA AS15023 QUIK-US - Quik International AS15024 PACKET-WORKS - Packetworks Inc. AS15025 CTF - CTF HOLDINGS, INC (dba CTF HOTELS AND RESORTS) AS15026 ACXIOM - Acxiom Corporation AS15027 FOLEY-HOAG - Foley Hoag LLP AS15028 PENTWATER-CAPITAL-MGMT - PENTWATER CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LLC AS15029 FDRY-GAP - FOUNDRY NETWORKS, INC. AS15030 CorreioNet Comercio Teleinformatica e Mkt.Ltda AS15031 MAGMA-AS15031 - Magma Communications Ltd. AS15032 SXC-SCOTTSDALE - Systems Xcellence, Inc. AS15033 XPRES-PDX - XPRESSBET INC. AS15034 TIBA S.A. AS15035 SVN-NET - IP Access International AS15036 TOWN-OF-PINEVILLE - Town of Pineville AS15038 CAMBINC-1 - Cambridge Incubator, Inc. AS15039 MSCDIRECT-1 - MSC Industrial Supply Co. AS15040 SURITYNET - SURITYNET INC AS15041 BILLPOINT-AS - BillPoint AS15042 URBN - Urban Communications, Inc. AS15043 N2NET-AS-15043 - New Age Consulting Service AS15044 ECHO-GROUP-AS - Echo Online Internet Inc. AS15045 KITTELSON - KITTELSON AND ASSOCIATES, INC. AS15046 SU-COLO - Syracuse University AS15047 NONSTOP - Nonstop Solutions AS15048 METLIFE-ASN - MetLife AS15049 NETSECURITYTECH - Network Security Technologies Inc. AS15050 NATIXIS-BR-NYC - NATIXIS AS15051 TEREX-CORPORATION - TEREX CORPORATION AS15052 NETPLUS-ASN - NetPlus Communications, Inc. AS15054 HAMELTRONICS - Hameltronics, LLC AS15055 FASTPC-AS - FastPC Inc. AS15056 XO-ASN9 - XO Communications AS15057 XO-ASN6 - XO Communications AS15058 XO-ASN8 - XO Communications AS15059 BLOODSTOCK-RESEARCH - Bloodstock Research Information Services, Inc. AS15060 XO-ASN7 - XO Communications AS15061 ICBC-INET - Insurance Corporation of British Columbia AS15062 LOSCH - Losch Internet Services AS15063 PWEH-ASN - Pratt and Whitney AS15064 Internet Argentina AS15065 SLIC-COM-INTERNET - slic.com Incorporated AS15066 SkyNet de Colombia S.A. AS15067 TGN-AS1 - The Greenville News AS15068 SUPERCLUBS-JDV - SuperClubs.com AS15069 SBA - Smith Bucklin & Associates Inc AS15070 THEFIND-AS - TheFind, Inc. AS15071 BAX-BGP - BAX GLOBAL AS15072 CLASSPLUS-ASNUMBER - Classifieds Plus, Inc. AS15073 CPS-197 - California Physicians' Service AS15074 VIEWSONIC - Viewsonic Corporation AS15075 Wireless Communications Panama AS15076 LERWO34OS - Delgado Industries, LLC AS15077 MAG-TEK - MAG-TEK, INC. AS15078 Telelatina S.A. AS15079 IONIC-AS - Ionic Capital Management LLC AS15080 VIKINGGLOBAL - Viking Global Investors LP AS15081 ASN-CROS-1 - Computer Resources AS15082 PRIMEINTER - Prime Internet Network AS15083 INFOLINK-MIA-US - Infolink Information Services Inc. AS15084 CONVERGYS - Convergys Corp. AS15085 IMMED-3 - Immedion, LLC AS15086 QVC - QVC, Inc. AS15087 MEAGTELECOM - MEAG Telecom AS15088 FNG-NET - First Network Group AS15089 MASSMUTUAL - Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance AS15090 STARKINVESTMENTS - Stark Investments AS15091 HCCL-5-AS - Helicon Cable Communications, LLC AS15092 STAR2STAR - Star2Star Communications, LLC AS15093 TMGC - Texas Mid-Gulf Cablevision, LP AS15094 KNOW-TECHNOLOGY - Know Technology, LLC AS15095 LEAPSTONE-SYS - LEAPSTONE SYSTEMS, INC. AS15096 SONN - SONN AS15097 WALLSTREETACCESS - Wall Street Access AS15098 VML-COM - VALENTINE McCORMICK & LIGIBEL AS15099 ELCOM - ELCOM.COM AS15100 BEVCOMM-AS1 - Bevcomm AS15101 MYCARTAS - MyCart.net AS15102 ASN-WIBAND-1 - WiBand Communications Corp. AS15103 SIHBGPTO-01 - SI International, Inc. AS15104 MBNA-NET-AS1 - MBNA AS15105 NETWORKTELEPHONE - Network Telephone Corporation AS15106 SIU-BACKBONE - Southern Illinois University - School of Medicine AS15107 Grupo Financiero Bancomer AS15108 ALLO-COMM - Allo Communications LLC AS15109 VYNAMICS-SUNGARDDEN2 - CCD AS15111 HERMANMILLER - Herman Miller, Inc. AS15112 GATX-CORP - GATX Corporation AS15114 HOSTDEPOT-ASN - Host Depot, Inc. AS15116 PITT-STATE - Pittsburg State University AS15117 ANHEUSER-BUSCH - Anheuser-Busch Companies Inc. AS15118 SIU-BB-2 - Southern Illinois University - School of Medicine AS15119 SIU-BB-2 - Southern Illinois University - School of Medicine AS15120 SIU-BB-2 - Southern Illinois University - School of Medicine AS15121 CALTEL-COM - Calaveras Internet Company AS15122 PTPBROADBAND - Point to Point Broadband Inc. AS15123 LATINNODE - LATIN NODE INC AS15124 CHICAGONET-NET - Chicagonet AS15125 Comsat Peru AS15126 ASMC - American Suzuki Motor Corporation AS15127 CHATHAM-INTERNET-ACCESS - Chatham Internet Access AS15128 COMWAVE-BGP-01 - Comwave Telecom Inc. AS15129 TRICOM-IL - TRI COM AS15130 USDOJ-GOV - United States Department of Justice AS15131 DATASERV - DATASERV AS15133 EDGECAST - EdgeCast Networks, Inc. AS15134 EOS - Electronic Online Systems International AS15135 EVERYDNS - EveryDNS, LLC AS15136 AS-NSPOF - NSPOF Communications Inc AS15137 JETPAY-AS - JetPay, LLC AS15138 GLOBALTRON - GlobalTron Communications Corporation AS15139 PANASONIC - Matsushita Electric Corporation of America AS15140 HAWKEYECOLLEGE - Hawkeye Community College AS15141 ASN-BAUSCH-LOMB - Bausch & Lomb AS15142 ADSNET-COM - Automated Data Systems, Inc AS15143 GAINSCOASNUMBER - GAINSCO INC AS15144 TEKINTERACTIVE - TEK Interactive Group, Inc. AS15145 GLOBALSCAPE - GlobalSCAPE, Inc. AS15146 CABLEBAHAMAS - Cable Bahamas Ltd. AS15147 DHSINETNOC - DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY AS15148 BLACKBAUD-ASN - Blackbaud, Inc. AS15149 EZZI-101-BGP - EZZI.NET AS15150 BELLTECH-AS - BELLWETHER TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION AS15151 Center for Genetic Engineering andBiotechnology AS15152 SPEEDFACTORY - Speed Factory AS15153 STARWIRELESS-15153 - Star Wireless, Inc. AS15154 SBBSNET - Specialized Bulletin Board Systems AS15155 INTELLIMARK - Intellimark, Inc. AS15157 NORWORLD - NORTHWESTERN CORPORATION AS15158 ALGOMA-UNIVERSITY-COLLEGE - Algoma University College AS15159 PEER-POINT AS15160 BMO-SCARB - Bank of Montreal AS15161 STRADLEY - Stradley Ronon Stevens & Young, LLP AS15162 CRICKETCOMM - Cricket Communications AS15163 MTD - MTD Products, Inc AS15164 UPNLLC - Unite Private Networks LLC. AS15165 CRPL-ASN - Copper River Partners, L.P. AS15166 TCNJ - The College of New Jersey AS15167 DPS-HAMMOND - Data Protection Services, LLC AS15168 HI-ASN - Hi.net, LLC AS15169 GOOGLE - Google Inc. AS15170 MATCHNET - Matchnet AS15171 BLUEGRAVITY - Blue Gravity Communications, Inc. AS15174 ECHO-STREET - Echo Street Capital Management, LLC AS15175 ACC-1 - Advanced Cabling and Communications AS15176 AS-INOC - iNOC, Inc. AS15177 STARTOUCH-WA1 - STARTOUCH INC AS15178 PMNJ80W - Panco Management of New Jersey LLC AS15179 RNT-HOSTING-1 - RightNow Technologies, Inc. AS15180 Diveo do Brasil Telecomunicacoes Ltda AS15181 IMFT - IM Flash Technologies, LLC. AS15182 ALCATELIND - Alcatel IND AS15183 POWERWAVETECH - Powerwave Technologies AS15184 NRTC-ISP - National Rural Telecommunications Cooperative AS15185 HIBBERT-EAST - The Hibbert Group AS15186 SUPERUSER - Superuser Networks AS15187 NSFSB-AS - New South Federal Savings Bank AS15188 DIALI-INTERNETWORK-01 - Diali Internet LLC AS15189 HOSTVENTURES - HostVentures.com, Inc. AS15191 WAN-TECHNOLOGIES - WAN Technologies AS15192 TELENISUS-0001 - Telenisus AS15193 BLUEFLY-1 - Bluefly, Inc. AS15195 WASH-MUTUAL-2 - Washington Mutual Inc. AS15197 CONCORD - Concord Technologies AS15198 CCPI---SITE-1 - Convention Communications Provisioners, Inc. AS15199 WESTERN-WASHINGTON-UNIVERSITY - Western Washington University AS15200 HASSETT - Hassett Storage Warehouses Inc. AS15201 Universo Online Ltda. AS15202 GELLER - Geller & Company LLC AS15203 INTERNET-COLORADO - Internet Colorado, LLC. AS15204 MIMECOM - MimEcom Corp. AS15205 KERN-BGP - Kern Internet AS15206 MDSG-PACWEST - Pac-West Telecomm, INC. AS15207 FR01 - First Industrial Realty Trust, Inc. AS15208 Servicio de Impuestos Internos AS15209 COMMVAULT - CommVault Systems AS15210 NNEX-ASN - Northern Net Exposure AS15211 DIALMEX-ASN1 - Dialmex L.L.C. AS15212 19061 - Cellular South AS15213 THIGNET - Tower Hill Insurance Group AS15214 MERCURY-INTERACTIVE - Mercury Interactive Inc. AS15215 FARMERS-NETWORK - Farmers Group, Inc. AS15216 AS15216 Hostway Corporation Europe AS15217 LOUDCLOUD00 EDS Automated Operations/Loudcloud AS15218 COX-OKC - Cox Communications AS15219 ANPI-VEGAS-INTERCONNECT - Associated Network Partners, Inc. AS15220 RCG - Rosenthal Collins Group LLC AS15221 APOLLO-COM-LLC - Vanion, Inc. AS15222 CRLLC - Christofferson Robb & Company, LLC AS15223 TXWES - Texas Wesleyan University AS15224 OMNITURE - MyComputer.com AS15225 PERSECO - Perseco AS15226 SV-BLK-1 - Servervault AS15227 WVFIBERNET - FiberNet of West Virginia AS15228 PHARMADIRECTIONS-CARY-NC-1 - Pharmadirections, Inc. AS15229 JPC - Jefferson Pilot Communications AS15230 ADMDIT - ARTISTDirect, Inc. AS15231 ISPNET-LLC - ISPNET, LLC AS15232 RODGERSBUILDERS - Rodgers Builders AS15233 WEBSITEPROS - Website Pros AS15234 MCGWARE - Minneapolis Consulting Group, Inc. AS15235 OLD-MOUNTAIN-CO - The Old Mountain Company Inc. AS15236 Universidad de Colima AS15237 ASEWL - ENERGY WEB, LLC AS15238 GATESFOUNDATION - Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation AS15239 CIBER-TELEHOUSE-NET - CIBER INC. AS15240 PARTICIPATE-COM - Participate.com AS15241 Unete de Panama AS15242 NEXTWAVE-CA1 - Nextwave Telecom Inc. AS15243 WIDENER - Widener University AS15244 ADDD2NET-COM-INC-DBA-LUNARPAGES - ADDD2NET COM INC DBA LUNARPAGES AS15245 HARTE-HANKS-AS15245 - Harte-Hanks Inc. AS15246 Telecomunicaciones Satelitales TelesatS.A. AS15247 RADIANT-VANCOUVER - Radiant Communications Ltd. AS15248 BREVIENT - Brevient Technologies, LLC AS15249 P-S-B - Presidential Savings Bank, FSB AS15250 CONCEPT-SHOPPING - Concept Shopping AS15251 GRAND-CENTRAL-STATION - Grand Central Station Internet Services, Inc. AS15252 ESCAPE INTERNET PROVIDER S.R.L. AS15253 STERLING-GN - Sterling National Mortgage Company, Inc. AS15254 ACCUBID - Accubid Systems AS15255 BISK - Bisk - Totaltape Publishing AS15256 BANCO ITAU S.A. AS15257 NODALSPACE-NYC - Nodalspace, LLC AS15258 PALM-NET1 - PALM INC AS15259 ATT-ITSNCS-1 - AT&T Solutions ITS/NCS AS15260 BVIG - Buena Vista Internet Group AS15261 CENTRA - Centra Software, Inc. AS15262 HELLER-FINANCIAL - Heller Financial AS15263 GALLUP1 - Gallup AS15264 MUE800 - Muehlstein Administrative Services, LLC AS15265 PREVARE-LLC-BEVERLY-MA - Prevare LLC AS15266 THRU - ThruPort Technologies AS15267 702COM - 702 communications AS15268 MDARCHIVES - Maryland State Archives AS15269 PAI-AS - ConocoPhillips Company AS15270 AS-PAETEC-NET - PaeTec Communications, Inc. AS15271 FHS-INC-ENT-NET - Foundation Health Systems, Inc AS15272 ONLYLINK - Onlylink.com AS15273 EWISP-10 - EarthISP.Net, Inc AS15274 House Internet S.R.L. AS15275 GREENFIELDNET-WLT-CT - Greenfield Online AS15276 MAX-LV - Intuitive Logic AS15278 SAVVY-NET - Savvy Networks USA AS15279 PHHMORT-AS - PHH Corporation AS15280 ABMC - Alta Bates Summit Medical Center AS15281 NGCPUB - National Gypsum Company AS15282 EXPANDVOICE - Expanded Voice Services AS15283 VIAGENIE-IPV6 - Viagenie AS15287 BLINK-AS - Blink Communications AS15288 ALCATEL-NA - Alcanet International NA AS15289 CK-INTERNET1 - Clayton Kendall AS15290 ALLST-15290 - Allstream Corp. Corporation Allstream AS15291 POLAROID - Polaroid Corporation AS15292 LIFESIZE - Lifesize Communications AS15293 ASN-ISS-ATL Internet Security Systems AS15294 SENTINELTECH - Sentinel Technologies, Inc. AS15295 UNC-1388600-ASN - University of Northern Colorado AS15296 NETERA - Netera Alliance Inc. AS15297 EPLUS-ASN - EPLUS AS15298 LSB-INDUSTRIES-INC - LSB Industries, Inc. AS15299 COLUMBIA-MANAGEMENT - Columbia Management AS15300 4IMPRINT - 4imprint AS15301 IOVATION - iovation, Inc. AS15302 WRQ-NET - WRQ AS15303 NIKE-SECURITIES - Nike Securities AS15304 WASHOE-NET - Washoe County AS15305 SYRINGANETWORKS - Syringa Networks, LLC AS15306 SELLS - Sells Printing Company LLC AS15307 CHILDRENS-SEATTLE - Childrens Hospital and Regional Medical Center AS15308 B-A-C-S - Bell Atlantic Creative Services AS15309 MBAEA-AS - Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency AS15310 PRNCO-AS1 - PRN Corporation AS15311 Telefonica Empresas AS15312 EZSTORAGE-8221 - ezStorage Corporation AS15313 PACKETEER - Packeteer, Inc. AS15314 JENZABAR-ASN1 - jenzabar inc AS15315 IVANET-CAMBRIDGE-1 - IBASIS INC. AS15316 IVANET-VANCOUVER - IBASIS INC. AS15317 UCN-INTERNET-USA-1 - Universal Communications Network Inc. AS15318 MCGILL-AS - McGill University AS15319 BSWD1 - Bell South Wireless Data AS15320 PRIMELINK - PRIMELINK INC AS15321 CPSHIPS-AS - CP Ships - Americana Ships AS15322 BAM-ASN - Balance Asset Management LLC AS15323 BSD405 - Bellevue SchoolDistrict #405 AS15324 BARRACUDA-NETWORKS-INC - Barracuda Networks, Inc. AS15325 CRVDNS - CRVDNS, Inc AS15326 BINARYBROADBAND - BINARY BROADBAND AS15327 EFI-PGH-AS - Electronics for Imaging AS15328 DATAPRISE-INC - Dataprise, Inc. AS15329 CUSTOMEDGE - Custom Edge Incorporated AS15330 CORPORATE-INTERLAND - Interland, Inc. AS15331 BTC-MT-ASN - Blackfoot Telephone Cooperative, Inc. AS15332 WRITEIMAGE-1 - WriteImage AS15333 MIDMS-ASH - MPAY, Inc. d/b/a MPAY Software AS15334 RESPONSYS - responsys.com AS15335 KAPLAN-TELEPHONE - KAPLAN TELEPHONE COMPANY, INC. AS15336 CONCOR-1 - Concordia College AS15338 BOSTON - Boston Herald AS15339 3HT - 3HT AS15340 CVI-BORDER-1 - Community Vision, Inc. AS15341 ALLEGHENYINTEL - Allegheny Intel, L.L.C. AS15342 DDPMI-1 - DELTA DENTAL PLAN OF MICHIGAN AS15343 AM-EX - American Express Financial Advisors AS15344 KARIBCABLE - Karib Cable AS15345 NET-BALL - Ball Corporation AS15346 GLGASN-US - GLG Partners LP AS15347 TELESPECTRUM - Telespectrum Worldwide, Inc. AS15348 TUCOWS - Tucows International AS15349 SPEEDUS - SpeedUS.com, Inc. AS15350 AWC-ASN-001 - AMBERWAVE COMMUNICATIONS LLC AS15351 KADCAPNET - Kadem Capital AS15352 TCCC - The Coca-Cola Company AS15353 GNAC-PA - Global Networking and Computing AS15354 AS-BML01 - Bingham McCutchen AS15355 BNP-COOPERNEFF - BNP/Cooper Neff Inc. AS15356 THEBANCORP - Thebancorp.com AS15357 NNC-AS - Northern Networking Company AS15358 JONESINTERACTIVE - Jones Interactive/JES AS15359 KMM-NY-ASN - KAUFF MCCLAIN MCGUIRE LLP AS15360 INTERFREE-NET Interfree Spa - Internet Service Provider AS15361 Union Bancaire Privee AS15362 Kokua Communications Ltd AS15363 ASINFOSCORE InFoScore Software Service GmbH, Baden-Baden AS15365 IS Autonomous System AS15366 DNSNET DNS:NET GmbH & 1st communications GmbH Autonomous System AS15367 AS-DIGESTA DIGESTA AS15368 INTARES Intares GmbH, Hamburg, Germany AS15369 Financial Company AS15370 AS15371 European Backbone ASN of AS15372 IBH-AS IBH Prof. Dr. Horn GmbH, Dresden, Germany AS15373 CZESTMAN-AS Academic AS dedicated to Metropolitan Area Network CzestMAN AS15374 CITYLAN-DE Autonomous System AS15375 DKB DKB AS number for E-Commerce environment AS15376 DKB AS number for general environment AS15377 FREGAT-AS ISP "Fregat" Autonomuos System AS15378 DI-EX-AS Digital Expansion Autonomous System, Utel Ltd., Kaliningrad, Russia AS15379 XCALIBRE-AS XCalibre Communications Ltd AS15380 ANSCZ Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic AS15381 WAMNET Inc - European Internet Access AS15382 CHRONO-AS CHRONO TECHNOLOGIES AS15383 CIRB-CIBG Autonomous System AS15384 CD CONTACT DIRECT AS 15384 AS15385 CLARANET-AS Clara.net Germany AS15386 ASN-HEALTH Municipal government of health (GUZO) AS15387 EUROGAY EUROGAY Autonomous System AS15388 OMC-AS OMCnet Internet Service GmbH AS15389 FAROESE-TELECOM-AS FO-FOTELECOM-990315 Autonomous system AS15390 SELCUK-NET-AS Selcuk University AS15391 ENABLE SA Autonomous system AS15392 CECOM AG Autonomous System AS15393 MOJNET Moj.Net - Sinfonika d.d. AS15394 ScotIX ASN AS15395 UK Rackspace AS15396 ICM-PL-NONEDU ICM - Interdisciplinary Centre for Modelling AS15397 PROMONTE Promonte GSM operator AS15398 CYBERCORE-AS LocalBone CyberCore Autonomous System AS15399 WANANCHI-KE AS15400 MATCO Matco Serv 2000 SRL AS15401 EOLAS-AS EOLAS AS15402 ONE TEL AS15403 EXTERNALL EXTERNALL SA Paris, France AS15404 COLT Internet Sweden AS15405 Nettaxess' corp. HQ in Oslo, Norway AS15406 FATIH-EDU-NET Autonomous System AS15407 SOFTNET SoftNet Group AS15408 XCONX-AS SC Internet XconX SRL AS15409 DXI-NETWORKS Dexterus(DXI) IP network in Europe AS15410 BT Limited Hungarian Branch Office AS1 AS15411 DANISCO Danisco A/S Enterprise network Copenhagen , Denmark AS15412 FLAG-AS Flag Telecom Global Internet AS AS15413 ASN-MIPS # AS-MIPS CONVERTED TO ASN-MIPS FOR RPSL COMPLIANCE MIPS Autonomous system Italy AS15414 FLASHMM AS number AS15415 OBIS Autonomous System Oberberg-Online GmbH AS15416 Donbass State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture AS15417 KBIMPULS Autonomous System AS15418 FASTHOSTS-INTERNET Fasthosts Internet Ltd. Gloucester, UK. AS15419 LRTC-AS SC "LRTC" Internet services AS15420 LloydsTSBNet/CH Autonomous system AS15421 Internap European Autonomous System AS15422 PPR-AS15422 PPR Autonomous System (PPR Group) AS15423 IBMDK IBM Denmark A/S AS15424 SAUNALAHTI-GSM Saunalahti Group Oyj AS15425 COMA AS for Coma s.r.o. AS15426 XENOSITE XenoSite Autonomous System AS15427 EDVG-AS Elektronische Datenverarbeitung AS15428 DAGNET-AS Dagnet Ltd. AS15429 AS15429 DIGEX UK Managed Web Hosting AS15430 Kennemer Communicatie BV AS AS15431 AS15431 AS15431 AS15432 HIPERTNET Autonomous System Technopark Zuerich, CH AS15433 TISM Telecom Italia San Marino high speed Internet connection. AS15434 BARTELS-AS Bartels AS AS15435 KABELFOON CAIW Autonomous System AS15436 WITBE-AS WITBE Autonomous System AS15437 ASN-KJWS KJWS Autonomous System AS15438 ince Technology AS15439 EFG Eurobank AS15440 AS15440 MicroLink Lietuva Autonomous System AS15442 Procter & Gamble S C - European Data Centre, Brussels, Belgium AS15443 RZECZPOSPOLITA NETWORK AS15444 NETSERVICES Netservices Plc AS15445 ICQ-AS America Online ICQ Ltd AS15446 XCOMAGNET XCOM AG AS15447 AS15448 Sirena project AS15449 Orga Kartensystem GmbH AS15450 SerTICen AS15451 DATEV e. G. AS15452 Bibliotech Collocation Network AS15453 Pesaro Point Autonomous System AS15454 ARBUZ-AS ARBUZ Co.Ltd AS15455 EMBANK-AS Energomashbank autonomous system AS15456 INTERNETX-AS InterNetX GmbH AS15457 CABOTVM.PT Autonomous System AS15458 TLC TriLogiC Group, Ltd. AS15459 ArtNew Media Autonomous system AS15460 PAMUKBANK Autonomous System AS15461 SOLVERNET-AS SolverNet Autonomous System AS15462 CNET Europe S.A. AS15463 NETWORKI-AS Network-i Limited AS15464 IHLASNET IHLASNET Autonomous System AS15465 SIEMENSDE Siemens AG AS15466 ASN-DTO DTO Autonomous System AS15467 ENTERNET-LIBERCOM-AS Enternet 2001 Ltd., Hungary AS15468 KLGELECS-AS ru.klgelecs Local Registry Autonomous System AS15469 WARINET-AS Warinet NOC AS AS15471 SNR-RO SNR - Societatea Nationala de Radiocomunicatii AS15472 ASN-NEWSOFT TERRALINK - Internet Tecnology Company AS15473 ASPISBANK AS15474 RHNET SURIS/RHnet AS15475 NOL AS15476 QTEL-AS QTEL S.p.A. Autonomous System AS15477 HIGHWAYONEDE HighwayOne-D Autonomous System AS15478 DE-LANDTEL-BACKBONE Deutsche LandTel GmbH AS15479 FIBRELAC Fibre Lac SA, Switzerland AS15480 Vodafone NL Autonomous System AS15481 TWICEAS Twice Sim SpA AS15482 Easynet AG AS15483 AS15484 XOSoft AS15485 GTSNOVERA GTS NOVERA a.s. AS15486 MATERNA-AS Materna GmbH, Dortmund AS15487 This is System Pro Trans ltd. company Autonomous System. AS15488 UPV/EHU Authonomous System AS15489 ARTFUL-AS artful AS15490 OXIRIS Autonomous System AS15491 WANEX-AS Wanex ltd. AS15492 Pfalzwerke AG Autonomous System Number AS15493 RUSCOMP-AS Autonomous System for JSC "Russian Company" network AS15494 BT Limited AS15495 BASF-IT-SERVICES BASF IT Services GmbH AS15496 Helsinki University of Technology AS15497 COLOCALL Colocall Autonomous System AS15498 CPSON CPSnet EDV Online Service AS15499 GECITS-EU Computacenter AG & Co.oHG AS15500 Samara Telegraph AS15501 PHNET PHNet Internet Services AS15502 Vodafone Ireland Mobile ISP, Dublin, Ireland AS15503 MULTINET-SA MULTINET Autonomous System AS15504 AS15505 AS15506 ASTODO todo GmbH AS15507 AS15508 NOVOSOFT-AS company Novosoft AS15509 PLANT PLANT hosting & colocation AS15510 Compuweb Communication Services Ltd AS15511 AS of Voyager.Com AS15512 MISTRAL UPC Ceska republika, a.s. AS15513 RTC-CH RTC AG AS15514 ASN-TELEACTION # AS-TELEACTION CONVERTED TO ASN-TELEACTION FOR RPSL COMPLIANCE Teleaction Software GmbH, Oberursel AS15515 CARIVERONA-AS Cariverona Banca S.p.A. AS15516 DK-ARROWHEAD Arrowhead DK AS15517 NETSTREAM-CH Netstream AG AS15518 CIRC-AS circular Informationssysteme GmbH AS15519 IW-NET-AS Instant Web Ltd AS15520 ASN-AIGNET Aris Investment Group (AIG) SA AS15521 PREMTEL-AS Premium Internet S.A. AS15522 ROUNDABOUT Roundabout Network AS15523 IDS-AS Internet Data Systems S.A. Autonomous Number AS15524 MEDTELECOM-AS MED TELECOM Autonomous System AS15525 PTPRIMENET PT Prime Autonomous System AS15526 INTERWISE-AS Interwise AS15527 VLP-VLT Autonomous System AS15528 WDC-AS Warsaw, Poland AS15529 ALETTI & C. BANCA DI INVESTIMENTO MOBILIARE S.P.A AS15530 UNIKON-AS ISP Unikon AS15531 PLENEXIS-RUSSIA AS of Moscow Teleport AS15532 Raiffeisen Schweiz AS15533 SASEUROPE SunGard Availability Services (UK) Ltd European AS AS15534 DATAMAXBG Datamax Online Payment Systems AS15535 VIRTUALXS-AS VirtualXS Internet BV, The Netherlands AS15536 CEDEFOP-AS CEDEFOP AS15537 PL-net, PL AS15538 FAILANASLT-AS UAB "Failanas" ASN AS15539 BATELCO-CORE-IP-NETWORK Bahrain Telecommunication Company AS15540 GEDAS-DE-AS gedas Autonomous System AS15541 CETI-AS CETI s.c. AS15542 ZEELANDNET ZeelandNet BV AS15543 ODDO-AS Oddo and Cie AS15544 DATAWAYS-GR DATAWAYS AS Autonomous System AS15545 ALBAINTERNET-AS Alba Internet Ltd. AS15546 7d AG Hamburg AS15547 TVS2NET-NETPLUS Servicing cable-network customer in CH. AS15548 Caja Rural de Almeria is, among other businesses, AS15549 BankNet Data Network AS15550 HEAG AS15551 CANAL-NUMEDIA-AS CANAL NUMEDIA AS15552 SANI-C-AS SANI-C Autonomous system AS15553 Cerved AS15554 AS15554 ONE GmbH AS15555 AXELERO-AS T-Online AS15556 ABSSYS Autonomous system AS15557 LDCOMNET NEUF CEGETEL (formerly LDCOM NETWORKS) AS15558 TIMEWARP-AS Timewarp UK ISP AS15559 Intira Netherlands AS15560 NCS-AS NCS AS15561 CDS-ITALY C.D.S. Informatica S.r.l. AS15562 BAND-X-BENELUX Defunct Band-X Benelux ASN AS15563 BERLIKOMM BerlinNet/de AS15564 NOKIA-DK-NET Nokia Network Denmark AS15565 Easynet Italy AS15566 Infotechna AS AS15568 EBRD European Bank for Reconstruction & Development AS15569 NOVAXESS-1-NL Novaxess Autonomous System 1 AS15570 Internap European Autonomous System AS15571 STARCOM Starcom AS15572 CYBERTRUST Cybertrust Autonomous System AS15573 Sierre Energie Autonomous System AS15574 SEMA-GROUP Autonomous System AS15575 AS15576 NTS NTS workspace AG, Bern, Switzerland AS15577 RDR-AS JV Renaissance-DR AS15578 INTEGRA-ES-AS INTEGRA-ES Autonomous System AS15579 MEDIAPRO Media Professionals AG in Germany AS15580 Allianz Shared Infrastructure Services GmbH AS15581 DBPB Services SA AS15582 COMCORTV-AS COMCOR-TV Autonomous System AS15583 Getronics Belgium NV/SA (G-NET) Autonomous System Number AS15584 SIAG SIAG Autonomous System AS15585 BEWAN-AS Finanzdirektion Kanton Bern AS15586 GEKKONNET Gecko Company AS15587 CDPP Crowley Data Poland, sp. z o.o. AS15588 EGSBANK A.S. AS15589 AS15589 Eutelia S.p.A. Backbone AS AS15590 FIDUCIA Autonomous System FIDUCIA IT AG AS15591 Rational Software Europe AS15592 GNISIM-ASN GESTNORD INTERMEDIAZIONE S.I.M. S.P.A. AS15593 FinFin Autonomous system AS15594 NETZQUADRAT AS operated by [netzquadrat] GmbH, Germany for ISP services AS15595 SKYLINE-AS Skyline Autonomous System AS15596 INTERLINK-UA Interlink, autonomous system AS15597 ICL BRUSSELS AS15598 IP-EXCHANGE IP Exchange GmbH AS15599 SIBINTEK-NB NB SIBINTEK Ltd. AS15600 FINECOM Finecom Telecommunications AG AS15601 Baring asset Management 155 Bishopsgate London UK AS15602 Telvia Network AS15603 BOLSA DE MADRID Autonomous System AS15604 NOVABANK AS15605 AS15606 NASK-TRANSIT NASK Transit AS AS15607 BANCA CARIGE S.p.A. AS15608 Electronic Trading System Autonomous System AS15609 AS Number for Maiaah network provider... AS15610 SMR-C-IX уommercial IX of Samara AS15611 Iranian Research Organisation AS15612 SERVECENTRIC ServeCentric Ltd. AS15613 COLOGNE-FRANKFURT Interactive Data Managed Solutions AG Cologne, Frankfurt AS15614 DRAGON Dragon Electric AS15615 INEC AS15616 ES-TISCALI-BACKBONE Tiscali Spain AS15617 TELESTET-ISP an internet service provider in Greece AS15618 PLIVA-AS PLIVA Krakow S.A. AS15619 Information Gateway Services AS15620 INTBEL-H Autonomous System AS15621 ADANET-AS Azerbaijan Data Network AS15623 CYBERLINK Cyberlink Internet Services AG AS15624 Netgame Ltd. Autonomous System AS15625 ING-AS ING NV (ITC) AS15626 ITLAS ITL Company (Kharkov, Ukraine) AS15627 AL-SARIA-NET AL-SARIA-NET AS15628 ASDVG Sparkasseninformatik Baden-Wuerttemberg GmbH & Co. KG AS15629 COVYSOFT CovySoft Networks AS15630 UNED Autonomous System AS15631 Euronet Spain AS15632 ALFA-BANK Autonomous System AS15633 UOC is a virtual University based in Barcelona (ES). AS15634 FORTE-COMP-AS FORTE Autonomous System AS15635 AS15635 Yahoo! Europe AS AS15636 AS15637 Euro909 AS15639 uk.diexnet AS for London UK AS15640 AS for ru.ccl AS15641 KINGSTON-INMEDIA Kingston inmedia has a network which provides AS15642 GES-NET AS15643 LIGHTHOUSESERVERS-AUTONOMOUS SYSTEM AS15644 FRESENIUS Fresenius Global Network AS15645 AS15645 Ukrainian Exchange Autonomous System AS15646 AS will be used for ING-BELGIUM located in Brussels AS15647 BANIFSERV BanifServ - Empresa de Servicos, AS15648 PSINet Europe Dedicated Hosting AS15649 PSINet Europe Dedicated Hosting AS15650 PSINET-EU-HOSTING-CH PSINet Europe Dedicated Hosting AS15651 PSINet Europe Dedicated Hosting AS15652 AS_ZIGZAG Zigzag ISP AS15653 NETSUMO NetSumo AS Number AS15654 COMINO Comino Connect Internet AS15655 Galactis Autonomous System AS15656 ANET Anet Iletisim A.S. AS15657 SPEEDBONE-AS SPEEDBONE AS15658 INETCOMM-AS INET AS15659 NEXTGENTEL NEXTGENTEL Autonomous System AS15660 FINDOMESTIC-AS Findomestic Banca S.p.A. AS15661 Bank Sarasin & Cie Basel, Switzerland AS15662 TEHNICOMNET-AS TehnicomNet Autonomous AS15663 UMBRIA_NET Umbrianet srl Internet Service Provider AS15664 Psyche AS AS15665 WOLA-AS Campus Wola autonomous system AS15666 ASLAIKI AS of Popular Bank of Cyprus AS15667 NET2PHONE-AS Net2Phone AS Number for European Operations. AS15668 CEDACRIOVEST AS15669 SYDIOS sydios it-solutions GmbH AS15670 BBNED-AS#1 BBNED B.V., Hoofddorp, NL AS15671 COMPLETEL-DE Versatel Deutschland AS15672 TZTELECOM TZ TELECOM Autonomous System AS15674 OFREDIA-COMFM AS15675 ETAT-DE-VAUD Etat de Vaud, CCT AS15676 AS15676 360networks inc. AS AS15677 MBA Systems, UK. announced via uk.netcom/uk.pipex AS15678 Versatel Deutschland AS15679 Exus Networks NOC USA AS15680 THEWEBWORKS TheWebWorks - main AS15681 Electrabel Belgium Autonomous System AS15682 ITERANET-AS ITERANET Autonomous System AS15683 BOSTREAM-AS Migrated to B2 Bredband AS8642 AS15684 OptiCom AS15685 AS15685 Casablanca INT Autonomous system AS15686 ADAMNETASN Adamnet Israeli ISP AS15687 AS15687 Novo Nordisk IT A/S AS15688 Fellesdata as AS15689 Vizzavi - Autonomous System AS15690 NOANET National Observatory of Athens AS15691 Leonet Srl Autonomous System AS15692 Internet Gold Croatia AS15693 AS15694 ATMAN ATMAN Autonomous System AS15695 EXPEREO Global AS ExpereoInternational AS15697 BT-BS BT Ignite Intercontinental Satellite Video Streaming AS15698 EnBW Germany AS15699 AS_ADAM ADAM Datacenter - www.adam.es AS15700 SPK-AS Capital Markets Board of Turkey AS AS15701 Czech Airlines AS15702 ONSTAGENET Onstage-Online AS15703 TRUESERVER-AS TrueServer BV AS number AS15704 AS15704 Xtratelecom Spain AS AS15705 MAXDATA-DE MAXDATA IT-Services AS AS15706 Sudatel AS15707 INGOSSTRAKH-AS Ingosstrakh Insurance Company LTD AS15708 ALADDIN-AS Aladdin AS15709 AS15709 Vodafone D2 GmbH AS15710 uk.real Autonomous System AS15711 Sistema Autonomo de Iberdrola Sistemas AS15712 POLICOM-BKBONE CDC1085 Autonomous System AS15713 GCN-UA Global-City-Net JSC AS15714 ASN-WORKUP WorkUp S.p.a. AS15715 EDSPA-AS EDS PA Autonomous System for RUPA AS15716 Sniff Out is a Subscription ISP AS15717 VERSATEL-VPN Versatel VPN AS AS15718 Evesto AG AS15719 BUPA AS15720 Postecom s.p.a. Autonomous System AS15721 CTCO C.T.CO. Ltd Autonomous System AS15722 MKDESIGN-AS Ingenieurbuero MKdesign AS15723 AZERONLINE Azeronline Information Services AS15724 Cofund Internet operations AS15725 IKS IKS GmbH AS15726 MARCANT-AS Marcant Internet Services GmbH AS15727 AS15727 KeConnect Internet Ipswich AS15728 RMF-KRAKOW-PL Radio Muzyka Fakty, Sp. z o.o. AS15729 MINX-AS 186k, UK AS15730 TeleRelay Network AS15731 BELCOM BELCOM-AS JSC "BelcomRus" AS15732 IBERBANDA-SPAIN Iberbanda AS for Spanish operations AS15733 ZUMTOBEL-AS Zumtobel AG AS15734 IDH IDH Autonomous System AS15735 DATASTREAM-NET DataStream International high speed, AS15736 ARNA-AS Arna Autonomous System AS15737 AIT AS AS15738 UAEXPRESS EXPRESS Radio Network AS15739 Equinoxe Internet Galerie AS15740 ABN AMRO Internet operations AS15741 We are an ISP in Nigeria providing both retail AS15742 PRIVATONLINE Private Online Autonomous System AS15743 IPH IPH AS AS15744 SILWEB-AS-COM SILWEB Autonomous System - Commercial AS15745 FAKSE-NET Fakse Municipality, Fakse, Denmark. 55.25N 12.12E AS15746 ASN-MERCURIO72 # AS-MERCURIO72 CONVERTED TO ASN-MERCURIO72 FOR RPSL COMPLIANCE MERCURIO NET AS15747 OSNATEL osnatel GmbH AS15748 AS15748 IOK GmbH & Co. KG AS15749 Cofina.com Autonomous System AS15750 AS15751 METEORMOBILECOMMS-AS Meteor Mobile Communication Ireland AS15752 ASN-VEBA-OEL Veba Oel AG; Gelsenkirchen; DE AS15753 ASN-ARAL ASG Autonomous System AS15754 DOL-DIGITAL DOL Digital Autonomous System AS15755 ISPRONET ISPRO Autonomous System Izmir,TURKEY AS15756 CARAVAN ISP "CARAVAN" AS15757 GASCOM-NET JSC GasCom AS15758 AS15759 DIN-AS TOMSKTELECOM AS AS15760 Intel IIMS Europe Autonomous System AS15761 RUSTELNET-AS AS number for Rustelnet company AS15762 USCC Autonomous System AS15763 ASDOKOM DOKOM GmbH AS15764 PEGASUS PEGASUS AS15765 MIMER Mimer Backbone AS AS15766 DOMICILIUM-AS Networks announced by Domicilium AS15767 ABANKA-AS Abanka d.d. Ljubljana AS15768 ASWORLDPAY WorldPay Limited AS15769 Deutsche Bank Internet Operations AS15770 DERWENTSIDE Derwentside Autonymous System AS15771 wandw.co.uk AS15772 WNET W-NET Kiev AS15773 INCLARITY Inclarity Ltd AS15774 MEDIANAT LLC "MEDIANAT", ISP primarily for educational institution AS15775 LDZ-AS Latvijas Dzelzcels AS15776 Euronext AS15777 LINIA-AS LINIA Autonomous System AS15778 Ofin Signal AS15779 Syskoplan AG AS15780 eurostream AS15781 INTEGRA-FFM integra GmbH FFM AS15782 PERSPEKTIV-AS Perspektiv Bredband AB AS15783 SUNSITE The Archive - SunSITE Northern Europe - sunsite.org.uk AS15784 Caibon.com Internet Services AG AS15785 TELEPORTSV JSC DataGroup AS15786 Callserve Communications Limited AS15787 MRR-AS PAGI S.A. Powszechna Agencja Informacyjna AS15788 EFLUXA Inferentia Fullsix spa AS15789 AS15790 FINANZIT-AS AS of the FinanzIT GmbH AS15791 The BtoB Company GmbH AS15792 CELIK-NET AS NUMBER AS15793 Donator main networks. Located in Gothenburg, Sweden AS15794 Computer Partner AG Autonomous System AS15795 PROXYS AUTONOMOUS SYSTEM AS15796 ORANGE-CH-AUTONOMOUS-SYSTEM Orange Communications SA AS15797 ERICSSON-TURKEY Ericsson Turkey Backbone AS15798 OLMAN-EDU-AS OLMAN, Metropolitan Area Network (educational AS) AS15799 Ciba Specialty Chemicals AS15800 COORDINATOR-AS East-Ukrainian NIC AS15801 MARKETORG Autonomous System AS15802 DU-AS1 Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company PJSC (EITC-DU) AS15803 ALPIKOM Alpikom S.p.a. AS15804 UNSPECIFIED AS15805 SKYNET-CY-AS HTTP Planitis Communications Ltd AS15806 ORG-IG30-RIPE Irish Government AS15807 WEBLINK Weblink ASP autonomous system AS15808 Communication Solutions Ltd is an ISP serving AS15809 UBIQUS-AS UBIQUS AS15810 BBVA-AS BBVA AS15811 Hally Computers Autonomous System AS15812 BPL Autonomous System AS15813 CONVIVO Convivo GmbH AS15814 CS - Autonomous System AS15815 INTRANS-AS IntraNS AS15816 Alm Brand AS15817 HUB's POP Larissa AS AS15818 LATVIJASGAZE-AS latvijas gaze AS15819 GLOBALMENKUL-NET Global Menkul Degerler AS15820 IBC Autonomous System AS15821 ASTRAL-AS JV "Astral-Kiev Ltd." Autonomous System AS15822 AGEN-AS Agencija RS za energijo AS AS15823 RADWARE-AS Radware Ltd. AS15824 DATAKOM-MEHRWERTDIENSTE AS15825 UNSPECIFIED AS15826 NFRANCE NFRANCE CONSEIL AS15827 TURIBA-AS School of Business Administration Turiba AS15828 Phone.com AS15829 EUTELSAT EUTELSAT S.A. AS15830 TELECITY-LON TELECITYREDBUS UK AS15831 ASN-NETVALLEY Communication Valley S.p.A AS15832 CCF CCF AS15833 FUTURO-AS Futuro Poland Autonomous System AS15834 MenaNet-AS AS15835 MAP Moscow Network Access Point AS15836 AXAUTSYS ARAX Autonomous System AS15837 RHEINMAIN-AS-15837 Autonomous System for AS15838 FIRSTGATE-AS FIRSTGATE Internet AG Koeln, Germany AS15839 Athene Internet/Cobweb Solutions Network AS15840 Euronext AS15841 NETQUARTZ-AS NETQUARTZ AS15842 ISP-NSYS NSYS AS15843 GSU-NET AS15844 TGC-AS true global communications GmbH AS15845 CITC_IRS_SERVICE_AS15845 Computers In The City AS15846 COFACE Autonomous System AS15847 Interfaces Autonomous System AS15848 DART DART IMPEX SRL AS15849 AASGROUP corporate ASnum AS15850 AS15850 Cyberplat.com AS15851 WASK-COM WROCMAN-COM commercial part of WASK network, Wroclaw, Poland AS15852 ASN-FILEPOINT File Point S.r.l. - AS AS15853 PKNET AS15854 HP_WEBSERVICES Hewlett Packard GmbH AS15855 SFERIANET Sferia S.A. AS15856 LASTING-INTERNET LASTING System AS15857 DIALOG-AS DIALOG-NET Autonomuos System AS15858 RIVULUS-AS Planet Rivulus SRL AS15859 Web For You Communications GmbH Autonomous System. AS15860 Slamon UK ASN AS15861 LEGEND BusinessServe customer transit AS for AS15861 customers AS15862 NETSCALIBUR Netscalibur International AS AS15863 IVANET-PAR Autonomous System AS15864 IVANET-BRU Autonomous System AS15865 ELLIOTT-UK-AS Elliott Advisors UK Network AS15866 Deltaband UK ASN AS15867 REUTERS Autonomous System AS15868 ADANET-AS Azerbaijan Data Network AS15869 EDS-SE Data-centre in Sweden for SE.EDS AS15870 EMS E.M.S Electro Medical Systems S.A AS15871 BGNET Ltd. - Internet Service Provider AS15872 ABERGER Aberger Software GmbH AS15873 OGILVY Ogilvy & Mather Advertising S.R.L. AS15874 FreeOnline Nederland AS15875 ASN-NEXUS Nexus s.r.l. Autonomous System AS15876 BLU Autonomous System, Italy AS15877 Silicon Solutions Comp.descr: ISP in Egypt AS15878 WMC-NET WMC-NET Centrum Systemow Teleinformatycznych AS15879 ASN-IS IS Interned Services BV Autonomous System AS15880 Consultix Autonomous System AS15881 TELEBIT-AS Telebit Network Iasi AS15882 ASMMC M&M Connections AS15883 AS15884 AS15885 INTERCOMM Inter Comm AS15886 REKKON-AS Ltd Rekkon-d AS15887 Infogroup S.p.A. Autonomous System AS15888 Marelli Autonomous System AS15889 4-Online GmbH Autonomous System Number AS15890 CEGETEL-DTI-FR-AS CEGETEL AS15891 Loomes AG AS15892 MITTS-NET MITTS Ltd is a government agency AS15893 BITNET se.bitnet Autonomous System AS15894 LEITWERK-AS LEITWERK Gesellschaft fuer angewandte Informatik mbH AS15895 KSNET-AS Kyivstar GSM AS15896 Yahoo! DE AS AS15897 TELSIM TELSIM Autonomous System AS15898 CityLine-Tyumen Autonomous System AS15899 Citigroup Internet operations London AS15900 Chocolate Internet AS15901 BINET BiNET AS AS15902 SENDER company AS15903 CERCLO AS15904 HALLERTAU-DE Hallertau.Net e.V.,Germany AS15905 HLOPTIC-AS ISP Hloptic, Ltd AS15906 TERACOM Autonomous System AS15907 Madnet AS15908 Ukio bankas AS15909 TLK Computer GmbH & Co KG AS15910 FABASOFT-AT-AS FABASOFT Austria AS15911 Lithuanian Parliament AS15912 CL-AS Carl Lamm AS AS15913 DVONET Institute for Automation and Control Processes FEBRAS AS15914 British Airways Heathrow Automomous System AS15915 IBERCOM WORLD WIDE WEB IBERCOM AS15916 Fortis Bank Woerden, Netherlands AS15917 CSC-UK-EHUB This AS is used to interface multiple ISP AS15918 IVANET-ZRH Autonomous System AS15919 INTERHOST Interhost AS AS15920 INTRACONNECT Autonomous System AS15921 THY-AS Turkish Airlines AS15922 IPD Hosting BV AS15923 ASN-LOGOS Logos Group AS15924 BORUSANTELEKOM-AS Borusan Telekom Autonomus System AS15926 Wolfegroup Data Centre AS15927 OeKM Verlagsgesellschaft AS15928 HAVENCO-AS HavenCo global AS; announced in US, London, Canada AS15929 EVITEL EVITel autonomus system AS15930 WIPLINE-AS WIPLINE Voronezh AS AS15931 YASP Autonomous System AS15932 Telenor Global Services AS AS15933 ITH ith Kommunikationstechnik GmbH AS15934 ZEBRA-AS Zebra Telecom autonomous system AS15935 HA-VEL-LOCAL-AS ha-vel internet spol. s r.o. AS15936 ATARIS ATARIS AG AS15937 ADIF ADIF AS AS15938 AS15938 element 5 AG AS15939 DELOITTEAT-AS Deloitte & Touche AS15940 GTS - Spain - @ccess Direct/@ccess Demand AS15941 BURDENIS-AS BURDENIS Autonom System AS15942 Vuurwerk Internet AS AS15943 WTNET-AS wilhelm.tel GmbH Norderstedt AS15944 BIG - Banco de Investimento Global S.A. AS15945 PFALZKOM-NET PfalzKom GmbH Autonomous System Number AS15946 BANKA-KOPER-AS Banka Koper d.d., Koper AS15947 CORK-COMMUNITY-BROADBAND-IE Cork Community Broadband AS15948 ICE/HT fundamental and technological research AS15949 PDI-AS Netia SA AS15950 MPLS MPLS AS15951 DJUK Dow Jones News Autonomous System AS15953 Kereskedelmi es Hitelbank Rt. Hungary, Budapest AS15954 CAPCOM Autonomous System AS15955 SUPRANET Supranet AG AS15956 Broadband Wireless Systems (formerly AirNET AS) AS15957 hyperlink-interactive AS15958 MOBTEL-NET AS15959 CPLUS-DE Computer Plus GmbH, Germany AS15960 GLOBALACCESS Global Access Internet Services GmbH AS15961 ATTENDA-NET ATTENDA-UK-AS AS15962 ORANGE SLOVENSKO Autonomous system AS15963 GUACANET GUACANET Ltd. AS15964 CAMNET-AS AS15965 AS15965 CEGECOM SA - Luxembourg AS15966 HANSACOM-AS HANSACOM Autonomous System AS15967 NETART NetArt Autonomous System AS15968 NETPILOT NETpilot GmbH , Muenchen , Germany AS15969 PRIMEKOM PRIMEKOM-AS AS15970 KPY-AS Kuopio Telephone Ltd Autonomous System AS15971 ECOSOFT-AS EcoSoft Autonomous System AS15972 ONIX ONIX S.R.L. AS15973 Doing SPA AS15974 VTT-AS JSC "Volgatranstelecom" Autonomus System. AS15975 Palnet Communications Ltd. AS Number AS15976 ORDERNET-AS Ordernet Ltd. AS15977 Pershing Internet operations AS15978 BOBST Group autonomous system AS15980 ftp-archive AS15981 CSEBO-NET C.S.E. Soc. Cons. a r.l. AS15982 VERAT-AS-1 Autonomous System Verat D.O.O. Belgrade, Yugoslavia AS15983 CARREFOURBELGIUM-BE-AS Carrefour Belgium AS15984 The Joint-Stock Commercial Bank CentroCredit. AS15985 ASN-PIPENET PipeNet Communications Autonomous System AS15986 ORCA-AS15986 ORCA Autonomous System AS15987 COTELAS Autonomous System of an ISP in Germany AS15988 AKHTERNET Akhter Computers Ltd. AS15989 London International Financial Futures Exchange AS15990 ITXC-UK ITXC AS15991 RSV-IT Autonomous System AS15992 Visa International AS15993 Fortis Bank Polska S.A. AS15994 ASN-GLOBALNET Autonomous System AS15995 Vilnius bank AS15996 DTAG-ENX ENX special network AS15997 ITSA ITSA Autonomous System AS15998 BOSSLAB Autonomous System AS15999 KRIX-AS Kirovograd-Ukraine Exchange Autonomous System AS16000 AS16000 M.C.I. Autonomous system AS16001 AAREON-AS Aareon Deutschland GmbH AS16002 IPS IPS Autonomous System AS16003 Mediaparks Autonomous System AS16004 MIXITA-AS MIX S.r.L. AS16005 MTUTELEHOSE MTU-Intel Moscow region network AS16006 THEII Internet Incubator Plc AS16007 ASN-KANCOM KANCOM Fiber-Optic Network AS16008 Portfolio Analysing System GmbH AS16009 Alcyonis network autonomous system AS16010 RUSTAVI2ONLINEAS Tbilisi, Georgia AS16011 FREYCIE-NET FREY+CIE Telecom AG Autonomous System AS16012 TELMOS-AS Telmos Autonomous System AS16013 UNISYSTEMSASP UniSystems ASP AS16014 Estonian Mobile Telephone Company Ltd. AS16015 CIB bank e-commerce provider Budapest, Hungary AS16016 VOLJATEL-AS VOLJATEL Autonomous System AS16017 HAGER-AS HAGER AS16018 UFFIZIO Uffizio public IP network in Europe AS16019 OSKAR-AS Oskar Mobil, a. s. AS16020 TASCOM Tascom Autonomous System AS16021 AS16022 COSMOLINE COSMOLINE Autonomous System AS16023 NETSONIC AS16024 GELSEN-NET GELSEN-NET Kommunikationsgesellschaft mbH AS16025 YIMPASNET Autonomous System AS16026 PETROM-NET Petrosoft Bucuresti AS16027 Phoenix Informatica Bancaria S.p.A. AS16028 FCM AS16029 PIS Autonomous Syatem AS16030 ALTECOM Altecom AS (Alta Tecnologia en Comunicaciones, S.L.) AS16031 RomLotus SRL AS16032 TIBUS The Internet Business Ltd. AS16033 Russian State University of Innovations AS16034 KEME KeConnect Internet AS16035 ECITY NETKA - Italy AS16036 Thomson Financial AS16038 LSV-AS LSV Ltd. AS16039 KNET Comunicaciones S.L. AS16041 EDGIX-UK Autonomous System AS16042 AS16042 Omninetwork Srl - Internet Service Providers AS16043 SAMARA-TELECOM-AS Samara Telecom Autonomous System AS16044 AURIA Auria Oy AS16045 SPEKTAR-AD Spektar AD AS16046 AS16046 FR-NAVLINK AS16047 MICROSYSTEM-AS JV Microsystem AS16048 Alcatel Business Systems AS16049 tipas Internetsysteme GmbH AS16050 REUTERS-DOCKLANDS-RES-AS Reuters Docklands resiliancy AS16051 NET-PRO-AS Net Professionals GmbH AS16052 ASN-SELECTA Selecta Group AS16053 GUERNSEYNET-AS Guernsey.Net is an ISP which has presences AS16054 NSOELSV-AS OJSC "Sibirtelecom" AS16055 DEVK Autonomous System AS16056 IVANET Autonomous System AS16057 AGELIA-AS Agelia Autonomous System AS16058 Gabon-Telecom AS16059 CODIX AS AS16061 ISRACARD-AS Isracard Israel AS16062 Latvijas Tikli Ltd. AS16063 PIPEMEDIA Autonomous System AS16064 INFOPAC-AS Autonomous System for Infopac (ru.infopac LIR) AS16065 AS16065 Easynet AS AS16066 CITYNET JSC CityNet Autonomous System AS16067 Interoute Telecom Deutschland Autonomous System AS16068 MAIL-SELECT-AS MAILSELECT USA, Inc. AS16069 ARMADA Armada Bilgisayar Sistemleri San ve Tic AS. AS16070 MIROTEL Mirotel ISP AS AS16071 GRPLEG LEGRAND Autonomous System AS16072 GZS GZS Gesellschaft fuer Zahlungssysteme mbH AS16073 ACCELANCE-AS-FR-1 Accelance Autonomous System AS16074 RDC-DATACENTRUM AS for RDC Datacentrum B.V. and Cyberroute / ITS B.V. AS16075 ETELCZ eTel CZ IP Network AS16076 IPERV-AS IperV. Padova NOC. AS16077 Regus provides instant temporary offices AS16078 Oreka is an Internet Service Provider AS16079 NESTEC Headquarters AS16080 PRET-EN-PRINT Pret En Print AS AS16081 AS16081 IBM-AT Autonomous System AS16082 SPITFIRE Spitfire Network Services Autonomous System AS16083 STACK-AS Stack Ltd AS AS16084 EON-IS E.ON IS GmbH AS AS16085 ASN-INFOBOLSA Infobolsa Spanish Network AS16086 FINNET-AS Finnet, Finland AS16087 SUP TELECOM INTERACTIVE is an ISP that serves people all around AS16088 RR-PAYS-DE-LOIRE Autonomous System AS16089 NEW TECHNOLOGY INCORPORATION NETWORK serves customers all around AS16090 SYNT OpenSense Ltd. Solihull, West Midlands, UK. AS16091 SATEC SATEC AS AS16092 YESILEGE-EFESNET EfesNet Autonomus System AS16093 ECONET-AS ECONET AS16094 RAS Roilcom ASN (Russia) AS16095 JAYNET jay.net a/s AS16096 BETFAIR Betfair AS Number AS16097 HLKOMM HL komm Telekommunikations GmbH AS16098 ASN-IDC IT Telecom S.p.A. AS16099 Society of Austrian social insurance carriers AS16100 BGP Networks AS16101 ORDIPAT ORDIPAT PARIS AS16102 UNUSED-NORBRIDGE UNUSED - Was Norbridge Telecom AS16103 IN-ONLINE Ingolstadt Online GmbH AS16104 SKB-AS SKB Banka d.d. Ljubljana AS16105 IDEAL Autonomous System AS16106 IBERIAPAC-AS Telenet AS AS16107 COMDIRECT COMDIRECT Autonomous System AS16108 DIN Autonomous System AS16109 INCA-AS Agency INCA AS16110 UA-TRANSINFORM-AS ISP Centre Transinform AS AS16111 ONLINE-CONSULTING Online Consulting AG Autonomous System AS16112 MEDIALINK-AS MEDIA LINK UKRAINE Autonomous System AS16113 AS number for Internoc AS16114 AS16115 advantag-e SE AS AS16116 AS for GO Next. AS16117 GAVLENET se.gavlenet Autonomous System AS16118 NNT-MOSCOW-AS NNT Autonomouse System AS16119 BICIX BICIX Autonomous System AS16120 UMFT AS16121 ASN-ONLINE SC RC TEAM SA AS16122 IT-PRADAINDUSTRIAL-AS PRADA INDUSTRIAL SPA AS16123 IFS Sverige Autonomous System AS16124 AS16124 Utel DataCenter AS AS16125 AS16126 AWIC AG, Frankfurt, Germany AS16127 EuroIntegra Ltd. AS16128 AGARIK-NETWORK AGARIK provides WEB and Servers Hosting AS16129 RIX Autonomous System AS16130 FiberLink Networks Autonomous System AS16131 GRAFIX-IS GrafiX Internet B.V. AS16132 NSAB-NET Nordic Satellite AB AS16133 Winterthur Versicherung Winterthur CH AS16134 AS16135 TURKCELL-AS Turkcell A.S. AS16136 POLIRIS-AS POLIRIS AS16137 COVERLINK-NETWORK Virtual Commerce AS16138 INTERIAPL INTERIA.PL Autonomous System AS16139 BAHNHOFBREDBAND Bahnhof Bredband Autonomous System AS16140 Imadiff is an Internet Service Provider AS16141 NETHOUSE SPA AS16142 ING-BANK-SK ING Bank Autonomous System AS16143 RADIONET-AS NIIR-RadioNet Moscow region network AS16144 Sapient Italia Autonomous System AS16145 INECCO-LANACO-AS LANACO INECCO ISP AS16146 AS16147 OTI-NET AS16148 NETWORK-TEAM-AS Network Team OSNABRUeCK AS16149 ITNQ Information Technology of new Quality, s.r.o. AS16150 PORT80-GLOBALTRANSIT Port80 AB, Sweden AS16151 BRODOS Brodos AG AS16152 TRONICPLANET Tronicplanet GmbH AS16153 SCS-AS Servei Catala de la Salut AS16154 TELECOMS-AS Telecoms-Net Ltd. AS16155 ALICOM ALICOM Autonomous System AS16156 INTERNEXT-AS INTERNEXT SRL Arad AS16157 S.C. STARNET S.R.L. AS16158 COMVERSE-AS Comverse Network Systems AS16159 TARGETMATCH-AS Targetmatch Ltd. AS16160 SWAN Slovak Wireless Access Network Autonomous system AS16161 BANCALOMBARDA Banca Lombarda S.p.A, AS16162 London Web Communications AS16163 Kemmunet Autonomous System, Malta AS16164 SOHONETEU-AS Sohonet European IP network AS16165 SSU Security Service of Ukraine AS16166 ASWORLDPAY2 WorldPay Limited AS16167 BREBANK-MBANK-MULTIBANK-AS BRE BANK SA - mBank/MultiBank AS16168 GENETSIS Genetsis Internet Partners AS AS16169 BUILD2BUILD Autonomous System AS16170 VIPNET VipNET SRL AS16171 STRENCOM Strencom AS Backbone AS16172 DSA Data Systems Austria AG AS16173 CQG International, Moscow AS16174 INTUITIV-AS Intuitiv Autonomous System AS16175 CONSEPT IT Connect AS, Norwegian ISP AS16177 SECETI-AS Seceti S.p.A. AS16178 LOGOSOFT-AS Logosoft d.o.o. AS16179 DCNX-AS Ekaterinburg DCNet AS16180 ASN-PRIMETIME PRIMETIME AS AS16181 MEREZHA Merezha autonomous system AS16182 KBSA Kredyt Bank S.A. Autonomous System AS16183 ASTRAL-CLUJ ASTRAL Telecom SA AS16184 LUKAKP-AS Luka Koper, Port of Koper 6501 KOPER, SLovenia AS16185 RingNett AS Autonomous System AS16186 ASN-SSC-NO SSC Networks AS16187 FORTIS BANK A.S. AS16188 PUNKT punkt.de GmbH AS16189 KLEE Autonomous System AS16190 AS16190 AS for AM.WEB LIR, AS16191 ICANET-AS ICA-NET S.r.l. AS16192 AS16193 BankService AS16194 DOLMEN Dolmen Group Autonomous System AS16195 IXBONE IXBONE Telekom Service GmbH (EU Headquarter) AS16196 AS16197 TOLLON Tollon AS16198 Keycomm Italia Srl is a local Internet Service Provider AS16199 MEGADATA-AS SC Megadata SRL AS16200 RWA Raiffeisen Ware Austria AG AS16201 ALISEO Aliseo S.r.l. AS16202 PRIMACOM-AS Primacom AG AS16203 Caixa Galicia AS16204 C-SIUM-AS C-SIUM AS16205 DSINET-ASN Autonomes System AS16206 ABRARED NEO-SKY 2002 Autonomous System 1 AS16207 ASN-BLUECOM-NO BLUECOM-NO Autonomous System AS16208 TELEMARKET-AS TELEMARKET AS16209 AS16209 J.P. Morgan Fleming Asset Management Luxembourg AS16210 GRUPPOIH-AS Visiant Outsourcing Srl (formerly Gruppo IH Srl) AS16211 STELLA-NET Stella-Net is a French ISP AS16212 LORAL-SKYNET-ASN Loral Skynet - Aflenz ES (Telekom Austria) AS16214 UNSPECIFIED AS16215 ASN-GENOTEC Genotec Internet Consulting AG AS16216 AS16217 LONGPHONE LONGPHONE AS16218 ASN-IACD IACD Autonomous System AS16219 SEP Servizi e Progetti S.p.A. AS16220 UTCBNET Civil Engineering University of Bucharest AS16221 PIPELINE CH-PIPELINE Autonomous System AS16222 LIBECOM LIBECOM Autonomous System, specializing in AS16223 BITTERNET BitterNet AS16224 Data Return - UK AS16225 BUSINESS PROCESS MANAGEMENT AS16226 NEWGEN NewGen Solutions AS16227 Autonomous System of AS16228 AS-VERKKOPALVELUT Pohjoisen Keski-Suomen Verkkopalvelut Oy AS16229 THUNDERNET ThunderWorx Ltd AS16230 SKYNET-AS Skynet Inc. Yekaterinburg, Russia AS16231 DEKNET DEKNet Autonomous System AS16232 ASN-TIM TIM (Telecom Italia Mobile) Autonomous System AS16233 Kirch Gruppe AS16234 EFG e-Solutions AS16235 InternetQ Web Services AS16236 PSA Autonomous System AS16237 NXS Nxs Internet BV AS16238 COULOMB-AS AS for Coulomb AS16239 eircom NI Autonomous System AS16240 SMART-SOLUTIONS-AS Smart Solution Ltd. AS16241 MAPORAMA AS16242 MHS mhs internet AG, St. Gallen Switzerland AS16243 VIRTU-AS Virtu Secure Webservices B.V. AS16244 AFRIPA TELECOM AS16245 NGDC NetGroup DataCenter A/S - ngdc.net AS16246 CLNET CLNet s.r.o. Internet Service Provider Czech Republic AS16247 DATASTATE Datastate/Blue-Stream's Autonomous System AS16248 AccessME-jordan AS number AS16249 RT-CENTER-AS JSC "RT Center" AS16250 ETELHU eTel Hungary AS AS16251 HiG.SE Autonomous System AS16252 CERTI AS16253 BORDERLIGHT-AS se.Borderlight AS AS16254 LYRECO-AS LYRECO MANAGEMENT AS16255 WRAX Wrax Ltd. AS16256 RECOM-AS ReCom is an ISP company. The company offers AS16257 AS-ANCARA Ancara s.r.l. ISP AS16258 APAZ Apaz Iletisim / Turkey AS16259 XENETIC Xenetic Oy AS16260 XCHANGEPOINT XchangePoint Ltd AS16261 GlobeCom Autonomous System AS16262 UISL-AS Universal Internet Solutions Limited AS AS16263 RAMAN Radom MAN AS16264 What's Up Informations AS16265 LEASEWEB LEASEWEB AS AS16266 ASN-CANON-NL Canon Netherlands Network AS16267 AZ Medien Gruppe (Holding) AS16268 Nupremis UK, Ltd. ASN AS16269 POSTABANK AS AS16270 Corporate Profiles DDB - group of companies AS16271 Little Hollywood Autonomous System AS16272 EASTLINK-AS Eastlink GmbH Autonomous System AS16273 F-SECURE-AS F-Secure OYj AS16274 BSKNET ING Bank Slaski S.A. Katowice, Silesia Poland AS16275 Methodes et Solutions Informatiques AS16276 OVH OVH AS16277 TOC toc - the online center AS16278 Grupalia Internet S.L. AS16279 Parex Bank AS AS16280 BCRT BORSODCHEM Rt. Kazincbarcika AS16281 UTELISYS Utelisys network AS16282 Allied Irish Banks Plc AS16283 LODMAN-AS2 Metropolitan Area Network LODMAN AS16284 UNSPECIFIED AS16285 ASN-UMN Ural-TransTeleCom Autonomous System AS16286 BBAG Osterreichische Brau-Beteiligungs-AG AS16287 KUZBASSNET Kemerovo regional branch of OJSC "Sibirtelecom" AS16288 KABUM_AS SFIRES.net AS16289 ING-DIRECT-SPAIN INGDIRECT Autonomous System AS16290 TARMAN Autonomous System AS16291 AS16292 Unicom Net AS16293 ASN-INTERCEA-UK Intercea UK AS number AS16294 Seagha cv, Antwerp AS16295 ETEL-SK eTel Slovakia AS AS16296 TWINIX-AS TWINS NET Autonomous System AS16297 AONET-IT-AS AONet S.p.A. AS16298 INTERBOX-AS InterBox Internet AS16299 XFERA Xfera AS 1 AS16300 INTERTAX-AREA JSC Intertax AS16301 DATACOM-AS Novgorod Datacom Autonomous System AS16302 SUOMICOMMUNICATIONS Suomi Communications Oy AS16303 Progressive Networks Ltd AS16304 HTK HTK Ltd AS16305 mobilkom austria AG AS16306 WALDONET WALDONET Autonomous System AS16307 ETEL-PL-AS eTel Polska AS AS16308 TSURE Autonomous System AS16309 EEA-AS SPD Efendeev AS AS16310 Comitex s.p.a. Autonomous System AS16311 HEROLD-AS HEROLD MOEDLING/ Herold Business Data AS16312 ASN-ZWEITWERK # AS-ZWEITWERK CONVERTED TO ASN-ZWEITWERK FOR RPSL COMPLIANCE Zweitwerk GmbH & Co KG AS16313 BGB Autonomous System AS16314 WIENKAV KAV Wien AS16315 nikotel Deutschland AG AS16316 TMT TMT Border Autonomous System Bayreuth AS16317 SK-4CALL 4CONSULT Ltd. AS16318 DEKOOI Saturnus Breedband Internet AS16320 Warsun International AS16321 AICONET-AS Aiconet Ltd. AS16322 PARSONLINE PARSONLINE Autonomous System AS16323 PPR-AS16323 PPR Autonomous System AS16324 DANTELECOM-AS DAN Telecom Autonomus System AS16325 Phone.Com AS16326 SMALS-MVM SmalS-MvM AS AS16327 PAVLABOR-AS AS for OOO Pavlabor AS16328 UACEG Autonomous System AS16329 INTERCOM-UA ISP Intercom Autonomous System AS16330 Sportal Ltd AS16331 TUMSAN-AS Tumsan Network FIN-00510 Helsinki AS16332 UKEGG-AS Egg Financial Products Internet Services AS16333 ONNET-AS-OWN ON NET Autonomus System AS16334 I-NAP-UK I-NAP European AS Number AS16335 LINCOM Lincom AS AS16336 Lannet Communications AS16337 ETELDE eTel Group Core Network AS16338 AUNA_TELECOM-AS AUNA Autonomous System AS16339 VI-UK Virtual Internet AS AS16340 IS-ASN IS-NET Autonomous System AS16341 Telecom One Autonomous System AS16342 Toya ,TV cable company located in PL( town Lodz). AS16343 CTS-SIBERIA Complex Telematic Systems Joint Stock Company 53, AS16344 Information Services Plc. AS16345 BEE-AS JSC "VimpelCom" AS16346 Elcom International SA AS16347 RMI-FITECH FITECH-NANCY AS16348 PWC-FR PWC (Price WaterHouse Coopers) AS16349 AS16350 ECHELON-AS Echelon bv consultancy & network services AS16351 JUNO-AS Juno Records Ltd. AS16352 Espin Autonomous System AS16353 MERULA Merula Limited UK Routing AS16355 SWISS-AS Swiss Intl. Air Lines Ltd. AS16356 Ada ITO Moenchengladbach AS AS16357 AJARCH-AS AJAR CH AS16358 Attenda.de Autonomous System AS16359 Densitron Internet Services Biggin Hill - UK AS16360 GILAT_EUROPE SATLYNX GmbH AS16361 ASN-EBIMNET EbimNet Autonomous System AS16362 SEVEN-AS 7Global AS AS16363 AXIALYS Axialys Interactive France AS16364 SONY-DADC Sony DADC Autonomous System AS16365 COMMERZBANK AS NEW AS16366 ASTER-KRAKOW-AS ASTER Krakow sp. z o.o. AS16367 SALAMON Salamon Internet AS16368 CONSORS AS16369 AS will be used for Online travel AS16370 RANDOM-LOGIC-AS Random Logic Ltd. AS16371 ACENS_AS acens technologies AS16372 OWS Orange Web Services, S.L. AS16373 CEPSA AS16374 BCIX AS number for the BCIX route server AS16375 Systor AG, Autonomous System AS16376 4MEDiA GROUP AG AS16378 OTTO-NET OTTO GmbH & Co. KG AS16379 ASN-KYNESTE Kyneste Autonomous System AS16380 DM BIG-BG Autonomous System AS16381 OEAMTC Verband AS16382 SUGARDAS Sugardas CableTV AS16383 LACAIXA-AS La Caixa Autonomous System AS16385 BNYESI-AND-CO - BNY ESI & Co.,Inc. AS16386 PROCOM-ENTERPRISES-LTD - PROCOM ENTERPRISES AS16387 HEALTHYDIRECTIONS - Healthy Directions, LLC AS16388 AS-PTI - Protronics Technologies, Inc. AS16389 ST-INTERNET-AS - Shurtape Technologies, LLC AS16390 RIVERSIDE-SUPERIOR-COURT - Riverside Superior Court AS16391 CELITO-1 - Celito Communications Inc. AS16392 PIONEER-STANDARD - Agilysys Inc. AS16393 BARRYU-AS - Barry University AS16394 DEEPWATER-PUB-ASN - Transocean Offshore Deepwater Drilling Inc AS16395 GLOBALMUSIC - Global Music One AS16396 EFP-AS1 - Education Finance Partners, Inc. AS16397 Comdominio SA AS16398 EPSON-AMERICA - Epson America, Inc AS16399 NETWORKGCI - Globalcom AS16400 INTERFOLD - Interfold, LLC AS16401 NETASN-SAINTVS - St Vincent Hospital AS16402 UNIVERSAL-TELECOM - UNIVERSAL TELECOM AS16403 BOISE-CASCADE - Boise Cascade Corporation AS16404 ALBRIGHT-COLLEGE - Albright College AS16405 BEAER-AS - BE AEROSPACE, INC. AS16406 AS-INTERMEDIA - Intermedia.net, Inc. AS16407 LINDEN-ADVISORS - Linden Investors LP AS16408 LN-DREWU-ASN - Los Nettos AS16409 PBW-COMMUNICATIONS - PBW Communications, LLC AS16410 DKM3-ARIN - Reynolds & Reynolds AS16411 EMCOR-GROUP - EMCOR Group AS16412 MSHA - Mountain States Health Alliance AS16413 TELEBERMUDA - Telebermuda International Limited AS16414 RIPNET - RipNET Limited AS16415 PRCNET-DOM - Precision Response Corporation AS16416 MYCOMAX AS16417 IRONPORT-SYSTEMS-INC - Ironport Systems, Inc. AS16418 Noanet S.A. AS16419 NET-SHIFT-1 - Shift Networks Inc AS16420 IDEAMAX-CORPORATION - IdeaMax Corporation AS16421 HARDNOC - HARDNOC AS16422 NEWSKIES-NETWORKS - New Skies Networks, Inc. AS16423 NETTOGO-BLK - Netotgo.net AS16424 MVN-NET - Mount Vernon Net, Incorporated AS16425 INNEVI-AS - innevi AS16426 CITYOFCOLUMBUSOHIO - City of Columbus AS16427 PALM-HQ - Palm AS16428 CNI-AREA-1 - Communication Nation, Inc. AS16429 MAXIMUMASP - MaximumASP, LLC AS16430 USM - University of Southern Mississippi AS16431 CLARK-CONSTRUCTION - The Clark Construction Group, Inc. AS16432 DFS-NAO - Discover Financial Services Inc. AS16433 ATROAD - @Road.com AS16434 RAI-NY-ASN - R.A.I CORPORATION ITALIAN RADIO-TV SYSTEM AS16435 FLUKE-ELECTRONICS - Fluke Electronics AS16436 MARBLE-ARCH - Marble Arch Investments, LP AS16437 FORUM-HEALTH - FORUM HEALTH AS16438 SATLCMINT01 - Satelcom Internet Inc. AS16439 AMTRAK-IB - Amtrak AS16440 ISPACE - INTELLISPACE, INC AS16441 ISPACE - INTELLISPACE, INC AS16442 ISPACE - INTELLISPACE, INC AS16443 ISPACE - INTELLISPACE, INC AS16444 ISPACE - INTELLISPACE, INC AS16445 ISPACE - INTELLISPACE, INC AS16446 ISPACE - INTELLISPACE, INC AS16447 ISPACE - INTELLISPACE, INC AS16448 ISPACE - INTELLISPACE, INC AS16449 ISPACE - INTELLISPACE, INC AS16450 ISPACE - INTELLISPACE, INC AS16451 ISPACE - INTELLISPACE, INC AS16452 ISPACE - INTELLISPACE, INC AS16453 ISPACE - INTELLISPACE, INC AS16454 ISPACE - INTELLISPACE, INC AS16455 ISPACE - Centric Telecom LLC AS16456 ISPACE - INTELLISPACE, INC AS16457 ISPACE - INTELLISPACE, INC AS16458 ISPACE - INTELLISPACE, INC AS16459 ISPACE - INTELLISPACE, INC AS16460 ISPACE - INTELLISPACE, INC AS16461 ASN-UTEP - The University of Texas at El Paso AS16463 DPSINET - Data Processing Solutions, Inc. AS16464 CT-CORPORATION-SYSTEM - CT Corporation System AS16465 ADFITECH-INC - ADFITECH, Inc. AS16466 AOD - Avaya Inc. AS16467 ASN-NEXTWEB-R1 - Nextweb, Inc AS16468 AX-AS - Armani Exchange AS16469 BANKOFAMERICAGCIB - Bank of America AS16470 WINGNET-AS1 - WingNET Internet Services AS16471 Adexus S.A. AS16472 AS16472 - Webex Communications, Inc. AS16473 TNII - Bell South AS16474 RESPONSYS-1 - responsys.com AS16475 BROCKU - Brock University AS16476 TYCO Tyco AS16477 ACNIELSEN-AS - ACNIELSEN AS16478 COLONIAL-IU-20 - Colonial IU 20 AS16479 NORDEABANKFINLANDPLC - Nordea Bank Finland Plc AS16480 FHMI - FLOYD HEALTHCARE MANAGEMENT, INC. AS16481 BABSON-GNET - Babson College AS16482 PEAK10-LOU - Peak 10, Inc. AS16483 WORLDSTRIDES - WORLDSTRIDES AS16484 EUREKANETWORKS-AS-16484 - eLink Communications AS16485 CBA-OTT - The Canadian Bar Association AS16486 AUTHORIZE-NET - Authorize.Net AS16487 PARTNER-SOLUTIONS - Partner Solutions Inc. AS16488 MAKINOMASON-AS1 - MAKINO, INC AS16489 WEBSTER - Webster University AS16490 KEYFIN - Keystone Financial, Inc. AS16491 ACCESSPORT - AccessPort AS16492 DECHERT-LLP - Dechert LLP AS16493 ABERCROMBIE-FITCH - Abercrombie & Fitch AS16494 ALPHARED-DALLAS - Alpha Red, INC AS16495 CABLEAM-AZ-AS - CableAmerica Corporation AS16496 PCONLINE - pcOnline Internet Services AS16497 TIMBERLINE-SOFTWARE - Timberline Software AS16498 LASALLE - LaSalle University AS16499 LN-VHF-ASN - Los Nettos AS16500 APCI - Air Products & Chemicals, Inc. AS16501 T-NEX - Total Net Connex Technologies, Inc. AS16502 PHXGOV - City of Phoenix AS16503 N-W-TELEPHONE - Northwest Telephone, Inc. AS16504 AS-LABORREADY - LABOR READY, INC. AS16505 INTERCOMM-RENO-ASN - INTERCOMM INTERNET SERVICES AS16507 DELWEBBCORP - Del Webb Corporation AS16508 PARIO-HOSTED-DATA - Pario Solutions AS16509 AMAZON-02 - Amazon.com, Inc. AS16510 IHSENERGY-FIELDDIRECT - IHS Energy Group AS16511 AS-LMD-4 - Legacy Marketing and Data Inc. AS16512 FMHDC - BannerHealth dba Fairbanks Memorial Hospital AS16513 COXNEWS - Cox Newspapers/AJC AS16514 TRIPOS-INC - Tripos, Inc. AS16515 ALTAVISTA - AltaVista Company AS16516 COMTECH-MOBILE-DATACOM - Comtech Mobile Datacom Corporation AS16517 MULTICASTTECH - Multicast Technologies Inc. AS16518 FIBERCLOUD-BHAM - OSDataCenters (currently changing to FiberCloud) AS16519 CUDENVER - University of Colorado at Denver AS16520 SBS-CAN - Siemens Business Services AS16521 HARRISBURG-BRANCH - CIBER INC AS16522 Chello Broadband AS16524 METTEL - Metropolitan Telecomm AS16525 KBR - KBR AS16526 BIRCH-TELECOM - Birch Telecom, Inc. AS16527 GVTCINTERNET - Guadalupe Valley Telephone Co-op, Inc. AS16528 IMPSAT FIBER NETWORKS INC AS16529 CYBERBURY - Republican-American AS16530 POWERSHIFT - Power Shift Computer Services, Inc. AS16531 Operadora Protel S.A. de C.V. AS16532 ASB2B2C - B2B2C Inc AS16533 AS-SAFETY-INSURANCE - Safety Insurance Company AS16534 NEBUAD-RWC - NebuAD AS16535 CEBRA - Cebra Inc. AS16536 PARTNERRE-EDS-AP-HUB - Electronic Data Systems AS16537 VENDIO - Vendio Services, Inc. AS16538 PDC - Pacific Disaster Center AS16539 COMMERCEBANK - Commercebank, N.A. AS16540 EQUINOX - Equinox Capital Management, LLC AS16541 AMK - AMK Hosting, LLC AS16542 MGIC - Mortgage Gauranty Insurance Corp AS16543 GATEWEST-AS - Gate West Communications Inc. AS16544 CHANNING-BETE - Channing L. Bete Company AS16545 CFTECHNOLOGYSERVICES - CF Technology Services AS16546 VNU-USA - VNU USA AS16547 CONSYS AS16548 MERCURY-COMPUTER-SYS - Mercury Computer Systems, Inc AS16549 AMI1 - AMI Communications, Inc. AS16550 KONNECTIONS - Konnections, Inc. AS16552 TIGGEE - Tiggee LLC AS16553 VBNET - VBNET, INC. AS16554 ANP - ADVANCED NETWORK PRODUCTS INC. AS16555 MEDSHOPPE-KAS1 - Medicine Shoppe International AS16556 TOTALCHOICE - TotalChoice Hosting, LLC AS16557 COLOSOLUTIONS - Colo Solutions, Inc. AS16558 TOWERGROUP - TOWER GROUP INTERNATIONAL AS16559 REALCONNECT-01 - RealConnect, Inc AS16560 IDM-AS - Information Distribution and Marketing, Inc. AS16561 ARIBANETWORK - Ariba Technologies, Inc AS16562 MVTAS - Mountain View Telephone Company AS16564 ADAMS-WELLS-INTERNET - Adamswells Internet AS16565 CBN-ARIN-AS - Colonial bank, N.A. AS16566 DESERTSKY - Desert Sky Software AS16567 OSINET - Open Solutions, Inc. AS16569 ASN-CITY-OF-CALGARY - City of Calgary AS16570 TELOIP-SW-ASN - AgniCorp Inc. AS16571 KDMC1 - Kings Daughters Medical Center AS16572 CELLULARONE-INTERNET - CellularOne-Chicago AS16573 OCEANWOOD-CAPITAL-MGT-ASN - Oceanwood Capital Management (US) LP AS16574 MONTAUK-ASN - Montauk Financial Group AS16575 ASRGU - Rio Grande Unwired LLC AS16576 YORK-COUNTY - County of York, Pennsylvania AS16577 TELSEON-AS - Telseon IP Services, Inc. AS16578 DATANOC - Lanset America Corporation AS16579 RADIANZ - RADIANZ AS16580 WOODCO - The Wood Company AS16581 TITAN - The Titan Corporation AS16582 NEXTLEVELINTERNET - NEXTLEVEL INTERNET, INC. AS16583 CFCS - Care Factor Computer Services Inc AS16584 MARKETINGCONCEPTS - Maketing Concepts AS16585 SUL-4-AS - STORCK USA LP AS16586 CLEARWIRE - Clearwire, LLC AS16587 FECLRO9234 - Friday, Eldredge & Clark, LLP AS16588 IRID-SPIDER - IRIDES, LLC AS16589 SCHEM - Schemathings, LLC AS16590 DISCOVERY-FUND - Discovery Fund Services, LLC AS16591 SHENK - SHENKMAN-CAPITAL-MANAGEMENT AS16592 ICOMSA S.A. de C.V. AS16593 FMCIN - First Merchants Corporation AS16594 Compugraf Serviзos LTDA AS16595 TORO - The Toro Company AS16596 UNIVERSIDAD AUTONOMA DE BAJA CALIFORNIA AS16597 SPC - South Plains College AS16598 BCAA-AS - BCAA AS16599 BENTLEY-SYSTEMS - Bentley Systems AS16600 UTHEALTHCENTER-TYLER - University of Texas Health Center at Tyler AS16601 GNEWSASN1 - Good News Internet Services AS16602 EBANK-COM - ebank.com AS16603 BELLAMIA - Bella Mia, Inc. AS16604 HUNTEL-NET - HunTel.net, Inc. AS16605 ABWC - AARO Broadband Wireless Communications AS16606 Intercontinental Telecom Corporation do BrasilSC AS16607 Universidad Nueva Esparta AS16608 KENTEC - Kentec Communications, Inc. AS16609 THE-AERO-GROUP-AS16609 - The Aero Group, Inc. AS16610 BLUEBIRD-WIRELESS - Bluebird Wireless Broadband Services, L.L.C. AS16612 DEXMANET - Dexma, Inc. AS16613 SYNERGYBROADBAND-IL-01 - SYNERGY BROADBAND AS16614 WESTFIELD-AMERICA - Westfield Corporation AS16615 PSI-AS - PROPHET SYSTEMS INNOVATION AS16616 CTS-07003 - Crown Travel Service Inc. AS16617 COMMUNITYISP - CommunityISP, Inc. AS16618 AS-HFS-CAVION - HFS Core Systems, Inc. AS16619 FKC-PHX1 - Facilities Knowledge Center AS16620 BREAKWATER - Breakwater Security Associates, Inc. AS16621 OWDS-GP - OWDS Inc. AS16622 COMPUBASIX - COMPUBASIX INC AS16623 CALGARY-HEALTH-REGION - Calgary Health Region AS16624 HYDRO-QUEBEC - Hydro Quebec AS16625 SPEEDERA - Akamai Technologies AS16626 GNAXNET-AS - Global Net Access, LLC AS16627 TRITONPCS - Suncom Wireless AS16629 CTC. CORP S.A. (TELEFONICA EMPRESAS) AS16630 ACCGRP AS16631 COGENT-ASN - Cogent Communications AS16632 FADVSAFERENT-AS01 - First Advantage SafeRent Inc. AS16633 I-3 - Internet Integration, Inc. AS16634 AM-EX2 - AMERIPRISE FINANCIAL SERVICES AS16635 OTHERWORLDNET - Otherworld Enterprises, Inc. AS16636 RMINE - RMI Physician Services Corp. AS16637 MTNNS-AS AS16638 CORNINGINC01 - Corning Incorporated AS16639 COMMERX - COMMERX AS16640 SILICON-VALLEY-BANK - Silicon Valley Bank AS16641 ACBB-BITS-ASN - ACBB-BITS, LLC AS16642 OGILVY-MATHER-EU AS for Ogilvy & Mather Europe AS16643 VCU-ASN1 - Virginia Commonwealth University AS16644 SUNGARDBI-TECH - Sungard Bi-Tech Inc AS16645 EPIQSYSTEMS - EPIQ Systems, Inc AS16646 BI-LO-AS - BI-LO LLC AS16647 IMAGINE-AS - IMAGINE MEDIA, INC. AS16648 PCSIA-NET - Professional Computer Solutions, Inc. AS16649 IUPR-AS - Interamerican University of Puerto Rico AS16650 AS-MERCHANTS-GATE - Merchants Gate Capital, L.P. AS16651 SOCKET-2 - SOCKET Internet Services AS16652 HUMANTECH-AA - Humantech, Inc. AS16654 SIMON-SCHUSTER - SIMON & SCHUSTER, INC. AS16655 AACAC-CORPASN - Advance America Cash Advance Centers, Inc. AS16656 IVANET-HAWAII - IBASIS INC. AS16657 FIBERTECH-NETWORKS-AS-ROC-NY-US - Fibertech Networks, LLC AS16659 CROWN-AS-1 - Crown Castle USA AS16660 FEBOX - FeBox LLC AS16661 ELARKIN - Emmett A. Larkin Company, Inc. AS16662 AZUS01 - AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP AS16663 Uol Colombia AS16664 CC-COMMUNICATIONS - CC Communications AS16665 XANGO-USA - XANGO LLC AS16668 GBPSW-AS - GBP Software, LLC AS16669 APPLIED-MATERIALS - Applied Materials AS16670 AERO-VISION - Aero-Vision AS16671 SITESOUTH - SiteSouth AS16672 INTERCERVE - Intercerve Inc AS16673 BAYER-US-ASN - Bayer Corporation AS16674 COMPASSGROUP-USA - Compass Group USA Inc AS16675 CYGCOM - Advanced Proprietary Systems AS16676 BARCHARTCOM - Barchart.com, Inc. AS16677 AZO - AutoZone Inc AS16678 NANO-AS - Nanosystems L.L.C. AS16681 ETS - Educational Testing Service AS16682 HAGGAR - Haggar Clothing Co. AS16683 MERCERGLOBAL - Mercer Global Advisors, Inc. AS16684 PORTONE - Port One Internet, Inc. AS16685 OptiGlobe Telecom Ltda. AS16686 EDNS - easyDNS Technologies, Inc. AS16687 KTC-INET - Windstream Communications Inc AS16688 PEOPLENET-COMM-AS - PeopleNet Communications Corp AS16689 Tvazteca.com.mx AS16690 ANADARKO - Anadarko Petroleum Corporation AS16691 KFORCE - KForce.com AS16692 HHMI - Howard Hughes Medical Institute AS16693 HOCH-247 - Hubbard Online AS16694 ICSI - ICSI AS16695 WESCANRIC - Westminster Canterbury Corporation AS16696 SOUTHCOAST-HEALTH-SYSTEM - Southcoast Health System AS16697 GARRATTCALLAHAN-AS - GARRATT CALLAHAN COMPANY AS16698 BRIGHTNET - Bright Net of Indiana AS16699 ENTER-ASN - Enter.Net AS16700 ROSENET-1 - City of Thomasville Utilities AS16701 ADMINISTRACION FEDERAL DE INGRESOS PUBLICOS(AFIP) AS16702 AKAMAI-AS - Akamai Technologies AS16703 ASN-CHUBBCORP - The Chubb Corporation AS16706 TPXNET1 - triPRACTIX, LLC AS16707 UNIFI-INC - Unifi, Inc AS16708 THOMSONFINANCIAL - Thomson Financial AS16709 COEUS-ASN - COEUS CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LLC AS16710 PBS - Public Broadcasting Service AS16711 ANC - ANC Rental Corporation AS16712 Soft Seven Informбtica Ltda. AS16713 NOANET-WA - Northwest Open Access Network AS16714 TENNANT-COMPANY - Tennant AS16715 ARISTOTLE-ASN - Aristotle Internet Access AS16716 TOMORROWNOW - TomorrowNow, Inc. AS16717 CRAWKANINTERNET - Craw-Kan Telephone Coop. Inc. AS16718 EMBARQ-HMBL - Embarq Corporation AS16719 NASD - National Association of Securities Dealers AS16720 CHANCE - Chance Telecom AS16721 ROBECOUSA-BOSTON1 - Robeco USA AS16722 VPKK-REDUNDANT-INTERNET - Vedder Price Kaufman & Kammholz, P.C. AS16723 ENSO-CAPITAL - Enso Capital Management LLC AS16724 E-SOLUTIONS - E Solutions Networks AS16725 TAP-PUBLISHING - TAP Publishing Company AS16726 ROCHE-NUTLEY - Hoffmann LaRoche, Inc. AS16727 PRIVATE-CABLE - Private Cable Co. LLC AS16728 MATTEL - Mattel, Inc. AS16729 AS16729 - Royal Bank of Canada AS16730 AS16730 - Royal Bank of Canada AS16731 AS16731 - Royal Bank of Canada AS16732 VELOCOM AS16733 SYMANTEC-CORPORATION - Symantec Corporation AS16734 SMARTBASKET - Smartbasket.com AS16735 Companhia de Telecomunicacoes do Brasil Central AS16736 Javali Informatica Ltda. AS16737 GO2CALL-1 - go2call.com AS16738 LMI - Logistics Management Institute AS16739 INVISIMAX-AS-GF - InvisiMax Inc. AS16740 ASN-DYNAMIC - Dynamic Concepts, Inc. AS16741 EXEL-ASN - Exel Inc. AS16742 Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso AS16745 STERLINGTESTING - Sterling Testing Systems, Inc AS16746 RELIANTENERGY - RELIANT ENERGY AS16747 REAL-TIME - Real Time Enterprises, Inc. AS16748 COMCAST-TELECOMM-4 - Comcast Telecommunications, Inc. AS16749 AUTOLIVASP1 - Autoliv asp AS16750 ECPI - Electronoc Corporate Pages, Inc AS16751 OPEN-TEXT-1 - Open Text Corporation AS16752 TENEROS - Teneros, Inc. AS16753 BELO - BELO Corporation AS16754 NETPORTUSA-HEATH - NetPort USA Heath AS16755 TOPICA - Topica, Inc. AS16756 ABC-VIRTUAL - ABC VIRTUAL COMMUNICATIONS, INC AS16757 CPI-CORP - CPI Corp. AS16758 IKON - IKON Office Solutions AS16759 SWA-MKT-INET - Southwest Airlines Co. AS16760 CBOE - Chicago Board Options Exchange AS16761 FEDMOG-ASN-01 - Federal-Mogul Corporation AS16762 Grupo BIMBO AS16763 TIDEWORKS - Tideworks Technology AS16765 BHN-INDIANAPOLIS - bright house NETWORKS AS16766 SPRINGBOARD - Springboard AS16767 SPI-TC-AZO - Summit Polymers, Inc. AS16768 PCS-BGP - Pacific Crest Securities Inc. AS16769 SOTHEBYS-INC - Sotheby's Inc. AS16770 BROADSLATE-AS - Broadslate Networks Inc. AS16771 KPCB - KPCB AS16772 Telefonica Data Uruguay AS16773 BFG - Big Fish Games, Inc. AS16774 MERCURYINS - Mercury Insurance Group AS16775 NCM-CA - Niemann Capital Management AS16776 HOMESTORE-IBS - Homestore.com, Inc AS16777 NET-PROVPHP - Providence Health Plan AS16778 ALBIZU-SANJUAN - CARLOS ALBIZU UNIVERSITY AS16779 TELSTRA-USA - Telstra Corporation AS16780 Banco SantanderSantiago AS16781 ARS-NATIONAL - ARS National Services, Inc. AS16782 CORELAB-AS - Core Laboratories AS16783 DAVNETINC - davnet, INC AS16784 INETZ - Inetz Media Group AS16785 USANA-INC - USANA Inc AS16786 STAR - Star Hosting Group, Inc. AS16787 CHARTER-16787 - Charter Communications AS16788 PURCHASEPRO - PurchasePro.com AS16789 RENTGROW - Rentgrow Inc AS16790 DISYS - DISYS AS16791 DIGITAL-AGENT - Digital Agent AS16792 JETTIS - Jettis.Com AS16793 DATA-TRONICS - Data-Tronics Corp AS16794 INT-SOL-PR - Internet Solutions, Inc. AS16795 ADBASE - Ad-base Systems, Inc. AS16796 MERLIN-NET - MERLIN AS16797 2C2-ASN-1 - 2nd Century Communications AS16798 IAC-SEARCH-MEDIA - IAC Search Media Inc AS16799 PAYMASTER - Hughes Aircraft Employees FCU AS16800 NBS90 AS16801 ENRONCORP2 - Enron Corp. AS16802 AS16802 - Independent Electricity System Operator AS16803 COMPVDC - Computer Sciences corp Meriden VDC AS16804 SEI-ISS - SEI Information Technology AS16805 FASTSERVERS - FastServers, Inc. AS16807 IBM-EI - IBM - Events Infrastructure AS16808 MERCURY-INTERACTIVE-MSP - Mercury Interactive Inc. AS16809 DOLLARBANK - Dollar Bank AS16810 CAVTEL02 - Cavalier Telephone AS16811 SPACENET-GTH - Spacenet, Inc. AS16812 SPACENET-ENT - Spacenet, Inc. AS16813 AMNH - American Museum of Natural History AS16814 NSS S.A. AS16815 CITRIX_ONLINE_LLC-16815 Citrix Online LLC AS16816 S-NETCOM - S-Net, Inc. AS16817 BHN-BAKERSFIELD - bright house NETWORKS AS16818 CORESYS - Core Services AS16819 HAWAII-DENTAL - Hawaii Dental Service 2b. Street AS16820 FREEBORN - Freeborn & Peters AS16821 DUQUESNELIGHT - Duquesne Light Company AS16822 GORTO-US01 - Gortons Inc. AS16823 NORTEXNET - Nortex Communications AS16825 DIRECTLINK - Directlink Technologies Corp. AS16826 JCCC - Johnson County Community College AS16827 MULTIPHONE-LA - Multiphone Latin America, Inc. AS16828 ASYMMERTICAL - BASSETT AND ASSOCIATES AS16829 TESSCO-MD - Tessco Technologies AS16830 EXIGENGROUP-USA - Exigen (USA) Inc. AS16831 FUJITSU - Fujitsu Network Communications, Inc. AS16832 SECOM-1 - Southeast Colorado Power Association AS16833 PREBONYAMANEUSA - Prebon Yamane (USA) Inc. AS16834 WEBSTER-BANK - Webster Bank AS16835 MADISONRIVER - Madison River Communications - DBA Mebtel AS16836 UDATA - UData AS16837 VABB - VIRGINIA BROADBAND LLC AS16838 VERISIGN-CORP - VeriSign Infrastructure & Operations AS16839 ENKIDO-NET - Enkido Inc. AS16840 DIRECT-MEDIA-NETWORK - S-INFOTECH INC. AS16841 SNBAS - Steve & Barry's University Sportswear AS16842 5NINES - 5Nines Data, LLC AS16843 NORTHEAST-COMNET - Northeast Nebraska ComNet AS16844 MILLENIUM-DATA-SERVICES - Millennium Medical Associates, LLC AS16845 PF - Perfumania AS16846 DAVITA-BERWYN - DAVITA INC AS16847 Servicios Informativos EMOL S.A. AS16848 NEXG-IT - Nexg IT AS16849 NewPlanet S.A AS16850 ITI - Interactive Technologies, Inc. AS16851 HOSTTECH-NET - Hosttech Communications, LLC AS16852 BROADWING-FOCAL - Broadwing Communications Services, Inc. AS16853 GALAXY-PORT AS16855 CHORDIANT - Chordiant Software Inc AS16856 SYDCOR-ENTERPRISES-LLC-01 - Sydcor Enterprises AS16857 CENTEX - Central Texas Communications AS16858 PTC-TUL-ASN - Perimeter Technology Center AS16859 NEWYORKFILMACADEMY - New York Film Academy, LTD AS16861 REVELEX - Revelex.com AS16862 KANSAS-WICHITA-AS - Kansas Hosting, LLC AS16863 PROCLARITY-CORPORATION - ProClarity Corporation AS16864 E FATO COM S.A. AS16865 PERSONTEL - PERSON TEL INC AS16866 WEHO-AS - The City of West Hollywood AS16867 AS-BANDWIDTH - Bandwidth.com Inc. - Network Operations AS16868 PRAXAIR-INC - Praxair Inc AS16869 MIRAPOINT-RDOM - Mirapoint, Inc. AS16870 STRATEGICONE-LLC-ASN - StragegicOne, LLC AS16871 MCDONAGHBROTHERS - MCDONAGH BROTHERS AS16872 MMDS-OKC - Meridian Data Systems AS16873 ACR - American College of Radiology AS16874 Sonda AS16875 AON-BGP - AON AS16877 VITAL - Vital Processing Services, LLC AS16878 ISERVE - iServe Technologies, Inc. AS16879 SUSQ-CTALK - Susquehanna Partners AS16880 TRENDMICRO Global IDC and Backbone of Trend Micro Inc. AS16881 BADPUPPY - Badpuppy Enterprises, Inc. AS16882 MDS-INC - MDS Inc. AS16883 WEBUNITED - Continental Broadband Florida, Inc DBA WebUnited AS16884 HARMONY-MOBILE - Harmony Mobile Networks Inc. AS16885 Global Telecom S/A AS16886 LVMH-SDG - LVMH - Selective Distribution Group AS16887 HEALTHMARKETS - Mega Life and Health Insurance Company AS16888 ADEC-AK20 - Alaska Distance Education Consortium AS16889 STEVENS-TECH - Stevens Institute of Technology AS16890 EDI-ASN1 - Executive Director, Inc. AS16891 Pontificia Universidade Catolica de Minas Gerais AS16892 UCS-NETWORKS - Universal Computer Systems, Inc. AS16893 WILD-NET - Wild.net AS16894 ECGLOBAL-COM - Motorola AS16895 SAN-BRUNO-CABLE - San Bruno Cable AS16896 XENERGYENT - Xenergy Enterprises AS16897 RSI-AUS - Renaissance Systems, Inc. AS16898 LOG-NET - Global Technology Services, Ltd. AS16899 F-SECURE - F-Secure, Inc. AS16900 SEDGWICK-CMS - Sedgwick CMS, Inc. AS16901 MUTUAL - MUTUAL OF ENUMCLAW AS16902 TXU2 - TXU Business Services, Inc. AS16903 WACSEC - WachoviaSecurities AS16904 ARVIG - Arvig Enterprises Inc. AS16905 NTG - North Texas GigaPOP AS16906 El Salvador Network, S. A. AS16907 ISPKENYA AS16908 ATRGNJ01 - Advanced Technologies Research Group, Inc. AS16909 OAKRIDGEINVEST - Oak Ridge Investments, LLC AS16910 FARM-CREDIT - Farm Credit Financial Partners, Inc. AS16911 Tele Centro Oeste CelularParticipacoes AS16912 4-LESS-NETWORK - 4 Less Communications, Inc. AS16913 INSIDESYSTEMS - Inside Systems, Inc. AS16914 UNAMAX - Unamax Corporation AS16916 NETLOGIC-WEST - INFINIPLEX LLC DBA NETLOGIC AS16917 RYSTEC1-NET - Rystec Inc. AS16919 CBNY - The College Board AS16920 JACEN-ASN - Jacent Technologies Inc. AS16923 QWST-TWRSTREAM-BGP - LAUREN STOMEL ADVERTISING INC AS16924 REGAL-NET-CHGO - REGAL SECURITIES, INC. AS16925 AS-DBA-28 - Don Buchwald and Associates, Inc. AS16926 INTERSTATE-BRANDS - Interstate Brands Corporation AS16928 UTCNET - United Technologies Corp AS16930 IDLEPATTERN - Idle Pattern Communications, LLC AS16931 GLOBAL-PAYMENTS-1 - Global Payments, Inc. AS16932 FUTURE-ELECTRONIQUE-INC - Future Electronique Inc AS16933 CNP-ASN01 - Clark Nuber PS AS16934 LEACO-INTERNET - Leaco Rural Telephone AS16935 KSC-NETWORKS - Kingland Systems Corp. AS16936 TECHNORATI - Technorati, Inc. AS16937 MASTERFILES - Masterfiles, Inc. AS16938 COMPETITRACK - Competitrack Inc. AS16939 CARETECH-SOLUTIONS - CARETECH SOLUTIONS INC AS16940 VOXEO - Voxeo Corporation AS16941 ROUNDHEAVEN - RoundHeaven Communications Canada Inc. AS16942 CITIZENS - Citizens Telephone Cooperative AS16943 REDCONDOR - Red Condor AS16944 XYSTOS-PROD - Aerobic Technologies inc. AS16945 NOVACON-LLC - Novacon LLC AS16946 SASSC - Stride & Associates AS16947 MIMEOCOMINC - Mimeo.com, INC. AS16948 STRATUSWAVE - StratusWave Communications AS16949 EDAP - Edaptivity.com Inc AS16950 COLUMBIA - COLUMBIA HOUSE AS16951 IVANET-LIMA - IBASIS INC. AS16952 LIGHTSPEED - Computer Networking Solutions AS16953 LIGHTNET - LightNetworks, Inc. AS16954 NANO-PRIMO - Nanosys AS16955 GETCO-CAR - Getco, LLC AS16956 CATTARAUGUS-COUNTY - Cattaraugus County AS16957 IDACORP-NETWORK - IDACORP INC AS16958 BCIU-22 - Bucks County Intermediate Unit #22 AS16959 SBIS-AMRLTX - AT&T Internet Services AS16960 Cablevision Red S.A. de C.V. AS16961 HIPCS-DALLAS-SERVER-OFFICE - AT&T Internet Services AS16962 HIPCS-IRVINE-ACCESS-OFFICE - AT&T Internet Services AS16963 HIPCS-SOUTHFIELD-ACCESS-OFFICE - AT&T Internet Services AS16964 HIPCS-NEW-YORK-ACCESS-OFFICE - AT&T Internet Services AS16965 SBIS-SPFDMO - AT&T Internet Services AS16966 SBCIDC-LSAN03 - AT&T Internet Services AS16967 SBCIDC-DLLSTX - AT&T Internet Services AS16968 ARC-ASN - Architectural Resources Cambridge, Inc. AS16969 PICTORIALOFFSET - Pictorial Offset Corporation AS16970 INFOSTEWARDS - InfoStewards, Inc. AS16971 CHOICE-COMM - Choice Communications, LLC AS16972 WEBFEAT - WebFeat, Inc. AS16973 Corporacion Hostarica S.A. AS16974 SHOCKWAVE - Shockwave.com AS16975 Altocity.com AS16976 FIVEK - Five K Computers AS16977 DODSONGROUP - The Dodson Group, Inc. AS16978 WEBPG - WebPG, Inc. AS16980 UNITEDGUARANTY - United Guaranty AS16981 EMMIS-1 - Emmis Communications Corp. AS16982 GREATWESTERNAUTO - Great Western Autoplex AS16983 ACSEAST - ACS Inc. AS16984 ASN-AHPHOSTINGATL - AHPHosting, Inc. AS16985 LIGHTYEAR-NETWORK-SOLUTIONS-LLC - Lightyear Network Solutions, LLC. AS16986 LAKELAND-REGIONAL - Lakeland Hospitals at Niles and St. Joseph, Inc. AS16987 MSI-NET-INC - MSI NET Inc. AS16988 IPAPER - International Paper AS16989 UTMEM - The University of Tennessee, Memphis AS16990 TRANSBANK S.A. AS16991 IP-NET01 - Insider Pages, Inc. AS16992 DOL - Denver Online Development AS16993 ASN-CFI - Cumberland Farms, Inc. AS16994 NUVOX-REGION4 - NuVox Communications, Inc. AS16995 QL-ASN-KOP - Qlogic Corporation AS16996 GRAYCOMNET - GRAYCOM, L.C. AS16997 PROPHET21 - Prophet 21, Inc. AS16998 ISG - ISG AS16999 WFSCORP - World Fuel Services AS17000 12OAKSWC - 21st Century Appraisals Inc AS17001 UMANITOBA - University of Manitoba AS17002 AVISTA-CAPITAL - Avista Capital, Inc. AS17003 AHP - WYETH-AYERST/AMERICAN HOME PRODUCTS AS17004 NETFONE - NetFone Services, Inc. AS17005 CHAPWOOD-CAPITAL - Chapwood Capital LLC AS17006 EWNYAS - Executive Workspace, LLC AS17007 ORBITAL - Orbital Sciences Corporation AS17008 DOCUTEK-ITDEPT - Docutek Imaging Solutions, Inc. AS17009 SHOPKO-ASN - ShopKo Stores Operating Co., LLC AS17010 RNCORP - RENDITION NETWORKS AS17011 PPG-INDUSTRIES - PPG Industries, Inc. AS17012 X-COM - X.com Corporation AS17013 INFOAGE - The Information Age, Inc. AS17014 NAIILLC - North Atlantic Internet, Inc., LLC AS17015 NMTINET - New Millennium Technologies AS17016 VOWNET-BROADBAND - The MEDIA COTTAGE Inc. AS17017 CRISP - Crisp Network Solutions, Inc. AS17018 HERAKLES - HERAKLES LLC AS17019 JTAN - Julia Thomas Associates AS17020 COMP-SCIENCE - Computer Sciences Corporation AS17021 UNXCOM1 - unx.com, Inc. AS17023 MORNEAU-SOBECO - MORNEAU-SOBECO, LP AS17024 TRIPOINTAM - TriPoint Asset Management LP AS17025 ABOVENET-CUSTOMER - Abovenet Communications, Inc AS17026 ARBELLA - Arbella Insurance Group AS17027 PEAK10JAX - Peak 10 AS17028 HR40W - Herzfeld & Rubin, P.C. AS17029 CHP-NET - California Highway Patrol AS17030 PRIMERICA - PRIMERICA LIFE INSURANCE CO AS17031 TW-NCWREN - Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools AS17032 QUALCOMM-QWBS-SD - Qualcomm Wireless Business Solutions AS17033 AVENTISBEHRING - Aventis Behring AS17035 OXYGEN - OXYGEN MEDIA LLC AS17036 CYBERWURX-55 - Cyber Wurx LLC AS17037 GOINET - goINet, Inc. AS17038 PLLLPAS1 - Phillips Lytle LLP AS17039 SUPPLYPRO - SUPPLYPRO AS17040 SEATTLE-TIMES - The Seattle Times AS17042 PANTHER-EXPEDITED-SERVICES - Panther II Transportation, Inc. AS17043 AERIS-SJC-BGPNET - Aeris Communications, Inc. AS17044 TRUENORTHCOMM - True North Communications AS17045 VERMONTSKY - Vermont Sky Network AS17046 ACTION-COMM - Action Communications, Inc. AS17047 CENTURYTELECOMM - CenturyTel AS17048 AWKNET - Awknet Communications, LLC AS17049 MBO-NET - MBO Video AS17050 MCVP-AS-NO - TAC Partners, Inc. AS17051 PURDUEPHARMA - Purdue Pharma LP AS17052 TARGET - Target Corporation AS17053 DADEPAPER - DADE PAPER CO AS17054 AS17054 - CONTINENTAL BROADBAND PENNSYLVANIA, INC. AS17055 UTAH - University of Utah AS17056 CIPHERSPACE - CipherSpace, LLC AS17057 CASPIAN - Caspian Networks AS17058 INUNTIUS - Inuntius, Inc. AS17059 BORDERWARE - Borderware Technologies Inc. AS17060 E-NETWORKS - E! Networks AS17061 ROYALEENERGY - Royale Energy Inc AS17062 PARTNERRE-EDS-EMEA-HUB - Electronic Data Systems AS17063 BFM-OB-CUST-US - Bloomberg Financial Market AS17064 TISD-VIC - Testengeer Inc AS17065 REALMED-PROD - REALMED CORPORATION AS17066 MISSISSAUGA-OFFICE - Vonage Holdings, Inc. AS17067 BKPFTL - BEN-EZRA & KATZ, P.A. AS17068 ASN-OMIG - Ohio Mutual Insurance Company AS17069 Cooperativa Telefnica y Otros Servicios deVilla Ge AS17070 UBSW-CHICAGO - UBS AG AS17071 UBSW-STAMFORD - UBS AG AS17072 Grupo Iusacell Celular S.A. de C.V. AS17073 ALLEGISGROUP7312 - Allegis Group AS17074 SEPHIL-YIPES-65-175-52-0-A - Saul Ewing LLP AS17076 PIXELPUSHERS - PIXEL PUSHERS, INC. AS17077 NETSTEP - Netstep Access Services AS17078 ALLENCO - Allen & Company AS17079 Telemovil El Salvador S.A. AS17080 SCRPRO-001 - The Screening Pros, LLC AS17081 XIBIG - Xibi Group, Inc. AS17083 SKYAUCTION - SKYAUCTION.COM AS17084 LCCAS-RACK01 - Layne Christensen Company AS17085 APOGEENETWORKS - Apogee Networks, Inc. AS17086 AMERICATEL EL SALVADOR AS17087 NYSA - New York Shipping Association AS17088 CURRENEX - Currenex, Inc. AS17089 CINCCHILDRENS - Childrens Hospital AS17091 HOLLCORP - Hollister Incorporated AS17092 E-GREETINGS - E-Greetings Network AS17093 FAIRPOINT - FAIRPOINT COMMUNICATIONS, INC. AS17094 MUTOMAHA-I - Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company AS17095 GRAYBAR-PR - GRAYBAR INTERNATIONA, INC AS17096 SUMMITRACING - SUMMIT RACING AS17098 IVCHD - International Video Conversions, Inc. AS17099 CALLIS-COMMUNICATIONS-AS - Callis Communications AS17100 ISDI - ISDI AS17101 HGL-HRNDN-VA - Hydro Geo Logic AS17102 VNRHCS - Visiting Nurse Regional Health Care System, Inc. AS17103 JRC-NETWORK-SERVICES - Jensen Research Corporation AS17104 NORTHERN-LEASING-SYSTEMS-INC - Northern Leasing Systems, Inc. AS17105 MEDIAPLAN-HQ - MediaPlan.com AS17106 MIDWESTWIRELESS - Midwest Wireless Holdings LLC AS17107 HALEANDDORR - Hale and Dorr LLP AS17108 Telenova Comunicacoes Ltda. AS17109 HARDSOFT - HardSoft Solutions Inc. AS17110 YAHOO-US2 - Yahoo AS17111 AS-NEXTWEB-17111 - Nextweb, Inc AS17112 BBDO-NY - BBDO New York AS17113 COMMRAIL - Commrail, Inc AS17114 BANKLINK - Banklink, Inc. AS17115 THEWIREINT - The Wireless Inter-net Inc AS17116 BHPHOTO - B&H Photo AS17117 OI-US-OAKBROOK - Opportunity International, Inc. AS17118 VIMS - Virginia Institute of Marine Science AS17119 KAMPUNG - Kampung Communications AS17120 NBDOE - New Brunswick Department of Education AS17121 WORLDMULT1 - World Multicast Inc. AS17122 JUILLIARD - The Juilliard School AS17123 TEAM-HEALTH - Team Health, Inc. AS17124 ATLANTIS - Atlantis International AS17125 LOGIS-ASN-01 - Logistics Plus, Inc. AS17126 E-money AS17127 ALLIANCE-INFO-SYSTEMS - Alliance Information Systems AS17128 THL-PARTNERS - Thomas H. Lee Management Co., LLC AS17129 FIDALGO-NET-1 - Fidalgo Networking, Inc. AS17130 JONESDAY - Jones, Day, Reavis & Pogue AS17131 AS-EFNET - EFNet IRC Services, Inc. AS17132 MPOOLJXN1 - The Modem Pool AS17133 NEXTEL-DEV - Nextel Communications, Inc. AS17134 WESTLAKEGROUP-1 - Westlake Group AS17135 OHIOU - Ohio University AS17137 HAWKEYE-SYNIVERSE - Hawkeye Switching LLC. AS17138 EBG - Epstein Becker & Green, P.C. AS17139 CORPCOLO - Corporate Colocation Inc. AS17140 CBRE-US - CB Richard Ellis, Inc. AS17142 WIRELESS-FIR - Wireless First AS17143 WINNTELECOM - Winn Telecom AS17144 P18004BVOCAL - BeVocal Inc. AS17145 TEAJAX - THE ENERGY AUTHORITY AS17146 NASD-AS - Norristown Area School District AS17147 Gobierno de Chile AS17148 FIRST-NATIONAL AS17149 GCN-AS - Global Caribbean Network AS17150 AFCU - America First Credit Union AS17151 WILSHIRE - Vonage Holdings, Inc. AS17152 BATES - Bates College AS17153 NMT-AS - New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology AS17154 ALLST-17154 - Allstream Corp. Corporation Allstream AS17155 AS-SKYLINE-X01 - Skyline Corporation AS17157 CLEAR-CHANNEL-AS-17157 - Clear Channel Communications AS17158 ABDINSURANCE-HQ - ABD Insurance and Financial Services, Inc. AS17160 MB-BGP-VEREXP - Mango Bay Communications, Inc. AS17161 MARSH Marsh Inc. AS17162 DONALDSON - Donaldson Company AS17163 AFGINC-1 - Great American Insurance Company AS17164 CALDWELL - Caldwell School District 132 AS17165 RNI - Renaissance Networking Inc. AS17166 TRAVELERSPCAS - Travelers Property Casualty Corp. AS17167 HBAFRAG - Allou Distributors, Inc. AS17168 TFO-BOSTON - THOMSON FINANCIAL AS17169 TJBA - TJBA Inc. AS17170 DOWNEY-SAVINGS - Downey Savings and Loan AS17171 DANBURY-CT - City of Danbury AS17172 BGP-CDS-LLC - Central Defense Services, LLC. AS17173 NETLINK-SERV - NetLink Services, Inc. AS17174 COSMIX - Cosmix Corporation AS17175 NSS-UK New Skies Satellites UK AS AS17176 NETAPPSERV - Network Application Services AS17178 MOTIONINDUSTRIES - Motion Industries AS17179 GLN-US-AS1 - Green Light Networks LLC AS17180 MFS-TKY - Massachusetts Financial Services AS17181 EVARE - Evare, LLC AS17182 ISP Proveedora S.A. AS17183 INFINITUM-TECH - Infinitum Technologies Inc. AS17184 ATL-CBEYOND - CBEYOND COMMUNICATIONS, LLC AS17185 QUONIXNET - Quonix Networks AS17186 DSTHS-ASN - DST Health Solutions AS17187 LEGATO - LEGATO SYSTEMS, INC. AS17188 ACS-OAK - ACS Inc. AS17189 DIGITALINGENUITY - Digital Ingenuity, Inc. AS17190 AS17191 PTS-TONTITOWN - P.A.M. Transportation Services Inc. AS17192 LEK - LEK Internet Services, Inc. AS17193 NETLINC-SERVICES - Superior Consultant Company AS17195 JAMES-TOWER - James Tower Media Design AS17196 COD-GE-IL - College of duPage AS17198 INNOVATIONSLAB - Nortel Networks AS17199 SWAGELOK - Swagelok Company AS17200 SEATTLECOLL - Seattle Community College District AS17201 GGC-6 - Georgia Gulf Corporation AS17202 FGCU-FTM1 - Florida Gulf Coast University AS17203 FUNDSXPRESS - Funds Xpress Financial Network, Inc. AS17204 Nominum Global NameServer network AS17205 CORP BANCA, C.A. AS17206 MOUNTAIN-AMERICA - Mountain America Credit Union AS17207 COLOR-COLL - Colorado College AS17208 Projesom Internet Ltda AS17209 NORTHWEST-EVALUATION-ASSOCIATION - NORTHWEST EVALUATION ASSOCIATION AS17210 RLM-SOFT - RLM Software, Inc. AS17211 GTEC-ORG-ARIN - Grafton Technologies, Inc. AS17212 UHC1700 - University Healthsystem Cosortium AS17213 NDB-COM - National Discount Brokers AS17214 IEEE-COMSOC - IEEE Communications Society AS17215 AMEREN-AS3 - Ameren Corp. AS17216 VERITECT-EAST - Veritect AS17217 ADMWORLD - ARCHER DANIELS MIDLAND AS17218 VIACOREHQ - Viacore Inc. AS17219 GEACCESS - GE Access AS17220 GDS-LOAN00 AS17221 GRAUBARD - Graubard, Mollen & Miller, LLP. AS17222 Mundivox do Brasil Ltda. AS17223 STARGATE - Stargate Holdings Corp. AS17224 ATT-CERFNET-BLOCK - AT&T Enhanced Network Services AS17225 ATT-CERFNET-BLOCK - AT&T Enhanced Network Services AS17226 ATT-CERFNET-BLOCK - AT&T Enhanced Network Services AS17227 ATT-CERFNET-BLOCK - AT&T Enhanced Network Services AS17228 ATT-CERFNET-BLOCK - AT&T Enhanced Network Services AS17229 ATT-CERFNET-BLOCK - AT&T Enhanced Network Services AS17230 ATT-CERFNET-BLOCK - AT&T Enhanced Network Services AS17231 ATT-CERFNET-BLOCK - AT&T Enhanced Network Services AS17232 AT&T US AS17233 ATT-CERFNET-BLOCK - AT&T Enhanced Network Services AS17234 GAC - Gustavus Adolphus College AS17235 COMTIME - Commercial Timesharing, Inc. AS17236 TULSAL-74103 - Tulsa City-County Library AS17237 CHICAGOREADER - Chicago Reader AS17238 MSPNI - Morris, Schneider & Prior AS17239 GENESIS2NET - Genesis2 Networks AS17240 CLASSMATES-1 - Classmates Online Inc. AS17241 JKGROUP - The JK Group Inc. AS17242 UNIPAC - UNIPAC Service Corporation AS17243 NLG-MPLS - National Leisure Group, Inc. AS17244 SYSTEMSFUSION - Systems Fusion AS17245 QUIXI-1 - quixi AS17246 QUIXI-2 - quixi AS17247 QUIXI-3 - quixi AS17248 INTERGLOBECOMMUNICATIONSINC - InterGlobe Communications, Inc. AS17249 BURSATEC, S.A. DE C.V. AS17250 ADETEL, S.A. DE C.V. AS17251 MONST-3AS - Monster Worldwide, Inc. AS17252 VDI - Virtual Development INC AS17253 COMMUNIGROUP - CommuniGroup Inc. AS17254 TNE-GLOBAL-TELECOM-LLC - TNE Global Telecom, LLC. AS17255 Diveo Uruguay AS17256 GLOBAL-MESSA - GLOBAL MESSAGING SOLUTIONS INC AS17257 Collective Mind Chile S.A. AS17258 DOBSON-COMM - Dobson Communications Corporation AS17259 ELYNX-CORP-NET - eLynx Ltd. AS17260 ARMSCOR AS17261 KEELING - KEELING INC AS17262 CARNEGIEHALL-NY-881 - Carnegie Hall AS17263 OCIP-Z - One Connect IP, Inc. AS17264 CERNER-COM - CERNER.COM AS17265 GGC-6 - Georgia Gulf Corporation AS17266 HOSTSERVE-NET-AS - Networx Internet & Networking Solutions Inc. AS17267 AAAINET - AAA INTERNET LLC AS17268 COSMOCOM - CosmoCom, Inc. AS17269 SBF - Scholastic Book Fairs AS17270 SFI-CFCC - Systems of the Future, Inc. AS17271 MSH - Management Sciences for Health, Inc. AS17272 ROTH-NET - ROTH CAPITAL PARTNERS, LLC AS17273 CTX-MORTGAGE - CTX Mortgage Company, LLC AS17274 RWBAIRD - Robert W. Baird AS17275 FMAC-I-BILLING - Freddie Mac AS17276 SEIC-CORP-1 - SEI Investments AS17277 CHARTER-COMMUNICATIONS - Charter Communications AS17278 IONACOLLEGE - Iona College AS17279 PROPEL-WIRELESS - Propel Wireless Internet, LLC AS17280 ASN-PRIORITY-HEALTH - Priority Health AS17281 DOVEBID - Dovebid, Inc. AS17282 HSNI-LLC - HSN Interactive LLC AS17284 SAN-JOSE-COLO - Vonage Holdings, Inc. AS17285 PREMIO - Premio Computer Inc. AS17286 PCRMC-ROLLA - Phelps County Regional Medical Center AS17287 Universidad de Carabobo AS17288 KANAKUKKAMPS - KANAKUK KAMPS, INC AS17289 EMBARCADERO - EMBARCADERO TECHNOLOGIES INC AS17290 BLUE-MOUNTAIN - Bluemountain.com a division of Excite At Home Corp. AS17291 MCMILLIN-SANANTONIO - McMillin Texas Homes, LLC AS17292 INFOED-INTERNATIONAL - InfoEd International Inc AS17293 VALTEL - Valley Telephone Cooperative, Inc. AS17294 CARL - Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries AS17295 EHI-CALLCENTER - eHealthInsurance Services Inc. AS17296 TLC-INTERNET - The Longaberger Company AS17297 ACS-COC-TX - CITY OF CARROLLTON - TEXAS AS17298 ROEHL-AS - ROEHL TRANSPORT, INC. AS17299 IPASS-4 - iPass Incorporated AS17300 PROCARD - ProCard, Inc. AS17301 FASTENAL - Fastenal Company AS17302 HARTE-HANKS - Harte-Hanks Inc. AS17303 MAILMESSENGER - Mailmessenger Networks, Inc. AS17304 STERLING-GRP - Sterling Consulting, Inc. AS17305 WORLDPOST-AS-01 - WorldPost Technologies, Inc. AS17306 NETCONX - NetConX AS17307 VIRTELA-NET-VCODEN1 Virtela Communications AS17308 WTI-ASN - WTI, LLC AS17309 AS7260 - Roosevelt University AS17310 BVU-2 - BRISTOL VIRGINIA UTILITIES AS17311 ECMC-BGP - Erie County Medical Center AS17312 TERNETCONNEC AS17313 FORUM-CORP - The Forum Corporation of North America AS17315 BORLAND-SOFTWARE - Borland Software Corp. AS17316 PRG - Profit Recovery Group, Inc. AS17317 DISCOVER-READY - Discover Ready, LLC AS17318 FLEKTOR - Flektor, Inc. AS17320 CFCU - Coastal Federal Credit Union AS17321 FIREBRAND - Firebrand Holdings Corp AS17323 ARA-SWD - Applied Research Associates AS17324 ALNET - Albert Einstein College of Medicine AS17326 GOTHAM-DIGITAL-NETWORKS - Gotham Digital, LLC. AS17327 TSTC-AS - Texas State Technical College at Waco AS17329 Pitaco assessoria tcnica LTDA AS17330 NEXTELPARTNERS - Nextel Partners AS17331 MINDBYTES-BCP1 - Mindbytes Consultants, Inc. AS17332 SCIENTECH - Scientech,Inc. AS17333 C2CELECOM - C2C Telecom Inc AS17334 AKAM-SOS-AS17334 - Nine Systems Corporation AS17335 SUBEXAZUREAMERICAS - Syndesis, Ltd. AS17336 PITTSGROVE-TWP-BOE - Pittsgrove Township Board of Education AS17337 J-WASN - J-W Operating Company AS17338 NIS - Network Integration Services, Inc. AS17339 SAFELITE - Safelite Glass Corp. AS17340 AS-IDS-NET1 - Integrated Data Systems, LLC AS17341 GISL-MONTEREYBAY - GUARDIAN INFORMATION SERVICES, LLC AS17342 COMTEXNEWS - COMTEX News Network AS17343 SFWMD - South Florida Water Management District AS17344 ENGLEWD-AS - Englewood Hospital AS17345 POSITIVE-NETWORKS-2 - Positive Networks, Inc. AS17346 BITNIK - Bitnik, Inc AS17347 PEPCO - Potomac Electric Power Company AS17348 CAA - Creative Artists Agency LLP AS17349 SUNGARD-AMS-DOM - Sungard Data Systems AS17350 KMV-LLC - Moody's KMV AS17353 SPECTRUM-SNI - Spectrum Numismatics International, INC AS17354 GCI-NET - Gain Communications, Inc. AS17355 WAYZATA-ISD-284 - Wayzata School District, ISD #284 AS17356 VERMONT-TELE - Vermont Telephone Company, Inc. AS17357 AS-DCI-31 - Development Corporation for Israel AS17358 ETOLL1 - eToll, Inc. AS17359 TELOV-FL-TPA - Telovations, Inc. AS17360 PNCBANK-RIV - PNC BANK NA AS17361 BRASS - Sungard Trading System (ASC) AS17362 NESTEGG - Nestegg, LLC AS17363 WAGNER - Wagner Stott Bear Specialists AS17365 CITY-OF-FRESNO - City of Fresno AS17366 ARINCASN - ARINC, Inc. AS17367 MARKTECH-GRO - Marketing Technology Group AS17368 1VEL-NET - 1Velocity AS17369 CHAPNET - Chapman University AS17370 MCAFEE-COM - Mcafee.Com AS17371 BMO-TOR1 - Bank of Montreal AS17372 BMO-TOR2 - Bank of Montreal AS17373 MCI-COV - MCI WorldCom AS17374 WALMART - WALMART.COM AS17375 ESC-TPA-CW-AP - E Solutions Corporation AS17376 Laissez Faire City AS17377 PWI-DFW - Penson Financial Services AS17378 DBSINTL1 - DBS INTERNATIONAL AS17379 Intelig Telecomunica Ltda AS17380 PROJ-MUT-TEL - Project Mutual Telephone, Inc AS17381 AS-WSI-ECOM-WEST - Williams-Sonoma AS17382 HEALTHNOW-NY-AS - HEALTHNOW NEW YORK, INC. AS17383 INTERNET-UNLIM - Internet Unlimited AS17386 GRAINGER - W.W.GRAINGER AS17387 GIGA-DATA - Giga-Data, LLC AS17388 KEEN-US1 - Keen.com, Inc AS17389 IHS-GROUP - Information Handling Services AS17390 RLSL-1 - RLS Legal Solutions, LLC AS17391 CPWR-DTW-ASN01 - Compuware Corporation AS17392 STOCKGROUP - Stockgroup.com AS17393 TRIPNET-HOU - Trip.net, Inc. AS17394 NETAPP-AS - Network Appliance Corporation AS17395 BSTZ-AS - Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman, LLP AS17396 TL5-1 - Tech Level 5 / The Datafactory AS17397 SFCOMMERCE - SUREFIRE COMMERCE AS17398 IPASS-COM - IPASS INC AS17399 COMSAT VENEZUELA AS17400 EBONET AS17401 ERTACH S.A. AS17402 EMBARQ-CHSK - Embarq Corporation AS17403 HSIS-AS - HyperSurf Internet Services, Inc. AS17404 CENTERPOINT-SBW - Centerpoint Marketing, Inc. AS17405 GCM-ASN - Geosphere Capital Management, LLC AS17406 EPSCU - PSCU Service Centers Inc. AS17407 SENECA-COMM - Seneca Communications AS17408 ABOVE-AS-AP AboveNet Communications Taiwan AS17409 IEXPRESS-AS-AP Internet Express AS17410 ASN-NZDG-AP # AS-NZDG-AP CONVERTED TO ASN-NZDG-AP FOR RPSL COMPLIANCE Anchor House, Hamilton, New Zealand. AS17411 IO-GLOBAL-AP Internet Service Provider AS17412 WOOSHWIRELESSNZ Woosh Wireless AS17413 TWART-TW GRADE Technology CO., Ltd. AS17414 SUIO-TW Suio Inc., ADSL Internet Service Provider, AS17415 TWC-TW Trans World Communication Co., Ltd. AS17416 DWINS-TW DWINS Digital Service Corp., AS17417 DYXNET-TW Diyixian.COM (TW) Ltd. AS17418 TAT-TW TRANSASIA INFORMATION SERVICES INC. AS17419 HINET-IPV6-TW HiNet IPv6 Service Network., AS17420 ACCSI-TW Acer CyberCenter Services, Inc. AS17421 EMOME-TW Long Distance & Mobile Business Group, AS17422 PCSNET-TW PACIFIC COMPUTER SYSTEMS INC. AS17423 SUREPREP-AS-AP Sureprep AS AS17424 GEIS-ASPACHK-AS GEIO ASPAC regional office AS17425 EPA-AS-TH Provincial Electricity Authority of Thailand. AS17426 PRIMENET-AS-AP Primesoftex Ltd AS17427 THSUZUKI-AS-AP Thai Suzuki Motor Co.,Ltd. AS17428 CHINA-ABITCOOL Abitcool(China) Inc. AS17429 BGCTVNET BEIJING GEHUA CATV NETWORK CO.LTD AS17430 GWBN-CHENGDU Great Wall Broadband Network Service Co.,Ltd AS17431 TONET Beijing TONEK Information Technology Development Company AS17432 GOLDINFONET GoldInfo Information Service Corporation AS17433 PHILWEB-AP PhilWeb.Com, Inc. AS17434 RBA-AUS-AP RESERVE BANK OF AUSTRALIA AS17435 WXC-AS-NZ WorldxChange AS17436 ICICIBANK-AS ICICIBANK Ltd, Banking, Mumbai AS17437 ROTHSCHILDAM-AS-AP Rothschild Asset Management AS17438 IPNET-MELB-AS-AP Melbourne POP AS17439 NETMAGIC-AP Netmagic Datacenter Mumbai AS17440 PRONET-AP Putrabu Rajasa Galuh, PT AS17442 CHINANETCENTER-AP Internet Service Provider in China AS17443 ESTELCOM-AP International Internet gateway , India AS17444 NWT-AS-AP AS number for New World Telephone Ltd. AS17445 INTER-AS-QNET Lenso Datacom Co., Ltd. AS17446 POWERLAN-AS-MEL Powerlan Ltd. Melbourne AS Software Development Australia AS17447 NET4INDIA Net4India AS17448 BUZZBB-AS-AP Buzz Broadband Pty Ltd AS17449 DAH-PRIVATEBANK-AS-AP D.A.H. Private Bank AS17450 ANGKASA-KOMUNIKASI-ID PT Angkasa Komunikasi Global Utama AS17451 BIZNET-AS-AP BIZNET ISP AS17452 BITSTOP-AS-AP Bitstop Inc AS17453 CYQ-AS AUTONOMOUS SYTEM FOR MUMBAI-IDC AS17454 HASINDONET-AS-ID-AP PT Hasindo Net AS17455 INETD-AS-AP INETD, www.inetd.com.au, Web Content provider AS17456 PDSGUAM-USTRANSPORT-AS-GU-AP Pacific Data Systems AS17457 YAHOO-AU-AP internet content provider AS17458 CWNETDG-IO-AP Cable and Wireless AS17459 RSLCOM-AP RSL COM Australia AS17460 AMDG-AS-AP Asian Media Development Group Inc AS17461 DPWSAU-AP Department of Public Works and Services. AS17462 MULTILINE-AS-AP 1990 Multiline Peering AS Number AS17463 GNFC Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers Co. Ltd. AS17464 TMIDC-AP Hosting Services (MYLOCA), AS17465 ASIANET Cable ISP in India AS17466 GLOBAL-GECIS The AS number for GECIS global for their internet peering AS17467 HWC-AS-AP Hostworks Central Pty Ltd AS17468 ASIAMULTI-AS-AP ASIA MULTIMIDIA CO.,LTD AS17469 ACCESSTEL-AS-AP Access Telecom (BD) Ltd. AS17470 CELLTEL-AS Celltel Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. AS17471 CYBERNET-BD-AS Grameen Cybernet Ltd. Bangladesh. AS for local peering and transit. Dhaka AS17472 BNZ-NZ Bank of New Zealand NZ-based networks AS17473 ASN-COUNTY-AP # AS-COUNTY-AP CONVERTED TO ASN-COUNTY-AP FOR RPSL COMPLIANCE Autonomous System Number for AS17474 CONCEPT-NET-AS-NZ-AP ConceptNet Limited. Internet Service Provider. New Zealand AS17475 AMADEUSCSLOX-AS-TH Amadeus Asia Thailand CSLOX-INET AS17476 INFODYNE-TRANSIT-AS InfoDyne, Inc. Internet and Managed Services AS17477 MCT-SYDNEY Macquarie Corporate Telecommunications Carrier Services AS17478 DIALNET-AS-AP Dialnet Communications Ltd. NOC AS17479 CMU-TH-AP Chiang Mai University AS17480 CANL CANL AS17481 ITBASECAMP-AS-AP I.T. Basecamp Pty Ltd AS17483 CITYSERV-AS-AP CityOnline Services Ltd AS17484 WELLINGTONLOOP-NZ-AP The Wellington Schools Loop Network, AS17485 TID-HK-AP Trade and Industry Department, the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region AS17486 SWIFTEL1-AP Swiftel Communications Pty Ltd/People Telecom Ltd AS17487 ICBCASIA-AP Industrial and Commercial Bank AS17488 HATHWAY-NET-AP Hathway IP Over Cable Internet AS17489 CSINT-2-AP CS Internet Company Limited AS17490 ETFIBER-AS Broadhand IP Network based DWDM AS17491 CONSULTTECH-AP CONSULTTECH AS Number AS17492 TANGENT-AKL-TRANSIT-AS-AP Tangent LTD., AS17493 GE-ASPAC-PEERING-TKY GE Int'l Inc. ASPAC TKY AS17494 BTTB-AS-AP Telecom Operator & Internet Service Provider as well AS17495 GATEWAY-AP BROADBAND WIRELESSS INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER AS17496 CONCENTRIX-PH-VISMIN-AS-AP Concentrix Technologies, Inc AS17498 CINENET-AS-AP Cinenet Systems Pty Ltd AS17499 INSPIRE-CSLOXINFO-AS-TH CSLOXINFO Project for Inspire Entertainment AS17500 REACHIX-HK-AP Reach Networks HK Ltd. AS17501 WLINK-NEPAL-AS-AP WorldLink Communications Pvt Ltd AS17502 ASIAINFRA-TW-AP AsiaInfra International Ltd. AS17503 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17504 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17505 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17506 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17507 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17508 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17509 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17510 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17511 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17512 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17513 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17514 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17515 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17516 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17517 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17518 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17519 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17520 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17521 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17522 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17523 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17524 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17525 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17526 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17527 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17528 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17529 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17530 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17531 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17532 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17533 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17534 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17535 GENISYST-AS-AP Genisyst Pty Ltd AS17536 TVP HOLDING COMPANY-AP TVP HOLDING COMPANY-AP AS17537 JOSNSCHKAS-AP Jardine OneSolution AS17538 CIRCLECOM-AS-ID-AP PT. Circlecom Nusantara Indonesia AS17539 ASN-NCKHI-AP NetSol Connect AS17540 MTL-AP Modern Terminals Limited AS17541 PACCESS-AS Professional Access, AS17543 WEBCENTRAL-AS Webcentral Web Hosting Service AS17544 INTELSAT-AP ASN for Intelsat Asia-Pac Network AS17545 DATACOMMALAYSIA-AS-AP Datacom - Malaysia AS17546 JIGSAW-NON-AP Jigsaw Technology, Sydney AS17547 QALA-SG-AP QALA Singapore Pte Ltd AS17548 ATOSORIGIN-SG-AP Atos Origin (Singapore) Pte Ltd AS17549 NCS-SG-AP IDC of NCS in Singapore AS17550 SMC-AS-AP San Miguel Corporation AS17551 DCSINTERNET-AS-AP DCS Internet AS17552 TELECOMASIA-AP Telecom Asia Corporation Co.,Ltd. AS17553 TIMELESS-AP System Integration provider AS17554 CITIC-HK-AP Citic Data 1616 Limited AS17555 SPRINGFIELD-AS-AP Springfield NOC AS17556 BCA-AS-AP upstream ISPs are ASIAINFO-TH and AS17557 PKTELECOM-AS-AP Pakistan Telecom AS17558 GLOBALONE-SG-AP Global One Singapore Web Hosting Center AS17559 SPECTUM-NON-AP Spectrums Core Network AS17560 ASN-PACIFIC-INTERNET-IX Pacific Internet Ltd AS17561 SERVICENET-AP Internet service provision to Western AS17562 DATACOM-SYSTEMS Multi Homing Internet connection using two ISPs via BGP AS17563 NEXLINX-AS-AP Autonomous System Number for Nexlinx AS17564 GITN-PCN-AS-AP GITN (M) Sdn. Bhd. AS17565 ADC-BUDDYB-AS Advance Datanetwork Communications Co.,Ltd. BuddyB service. Bangkok AS17566 POWERLAN-SYD-AS Powerlan Ltd. AS17567 IREX-AS-KR Airport Railroad Co ltd AS17568 KMF-AS-KR Kookmin Futures Co,. Ltd. AS17569 AJMOTOR-AS-KR AJOU MOTOR COLLEGE AS17570 SKGLOBAL-AS-KR SK Global co., Ltd AS17571 NCASIGN-AS-KR National Computerization Agency AS17572 HDLNET-AS-KR Hyundai Logistics AS17573 MINS-AS-KR Qrix Daegu, inc AS17574 SMGCC-AS-KR Seoul Metropolitan Government Computer Center AS17575 CAUNET-AS-KR CHUNG-ANG UNIVERSITY AS17576 KOSEF-AS-KR Korea Science and Engineering Foundation AS17577 GIGAPASS-AS-KR YOUNGNAM CABLE NETWORK AS17578 CNIDC-AS-KR CPS Technology AS17579 KREONET2-AS-KR Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information AS17580 KRNIC-AS-BLOCK KRNIC AS17581 HCH-AS-KR SUSUNG BROADCASTING CO., LTD. AS17582 KIC-AS-KR Korea Investment Corporation AS17583 KCNNET-AS-KR Keumgang Cable Network AS17584 ICE-AS-KR Inchon Metropolitan Office Of Education AS17585 PPS-AS-KR Public Procurement Service The Republic of Korea AS17586 NARASPEEDNET-AS-KR Nara Cable TV Inc AS17587 EDUHANSOL-AS-KR HANSOL GYOYOOK AS17588 DAEGUBANK-AS-KR The Daegu Bank, Ltd AS17589 PCSI-AS-KR pacific CSI AS17590 KGPC-AS-KR Korea Game Promotion Center AS17591 KRFNET-AS-KR korea Research Foundation AS17592 IBK-AS-KR Industrial Bank of Korea AS17593 NONGSHIM-AS-KR NDS Coporation AS17594 INTERTNS-AS-KR INNOSOFT. INC. AS17595 KINSNET-AS-KR Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety AS17596 YEOSU-AS-KR Yosu National University AS17597 SAEROMNET-AS-KR Hanvit Saerom Broadcasting AS17598 YBN-AS-KR YBN AS17599 YUHAN-AS-KR Yuhan College AS17600 ENVICO-AS-KR Korea Environment & Resources Corporation AS17601 KCGF-AS-KR KOREA CREDIT GUARANTEE FUND AS17602 GNEDU-AS-KR Kyongnam Education Science Research-center AS17603 KUMOH-AS-KR Kumoh National University Technology AS17604 KIISS-AS-KR NCA AS17605 MJIDC-AS-KR Myongji college AS17606 HJS-AS-KR Hanjing Shipping AS17607 ATT7192-AS-KR ATT GNS korea AS17608 ABN-AS-KR Areum Broadcasting Network AS17609 SILLAUNIVERSITY-AS-KR Silla Univ. AS17610 ABRAIN-AS-KR ABRAIN AS17611 GWANAKGU-AS-KR Gwanak-Gu OFFICE AS17612 MAPOGU-AS-KR Mapo-gu Office AS17613 CICKOREA-AS-KR CICKOREA AS17614 GEUMGANG-AS-KR Geumgang University AS17615 CJU-AS-KR Cheongju University AS17616 HICARDIRECT-AS-KR Hyundai Hicar Direct Car Insurance Co.,ltd AS17617 NYP-AS-AP Nanyang Polytechnic AS17618 DTF-WA-GOV-AU-AP Department of Treasury & Finance, Western Australia, AS17619 POWERNETIX-AS POWERNETIX AS17620 CNCGROUP-BJ CNCGROUP IP network of Beijing region MAN network AS17621 CNCGROUP-SH CNCGROUP IP network of Shanghai region MAN network AS17622 CNCGROUP-GZ CNCGROUP IP network of GuangZhou region MAN network AS17623 CNCGROUP-SZ CNCGROUP IP network of ShenZhen region MAN network AS17624 QUALCOMM-BLR-AS-AP Qualcomm Inc. Bangalore AS, Developer of CDMA Technology India AS17625 BLAZENET-IN-AP BlazeNet's Network AS17626 EWORLD-AS-PK-AP eWorld (Pvt) Ltd. AS17627 MTT-AS-AP Dialog Broadband Networks (Pvt.) Ltd. AS17628 PERTHIX-AS-AP Perth iX AS17629 BACKBONE-WUHAN-AP Backbone of Wuhan Metropolitan Area Network AS17630 HKEDCITY-AS-HK-AP Hong Kong Education City Ltd AS17631 IBS-AS-AP Internet Business Solutions AS17632 BCLNET-AS-AU Barristers Chambers' Limited AS17633 CHINATELECOM-SD-AS-AP ASN for Shandong Provincial Net of CT AS17634 JSINTERNET-AS J.S. Internet AS17635 EMERGE-AS-AP Emerge Technologies Pty Ltd AS17636 T-SYSTEMS-SG T-SYSTEMS SINGAPORE for BOSCH AS17637 RDSL-AS-VIC1-AP Autonomous System number for Melbourne POA. AS17638 CHINATELECOM-TJ-AS-AP ASN for TIANJIN Provincial Net of CT AS17639 COMCLARK-AS ComClark Network & Technology Corp. AS17640 AMNET-AU-AP Amnet IT Services Pty Ltd AS17641 MGH-INFOTECH-AS-AP MGH INFOTECH LTD. Infotech AS AS17642 RDSL-NATIONAL-AS Request Broadband BGP AS number AS17643 RDSL-AS-WA1 RequestDSL BGP AS# for Perth POA AS17644 IQNET-AS-AP Iqnet Pty Ltd AS17645 NTT-SG-AP ASN - NTT SINGAPORE PTE LTD AS17646 WAVE-NZ-AS-AP Wave Internet Services Network AS17647 CSC-AU-AP CSC Australia AS17648 HECL-AS HUGHES ESCORTS COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED IS A SATELLITE BASED BROADBAND ISP & ASP AS17649 DMZGLOBAL-AP DMZGlobal Ltd AS17650 GLOBALONE-MY-AP GlobalOne Malaysia AS17651 ABOVENET-AS-AP-2 AboveNet Communications Taiwan AS17652 CELLPLUS-AS-AP AS17653 PCM-HK-AP Pacific Century Matrix AS17654 WESTERNPOWER-AU-AP Western Power Corporation AS17655 GDEAGLE Guang Dong Eagle Communications Co., Ltd. AS17656 MOEBIUS-NZ-AP Moebius Systems Ltd AS17657 IBM-HK-AP e-Business Hosting Services AS17658 PRIMANET-AS PrimaNet - PT. Khasanah Timur Indonesia AS17659 MAINT-AU-NEWSAT NewSat Networks AS17660 DRUKNET-AS DrukNet ISP AS17661 EDGE-JP AS for DATAHOTEL, which is one of iDC in Japan, AS17662 NETSTAR-AP NetStar Networks Systems Integrator Sydney Head Office AS17663 HNZC-PRIMARY-AS-AP Housing New Zealand Corporation Internet AS17664 CYBER-AP Cyber Solutions Inc. AS17665 IN2CABLE-AP AS Number of In2cable.com (India) Ltd. AS17666 FREENET-MY-AS Free Net Business Solutions Sdn Bhd AS17667 SOLUTION-AS-AP Solution Central AS17668 SPTEL-AP Soul Pattinson Telecommunications Pty Ltd AS17669 INFOPLEX-AS-AP INFOPLEX Hosting and Managed Service Provider Asia Pacific AS17670 INFOKOM-AS PT. Infokom Elektrindo AS17671 ASN-JETCOMS JETCOMS-ID Autonomous system AS17672 CHINATELECOM-HE-AS-AP asn for Hebei Provincial Net of CT AS17673 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17674 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17675 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17676 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17677 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17678 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17679 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17680 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17681 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17682 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17683 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17684 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17685 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17686 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17687 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17688 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17689 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17690 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17691 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17692 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17693 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17694 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17695 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17696 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17697 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17698 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17699 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17700 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17701 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17702 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17703 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17704 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17705 INSPIRENET-AS-AP InSPire Net Ltd AS17706 HKAIRPORT-AS Airport Authority Hong Kong AS17707 EDGE-JP-AP AS for DATAHOTEL, which is one of iDC in Japan, AS17708 STELLAR-AS-AU-AP Stellar Systems AS17709 EBT Eastern Broadband Telecom Co.,Ltd AS17710 PIINET-TW President Information Corp. AS17711 NDHU-TW National Dong Hwa University AS17712 CCU-TW National Chung Cheng University AS17713 NSYSU-TW National Sun Yat-sen University AS17714 CHTI-DC Chunghwa Telecom Co. , Ltd. AS17715 CHTTL-TW ChungHwa Telecom. Co. Telecommunication Lab. AS17716 NTU-TW National Taiwan University AS17717 MOECC-IPV6 Ministry of Education Computer Center Taipei, Taiwan AS17718 THIS-AS Internet Solution Lab., Inc. 14Fl., No. 15-1, Sec. 1, Hangjou S. Rd. Jungjeng Chiu, Taipei, Taiwan 100, R.O.C. AS17720 CANTECH-ONLINE-AP CanTech Online AS17721 IRRI-AS-AP International Rice Research Institute, AS17722 BUTTERWORTHS-AP Butterworths Australia AS17724 DTAC-AS-TH-AP Total Access Communication PLC. AS17725 NANGURA-AS KOPKAR PT TELKOM SIPORENNU AS17726 CAMNET-AS CAMNET is an ISP of Ministry of Posts AS17727 NAPINFO-AS-AP PT. NAP Info Lintas Nusa AS17728 MVI-AS-AP Mindvision Interactive AS17729 LEGION-AU-AP Legion-AS AS17730 CROWN-AP Crown Limited Autonomous System AS17731 PANASEER-AP The Panaseer ISP network. AS17732 BULLETPROOF-AS Bulletproof Networks AS, Managed Services Provider, Sydney AS17733 SMU-AS-AP Office of Communications & IT AS17734 HITECH-AS-AP Hitech Telecom Pty Ltd, Sydney AS17735 MST863-AS-AP China Ministry of Science and Technology AS17736 SOLSIS-MY-AP SOLSIS (m) SDN BHD AS17737 HITG-AS-AP Howard IT Group AS17738 AGENBIOMEDICAL Agen Biomedical Ltd AS17739 HAPLINK-CN-AP Shanghai Telecom Haplink Network Co., Ltd AS17740 H3G-AS-HK-AP DOMAIN FIVE ENTERPRISES LIMITED AS17741 MEDOBJ01-AS-AP Service infrastructure of AS17742 FIRSTEL-AS-AP Firstel Telecom AS17743 QALA-SG-AP QALA Broadband Pte Ltd AS17744 REACH-CUST-HK Reach Global Services Ltd - Customer AS Number AS17745 DATA3ISP-AP Data3 Ltd ISP Services AS17746 ORCONINTERNET-NZ-AP Orcon Internet AS17747 ZIML-AP ZEE INTERACTIVE MUTIMEDIA LTD., BANGALORE AS17749 TRENDMICRO Trend Micro Inc. AS17750 ASN-ENERGEX-AP ENERGEX Ltd AS17751 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS17752 ECONZ-AS-AP Econz Limited. AS17753 DATAINFOSYS-AS INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER AS17754 EXCELL-AS Excellmedia AS17755 ASN-DFS-AP # AS-DFS-AP CONVERTED TO ASN-DFS-AP FOR RPSL COMPLIANCE BRIDGEDFS LIMITED AS17756 AUSPOST Australia Post AS17757 HPAUS-AP HP Australia AS17758 ILISYS-WEB-HOSTING-AS-AP Ilisys Web Hosting AS17759 CLPPOWER-AS-AP CLP Power Hong Kong Limited AS17760 FLOW-AS-2 Flow Communications Pty Ltd AS17761 QALA-SG-AP QALA Broadband Pte Ltd AS17762 HTIL-TTML-IN-AP Tata Teleservices Maharashtra Ltd AS17763 ECOPOST-ASN-AP AS number for Mid Nort Coast Internet, AS17764 OUHK-NON-HK-AP The Open University of Hong Kong AS17765 AAPIS-SYDNEY-AP AAP Information Services AS17766 DATAFX-AS-AP Data FX Online Pty. Ltd. AS17768 NEXTGENNET-AS-AU NextGen.Net Application Service Provider AS17769 CITYNET-AP PT Indopratama Teleglobal (ISP)Wisma BSG Floor 6 AS17770 SUNTELWOW Suntel Limited - ISP Project AS17771 SOUTHONLINE-AS-AP Southern Online Services Limited AS17772 CHINACOM CHINA COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEM Co.,Ltd. AS17773 BEELINK-NET Shandong Sanlian Electronics & Information Co., Ltd. AS17774 CQNET Chongqing Broadband Networks AS17775 STN-CN SHANGHAI Guangdian Electronics Group Co.,Ltd AS17776 CEN China Enterprise Communications Ltd. AS17777 CSTAR China Telecommunications Broadcast Satellite Corp. AS17778 TYCANET Taiyuan CATV Networks Ltd. AS17779 CNNIC-DSNET-AP Shanghai Data Solution Co., Ltd. AS17780 BJENET BEIJING EDUCATION INFORMATION SERVICE CENTER AS17781 XINHUA Xinhua News Agency AS17782 MAKATICITYHALL-AS-AP Makati City Hall, Philippines AS17783 SRILRPG-AS SRIL RPG Autonomous System AS17784 MAXIS-AS2-AP MaxisNet International Internet Gateway AS17785 CHINATELECOM-HA-AS-AP asn for Henan Provincial Net of CT AS17786 HSBC-IN-AS HSBC India AS17787 PSEB-AS-PK Pakistan Software Export Board AS17788 CNCGROUP-BJ-IDC CNCGROUP IP network of BeiJing IDC AS17789 CNCGROUP-SH-IDC CNCGROUP IP network of ShangHai IDC AS17790 CNCGROUP-GZ-IDC CNCGROUP IP network of GuangZhou IDC AS17791 CNCGROUP-SZ-IDC CNCGROUP IP network of ShengZhen IDC AS17792 MET-AS-AP Metservice AS17793 LCSD-NON-HK-AP Leisure and Cultural Services Department, HKSAR Government AS17794 HTCL-ORANGE-HK-AP Hutchison Telephone Company Limited AS17795 NVJ-AP Netvein.co.jp AS17796 PLDT-IP-VPN-AP Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company AS17797 PICKNOWL-AS-AP Picknowl Internet Services AS17799 CHINATELECOM-LN-AS-AP asn for Liaoning Provincial Net of CT AS17800 CYBERNET-ID-AP PT. JARINGAN INTECH INDONESIA AS17801 GLEBE-IX Peering exchange at 30 Ross St, Glebe, Sydney AS17802 MACQUARIE-BANK-AS-AP Macquarie Bank AS17803 BSES-AS-AP BSES TeleCom Limited AS17804 AUT-21STCENTURY 21st century Pty Ltd, Internet Service Provider AS17805 CONCEPT-SYD-AU-AP Conceptual Internet Australia, ISP, Sydney AS17807 STATE-LIBRARY-QUEESLAND-AS-AP State Library of Queensland AS17808 VODAFONE-NZ-AP AS number for Vodafone NZ IP Networks AS17809 MONAD-TW-AP Monad Digitnamic Corp. AS17810 CELLNEXT-SOLUTIONS-AP Cellnext Solutions Limited - AS17811 PEOPLESUPPORTMN-AS-PH Peoplesupport Inc. AS17812 ASN-ESIGN-AP VeriSign Australia Pty Ltd AS17813 MTNL-AP Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd. AS17814 CMNETCOM-AS2-AP China Motion Netcom (Asia) Ltd. AS number. AS17816 CHINA169-GZ CNCGROUP IP network China169 Guangzhou MAN AS17817 DAKSH-IN Daksh.com eServices Pvt.Ltd, AS17818 SABINFOTECH-IN-AP SAB Infotech Ltd., AS17819 ASN-EQUINIX-AP Equinix Asia Pacific AS17820 DIL-AP DIRECT INTERNET LTD. AS17822 USATV-AP Cable Television and Internet service provider AS17823 THNIC-ASN-AP Thailand Network Information Center AS17824 PACIFICONENET-HK-AP Pacific One Net Limited AS number AS17825 MAHINDRABT-AS-AP Tech Mahindra Ltd. Software Development Organisation India AS17826 SATATANET-ID Jl. Raya Pasar Minggu no 99D AS17827 STOU-AS-TH Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University AS17828 TIARE-AS-PG Tiare, a business unit of Pacific Mobile Communications. AS17829 IDL-AS-AP IDL Autonomous system AS17831 AIDC-AS-HK American International Group Data Center, Hong Kong AS17832 SIXNGIX-AS-KR National Infomation Society Agency AS17833 CROWNBAKERY-AS-KR CrownBakery AS17834 KYOBOAUTO-AS-KR Kyobo Auto Insurance CO.,LTD AS17835 HITC-AS-KR HYUNDAI INVESTMENT TRUST &SECURITIES CO.,LTD. AS17836 HANGARAM-AS-KR HANGARAM NETWORK Co. LTD. AS17837 KCP-AS-KR Korea Cyber Payment Inc AS17838 E-HYUNDAI-AS-KR HYUNDAI HOMESHOPPING AS17839 DREAMPLUS-AS-KR DreamcityMedia AS17840 KOREACERT-AS-KR KECA, Inc. AS17841 EGOV-AS-KR MIC EGOVERNMENT AS17842 CNE-AS-KR Chungchungnam-Do office of Education AS17843 KISIS-AS-KR KISA AS17844 PBSNET-AS-KR PBS CATV AS17845 GTP-AS-KR Gyeonggi Technopark AS17846 HANANET6-AS-KR Hanaro Telecom Inc. AS17847 FSS-AS-KR Financial Supervisory Service AS17848 INAMES-AS-KR INAMES AS17849 GINAMHANVIT-AS-KR hanvit ginam broadcasting comm. AS17850 OKSUNG-AS-KR OK-NET Co,. Ltd AS17851 EDUS-AS-KR chung chong nam do reserch institute of education and scienc AS17852 KOREALIFE-AS-KR KOREALIFE AS17853 LGTELECOM-AS-KR LG Telecom AS17854 CABLELINE-AS-KR Tbroadjeonjubroadcast AS17855 PRUK-AS-KR Prudential AS17856 KONYANG-AS-KR Konyang University AS17857 NAKDONGDIGITALBUSANNET-AS-KR Tbroad Nakdong Broadcasting co.,Ltd AS17858 KRNIC-ASBLOCK-AP KRNIC AS17859 NICE-AS-KR National Information & Credit Evaluation AS17860 WEBZEN-AS-KR WEBZEN AS17861 KIT-AS-KR KyungNam College of Information & Technology AS17862 KWNU-AS-KR Kangwon National University AS17863 YONHAPNEWS-AS-KR Yonhap News Agency AS17864 HANVITIAB-AS-KR Hanvit I&B AS17865 SCOURT-AS-KR Supreme Court of Korea AS17866 KISTNET-AS-KR Korea Institute of Science and Technology AS17867 KBINET-AS-KR KOREA BANKING INSTITUTE AS17868 HYUPSUNG-NET-AS-KR Hyupsung University AS17869 REGISTRY-AS-KR Ministry of Court Administration AS17870 KHU-AS-KR Kyung Hee University AS17871 DIGITALBUSANDONGNAM-AS-KR Tbroad Dongnam Broadcasting co.,Ltd AS17872 SUNGSHIN-AS-KR SUNGSHIN WOMEN'S UNIVERSITY AS17873 BESTEZ-AS-KR Daewoo Securities Co., Ltd. AS17874 NPC-AS-KR National Pension Corporation AS17875 ECBANK-AS-KR ec-bank AS17876 AHNLAB-AS-KR Ahnlab, Inc. AS17877 NEXG-AS-KR NEXG AS17878 KFISAC-AS-KR K.F.T.C ISAC AS17879 KFCERT-AS-KR K.F.T.C CERT AS17880 SPORTSSEOUL21-AS-KR SPORTSSEOUL21.CO AS17881 INETHOSTING-AS-KR Inet Hosting Inc. AS17882 ASN-MCS-AP # AS-MCS-AP CONVERTED TO ASN-MCS-AP FOR RPSL COMPLIANCE The first E-commerce ISP in Mongolia. AS17883 CHINATELECOM-SX-AS-AP asn for Shanxi Provincial Net of CT AS17884 UNINET-AP PT. Uninet Media Sakti (ISP) AS17885 JKTXLNET-AS-AP PT Excelcomindo Pratama AS17887 STT-AS-TH-AP i-STT Nation Ltd. AS17888 SINGTEL-HK SingTel Hong Kong Limited AS17889 INTRACEPTIVES-AU-AS-AP Intraceptives Pty Ltd AS17890 RENTHURST-AS-AP Renthurst Pty Ltd AS17891 WNPL-AS Worldgate Networks Pvt. Ltd. AS17893 PALAU-AS-AP Palau National Communications Corp. AS17894 APMI-AS-AP AyalaPort Makati, Inc. / Data Center Operator AS17895 GLOBALREACH-AP Globalreach eBusiness Networks, Inc. AS17896 CHINATELECOM-JL-AS-AP asn for Jilin Provincial Net of CT AS17897 CHINATELECOM-HLJ-AS-AP asn for Heilongjiang Provincial Net of CT AS17898 IEXEC-AS-AP iExec.com.au AS17899 IEXEC-AS-AP iexec.com.au AS17900 THINKTECH-AS-AP Think Technology AS17901 EGAT-BOARDER-AS-AP Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand AS17902 IHUG-TRANSIT-AP ihug Wholesale Bandwidth Sales AS17903 COGNIZANT-IN-AP Cognizant Technology Solutions India Pvt Ltd, AS17904 SLTASUL-LK Sri Lankan Airlines AS17905 DRESDNERTOKYO-AP DRESDNER KLEINWORT WASSERSTEIN AS17906 PWC-AP PricewaterhouseCoopers AS17908 TATAPOWER The Tata Power Company, AS17909 ECLECTIC-AP Project Eclectic RandD SA Pty Ltd AS17910 TRIPLEGATE-ID-AP TRIPLEGATE-ASN AS17911 BRAINPK-AS-AP Brain Telecommunication Ltd. AS17913 GIPLNET-AP Guj Info Petro Limited AS17914 ASN-2DAY-NZ-AP 2Day Internet Limited AS17916 CSC-IGN-AUNZ-AP Computer Sciences Corporation AS17917 ECLTELECOMM-AS-AP ECL TeleCommunication Ltd AS17918 BRIGHT-TRANSIT-AS-AU Bright Telecommunications AS Telecommunication Network Operator AS17919 DELL-AP-ONLINE Dell AP-Online AS17920 ULTRASERVE-SYD1-AS-AP Ultra Serve Internet Pty Ltd - Transit AS - Hosting Provider, AS17921 THOMSON-PH THOMSON SINGPAORE, PTE LTD. AS17922 INDOSAT-INP INDOSAT Internet Network Provider AS17923 CHINATELECOM-NMG-AS-AP asn for Neimenggu Provincial Net of CT AS17924 SMARTONE-MB-AS-AP SmarTone Mobile Communications Ltd AS17925 WAVENET WAVENET PHILIPPINES INC. AS17926 SCS Singapore Computer Systems AS17927 WEBSATMEDIA-AS WEBSATMEDIA PTE LTD, Satellite Over IP, Singapore AS17928 AWTA-AS-AU-AP Australian Wool Testing Authority Ltd, AS17929 JPMC-AP JPMorgan Chase APTI AS17930 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17931 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17932 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17933 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17934 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17935 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17936 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17937 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17938 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17939 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17940 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17941 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17942 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17943 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17944 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17945 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17946 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17947 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17948 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17949 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17950 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17951 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17952 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17953 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17954 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17955 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17956 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17957 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17958 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17959 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17960 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17961 JPNIC-JP-ASN-BLOCK Japan Network Information Center AS17962 TOPWAY-NET ShenZhen Topway Video Communication Co. Ltd AS17963 NET263 Beijing Capital-online science development Co.,Ltd. ShangHai Branch) AS17964 DXTNET Beijing Dian-Xin-Tong Network Technologies Co., Ltd. AS17965 CSTNET CHINA SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY NETWORK AS17966 CIBN China Information Broadcast Network Ltd.Co. AS17967 CNNIC CNNIC AS17968 DQTNET Daqing zhongji petroleum telecommunication construction limited cpmpany AS17969 CNT ChongQing Broadcast&TV Transfer AS17970 INTERISLAND-AS-AP InterIsland Information Systems AS17971 EASTGATE-AP Datacenter Management AS17972 BANKOFAMERICA-ATG-HK Bank of America N.A. AS17973 TBGI-AS-AP TBGI, Transpacific Broadcast Group AS17974 TELKOMNET-AS2-AP PT TELEKOMUNIKASI INDONESIA AS17975 APT-AP AS# for peering purpose with IX and ISP. AS17976 CAMGSM-AS-AP Royal TeleCam Ltd. O.B.O: Telesurf ISP AS17977 SINGTEL-JP NF Park Bldg.3F, 9-15, Futaba 2-Chome AS17978 SERVCORP SERVCORP AUSTRALIAN HOLDINGS LTD AS17979 MBCOMMS-AS-AP mort bay communications P/L AS17980 CS-AIS-AP CS-Advanced Info Service AS17981 CAMBOTECH-KH-AS ISP Cambodia AS17982 ASN-IEXEC-AP Level 27, 123 Eagle Street AS17983 COLESMYER-AS-AP Coles Myer AS17984 PCCWHKTNS-AP PCCW-HKT Network Services Limited AS17986 WEBPROPHETS-AS-AP Web Prophets Pty Ltd AS17987 AUDA-AU-AS .au Domain Administration AS17988 CHINASATNET-AS-HK China Digital satNet Ltd. AS17989 ABCNET-2001-AP ABC NET LTD. AS17990 GLOBALNETHK-AP GLOBALNET COMMUNICATION LTD. AS17992 AIMS-AP Applied Information Management Services. AS17993 STEL-AS-AP SamoaTel Limited AS17995 SOLUSINET-AS-ID Solusi Internet Service Provider AS17996 UIINET-ID-AP PT Global Prima Utama AS17997 OPTISP-GAME-AS-AP OPTISP IGC (Internet Game Center) AS AS17998 CHINATELECOM-BEIJING-AP CHINA TELECOM GROUP AS17999 PIPE-ADE-AS-AP PIPE Networks Adelaide Internet Exchange. Used for AS18000 BLUEFIRE-AS-AU-AP Bluefire Corporation AS18001 DIALOG-AS DIALOG INTERNET AS18002 WORLDPHONE-IN AS Number for Interdomain Routing AS18004 WIRELESSNET-ID-AP WIRELESSNET AS AS18005 SURFSHOP-PH-AP Surfshop (ETPI client) AS18006 BSPG-AS-AP Blue Star Print Group AS18009 BROADBAND-PH-AS-AP BROADBAND PHILIPPINES AS18010 NFLNET-AS-AP NATIONAL FOODS LTD. AS18011 CERNET-3TN-AS-AP CERNET 863 3TNET Terabit Regional Network (CERNET-3TN) AS18012 DOMINOX-AS-BD Dominox Technologies Ltd. AS18013 MOBILEMESSENGER-AS-AP Mobile Content Aggregator, Sydney, Australia AS18014 NEOINC-CDN-AS NEOIndex Corporation. Video On Demand Service Provider Tokyo. AS18015 YOZAN-AS-JP YOZAN Inc. AS18016 AS18017 TUAROPAKI-AP Tuaropaki Communications Limited AS18018 GAMEBUILDERS-AS-PH Gamebuilders Inc. AS18019 KAZWPCDR-AS-AP KTSWA WPC DR AS AS18020 ANCHORSYSTEMS-AP Anchor Systems Pty Ltd AS18021 UNINET-AS-AP Unisys NZ, IT Outsourcer, AS18022 CHENGTONG-AP FoShan SHITONG Information Broadband Networks CO.LTD AS18023 KMU-AS-KR Korea Maritime University AS18024 HMSNET-AS-AP HM Sampoerna Autonomous System AS18025 BBSC-SYDNEY-AS-AP BroadBand Solution Centre AS18026 CHEJU-AS-KR Cheju University AS18027 NSU-AS-KR namseoul university AS18028 GSNU-AS-KR GyeongSang National University AS18029 HIT-AS-KR Daejeon Helath Sciences College AS18030 PERTHAIRPORT-TRANSIT-AS-AP West Australia Airport Corp. Transit AS, AS18031 SANGMYUNG-AS-KR Sangmyung University AS18032 KANGWON18032-AS-KR GYC AS18033 CMBTGD-AS-KR CMB TAEGU DONGBU BROADCAST AS18034 KANGNUNG-AS-KR Kangnung National UNIV. AS18035 HANSEO18035-AS-KR HANSEO UNIVERSITY AS18037 IPERA-AU-AP Ipera Communications Pty Ltd AS18038 KNUE-AS-KR Korea National University of Education AS18039 ACENET-AS-AP Acenet AS18040 MBTNET Mobitai ISP Network Information Center AS18041 CHICOM Chicom Information Corp. AS18042 KBT Koos Broadband Telecom AS18043 GETOP-TW GETOP Automatic System Inc. AS18044 KINGNET-TW King-Net Info. Tech. Co., Ltd. AS18045 SINOPAC SinoPac Holdings Corporate Network AS18046 DONGFONG-TW DongFong Technology Co. Ltd. AS18047 NTHU-TW National Tsing-Hua University AS18048 CYBERTERRA-TW Cyberterra Corporation, AS18049 TINP-TW Taiwan Infrastructure Network Technologie AS18050 BARTON-CAPITAL-AP Barton Capital Holdings Ltd AS18052 ASIAKOMNET-ID-AP Asiakomnet Multimedia, PT AS18053 ACEQUITY-AS-AP Australian Capital Equity Pty Ltd AS18054 INTERLAB-AS intERLab/AIT AS18055 CENTRELINK Centrelink AS18056 ABADINET-AS-AP Pt Mithaharum Abadi AS18057 AHMG-AP Australian Health Management Group, AS18058 ASN-IT-SYSTEMS-AP IT System Management Pty Ltd AS18059 DTPNET-ID-AP Network Access Point AS18060 VIZCOM-AP Vizcom AS18061 WORLDCOM-INDIA WorldCom Communications India AS18062 GRANGENET-AS-AP GRid And Next GEneration NETwork AS18063 GE-ASPAC-PEERING-AP GE Int'l Inc. ASPAC AS18065 CENTRALDATA-WA Central Data Pty Ltd. AS18066 EA-JP-AP Electronic Arts, Japan AS18067 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18068 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18069 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18070 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18071 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18072 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18073 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18074 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18075 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18076 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18077 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18078 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18079 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18080 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18081 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18082 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18083 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18084 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18085 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18086 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18087 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18088 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18089 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18090 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18091 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18092 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18093 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18094 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18095 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18096 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18097 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18098 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18099 HIS-AS-AP Hostworks Internet Services Pty Ltd AS18100 NETWORKERS-AU-AP Networkers Pty Ltd AS18101 RIL-IDC Reliance Infocom Ltd Internet Data Centre, AS18102 HIC-AP Avantra House AS18103 NEUVIZ-AS-ID-AP The New ISP AS18104 WCG-AS-AP Wholesale Communications Group AS18105 KARNET-AP Karuturi Networks Ltd AS18106 VIEWQWEST-SG-AP Viewqwest Pte Ltd, Internet Service Provider, Singapore AS18107 ASN-IPSYSTEMS-AP IP SYSTEMS AS18108 FUJITSU-AP FujitsuAustraliaLtd AS18109 EPOWER-TW E-Power Digital Technology Corp. AS18110 HANNANPRINTNSW-AS-AP Hannanprint AS18111 NETSPEED-AS-AP Netspeed Internet Communications AS18112 KSNET-ID-AS-AP PT. Sejuta Jaring Global AS18113 PFIZER-SG-AP Pfizer Pte Ltd Singapore dual homed AS18114 SUBICTEL-AS-AP SUBICTEL INTERNET AS NUMBER AS18116 HGC-AS-AP Hutchison Global Crossing AS18117 HARBOURMSP-AU-AP Harbour MSP Pty. Ltd AS18118 CITICNET-AP CITIC Networks Management Co.,Ltd. AS18119 LINUXNET-NZ LinuxNet Limited AS18120 GEMINI-AS-IN Gemini Software Solutions (P) Ltd. Hosting Services, India AS18121 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18122 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18123 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18124 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18125 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18126 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18127 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18128 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18129 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18130 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18131 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18132 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18133 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18134 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18135 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18136 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18137 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18138 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18139 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18140 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18141 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18142 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18143 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18144 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18145 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18146 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18147 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18148 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18149 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18150 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18151 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18152 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18153 MULTIDATA-ID-AP PT Multidata Rancana Prima AS18154 AUSTRADE-AS-AU-AP Australian Trade Commission AS18156 BITNET-ID-AP BITNET ISP AS AS18157 CHUNGJU-AS-KR chungju university AS18158 CBNU-AS-KR Chungbuk National University AS18159 GONOPHONE-AS-BD Gonophone Bangladesh Ltd AS18160 MNU-AS-KR Pusan National University AS18161 HYWOMAN-AS-KR HYNYANG WOMENS COLLEGE AS18163 JINJU18163-AS-KR jinju national university AS18164 MOKPO-AS-KR Mokpo National University AS18165 RESMED-AS-SYD ResMed Dual Internet Gateway AS18166 NET2PHONE-AS-AP Net2Phone Asia AS18167 HCLCOMNET-AS-IN HCL Comnet Systems & Services Ltd AS18168 CMBTGS-AS-KR CMB TAEGU SUSEONG BROADCAST AS18169 KOCCA-AS-KR KOCCA AS18170 CHANGWON-AS-KR Changwon National University AS18171 KYUNGNAM-AS-KR KYUNGNAM UNIVERSITY AS18172 CWINDIA-ENTER-AS-IN Cable & Wireless Global, Enterprise Network AS18173 AKU-AS-PK Aga Khan University AS18174 DANKOOK-AS-KR Dankook University AS18175 KPSAS-AS-KR KPS AS18176 KOOKMIN-AS-KR KOOKMIN UNIVERSITY AS18177 NCKU-TW National Cheng Kung University AS18178 ATT-TW RM D&E, 16F Hung-tai Century tower AS18179 E2CENTER-TW MiTAC Inc. AS18180 ACI-NET All Chinese Internet Inc. AS18181 NHRINET National Health Research Institutes AS18182 SONET-TW Sony Network Taiwan Limited AS18183 NCREE National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering AS18184 TWIXV6-TW TWIX IPv6 Service Network.(TWIXv6), AS18185 NTCU-AS-TW 4F, No.114, Sec.1, Chung-Shiao W. Road AS18186 EASYUPNET-AS-TW YAW JENQ TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION AS18187 FIBERCITY-AS-AP FiberCity, Inc. AS18188 ATENEO-AS-AP Ateneo de Manila University AS18189 BROADNETASIA-AP Broadband Network Asia AS18190 WWW-PH-AP WWW Corp (ETPI Client) AS18191 AIRSERVICESAUS-AP OPTUS CUSTOMER NETWORK AS18192 MIBROADBAND-AS-AP MIBroadband Pty Limited, Voice over IP AS18193 TALENT-AS-AP Suite 2/109 Alexander St AS18194 PMMSI-AS-AP Philippine Multi-Media AS18195 GLOBALDIAL2-AP Global Dial Pty Ltd AS18196 SEVENSTAR-AS Seven Star Internet Service Provider AS18197 TOYOTAASIA-TH-AS-AP TOYOTA MOTOR ASIA PACIFIC Engineering and Manufacturing, AS18198 MATHIAS-NZ Mathias Technologies AS18199 WNET-NZ-AP World-Net Ltd AS18200 OPT-NC-AS-AP Office des Postes et Telecommunications New-Caledonia AS18201 SERVICECORP-AS-AP ServiceCorp Pty Ltd AS18202 ASN-NZ-NET24 # AS-NZ-NET24 CONVERTED TO ASN-NZ-NET24 FOR RPSL COMPLIANCE Net24 Limited AS18203 FX-KAREN-AGGR-AS-AP FX Networks to KAREN Network AS18204 MINDSHARE-AS-AP MindShare Asia Pacific AS18205 ASIANUST-AP Asian University of Science And Technology Chon buri AS18206 VMIS-AP Vads MIS dual-homing connection AS18207 IQARA-INDIA-AP Iqara Telecom India Pvt Ltd. AS18208 ABNAMRO-AP CWO Customer Network AS18209 BEAMCABLE-AS-IN Internet Telephony Service Provider AS18210 AUSREGISTRY-AS-AP Aus Registry AS18212 NIFT-AS-PK National Institutional Facilitation Technologies AS18213 ZENTO-AS-AP Optus Customer Network AS18214 AMBERGRIS-AS AMBERGRIS SOLUTIONS, INC. AS18215 RICR-AP Rajabhat Institute Chiangrai AS18216 ACTS-HK-AS-AP AS# used to identify ACTS Testing Labs AS18217 ASNET-IPV6-AP ASCC AS18218 HKSTPC-AS-AP HK Science & Technology Parks Corporation AS18219 SAP-AS-AP SAP ASIA PTE LTD AS18220 MFGA-AS-SYD-AP MF GLOBAL AUSTRALIA LIMITED. AS18221 TSN-AP TSN Internet.com.au AS18222 ICENET-AS-AP Icenet.net Ltd AS18224 ASN-CRIMSONLOGIC-AP # AS-CRIMSONLOGIC-AP CONVERTED TO ASN-CRIMSONLOGIC-AP FOR RPSL COMPLIANCE Singapore Network Services AS18225 SOFTCELL-AP Softcell AS Number AS18226 SMARTBRO-VIS-AP Smart Broadband, Inc. AS18227 CCSBNET-AS-MY-AP Clear-Comm Sdn Bhd AS18228 NCSHUB-SG-AP NCS IDC in Singapore AS18229 PIONEER-AS-IN Pioneer Online Pvt. Ltd. AS18230 SIRIUSBD-DKB-AS-AP Sirius Broadband (BD) Limited DKB AS number AS18231 EXATT-AS-AP Exatt Technologies Private Ltd. AS18232 ALIAS-AS-AP Alias Internet AS18233 PTT-AS-AP Philippine Telegraph and Telephone Corporation, AS18234 ATLASONE-AS-AP AtlasONE IP Network AS18235 GE-ASPAC-PEERING-AU GE Int'l Inc. ASPAC AU AS18236 LEI-AU-AP Leading Edge Internet AS18237 VISION-ID Visionnet AS Number AS18238 PDONLINE People's Daily Online Editorial Staff AS18239 CAPNET-AS-AP Beijing Capital Public Information Platform AS18240 DXTNET Beijing Dian-Xin-Tong Networking Technologies Co., Ltd. AS18241 SPINET State Power Information Net AS18242 CDIH Chengdu Information Harbor Co., Ltd AS18243 HRXT-AS Beijing HengRuiXunTong science & technology AS18244 STIDC Stateline Internet Data Center Co., Ltd. Shanghai AS18245 FOUNDERBN CNNIC AS18246 HARVEST HARVEST COMMUNICATION CO.,LTD AS18247 GWBN Great Wall Broadband Network Service Co.Ltd AS18248 ACXIOM-AS-AU-AP Acxiom Australia Pty Ltd Internet Services AS18249 GLOBEIDC-AS-AP Globe Telecom Internet Data Center AS18250 PACWIRE-AP Pacific Wireless Pty Ltd AS18251 GERBANGNET-ID-AP PT.Gerbang Data Lintas Benua AS18252 CAT-AS-AP The Communication Authoity of Thailand, CAT AS18253 EXXONMOBIL-AP-MY EXXON MOBIL CORPORATION AS18254 HOTSPEED HOTSPEED INTERNET PTE LTD AS18255 BRISBANE-AP Brisbane City Council AS18256 BAY-TH Bank of Ayudhya Public Co.,Ltd. AS18257 PCIASIA Pacific Consulting Inc. AS18258 MORGANSTANLEY-AS-JP Morgan Stanley Japan Limited transit AS AS18259 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18260 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18261 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18262 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18263 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18264 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18265 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18266 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18267 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18268 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18269 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18270 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18271 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18272 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18273 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18274 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18275 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18276 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18277 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18278 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18279 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18280 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18281 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18282 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18283 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18284 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18285 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18286 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18287 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18288 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18289 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18290 JPNIC-ASBLOCK-AP JPNIC AS18291 VFAU-NET-AS Vodafone Australia Public Autonomous System Number AS18292 CUSCAL-AS Credit Union Services Corporation Australia Ltd. Sydney AS18293 YAHOO-HK2-AP Internet content provider AS18294 NFFC-AS-KR NFFC AS18295 ALLIANZ-AS-KR Allianz Life Insurance Co.Ltd AS18296 HANSYS-AS-KR Hanbit Microsystems AS18297 KJISTNET-AS-KR K-JIST AS18298 CNUNET-AS-KR Chungnam National University AS18299 SHINGU-NET-AS-KR SHINGU College AS18300 KEPRI-AS-KR KEPRI AS18301 DSNET-AS-KR DAESUNG NETWORK SERVICE CO.,LTD. AS18302 SKG_NW-AS-KR SK Global co., Ltd AS18303 SMARTRO-AS-KR SMARTRO AS18304 KKUNET-AS-KR KONKUK UNIVERSTY CHUNGJUCAMPUS COMPUTER CENTER AS18305 POSNET POSDATA Co.,Ltd AS18306 MASANHANANET-AS-KR HANANET AS18307 HTS-AS-KR National Tax Service AS18308 BUCHEONSI-AS-KR BUCHEONSI AS18309 KOVAN-AS-KR Korea VAn Service Co.LTD AS18310 VITSSEN-AS-KR TBROAD ABC BROADCASTING CO.,LTD. AS18311 BORANET-AS-KR Dongsue Digital BROADCASTING CO.,LTD. AS18312 KAMCO-AS-KR Korea Asset Management COrporation AS18313 PCN-AS-KR CJ-CABLENET AS18314 DNUE-AS-KR Daegu National University of Education AS18315 SORABOLNET-AS-KR Sorabol College AS18316 GEN-AS-KR Gyeongsangnamdo Office of Education AS18317 CHODANG-AS-KR Chodang University AS18318 SPEEDON-AS-KR Chonnam Dongbu CATV AS18319 YJNET-AS-KR Yeungnam College of Science & Technology AS18320 GNUE-AS-KR Gwangju National University of Education AS18321 KWU-AS-KR KwangJu Women's University AS18322 DHC-AS-KR Daegu Health College AS18323 DKC-AS-KR Dongkang College AS18324 MASANC-AS-KR Masan College AS18325 KORCHRISTUNIV160-AS-KR Korea Christian University AS18326 SPORTSTOTO-AS-KR Sports TOTO AS18327 JINJUIU-AS-KR Jinju International University AS18328 DOTNAME-AS-KR Dotname Korea Corp AS18329 SMUC-AS-KR Sangmyung University AS18330 HONGIK-AS-KR HONGIK UNIVERSITY AS18331 HCC-AS-KR Hyechon college AS18332 DAELIM-AS-KR DAELIM COLLEGE AS18333 CLN-AS-KR Korea Press Foundation AS18334 GCNCATV-AS-KR Gyounggidongbu cable tv co., Ltd. AS18335 SWU-NET-AS-KR Seoul Women University AS18336 KDTC-AS-KR Kyungdong College of Techno-information AS18337 KSUCC-AS-KR KyungSan University AS18338 STARVAN-AS-KR STARVANKOREA AS18339 KHCU-AS-KR Kyung Hee Cyber University AS18340 KORAC-HEALTHSCI1-AS-KR Korea University AS18341 GUMI-AS-KR Gumi College AS18342 KJTJC-AS-KR KunJang College AS18343 TAEGUTECH-AS-KR Daegu Technical College AS18344 CNCGROUP-BACKBONE-NORTH USED IN NORTH CHINANET BACKBONE AS18345 DESTRA-AU-AP Destra Corporation AS18346 GROUNDHOG-AS-AP Groundhog Software Pty Ltd AS18347 IPNET-ID Indo Pratama CyberNet, PT. AS18348 DPS-AS-AP DIRECT PAYMENT SOLUTIONS AS18349 FUJIXEROXAUSTRALIA Fuji Xerox Australia AS18350 PROMINA-AS-AP Promina Group Ltd AS18352 ISERVE-NZ-AS-AP Border AS AS18353 HDSVDCNZ-AS-AP Revera NZ Limited AS18354 TECHPART-ADELAIDE-AS-AP Technology Partners in Adelaide, AS18355 COMPASSNET-AS Compass, Inc. - (ASN) AS18356 SMTECH-AS-AP SMTechnology is a Division of SiamMandalay. AS18357 SUTHERLAND-AS-AP Sutherland Corporation AS18358 UE-AU-AP Alinta AS18359 H3GA-AP Hutchison 3G Australia AS18360 UST-AS-AP Santo Tomas E-Service Providers AS18361 AUSTOCKEXCHANGE-AU AUSTRALIAN STOCK EXCHANGE LIMITED, AS18362 NETWAY-AS-AP Netway Communication Co.,Ltd. AS18363 HUDSON AS HUDSON GLOBAL RESOURCES SYDNEY AS18364 QUASAR-ID PT Quasar Jaringan Mandiri AS18365 UBNET-AS-ID Uninet Bhaktinusa PT. AS18366 APNIC-ANYCAST-AP ANYCAST AS AS18367 APNIC-UNI1-AP UNICAST AS of ANYCAST node(Hongkong) AS18368 APNIC-UNI2-AP UNICAST AS of ANYCAST node(The Netherlands) AS18369 APNIC-UNI3-AP UNICAST AS of ANYCAST node(USA) AS18370 APNIC-UNI4-AP UNICAST AS of ANYCAST node(Other location) AS18371 NCABLE-AP Neighborhood Cable AS18372 PAGE-NET-EXPR-AS-AP Page Net Express AS18373 KOOKMINBANK-AS-KR KOOKMIN BANK AS18375 DEUTSCHE-AS Deutsche Bank Australia AS AS18376 AMNET-AU-AP Amnet IT Services Pty Ltd AS18377 CDV-SG-AP Clear Datavoice Service Provider AS18378 NIWA-AS-AP National Institute of Water and Atmosphere AS18379 CSMNAP-AS-AP CSMNAP-ASN AS18380 SEALCORP-HOLDINGS-LTD-AP Sealcorp Holdings Ltd AS18381 WWAP-PH Watson Wyatt Asia Pacific AS18382 WATSONWYATTHK-NON-HK-AP Watson Wyatt HK Ltd AS18383 CAHI-AS-JP CAHI Corporation, AS18384 E-WIRE-AS-AU-AP e-wire internet service provider AS18385 KDDI-AS-AP KDDI Australia Pty. Ltd. AS18386 DELTA-KSC-AS-AP Delta Electronics (Thailand) Public Company Limited AS18387 AMKOR-AS-AP INFOCOM technologies, The Internet Company of PLDT AS18388 PLANETMIRROR-AS-AU Planetmirror AS18389 ASIA-SOLUTIONS-AS-AP Asia Solutions AS (ETPI Client) AS18390 SPIN-INTERNET-AP Spin Internet Service AS18391 ISECUREP-AS-SG-AP ISecureP Holdings Pte Ltd AS18392 GLOBE-TELECOM-IX Globe Telecom IX Network AS18393 JAVA-AS-AP Java Online, PT. AS18394 GPNET-ID-AP PT Global Pratamasis Netsindo AS18395 INFOCOMNP-AS-AP Infocom Pvt. Ltd AS18396 PHILCOMCORP-MND-AS-AP PhilCom Corporation AS18397 POPORTS-SYDNEY-AS P&O Ports Sydney link AS18398 PIPE-SYD-AS PIPE Networks Sydney Internet Exchange. Used for peering services AS18399 BAGAN-TRANSIT-AS Bagan Cybertech IDC & Teleport International Transit AS18400 XTREME-AS-AP Xtreme Networks Limited AS18401 AS18401-AS-KR DAEGU UNIVERSITY AS18402 NLB-AS-SG-AP NATIONAL LIBRARY BOARD AS18403 FPT-AS-AP The Corporation for Financing & Promoting Technology AS18404 EACCESS-AS-AU E-Access Broadband, Internet Service Provider, Adelaide SA AS18405 SNOWREGAL-AS-AP Snowregal Holdings TA Digital Data Solutions Perth Peering AS AS18406 FX-EDGE-AS FX Networks Limited AS18408 RAJAPHAT-UTTARADIT-AS-TH Rajaphat Uttaradit University AS18409 BOT-TH-AS Bank of Thailand, Bangkok, Thailand AS18410 TW-104IT-AS 104 Information Technology Co., Ltd. AS18411 EDTNS-AS-TW EDT Network Services Limited Co,Ltd. AS18412 FEG-MPLS Far EastTone Telecommunication Co., Ltd. AS18413 GBTC-TW Great Taipei Broadband Company Ltd. AS18414 TWAREN-AS-TW National Center for High-performance Computing AS18415 BWIZ B-WIZ Technology AS18416 NETOWNCHIEF Genmart Tech. Co. lmt. AS18417 TWNIC-AS Taiwan Network Information Center AS18418 TWNIC-AS Taiwan Network Information Center AS18419 SIGMATV-AS-TW SIGMA BROAD TV CO.,LTD AS18420 NCU-TW National Central University AS18421 TAISHINBANK-AS-T Taishin International Bank AS18422 ITRINET-AS-TW Industrial Technology Research Institute AS18423 ROAMNET-AS-TW Yuanghong MultiMedia Technology Co. Ltd. AS18424 AIRNET-AS-TW CHWBN AS18425 NTTTW-AS-TW NTT Taiwan Ltd. AS18426 STPI-AS-TW National Applied Research Laboratories AS18427 PCHOME-AS-TW PChome Online AS18428 CUNET-AS-TW China United Telecom Corp AS18429 EXTRALAN-TW Extra-Lan Technologies Co., LTD AS18430 BLUE-TONGUE-ENTERTAINMENT-AP Optus Customer Network AS18431 DFAT-PUBLIC-GW-AS Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade AS18432 TORONTO-COLO - Vonage Holdings, Inc. AS18433 AS-PCAL - PAUL CAPITAL ADVISORS, L.L.C. AS18434 METAVANTE - Metavante Corporation AS18435 THEJUNCTION - The Junction AS18436 PHL-WOODCOCKWASHBURN - Woodcock Washburn, LLP AS18437 PITT-OHIO-EXPRESS-AS - Pitt-Ohio Express, LLC. AS18438 BROWNB - Brown Brothers Harriman & Company AS18439 VISTATSI - VISTA Technology Services Inc. AS18440 NCCI - National Council on Compensation Insurance, Inc. AS18441 IP-NETWORKED-SERVICES - IP Networked Services Inc. AS18442 YOUSENDIT1 - YouSendIt Inc AS18443 APSC - Alyeska Pipeline Service Company AS18445 LUXLOOK - Luxlook.com AS18446 NETRASPECT - Netraspect, Inc. AS18447 AFFINITY-INTER - Affinity Internet, Inc AS18448 GIANTEAGLE - Giant Eagle AS18449 MVS Telecom AS18450 WEBNX - WebNX AS18451 ASN-LES - LES.NET AS18452 ALORICA - ALORICA INC AS18453 Organisation Atticus LLP AS18454 AUGSBURG - Augsburg College AS18455 Netdata S.R.L. AS18456 GDIT-AS1 - General Dynamics Information Technology, Inc. AS18457 BOURNS - Bourns,Inc AS18458 NYBG - The New York Botanical Garden AS18460 FHSU - Fort Hays State University AS18461 BELL-ATL - Bell Atlantic AS18462 TILTED - Tilted Planet, LTd. AS18463 RULESPACE - Rulespace AS18465 WORKDAY-01 - Workday, Inc. AS18466 Geminicommunications Limited AS18467 PACIBELWIRE - Pacific Bell Wireless AS18468 POORMAN-DOUGLAS - POORMAN-DOUGLAS Corp. AS18469 LOGIKA - LOGIKA CORPORATION AS18470 ZFOPRODASN - RE FormsNet, LLC AS18471 GIMNET - Global Internet Management Corp. AS18472 DATDEC-LLC - DATDEC, LLC AS18473 NBGISP-ARIN - Intel Corporation - Dupont WA AS18474 AENEAS-CWUS - Aeneas Internet Services, LLC AS18475 ROGERSWIRELESSINC - Rogers Wireless Inc. AS18476 PRISON-FELLOWSHIP-MINISTRIES - Prison Fellowship Ministries AS18477 G2-SATELLITE-SOLUTIONS-CORPORATION - G2 Satellite Solutions Corporation AS18478 NATAL-MED - PEDIATRIX MEDICAL GROUP,INC. AS18479 Plug-In Vanet Sistemas de Comunicao LTDA AS18480 ATS-SERVICES - ATS Services Inc AS18481 BSWLHRICAS - BOCES Southern Westchester Lower Hudson Regional Information Center AS18482 SIERRACITIES - Sierracities.com AS18483 ECHO-GLOBAL - Echo Global Logistics AS18484 VIRTELA-NET-VCALAX1 Virtela Communications AS18485 VIRTELA-NET-VCASJC1 Virtela Communications AS18486 VIRTELA-NET-VGAATL1 Virtela Communications AS18487 VIRTELA-NET-VMABOS1 Virtela Communications AS18488 VIRTELA-NET-VJPTKY1 Virtela Communications AS18489 VIRTELA-NET-VWASEA1 Virtela Communications AS18490 VIRTELA-NET-VTXDAL1 Virtela Communications AS18491 VIRTELA-NET-VILCHI1 Virtela Communications AS18492 Almacenes Paris Comercial S.A AS18493 RRD-FIN-LANCASTER - r.r. donnelley & sons AS18494 EMBARQ-WRBG - Embarq Corporation AS18495 FORT-BEND - FORT BEND NETWORK SERVICES, INC AS18496 GlobalNet SA AS18497 UTSI-AS - The University of Tennessse Space Institute,Tullahoma AS18498 INTEGRATED - Integrated Networks Inc. AS18499 HILBR-AS - Hilbro Communications AS18500 PACCAR - PACCAR-ITD AS18501 MB-ASN - MusicBank, Inc. AS18502 WESTCORP - Westcorp AS18503 LOGICSOUTH - LogicSouth, Inc. AS18505 PALTALK - Paltalk AS18507 NYMEX-EXTRANET - NEW YORK MERCANTILE EXCHANGE AS18508 FORCE10-NET - Force10 Networks, Inc. AS18509 CORILLIAN - Corillian Corporation AS18510 TRAFELET-AND-COMPANY - Trafelet & Company, LLC AS18511 WWDNY-ASN- - World Wide Dictation of New York AS18512 IKANO-OHIO - IKANO Communications AS18513 KNOWX - KnowX.com AS18514 MDCH-CRP-ASN - M.D.C. Holdings, Inc. AS18515 UTARLINGTON - University of Texas at Arlington AS18516 MOLALLACOM - Molalla Communications Systems Inc. AS18518 LCA-ASN - LaGrange Capital Administration, L.L.C. AS18519 WGR-AS1 - Western Gas Resources, Inc. AS18521 AMERICAN-CAMPUS-COMMUNITIES - American Campus Communities, Inc AS18522 YUMBRANDS - Yum! Brands, Inc. AS18523 CHEP-AS1 - Chep Americas AS18524 MICRONEIL - MicroNeil Research Corporation AS18525 THRU - ThruPoint Inc. AS18527 HAGC-ASN - The Health Alliance of Greater Cincinnati AS18528 DOMINION - DOMINION-TELECOM AS18530 ISOMEDIA-1 - Isomedia Inc. AS18531 JWT-NY - J. Walter Thompson AS18532 Secretaria de Hacienda y Credito Publico AS18533 SYMBOLTECH - Symbol Technologies Corp. AS18534 ARBINET-LA-TRADING - ARBINET-THEXCHANGE, INC. AS18535 ROCHEDIAG - ROCHE-DIAGNOSTICS AS18536 ESERVER-SPACE - ESERVER SPACE INC. AS18537 PPD-AUSTIN - Pharmaceutical Product Development, Inc. AS18538 WCPSS-BOE - Wake County Public School System AS18539 DAYTON-SUPERIOR-MIAMISBURG - DAYTON SUPERIOR CORPORATION AS18540 FFEDERAL - First Federal Corporation AS18541 CES-ARIN - Corporate Electronic Stationary, Inc. AS18542 THERM-OMEGA-TECH-INC - Therm-Omega-Tech, Inc. AS18543 WWL-AMERICAS-1 - Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics Americas, LLC AS18544 CYBERPUNK - Steve Rhoades AS18545 OSMNET - Office of Surface Mining AS18546 CINCINNATI - Andersen Consulting Cincinnati SolutionsCenter AS18547 Telnet Servicos de Informacoes Ltda. AS18548 18VO - 1 800 Video On, Inc. AS18549 01004-3962253177 - Odimo Incorporated AS18550 FARCAP-AS - Farallon Capital Management LLC AS18551 ROTHINC - Rothschild, Inc AS18552 SPI-BGP-BDR - Sony Pictures Imageworks, Inc. AS18553 UWF-ASN - University of West Florida AS18554 AWARD-AS - Award Solutions, Inc. AS18555 THE-ART-INST - The Art Institute of Chicago AS18556 SCIF - State Compensation Insurance Fund AS18557 HAWKCOMM - Hawk Communications AS18558 NETBLK-RCOEK - Riverside County Office of Education AS18559 BLIP - Blip Networks, Inc. AS18560 CYBERSHORE - Cybershore, Inc AS18561 HOSTEDLABS - hostedLABS, LLC AS18562 ALEXA-ASN - Alexa Internet AS18563 CGINET-01 - CGI Inc AS18564 SJU149068 - St. John's University, New York AS18565 VINS-AS-3 - ViaWest Internet Services, Inc. AS18566 COVAD - Covad Communications Co. AS18567 CUTX12-ASN - Credit Union of Texas AS18568 METACARTA-AS-2 - MetaCarta, Inc. AS18569 PILOTROCK-INVESTMENT - Pilotrock Investment Partners GP, LLC AS18570 LOCKWOOD - Lockwood Greene Engineers AS18571 WESTERNRESERVEGROUP - The Western Reserve Mutual Casualty Company AS18572 BVIU27 - Beaver Valley Intermediate Unit #27 AS18573 WCOM-TSENGR-AS - WorldCom Trade Show Lab AS18574 SILVACO - Silvaco Data Systems AS18575 IPHOUSE - ipHouse AS18576 Educ.ar AS18577 IDSAS001 - INTEGRATED DATA SYSTEMS AS18578 ONCALDERA - OnCaldera Corp. AS18579 Dalinco AS18580 BGA-HOU - BG North America, LLC AS18581 ALLIANZLIFE - Allianz Life AS18582 CONSUMERINFO - Consumerinfo.com AS18583 PARTNERS-IN-PRACTICE - Partners In Practice AS18584 OTTOS-IMPORTED-CARS - Otto's Imported Cars, Ltd. AS18585 COMMERCEHUB - Commerce Technologies, Inc. AS18586 TEXRAMP - TexRamp Inc. AS18587 AGUTL - AltaGas Utilities Inc. AS18588 CITG - CanWest Global Communications Inc AS18589 OZCAP-NYC - Och Ziff Captial Managment AS18590 BENEFITPOINT - BenefitPoint, Inc. AS18592 CUDI AS18593 GSHULLGR - GOLDMAN SACHS COMPANY AS18594 VOM - DataPro & Vom.Com AS18595 FPC-ASN - The Findlay Publishing Company AS18596 MADISONTELCO - Madison Telephone Company AS18597 LISTEN-SF-2 - Listen.com AS18598 APERIAN-ATLANTA - Aperian AS18599 APERIAN-DALLAS - Aperian AS18600 WPIA-NET - Western PA Internet Access, Inc. AS18601 SMART-CITY-COLUMBUS - Smart City Networks, L.P. AS18602 PWRWG - Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison AS18603 CMSPPLC - CMS Energy PPLC AS18604 INCOR - Incor Enterprises, Inc. AS18605 SOUTHPOLE - SOUTHPOLE AS18606 WHERETOLIVE - WHERETOLIVE.COM AS18607 UNS-AS - UNS, LLC. AS18608 PALADYNE-SYSTEMS-INC - PALADYNE SYSTEMS, LLC AS18609 SOLUNET - Solunet, Inc AS18610 WALKERINFO - Walker Information AS18611 ATRION - Atrion Networking Corp AS18612 TRI-NET-SOLUTIONS - Tri-Net Solutions LLC. AS18613 TELACORE - TELACORE LLC AS18614 SOFAST - SoFast Internet and Computer Services AS18615 UNITEDMESSAGING - United Messaging Inc. AS18616 MEDIUM-INC - Me.dium, Inc. AS18617 CURRENT-COMMUNICATIONS-SERVICES-LLC-NET3 - Current Communications Services LLC AS18618 WCENTRALN - west central wireless AS18619 BRIT-NUMBER-1 - BRITANNIA,INC. AS18620 DERMALOGICA - Dermalogica, Inc. AS18621 CONESTOGA-COL - Conestoga College AS18622 IVANET-YTO - IBASIS INC. AS18623 TWC-MISP-1 - Time Warner Communications AS18624 CITYOFWILSONNC - City of Wilson AS18626 NET-IDEO - IDEO Product Development AS18627 CBE-2 - Calgary Board of Education AS18628 NYMEX - NEW YORK MERCANTILE EXCHANGE AS18629 LTF-001 - LIFE TIME FITNESS, Inc. AS18630 IFCO-US - IFCO SYSTEMS NORTH AMERICA, INC. AS18631 MARSNYC - marsmusic.com AS18632 VOLCANO-NET - Volcano Internet provider AS18634 FUSIX-AS1 - Fusix Corporation AS18635 SECUREHOST - Secure Hosting Ltd. AS18636 SHOREASN - ShoreTel Inc. AS18637 VDS - Voice and Data Systems Inc. AS18638 DHDC-CA - DH DataCentres Inc. AS18639 ABTASSOCIATES-AS - Abt Associates, Inc. AS18640 IDEALAB - Idealab AS18642 SPACENET-ENT2 - Spacenet, Inc. AS18643 SMARTCITY - SmartCity Networks AS18644 DIVEO TELECOMUNICACOES DO BRASIL AS18645 MITEC - MITEC Corporation AS18646 SENTAI - Sentai Software Consulting AS18647 ACCEL-AS - Accel Net, Inc. AS18648 SIMPSON - Simpson Paper Company AS18649 M5-NETWORKS - M5 Networks AS18650 KORAX - Korax Online Inc. AS18651 TMCCOM01 - TRI-M Communications, Inc. AS18652 TOTALITY-2 - Totality Corp AS18653 TOTALITY-2 - Totality Corp AS18654 TOTALITY-2 - Totality Corp AS18655 APRIVA-ISS - Apriva ISS, LLC AS18656 FIRST-FRANKLIN - First Franklin Financial Corporation AS18657 LEAD-TECH - LEAD Technologies, Inc. AS18658 ECHD-AS1 - ECTOR COUNTY HOSPITAL DISTRICT AS18659 HORMELFOODS - Hormel Foods Corporation AS18660 KSUONLINE-I2 - Kentucky State University AS18661 DCA-BGP - Dunn Carney Allen Higgins & Tongue, LLP AS18662 AFLAC - AFLAC AS18663 UOP-AS - University of the Pacific AS18664 EMPIRE-HEAL - Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield AS18665 CKC-HM-92100-3215-1 - 800 Call KC AS18666 NOKIANET_DALLAS NOKIANET Dallas office AS18667 Web2mil S.A AS18668 MFM - MFM Communication Software, Inc AS18669 BSEC-CA-1 - Bal Seal Engineering Co. Inc. AS18670 MESAINTERNET - Mesa Internet Solutions, Inc. AS18672 TSTAR-NET - TSTAR Internet, Inc AS18673 CFP-ASN - The Casey Family Program AS18674 FROST-NAT-BANK - Frost National Bank AS18675 FNW-FOWLERVILLE - FNW, LLC AS18676 AVAYA - Avaya Inc. AS18677 HISYNERGY - HiSynergy Communications Inc. AS18678 INTERNEXA S.A. E.S.P AS18679 FISK-PHL - Fisk Internet Services AS18680 AKAMAI-AS - Akamai Technologies AS18681 CPS-ASN - Constellation Power Source, Inc AS18682 TRILUTIONS - TriLutions Computer & Internet Center AS18683 MWFN - Midwest Fiber Networks, LLC AS18684 WCM-ASN - Westfield Capital Management Company, LLC AS18685 BIR-2-ASN - Bacharach Institute for Rehabilitation AS18686 MAD-MACS - Mad Macs Communications AS18687 MPOWER-2 - MPOWER COMMUNICATIONS CORP. AS18688 TGIX - Thaumaturgix, Inc AS18689 GWYNN-GROUP-INC - Gwynn Group Inc. AS18690 MEDIDATA - Medidata Solutions, Inc AS18691 LUMINET - Unis Lumin Inc. AS18692 EAGLEDIRECT-COM - EagleDirect.com AS18693 GOLDPOCKET - GoldPocket Interactive, Inc. AS18694 SDWARREN - S. D. Warren Services Co. AS18695 ARBINET-NY-TRADING - ARBINET-THEXCHANGE, INC. AS18697 CVPS-ASN - Central Vermont Public Service (CVPS) AS18698 TSNC - TSNC, Inc. AS18699 SMIG-001 - Southern Minnesota Internet Group Inc. AS18700 PRG-ASN01 - Marketing One to One dba Peppers and RogersGroup AS18701 PPCO-US - ConocoPhillips Company AS18702 PAYROLLLINK-AS - Payroll Link, Inc. AS18703 IBMCCH-ASH - IBM AS18704 T-SYSTEM - T-SYSTEMS INC. AS18705 RIMBLACKBERRY - Research in Motion Inc. AS18706 LISTEN-SF-3 - Listen.com AS18707 PREMIERLINK - Intelemedia Communications, Inc AS18709 BOTW - Bank of the West AS18710 GKG-NET - GKG.NET, INC AS18711 RICHARD-STOCK - K AS18712 EVEREST - Everest Connections, LLC AS18713 IBMCCH-SJO - IBM AS18714 PERRYCAP-NY - Perry Capital AS18715 NYPA - New York Power Authority AS18716 ADESK-EUROPE Autodesk SARL is the EU branch of Autodesk, Inc. AS18717 AKAMAI-AS - Akamai Technologies AS18718 MARVELL - Marvell Semiconductor Inc. AS18719 TSRSOLUTIONS - TSR Solutions AS18720 PACSUN - Pacific Sunwear of California AS18721 DENNIS-PUBLISHING - Dennis Publishing AS18722 SUPERVALU - SUPERVALU, Inc. AS18723 SEAGATE-USA-MN-1 - Seagate Technology AS18724 TEKINFO - TEK Information Services AS18725 SBCTC - SBC Telecom Consulting, Inc. AS18727 DNPS - Detroit Newspapers AS18728 ISINJ - Instructional Systems Inc. AS18729 SHAWMUT - Shawmut Design & Construction AS18730 CYBERSOURCE-SC4 - Cybersource Corp. AS18732 QOSNETWORKS QoS Networks, Inc. AS18733 XYMED - CCA - xymed.com AS18734 BESTEL S.A. de C.V. AS18735 M4FINANCIAL - M4 Financial AS18736 XAP-CORP - XAP Corporation AS18737 NO - BEVERAGE DISTRIBUTORS, Inc. AS18738 MPOWER - mPower, Inc. AS18739 Agencia Moderna Tecnologia Ltda AS18740 YELLOWBRIX - YellowBrix AS18741 PROMISANT - Promisant LTD. AS18742 ON24-SAC - ON24, Inc. AS18743 MMA-ONLINE - MENNONITE MUTUAL AID AS18744 LAKESNET - LakesNet AS18745 HTCOMP - HTCOMP.NET,INC AS18746 MIG-BGP - Merchants Insurance Group AS18747 IFX-NW - IFX Communication Ventures, Inc. AS18748 AT-WAN - Ann Taylor AS18749 PREMINC-INTER - Premier, Inc. AS18750 LEXICOM - Lexicom Ltd. AS18751 QUARTERMASTER-INC - QUARTERMASTER INC AS18752 HUNTBROTHERS-EASTCOAST - Hunt Brothers AS18753 TEXAS-STATE-BANK - Texas State Bank AS18754 LOOKSMART - LookSmart International Pty Ltd AS18755 VOXEO-SERVICE - Voxeo Corporation AS18756 PATEAM - Adelphia Business Solutions AS18757 ADT-SECURADT - ADT Security AS18759 VIRAGE - Virage, INC AS18760 RANCHO-CUCA - City of Rancho Cucamonga AS18761 BLM-WAN - Bureau of Land Management AS18762 DOMDOMINICK - Dominick & Dominick LLC AS18763 PHJW-LLP - Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker LLP AS18764 PHJW-LLP - Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker LLP AS18765 PHJW-LLP - Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker LLP AS18766 PHJW-LLP - Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker LLP AS18767 PHJW-LLP - Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker LLP AS18768 PHJW-LLP - Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker LLP AS18769 PHJW-LLP - Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker LLP AS18770 PHJW-LLP - Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker LLP AS18771 ACDI - CIDA - Canadian International Development Agency AS18772 MARCUSABGP4 - marc-usa AS18773 HENRICO-AS - County of Henrico AS18774 TIMESPUBLISHING - St. Petersburg Times AS18775 ENGEN-PET AS18776 VALASSIS - Valassis Communications, Inc. AS18777 TSU-SM - Texas State University - San Marcos AS18778 JUMPNODE-SYSTEMS-AS1 - Jumpnode Systems, LLC AS18779 EGIHOSTING - EGIHosting AS18780 ME-NET - Me.Net AS18781 BITSHOP - BitShop, Inc. AS18782 Unincor AS18783 BIG-VALLEY - Big Valley Internet AS18784 MCD-US-ASN - McDonald's Corporation AS18785 MIDWAVE - MIDWAVE CORPORATION AS18787 DANAHER-SIMSBURY - Danaher AS18788 INTEGRYS-ENERGY - The Peoples Gas Light and Coke Company AS18789 NETMLH-AS - Main Line Health, Inc. AS18790 GLOBALCOMPANIESLLC2006 - Global Companies LLC AS18791 TCU - Texas Christian University AS18792 AMBPL - AMBASSADOR PUBLICATIONS, LLC. AS18793 COM-PAIR-BROADBAND - Com-Pair Services AS18794 RAMAPO-COLLEGE - Ramapo College of New Jersey AS18795 ULV-AS - University of La Verne AS18796 HOME-INTER - Home Interiors & Gifts AS18797 ITO-LLC - ITO, LLC AS18798 CCIASN - CORD CRAFTS INC AS18799 GLI-CLEVELAND-ASN - Great Lakes Integrated AS18800 ASPRING - Associated Spring AS18801 ZENITHMKTG - ZENITH MARKETING GROUP, INC AS18802 MUT-AMER - Mutual of America Life Insurance Company AS18803 MUNIS-ASP - Munis, Inc. AS18805 WCP-AS-1 - Weatherford Canada Partnership AS18806 ENSYNCH - Ensynch, LLC AS18807 SPEEDHOST-1 - SpeedHosting Inc AS18808 CWC - Consolidated Webmaster Corporation AS18809 Cable Onda AS18810 EHI-PRODUCTION - eHealthInsurance Services Inc. AS18811 ESILICON - eSilicon.com AS18812 NEWWAVECOMM - New Wave Communications AS18813 SCC-AS01 - Second City Computers, Inc. AS18814 TELSOUTH - TelSouth Communications AS18815 AS-CITY-AND-COUNTY-OF-DENVER - CITY AND COUNTY OF DENVER AS18816 ANDREWCORP-AOP - Andrew Corp. AS18817 DWNET - Dataware, LLC AS18818 LSUHSCS-NET2 - LSU Health Sciences Center - Shreveport AS18819 ENTERGY-CORP-US - Entergy Corporation AS18820 PFS-ASN-001 - PROPHET FINANCIAL SYSTEMS, INC AS18821 AVISTA-2 - Avista Advantage, Inc. AS18822 Manquehuenet AS18823 MEDICALERT - Medicalert Foundation AS18824 WWW-THESEAM - Plains Cotton Cooperative Association AS18825 GENEXT - GENEXT, LLC AS18827 VGMGR-FORBIN - Forbin AS18828 TRIMBLE-WEST - Trimble AS18829 VERIDIAN - Veridian ERIM Internaional Inc., AS18831 XPRESSWEB - XPRESSWEB INTERNET SERVICES AS18832 INFLOW18832 - Inflow Inc. AS18833 ASHP-NETWORK - American Specialty Health Plan AS18834 NETWORKIP - Network IP AS18836 PROCEDA TECNOLOGIA E INFORMATICA S/A AS18837 INFOLINE-LA - INFO LINE of Los Angeles AS18838 DCSSGA - DeKalb County School System AS18839 2000FISHERISSS - FISHER SCIENTIFIC AS18840 EQUIPOS Y SISTEMAS S.A. AS18841 TRIMBLE-SNVL - Trimble AS18842 VERTICAL-SCR - Business Information Group AS18843 CHI-MANAGEMENT - Crossmark AS18844 SHERWIN-AS - The Sherwin Williams Company AS18845 NAVAHONETWORKS - Navaho Networks Inc. AS18846 Petroleos Mexicanos AS18847 NETFIRE - NetFire.com AS18848 ALTEC-IND-DOM - Altec Industries AS18849 VEHIX - VEHIX.COM AS18850 TOOLWIRE - Toolwire AS18851 ICORE-ASN-1 - iCore AS18852 ASHLANDINC-AS - Ashland, Inc. AS18853 WDUQ-FM - WDUQ Duquesne University AS18854 NETCOMPUTING-COM - NetComputing Inc. AS18855 CANQ-AS - Canquest Communications AS18856 SCCA - Seattle Cancer Care Alliance AS18857 AMERICO - Americo AS18858 ISVS-216169032000-19 - Interconnect Services, Inc. AS18859 GVEC-NET - GVEC.NET AS18861 IVANET-BUE - IBASIS INC. AS18862 NCS-HEALTHCARE - Omnicare, Inc. AS18863 BROADRIVER-18863 - BroadRiver Communication Corp. AS18864 STARTEC - Startec Global Communications AS18865 STARBRIDGESYSTEMS - Starbridge Systems, Inc. AS18866 ATJEU - Atjeu Publishing LLC AS18867 VERIZONWIRELESS-MSG - Verizon Wireless Messaging AS18868 ROCKYS-HARDWARE-INC - Rocky's Hardware Inc. AS18869 EMTELSA S.A. E.S.P. AS18870 CLICKCOM - Clickcom, Inc. AS18871 YOURINTERNET - Indiana Printing and Publishing AS18872 VERITAS - Veritas Software AS18873 LACKLANDIT - Lackland Acquisition II, LLC. AS18874 EWI-ASN-1 - Earthwatch, Inc. AS18875 QZN-ASN-001 - Questzone.Net, Inc. AS18876 ARRIVAL-COMM - Arrival Communications, Inc. AS18877 LIFENET - Long Island Fiber Exchange, Inc. AS18878 HDVEST001 - H. D. Vest Financial Services, Inc. AS18879 MUSKOGEENET - MuskogeeNet LLC AS18881 Global Village Telecom AS18882 SLRASN1 - Solectron AS18883 SEMTRIBE-NET - Seminole Tribe of Florida AS18884 RCLS - Ramapo Catskill Library System AS18885 WAVE2WAVE - Wave2Wave Communications, Inc. AS18886 INLINE-NET - Contact Network DBA Inline Connections AS18887 ROAMTEST - Visto Corporation AS18888 AS-ZILLOW - ZILLOW AS18889 MERCANTIL - Mercantil Internet Services AS18890 LUCY-COM - Lucy.com AS18891 CONFLUENCE - Confluence Technologies, Inc. AS18892 GPS - GPS Partners LLC AS18893 SELECT-EQUITY - Select Equity Group, Inc. AS18894 NEXTPAGE - NextPage, Inc. AS18895 NUSTREAM - Nustream Communications AS18896 RSVL-ONLINE - Roseville Online AS18897 MONTANA-SKY-NETWORKS-INC - Montana Sky Networks, Inc. AS18898 TETRATECH - TETRATECH INC. AS18899 ITSOLUTIONS-INC - IT Solutions, Inc. AS18900 CQG-INC - CQG, Inc. AS18901 RANGER-CAPITAL - Ranger Capital AS18902 MOTORCARGO - Motor Cargo AS18903 LENDINGTREE - LENDING TREE AS18904 HELIO-ASN - Helio AS18905 LECSTAR-GA-1 - LecStar Telecom, Inc. AS18906 MOBILELOGIC - Mobile Logic, Inc AS18908 BRIGHTCOVE-AS - Brightcove, Inc. AS18910 YORK-INTL-CORP - York International Corporation AS18911 CHANNEL-OF-CHOICE - Handleman Company AS18912 RTC-DESMONIES - Des Moines Register & Tribune Co AS18913 AIR-PIPE-AS - AIR-PIPE, LLC. AS18914 MATCHPOINT-ONLINE - Matchpoint Online, Inc. AS18915 ICCINET-US - ICC Internet AS18916 PSFT-ECENTER - PeopleSoft eCenter AS18917 RHEEM-WATER-HEATING - Rheem Manufacturing Company AS18918 TORONTOCOLO - TorontoColo.com AS18919 THE-FEEDROOM - The Feedroom AS18920 HEI - Hawaiian Electric Industries, Inc. AS18921 DIVERSIFIED - Diversified Global Resources AS18922 AfOL-Zw-AS-2 AS18923 AS18924 RPTK2 - RPTK AS18925 APERIAN-PHOENIX - Aperian AS18926 MEALS-SEA - Meals.com AS18927 PIXELSTREAMS - Pixelstreams LLC AS18928 CSA-AS - CSA - Credit Solutions of America AS18929 AAMVA - THE AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF MOTOR VEHICLE ADMINISTRATORS AS18930 DOWCORNING151-163 - Dow Corning AS18931 SAINTERNET1 AS18933 USCC-MPLS01 - United States Cellular Telephone Company, LP AS18934 BROOKTINC250 - BROOKTROUT, INC. AS18935 SIRNY-3861 - Sotheby's International Realty, Inc. AS18936 GLENCOM - Glencom Systems Inc. AS18937 NMC - National Monitoring Center AS18938 PRESSGANEY - PRESS GANEY ASSOCIATES INC AS18939 DBC-SALT-LAKE - Data Broadcasting Corp. AS18940 SHPS-INC - SHPS, Inc AS18941 El Mercurio S.A.P. AS18942 WEBHOSTPLUS-INC - WebHostPlus Inc AS18943 YELCOT - YELCOT TELEPHONE COMPANY AS18944 OCFL-COMPTROLLER - Orange County Comptroller AS18945 VINS-AS-5 - ViaWest Internet Services, Inc. AS18946 FANNIEMAE-2 - Fannie Mae AS18947 PASCO-COUNTY-BOCC - PASCO COUNTY BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS AS18948 NYMC2000-ARIN - New York Medical College AS18949 GIN-RIDGE-BOYS - Gin Ridge Boys AS18950 EDUCATE - Educate Inc AS18951 CORG-60 - Cordia Communications Corp AS18952 IMLLOU1 - INTERACTIVE MEDIA LAB INC AS18953 LOUDOUN-WIRELESS - LOUDOUN WIRELESS LLC AS18954 DRC-ASN - Dahlman Rose & Company, LLC AS18955 YZK1 - Yazaki North America, Inc. AS18956 NYK - NSRI(USA) Inc. AS18957 TRIRIGA - TRIRIGA, INC. AS18958 CRRESEARCH - C&R Research AS18959 AWL-29-AS - The American Way, LLC AS18960 CISGI - Cambridge Integatred Services Group, Inc. AS18961 MCLANECO - McLane Company, Inc. AS18962 MEDITECH-1 - Medical Information Technology, Inc. AS18963 OFDA - DARLINGTON, INC. (OFDA) AS18964 AHSSSCI - Adventist Health Systems SSCI AS18965 TRANSMARKETGROUP - TransMarket Group L.L.C. AS18966 FREMONT-INVESTMENT-AND-LOAN - Fremont Investment and Loan AS18967 AMAXX - AMAXX, Inc. AS18968 QUADRANT - Quadrant Newmedia Corp. AS18969 KLC-AS-1 - Knowledge Learning Corporation AS18970 XNPD - The NPD Group Inc. AS18971 BCUS - BARCLAYS FINANCIAL CORP. AS18972 PROMENET - PROMENET, INC. AS18973 TAG-ONLINE - TAG Online Inc. AS18974 EDOCS - edocs AS18975 STANCOEORG95354 - Stanislaus County Office of Education AS18976 FREIGHTQUOTE - Freightquote.com AS18977 GEOTEC-NOC - GeoTEC Systems, L.L.C. AS18978 AMBRIEL-TECHNOLOGIES - Ambriel Technologies AS18980 PEACEHEALTH - Peace Health AS18981 WCANMILLER - W.C. & A. N. Miller Companies AS18982 ONENECK-IT-SERVICES-CHARLOTTE-AS - OneNeck IT Services AS18983 FMI-BR - FM Services Company AS18984 SERVERCAVE - ServerCave, Inc. AS18985 GAPINC-NET - GAP, Inc. AS18986 PACIFICONLINE - Pacific Online Inc. AS18987 ASN-GLOBALMDM - Global MDM Inc. AS18988 CITYWEST-CORP - City West Cable & Telephone Corp. AS18989 NUVOX-REGION2 - NuVox Communications, Inc. AS18990 AIRBAND-DALLAS - Airband Communications, Inc AS18991 CONIFER-SECURITIES - Conifer Securities, LLC AS18992 GLOBALSPEC-HQ-PRIMARY - Global Spec AS18993 PCRNETWORK - Prudential Carruthers Realtors AS18994 COVANCE-PRINCETON-ATT-MCI - COVANCE INC AS18995 CLACKAMAS-ASN - Clackamas County AS18996 CREDITEXNET - Creditex, Inc. AS18997 USAHOCKEY - USA Hockey, Inc. AS18998 Credomatic AS18999 POPLAR-BLUFF - Poplar Bluff Internet, Inc. AS19000 CNET-EAST - CNET Networks Inc. AS19001 AVENTCOMMTECH - Aventure Communications AS19002 FDBS-AS - Financial Database Services AS19003 IHSENERGY-CALGARY - IHS Energy Group AS19004 SCHWABPLAN - Schwab Plan Retirement Services AS19005 7-ELEVEN - 7-Eleven, Inc. AS19006 CLICK1 - Infostructure Cable and Internet (Click1) AS19007 USRN-AS-1 - United Stations Radio Networks, Inc. AS19008 PSCI - Perry-Spencer Communications, Inc. AS19009 ONECLEVELAND - OneCommunity AS19010 PDI-INC - PDI INC AS19011 ODETICS - Odetics AS19012 AIG - AIG Trading AS19013 PERF-FOOD - Performance Food Group AS19014 EPSILON-HHONORS1 - DMDA AS19015 HCSTNET - HCSTNet AS19016 WCG-AS - Westman Communications Group AS19017 QUALCOMM-QWBS-LV - Qualcomm Wireless Business Solutions AS19018 NETIFICE - Netifice Communications AS19019 AS-COSENTRY-COM-1 - COSENTRY.NET, LLC AS19020 CAPITALONEMCLEAN - Capital One Financial Corporation AS19021 BTC-BROADBAND - BTC Broadband Inc. AS19022 CISP-TOTALAS - CISP AS19023 SERVICEMASTER - ServiceMaster AS19024 INTERNAP-BLK5 - Internap Network Services AS19025 XO-ASN12 - XO Communications AS19026 XO-ASN14 - XO Communications AS19027 XO-ASN11 - XO Communications AS19028 XO-ASN10 - XO Communications AS19029 NEWEDGENETS - New Edge Networks AS19030 HARCOURT-ENT - Harcourt, INC AS19031 WESCO - Wesco AS19032 GESI-KCBSC - Global Enterprise Solutions Inc. AS19033 World Tel-Fax Electronics C.A. AS19034 AS-MLS-PIN - MLS Property Information Network AS19035 HIX - Hawaii Internet Exchange AS19036 LORAL-CYBERSTAR - Loral Skynet Network Services, Inc. AS19037 CTI Compania de Telefonas del Interior S.A. AS19038 Grupo Financiero Inverlat AS19039 HUTCHINSON-INET1 - Hutchinson Technology Inc. AS19040 FIRSTMERIT - FirstMerit N.A. AS19041 WSCS - WebSideStory Search and Content Solutions AS19042 INDS-NY-AS1 - Interstate National Dealer Services AS19043 SHOCKING - Shocking.Com AS19044 INNER - The Inner Net AS19045 SOUTHERNTIERATHLETICS - Southern Tier Athletics, Inc. AS19046 NEWFOCUS - New Focus Inc AS19047 LUNDWALL-1 - Lundwall Creative, Inc. AS19048 CORIO - Corio, Inc. AS19049 REDENVELOPE-US-1 - RedEnvelope Inc. AS19050 AKC - AKC Computer Services Corporation AS19051 WEBSURVEYOR-BGP-01 - WebSurveyor Corporation AS19052 CNI - Cobourg Networks Inc. AS19053 EPIC-IS - Epic Information Solutions AS19054 PENFORD-CORP - Penford Corporation AS19055 CAC-EAST - Credit Acceptance Corporation AS19056 IETF-49 - Qualcomm AS19057 IBMCCH-CHI - IBM AS19058 IRTC-NET - Illinois Rural Telecommunication Co. AS19059 ERASJV - ErasJV AS19060 PINNACLE-COM - Pinnacle Communications Intl, Inc. AS19061 WEBLINK-WIR - WebLink Wireless, Inc. AS19062 W3MEDIA - W3 International Media Ltd. AS19063 JOHN-HEALTH - St. John Health System AS19064 NET EXPRESS S.A. AS19065 KORKSOFT - KORKSOFT, LLC AS19066 WIREDTREE - Cogswell Enterprises Inc. AS19067 VAILSYS - Vail Systems AS19068 ASN-TOMMYBAHAMA - Viewpoint International AS19069 THE-ISLAND - The Island ECN AS19070 EIUNET - Eastern Illinois University AS19072 OFFICEMAX - OfficeMax AS19074 ASN-01-FBCL - Fort Bend County Libraries AS19075 SHAW-COMMUNICATIONS - Shaw Communications Inc. AS19076 WELDCOUNTYGOVERNMENT-ASN - Weld County Government AS19077 CYBERCENTER S.A. AS19078 9122-1978-AS - 9122-1978 quebec Inc. AS19079 LOCL-NET - Locl-Net Inc AS19080 ASN-WBS-01 - WBS Connect, LLC AS19081 GFSI-INC - GFSI, Inc. AS19082 EVERESTBROADBAND - EVEREST BROADBAND NETWORKS AS19083 WEBTRENDS-INCORPORATED - WebTrends Incorporated AS19084 COURTLINK-MAIN - Courtlink AS19085 KSDK-TV - KSDK-TV AS19086 CGI-HOSTING - CGI Inc AS19087 MAILBOXES-ECT - Mailboxes Ect. Detriot Shared Hub AS19088 ECG - E Commerce Group AS19089 Dedalus.com S/C Ltda AS19090 Canbras Net Ltda. AS19091 WORLD-VPN-NET - SBC AS19092 360NETWORKS-US - 360Networks (USA) Inc. AS19093 IBMUSF-SCH - IBM AS19094 TELCOVE-AS - TelCove, Inc. AS19095 FIS-NE-USA - Flavine IT Services, Inc. AS19096 DESALES-NETWORK - DeSales University AS19097 FULFILLMENT-AMERICA - Fulfillment America AS19098 COOKE-AGGREGATE - The Iserv Company, LLC AS19099 RAMBUS - Rambus AS19100 GPSAC - General Pacific, Inc. AS19101 MANCHESTERNH - City Of Manchester, NH AS19102 DENTISTRY - Dentistry Online Inc AS19103 NEPCO - National Energy Production Corporation AS19104 AXISINTERNET - AxisInternet, Inc. AS19105 FIRST-DATA-CORP - Firstbank Data Corporation AS19106 ANDREWS - Andrews University AS19108 SUDDENLINK-COMMUNICATIONS - Suddenlink Communications AS19109 CETELEM AS19110 MERVYNS-900 - Mervyn's Department Stores AS19111 NATURES-BOUN - Natures Bounty Inc. AS19112 NORTH-BAY---ASN - North Bay Capital Management, LP AS19113 DUKE-ENERGY - Duke Energy Corporation AS19114 Otecel S.A. AS19115 CHARTER-LEBANON - Charter Communications AS19118 AS-SIT - IDT Corporation AS19119 ROLLINSCOLLEGE - Rollins College AS19120 ARGIA - ARGIA AS19121 KAVI - Kavi Corporation AS19122 19THFLOORNET-HOSTING-SERVICES - 19thfloor.net AS19123 OHIOTRANSMISSIONCORP - Ohio Transmission Corporation AS19124 WHEATON-FRANCISCAN-SERVICES-INC - Covenant Healthcare Systems, Inc. AS19125 ROCK-NET - Rockford Corporation AS19126 RAIL-EUROPE-GROUP - Rail Europe Group AS19127 SEI-MER - SEI INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AS19128 TTN - Trade The News AS19129 PLAINS-NET - Premier Systems Unlimited, Inc. AS19130 DOCKNET - dock.net AS19131 EOHIONET - Eohio Net AS19132 NetCompany S.A. AS19133 CAL-ASSOC - California Association of Realtors AS19134 FTBONLINE - First Horizon National Corporation AS19135 PLEXIS-1 - Plexis, Ltd AS19136 NNET AS19137 EPSILON-INTERACTIVE - Epsilon Interactive LLC AS19138 SWEET-BRIAR-COLLEGE - Sweet Briar College AS19139 MARINERSYSTEMS - Mariner Systems Inc. AS19140 META-PHARMACEUTICAL-SERVICES - Meta Pharmaceutical Services, LLC AS19141 CSC-ENYU - Computer Sciences Corporation AS19142 AAFES - Army & Air Force Exchange Service AS19143 FWS-NET - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service AS19144 DEALTIME - DealTime.com AS19145 NETSONIC - Netsonic AS19146 ILGYUW19L - Delgado Industries, LLC AS19147 JALSYS - JAL Avionet Systems AS19148 LIVEWORLDCA - LiveWorld, inc. AS19149 MOTLABS - Motorola Labs AS19150 GFORCE - gForce Systems Inc AS19151 WVFIBER-1 - WV FIBER LLC AS19152 IBMCCH-TOR - IBM AS19153 UTMARTIN - The University of Tennessee at Martin AS19154 SOLUTIONARY - Solutionary, Inc. AS19155 VYSTARCU - Vystar Credit Union AS19156 SIEMENS-SEA - Siemens Engineering Automation AS19157 CHARTER-TN - CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS AS19158 USCARRIER - US CARRIER AS19159 STING - Sting Communications AS19160 BDM-ASN - BDM Networks, Inc. AS19161 INNOCOM-TELECOM - INNOCOM TELECOM AS19162 BELLCOHEALTHAS1 - Bellco Health AS19163 FRONTCOM-SD-01 - Frontcom.com Inc. AS19164 COGENT-ARC-3 - Cogent Communications AS19165 WEBPASS - Webpass Inc. AS19166 ALPHARED-HOUSTON - Alpha Red, INC AS19167 MUSKOKA-COM - Muskoka.com AS19168 CSC-3-ASONE - Credence Systems Corporation AS19169 Telconet S.A AS19170 MISN - Meramec Interactive Services Network AS19171 STARGATE-VAN - Stargate Connections Inc. AS19172 XROADS-NET - Crossroads InternationalCommunications Inc. AS19173 ASAP-INC - ASAP Inc. AS19174 CNC-USA - China Netcom (USA) Operations Ltd. AS19175 NETSTAR-ASN - NetStar Communications, Inc. AS19176 PAISP - PaISP Inc. AS19177 GO-NET-NETWORK - GO International, Inc. AS19178 ESPEED-LONDON Cantor Fitzgerald International Ltd AS19179 EMARKETRON - MARKETRON INC AS19180 AMERICATEL PERU S.A. AS19181 CWIE - Cavecreek Wholesale Internet Exchange, LLC AS19182 Rede Ajato Ltda AS19183 CDI-CORPORATION - CDI Corporation AS19184 UWECNET - University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire AS19185 TRACENT-TECH - Tracent Technologies, Inc. AS19186 CEUTAS - C.E. Unterberg Towbin Holdings, Inc. AS19187 IFOXNETLE - INFOCROSSING AS19188 EMSINC - Exchange Market Systems E.M.S. Inc. AS19189 DATRAN - Datran Media, LLC AS19190 FASTWIRE-COM - Fastwire.com Inc AS19191 SPRINGNET1-EOS - EOS, Inc. AS19192 Universidad Central de Venezuela AS19193 MEDI-COM - medi.com AS19194 JOVITA - Sentris Network LLC AS19195 ASCHWEBHOSTING1104 - Asch Web Hosting Inc AS19196 BellSouth Chile AS19197 NATIONAL-TECH - National Tech Team Inc. AS19198 GREENLYNK-NET - GreenLynk Technologies Inc. AS19199 PANAMSAT-ATL - Pamamsat AS19200 Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul AS19201 ETC - Eastex Telephone Cooperative, Inc. AS19202 TX3 - Tx3 Online Services, Inc. AS19203 IPINETBGP01 - Interactive Portal, Inc. AS19204 YAKSHAVERS-INCORPORATED - Yakshavers Incorporated AS19206 FCS-001 - First Class Solutions, Inc AS19208 OCCU-ASN - Orange County's Credit Union AS19209 GMO-BOSTON - Grantham, Mayo, VanOtterloo & Co. LLC AS19210 SYNCHRONOSS - SYNCHRONOSS TECHNOLOGIES AS19211 RETAIL-SOLUTIONS-ASN - Retail Solutions AS19212 BACKROADS-NEWBERRY - BACKROADS INTERNET, INC. AS19213 SABRE-DFW - Sabre Inc. AS19214 CENTAURI-COMMUNICATIONS-COM - Centauri Communications AS19215 ENERGIZE - Pulaski Electric System AS19216 ACKERMAN-MCQUEEN - Ackerman McQueen, Inc. AS19217 IVYTECHSC - IVYTech Community College of Indiana AS19218 VIZIONAL-LA01 - Vizonal Technologies, Inc AS19219 VIZIONAL-LA02 - Vizonal Technologies, Inc AS19220 CBE - Calgary Board of Education AS19221 NORTHSTAR-TRAVEL-MEDIA - NORTHSTAR Travel Media, LLC. AS19222 APW-ASN - APW North America Inc. AS19223 NTEGRATED-SOLUTIONS - Ntegrated Solutions AS19224 SUNAMERICA - SunAmerica Financial AS19225 STANFORD-FINANCIAL-GROUP - Stanford Financial Group AS19226 AURA-SOUTH - A.U.R.A AS19227 TERRAWORLD-316 - Terra World, Inc. AS19228 ENTEL CHILE S.A. AS19229 I-STRUCTURE - (i) Structure AS19230 UPROMISE - Upromise, Inc. AS19231 NBCUNI - NBC UNIVERSAL AS19232 MONASH-ZA AS19233 DIALOGIX - Dialogix Telecom AS19234 CANADAWEBHOSTING-AS - Canadawebhosting AS19235 HOSTING-COM - Hosting.com, Inc. AS19236 STEELCASE-AS STEELCASE SA AS19237 OMNIS - Omnis Network, LLC AS19238 MACROMEDIA01 - Macromedia Inc AS19239 KLA-TENCOR - KLA-TENCOR AS19240 EFX-BR - Equifax Enabling Technologies LLC AS19241 LOCAL-ISP-NJ-2000 - Local-ISP, Inc. AS19244 Telmex USA AS19246 ACT2000 - Antigua Computer Technology Co. Ltd. AS19247 AAOMS-NATIONAL - AAOMS National Insurance Risk Retention Group AS19248 ACSC1000 - Automobile Club of Southern California AS19249 COREEXPRESS-STLCORP - CoreExpress AS19250 WILEYNET - John Wiley & Sons, Inc. AS19251 TKS-NY-01 - Techknowsphere Solutions Inc. AS19252 KITE-NET - Kite Networks, Inc. AS19253 SBAINC-AS - SBA, Inc AS19254 KOCH-INDUSTRIES - Koch Industries, Inc. AS19255 YOUR-ORG-INC-EURO - YOUR.ORG, INC. AS19257 GLTG - Great Lakes Technologies Group AS19258 DEVRY-INC - Devry Inc AS19259 Todito.com S.A. de C.V. AS19260 GKTL-1-AS1 - Global Knowledge Training, LLC AS19261 ASPSTATION - aspStation, Inc. AS19262 VZGNI-TRANSIT - Verizon Internet Services Inc. AS19263 CBAD-NET - Cincinnati Bell Any Distance, Inc. AS19264 ESEDONAWIRELESS - Sedona Internet Services, LLC AS19265 SUCCESS-WARE - Success Apparel, LLC AS19266 TOTES-ISOTONER - Totes Isotoner Corporation AS19267 FUSIONSTORM-COM - Fusion Storm AS19268 PREFERRED-OFFICES - PBC-Greensboro, LLC AS19269 ACCO-WEB-AS - ACCO Brands Inc. AS19270 PAYMENTECH-INC - Paymentech, Inc. AS19271 PEAK10ATL - Peak 10 AS19272 CENTERBEAM - CenterBeam, Inc. AS19273 LGEENERGY - Louisville Gas & Electric AS19274 SYSTEM-66 - System Techniques AS19275 INTERVAL - Interval International, Inc. AS19276 HAMILTON-SQUARE - MATRIXHOST.NET AS19277 CRAM-ASN - Claren Road Asset Management, LLC AS19278 Contenidos Digitales de Mexico SA de CV AS19279 VISTAAR - VISTAAR AS19281 FOXINTERNET - Fox Communications Corp. AS19282 PARKER-FIRE-DISTRICT - Parker Fire District AS19283 CDGI-ASN - Cyber Development Group International, LLC AS19285 WRH64 - WRHambrecht @ CO AS19286 EAIIS - EAI Information Systems AS19287 INFLOW19287 - Inflow Inc. AS19288 INFLOW19288 - Inflow Inc. AS19289 INFLOW19289 - Inflow Inc. AS19290 INFLOW19290 - Inflow Inc. AS19291 INFLOW19291 - Inflow Inc. AS19292 INFLOW19292 - Inflow Inc. AS19293 INFLOW19293 - Inflow Inc. AS19294 INFLOW19294 - Inflow Inc. AS19295 INFLOW19295 - Inflow Inc. AS19296 INFLOW19296 - Inflow Inc. AS19297 BIOPOP - Biopop Integration Group AS19298 NET-NETPOINT - Starpoint Communications Inc. (NetPoint) AS19299 IMAGEDATA-TRUEID - Image Data, LLC AS19300 AS1450 - Celsis In Vitro Inc. AS19301 CERIDIAN-TAX - CERIDIAN TAX SERVICE, INC AS19302 USCC-DC - US Chamber of Commerce AS19303 PPOWER - Phone Power, LLC AS19304 GEORGETOWN-COLLEGE - Georgetown College AS19305 TNSI-AS-19305 TNS AS Mirror AS19306 CNI-HMB-001 - COASTSIDE NET, INC AS19307 WORLDQUEST - WorldQuest Networks, Inc. AS19308 FOLICA-INC - Folica Inc. AS19309 ALLIEDVERIZON - Roll Call, Inc. AS19310 ASCASAIR - CRYSTAL AUTOMATION SYSTEMS INC AS19311 STEWART-1 - Stewart Title AS19312 JOHN-MUIR-HEALTH - John Muir Health AS19313 DATACOR - Datacor, Inc. AS19314 ESYLVAN - eSylvan AS19315 Banelco S.A. AS19316 SPECTRUMACCESS - Spectrum Access, Inc. AS19317 MERIDIAN-ENVIRONMENTAL - Meridian Environmental Technology, Inc. AS19318 NJIIX-AS-1 - NEW JERSEY INTERNATIONAL INTERNET EXCHANGE LLC AS19319 CCN-DMZ - Bonneville Power Administration AS19320 NETINFRASTRUCTURE - Net Infrastructure AS19321 WEDBUSHMORGAN - Wedbush Morgan Securities AS19322 GCIJOBS - Gannett AS19323 HGE-NET - Holyoke Gas & Electric Department AS19324 HAMMOND-COMMUNICATIONS-GROUP-INC - Hammond Communications Group, Inc. AS19325 DVI-MISHAWAKA - Data-Vision, Inc. AS19326 IP2GO - IP2GO.NET AS19327 WVFIBER-3 - WV FIBER LLC AS19328 SOFTREKWEB2 - Softrek Corporation AS19329 MCNET - Martin County Board of County Commissioners AS19330 JONES1-WEB - Jones & Associates, Inc. AS19331 TWIN-LAKES - Twin Lakes Telephone Cooperative Corporation AS19332 Marcatel AS19334 SPORTLINE-DBC - SPORTLINE AS19335 APRIA-HEALTHCARE - Apria Healthcare Inc. AS19337 NEGMABS-01 - Negma Internet AS19338 Telmex Chile Internet S.A. AS19339 DIDATA-NE - Dimension Data AS19340 EPRIZE-PR-01 - ePrize AS19342 TRINITY-UNIVERSITY - Trinity University AS19343 WNYCS - WNYCS AS19344 MULTI-HOMED - Blackstone Calling Cards AS19345 SIMONS-ROCK-EDU-ASN01 - Simon's Rock College of Bard AS19346 I3-DENVER - I-CUBED AS19347 INDYMACBANK - IndyMacBank AS19348 CITY-OF-BRENTWOOD---TENNESSEE - City of Brentwood AS19350 CENTENNIALCOLLEGE - CENTENNIAL COLLEGE OF APPLIED ARTS AND TECHNOLOGY AS19351 MODELN - MODEL N, INC. AS19353 TUASN7 - Trans Union, LLC AS19354 WJCC-PUBLIC-SCHOOLS - Williamsburg James City County Public Schools AS19355 SMRN-NET - San Mateo Regional Network, Inc. AS19356 TOUA-NOC - Tohono O'Odham Utility Authority AS19357 RESOURCING - RESOURCING SERVICES ATLANTA L.L.C. AS19358 NVT-LANTHANUM - NetVision Technologies, Inc. AS19359 GENERAL-INVESTMENT-ADVISERS-LLC - GID Investment Advisers LLC AS19360 MSI-SYSTEMS-INTEGRATORS - MSI System Integrators AS19361 Atrium Telecomunicacoes Ltda AS19362 RDA-CUSTOMSOFTWARE - RDA Customsoftware AS19363 ASIMOV - Patrick Michael Kane AS19364 ECHOPASS-UT1 - Echopass Corporation AS19365 NETWURX-01 - Netwurx Inc. AS19366 MNS - Managed Network Solutions AS19367 DAKOTA - Dakota Networks, Inc. AS19368 SNS-COLO - Secured Network Services, Inc. AS19370 RELIANT-TECH - Reliant Technologies, Inc AS19371 ENOVATEL-1 - ENOVATEL LLC AS19372 NCOGROUP-FTW - NCO Group, Inc. AS19373 Triara SA de CV AS19374 MSCRIPT-COM - MScript, Inc AS19375 NUMERICINVESTORS - Numeric Investor's L.P. AS19376 JUSTNET Ministerie van Justitie AS19377 GSDM - GSDM AS19378 ADEA-AS - AMERICAN DENTAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION AS19379 IFOXNETNX - Infocrossing AS19380 CHROBINSON - C. H. Robinson Company AS19381 SIMPLY-BITS-LLC - Simply Bits, LLC AS19382 FAULTLESS-STARCH - Faultless Starch/Bon Ami AS19383 WEBEL-1 - Web Elite LLC AS19384 GRAMTEL001 - GramTel AS19385 CBP - CONTINENTAL BROADBAND PENNSYLVANIA, INC. AS19386 HEXAGONNET - Hexagon.Net,LLC AS19387 ASNAME-HANYS - Healthcare Association of New York State, Inc. AS19388 IPASS-COMM - IPASS INC AS19389 GOLUB - GOLUB CORPORATION AS19390 COMPUNET-JACKSON - Compunet AS19391 MICRO-VIS - Micro Vision Software Inc. AS19392 JCOM - J2 Global Communications, Inc. AS19393 REON-BROADBAND-01 - REON Broadband Corporation AS19394 FORZANIGROUPLIMITED - Forzani Group Limited AS19395 BCCC-COLLEGE-I2 - Bucks County Community College AS19396 C-GROUP - C-Group AS19397 ACN-DIGITAL - American Communication Network (ACN.Inc) AS19398 INDENET - Indenet.net AS19399 SLLNET Landstingskontoret AS19400 SPX-CORP-AS - SPX Corporation AS19401 NLR - National LambdaRail AS19402 CACTUS - Cactus (ISP) Internet AS19403 TECHALLIANCEGROUP - TECHNOLOGY ALLIANCE GROUP, LLC AS19404 QUEST - Quest AS19405 WORLDWITHOUTWIRE - WorldWithoutWire.com AS19406 TWRS - Towerstream I, Inc. AS19407 THE-REVERE-GROUP - The Revere Group AS19408 COREFUSION - Corefusion AS19409 VWCREDIT-COM - VW CREDIT, INC AS19410 BENTONREA2 - Benton Rural Electric AS19411 Nap Chile AS19412 CLARITASPRODUCTS - Claritas, Inc. AS19413 CRCABLE-AS - CRCable Net Ltd. AS19414 MMCWEB - Modern Marketing Concepts AS19415 SIAC-CAP - Securities Industry Automation Corporation AS19416 RBC-NY - RBC CAPITAL MARKETS CORPORATION AS19418 WPPUSA - WPP Group USA, Inc. AS19419 SONY-PICTURES-ENTERTAINMENT - Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc AS19420 CSVI - Clinica Sierra Vista AS19421 NESS-USA-HK-ASN - Ness USA, INC AS19422 Telefonica Moviles del Uruguay SA AS19423 LCC-AB-CA - Lethbridge Community College AS19424 MIGHTYNET - Mighty.net LLC AS19425 ITA-ASN1 - ITA Software, Inc. AS19426 NRT-NEW-YORK---CORCORAN - NRT NEW YORK, INC. AS19427 BREMER-FINANCIAL - Bremer Financial AS19428 CONOCOPHILLIPS - ConocoPhillips Company AS19429 ETB - Colombia AS19430 ACXIOM-CORP - Acxiom Corporation AS19431 INTELLICLAIM - IntelliClaim, LLC AS19432 SWI - Sierra Wireless, Inc. AS19433 MISO-AS - Midwest Independent Transmission Systems Operator, Inc. AS19434 SPRICHARDS - S. P. RICHARDS COMPANY AS19435 DNET-ISP - Dnet Internet Services AS19436 ZOYTO-INTERNET - Zoyto Inc. AS19437 FARPOINT-NETWORKS - Farpoint Networks AS19438 PRIME-BROKERAGE - Bank of America AS19439 NEBOSBOY - AES CORP AS19440 TST-INC - TOMORROWS SOLUTIONS TODAY AS19441 NCUBE - nCUBE, Corp. AS19442 NELSONJOBS - Gary D Nelson Associates Inc. AS19443 STAPLES - Staples,Inc AS19444 CHARTER-STL - CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS AS19445 HEWM - Heller Ehrman White & McAuliffe AS19446 E3C-INTERBUILD - E3C / Interbuild (Wireless/DSL IP Project) AS19447 ALFANUMERIC AS19448 UNITED-FIXTURES-COMPANY-AS-4-BGP - United Fixtures Company AS19449 CONCURRENT - Concurrent Technologies Corp. AS19450 SMARTBOX - Smartbox Equipment Inc AS19451 JMM-ASN - Joyce Meyer Ministries AS19452 OAKTREECAP-COM - Oaktree Capital Management, LLC AS19453 TWRS-RI - Towerstream I, Inc. AS19454 PRAIRIESYSTEMSINC - Prairie Systems, Inc. AS19455 SYNERTECH-SYSTEMS - Synertech Systems AS19456 WATERS-CORPORATION - Waters Corporation AS19457 RUDIN - Rudin Management Company, Inc. AS19458 GLOBALSTAR-1 - Globalstar, Inc. AS19459 DADE-BEHRING-01 - Dade Behring AS19460 SUTH - The Sutherland Group, Ltd. AS19461 OPSOURCE-INC-2 - OpSource, Inc. AS19462 UNITED-STAT - United Stationers AS19463 SOPS-JABWI - Sopris Surfers AS19464 WASHINGTON-AND-LEE - Washington & Lee University AS19465 THINKCENTRIC-PYRAMID - ThinkCentric, Inc. AS19466 INFOCHI - Informio AS19467 OSS-SOLUTIONS - OSS Solutions LLC AS19468 CONOCONET - Conoco Petroleum Inc. AS19469 AS-SMSAC - SMS.ac, Inc. AS19470 ARISTOS-AS - Aristos Capital Management, LLC AS19471 ITGSI - INTEGRATION SERVICES INTERNATIONAL AS19472 CAROLLO-ENGINEERS - Carollo Engineers AS19473 PATCOMM - Patrick Communications LLC AS19474 MFTI - MFT International AS19475 GOBANZA - Gobanza, Inc. AS19476 ITOL - Infinity Technology, Inc. AS19477 FLYINGJ - Flying J, Inc. AS19478 ICMARC - ICMA RETIREMENT CORP AS19479 CERVALIS - CERVALIS LLC AS19480 ATFS - Automated Financial Systems AS19481 BISYS-INSURANCE-HBG-AS - BISYS Insurance Services AS19482 FPNA - Fabio Perini North America, Inc. AS19483 SBCASI-AKRON-OH-COVLIL - AT&T Internet Services AS19484 SBCASI-AKRON-OH-COVLIL - AT&T Internet Services AS19485 SBCASI-AKRON-OH-COVLIL - AT&T Internet Services AS19486 SBCASI-AKRON-OH-COVLIL - AT&T Internet Services AS19487 SBCASI-AKRON-OH-COVLIL - AT&T Internet Services AS19488 SBCASI-AKRON-OH-COVLIL - AT&T Internet Services AS19489 SBCASI-AKRON-OH-COVLIL - AT&T Internet Services AS19490 SBCASI-AKRON-OH-COVLIL - AT&T Internet Services AS19491 SBCASI-AKRON-OH-COVLIL - AT&T Internet Services AS19492 SBCASI-AKRON-OH-COVLIL - AT&T Internet Services AS19493 SBCASI-AKRON-OH-COVLIL - AT&T Internet Services AS19494 SBCASI-AKRON-OH-COVLIL - AT&T Internet Services AS19495 SBCASI-AKRON-OH-COVLIL - AT&T Internet Services AS19496 SBCASI-AKRON-OH-COVLIL - AT&T Internet Services AS19497 SBCASI-AKRON-OH-COVLIL - AT&T Internet Services AS19498 SBCASI-AKRON-OH-COVLIL - AT&T Internet Services AS19499 ESRTA-AS1 - Eastern Slope Rural Telephone Association AS19500 LANCE-INC - Lance, Inc. AS19501 TTURWN - Texas Tech University AS19504 WTCC - WTC Communications, Inc. AS19505 HOLLEYPP-AS - Holley Performance Products, Inc. AS19506 CLOUDMARK-PRD - Cloudmark, Inc. AS19507 NYC-TRANSIT - New York City Transit Authority AS19508 DEL-VAL-FINANCIAL-SRV - Delaware Valley Financial Services AS19509 OLLUSA - Our Lady of the Lake University AS19510 HUMANAASN1 - Humana Inc. AS19511 ELECTROLUX-NA - Electrolux Home Products, Inc. AS19512 LYONDELL - Lyondell Chemical Company AS19513 IBTCO - Investors Bank & Trust Company AS19514 USCENTRAL - U.S. Central Credit Union AS19515 ORICOM-QUEBEC1 - Oricom Internet AS19516 SMITH - Smith International, Inc. AS19517 VISUAL-LINK-INOC - VISUAL LINK AS19518 ROCKISLAND - Rock Island Communications, Inc. AS19519 ACRON S.A. AS19520 WISHVPS - wishVPS Inc. AS19521 AKIBIA - Akibia, Inc. AS19522 ADVANCED-ONLINE - Advanced Graphic Products Inc. AS19523 AZTECSYSTEMS - Aztec Systems, Inc. AS19524 COMERICA-INC - Comerica Incorporated AS19525 3E-COMPANY - 3E Company AS19526 SUMNER - Sumner Communications AS19527 MEEBO1 - Meebo, Inc. AS19528 NRIV - NetRiver AS19529 RAZOR-PHL - Razor Inc. AS19530 NDIN-STATE - State of North Dakota, ITD AS19531 VDL2-MONTREAL - VDL2 Inc AS19532 BTMG - BROWN TOLAND MEDICAL GROUP AS19533 WEARGUARD - WearGuard-Crest Corporation AS19534 LCTC-AS1 - Lee County Tax Collector AS19535 JETBLUE-AIRWAYS-01 - JetBlue Airways Corporation AS19536 DIRECTV-DENVER - DirecTV AS19537 SSG-MAIN - Soleil Securities Group, Inc. AS19538 ADVANTAGECOM - Advantagecom Networks, Inc. AS19539 IPONLY-US-AS - IP-Only Inc AS19540 CINGULAR-WIRELESS - Cingular Wireless AS19542 PLICO - Protective Life Corporation AS19543 MINTZ-BOS - Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky and Popeo, P.C. AS19545 UECU-UTILITIES-EMPL-CU - Utilities Employees Credit Union AS19546 RCWILLEY - R.C. WILLEY HOME FURNISHINGS AS19548 ADELPHIA-AS2 - Road Runner HoldCo LLC AS19549 IDIGLOBAL - Internet Development Inc. AS19550 SIHOPE-AS - Sihope Communications AS19551 COCSD-1 - Cottonwood-Oak Creek School District #6 AS19552 CHRISBANKS - Christopher & Banks AS19553 PSINET-AR (PSINet Argentina) AS19554 MBPS - Mbps.com, Inc. AS19555 NCS-PEARSON-CHMPG - NCS PEARSON AS19556 OPTYWEB - OptYweb Communications AS19557 CHANGEIP-01 - CHANGEIP COM AS19558 KMCN-ASN - Kettering Medical Center AS19559 VANGENT-INC - Vangent Inc. AS19560 GWHA - GW Hannaway & Associates AS19561 BIGPIPE - Big Pipe Inc. AS19562 FAMILYNETINC - Family Net, Inc. AS19563 IDX-SYSTEMS-CORP - IDX Systems Corporation AS19564 LATECH - Lousiana Tech University AS19565 WATKINSIT - Watkins Information Technology Group, L.L.C. AS19566 INDIGOB2B-EWR - IndigoB2B.com Inc. AS19567 VODA-NETWORKS7007 - Voda Networks Inc AS19568 ISUPPLI - ISUPPLI AS19569 UBAVTS - Upper Bucks County AVTS AS19570 MAPLETRONICSCOMP - Maple Tronics Computers, Inc. AS19571 RIGHTMEDIA-CORP - RIGHT MEDIA, LLC. AS19572 BEACON-TW-COLO - Beacon Technologies AS19573 PACIFIC-NATIONAL - PACIFIC NATIONAL BANK AS19575 2001-NEWCENTURY-CORP - New Century Mortgage Corporation AS19576 MOBEUS-CORP - Mobeus Corporation AS19577 DATABURST - Databurst Technologies, Inc. AS19578 TRUENET-INC - Truenet, Inc. AS19579 MANAGEDSTORAGE - Managed Storage International, inc. AS19580 ZONETEL - ZONE TELECOM, INC. AS19581 DALLAS-COUNTY - DALLAS COUNTY SCHOOLS AS19582 GRUPO BRAVCO AS19583 IMPSAT FIBER NETWORKS INC AS19584 ADVANCED-NET - ADVANCED NET AS19585 BCSLLC - Benjamin Consulting Services, LLC. AS19586 CREATIVE-DATA-PNS - Creative Data Concepts Limited, Inc. AS19587 H2-CREDIT-MANAGEMENT - H/2 Credit Manager GP LLC AS19589 COL - City Of Leesburg AS19590 PI-CHATSWORTH - Property Insight, LLC. AS19591 BROADWING-CSN - Broadwing Communications Services, Inc. AS19592 TELEPHONY - Telephony Resources AS19593 NCISP - NCISP.net AS19595 724INC-AS-ARIN - 724 INC. AS19596 Clifford Chance AS19597 DAILY-MANAGEMENT - Daily Management, Inc. AS19598 AIRFONE-001 - Verizon Airfone AS19599 COPYRIGHT - COPYRIGHT CLEARANCE CENTER AS19600 CHILDRENS-HOSPITAL-AS - Childrens Hospital, Inc. AS19601 FOOTHOLDTECHNOLOGY - Foothold Technology AS19602 ESPEED-NY - Cantor Fitzgerald & Co. , Inc. AS19603 IBMCCH-STV - IBM AS19604 IBMCCH-ATL-BS - IBM AS19605 3RC - 3Rivers Communications AS19606 NIELSEN-MEDIA-RESEARCH - Nielsen Media Research Inc. AS19608 WVMCCD - West Valley - Mission Community College AS19609 MANDA-VEEDIX-NET - M&A Technology, Inc AS19610 AURORA-CENTRETECH - Raytheon corp. AS19611 SAV - Unisinos AS19612 VASTERA - Vastera AS19613 MICRO-GENERAL - Fidelity National Financial Inc. AS19614 EXARIO-1 - Exario Networks AS19616 ACCESS-OHIO - ACCESS AS19617 SAA - SOUTHERN AUTO AUCTION AS19618 GLOBEOP-2000 - GlobeOp Financial Services LLC AS19619 8498500 - Graham Packaging Company AS19620 STATCAN - Statistics Canada AS19621 MID-ASNO - MODESTO IRRIGATION DISTRICT AS19622 55-ILOOP - iLoop Mobile Inc. AS19623 BEARINGPOINT-MSO - BearingPoint Inc. AS19624 SERVERROOM - Data Room, Inc AS19625 KEYSTONE-CONNECT-1 - KEYSTONE CONNECT AS19626 EVC-AS - EVenture Centre AS19627 SOCANTEL-001 - South Canaan Telephone Company of PA AS19628 WOODARDCURRAN - Woodard & Curran Inc. AS19629 CONSULT-RAD-AS-QWEST - CONSULTING RADIOLOGIST, LTD AS19630 WANLINK-DARIEN - Liberty Hampshire Corporation AS19631 WORLDSPAN-LP - WorldSpan AS19632 VTR BANDA ANCHA S.A. AS19633 MASTER-MERCHANT-SYSTEMS - Master Merchant Systems Software Limited AS19635 MARK-ASSET - Mark Asset Management AS19637 AGERESYSTEMS - Agere Systems, Inc. AS19638 CARRINGTON-CAPITAL - Carrington Capital Management, LLC AS19639 LOGICAL2 - Logical Net Corporation AS19640 OUT-TI - Outsource Technologies, Inc. AS19641 DRAPERS - DRAPERS & DAMONS AS19643 NETSYN - Network Synergy Corporation AS19644 WANLINK-PHILADELPHIA - Liberty Hampshire Corporation AS19645 HERMES-US-1 - Hermes Phone, LLC AS19646 PENNRIDGESCHOOLDISTRICT - Pennridge School District AS19647 HPOD20001 - Hewlett-Packard Operation Division AS19648 LDSCHURCH1 - THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS AS19650 BUNZLUSA - Bunzl Distribution, Inc. AS19651 WEBTRENDS-INC-SANBRUNO - WebTrends Incorporated AS19652 VACATION-EXPRESS - Vacation Express AS19653 CTSTELECOM - CTS Telecom, Inc AS19654 WVFIBER-1 - WV FIBER LLC AS19655 CFX-AS-01 - CustomFlix Labs, Inc. AS19656 ICGCOMMERCE-COM - ICG Commerce AS19657 ACTIVEHEALTH - ActiveHealth Management AS19658 BROWARD-HOSPTL - North Broward Hospital District AS19659 AUTISM-SPEAKS-INC - Autism Speaks, INC. AS19660 NASSAU-LIB - Nassau Library System AS19661 SUSQ-BALA - Susquehanna Partners AS19662 UNISERVE-ONLINE - Uniserve On Line AS19663 CASS-STL - CASS INFORMATION SYSTEMS AS19664 VITALCHEK - Vitalchek Network AS19665 RAMPANT - Rampant Inc! AS19666 HENDERSONBROTHERS-MAIN - Henderson Brothers, Inc. AS19668 BEARINGPOINT-MSO - BearingPoint Inc. AS19669 VINEYARD-NATIONAL-BANK - VINEYARD BANK AS19670 CUSTOMCOMPUTERSPECIALISTS - Custom Computer Specialists, Inc. AS19671 EVERESTBROADBAND1 - EVEREST BROADBAND NETWORKS AS19672 EVERESTBROADBAND1 - EVEREST BROADBAND NETWORKS AS19673 LIT - LAKE FOREST COLLEGE AS19674 NAVPOINT - Navpoint Internet AS19675 EMINDBIZ - eMindBiz AS19676 SWIFT-GLOBAL AS19677 NJTRANSIT - NJTRANSIT AS19678 UOP - UOP LLC AS19679 ADL-ASN - Anti-Defamation League AS19680 MASTERLINK-GROUP - The Masterlink Group, Inc. AS19681 CSI-TTA - Creative Solutions, Inc. AS19682 TORC-FINANCIAL-LLC - TORC Financial LLC AS19683 DOVER-CORP - Dover Corporation AS19684 MHMB - Mission Hills Mortgage AS19685 HCIS-1 - Heartland Communications Internet Services,Inc. AS19686 ITST-AS - Intelsat GlobalConnex Solutions (GXS) AS19687 PBTPS-ILG - Pay By Touch Payment Solutions AS19688 Banco Santander Mexicano, S.A. AS19689 MST-AS - Microwave Satellite Technologies, Inc AS19690 HYATT-INTERNET1 - Hyatt Technical Center AS19691 SG-DR-STNG - tion Name.......:Stargate Industries, LLC. AS19692 AS-PICIS-1-WFD - PICIS, INC. AS19693 CENTRILOGIC-ASN - Centrilogic, Inc. AS19694 TERABEAM12 - Terabeam Networks AS19695 AS-40455 - 4045599 Canada Inc. AS19696 HMAL-AS - Hawthorn Medical Associates LLC AS19697 BELZBERG - Belzberg Technologies, Inc. AS19698 XO-19698-19699 - XO Communications AS19699 XO-19698-19699 - XO Communications AS19700 ASN-JITTR-001 - JITTR Networks, Inc. AS19701 YODLEE - Yodlee Inc. AS19702 FITCH-COLO-AS-01 - FITCH INC. AS19703 VALUELINE - Value Line Publishing Inc. AS19704 CURRENT-COMMUNICATIONS-SERVICES-LLC-NET2 - Current Communications Services LLC AS19705 ERX-NEXTED-USA NextEd Limited AS19706 SOS116W23 - Select Office Suites AS19707 THARPE-COMPANY-INC - THE THARPE COMPANY, INC AS19708 SLEHS - St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital AS19709 HX-ISP-CHO - Helix Computer Systems, Inc. AS19710 DINO-SOL - Dino Solutions, Inc. AS19711 SWAZI-NET AS19712 365MAIN-SANFRANCISCO - Granicus Inc. AS19714 MARSHALLSTREETMANAGEMENTLLC - MARSHALL STREET MANAGEMENT, LLC AS19715 YOUBET - YOUBET.COM, Inc. AS19716 JACOE-AS - Jaco Electronics, Inc. AS19718 NCNI - NCNI AS19719 STI - Southland Technology, Inc. AS19720 CABLEVISION-CORP - Cablevision Systems Corporation AS19721 MHN - Magellan Health Services AS19722 CNXASN001 - Concentrix Corp AS19723 Companhia de Informatica do Parana -Celepar AS19724 CAPITOL1-AUTO-FINANCE - Capitol One Auto Finance AS19725 CARRERA-MAXIMUS - CARRERA MAXIMUS AS19726 WEBPUBLISHINGCOM - WEB PUBLISHING.COM AS19727 TOWERGROUP1 - TOWER GROUP AS19728 CORADIANT - Coradiant Inc AS19729 GPG-WPT - GREENWOOD PUBLISHING AS19730 HOSTICAN-NETWORK - HostICan AS19731 Codensa S.A. ESP AS19732 WTSP-TV - WTSP-TV AS19733 SEVEN - Seven AS19734 HALO - HALO Branded Solutions AS19735 SEISMICINTERNET - SEISMIC ENTERPRISES AS19736 HARDCASTLE-EXT - Hardcastle Trading USA, LLC AS19737 RMC - Royal Military College of Canada AS19738 ASSURANT-ATL01INET - Assurant, Inc. AS19739 COUNTY-SANBERNARDINO - County of San Bernardino AS19740 SUDJAM - Sudjam, LLC AS19741 NII - NII Holdings, Inc. AS19742 MARLIN - Marlin eSourcing Solutions AS19744 EDUCATION-DEVELOPMENT-CENTER - Education Development Center AS19745 BIRKMANINT - Birkman International, Inc. AS19746 TELEPHIA - Telephia AS19747 RPA - RPA Internet AS19748 SECTORLINK - Sector Link LLC. AS19749 GNC-LIVE-WELL - General Nutrition Companies, Inc AS19750 CTI-TX - C2C Fiber, Inc. AS19751 CCRTC - CCRTC AS19752 HYDROONETELECOM - Hydro One Telecom Inc. AS19753 IWASN - InnerWorkings, Inc. AS19754 NETPOINT-COM - Net Point LLC AS19755 KIMBANET - KIMBANET AS19756 DNS-ONLINE - DNS Online AS19757 COASISBETHELASN - Coasis LLC AS19758 STERLINGFINANCIALNET - STERLING NATIONAL BANK AS19759 VIRTUAL-TRAINING - Virtual Training Company, Inc. AS19760 CALPINECORP-1 - CALPINE CORP AS19761 SLEDGE - Sledge Telephone Company, Inc. AS19762 BBDODETROIT - BBDO Detroit AS19763 Universidade do Vale do Itaja AS19764 GEORGIAN-COLLEGE-ASN - Georgian College of Applied Arts & Technology AS19765 IMCWV - Information Manufacturing Corp. AS19766 QUIK-HOUSTON - Quik Internet of Houston AS19767 Global One Guatemala AS19768 TECH-AS1 - Technology Assurance, LLC AS19769 CAPITALONE - Capital One Financial Corporation AS19770 SATURATED - SATURATED NETWORKS INC AS19771 USADATAINC01 - USADATA INC AS19772 CORPORATE-WEB - Corporate Web Services, Inc. AS19773 MOTOROLA - Motorola AS19774 AVISTA-CORP - Avista Corporation AS19775 INTRASYSTEMS - Intrasystems Inc AS19776 HOBSONS-US - Hobsons DMI AS19777 ACCENTURE-CIO-HOSTING - Andersen Consulting AS19778 CTSBGP - Custom Technology Solutions AS19779 KVINET - Kanawha Valley Internet, Inc AS19780 AS-INTERMEDIA2 - Intermedia.net, Inc. AS19781 AAA-ALLIED-GROUP - AAA Allied Group, Inc. AS19782 INDIANAGIGAPOP - Indiana University AS19783 APPRISS - APPRISS INC AS19784 NEWSGRADESRC - Newsgrade Corporation AS19785 SOLUTIONPRO-NET - SolutionPro Inc. AS19786 FTI-FGN-A001 - Fusion Telecommunications International (FTI), Inc. AS19787 BLEICHROEDER1 - Arnhold and S. Bleichroeder, Inc AS19788 ADGMASN-1 - Airadigm Communications, INC. AS19789 HAZELTONHOTEL - Hazelton Hotels International Inc AS19790 SNAACASN - Security National Automobile AcceptanceCorporation AS19791 CLOUGH-CAPITAL---ASN - Clough Capital Partners AS19792 YOURL-AS - Yourlink Inc. AS19793 IMPULSEMG - Impulse Marketing Group AS19794 HARRIET - The Cementworks LLC AS19795 SILVERPOP-ATL - Silverpop Systems Inc. AS19796 SHUBERT - The Shubert Organization, Inc. AS19797 DEXAGON-NET - DEXAGON Inc. AS19798 TBOL - TrustBenefits Online AS19799 INFINITE - Infinite Technologies AS19800 GCPUD-ORG - Grant County Public Utility District AS19801 GENZYME - Genzyme Corporation AS19802 DILIGENZ - Diligenz AS19803 VIRTELA-NET-VNYNYC1 Virtela Communications AS19804 VIRTELA-NET-VVAVIE1 Virtela Communications AS19805 VIRTELA-NET-AS19805 Virtela Communications AS19806 VIRTELA-NET-VGBLON2 Virtela Communications AS19807 VIRTELA-NET-VSGSNG1 Virtela Communications AS19808 VIRTELA-NET-VFLMIA1 Virtela Communications AS19809 VIRTELA-NET-VCNHON2 Virtela Communications AS19810 VIRTELA-NET-VCPTOR1 Virtela Communications AS19811 ELEMICA-DC-1 - ELEMICA, Inc. AS19812 RADIANZ-NUTLEY - RADIANZ AS19813 EXCALIBUR - Excalibur Entertainment Inc. AS19815 DIGITECH-ASN1 - Digitech Systems, Inc. AS19816 NCSDATACOM - NCS DataCom, Inc. AS19817 DSLEXTREME - DSL Extreme AS19818 IVERIFY5320 - iVerify.US, INC AS19819 NTTC - National Technology Transfer Center AS19820 REXAM-ASN01 - Rexam Inc. AS19821 ACS-CORP - ALCOHOL COUNTERMEASURE SYSTEMS CORP AS19822 TPAC-SD-01 - Telepacific Communications AS19823 TPAC-SJ-01 - Telepacific Communications AS19824 TPAC-LV-01 - Telepacific Communications AS19825 LABONE - LabOne, Inc. AS19826 CDG-MANAGE-425 - CDG MANAGEMENT LLC AS19827 GOLFSMITH - Golfsmith International, Inc. AS19828 MARICOPA - Maricopa Broadband, LLC AS19829 VISIUM950 - Visium Asset Management AS19830 RTC-RINGGOLD-GA - RTC Internet AS19831 STAMPIN - StampinUp AS19832 TWENTY20 AS19833 EDURUS - EDURUS, INC. AS19834 FYI-NETWORKS - NetForce, Inc. AS19835 FUTWAY - Futureway Communications AS19836 VERISIGNGRS - VeriSign Infrastructure & Operations AS19837 STOCK-BUILDING-SUPPLY - Stock Building Supply AS19838 PARCOM - Parcom AS19839 EONBUSINESS - eonBusiness Corporation AS19840 OAKTREECAP - Oaktree Capital Management, LLC AS19841 THESEAM-COM - The Seam, L.L.C. AS19842 COLOSSEUM-ONL - Colosseum Online Inc. AS19843 CHIPSHOT-INC - Chipshot Inc. AS19844 CHANTILLYINTEGRATIONCENTER - Harris Corporation AS19845 PEABODY-COAL-ASN - PEABODY INVESTMENTS CORP AS19846 PLANETCOMM-HAR - Planet Communications Network AS19847 NHA AS19848 EMERGIS-AS-2 - Emergis Inc. AS19849 ARBITRON - Arbitron Inc. AS19850 RYLAND-GROUP - THE RYLAND GROUP AS19852 GATOR - Gator.com AS19853 RUSHTRADE-01 - Rushmore Financial Group, Inc AS19854 ERUCES - ERUCES, Inc. AS19855 ASN-MASERGY-US Masergy US Autonomous System AS19856 BRAZOSPORT-COLLEGE - Brazosport College AS19857 BEFCORP - Bob Evans Farms, Inc. AS19858 GENSLER - Gensler and Associates Architects AS19859 FLAIR-DATA-SYSTEMS - Flair Data Systems AS19860 PTARMIGAN-CAPITAL - PTARMIGAN CAPITAL, LLC AS19861 FACILITY-GROUP - The Facility Group AS19862 BECNET - becnet AS19863 Guyana Telephone & Telegraph Co. AS19864 O1COMM - O1 COMMUNICATIONS AS19865 ICARZ - Icarz, Inc AS19866 DECARTA - deCarta, Inc. AS19868 SFU-CERMUSA - Saint Francis University AS19869 AECNET - Alberta Energy Company Ltd. AS19870 IN-TOUCH - In-Touch Internet Services, Inc. AS19871 NETWORK-SOLUTIONS-HOSTING - Network Solutions, LLC AS19872 CUSTOM-76 - CUSTOM SOFTWARE INC AS19873 INFOLINK SERVICOS DE TELEINFORMATICA LTDA AS19874 CDI-01 - CUSTOM DIRECT AS19875 IPWORLDNET - IPWorld Networks AS19876 HYPERSURF - HyperSurf Internet Services, Inc. AS19877 LORE-NET - Lore Internet Systems AS19878 MEDIMPACT - MEDIMPACT AS19879 PCT-HOME - Pacific Crest Technology, Inc. AS19880 REALCOMPII - REALCOMP II LTD. AS19881 VTCNET - Valley Telecom Internet AS19882 AS-LL - Lithonia Lighting AS19883 BUEHNER-FRY - Buehner-Fry, Inc. AS19884 UNITED-DEVICES-COM - United Devices AS19885 ISOCENTRIC - Isocentric Networks, Incorporated AS19886 BOFABROKERDEALERSVCS - Bank of America AS19887 KIASN - KI AS19888 ATECHNO - AUTOMATED INTERNET TECHNOLOGIES AS19889 Cooperativa Telefonica Del Viso AS19890 CSCI-VA-COM - Computer Systems Center Inc. AS19891 GWS-001 - GLOBALWARE SOLUTIONS AS19892 CBSD-NET - Central Bucks School District AS19893 RWT - RagingWire Telecommunications AS19894 FIRSTGROUP-AMERICA-WAN - FirstGroup America, Inc. AS19895 WVFIBER-4 - WV FIBER LLC AS19896 CS-NJ-ASN-01 - Cole, Schotz, Meisel, Forman & Leonard, P.A. AS19897 BROADVOX - BroadVox LTD AS19898 FIBERLINK - Fiberlink Communications Corporation AS19899 MDC-EDU - Miami Dade College AS19900 OOMCASN - Option One Mortgage Corp AS19901 BBS - Brookfield Asset Management AS19902 NET-STATE-OHIO - State of Ohio Network AS19904 COL - City of Longview AS19905 NEUSTAR-AS6 - NeuStar, Inc. AS19906 CHARLES-RIVER - Charles River Associates Inc. AS19907 NEUSTAR-AS6 - NeuStar, Inc. AS19909 DAYLIGHT - Daylight Transport AS19910 NEUSTAR-AS6 - NeuStar, Inc. AS19911 NEUSTAR-AS6 - NeuStar, Inc. AS19912 ESP-GROUP - The ESP Group LLC AS19913 CPSGR-AS - Cynergy Data AS19914 AEG-SPRINTCTR - AEG Kansas City Arena, LLC AS19915 END-TO-END-NETWORKS - End to End Networks AS19916 ASTRUM-0001 - OLM LLC AS19917 MOHEGANSUN - Mohegan Sun AS19918 LUCASFILM - Lucasfilm Ltd. AS19919 VISION-CAPITAL - Vision Capital Advisors, LLC AS19920 AKINBGP - Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer, & Feld AS19921 ACCESSPENNSYLVANIA - Health Sciences Libraries Consortium AS19922 ARDSLEY-PARTNERS - Ardsley Partners AS19923 SHENANDOAH-UNIV - Shenandoah University AS19924 PROVIDENET - Provide.Net AS19925 SWCHSC - Sunnybrook and Women's College Health Sciences Centre AS19926 GNRCHTX-AS001 - Glow Networks, INC AS19927 NHMCCD - North Harris Montgomery Community College AS19928 ITRACKS - Interactive Tracking Systems AS19929 TOWNSCHOOL - The Town School AS19930 TSPLLC - Technology Solution Partners LLC AS19931 VIRTELA-CUST-VILCHI1-SPSS Virtela Communications AS19932 FREELIANT - Freeliant, Inc. AS19934 TRANSPLACE - Transplace.com AS19935 FIRSTONLINEAUTO - OnLine Web Marketing, Inc. AS19936 GORDONFOODS - Gordon Food Service AS19937 MENLO-EDU - Menlo College AS19938 INTEQ-BOS - InteQ Corporation AS19939 BCTELCO - Beaver Creek Cooperative Telephone Company AS19940 ACECAPE-INC - Acecape, Inc. AS19941 CORPAYSOLUTIONS - CorPay Solutions AS19942 AREALTECH-01 - A Reality Technologies, LLC AS19943 CRCS-4-ASN - Chestnut Ridge Counseling Services, Inc. AS19944 TA-INSTRUMENTS - TA Instruments AS19945 UPLYNC - UPLYNC TECHNOLOGIES, INC. AS19946 HMI-QPT001 - Hexagon Metrology, Inc. AS19947 VINS-AS-2 - ViaWest Internet Services, Inc. AS19948 IAS - Internet Access Services, Inc. AS19950 GLOBALT-ASN - Globalt Inc. AS19951 THE-KRYSTAL-COMPANY - The Krystal Company AS19952 NSPAN-BOSTON - Nortel Networks, Inc AS19953 NSPAN-BOSTON - Nortel Networks, Inc AS19954 ATDESK - Automated Trading Desk AS19955 PINELAND-TELEPHONE - Pineland Telephone Cooperative, Inc. AS19956 TENNESSEE-NET - Bell South AS19957 TENNESSEE-NET - Bell South AS19958 USICA-NET - USinternetworking Inc AS19959 KASINET - Kansas Data Inc. AS19960 Net Site Informatica Ltda AS19961 DYNAMIC-PIPE - Dynamic Pipe Inc. AS19962 EPIK - EPIK Communications AS19963 DOSUB-1 - Dutchess County BOCES AS19964 INVACARE - Invacare Corporation AS19965 MIPHONE-AS1 - Oceanic Digital Jamaica AS19971 MMC-GNS-BEDFORD-ASN - Marsh USA, Inc. AS19972 DIGEO-BROADBAND - Digeo Broadband Partners Inc. AS19973 WBS-JAN-1 - WorldCom BroadBand Solutions AS19974 NETCONEX - Netconex, Inc. AS19975 PIL - PlantageNet Internet, Ltd. AS19977 MBPCHICAGO - Mayer, Brown & Platt AS19978 IMPSAT FIBER NETWORKS INC AS19979 CIBER-NET - CIBER INC. AS19980 CAREERED - Career Education AS19981 DGNOGE - Heller Financial Inc. AS19982 TWRS - Towerstream I, Inc. AS19983 ONVIA-SEA - Onvia.COM AS19984 WINENT-NET - Win Enterprises AS19985 MD-BEAUTY - Bare Escentuals AS19986 BUC-INTL - BUC INTERNATIONAL AS19987 CECOMM - California Energy Commission AS19988 PORTALSYSTEMS - Portal Systems, Inc. AS19989 Diamond Consultoria e Assessoria EmpresarialLTDA AS19990 PEGASUS TELECOM S.A. AS19991 FIRSTENERGYCORP - FirstEnergy AS19992 CALOP-63-66-184-224 - Caloptima AS19993 RJOBRIEN - R.J. O'Brien and Associates, Inc. AS19994 REDMON-GROUP - Redmon Group Inc AS19995 VSECORP - VSE Corporation AS19996 FIBERNOC2 - Fiber Internet Center AS19997 PENNNATIONALINSURANCE - Penn National Insurance AS20000 HNR-COM - Harry Norman Realtore AS20001 ROADRUNNER-WEST - Road Runner HoldCo LLC AS20002 Telstar S.A. AS20003 PARAGON-FCU - PARAGON FEDERAL CREDIT UNION AS20004 MISO - Midwest Independent Transmission Systems Operator, Inc. AS20005 SANDHILLS-SA - SANDHILLS PUBLISHING AS20006 CORTELNET - Cortel Business Systems AS20007 AS-ALOGI - ALOGIENT INC. AS20009 WADSNET - The City of Wadsworth AS20010 PUTNAMLOVELL-SF - Putnam Lovell Securities, Inc AS20011 INTERNET-SOLUTIONS AS20013 CYRUSONE - CyrusOne AS20014 WRCTC-NET-1 - West River Cooperative Telephone Company AS20015 FullCom S.A. AS20016 B3CORP - B3 Corp AS20017 TRANSCORE-FBS - Transcore Commercial Services, Inc AS20018 MVT-AS - Moapa Valley Telephone Company AS20019 CURTIS-MALLET-PREVOST - Curtis Mallet-Prevost AS20020 NESHAMINYSCHOOLDISTRICT - Neshaminy School District AS20021 LNH-INC - LNH Inc. AS20022 EVERESTBROADBAND-NET - EVEREST BROADBAND NETWORKS AS20023 EVERESTBROADBAND-NET - EVEREST BROADBAND NETWORKS AS20024 EVERESTBROADBAND-NET - EVEREST BROADBAND NETWORKS AS20025 EVERESTBROADBAND-NET - EVEREST BROADBAND NETWORKS AS20026 EVERESTBROADBAND-NET - EVEREST BROADBAND NETWORKS AS20028 CLINE-AS - Cline Communications AS20029 QUANTITUDE - Quantitude, Inc AS20030 OSDL - Open Source Development Lab AS20031 SDP-ASN - The School District of Pittsburgh AS20032 Grupo VITRO, S.A. de C.V. AS20033 NCDC-NCREN - National Climatic Data Center AS20034 FIRST-NATIONAL-TECHNOLOGY-SOLUTONS - First National Technology Solutions, Inc. AS20035 AS-BBI - Broadway National Bank AS20036 MICRO-R-D - Micro R & D AS20037 SEBL - Siebel Systems, Inc. AS20038 ALLENTOWNSD - Allentown School District AS20039 COMKT1 - Comparison Market, Inc. AS20040 SPARKLIST - Spark-List List Hosting Service AS20041 PROSCAN - Proscan Imaging, LLC AS20042 GCEC-TECHNOLOGIES - GCEC Technologies AS20043 DKA SA. AS20044 S/A Estado de Minas AS20045 ABSFAX-COM - ABS FAX Technologies, Inc. AS20046 PLACEWARE - PlaceWare AS20047 CITYOFVABEACH - City of Virginia Beach, Virginia AS20048 DIGITALDAYS - Digital Days Inc AS20049 USATELEPORT - Usateleport Inc, AS20050 SPPINTERNET01 - Southwest Power Pool AS20051 RENTRAK - Rentrak AS20052 ARBOR - ARBOR NETWORKS AS20053 AIRCLIC - AirClic Inc AS20054 ATG-COM2 - Art Technology Group, Inc AS20055 CAS-HOLDINGS-INC - CAS Holdings, Inc. AS20057 AT&T Wireless Service AS20058 CCTC-LINK1 - Comanche County Telephone AS20059 CAR-PART - PHONEWARE, INC. AS20060 CSC-FS - CSC - FS AS20061 INTELLIGROUP - Intelligroup, Inc. AS20062 WASTE-MAN - WASTE MANAGEMENT INC. AS20063 COFFEECREEKNET - Coffee Creek Technologies AS20065 CNA - Coverall North America AS20066 CONNECTPARTNERS - Connect Partners Inc AS20067 FORSYTHE01 - Forsythe Technology AS20069 20069 - Royal Bank of Canada AS20070 ZIPREALTY - zipRealty.com AS20071 ALH - SYSTEMS SOLUTIONS INC AS20072 I2EYENET-COM - i2eyenet.com AS20073 KOMATSU-AMERICA-INT - Komatsu America International Company AS20075 RFERL-ORG - Radio Free Europe AS20076 ADVANIS - ADVANIS Inc. AS20077 IPNETZONE-ASN - IPNetZone AS20078 OFFICEGENIE - Your Office Genie AS20080 AMPATH-AS - Florida International University AS20081 NET2ATLANTA - NET2ATLANTA.COM, LLC AS20082 ABSNOC1 - TAG International AS20083 EDGARFILINGS-0001 - International Electronic Communications AS20084 ACREDONET - Acredo Technologies, Inc. AS20085 UAKRON - The University of Akron AS20086 SIEMENS-2 AS20087 TCW-SC - 2 CoolWeb, Inc. AS20088 2GEEKSANDAPIPE - 2 Geeks and a Pipe, LLC AS20090 THESPIEGELGROUP-1 - THE SPIEGEL GROUP AS20091 EFRAME-BGP-01 - EFRAME, LLC AS20092 OWENS-MINOR - Owens and Minor AS20093 ZEROLAG - Zero Lag Communications AS20094 MIDWEST-TEL - Midwest Telnet AS20095 SIEMENS-1 AS20096 ESS00-ASN00 - MCKINSTRY ESSENTION, INC. AS20097 VIRTUAL-IMAGE-TECH - Virtual Image Technology, Inc. AS20098 BCBS-AL - Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama AS20099 E-MARKETS - E-Markets AS20100 INFRADAPT - Infradapt AS20101 MICHWAVE - Michwave Technologies, Inc. AS20102 A-LA-MODE - a la mode, inc. AS20103 VALMONT-INDUSTRIES - Valmont Industries AS20104 TRANSITKING - Transit King Ltd. AS20105 URICHMOND - University of Richmond AS20106 Interbanking S.A. AS20107 ROHMHAAS-ASN - Rohm And Haas Company AS20108 PI-ASN - Premier Innovisions, Inc AS20109 HORIZONS - Horizons Companies AS20110 NTT - NTT America, Inc. AS20111 ONSS - On Site Sourcing AS20112 IELEM-SKYLINE - IElement Corporation AS20114 KEATING - KEATING,MUETHING KLEKAMP,P.L.L. AS20115 CHARTER-NET-HKY-NC - Charter Communications AS20116 Caixa Economica Federal AS20117 HSBC BANK Argentina S.A. AS20118 AFFINITAS - Affinitas Inc. AS20119 KTBNET - KTB Internet, LLC AS20120 VAWEBPROP-DC-FBURG - VIRGINIA WEB PROPERTIES, LLC AS20121 Band-X Brazil Ltda AS20122 NOS-NOG2 - NOS Network Operations Group AS20123 NOS-NOG2 - NOS Network Operations Group AS20124 DE-TELECOMM - D&E Communications AS20125 CAMPUS - Luther Seminary AS20126 UC-DOM - University of Cincinnati AS20127 KLEINSCHMIDT - Kleinschmidt Inc. AS20128 IN2 - IN2 LLC AS20129 MIZUHO-SC - Mizuho Holdings AS20130 DEPAUL - Depaul University AS20131 LENMAR - Lenmar Enterprises, Inc. AS20132 DSC-AS - Dundee Securities Corporation AS20133 CASS-COL - CASS INFORMATION SYSTEMS AS20134 CML-AS - CapRio Management LLC AS20135 MTL-19 - Millennium Telcom LLC AS20136 MCGASN1 - Mainstream Consulting Group, Inc AS20137 USIBB - U.S. International Broadcasting Bureau AS20138 SELECT-COMFORT - Select Comfort Corp AS20140 EHI-CORP-MV-AS - eHealthInsurance Services Inc. AS20141 QUALITYTECH-SUW-300 - Quality Technology Services, LLC. AS20142 SimpleWeb Network AS20143 SUNET-1 - Suffolk University AS20144 L-ROOT - ICANN AS20145 FCS - FLORIDA CANCER SPECIALISTS, P.L. AS20147 CONTINENTALBROADBAND - Continental Broadband AS20148 TPN-WC-01 - Technicolor, Inc. AS20149 NHLICE - NHL Enterprises AS20150 VITRUE-SJ-ASN - ViTrue, Inc. AS20151 MCW-12-01 - Mountain Computer Wizards, Inc. AS20152 NETBEYOND - NetBeyond Communications, Inc. AS20153 ARGUSHEALTH - ARGUS HEALTH SYSTEMS AS20154 AMEX-TAX - American Express Tax & Business Services AS20155 OCO-1 - ORANGE COUNTY ONLINE AS20157 AHL - American Heritage Life Insurance Company AS20158 BOKU-00 - boku, inc. AS20160 DATACONVSPEC - Data Conversion Specialists, Inc. AS20161 TRGO - TeraGo Networks Inc. AS20162 UTDALLAS - University of Texas at Dallas AS20163 SUNMED Sun Medical AS20164 JOANN-INET - JO-ANN STORES INC. AS20165 BOREALIS - Borealis Communications Group AS20166 1FBUSA-1 - 1st Financial Bank USA AS20167 281 - 281 Communications, Inc. AS20168 NETWORLDNOC-SLC - NetWORLD Connections, Inc. AS20169 EMPI-AS - EMPI, Inc. AS20170 MARITZFENTONMO - Maritz Inc. AS20171 ASN-VMC-01 - VMC Consulting AS20172 SUREWEST-20172 - SureWest Broadband AS20173 TELEVISA S.A. DE C.V. AS20174 PARTNERS-INTL - Parters in Computing Services International AS20175 LXTNKYSETEL - SOUTHEAST TELEPHONE INCORPORATED AS20176 FNNI-AS20176 - First National Bank of Omaha AS20177 EMPORIA-STATE-UNIVERSITY - Emporia State University AS20178 INTERNETEMC - Internet EMC AS20179 BONDS-AS - Tullett & Tokyo Forex, Inc. AS20180 MERCANTRADE AS20181 DIGITAL-SOLUTIONS-IP-TRANSIT - Digital Solutions AS20182 TGIC-TECH - Triad Guaranty, Inc. AS20183 VERICENTER - VeriCenter, Inc. AS20184 HARRISON-TRADING-GROUP - Harrison Trading Group, LLC AS20185 GEUS-CABLE-INTERNET - GEUS AS20186 BASELINE-PH - THOMSON FINANCIAL AS20187 PASSPORTHEALTH - Passport Health Communications, Inc. AS20188 GTESS - GTESS Corporation AS20189 AKAMAI-AS - Akamai Technologies AS20190 PMALL-NET1 - PersonalizationMall.com, Inc AS20191 Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile AS20192 WEXFORDGROUP - Wexford Group International, Inc. AS20194 BEARTECH - Bear Technologies Corporation AS20195 VERDELV-1 - Verde Communications, Inc. AS20196 OGDEN-N - Ogden Newspapers Inc AS20198 CBSITE-IIR - CareerBuilder, LLC AS20199 ATLAS - Atlas Discovery Capital, LLC AS20200 AMBAC-FINANCIAL-GROUP - Ambac Financial Group AS20201 SPACECOM - SpaceCom Systems, Inc. AS20202 CRUCIAL - Crucial Paradigm AS20203 RCGINET - RENAL CARE GROUP AS20204 NOVOLINK-HOUSTON - NovoLink Communications, Inc. - Houston AS20205 AMPLEX - Amplex Electric, Inc. AS20206 SUNDT-SDG - The Sundt Companies AS20207 Gigared S.A. AS20208 WEBJOGGER - Webjogger Internet Services AS20209 GLATFELTERS-INTERNET1 - Glatfelter Insurance Group AS20210 PRA-INTERNATIONAL-KC - Pharmaceutical Research Associates, Inc. AS20211 HWI-ASN00 - Henry Wurst, Inc. AS20212 HISNET - Hanson Information Systems, Inc. / Family Net AS20214 CCCH-AS6 - Comcast Cable Communications Holdings, Inc AS20215 SEFL - Southeastern Freight Lines, Inc. AS20216 CBSITE-ASH - CareerBuilder, LLC AS20217 PERCEPTA-GW1-AS - Percepta AS20218 BLACKSUN - Black Sun Inc. AS20219 LUTHR-AS-SAN - Luth Research, Inc. AS20220 INDIAN-WELLS - Indian Wells Valley ISP AS20221 IATA - International Air Transport Association AS20222 PLTE - PLANT TELEPHONE COMPANY AS20223 CBSITE-QTW - CareerBuilder, LLC AS20224 WVHTC-WHEELING-OFFICE - West Virginia High Technology Consortium Foundation AS20225 TELJET - TelJet AS20226 ROADWAY-EXPRESS - Roadway Express AS20227 ACCIDENTFUND-NET - Accident Fund Insurance Company of America AS20228 PACNET-MX - Pacnet, S.A. de C.V. AS20229 MERRICK-AS - Merrick Bank AS20230 CARRINGTON-MS-LLC-2007 - CARRINGTON MORTGAGE SERVICES, LLC AS20231 ROADRUNNER-CENTRAL - Road Runner HoldCo LLC AS20232 Credicard S/A Administradora de Cartoes deCredito AS20233 AGENCY-COM-SF - AGENCY.COM San Francisco AS20234 HNTB - HNTB Companies AS20235 MYLANP-AS - Mylan Pharmaceuticals Inc. AS20236 BEAL-SERVICE-CORPORATION - Beal Service Corporation AS20237 MRU-ASN - MRU Holdings, Inc AS20238 ITC-LGCA-ORG - Lake Geauga Computer Association AS20239 ALL-IN-1 - All-in-1 / Apple One AS20240 VENTURAFOODS - VENTURA FOODS, LLC AS20241 TAEC - Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc AS20242 NETLIBRARY-1 - netLibrary, Inc. AS20243 UVI - University of the Virgin Islands AS20244 Division de Impuestos y Aduanas de Colombia AS20245 BOSTON-COLO - Vonage Holdings, Inc. AS20246 AS-IMS - IMS (Investment Management Services) AS20247 IC531954 - Mercy College AS20249 JEFFERIES - Jefferies AS20250 RMWC-NET - Randolph-Macon Woman's College AS20252 JSIWMC - Joan and Sanford I. Weill Medical College and Graduate School of Medical Sciences of Cornell University AS20253 VISA-DPS - VISA Debit Processing Services AS20254 ALLTEL-WIRELESS-DATA - ALLTEL - Wireless Data Engineering AS20255 Tecnowind S.A. AS20256 Ultramar Agencia Maratima AS20257 FTC-INET - FTC, Inc. (Farmers Telephone Cooperative) AS20258 ANALOG-DEVICES - Analog Devices, Inc. AS20259 CVW-1 - Copper Valley Telephone Cooperative Incorporated AS20260 TRAFFIC01 - Traffic.com AS20261 REDSQ-NET - RED SQUARE SYSTEMS AS20262 SCHOLARONE - ScholarOne, Inc AS20263 PEP-TPA - Professional Employer Plans, Inc. AS20264 STONECREEKFUND - Stone Creek Funding Corporation AS20265 UMR - United Medical Resources AS20266 VESPER SAO PAULO S.A. AS20267 INTERNETSERVER - INTERNET SERVER CONNECTIONS INC AS20268 MNNS - MINNESOTA NETWORK SERVICES AS20269 INI-DEL - Independent Newspapers, Inc. AS20270 K2-ADVISORS - K2 Advisors L.L.C. AS20271 WINDWIRELESS - Dogear/Packet Partners AS20272 AS-BTVC - Bluewater TV Cable, Limited AS20273 PMCNET - PRAIRIE COMMUNICATIONS LTD AS20274 GENESYS-SOFT - GENESYS SOFTWARE SYSTEMS INC AS20275 SIERRA-ATLANTIC-FREMT - Sierra Atlantic Inc AS20276 TECHSPACE-AUSTIN - TECHSPACE INC. AS20277 TECHSPACE-OC2 - TECHSPACE INC. AS20278 TECHSPACE-TORONTO - TECHSPACE INC. AS20279 ESC-REGION12 - Education Service Center Region 12 AS20280 WORLDQUEST-1 - WorldQuest Network, Inc. AS20281 NEXTLEVEL-TUSTIN - NEXTLEVEL INTERNET, INC. AS20282 NYFX-RTR - NYFIX, INC AS20283 CTC-INTERNET-MN - Consolidated Telephone Company AS20284 INETUASN1 - INETu, Inc. AS20285 PAIR-AS1 - Parsons Protect Air AS20286 AMERICAN-COLLEGE-OF-CARDIOLOGY-DC - American College of Cardiology AS20287 OFINY - OppenheimerFunds, Inc. AS20288 UBARRY-NET - Urner Barry Publications, Inc. AS20290 LYNCHINC - Lynch International AS20291 INFYNET - Infosys Technologies Limited AS20292 EXECUTIVE-CON - Executive Conference Inc. ECI AS20293 LOCALASN1 - Local Line Inc. AS20294 MTN-UGA MTN Uganda AS20295 FILERTELEPHONE - Filer Mutual Telephone Company AS20297 Convergence Communications de Venezuela AS20298 TIBBANK - TIB -Bank of the Keys AS20299 Newcom Limited AS20300 GAP-INSTRUMENT-CORP - GAP Instrument Corp. AS20301 NASA-PROTO-NET - National Aeronautics and SpaceAdministration AS20303 PRONET-CHEN - Pronet AS20304 JVLNET - JVLNET Internet Services AS20305 Banco Rio de la Plata S.A. AS20306 ADELPHI - Adelphi University AS20308 STARTEKUSA - Startek AS20309 NASDAQFINSYS - The Nasdaq Stock Market AS20310 ITW-CORPORATE - ITW Corporate Headquarters AS20311 VALERO - Valero Corporate Services AS20312 CNTI-REACCIUN AS20313 SMSI - Smith Micro Software, Inc. AS20314 CONAGRAFOODS - ConAgra Foods AS20315 MCHENRY-COUNTY-AS1 - McHenry County AS20316 SECTOR-NET1 - Sector, Inc. AS20317 TDECU - TEXAS DOW EMPLOYEES CREDIT UNION AS20318 MOONGLOBAL - Moon Global Network AS20319 DALTON-U - Dalton Utilities AS20320 EVENLINK - EvenLink AS20321 Alternativa Gratis AS20322 CIFG-AS - CIFG Services, Inc. AS20323 SEEBEYOND - Seebeyond Technlogy Corporation AS20324 BLOUNTSVILLE-TEL-CO - Blountsville Tel. Co. AS20325 PATELCOCU - Patelco Credit Union AS20326 TERASWITCH - TeraSwitch Networks Inc. AS20327 FORBES-COM - Forbes.com AS20328 COMSPAN-BANDON - Comspan Bandon Network, LLC AS20329 YAS79-AS - YAS Corporation AS20330 NYS-UNIFIED-COURTS - New York State Unified CourtSystem AS20331 GMACMR - GMAC Residential Mortgage AS20332 SFSLTD - SouthWest Financial Services, Ltd. AS20333 GTCONVEYOR - G&T Conveyor Company, Inc. AS20334 DDSCONNECT01 - DDSConnect Inc. AS20335 ADVERTISING-AS - ADVERTISING.COM AS20336 CARESCIENCE - CARESCIENCE, INC AS20337 SUNYIT-ASN - SUNY Institute of Technology AS20338 AXCL - Axcelerant, Inc. AS20339 MAREXATLANTA - Marex.com Inc AS20340 ISPHONE-NET - ISPHONE, INC. AS20341 HURRICANE-LABS-207-166-205-0 - Hurricane Labs, LLC AS20342 PSKNET - Pulaski Networks, LLC AS20343 PEPPERDINE - Pepperdine University AS20344 SMTUSA-AS - Sales and Marketing Technologies AS20345 Elnath S.A.C AS20346 SOC-OF-ACTUARIES1 - Society of Actuaries AS20347 ILINK - LifeScript AS20348 PMCO-AS - Philip Morris Companies Inc. AS20349 CFRDC-MFICORE - Crystal Farms Refrigerated Distribution Company AS20350 TDS-INTERNET-AS - TDS TELECOM AS20351 PARTS123 - Connect Marketing, Inc. AS20352 LHS - Legacy Health System AS20353 ADAGE-CAPITAL---ASN - Adage Capital Partners, LLC AS20354 AVICI-SYSTEMS - AVICI SYSTEMS AS20355 NDSL-AS - NTG Data Services LLC. AS20356 BACAVALLEY-COM - SIERRA COMMUNICATIONS, INC. AS20358 MBPSANTAFE - Mayer, Brown & Platt AS20359 PREFERREDMUTUALINSURANCECOMPANY - Preferred Mutual Insurance Company AS20360 PACKET360INC - Packet360 AS20361 Globalnet S.A. AS20362 THOMSON-THOMSON - THOMSON & THOMSON AS20363 IMPSAT FIBER NETWORKS INC AS20365 EW-SCRIPPS - E.W. Scripps Web Hosting AS20367 COMMERCEQUESTTPAFLA - CommerceQuest AS20368 SMART-CITY-INDIANAPOLIS - Smart City Networks, L.P. AS20369 PALMER-CAY - Palmer & Cay AS20370 MARCHO-2 - March of Dimes AS20371 LIBGO - Lib/Go Travel, Inc. AS20372 GOBIERNOPR-AS - Office of Management & Budget, Government ofPuerto Rico AS20373 NRWS-POP4 - Narrowstep, Inc. AS20374 FOX-INC - Twentieth Century Fox AS20375 GSALLC-ASN - Gold Star Advantage, LLC. AS20376 HUBRIS - Hubris Communications Inc AS20377 MLODE-COM - Mother Lode Internet AS20378 FUSIONONE - FusionOne AS20379 NET-BAKER - Baker College AS20380 TRICOMPICTURES - Tricom Pictures, Inc. AS20381 CABLELABS - Cable Television Laboratories, Inc. AS20382 XOTECH - XOTECH L.L.C. AS20383 GREENBAYNET - GreenBayNet AS20384 NWLRBD - NewellRubbermaid Inc. AS20385 ACCESSLINE-COM-1000 - AccessLine Communications Corp. AS20386 IONEX - Ionex Telecommunications, Inc. AS20387 KATZENBACHPARTNERSLLC - Katzenbach Partners LLC AS20388 GLORIAD - GLORIAD AS20389 AS-SAVINGS - Arizona State SAvings and Credit Union AS20390 FSS - Feith Systems and Software, Inc. AS20391 PRGPARKING-DOMAIN - The Parking Spot AS20392 WESTPANET - WestPAnet, Inc. AS20393 BEANSTALK - Beanstalk Networks AS20394 MASHELL-TELECOM - Rainier Connect AS20395 DECORATETODAY - decoratetoday.com Inc. AS20396 FIDMXV15 - The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising AS20397 BOXLAKE - Box Lake Networks, Inc. AS20398 CNCS-AS - Controlled Networks and Communications Solutions, Inc. AS20399 ASN-NET - Advanced Systems Network, Inc AS20400 CUDIRECTCORPORATION - CU Direct Corporation AS20401 HOSTWAY-1 - Hostway Corporation AS20402 OSRAM-SYLVANIA - OSRAM SYLVANIA INC. AS20403 DSL-ONLY-PDX - DSL-Only, Inc AS20404 RRIHOUSTON - Reliant Resources, Inc. AS20405 EPLICA-AS - Eplica, Inc. AS20406 BRASLINK - Braslink Network Inc AS20407 CALPRTECH-CAUSA - Caliper Technologies Corp. AS20409 AUTONATION-ASP2 - Autonation, Inc AS20411 GSSLK - GOLDMAN SACHS COMPANY AS20412 PRAIR-2 - PrairieWave Telecommunications, Inc. AS20413 CCIU-1 - Chester County Intermediate Unit AS20414 ELBO - Electronics Boutique AS20415 COUNCILROCKSD-PA - Council Rock School District AS20416 GCC-01 - General Cable Corporation AS20417 RINET - Rinet Company LLC AS20418 DACAS S.A. AS20419 NETBLK-DMRCOM - DMR Communications AS20420 BBCC-AS - Buckingham Branch Railroad Company AS20421 1STTECHCU - First Tech Credit Union AS20422 PARMA-COMMUNITY-GENERAL-HOSPITAL - Parma Hospital AS20423 GILLETTE-BOS - The Gillette Company AS20424 AMERICAN-STOCK-EXCHANGE-LLC - American Stock Exchange LLC AS20425 FMF-VIRGINIA-BEACH - Franklin Financial Group AS20426 PWC-AS - PriceWaterhouseCoopers, LLP AS20427 AAAE - American Association of Airport Executives AS20428 GLOWPOINT-AS - Glowpoint Inc. AS20429 GUITAR-CENTER-AS2 - Guitar Center AS20431 SUREWEST-20431 - SureWest Broadband AS20432 ASN-SCBC-1 - SUGAR CREEK BAPTIST CHURCH AS20433 TL-MABOS - Thomson Learning AS20434 ACELERA-NETWORKS---PUERTO-RICO - Alliance Networks, Inc. AS20435 ROSE-GROVE-CAPITAL-MANAGEMENT-LLC-ASN - Rose Grove Capital Management, LLC AS20436 PGTC-COM - Prairie Grove Telephone Company AS20437 PROVIDENT-MUTUAL - Provident Mutual Insurance AS20438 LAQUINTA - La Quinta Inns, Inc. AS20439 PLANO-DATACENTER-AS - Intuit Inc. AS20440 BITTO-AS1 - BitTorrent, Inc. AS20441 AFFINA-AS-1 - AFFINA, LLC AS20442 YNHHSC - Yale-New Haven Health Services Corporation AS20443 ONE-BUCKHEAD - ONE BUCKHEAD LOOP CONDO ASSOCIATION AS20444 INSTILL-CORP-AS1 - Instill Corporation AS20445 DATA1 - Data 180, Inc. AS20446 HIGHWINDS3 - Highwinds Network Group, Inc. AS20447 CADMUSCOMMNET - Cadmus Communications, Inc. AS20448 VPNTRANET-LLC - VPNtranet, LLC. AS20449 EDUPOP - Rice University, EduPop project AS20451 CPCNET - Clear Picture Corporation AS20452 BSU - BALL STATE UNIVERSITY AS20453 ROGERS-WIRELESS - Rogers AT&T Wireless Inc AS20454 FMF-SOUTHFIELD-MI - Franklin Financial Group AS20455 NRTC-ORG - National Rural Telecommunication Cooperative AS20456 T6-BROADBAND - T6 Broadband AS20457 INACOM-MADISON-WI-USA - Inacom Information Systems - Madison AS20458 CATSKILL-ON-LINE - Catskill On Line AS20459 TELECOM-NAMIBIA-AS AS20460 TFBNET - TFB NET AS20461 MYPT-SCH - United Airlines AS20463 TRSYSTEMS7704489008 - T/R Systems, Inc. AS20464 POLYCOM - Polycom AS20465 PARADYM - Paradym Technical Enterprises, Inc. AS20466 WGBH-EDUCATIONAL-FOUNDATION - WGBH Educational Foundation AS20467 SW-ORG-AS - Scott & White AS20468 WINDSTREAM-COMMUNICATIONS - Windstream Communications Inc AS20469 TRIMETNET - Tri-County Metropolitan Transit District AS20470 DIRECTV-LOSANGELES - DirecTV Operations AS20471 MONCUR - Moncur Design AS20472 SYNN - Synergy Networks AS20473 AS-CHOOPA - Choopa, LLC AS20474 NCIDATACOM - NCI Data.com, Inc. AS20475 GLOOP - GiantLoop Network, Inc AS20476 LVLT-20476 - Level 3 Communications, Inc. AS20477 RANDOLPHTELEPHONE - Randolph Telephone Company AS20478 GENMILLS - General Mills AS20479 TCF-ASN-TCF - TCF Financial Corporation AS20480 Excite Italia B.V. AS20481 CALYX-NL Calyx Internet B.V. AS20482 RQDNet is based in France AS20483 EUROCOM EUROCOM Ltd., AS20484 YallaOnline AS20485 TRANSTELECOM JSC Company TransTeleCom AS20486 eCard S.A. Autonomous System AS20487 ASN-CEDECRA Bank's Consortium for outsourced services , AS20488 KIEZ-AS Kiez-Net Autonomous System AS20489 KOSMOTEL-AS ISP Kosmotel AS20490 Siberian Interbank Currency Exchange AS20491 ASWASKO WASKO AS20492 USinternetworking, Inc AS20493 Leica Geosystems AG AS20494 Optima Telecom AS20495 WEDARE We Dare BV Autonomous System AS20496 DK_MEDNET MedNet AS20497 TERRANET-AS TerraNet Comunicatii S.R.L. AS20498 JUBII Jubii A/S AS20499 IPC-AS IPC network autonomous system AS20500 GRIFFIN Griffin Internet European Network AS20501 Banque de Luxembourg Autonomous system AS20502 Slovenska sprava ciest (SSC) AS20503 AS number for Logica UK AS20504 RTL-NL RTL-NL AS AS20505 SERVICEXPERT ServiceXpert GmbH AS20506 SINGULAR-SOFTWARE SINGULAR SOFTWARE AS20507 INTERNLNET InterNLnet Autonomous System AS20508 Isnet srl AS20509 ELKO Riga Autonomous System AS20510 NEXUM-AS Nexum Autonomous System AS20511 CyberTwiga Limited, Internet Services Provider, AS20512 TEDICON TeDiCon GmbH AS20513 CREPUNDIA CREPUNDIA-NET autonomous system AS20514 QBRANCH Qbranch 365-24 AB, Primusgatan 18, SE-112 62 Stockholm, Sweden AS20515 INTERDON-AS INTERDON.NET Autonomous System AS20516 SVUA SkyVision Ukraine AS20517 Yorkshire Electricity Autonomous System AS20518 MTSNET OJSC "Mobile TeleSystems" Autonomous System AS20519 BALTNET BALTNET Autonomous System AS20520 CENTRIC-ACC Centric Telecom Ltd is a AS20521 ASN-CATS Computer Aided Technologies Ltd. AS20522 SEVEN-AUTONOMOUS-SYSTEM SEVENLAB Spa AS20523 Novotron Informatikai Rt. AS20524 MVH Bit Conection Soft Computers S.R.L. AS20525 NOVLINE-AS NovLine ISP Autonomous System AS20526 INTEREUROPA-AS INTEREUROPA AS20527 Autonomous System for Third Rail an ISP in Ghana AS20528 GENNET str.Siderurgistilor nr.1 AS20529 AS1_SAFETY-HOST SAFETY-HOST Internet Service Provider AS20530 ANISP-ROMANIA RoNIX - Romanian Network for Internet eXchange AS20531 MCTI Ministerul pentru Comunicatii si Tehnologia Informatiilor AS20532 FLATBOX Flatbox Facilities BV AS20533 SAKHTEL-AS Sakhalin Telecom Autonomous System AS20534 PAK_ANYWHERE Telecom & TV Service Provider AS20535 DE-INSAT InSat GmbH, Saarbrucken, DE AS20536 Start Communications, Hungary AS20537 Amt d. NOE Landesregierung AS20538 BOGONS-ASN Bogons Ltd ASN AS20539 TCRS-AS TC Radio Systems Autonomous System AS20540 WEBINN COMPUTERLAND SA o KATOWICE AS20541 GENERALI AS20542 HTV Helsinki Televisio Oy AS20543 Miori Joint Stock Company AS20544 EXTEL Express TeleCom Company AS20545 GRENA-AS GRENA Autonomous System AS20546 AZ Interactive Autonomous System AS20547 UKS-AS UKSolutions Automonous System AS20548 Saeima (Parlament) of Republic of LATVIA AS20549 FREE-MPEI MPEI Autonomous system AS20550 TCC-ONLINE-AS TCC-NET AS20551 TEIPAT Autonomous System AS20552 HORYZONT Horyzont Technologie Internetowe AS20553 HPPOLAND-AS Hewlett Packard Polska (HPO) Autonomous System AS20554 IMIWEB-AS Imiweb Bank S.p.A. AS, Milan, Italy AS20555 WSISIZ-AS Wyzsza Szkola Informatyki Stosowanej i Zarzadzania AS20556 Global One Communications AS20557 VIPBANK-AS JSC VIP Bank AS20558 Applet Co. AS20559 Skandia Finanz AG, Autonomous System AS20560 ASN-PC-DIREKT PC Direkt Autonomous System AS20561 AS20561-INA INA Autonomous System AS20562 OPEN-PEERING-AS Open Peering Initiative, Amsterdam, The Netherlands AS20563 ATOS Autonomous System AS20564 INFORMEX-MNT Informex, E-commerce Service Provider AS20565 A2Z-AS A2Z Falcon Systems Ltd, Israel AS20566 ZURICH-ES-AS Zurich Espana Autonomous System AS20567 AB Asesores Morgan Stanley AS20568 IRISZ IRISZ Multimedia Ltd. AS20569 AINAIP-AS Aina Com - IP Services and Transit Network AS20570 ASN-TSI-IPLS Service Provider Backbone for T-Systems Business Services GmbH AS20571 EXOMI Exomi Autonomous System AS20572 GIESECKE Giesecke & Devrient GmbH Autonomous System AS20573 SCANSOFT ScanSoft Hungary AS20574 AUHOSTING-AS auSystems Sweden South AB AS20575 Admiral Telecom AS AS20576 GAZSVYAZ Gazsvyaz Ltd AS20577 Tradeweb Europe Ltd, London AS20578 KATELCO-AS JSC KAZAKHSTAN TELECOMMUNICATIONS (KATELCO) AS20579 NETLABPLUS Netlab plus, spol. s r. o. AS20580 Telecom Italia Network AS20581 Autonomous system for The Happy People Co SA AS20582 Vizional Technologies, Inc. AS20583 SODEXI-AS SODEXI AS20584 GALE-FORCE-AS GALE FORCE AS20585 VIEL-AS VIEL AS20586 AS20587 COMDIVISION-AS ComDivision Backbone AS20588 FVB FVB - IP Services AS20589 RIVOV-ELECTRONICS Rivov Electronics LTD AS20590 DEC-AS DONEC.NET Autonomous System AS20591 AS-FOTR Ford Otosan Otomotiv Sanayii A.S. Turkey AS20592 Liberate Technologies Autonomous System AS20593 REALISE Autonomous System AS20594 Mosaic Autonomous System AS20595 Autonmous System of Landesbank Hessen-Thueringen Girozentrale AS20596 STSnet Autonomous System AS20597 ELTEL-AS ELTEL.net Autonomous System AS20598 CYBERSPACE-AS Autonomous System number for Cyber Space, AS20599 Radianz SA AS20600 SKYTEC-AG SKYTEC AG AS20601 HERCULES Hercules Ltd. AS20602 RINOTEL Autonomous System AS20603 VTHD (Internet 2 like project in France) AS20604 ETRINFAS Etruria Informatica AS AS20605 NETPARK-AS1 netpark internet- und netzwerkconsulting gmbh AS20606 GTS-RO GTS Romania AS20607 AS20608 T-SYSTEMS-ITALIA-AS T-Systems Italia Autonomous System AS20609 Kesco-M corporate network, AS20610 Storm Telecommunications Autonomous System AS20611 ASN20611 Broadwaysoftware S.r.l. AS20612 SWISSIX swissix Swiss Internet Exchange AS20613 DIGITALCITY-AS Digitalcity Autonomous System AS20614 DIGITALCITY-AS2 Smilla Autonomous System AS20615 Germanos SA AS20616 NETBRIDGE-AS NetBridge Development AS20617 BNP-PARIBAS AS for BNP Paribas UK Ltd AS20618 DK-INFO-CONNECT Info-Connect A/S AS20619 ALANIT-AS Alanit Ltd, Autonomous System AS20620 SAKHINFO-AS SakhInfo Computer Company AS20621 OPENIT OpenIT GmbH AS20622 STARTVAS Startv Ltd Autonomous System CATV ISP Budapest, Hungary. AS20623 SAFELINES The network of ISP Safelines,includes POPs in various cities AS20624 Euronet Autonomous System AS20625 se.helsingenet Autonomous System AS20626 se.sandnet Autonomous System AS20627 CONCORD-AG Concord Autonomous System AS20628 COPRIS-AS COPRIS Autonomous System AS20629 BIS The Baltic Exchange, 38 St Mary Axe AS20630 SYNCHROLINE SynchroLine Autonomous System AS20631 Kingcom S.p.A. AS20632 PETERSTAR-AS JSC PeterStar AS20633 UNIFFM-NET Johann Wolfgang Goethe Universitaet Frankfurt AS20634 LIE-COMTEL Lie-Comtel AS20635 ACRIS ACRIS Communications AG Voice over IP Carrier, AS20636 TSI-RIGA-LV-AS Transport & Telecommunication Institute AS20637 EMAZE EMAZE Communications S.p.A. AS20638 MEGABITEX-IT A commercial Internet exchange point in Milano, Italy AS20639 ASN-NETLAND Netland Internet Services BV. AS20640 TITAN-NETWORKS Titan Networks Internet & Telecommunications AS20641 AS20642 Bassilichi S.P.A. AS20643 MCIT SC Marketing Consulting & IT SRL AS20644 NETSTREAM-TEMP Netstream AG Temporдre AS AS20645 PUREPEAK-ASN PurePeak Limited AS20646 CELOX celox Telekommunikationsdienste GmbH AS20647 IPB I/P/B/ Internet Provider in Berlin GmbH Backbone AS AS20648 RAN-NETWORKS Spain AS20649 TEKLAN-AS Teklan Internet Autonomus System AS20650 ORIGIN-OPENWEB-AS NET-AS20650 AS20651 AEROCOM Aerocom Autonomous System AS20652 UNITRON-AS Unitron Systems & Development LTD Autonomous System AS20653 BYTEACTION-AS ByteAction AS-Number AS20654 ASN-UNIONESARDA L'Unione Editoriale Spa AS20655 E-STYLEISP-AS http://www.e-styleisp.ru AS20656 ELEKTRIM-AS Elektrim Autonomous System AS20657 ATLANTIS Atlantis BG, Ltd. AS20658 COMPUTERDESIGN-AS Web Farm of Computer Design in a multi-homed infrastructure AS20659 LIBERCOM-AS We are an Budapester ISP. AS20660 LE-UA-AS LinkExpress Autonomous System AS20661 TURKMENTELECOM-AS TMtelecom ISP ASN AS20662 MP-ELEKTRONIKA-AS MP ELEKTRONIKA Autonomous System AS20663 INAR-VOLOGDA-AS Autonomous System of Vologda AS20664 UNI-NAIROBI-AS Automous system for University of Nairobi AS20665 VARNANET-AS Varna Internet and Network Services AS20666 TRANSWORLD-PAYMENT-SOLUTIONS HOSTING PAYMENT SOLUTIONS AS20667 ALCO DATA Autonomous System AS20668 DATA-NET Data Net srl AS20669 SSS-AS Symantec (Deutschland) GmbH AS20670 AS20671 NETMASTERS NETMASTERS - ROMANIA/Craiova AS20672 GROUPE-SERVEUR-ASNUMBER FR-GROUPE-SERVEUR AS20673 BESA-PL-AS BESA-PL Autonomous System AS20674 SWAN GlobalTel AS20675 FIMATEX-ASNUMBER FR-FIMATEX AS20676 QSC-1 QSC AG AS20677 IMOS-AS imos GmbH AS20678 ATLANTIS-AS Atlantis ISP AS20679 HSO hSo: broadband internet, data and AS20680 ATCOM-AS ATCOM S.A. Commercial Network AS20681 SAXOBANK SaxoBank Seriuos Trading Worldwide AS20682 BGONE-AS BGOne Network AS20683 Pre-Tel Wireless, Aalborg, Denmark AS20684 TUEV Austria AS20685 EVROCOM-NET Evrocom.Net Autonomous System AS20686 BISPING Bisping & Bisping GmbH & Co. KG AS20687 PKE-SA PKE SA Autonomus System AS20688 NEOCLES-AS NEOCLES AS20689 HCCNET HCCnet Autonomous System AS20690 APATIT AS-APATIT AS20691 WEBGIRO-AS ReRoute AS AS20692 NETGATE NetGate Datacenter ASN AS20693 INTERNET-XPRESS-AS INTERNET XPRESS Autonomus System AS20694 NMMN-AS New Media Markets and Networks in Hamburg, Germany AS20695 CAP1-AS Capital One Bank (Europe) plc AS20696 ABSNET Absnet on Aker Brygge, Oslo,Norway AS20697 EO PLC AS20698 CSPB Credit Suisse Private Banking AS20699 ISP InternetService AS20700 Rothschild Bank AG AS20701 MARIASCZ Route reflector AS20702 CSSMPS-AS AS-CSSMPS AS20703 ESICO-NET ESICO NET Ltd. AS20704 FUNKNETZ-AS www.Funknetz.at Urbanek GmbH AS20705 HSBC-UK HSBC Bank plc, UK AS20706 INTERNET Netzwerk GmbH Autonomous System AS20707 AS20707 IHnet Srl AS20708 SKODA-AUTO SKODA AUTO a.s. AS20709 TICOM-AS Ticom Ltd. (Kharkov, Ukraine) AS20710 XINTER-AS Xinter Network Services Espana AS20711 AES AES - Autonomous System AS20712 AS20712 Andrews + Arnold Ltd AS20713 ASNSNBS Autonomous System AS20714 MERLIN-TELECOM ISP Merlin-Telecom Autonomous System AS20715 THREE-C-AS Telekurs Card Solutions AG AS20716 TOTALTELECOM-AS SC TOTAL TELECOM SRL AS20717 PARTNER-AS PARTNER RE SA AS20718 AS_ARSYS-EURO-1 arsys.es AS20719 PS-PALTEL-BZU-AS BZU Autonomous System AS20720 CTEL-AS Center Telecom AS Russia AS20721 KAOSES KAOS REDES IP AS20722 ALLNET-AS ALLNET TELECOM SRL AS20723 MGI CZ.MGI autonomous system, Czech Republic AS20724 PRONET-AS PRONET Autonomous System AS20725 CITIUS-AS CITIUS Telecom Network AS20726 REIS-AS ReIS Autonomous System AS20727 DE-WRONLINE WRonline GbR AS20728 GUNESSIG Gunes Sigorta AS20729 Sun Alliance Management Services AS20730 UNITE-SOLUTIONS Unite Solutions Limited AS20732 WORLDTRAVEL-HOLDINGS World Travel Holdings AS20733 UKRTEL ISP UKRTEL AS20734 EON-BREDBAND E.ON Bredband Sverige Autonomous System AS20735 AS20736 Edifica Online Autonomous System AS20737 GNI-AS GNI Trading AS AS20738 AS20738 PIPEX Communications AS20739 PIOCOMMERCE Pio Commerce Ltd. AS20740 MESSEFFM MesseFfm AS20741 PFIZER-AS Pfizer UK Internet operations AS20742 AHOL HunNet Hungarian Networks (AHOL) AS AS20743 SWX SWX, Swiss Exchange AS20744 DIONYS-NET-AS Dionys Net AG AS20745 CNIT Autonomous System AS20746 ASN-IDC IT Telecom S.p.A. AS20747 PINS-AS PINS Network B.V. AS20748 CAJAMADRID CAJAMADRID (SPAIN) Autonomous System AS20749 NETSHARE-AS netshare solutions GmbH AS20751 ASN-CIXAT cix.at / max4eu.net InterNet Solutions AS20752 AS20752 DixaNet Autonomous System AS20753 Band-X Germany GmbH AS20754 RCT-AS RCT Ltd. AS20755 NET-LAB net-lab's famous autonomous system AS20756 NAMESHIELD ECHO MARQUES AS20757 HANSECOM-AS Hanse Communications Autonomous System AS20758 Morse FR Autonomous System AS20759 ISU-JED KACST/ISU Jeddah Autonomous System AS20760 EUROCIBER-AS Eurociber Autonomous System AS20761 ALCATELE-AS ALCATELE AS AS20762 SYNETRIX Synetrix Holdings Limited AS20763 BPH BPH SA Autonomus System AS20764 RASCOM-AS CJSC Rascom, St.Petersburg, Russia AS20765 Henkel Autonomous System AS20766 GITOYEN-MAIN-AS The main Autonomous System of Gitoyen (Paris, France). AS20767 UNITEL-AS Unitel Autonomous System AS20768 KEYNETSYSTEMS Keynet Systems AS20769 ADVIS-AS AS ADVIS-DRESDEN AS20770 MTS-AS Kiev UA AS20771 DELTANET DeltaNet Autonomous System AS20772 ONETELZURICH-AS One.Tel ISP operations in Zurich, Switzerland. AS20773 HOSTEUROPE-AS AS of Hosteurope Germany / Cologne AS20774 JYVASKYLA-AS University of Jyvaskyla AS20775 GETIT GETIT mbH AS20776 OUTREMER-AS Outremer Telecom AS AS20777 ISR-LV Autonomous System AS20778 PKOBP Powszechna Kasa Oszczednosci Bank Polski S.A. AS20779 RGA Seguros RGA AS20780 TICNET TransInterCom d.o.o. AS20781 TELETON-AS TeleNet Zachod Sp. z o.o. AS20782 ZEBRAHOST ZebraHosts LTD AS20783 POP pop-interactive AS20784 CECA-AS CECA4s Autonomous System AS20785 UCT-AS ISP UCT Autonomous System AS20786 CAPCAVE-AS Capcave Autonomous System AS20787 ONETELDSL-AS Onetel Broadband Services AS20788 MEDIANET Medianet s.r.l. Autonomous System AS20789 RUSTEL-AS The RUSTEL network including about 15 nodes AS20790 UA-INT-AS UA-INT, Autonomous System AS20791 BITPOINT-AS BitPoint AG Autonomous System AS20792 VISTEC-AS Vistec Internet Service Autonomes System AS20793 CONCORD Concord Ltd Autonomous System AS20794 EURNETCITY EURFACILITY S.p.A. AS20795 ITM-AS ITM Research GmbH autonomous System AS20796 WEB-DE-AS Web.de GmbH AS20797 IPASAULE-AS "Interneta Pasaule" SIA AS20798 EPTE-FI EPTE Oy AS20799 DATANET-AS Datanet AS20800 Globes publisher Ltd. AS20801 DSOFTWARE-AS dsoftware GmbH AS20802 BELLATRIX-AS Internet Provider BELLATRIX Poland AS20803 RISS-AS JSC "RISS-Telecom" Network AS20804 ASN-TELENERGO EXATEL S.A. Autonomous System AS20805 HFONETZ Aut.-System Hochfranken Online AS20806 ASJSCITT JSCITT Autonomous System AS20807 CREDOLINK-ASN Credolink ISP Autonomous System AS20808 AS-BGZ Bank Gospodarki Zywnosciowej S.A. AS20809 GAUSS-INTERPRISE-AG-ASN Gauss Interprise AG AS20810 NETCOM-KASSEL Netcom Kassel AS20811 BRENNERCOM-AS Brennercom Autonomous System AS20812 ALFACOM-AS ISP Alfacom Online Autonomous System AS20813 HOU-AS Hellenic Open University AS20814 LTN-AS PROVIDER AS20815 GRN-AS GRN Network AS20816 IIP-NET-AS20816 Science and Society Telecomm Center AS20817 DELTANET-AS Deltanet Autonomous System AS20818 SITESCOPE Sitescope's data centre for the supply of mapping data for enviromental surveys AS20819 Alitalia Autonomous System AS20820 ASN-CJD-NET Consiliul Judetean Dambovita Targoviste, Romania AS20821 AS20822 VIA-ONLINE ViA-Online GmbH AS20823 KBMEDIA-AS AS5587.NET - Broadband solutions provider based in Bedford, UK AS20824 FR-CORNUT FR-CORNUT AS20825 KNRW ISH GmbH, (Formerly KNRW) AS20826 SEAEXPRESS SeaExpress Co. Ltd. AS20827 Art Technology Group AS20828 NDIX-AS NDIX B.V. AS20829 SURFLAND-AS Surfland-SK Autonomous System AS20830 GLOBALAIRNETWORK-AS GlobalAirNet Network Muenchen, Germany AS20831 FUNDATIA-AS Fundatia Lambda AS20832 MSN-AS MULTICAST SATELLITE NETWORKS SRL AS20833 IXN ISP IXN Ukraine, AS AS20834 CALADAN-COM-AS Caladan Communications Ltd AS20835 DATABARN Databarn Autonomous System AS20836 CDLAN-AS CDLAN Autonomous System AS20837 ITELEKOM ISP iTelekom Autonomous System AS20838 YIF-AS YIF Autonomous System AS20839 SED-UA-NET SED Ltd. AS20841 COOP-BLUE-SQUARE AS for Coop-Blue-Square AS20842 FORMULAPLUS-AS Formula Plus Autonomous System AS20843 EARNE-AS EARNE-AT Autonomous System Number AS20844 ONETEL-AS One.Tel ISP operations AS20845 EMKTV-AS EMKTV AS20846 MACWARE-AS MacWare UK AS AS20847 INTROWEB-AS IntroWeb Nederland BV, Hengelo (OV), The Netherlands AS20848 ROSBUSINESSCONSULTING-AS RosBusinessConsulting, Moscow, Russia AS20849 MMP-AS Continum AG AS20850 VALORKIEV-AS VALOR ISP AS20851 LLOYDSAS Lloyds Bank AS20852 ATLANT-TELECOM-AS AtlantTelecom Autonomus System AS20853 ETOP-AS ISP and ASP AS20854 MEGAPROVIDER Mega Provider B.V. AS number AS20855 AIRDATA-AS AIRDATA AG AS20856 TODAYSONLINE Autonomous System for Todays-Online which is an ISP in Kenya AS20857 TRANSIP-AS TransIP BV AS20858 EGYNET-AS AS20859 NOMURA-AS NOMURA-INTERNATIONAL AS20860 IOMART-AS Iomart Network Services AS20861 ICL-AS ICL invia AB AS20862 ASN-ABAXBANK Abaxbank S.p.A. AS20863 THREEUNITED-AS 3united mobile solutions AG AS20864 SISECAM-AS SISECAM AS20865 AS-YOURVOICE Yourvoice AS number AS20866 INTELECOM-AS Industrial Telecom Inc. AS AS20867 ORDINA-VERTIS-AS Ordina-Vertis ISP and ASP services hosted at Veendam NL AS20868 ABB ABB Schweiz Autonomous System AS20869 CLARANET-SPAIN Spanish ISP AS20870 KAVKAZ-TRANSTELECOM-AS Kavkaz TransTeleCom JSC. AS20871 BAYSIS-AS Baysis Autonomous System AS20872 URALSIB-AS OJSC "UralSib" Authonomous System AS20873 ASP5 P5 Autonomous System AS20874 ICC-INFORMATION-LTD ICC Information Ltd AS20875 HPTNET-AS HT d.o.o. Mostar AS20876 EVRO-AS EVRO.NET AS20877 DATEK DATEK Telecom AS20878 AS20879 MICRONET SC Servicii Micronet SRL AS20880 BLUE-CABLE TV-cable networks Zwickau, Wolfsburg AS20881 ENRON-EUROPE-LTD Enron Europe Ltd AS20882 INFORM-AS Inform Media Kft. AS20883 WMDATA-CCB WM-Data CCB AS20884 CZ-CTNET-AS CZ.CTNET Autonomous Sytem AS20885 ESER2-AS ESER AS NUMBER AS20886 DE-IORG-AS-1 bn:t Blatzheim Networks Telecom GmbH AS20887 CITYNETZ-AS Citynetz Enterprises Inc. AS20888 SCANDINAVIA-ONLINE-ASN Eniro, was Scandinavia Online AB, Stockholm, Sweden AS20889 BCC-AS Business Consulting Center sp. z o.o. AS20890 SULZER_MANAGEMENT-AS Sulzer Management AS20891 SAIT-AS SAIT Autonomous System AS20893 SYSTEM-CLINCH-AS SYSTEM-CLINCH Internet Services GmbH, Switzerland, AS20894 COMENDO-AS Comendo A/S AS20895 UGTEL Yuzhniy TELECOM ltd. AS20896 Office Depot Europe Autonomous System Number AS20897 ISD-AS ISD Autonomous System AS20898 PENET Autonomous System maintaining AS20899 SINO-AS sino AG Autonomous System AS20900 MAN-CASTRES-AS Network operating in the South Western France (Toulouse-Castres) AS20901 CSC-MANN-AS CSC Mann GmbH, DE-04435 Schkeuditz, Germany AS20902 DEGNET-AS DegNet GmbH AS20903 VMB-SERVICE-AS VMB-Service Ltd. Autonomous System AS20904 UTA-NET-AS Uta-Net Oy Autonomous System AS20905 BANCOESPANAAS Banco de Espana AS20906 ALLIANZ-AS ALLIANZ Autonomous System AS20907 SHOW-TV-AUTONOMOUS_SYSTEM SHOW-TV AS20908 CR-MEDIA-AS CR-MEDIA AS20909 CONTIUM-AS Contium Data Center AS20910 BALTKOM-AS BALTKOM Autonomous System AS20911 NETSURF-AS-BG NetSurf AS20912 ASN-PANSERVICE Panservice AS20913 BETAM_TELECOMUNICAZIONI_AS Betam Telecomunicazioni S.r.l. AS20914 OPENOFFICE-AS Openoffice AS20915 HUNDRED-PERCENT-IT 100 Percent IT AS AS20917 KHEOPS-AUTONOMOUS-SYSTEM KHEOPS ORGANISATION Autonomous System AS20918 PI-AS PI-Informatik GmbH AS20919 IBS IBS Group Autonomous System AS20920 GLOBALCORE globalcore ag AS20921 AMENA-AS AMENA Autonomous System AS20923 SKYMARKET-UK-AS Skymarket UK ISP AS20924 ICTEAM ICTeam Autonomous System AS20925 RESEAU-DANZAS DANZAS Autonomous System AS20926 AS-PULSATION 373 route de Vannes AS20927 DE-LANDTEL-NORTH Deutsche Landtel GmbH AS20928 NOOR-AS AS20929 MF-CTIF Ministerul Finantelor Publice AS20930 SOFTWIN SOFTWIN SRL Software and Services AS20931 PPOINTS-AS PPOINTS Autonomous System AS20932 SIG SIG - IP-MAN.NET AS20933 VECTONE-AS Vectone Autonomous System Number AS20934 ABCINTERNET ISP MAKET Autonomous system AS20935 EKINCILER EKINCILER HOLDING AS20936 GRXPROVIDER-AS Deutsche Telekom AG AS20938 RETSAT STK Retsat1 AS20939 IPTELECOMBALTIA IP Telecom Baltia AS20940 AKAMAI-ASN1 Akamai Technologies European AS AS20941 ZEN-AS Zen Internet AS20942 ASN-SANPAOLO-ONLINE-BANKING San Paolo IMI Online Banking AS AS20943 AUTONOMICA-AB Autonomica AB maintainer of Netnod IX AS20944 GRUPO-FERROVIAL-ES-AS Grupo Ferrovial Network AS20945 IT-SERVICES-AS IT-Services s.a r.l. Luxembourg AS20946 CCE-AS Limited Liability Company Integrator IT, Internet service provider in RU AS20947 UPC-PL-NET UPC PL Corp. Net. AS20948 CPINET-AS Normandie - FRANCE AS20949 INCOSOFT Incosoft Autonomous System AS20950 RICC-AS RICC, Rivne, Ukraine AS20951 MEGAPLEX-AS are hosting serveral services for worldwide custumers. AS20952 VENUS-INTERNET-AS Venus Business Communications Ltd AS20953 INFONL-AS info.nl/hf Amsterdam, The Netherlands AS20954 EKINCILER_HOLDING_AS EKINCILER HOLDING AS20955 PROQUEST Proquest Information and Learning Limited AS20956 SSI-AS SSI Ltd. Internet Services AS20957 GUIAO-AS Guiao, S.A. is a business information and Internet AS20958 SIGMA-IT-AS SIGMA S.p.A. Service provider for tourism operators AS20959 TELECOM-ITALIA-DATA-COM This AS Number will be used by the Datacom Network. AS20960 TKTELEKOM-AS Telekomunikacja Kolejowa is an ISP operating in Poland AS20961 PTCNET-AS MULTIMEDIA (TeleNet) Autonomous System AS20962 OTE-AS OTE ASN (HELLENIC TELECOMMUNICATIONS ORGANISATION) AS20963 KALL-AS P/F Kall Telecom AS20964 SEAEXPRESS-AS SeaExpress Co. Ltd. AS20965 GEANT The GEANT IP Service AS20966 INDRA-SISTEMAS-AS INDRA SISTEMAS, S. A. Autonomous system AS20967 PAMUKBANK-AS PAMUKBANK INC. AS20968 HEADLIGHT-AS Headlight Housing Factory Azenbergstrasse 35, 70174 Stuttgart AS20969 NOB-AS Autonomous System of NOB AS20970 EKIS-AS Ekis doo Sarajevo and its first ISP Citynet AS20971 INFOTECH-AS INFOTECH Autonomous System AS20972 OFFICINE-AS Officine Informatiche Srl AS20973 LIAM-AS Liam Telecommunications Autonomous System Number AS20974 EGGENET EGGENET GmbH AS20975 CAJASANFERNANDO-AS CAJA SAN FERNANDO AS20976 HOTLINKS-AS Hotlinks European Backbone AS20977 BARNAUL-AS AS for Barnaul.ru Network AS20978 ISTIM-TELEKOMUNIKASYON ARIA Autonomous System AS20979 OLVI-AS Olvi communications AS20980 GEMA-AS GEMA Autonomous System AS20981 ASN-TCNO Tecnopolis CSATA S.c.r.l. Autonomous System AS20982 UTC-AS UTC AUTONOMUS SYSTEM AS20983 PZU-CL-AS PZU-CL Agent Transferowy S.A. AS20984 PANALPINA-AS Panalpina World Transport Ltd AS20985 ARTX-AS ARTX Autonomous System AS20986 AOL-AS Atlantic Online AS for use in interconnecting to other ISPs in the AS20987 HSY-AS HSY Autonomous System AS20988 SHLINK-CH-AS my-ch.net Autonomous System AS20989 ISE-AS ISE Netsolutions- Carphone Warehouse AS20990 DKB-LONDON-AS ASN FOR E-COMMERCE FOR LONDON DOMAIN, DKB. AS20991 DKB-FRANKFURT-AS ASN FOR E-COMMERCE FOR Dresdner BANK AS20992 IDP-AS IDP s.n.c. di Repetto Davide e Magnone Paolo AS20993 VIVELAVIE-AS Vive la Vie SpA AS20994 ACTIMAGE Actimage AS20995 WESTLB-AUTONOMOUS-SYSTEM WESTLB- Autonomous System AS20996 GLOBALTEL-SK-TRANSIT-AS GlobalTel Slovakia s.r.o. AS20997 PEACOCK-AS Peacock Autonomous System AS20998 SDL-AS SDL International PLC - Maidenhead AS20999 MAGNITUDE-AS MAGNITUDE Autonomous System AS21000 ATOS-AS ATOS Origin Infogerance Autonomous System AS21001 ZIMWEB-AS Zimweb Autonomous System AS21002 BILGISAYAR-AS Servus Bilgisayar AS21003 GPTC-AS AS21004 EXTEL-II-AS Express TeleCom Company AS21005 COMDIRECT-AS Comdirect AS for announcing own routes AS21006 PDR-AS PDR AS for announcing own routes AS21007 DIGICOM DigiCom Systems AS21008 COMLINK-AS Comlink autonomous system AS21009 IUF-AS Internet Users Foundation AS21010 KGHM-AS KGHM Autonomous System AS21011 TOPNET TopNet, Kiev, Ukraine AS21012 KVG-AS KVG Internet Services GmbH AS21013 ITANDTEL-AS AS ITandTel AS21014 GRTN-AS GRTN AS AS21015 ASN-AIAF AIAF Sistemas y Servicios SA Autonomous System AS21016 TCLV-AS Telecentrs Internet Service Autonomous System AS21017 VSI-AS VSI AS AS21018 SOGETEL-AS Autonomous System for Sogetel AS21019 SASRO-SK-AS S.A. s.r.o Autonomous System AS21020 ASN-MUENCHNERFREIHEIT muenchner-freiheit.net AS21021 MULTIMEDIA-AS Multimedia Polska Sp.z o.o. AS21022 COMMUNAUTE-URBAINE-DE-NANTES Collectivites territoriales de AS21023 UPB-AS Joint Stock Company Ural Industrial Bank AS21024 NEWTRON-NETWORK Newtron AG AS21025 RGA-AS RGA SEGUROS AS21026 ATOS-ORIGIN-ESSEN-AS Atos Origin GmbH AS21027 ASN-PARADORES PARADORES Autonomous System AS21028 aksl Internet Services GmbH AS21029 KHODA Kharkiv Regional State Administration AS21030 GROUPWARE-AS Groupware - Commercial IP service provider in AS21031 ELNETA-AS Internet Service Provider AS21032 TELTA-AS TELTA Autonomous System AS21033 ESSILOR ESSILOR AS21034 MICSO-SRL-AS Micso S.r.l. AS21035 OIC The network of Ogres Interneta Centrs AS21037 DTRUST-AS AS-Daimler Trust NV/SA AS21038 LINEPRO Line PRO Autonomous System AS21039 STEWEAG STEWEAG AS21040 DATAPARK Datapark AG, Switzerland AS21041 SCC-SERVICES-AS SCC SERVICES AS21042 GULFSAT-AS Gulfsat Autonomous System AS21043 AVILINK-AS Avilink Autonomus System AS21044 VIZZAVI-DE-AS Vodafone Content Services Germany Autonomous System AS21045 QNETCZ QNet CZ Autonomous System AS21046 LIVINGSYSTEM-AS Living Systems autonomous system AS21047 RUD-BLASS-PRIVATBANK-AS rud-blass-privatbank, Zurich AS21048 IPNET-AS IPNET Autonomous System AS21049 TELEBORSA-AS TELEBORSA AS for announcing own routes AS21050 FAST-TELCO kw.fast-telco Autnomous System AS21051 AS21052 CENARA-AS Cenara AB AS21053 BOSCH-REXROTH-AS Bosch Rexroth AG AS21054 RBSG-UK-AS RBSG Internet operations AS21055 WEBTAPESTRY-AS Axamba Limited T/As Web Tapestry AS21056 ASN-WELCOMEITALIA Welcome Italia S.p.A. AS21057 OVERON-SPAIN-AS overon Spain Autonomous System AS21058 ASN-MEDIAONLINE Media Online Italia s.r.l. Autonomous System AS21059 BKG-AS BKG is an internet servive provider in Neuruppin. It provides AS21060 ASN-MONDO-DK Mondo DK AS number AS21061 TELEGROUP-AS TELEGRUPA Autonomous System AS21062 ANITEX-AS Anitex Autonomus System AS21063 RANTZAU-GRUPPE-AS Rantzau Gruppe AS21064 OLMAN-COM-AS OLMAN, Metropolitan Area Network (commercial AS) AS21065 BGTELECOM BG Telecom Autonomus system AS21066 NET4U-AS 4u S.r.l. - ISP, telecommunications and ITC services AS21067 GLOBECASTAS GlobeCast Asia AS21068 IE-NET-AS Image Electronics Autonomous System AS21069 ASN-METANET METANET AG, Switzerland AS21070 TOTAL TOTAL AS21071 GLOBALACCESS-AS ASN for Global Access in Cote d'Ivoire AS21072 MAGNET-AS Magnet Enterprises AS21073 ZORANET-AS Zoranet Autonomous System AS21074 ASN-BANCAROMA Banca di Roma AS21075 FOTAKOM-AS Fotakom autonomous system AS21076 BTA-LTD-UK BTA Ltd Autonomous System AS21077 ISP4BAS SCC Internet Services (Formally ISP4Business) AS21079 OEKB-AS AS OEKB Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AS21080 ALPHA To Be Used with Peering through Local ISP's within our AS21081 HAVELSAN-AS Havelsan AS21082 DEMOS2-AS Demos Russian Subnetwork AS21083 AS_NIX N-IX - Nuernberger Internet eXchange AS21084 GELIRLER-AS Ankara/Turkey AS21085 LANRUSINVEST-AS LanRusInvest Autonomous System AS21086 MYCOM-IT Mycom s.r.l. AS21087 ELCITY-AS Electronniy gorod, Ltd. AS21088 FARAH-AS Exchange Technology, Farah Trading &Contracting Co.import: from AS8697 AS21089 SONG-MH-HOSTING Song Networks Multihomed Hosting Customer AS AS21090 TELEFONIJA-RS-AS Telefonija Banjaluka AS21091 DRAKKEN-AS Part of Mistral Internet AS21092 ATLANTEL_MULTIMEDIA Alienor.Net AS21093 FR-BOUYGUES FR-BOUYGUES AS21094 FR-EUROSPORT Eurosport France AS21095 AULAVIA-AS Directivosnet S.L. AS21096 DSTSIP-AS DSTSIP SSU Autonomous System Department for the AS21097 PRONETRUS-AS AS of ProNet ISP, Surgut, Russia AS21098 VAN-AS Moscow, Russia branch AS21099 BW-UK-AS BarrysWorld UK ASN, EBMedia PLC, London, England AS21100 ITLVOIP ITL Company AS21101 SISTEMIUNO-AS Sistemi Uno S.r.l. AS21102 ASN-MERKURAG Merkur AG Autonomous System AS21103 PRIMTEL-AS Primtelefone Autonomous system AS21104 AM-NETSYS-AS Netsys JVC Autonomous System Yerevan, Armenia AS21105 RTK-PRIMORYE RTK-Primorye AS21107 BLICNET-AS BLIC.NET AS peering info AS21108 SIEMENS-BELGIUM-AS Siemens Belgium Autonomous System AS21109 CONTACT-AS Contact Company Autonomous System AS21110 LADBROKES-UK Ladbrokes Limited Autonomous System AS21111 CIGMG CIGMG Autonomous System AS21112 URB Ukrainian Reserve Bank, Kiev, Ukraine AS21113 HILTI-AS HILTI AG AS21114 ACCECO-NET-AS ACCECO.NET Autonomous System AS21115 AS-NESTLE NESTLE Autonomous System AS21117 XROM-2000-IMPEX XROM 2000 IMPEX S.R.L. AS21118 TFEGASPOWERAS Total Fina Elf Gas and Power Services London W1 AS21119 WAN-NO WAN Norge AS AS21120 BUSYINTERNET-AS Autonomous System Number for BusyInternet, Ghana AS21121 ALTEC-AS Autonomous System Number for ALTEC, Ghana AS21122 ASN-APPLICABLE Applicable Ltd AS21123 INCENTIAS INCENTI Autonomus System Wroclaw, ul.Trugutta 1/7 POLAND AS21124 PRIMATELE-AS Primatele Autonomous System, Malta AS21125 EMPERION-AS Emperion Autonomous System AS21126 AS21127 ZSTTKAS JSC Zap-Sib TransTeleCom AS21128 EBRANDS e-Brands Autonomous System AS21129 DEUROMEDIA Deuromedia S.R.L. Brasov, Bd. M. Kogalniceanu nr.19, AS21130 EQSN EQSN ASN AS21131 SACURA-AS Unitrade Pro Autonomous System AS21132 KORBANK-AS Korbank Autonomus System AS21133 AS for Net On Course AS21134 ASN-AKROS Software products, ASP services AS21135 MTT-AS MTT AS (Russia) AS21136 CSUCS-AS CSUCS AS21137 FR-CAI Credit Agricole Indosuez AS21138 CS-UK-AS Clearspace Technology Ltd, Autonomous System AS21139 ASSONYITE AS will be used for SONY INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AS21140 ASN-SULZERTEXT Sulzer Textil Autonomous System AS21141 UASEECH Seech-Infocom NCC AS21142 PRAGONET-TRANSIT-AS PRAGONET, a.s. Transit Autonomous System AS21143 TULSUISP an Autonomous System for Tula State University located AS21144 TELECONTRACT-AS Autonomous System Number for Telco Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe AS21145 COMSOLVINGS-MNT COMSOLVINGS AS21146 SUNBOOKS-MNT EYSSEN AS21147 IF-NOC-AS IF DRAUDIMAS NOC AS AS21148 KHUKRSATAS Ukrainian Satellite Systems Kharkov Department AS21149 SUNTEL-ISP-AS SUNTEL ISP Autonomous System AS21150 INACDE Siemens IT Solutions and Services GmbH & Co. OHG AS21151 UKRCOM-KHERSON UKRCOM.NET Autonomous system AS21152 SOFICOM-AS AS21153 INGNL ING AS AS21154 ASN-KOCBANK KOCBANK A.S. AS21155 ASN-PROSERVE ProServe B.V. Networks AS21156 DATAGRUPA SIA "Datagrupa.lv" Marijas 7 - 412a Riga, LV-1050, LATVIA AS21157 SYSCO SYSCO SRL AS21158 AN-MSD msd.net AS21159 IAF-AS Internet Access Facilities BV AS21160 ASN-MARKEL Markel insurance AS21161 ASN-BECHTLE Bechtle AG Autonomous System AS21162 ASN-ISM ISM BV, AS21163 AS21164 ILTE-AS ILTE Autonomous System AS21165 HUBWOO-AS HUBWOO.COM AS21166 AS21166 SatGate autonomous system AS21167 ONIWAY-AS Autonomous System for Oni Way AS21168 HELEX-RP-2 HELEX-RP-2 AS21169 POLCARD-AS POLCARD AS21170 ASN-SIMCOM Simbirsk Communcations LLC AS, Ulyanovsk AS21171 SCHIBSTED Schibsted ASA Autonomous system, Oslo, Norway AS21172 EDBI-AS Export Development Bank of Iran AS21173 ASN-LANTANA Network of LANtana GmbH, Germany, Ahrensburg AS21174 RWANDATEL-AS Autonomous System Number for RWANDATEL, Rwanda AS21175 M-LINK M-Link Teleport s.a. AS21176 ASN-SEMA Atos Origin Italia S.p.a AS21177 DEFINITE Definite Network AS21178 LFDATIAS LF DATI Ltd. AS21179 ILOS-AS ILOS S.A. Luxembourg AS21180 AVENTIS-CROP-SCIENCE Aventis CropScience AS21181 SOCIEDAD-DE-TASACION-AS Sociedad Tasacion AS21182 OPOLMAN-AS-EDU AS dedicated to educational part of MAN network, AS21183 ABCOM-AS ABCom Albania Autonomous System AS21184 FARPOST Farpost Int. AS21185 MEGABET-AS MEGABET LTD AS21186 MTI-1-AS MTI-1 AS21187 ABCDATA-POLAND-AS ABCDATA Polska / Actebis Group AS21188 GIOES-UK-AS GIOES-UK Autonomous System AS21189 MAKEEVKA Makeevka Online Ltd AS21190 ATEL-AG-SWITZERLAND Atel AG Autonomous System AS21191 ASN-SEVERTTK SeverTransTeleCom Autonomous System AS21192 DPA-AS dpa AS Hamburg Frankfurt AS21193 XARXA-AS Xarxa Telematica Educatica de Catalunya AS21194 UNI-NET Universal Network Ltd ISP AS21195 DGCSYSTEMS DGC One AB Autonomous System AS21196 EPN-BA-AS europroNET Bosnia Autonomus System AS21197 ROHDE-SCHWARZ-ASN Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG AS21198 JESSENLENZ-AS JessenLenz HL AS21199 SEAT-AS Seat Pagine Gialle SPA - Autonomous System AS21200 SKANDIABANKEN SkandiaBanken AS21201 NETFONDS-AS Netfonds Bank ASA, Oslo, Norway AS21202 DCSNET-AS DCS.net AS21203 FR-CMA-CGM FR-CMA-CGM AS21204 RAMSATCOM ZAO "RAMSATCOM" AS21205 INGBANK ING BANK, Prague, CZ AS21206 UK-POLARCOMPUTERCOMM Polar Computer Communications Autonomous System AS21207 RWE RWE Systems AG AS21208 YOUNG-AND-RUBICAM YOUNG AND RUBICAM Europe Autonomous System AS21209 MKB MKB Autonomous System AS21210 IPW-AS Autonomous System of IPW AS21211 SKY-NET-AS Penkiu kontinentu komunikaciju centras, Ltd. AS21212 ESKISEHIR-AS Eskisehir Bilisim Iletisim San. Tic. A.S AS21213 CYBERSERVICE-AS CYBERSERVICE Internetdienstleistungs GmbH AS21214 GEONET-AS Geonet-AS AS21215 ABSOLUTOK AbsolutOK NET, Belgrade, SRB AS21216 IT-PORTALS-JELGAVA SIA "IT PORTALS" AS21217 SAFEHOSTNET Safe Host SA AS21218 SMARTWAYS Smartways Autonomous System AS21219 NEWLINE Datagroup Internet project AS21220 TELEMOBIL Telemobil S.A. AS21221 INFOPACT-AS IP network of InfoPact Netwerkdiensten B.V. AS21222 ASN-ROLEX Rolex Autonomous System AS21223 CARREFOUR-AS Carrefour AS21224 ROMSAT Romsat Cable TV & Radio S.A. AS21225 AMTKOM-AS Autonomus System AS21226 RU-4NET RU.4NET Autonomous system AS21227 OLIKA Olika Multihome AS AS21228 MAXIP-AS MaximumIP Belfast AS21229 TVNETWORK-AS TVNETWORK AS21230 MNET-BG MNET Cable and Internet operator AS AS21231 AEROFLOT AEROFLOT's Autonomous System AS21232 GGAMAUR GGA Maur AS21233 ASN-C2INTERNET C2 Level3 Direct Transit AS AS21234 WEBLEASE-NETBUSINESS-AS Autonomous System of WEBLEASE NETBUSINESS AG AS21235 AS-ADVANCED Advanced Systemhaus GmbH AS21236 AICHYNA-AS AICHYNA Autonomus System AS21237 AS-WDC-EUROPE Western Digital Netherlands B.V AS21238 LIPEX London Internet Providers EXchange AS21239 DNS-BELGIUM DNS Belgium - Toplevel .be domain registry AS21240 HELIOSNET-AS HeliosNet Autonomous System AS21241 MUZO-AS Global